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Ideas To Get Started With Brain Storming

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9 Videos ()
    • 01. Introduction To Brain Storming

    • 02. Brain Storming Option 1

    • 03. Brain Storming Option 2

    • 04. Brain Storming Option 3

    • 05. Brain Storming Option 4

    • 06. Going Deeper

    • 07. A Little More In Depth

    • 08. The Structure

    • 09. Conclusion


About This Class

The purpose of this class will be to give you a better and easier way to figure out how to brainstorm. 

Please if you have not watched Writers Block? take the time to do that first.

In many ways when you get stuck in the middle of writing. Brainstorming will be your biggest help to get you from that point to the next one.

I am giving you ideas on how to start your brainstorm and options to use rather than just a blank sheet of paper.

My hope for you when you finish this class that you will be able to squash the concept of Writers Block completely.

Take what I have to share and apply it to whatever you may be writing, trying to write or even wanting to write. 

I have tried to create a few lists that you can follow for your writing to not only become easier but stronger.

So take the time to watch and take notes of those lists. I hope you enjoy and thank you for watching. Please follow if you would like to stay up to date on other classes.





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