Icon Design: Light Values & Extreme Shadows | Lindsey Meredith | Skillshare

Icon Design: Light Values & Extreme Shadows

Lindsey Meredith, Lover of immaculate linework

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7 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 2 Study

    • 3. 3 Light Source Breakdown

    • 4. 4 Light Value Segmenting

    • 5. 5 Combo Approach

    • 6. 6 Vector Refine

    • 7. 7 Conclusion

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11 of 11 students recommend this class
Balazs Markovics

Nulla dies sine linea

Interesting and useful but you should buckle up cause it's very fast.
First of all this class is great because it's only 20 minutes. Often times that's about all the time I have to take a class, so thank you for that. Second, this class is great for showing the entire process from sketch to finalized vector. I really enjoyed some of the different tips on this class such as, actually drawing the sun to remember where your light is coming from and using tools such as the pencil, eraser, and rounded edge in the stroke options. This definitely​ a great class for anyone to learn logo design.