Identify and address security challenges to your project | Lars-Erik Lundin | Skillshare

Identify and address security challenges to your project

Lars-Erik Lundin, Ph.D, Ambassador (ret)

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12 Videos (40m)
    • Trailer

    • 2. Course overview

    • 3. The Project for the course

    • 4. Appetizer

    • 5 Frame of reference intro

    • 6. The scope of the security concept

    • 7. Project illustration: piracy

    • 8. Using the checklist in the piracy case (1)

    • 9. Using the checklist in the piracy case (2)

    • 10. Frame of reference as a job requirement

    • 11. The minimum viable project and beyond

    • 12. My security checklist and the way forward


About This Class


The world is one, we travel, live and work all over the world. So we cannot escape many of the challenges to safety and security facing the world. Who can do something about them? How can you get help from other people to identify and address the challenges which threaten the viability of your project of your life?

This is not only a question of knowledge but also skills in terms of retrieving, analysing and communicating information. 

And in front of you is now the introduction to a series of courses on Skillshare aiming at building your frame of reference on security and equipping you with many of the key tools in terms of hardware and software that can enhance the effectiveness of your efforts. 

The courses are based on the trials and errors over more than 35 years of me Lars-Erik Lundin, a former diplomat and researcher and manager of security policy departments both on the national and European levels. I am also intensely engaged since the early 80´s in developing my own personal hardware and software tools based on a very limited budget. 

This class will start enabling you to engage with a greater enthusiasm and energy, circumventing the writer's block. Zoom out on security in order to get the energy to zoom in on your project regardless if you are a student, intern, an official in public administrations, a businessman or deployed to the field as a military expert, aid worker or specialist. 





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Lars-Erik Lundin

Ph.D, Ambassador (ret)

Hello, I'm Lars-Erik security policy researcher and former diplomat on the national and EU levels. Long experience in mentoring and training students, interns, and collaborators as well as senior military and civilian leaders. 35 years of active personal development in the area of computer tools for information retrieval, analysis, and outreach, including open source intelligence. 60+K Twitter followers and 8K+ Linkedin. Personal website on Europe and security with 1-2 million page vi...

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