Icon Do This: Creating Your Own Icon Set

Ryan Vatzlavick, Illustrator/designer

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7 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Hello

    • 2. Project Overview

    • 3. Idea Phase

    • 4. Sketch Phase

    • 5. Creating a Template

    • 6. Creating Your Icons

    • 7. Finish Line

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About This Class

In this class we will have fun learning how to create a cohesive set of icons!


Basic understanding of Illustrator. This class is for everyone from beginners to experts.


Share your final set of icons with the rest of the class, you rock star you! 

Also if you post your project on instagram be sure to tag me @ryanvatz and feel free to follow me!


Music: Never Forget by Peterloo Massacre

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Class Outline

  • Icon design. Ryan will teach you how to make a beautiful, consistent set of icons in Adobe Illustrator. With his help, you’ll create icons that showcase your personal hobbies and interests with concise, recognizable symbols – great practice for commercial design artists and beginners alike!
  • Creating your own. After Ryan walks you through his creative process, you’ll use his techniques to create your own icon design template and three finished icons. Whether you are a visual data design professional or want to create symbols for personal use, Ryan’s class is a great way to hone your skills and expand your abilities.
  • Idea and sketch phase. Ryan’s starts his web design course with analog materials. Using pencil and paper, you will make a list of hobbies and analyze them for visual promise. Once you have selected a few particularly special interests, you will sketch them into small, concise representations using easy-to-grasp symbols. During this lesson, Ryan will work on his own ideas, demonstrating how he translates his favorite pastimes into easily understandable drawings. You’ll follow along as he talks through his creative process and the ways that he avoids copying already-established company design ideas and other commonly used icons.
  • Setting up a template. You will use Adobe Illustrator to create your icon template using gridlines, geometry, and other digital tools. With Ryan’s guidance, you’ll learn how to keep your template surface clean, symmetrical, and organized – so that your finished product ends up the same way!
  • Designing your icons. Ryan will coach you through every step of his design process, beginning with how he reconceptualizes his initial sketches into their geometric parts. With step-by-step instructions, he’ll show you how to create a pencil and ruler out of basic shapes and lines, and the different tools that you can use to draw, rotate, and add important details to your own icons.
  • Tips and tricks. When you are creating a set of icons, consistency is key. Ryan will introduce you to a few of the ways that he makes sure his symbols relate to one another, and the simple tricks he employs to ensure that they each carry the same visual weight. In his lessons, Ryan will also talk you through the different creative choices he relies on to amplify audience appeal, and will explain crucial keyboard shortcuts that you can use to make your best work pop.
  • Line weight adjustments. You’ll learn how to adjust your line weight to give your icons visual heft and to reduce unnecessary and distracting details. Ryan will also discuss how to make your icons scale correctly, so they always look exactly like you want them to -- no matter how big or small you size them!
  • Sharing your icon with the world. By the end of the class, you’ll have three beautiful icons that represent your personal interests. Ryan will invite you to post your finished project on the class discussion page and his social media channels, giving you an opportunity to show him your work and gain valuable feedback.