Iconic logo: based on custom lettering, inspired by soviet union era and urban lifestyle | Tadas Ciudaras | Skillshare

Iconic logo: based on custom lettering, inspired by soviet union era and urban lifestyle

Tadas Ciudaras, Lettering artist

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9 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. 1. Trailer

    • 2. 2. Inspiration

    • 3. 3. Concept

    • 4. 4. Brushes and paper

    • 5. 5. Style exploration part 1

    • 6. 6. Style exploration part 2

    • 7. 7. Style exploration part 3

    • 8. 8. Selected sketch

    • 9. 9. Vectoring process


About This Class

I am going to share you my process how I make an iconic logo based on custom lettering which is inspired by soviet union era and urban lifestyle.We will analyse older references to get some inspiration and creative direction. We will try few different styles and manners to understand how it is being done. We will mix some classic lettering by adding some urban flavour in it, in this way we will get an authentic and unique result.

What I am going to share:


Older Lithuanian Logos made in 1950’s -1970’s (Soviet union era)

Brushes and paper:

I will talk about few brushes and paper that I prefer to use in this class

Concept and idea:

I will explain how I make my own brand related to my upcoming innovative hip-hop album

called Love in Progress..


We will analyse few references to understand how old logos are made.

Also we will try to find your own and unique style mixing it with urban flavour

Vectoring process

I will will share few tips how to crystallise and refine sketches that you made to get the clean, readable and iconic vector version

Good resource on the internet:

 Soviet Logos

Favourite brushes

Favourite brushes 2





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Tadas Ciudaras

Lettering artist

My name is Tadas Ciudaras also known as For Sure Letters. I work as a graphic designer and specialise in lettering. I mostly do logo's or short phrases based on custom scripts. I have over 10 years experience in different letter forms including my graffiti skills which formed an urban/street lettering style.




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