Idea Hacking: How To Get 100’s of Creative Story Ideas Every Minute? | Srinidhi Ranganathan | Skillshare

Idea Hacking: How To Get 100’s of Creative Story Ideas Every Minute?

Srinidhi Ranganathan, India's Fastest Ai Digital Marketer

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2 Videos (42m)
    • Idea Hacking: Get 100's of creative ideas for stories

    • Bonus: More Story Ideas through Unlimited Star bursting technique for character development


About This Class

Get set to boom your mind with story ideas.. Know about this idea hacking process to get tons of story ideas which are extremely creative for the writing process..Get story ideas for writing amazing stories.. Idea Hacking: How I Get 100’s of creative story ideas every minute and how you can do it too? THE PROCESS: 1) Connect any Google image to the storyline - Google images (Can be anything) 2) Write down the names of the characters - 3) Generate characters - 4) Fix a Genre for the story - based on the title that you generate - 5) Create a setting - Generate a setting - 6) Quick plot generate - connect the plot to a story - 7) Title Generator - Connect it to the plot - 8) First Lines Generator - Connect it to the above ideas - 9) Twist in the tale - Opening/Middle/End (Not compulsory) - 10) Random word theme elements - Generate (Not compulsory) - 11) Random Dialogues - Generate (Not compulsory) - 12) What if generator - something happened in the story? - Not compulsory 13) Fantasy world map generator - 14) Generate place names - 15) Write the story Bonus Video included (Starbursting) Starbursting is a form of brainstorming used to generate questions in a systematic, comprehensive way. It's a useful tool to support your problem solving or decision making processes by helping you to understand all aspects and options more fully. All the best folks.. I will be back with more ideas for creating stories..





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Srinidhi Ranganathan

India's Fastest Ai Digital Marketer

You think I'm yet another digital marketing coach?

Ären’t there enough growth hackers or marketing trainers out there floating around in the internet? There’s blah, blah, blah and blah. Agreed, but you know what? It’s time you changed your mind – when it comes to me – Srinidhi Ranganathan. Expect some open challenges coming your way now.

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