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Icy Mountains

teacher avatar Esther Peck

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Art Supplies

    • 3. Color Swatches

    • 4. Colour Washes

    • 5. Creating Clouds

    • 6. Creating Mountain

    • 7. Adding Colour

    • 8. Final Details

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About This Class

This is a basic class which I will guide you from colour swatches, washes for background, creating clouds with tissue to creating icy mountains with palette. This is ideal for beginners and also a fun landscape class .

Some techniques that you will learn in this class:

1) Wet on Wet 
2) Wet on Dry
3) Laying Glazes

4) Blending Colours
5) Creating Clouds with tissue paper
6) Creating icy mountains with textures
7) Fine Details
Hope you enjoy this class and post your projects.

I will be happy that If you can take time to review my class.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Esther Peck


Hello, I'm Esther. 

I have always enjoyed art from a very young age. My first form of proper arts education started at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore), where I took a course in Western Art. I have since held various roles in the art industry such as an Assistant Art Director, to a freelance graphic designer later on in my career.

In 2015, I took an interest to watercolour and brush calligraphy, picking up the skill on my own. My background as a graphic designer has helped me create artwork, designs and publishing. I have published 2 books - ‘Lush & Blooms’ and ‘A Guide to Floral Watercolour’ and my second book was sold out within 4 months! I had reprinted my book, ‘A Guide to Fl... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi. I'm Esther Peck. Water off a guy to flora. What color? Besides pending Flora's? I love to pin landscapes, too. Today I'm teaching you. I see mountains using pellet knife. I will get you through the colors. I use switches, washes, creating crocks with tissues. I see mountains with palette knife, an end off the lessons. You will be able to pin this to lovely landscapes. I hope you enjoy my lessons. See you soon. 2. Art Supplies: hi day. I'm so happy to come back again with this new class that have perfect. This is a simple landscape, and some of you were going to ask me Why is this a simple landscape? Just look complicated, but believe me, they're still right. Tools that I'm going to show you. He's going to be easy. Let me start with the paper that we're going to use. You'll be happy that today's for today's lesson. We don't really need 100% cotton paper. You just need a 300 grand paper. And for me, I would like to truce a CO Presley. But because we need a raft each paper for these landscape you see no and OK brushes a one inch a wash brush any brain, a synthetic brushes. Fine. We need There's no size. We need a palette knife like this. Or maybe another smaller one. So, but even for this size is good enough, you cannot choose just a synthetic brush like this. Princeton. I use a wisdom brush on 4 may be painting all of this and a smaller synthetic brush. You don't need to use your sable brushes. Yeah, because we went to protect our brushes for this kind of rough Egypt's we just need now. Synthetic brushes. Yes. So this is for the details that you pain all the birds and the trees, and you need just so we just feel I will this next, your area and another material that you're probably will be surprises that we need to shoot . We need a tissue to form the cups. Actually, that and we need our wreck. Definitely, because it's gonna be quite dirty. And for me, I use a mammal for putting the Jessel so that I can clean it off quite easily. And, of course, you need your water. Your water again is so one for washing and one for cleaning. So that's the materials that we need for this class. Have them all prepared and I'll see you again. 3. Color Swatches: So for this lesson, we're going to work on the color swatches to paint this icy mountains. I use Selim Blue, Indigo Alter Marine, Violet, Kobach, green. It's showing a lot more here, cobalt green. And these are the whole Collins that I have prepared. I'll be showing you the shortest first start with some members have a high pick month us, and I'll add water to get a lighter value as, uh, how you want your sky look like you probably want it somewhere in the middle. Not to light something like this, Kate. Next color is in the go. This is where used for the shadow for the icy mountains. The sheets I walked. Uh, so this is where I used a high pigment off indigo and for the trees for the bird I used a vehicle to. And next one is our Jill Marie Violet. I edit this color. Do you give my icy mountains a bit more interests? Because I else it will be just blue. So I have it a little bill put pool over here. I think I didn't and much over here at the end for this piece. So it's optional If you don't have this color. You can go with that outer Marine put Violet. But I think it's so rather pretty to have this and another color that is so so to give interest with my piece is Kobach Green. I mean, I did ups quarter. We just need to clean me. So we had this and, uh, let's see how these two other colors look like Syrian blue and indigo. Looks like maybe it together. You don't really need toe makes this too, because we actually layering it later on in our painting. So this is how it looks like, which I have layering over here and some parts I do have raring. So have these colors pra pet and have them play, but as this and I'll see you very soon. 4. Colour Washes: for this class. I'm going to show you how to do. Wash is based on the colors that we have done our searches. So for Izabal using the 300 gram hippo, I'm moist my paper for us. It should be able to hold water because of its 300 gram. Okay, for me, I don't really like to take my people. I like it. Teoh kind off a free form so that I can hold it. So it all depends on individual, for some people like to take tip it down. All right, so let me get some more pain again. This is the kind off how it's going. I wanted to be a little bit more so, but they don't take. I have a problem, but I have some freedom to move the paper, but and I like to have that Dr. Indeed go over here. Just kind of on the with. Heard it. Blend. This started really dry up. Very fuss. Okay, there is a little bit dry. So just at some more water just hope I keep all right so the two colors can blend. See, like one some more Cerulean blue. Kate for washes. You need to do a few practice on your own, so get your practice done. I'll see you again 5. Creating Clouds: I will come back for this lesson. I'm going to show you how to create crap. So too? Sure. Couple it to press hot if you want your crops to show a lot. Quite quite fluffy coats quite thick. One A person quit Huttner over here. So I want it quite quite clumps very quick. But if you wanted to show, that is displacing that accounts of moving this me Just take the relate just tough it very like to leave. Yeah, so don't use the whole people. I just use the Holte shoot. But just It's like I would like you to practice this to that. It looks easy. It is easy, actually. But toe from pretty cuts. You need to actually what a lot of cross. See, I'm forming this with the very file we went. Yeah. Go and look at your clothes and practice. I see you back again 6. Creating Mountain: I'm going to go to one more time to show how I create that again. Their equipment. I have a really moister people, and I prepared the pain beforehand. I just want to show you this part that don't have to worry that you'll clean go inside here . That's why I'm showing you this, okay? I just want a little bit Dr Thistle, This mom Boo. Maybe a little bit of this and I will go repaying the cops again. I mean, we create the cops, can't be there. We used the issue. So this previous one that I did looks pretty good. So we'll Martin just crumple your paper because this is the piece that I'm going to continue from there. That's why I'm showing you one more time, because this is actually quite a fuss. So I wanted to show the white cuts that the factory quick cuts. You see, That's why I say I show a little bit off the crops. I leave the space where the cuts and this is what we are going to do. Not Jessel. This is the exciting part. Just pick up the amount that if you don't be such a big border. You can actually just get a small one or you can share with your friends. So I'm gonna use this pilot. It's directly. Maybe move. This is getting dirty. Okay, key. Can you got your You get your distal and we're gonna work this week. Show you they're going to just from the mountain top. Speak. Just step it like me. The student will come for my in person class Really, really love this lesson. They say, Oh, I should bring. My kids are now because it's really very easy to do. And the end result is really lovely. Okay, I just want you to take note of this. I start from the keep about on top and then for this turning to the right. I take this week, you just tip tip tip, you pick up again. And then for this site you took this week See how pretty it looks? Yes, it comes though. You have a lot here. So, as a company, you should be less over here. I'm not going to use it, so just get you don't really need that much. So just Yes. I said over here, I don't get so much. I'm going to just slept on just like the Knicks. So that that's a gradual from sickness. And over over this, the rocks that I mentioned earlier We are going to create this portion. So this time round mine Pilot Night is holding this way because I cannot be creating the same form. I'm going to create more the big blocks here. Sit. So I tried to show this separation off about a few a few big rocks day. I make it quite thick here because this is the full ground. Meaning is closer to you. And that should be a month or two painting on this full ground, you will have it darker color. So I kind of created this. And for now, you just need to wheat before you dry. So I'll see you again for the next lesson. 7. Adding Colour: we'll come back for this lesson. I'm going to paint it pink colors over. And Joan, I was trying that out, so let's see how it looks. So whatever part off the just so that powerful is like a really the pain will not stick to it. And whichever part that the Dexter that really the pain was stay there and you can actually have two types of Carlos. If you want. You need not to keep to one car. If you're one tackle color, you just inside. So in my searches, I have proper to remember. So let's get my Popo like proper here so you can have a doctor direct. Okay. Before doing this, you really make sure that your painting is dry. Yeah. So what I did was that I actually used Hi, Joe. I had to dry because I want to flood this. - If you want some area to have shadowed, let me show you. Yes, uh, like here. I have a doctor. Right. So some practice later so you can have a bit more pin here. This is very makes a game. I have the two colors mix which I get this one. So if I want here to have shadow. I was in a little bit, so you can see that the contents right. Abuse of light of color be of Dr Cover. And I want to, uh I wanted the rock area. This part to have a bit off robot green, cobalt green here. The texture here is different. Right? Because early on, I show you in my previous lesson is this way. Yeah. So you see, I have them mix again. All right? This is done. Not quite. Not quite. I was in the attitudes of the birds. So one and, uh, yeah, I was drying it with I was trying a little bit, but it's still not fully dry. So let me get it toe a dry. What? Busted? See this area where I have a bit more texture. I wanted to perform more, so that one is a little bit. So just got a patient with a little while or you just used So we are back with another piece this time around is a landscape. I wanted to use more of a Kobach green mixed with my blue and he stepped on here. Maybe a give a very liked wash for us. What I makes a little bit because I wanted to go. I want a knuckle somewhere here. I want a doctor here. Then I have water. Can you see the texture coming out? That's so beautiful. I saw them do these confession only when But I'm keep when I teach in my class. So this is like a fun session for me, too. So I'm getting the icy. Okay, this is my reference. So we were friends. It's a lot easier to work on then. You know where you want to leave this pat? You I will leave. It s more white teeth. So I'm having it a little bit like contrast. A love contrast living as the snow. And then this part I will have to call the doctor Collins on. Keep it a snow again. Keep it small again. Over here. I'm like, I really like How this? No. Even before it's finished. Some more colors, All right. Just a bit of water. Used to be a blue. Two minutes. It's like the resection off the color, the sky. So I'm getting a little bit off the sky color here. I just use a non mixed one so they can get this guy. Is this this guy cover? I'm holding my brush a bit lower so that I can paint more surface area, usually in my floor. Then I will touch more on how you hold. But for this class, I don't really need to show you so much off how you hold your brash and this. So that's why this class is called basic. That's why this is pretty amazing. That so she doing here? Let me just show you my reference again. So you see here I create something, and over here I would give a little bit off that again. You don't have to follow a sexually because after I was small abstract. Yeah, I was a little bit abstract. I like this health this time up. It's called this extra over here, remember? Just No, I just used a pilot. Now just tip picked it here to like this. Okay, I intentionally didn't at a lot off texture. I mean a lot off sick texture. Here there is texture, but I can't put it down very very because when it dry, I once toe in some of these small pine trees here. Very small one. But we'll see how hard looks that because having too much it may not be nice too, but we probably have a few. Yeah, So I'm really looking forward to continue a dish, but we need to wait for it to dry. So to then I see you again. 8. Final Details: for today's lesson. We're going to finish it up by adding in the birds and perhaps trees like this. Yeah. So I'm going to use a small, uh, number to brush a doctor color at the indigo, and you can actually makes a good one. Okay, uh, you can dilute it a little bit. Little bit of water like this because you didn't want it. Should be to stop. So this is this is how I pain cost. Either rings. You can have them of different colors, then your sister, but right. Okay, there's another one, this anger, and I'm going to head a few more lighter colors, So vitamins the tree for dough. We much, much further. We light. No. Okay, we can have a few. And I was talking about the trees. Right. So I'm using the indigo, and, uh, this is the one that we can actually try over here. This is just Ah, actually, I would say it's extra. You don't have to in the trees if you don't know how to paint the trees. Because in this class, I'm not really teaching you that. How depend the trees. So if you don't know how to paint the trees. You don't have to. Yeah, but if you're just watching now I at in the tree trunk. Furs. Then I paid one site yet a site. My trees is a lot bigger. That this? Yeah. Showing it, uh, closer. It's a close ally. Try to pin on the part where there are less texture. Because if you have a lot of texture, they you may not be able to show the tree that real. So I think with the tree looks quite nice to cuff way he didn't like this que received. I want to get some more, but be far away. But it doesn't matter, really. You can really see. So I'm pretty happy with how this looks like a lady. So for this piece, I'm done. Okay. Right. And I have another piece, right? This one. So this is the rocks over here if I want to In some get my cuteness. My co bought my Kobach green. But green think about greatness Service a little aero. So it over here. So here will be basically the tree if I want to in right. So in a few, uh, tree trunk for us later. I'll show you how I create that. It's easy, right? Burt, Begin. Your son is quite a big one, and then I have another one here. If you are not confident in creating this book, just join up first and then you piece. If not if you are comfortable being free hand, then you So So this is Yeah. It's a pre Henjak from costs because that way is faster. Like the color, right? Like again over here. Okay, so for this part here tree, you can actually just, uh, have some watery pain. Do you want to have the Kobach green? You can bet on the game and we just kind of a create some tree like this thing. I get a bigger brush. I like that one. Booze. It's not a very detailed once again, I emphasize that this class is many to teach you how to create the icy mountains with pellet nine. So I'm not particularly going so much into how you paint the trees, but probably another classes. I real I will be teaching you how the pain trees in other class because we went to just have something this very rough. Look, I am I want to add in another color. So if you have the green, you can get in. If not, this is really fine. I'm quite sure. Mobile. Most of us have the pattern of colors Rady. And then we can just sometimes in a painting like this. So I really let go. Just done colors that I think we'll go well with my painting. So, actually, even if we don't want to go this the tree, this oneness without the tree. Yeah. Is this okay? He looks still very beautiful, So I don't know. I have created quite a few pieces. Yeah, So this look at this again. Actually, I can. I prefer the one in the landscape for Mitt. Yeah, Even though I have been always painting so trying out, something new is really good. So we're gonna end the class for this icy mountains, and I really hope that you will tried it up. You don't have a pellet night. Any at store should here. You can just get a medium size ones like that like the one that had been using. And the paper is just 300 gram. You don't need to use a cotton paper. Yep. so have fun. Have fun but the sickness And don't show me and give me your feedback and, uh, yeah, hope to see you again.