Iconography in Visual Art | Jessica Cresseveur | Skillshare
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    • Introduction

    • Lesson 1: Iconography in Everyday Life

    • Lesson 2: Genre Painting I: Van Eyck

    • Lesson 3: Genre Painting II: Vermeer

    • Lesson 4: Vanitas Still Life I: Steenwyck

    • Lesson 5: Vanitas Still Life II: Flack

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

Iconography, or the use of symbolism, appears in the art of almost every age and every culture. The content of portraits, still-lifes, and genre ("slice-of-life") scenes often contains deeper and more complex ideas than meet the eye. In this course, we will examine the significance of iconography in the art of several cultures, as well as in the visual culture that surrounds us everyday. An engaging project will be assigned to deepen students' understanding of the course material.

This class is intended as a "beginner's guide." No previous study of the visual arts is necessary to enroll or reap the benefits. 





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Jessica Cresseveur

Art Historian and University Lecturer

Jessica Cresseveur holds a Ph.D. in the Humanities from the University of Louisville and an MA in History of Art from University College London. Her area of expertise is the art of the "long nineteenth century" (1789-1914). She has been teaching art history and interdisciplinary humanities to undergraduates since 2004. Her work appears in rebus: A Journal of Art History and Theory (Summer 2015) and two forthcoming anthologies from MacFarland and Inter-Disciplinary Press.

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