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Identify & Eliminate Your Subconscious Blocks

Priscilla Lee, Living Beyond

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8 Videos (50m)
    • Part 1 Intro 2018

    • Part 2 Conscious vs subconscious

    • Part 3 Subconscious

    • Part 4 Genie Test

    • Part 5 Neutrality

    • Part 6 Identify Your Subconscious Block

    • Part 7 Identify Your Subconscious Block Recap

    • Part 8 Now You Know


About This Class


Remove Your Subconscious Blocks for Greater Success, Self Mastery & Problem Solving 

This program has been designed to help participants understand how their subconscious mind is impacting their success or failure in every aspect of their lives.  While you may think that the causes of your problems are due to external factors such as people, office politics or plain bad luck, there is more than what is on the surface.  

Our subconscious mind contains countless subconscious blocks (or we sometimes call the energetic blocks) that were built up since the time we are born.  These subconscious blocks controls our behaviour, reaction, motivation and even trigger our emotions that could impede our progress in ways we cannot imagine.  Very often these invisible hindrance are the real pain that we need to identify and find a resolution to.

In this 1 hour program, our participants will gain knowledge about how their subconscious blocks are built up and how we can be more mindful about being affect by them.  Most importantly, participants will be taught a simple yet power technique that can help them uncover what are the underlying triggers for their problems.  This technique will guide you to dig deep inside yourself to find your answers. 

Our technique is safe and simple.  You will be guided through a series of instructions to uncover your underlying subconscious blocks that you don't even know exist.  After going through this program, you will be equipped to use the technique as and when you need.  Relevant materials and audio tracks will also be available for downloads so that you can continue to use this technique at your own pace. 

BONUS:  Participants will receive a bonus MP3 guided instruction track on our technique to uncover any subconscious blocks at their own timing.  Additional meditation track for deep relaxation will also be available for download. 

Join us in this program to uncover your self-mastery potential.





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Priscilla Lee

Living Beyond

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