Idea Extension: Upgrade Your Ideas by Using Pinterest | Charles Yang | Skillshare

Idea Extension: Upgrade Your Ideas by Using Pinterest

Charles Yang, Artist & Teacher

Idea Extension: Upgrade Your Ideas by Using Pinterest

Charles Yang, Artist & Teacher

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4 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tag & Search

    • 3. Expand Your Search Result

    • 4. Summary & Project

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About This Class

In this course, we will learn how to utilize Pinterest to make you idea more creative.

  • One creative method: Upgrade your ordinary idea to more creative one.
  • Two examples: About bread & drawing.

This method helps me a lot, so I am glad that I can share it with you.

Now, let’s get stared!

Meet Your Teacher

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Charles Yang

Artist & Teacher


Art is a game of finding interesting restrictions!

I strive to create courses that are inspiring and enjoyable.

Creating is fun and I love to share my experiences with you.

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1. Introduction: when they want to create something. You I also find that somewhere that can help me figure out, created by its knowing some kinds amazing itself. It's also very interesting and the mental creating process even more places. I Charles I these course Well, then how to get a life making you I hear way will, folks something terrible's. But they must treat really about. We'll see how creative ideas ever. The only thing you need to do to get out already named Mr Havel being we can make it. Although across the radio waves can be applied to any this method helps. So I lacked that. Now let's get started. 2. Tag & Search: in the section one we will in a method coat taken search. It means we first take our original idea and they used low stakes producer Shin. Generate new ideas. I will use two kinds of example porcelain taken search method. Why's about Brace and Aly Allah is about illustrations. As we can see, the upper half off this page is the example of other breeze. The left side is the original idea. After four steps off, take a search method. We got a new idea. It arrest side My reality hand. The lower hap on this page is lead example about the illustrations. The left side is the original idea. It is a dude about a monster. After four steps off the taken search message, we got the new ideas. It'll right side. We will see how the four steps work issue Example. Now let's see the first example about the Braves. This street is the original idea like that. We've already made you know, First step we will give it sound techs based on its characteristics. It is a braid. So we give it. Take great. This frayed is decorated so another take decoration is given to eat it's decorations. Dump I carting. So take cut is used. Finally, this frayed looks like a flower so we give it a take lower. Now we've got vortex balcony sprayed we can consider is takes Musleh attributes off lettis idea partly sprayed In the following we will rearrange the stakes Who? Searching and generating new ideas Their secondary uto Wyler Cairo Ocular takes Yes, we know cutting is one way for greater decoration. So it is a category of how love rated decoration can beat down. So the hierarchy of khat Zander parade recreation who she is shown by a great little are left side of the stage. We've got a category off cut from our original idea. Now we can search for other categories by the keyword prayed decoration In lesser Cherie doubt we focus on find other ways besides cutting After searching, we found the three new ways for how we can take aerator break. They are roaring, wrapping and put something l A braid. Another hierarchy of picks can also be found in the speech A flower like shape the water we can choose as a result of radio decoration. It is a category of water result of great decoration can be so the hierarchy of flour is on the braid decoration, which is showing bio grip until her left side. Free speech. We've got a category of flour from our original idea. Now we can search for other categories. I like. He were the brave decoration in the search results. We folks are fighting other ships besides flowers After station, we found for new ways for the shape of a great after decoration. They all leave year of rice, animal and a hand. In the fourth step, we can combine whether we have found in previous step we have okay. Gorey's about how we can decorate a breed. They are cutting Rory rapping and the put something wrong a great. The categories of cutting, rapping and the putting something out great are chosen for generating new ideas. We also have five categories about the father shape. We can choose for present decoration. They are flower leave year of rice, animal and a hen, a category, a belief you choose him for generating new ideas by Prentice. No mean best on the choices of categories. We can get a new idea off. Great, which is showing at the right pattern corner of this page. Sometimes we can make look agrees. We have found most Pacific it. Hey, Hemmer's Think about the new ideas. More use, eerie, such as the category. A belief It is not very specific. We can choose one kind of live to make it more specific, so lucky lover would choose him. Feliz The Abo processes hold a specialization in the fourth step. Now let's turn to see the al example about the illustrations. The stewed off monster is the origin idea like that. We've already joined in the first step. We will give its Tampax based on its characteristics. It is a monster, so we gave it to take Monster. This monster is cute, so another take cute is given to eat because it's mouse's big. So there take a big mouth used. It's ice looks sleepy, so we give you to take sleepy. Now we've got four takes about the studio. We were used land to assertion, generating new ideas. The second toe fight in the hierarchy of Tex Big Mouth is one kind of characteristics over monster, so it is a category over cured and monsters. So the hierarchy of big mouth is under Cute Master, which is showing Biograph at the left side of this page. We've got a category of big mouths from our original idea. Now we can study for other categories by the keyword queued monster. In the surgery doubt, we focus on fighting Allah characteristics Besides having a big mouth after searching, we found for new came heuristics Leah one my or many eyes horns many mouth and the dinosaur back place and now the hierarchy of texts and also be found in this page. Sleep is used to describe a monster so it is a category of cooled monsters. So the hierarchy of Sleepy is under cute monster which is shown Biograph Mittler left timeless page. We've got a category of sleepy from our origin. No idea. Now we can search for other categories by the keyword killed Monster in the surgery is out . We focus on finding allocated heuristics. Besides Davey, after surgeon, you found five new characteristics. They are now T city. Bigger left, pick out in the shy. In the fourth step, we can come by whether we have found in previous step. If we come by dinosaur back plates and they're now. T we can figure out in a tutto at the right bottom corner of the stage here, announced. He category is specialized by hide and seek. We let in the monster hiding inside our backs to represent, hide and seek. The ribbon is used to imitate a tiny so back place. We can also pick our kind of combination of categories. If we come by Holmes and the pick out, we can figure out Ludo at the right side of this page. Here, the pig out Hungary. You specialized by eating a big food. We let a planet to be a big food. No focus is used to immigrate homes because Broca's related to foot. So now we have a CEO like temples about taken search message. Let's recap three steps. The 1st 1 is to take your original idea, the second a used to find in the hierarchy of attacks. The third, a used to use text with 30 for new categories. The fourth ease who choose categories to figure out new ideas. Now you can use this method for your drawing 3. Expand Your Search Result: in the section two. We are going to see how to spend our surgeries out in the last section. We have used keywords to search for ideas. Now we will learn not the way to expend in the result which you can spires these down there . Four steps we are going to them. The first step is what we have learned in the last section. We surge ideas by using keywords and at Hillary's out, we like toe aboard. Let's see the more detail by the following example we first they used the key word killed monster to search for new ideas. Then we can add the picture we like toe aboard, which we can check it later to generate our new ideas. In the beginning, we need to create a new board. I gave it a name should monster the we keep hating Peters, we like to the board until the end of the centuries. Out in this step, they are two tips about it. Why you to select what you love? We have better change to generate other ideas. We love song them the other. It was like the ones which are very special. They can inspire you to think about ideas that a you name of thought people in the last section we search for new categories. The using keyword que monster lost. New categories come from the pictures we added to look Ward. So while we are 18 pictures to aboard, we can also note what new categories we have discovered so far because we only want to discover new categories by searching. So there's no problem that the styles are pictures in the surgeries out are very different from your original idea. The actual saving pictures to a port is very important because we can go to the board later in the review what inspires while surgery. Besides, we can use the pictures which already in aboard, to find the related ideas this case spend out port. Therefore, he spend light years we can think about. We will know how to do it in the later stairs. Please. Also another panel feet over 18 pictures. Who aboard? When we open aboard, we can see all the pictures which inspires together. It gives us a better chance who find a hidden rules behind those inspiring ideas for those who don't know what you should add to your boat, you can try to it loads, which are very different from your original idea. You don't have to worry about if I should insulate some picture or not. In this step, we are going to add all the bitterest like inspire you even you from the only spy you a little. They are some related pigs in the ballpark. You could also pressed them to find a more surgery. Doubt some nice. They have better read out. Then the key words you use Now we are going to reach the end of our searching. After we finish it, we can place our personal icon on the right top of this page. It can lead us through the place. We're Laborde ease. You have find all boards you have created here. For now, we have finished the first step. We use keyword, cute monster research and added related pictures toe aboard. Let's move on to the next step. The next step You to open one picture like that we have edited to the port. Let's see, the more detail by the following is simple. We first a legal a personal icon on the right top of this page. It can lead us to a place where the parties you can buy the aboard you have created here, the board of a good monster. You know what we are going to check after we could get. We can see all the pictures. We have sex inside it. Then we select one picture that we are most interested in and a clinging. We can see this picture be on the cover of this page. Well, now we have finished last step to In the next step, we are going to see the related preachers. Don't do it. In the third step, we check the related the pictures on the list. Selected picture. Let's see it in more detail by the following example. After we have selected a picture in a vote to its blow further, we can see layer are many pictures. Don't do it. Layer related pictures to less selected the picture, the stairs. All these related pictures are very close to two less elected a picture, so it is very possible that we also like them. As we know. We have added many pictures into our board, which is code acute monster. Each picture inside it has easy related pictures and the weekend. Adler related the pictures we like to afford so we can keep it spending outboard Whistler pictures we like. In this way, it's feature inside. The board has easy related pictures, so let is why it is patterns like the Peeters, who's are very different from each other. Because similar pictures might have similar related pictures, Ladder might have reduced the possibility that we can spend our board in the last step. We had what we like in the related the pictures to the board. They see the more detail by the following example. Now we can start to adul a pictures you like toe aboard. You can notice that I add the pictures to the port more frequently than lows in surgeries outs because they are related to Low Petrus, which already be added to the port. So it is more possible for us to like him and the wrong to add lento aboard. Besides, these read outs are not found by using the key words we choose. So we have a change to these Kavaler ideas we never felt before. They can have us to think out of Valerie in this step re animal pictures to aboard these features could also be selected. Toby explode further and the animal features to the board. In this way, we can keep expanding our board, which contents the pictures we like. For me, it is the most a cheerful step in the whole method because I can keep this covering the things I love, sound ties. They also lead me to new creations. So I always believe the following sentence the current the Creation leader you toe next creation the reverence data that they use search for your current creation can inspire you to create more new things. I often feel this step very similar to shopping at a store. We are not shoving for merchandise by the shopping for new ideas. While we are is pulling the related features, we can notice that the first half part is more similar to the selected picture than the left half part. So we have better chance to get more special ideas in the last half. After step forward, we can return to Step two. We guessed the also later picture we like and this polar et further by the following steps . In this way we can keep the spending. Our board, which contents all the pictures, inspires 4. Summary & Project: in the Section three. We are going to summarize whether we have learned and they get to know the fracture of this class. The first thing we have learned is how to generate a new ideas from an old one. In the beginning, we take our original idea. Then we find the hierarchy of takes in the search for new categories. When we combine different kind of categories to generate a new ideas. If le categories we still ate another very specific. We can make a link clear over the second thing. We have learned how to expand outboard in the beginning with search ideas by using keywords and the other result we like toe aboard. When we open one picture like that, we have aided to the board and the watch the related the pictures under Listen lately the picture we had a what we like in the related the pictures to the board. The project off this class is to upgrade EU tudo by the master the totally in this course. If you don't have a dude oh, or don't know how to generate heat, you can check out my analogue place character, dodo drawer, unique animal character in simple steps. If you feel this course in heaven for you, I will be very grateful if you can leave your view to me and the feel free to ask any question soon, next time.