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Ideas and techniques to draw Doodle Art

teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. To begin...

    • 3. The first doodle character

    • 4. Orientation of the mouth and the eyes

    • 5. Additional details on the Doodle

    • 6. Emotions

    • 7. More about drawing Doodles

    • 8. Complete creation with Doodles

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About This Class

You like the idea of creating Doodles? Learn in this course very easy tips to draw your own Doodles. You will see, this is very easy and fast. You just need some pencils, or a graphic tablet, and to follow step by steps the videos of this course. In the end, you will be more able to draw Doodle Art and will feel more comfortable in drawing in general.

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1. Introduction: in this course, you're going to learn how to create your do do the do the art is very simple characters very funny and easy to draw. Let's learn in discourse how to draw them. 2. To begin...: first, we're going to see what a doodle art is. Do is a character that is very funny and easy to draw. We're going to see in this course different way. You can draw doodle characters you can see here I can draw a doodle. I'm presenting this course with a graphic software to make the explanation clear, but you can replace this by just a simple paper and pan. Okay, when you have this kind of stuff and you have them everywhere on your page, you have do the art. It's not necessary to fill all the page, but it's who creates a composition where such character is used to create again off interesting and thin presentation. So what is the first step running to see? We're going to see that doodle characters are created with very simple forms. You can start trying just to draw bulls like this. Saigal water every subtle exists, can contain guns. Sometimes the arms are going to be like this and you can draw. Now we have a very simple for again, and you will see that do little characters are going to be their expressive. You just take what isn't more communicated into an expression and you simplify it like this with very simple forms. So now what will be the next step? It will be to draw a character, and even if you are not sure to be able to draw, are not very professional artists, and so on. It doesn't really matter because doodling is reachable by anybody. You can just right, very simple from like this, for instance, and eyes anything on the mouth. Then you can add hatch chains and you have a little character I'm blowing and playing with Mr Torben different size of brush that you can also do the same with your pen. And at another thing we can see it's toe gets the outlines of the character more thick. I just dealt lines, all right, and you have something again. You can change details like and mouth smiling and wide open mouth. I think this and we're gonna play with different things to create your doodle characters. So although these course we're going to see how it can create different kind of expressions , characters and movements 3. The first doodle character: Now let's talk about this kitchen. You can take a pencil and trying to draw a different kind of forms, like something that this things like this you can try to do a hat. You will see that do. The art is composed with very simple form that you have to know some basic of drawings to make this simple for looking like something. Otherwise, if you try to draw a hat in the throat, flex to anything else than a hat exam to be quite difficult to create inefficient total so you can first drove some. They're reasonable forms the phone hands. So stuff like that when you feel confortable is drawing fours, which is something that can be done every day. Like you. Just take your paper some paper and you do 10 minutes off. Drink anything, just forms without any meetings, and it will give the habits to to use the paper and a pen and to draw much more easier between two more confortable with your tools can also roll like water. Splash so you can, of course, take your some models, um, Internet and try to put peace. Um, do do that already exists and everything's good to to train yourself to draw. So when you are convertible withdrawing your sketches and or got done with some men some few minutes off training, then it we can start read our first counter. It's going to be characters or two starts with this catch. So we're first during the Skitch. So we drove this. Then we drove two points. Make sure of the distance between these two points. It will give a kind of funny character to your to get outta here, and then you can just drew a smile. They don't add too much realistic details. Then you draw something like this, and we can add a tone finding this, then he really where can mask? He has a mask, and from here you can use your black, uh, pen and drill the outlines carefully. Try to respect as merchants possible. Here's Kinch. You can see here into misting, but I'm using a graphic software rack and you raise very easily. So started phone. What is efficient want when you try to draw doodle is a clarity of the lines. Royal lines are clear, more efficient. Can I create size too much? You can't and then filling this for the bronc. All right, you can complete mask. And if I fied this catch, we have a double character. Very simple. But there is still something that made the character much more interesting. It's when you had a couple of Catchings. You will see the plenty off total characters as such details. This is nothing. But this is old because it just give the final touch off your drawing. And if you want to go a bit further, you can a shadow and additional lines here. Yes, he's floating. And if you really want to complete your registration, you can, at some gray to the point, he could be done with the The fences are brush or whatever you should working with some normal and stuff. So I'm drawing the the shadow, and the shadow is going to be here. And the light is going to be here so I can add a shelter like this him anyhow, your do guy here, Maybe we can also, and some show like this and maybe here, but not for much of the winds are going to fall into the drawing of her more, much more and complex character like what you find. What you find comic book are animated movies. It's not that complex. That's you don't need to be so all right. It was our first models weaken already. Train yourself by drawing this one with computers stuff or with normal stuff. Don't for that. Try just reproduces line and you will be done with your first to do Karen. 4. Orientation of the mouth and the eyes: from there. I'm going to explain how you can change the expressions. I'm going to erase this and this into create some white color here to erase. Then I'm going to try different expressions. First, you have to understand that the eyes are working together. You have two eyes and some time, when clothe the eyes is like this when he scared can have things like this. There is plenty of different emotion that can be expressed with the drawing. We're going to see how it will change your character. Just change few details, right? We have two eyes here. Should the balls number stuff and I drew this. He is not happy. But if a Jew wrong, This here's a piece, so you will change completely the expression of the character just by changing the line. This is very important to see how this is very simple to create your different personalities, characters with their own emotions. So now you can, of course, at some lines, like eyebrows that would enforce the emotion you want to communicate. You will see that changing orientation is really changing something. It is very good to smile. You can say in different software and applications. He's very angry. He's angry bets. He has a plan to take his revenge and so on is very annoyed. So you can also play with this just trying different expressions. So if you're chairman, the expression then do this simple exercise. You draw plenty off goals like this and you do this. You try different angles off any bruise and you see how it works. You get the habits to change this, and then you can also play with different angles of the mouth. I just drove very simple graphics. Can you write everything Yangon thing that you could probably draw more complex as you are kind off different Isaac in drawer. Like if you have two eyes like this, you can do, for instance, like Bo dark in this, and then you have something do for him to be more complex. If it's a clear enough yuk unjust that some white here and go back with black things to correct a little bit and, of course, is going to be very interesting to droll such character because he will be more more honest and expression if you draw something a bit more complaints that just the black point in the middle of the face. But anyway, it works. It works, and you will have plenty of ways you can draw these different eyes. So if we try to apply this eyes to this character, here's what is going to take few. Siggins. I'm starting with the black, and I'm going to add white. Afterward, you can see that the expression is a bit more different. Then you can, all right, so you can train yourself by drawing different kind of eyes, expression or intuition of the eye. Bro can see Genzyme Road very friendly guy, not so friendly guy and also play with orientation. 5. Additional details on the Doodle: when you want to draw doodle characters, right? To think that simplicity, for instance, if you want to draw again up learning to drew off course and cloud. But you will play with difference firms Green. They went into the others like this. Okay, And if you want to that I and another I because he's alive, you have your cloud, Then I can think about and first thing a little bit. You, uh, house line. All right. And din. You could play great values you can add so the river is can be from using you selection tool off a commuter. I can usually take one side of your drawing. It's supposed to represent somehow the shadows that I was wearing not so realistic drawing . You can just put them in a signed one of the side of your car. Retain. It will give the efforts off the doodle characters. No, it's not so easy to draw some characters, especially if you want to represent a deck to draw. Thank you can, for instance, drove something very simple like this You have, that's and then you just complete for his the eyes inside demand and why nots just go back a little bit in this, friends, Maybe on this, and it will be just enough. Okay, noting agree and we're do something that would take that space. If you're not sure, you can put something here. If you have any doubts, you can just draw the shadows. Defeats of your character into it creates a kind of grievance. The shadows doesn't really replace this form again. We're not trying to respect the reality. We're just trying to do something funny. You can see and you have very simple. If you want to draw more specific sketch before starting to roll the black line and so on. You can perfectly do so by placing general firms. And he could give you ideas about adding some additional stuff nights, bells and from there, just drawing those lines. But when they're fenced, - race dio sketch behind and we'll come back with some great stuff, meaning this you will find drawing your doodles some funny ways to conflict. There isn't the shadows is regularly some lines around its and some feeling is great like this, so I can also add some Catchings for once. Maybe Hairs and Catchings are helping to understand that there is civilian around the character 6. Emotions: there is a presentation off many expression you can draw for your doodles. You gonna have do phone, then you can have the same that we're more details into the eyes. You aren't white ball inside Writebol. We some details inside it just to get something or you can see expressive. Then he's closing his eyes and he's smiling. He could work also. All these emotions can also work. If he's unhappy, it's not that direction will be like this. So we can also have the one that he's only thinking enough money. We have the one that's just happy, but much more unusual when we have the one that seems to be in love. You know, white light inside it. It's like the eyes are wet. We have to one who has thinking their mouth similar to a camp we have the one that has the mouth of the same level with the eyes, with the one who he is running long face full of teeth. Another word was two timing nerve, the one for his closing the eyes like he had something. Another one. What is having tears? Another one that he's having fun. No one was sick that is old. You know this one? They tell you the one one has glasses hungry through the angry, the wound that he's having good dream. There were who is hungry and one with God's the shock from the end. So we have many, many, many different expression. All of these are just a few expression I can mention. I can recreate for my characters so you can change everything I take in the eyes here on this mouth and makes up all the different element you can imagine for the emotions of your doodles. 7. More about drawing Doodles: It's like drying some bottles to express to give sound text to your character. If you are. For instance, your little guy is here. Lan drain. You can also put the view and stop or to replay just to see everyone's and drying. It could have few if you draw again everything to give you inspiration and how puting prove you're drying technique. Okay, and then is going to say something. So usually when you draw a textbook, you first write the text and you draw the built around. Otherwise, if you drop ball like this and you tried to write happy are happy or I am very happy. Something there along you can miss some space, and soon you will miss some text. It's not the right thing to do. You have first que Brian text, and then you do this all around the text and you try to figure out that you are thinking of space here around your take that from a snub touch. Otherwise, it will give something very weird. I need enough space around text and some additional stuff that fool makes your Google. We're looking like doodle art stuff like that. You have your little gay, and you can also have icons are forms, units that will in first expression and the feeling that the character is happier. He's one ever somehow having some motions. See, so you can also play with the movement, the movement of the body of a character. You're going to be very important because if your movement is going outside, is going to be a character that is moving a lot off is very happy. And if you have a character that is no happy, it's going to be more down. You have to understand, then, while you draw your dude oh, you have to respect some kind of. And it's like actors. They were exaggerating the emotions, and it would be exactly the same for your characters. Very cool character, Coop. The re prisons, like with sinless, is very cool guy, See are very funny yours, So just try to find the right emotions on your counter and age are exaggerated. It's like if you wanted to draw a star because the star will be the sign of the success of character, you will drew off course, the star and you will draw no exaggeration of that store It's a well drilled and you get an idea, just something that's has to be. So every thing's running to draw right has to be exaggerated, even on the text. If you say, for instance, to brunch, you have correctly seen something like you see a lot of you Did you create this? And I really used it. Usual finding many book enough right inside the eyes, a lot of light and the re shy snow. And then we were I did text your surrender this and we can right some things the friends, everything is in fact serving, helping to get the message very in just a little. You were really understand what is happening here when you just see all the details so you can see that everything's air important the text, how you write it at the place, how you draw a character and this is very, very simple. Easy. You just have to draw many of them and toe unlock your amazing imagination how you can drawing jewels 8. Complete creation with Doodles: could be true that sometimes it's hard to feel all the page with different kind of doodles . This is why you have to draw characters and also different. Ellen's like flowers. We're going to do a sketch off doodle with different characters and other elements that we complete the presentation. So first we can say that we have a can off lines like this. We're gonna have another character here, another one and some things that the point is to never leave too much space between the carriages. Then I'm trying to at some funny characters with different forms. What is going to create a very interesting doodle art is a different form we can create were the characters with different emotions, and we'll see that the different characters are going to be very important to draw every emotions to be different. So as the person looking at your art is always finding new details to look at, and this is what is creating such interesting, in fact, is that when you look at a very complex do, the out is that there is always something to look at. All right, so we have the first sketch. This is very rough catch. I'm not willing to Too much things and no, just getting this, okay. And so every characters has to have his own specific things. Like this one has this emotion. Here we have a kind off. We're not sure what it is, but it doesn't matter. He we have some hairs or something like this. And we have Leaf's here. - I should go from the less a fund stir because we can have something more for more some lines that could be very much more clean just for the example conceal it from doing so matching some black space and some different details like this and you can feel blank space with some details. Don't have really means that doesn't matter right away. Here you have to fill also some great Arians on may be changing with the cloud and sometime we can also change the size of the brush just to create difference. It's too much, you know this Claire on And for this car internalizing from ground foreign if we can maybe draw additional Ah, thickness thinking if I hide the sketched in see that we have we can do, you know, strolled our planes of the drawing in full the same brush size. So it's a bit fast how gruel, residuals and characters something that is not clean enough. Usually you don't have this. It will have to spend more time in drawing the break lines to have something very clean. Why do these characters would also be much like this to clean like this and Sillen soon? When you have done this, if you don't know what to do with some spaces, you just add some black and each will create very interesting things because black and white is very powerful. Create something were intense, and when you can, and some black things, you do it. Don't leave too much white. And here, - when you feel you can well, what you want, we just continue in. Just take a step back. You zoom out a little bit and you just see if you're satisfying or notes and otherwise taken. Just continue to at some lines, then maybe other characters okay, should be fine. This is a very fast drill arts, because it's not very clean, and we can draw much more, uh, with much more to be much more great. But this is very good for legs, and we're working out here and then I'm going just to ends of green values. And you will see it really create something. - Can this one these cover with for you can see three can maybe do something. Magnus, you know the clown. I don't know. What is this part with whatever Leafs and we are basically dumb. Six roomful. So it give you the idea that he could be very simple during dinner. Art don't go to too much difficulties are thinking that you need to be a very professional illustrator to sort out this or to create something. Ah, very beautiful. Very simple forms, Jurgen eight in the way wants. And you just feel free to draw that you you want. But these always such very simple forms that are presented on use for the judo arts. So you can imagine all of these characters again and again and again you draw you feel all your space here is going to give you something very, very interesting. You can create it for T shirts, fasters on you can on any characters to this the way one because there is no specific meanings the way you organize them. So let your imagination imagination to do the rest