Identify the Umbrella Topic for Your Teaching Channel

Dvorah Lansky, Author & Course Creation Specialist

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8 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Essence of an Umbrella Topic

    • 3. Discover Your Umbrella Topic

    • 4. Identify Your Ideal Students

    • 5. What Would You Love to Teach

    • 6. Choose Your Channel Focus

    • 7. What Types of Classes Will You Teach

    • 8. Class Project and Next Steps


About This Class

While you can create classes on just about any topic you’d like, you can leverage your opportunities and boost your success as a teacher by creating a focus for your channel.

By identifying your Teaching Channel Focus, you’ll be creating a “destination” for your students. They’ll benefit by having easy access to content they’re interested in and you’ll benefit by increased visibility and repeat students.

In this class you’ll:

* Discover how to identify your umbrella topic.

* Draw from your experience and knowledge to create a teaching channel you'll love.

* Set the stage so you can begin creating classes based on your knowledge and expertise.

Claim Your Student Bonus: We have established a Facebook Discussion Forum for our students. This is a great place to connect with others, share ideas and get answers to your questions.

What Students Are Saying (From the Reviews of This Class)

"I'm new to Skillshare, but D'vorah's class really helped me decide that I could teach here. Her practical steps showed me what I need to do to decide on an umbrella topic for my teaching channel. Her explanations helped me understand why it's imperative to come up with such a topic, rather than just creating scattered classes here and there. I highly recommend this course. D'vorah is an excellent instructor."
- Donna K. Fitch

"Clear and well organized, as D'vorah's classes always are. I found the section on how to choose topics under your umbrella particularly useful."
- Dorine Kramer

"This class is great for anyone wanting to create classes and courses. D'vorah helps to find focus to narrow down the ideal student and the ideal topic, which is a must before getting started. She has an easy to understand style and she breaks the class into small bites for anyone to follow. The printable worksheets are very practical and make students take action right away to get started."
- Agi Kadar

"D'vorah is an excellent teacher on this topic. Everything is explained clearly and simply so it is very easy to follow. Her assignment worksheets, found under 'Your Project' are very easy to apply. I really enjoyed this course. Thanks D'vorah."
- Dianne Hummelle

"If you are not sure what your Skillshare channel should be about, or you have several ideas you need to narrow down to one, then this class is a must for you. The individual lessons are clear and easy to digest. The handout in the Your Project area will give you the tools and exercises you need to help you identify and select the right channel for you."
- William McPeck