ISTQB Foundation Level Certification Exam Preparation | Rogerio Da Silva | Skillshare

ISTQB Foundation Level Certification Exam Preparation

Rogerio Da Silva, Passionate About Sharing and Networking

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9 Lessons (3h 54m)
    • 1. ISTQB Welcome Video Course

    • 2. Introduction to ISTQB Prep Exam

    • 3. Fundamentals of Testing Section 1

    • 4. Testing Throughout the Software Life Cycle Section 2

    • 5. Static Testing Section 3

    • 6. Test Design Techniques Section 4

    • 7. Test Management Section 5

    • 8. Tool Support for Testing Section 6

    • 9. Congratulations! Course Complete.


About This Class

Get certified so you get the job or the promotion you want

Welcome to the ISTQB® preparation and pass on foundation level exam! During the lecturers, you will have the opportunity to learn the key elements that will help you pass the ISTQB® exam foundation level and secure the job or the promotion you’ve wanted. 

If you have read or had junior level experience in software testing this course will help you focus on the questions and answers so you can pass the exam.

What Will You Learn?

Foundation level professionals should be able to:

  • Use a common language for efficient and effective communication with other testers and project stakeholders
  • Understand established testing concepts, the fundamental test process, test approaches, and principles to support test objectives
  • Design and prioritise tests by using established techniques
  • Analyse both functional and non-functional specifications at all test levels for systems with a low to medium level complexity
  • Execute tests per agreed test plans, analyse and report on the results of tests
  • Write clear and understandable incident reports
  • Effectively participate in reviews of ###b/b### to medium-sized projects
  • Be familiar with different types of testing tools and their uses
  • Assist in the selection and implementation process

Course Structure

The course is divided into 6 sections following the ISTQB® syllabus structure, which consists of 6 chapters.

At the end of each section, there’s a quiz related to it, so you don’t have to wait until the end to do just the exam mock quiz and the simulation paper for the actual exam.

At the end of all the sections, there’s a practical exam and two sample papers so you can practice with question and answers based on what we are reviewing in here taken from the ISTQB® syllabus.