Idea Generation: Introduction to Mind Mapping

Ana Zdravic, arts lover & cognitive science Master's student

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4 Videos (20m)
    • Intro final

    • Mind Map for Insurance Industry- Case Study

    • Mind Map for Geology Industry- Case Study

    • Mind Map for Photography- Case Study


About This Class

Mind Mapping is a brain storming tool for idea generation. When designing, it is important to have unique avenues for finding images and possible solutions and mind mapping does just that by depending on the theory of association. 

Learn how to use mind mapping by watching 3 examples/case studies and gain a new approach for image making. 






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Ana Zdravic

arts lover & cognitive science Master's student

Hello! My name is Ana and I love art. I have been drawing and painting for over 7 years. I have worked as a full-time designer (and writer) for 3 years, but as of September 2016 returned to school to pursue my Master's degree. In order to stay involved in the design and arts world, I aim to regularly post classes on SkillShare and help fellow designers and artists in any way possible.