IPtables Firewall Fundamentals | Juan Jose Perez Figuereo | Skillshare

IPtables Firewall Fundamentals

Juan Jose Perez Figuereo

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11 Videos (30m)
    • IPtables fundamentals Intro

    • Firewall definitions

    • Installing IPtables

    • Types of Chains

    • Iptables default Actions

    • Commands and Parameters

    • Create an IPtables rules from Terminal

    • Allow SSH Server

    • Blocking an IP address

    • IPtables Logs

    • Delete a rule


About This Class

This course is designed for teach you  to create an iptables rule efficiently.

This step by step course will help you to protect a GNU-Linux distribution system, using the command line and text editor for block or allow ports and services in your sistem.

Iptables is an extremely flexible firewall utility built for Linux operating systems. Whether you’re a novice Linux geek or a system administrator, there’s probably some way that iptables can be a great use to you. 

Setting up a good firewall is an essential step to take in securing any modern operating system. Most Linux distributions ship with a few different firewall tools that we can use to configure our firewalls.

In this course you willl learn to:

  • Define an iptables 
  • Define What is a Firewall
  • Define What is an Iptables rule.
  • How install Iptables
  • List existing iptables rules in your system
  • Default chains and default actions
  • Block and allow commons port in iptables
  • Acces to iptables file using text editor.
  • How to create an Iptables rules from terminal

      and more..

This course contains a useful examples and material that you can use for create Awesome rules!!





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