IPAD PATTERN DESIGN- Vector repeating patterns with Graphic app pattern tool. | Susana Royo | Skillshare

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IPAD PATTERN DESIGN- Vector repeating patterns with Graphic app pattern tool.

teacher avatar Susana Royo

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Intoduction

    • 2. Graphic app

    • 3. Set the canvas and draw the motifs

    • 4. Prepare the motifs and make the repeatingpattern

    • 5. Add a background color and save the pattern

    • 6. How to design a motif with the pencil tool

    • 7. Distribute the motifs on the canvas

    • 8. Make a whimsical repeating pattern

    • 9. The final project. Make a notebook with your pattern

    • 10. Final thoughs

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About This Class


Do you want to design a repeat pattern, entirely on your iPad, not tied to your computer desktop?

In this class I teach how to create vector repeating patterns with the iPad, using only the Graphic application.

What you will learn:

I guide the students through the tools I use to design a simple geometrical pattern and a more complex one.

At the end of the class you will have created, entirely on the iPad, two new vector repeating patterns to add to your portfolio and for your personal use and projects, ready to print in any POD ( Print On Demand) shop like, Spoonflower, Printful, etc.

No prior knowledge is required.

Students who already know how to create patterns with Adobe illustrator will discover an other easy and handy way to make patterns on the go.

I look forward to seeing you in class.

Happy pattern creating!

♡ Susana

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Susana Royo



Creating patterns and illustrations is my happy place, that I share in www.softiesandpatterns.com. I enjoy designing and creating fabric panels for soft toys and patterns for fabrics and paper for DYI projects and gifts.

I'm a self-taught designer, life long learner, creative mind and Skillshare lover. 

I do most of my work with Adobe Illustrator but I also love designing on my iPad, and sharing what I have learnt with other creative minds.

It is my pleasure to get to know you!

♡ Susana


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1. Intoduction: My name is Sasana. I am a creative love with surface butter design. Would you like to learn how to create better three billion patterns exclusively under AIBA ? In this class, I'm teaching my process of creating victory bidding patterns. Guest with the iPod, the graphic application on its pattern to we won't be using Adobe Illustrator. I will guide you through my process of creating a basic geometrical pattern on a fairly more complex Win 61 The final project will be to a below the pattern that he will have created to the project calorie and also, if you want to. Two applied the pattern to a notebook to bring it to the office for two planes. Catch in two delays to put a little bit of color in your life. I can't wait to see your patterns. Let's get started 2. Graphic app: The first thing to do is to download graphic application in the APP store. It caused around 10 euro $10. I think it's a good investment. If you're looking for an alternative to out of illustrator to draw back toe graphics on the iPad and not another stop, I personally use it a lot. A pictographic is a digital image that it is made off points, lines and cures that are based apple mathematical equations. This means that no matter how large or small, or how close you fill me in on the image, the lines, cures and points remains move. There will never be blurriness with this kind of image, no matter how much it is a large. Also, colors are separated in the specific shape areas, which makes changing colors within these images really easy. In this class, I will focus on creating back to rip it in batterers with vector graphics design on the iPad Pro. I will teach how to use graphic application pattern tour. Although I have mentioned mathematics before, my method does not require mathematical calculations. Everything is done by the application. Let Sister said in our campus, on dropping our motives for the bottom 3. Set the canvas and draw the motifs: open graphic application and create a new campus by clicking on the plus sign, then to a blank campus by clicking on it and open it by clicking on it again. Once open, the first thing that you need to do is to change its dimensions to those go to the ruler icon and change the weed on the height in order to create a square. This time I create a square off six inches by six inches, but feel free to Tuesday dimensions that you wish. Now that we have the campus, it's time to draw the motifs or shapes for the pattern. For this pattern on to keep it simple, I'm going to design with the Ellipse tool I selected and then choose a color for the stroke and a color for the field. Andrew. A cycle more or less ideas one. Okay, now I click on the select tool this arrow here and select circle in order to avoid 10 units dimensions. When trying to move it, I'm going to block its aspect ratio. Um, okay, I go here a non here to the ruler, ikan icon and select block aspect ratio. In this way, I can make it bigger or smaller without losing its proportions. Okay, now I would draw some more cycles. I said, like this one. Go to the clip, Select cookie and best look I am Make it smaller and I'm going to change its core lower. That says one. Maybe this blue here. Okay. And now I crapped the small one and put did inside a big one. Maybe he here, maybe I little here. Look, then select everything on and copy and paste again by more than finding a little bit. Um um I think I'm going to remember the colors. Okay, so I just They're Bloom Jello. Okay, This could be this could be okay. Okay. So I have a motive for my first pattern in the last segment. Do we learn how to prepare them a tips and how to make the first repeating pattern? 4. Prepare the motifs and make the repeatingpattern: Okay, so we have our motives, and now I will show you how to prepare them in order to make the repeating pattern. But first, let me explain to you the traffic pattern tool to find it. Go to the field tool, and you see that we can choose to feel one shape with a call or radian or a pattern. Basically, you can create a new pattern. Just selecting the shapes of your campus on clicking on your battle from selection on your butter will appear in the swatches panel. Can you see the rectangles here with my patterns, the patterns that I have created? You can also remove a search, and you'll need to do it as our. Fortunately, this watch This panel has a limit toe, so just click on a platter click to remove, and we will create a new space for a future pattern. I will also state you other ways to save patterns for future uses in the following segment . Okay, now let's go back to our motives. The first thing that I'm going to do is to make them a slightly be here and thats I mentioned before in the practice video. I first looked the speculation to avoid making mistakes. Okay, so I look then and I will make them slightly Bieber game. Okay, Now I want to highlight unimportant thing. In order to make our pattern, we select Imo takes in the campus and everything that falls within the selection area will be related as simple as that. But if we look if we look closer closer, though we know is that the borders off our motives for outside the selection area. Um, let me film in so we can save better. You see, in this way, if we would create a pattern now, our motives will appear cat in order to avoid it before selecting the motives to create the pattern. Remember, toe always transform them to solid shapes. Using the outline a stroke tool. This tool is in the double square still select path and then with the materials selected, click on outline stroke. Also remember that sometimes if the motives have wrote, it will have to a group them before in order to make the outline stroke. Because this tool sometimes it's a little bit odd now, do you see that our motives are falling perfectly within the selection area. Okay on its side to make her pattern. Then select the material and group them. Go to the double square tool arranged and group them. Now, with the motives selected, we go to the pattern tool and click on. Create a new potter from selection. You see, Then you searching with your pattern. Congratulations. You have created on your pattern less Check it. Okay. We take the square tool and drew a square or a rectangle and fill it with a pattern. We can escape it. Up s skated down. We can change its capacity. We can also change the distance between them on tapes. And we can also change the angle off our pattern, You see? Okay, so we have created our first pattern without a background color. In the next segment, you will learn how to put the color background and to save the pattern for future uses. 5. Add a background color and save the pattern: in this segment, we will see how to put the background color to our pattern on how to save it for future use is to put the backroom corner I selected square that we draw before with the pattern on it . And I normally make us watch off six inches by six inches. Then I select the square and duplicated. I go to the trip select copy and paste in place. In this way, I will have two squares, one on top of the other. I didn't select the sperm to and fill it with us or with color. I got to the color too. And so let a cooler. Okay, for instance, thes den. I bring the square that was in the top to the back. I got to double their spears arrange and put it to the back. In this way, we have created our doctor. I select everything in group two squares. And now I have my swatch here or a small. And this is my stretch Red activism. Okay, Now let me show you the two methods that I used to save the pattern and also the Matif that I have used to create the pattern my first myth health issue sent this shape libraries in the graphic application, which is here so that Porter's I have created a lie. Very cold patterns. Two at the motives and the pattern. That's why I live very. It's very easy. You just have to select the item on Click on the plus Sign Senate seat. I select first the two motives. I make sure they are dropped, select them and then click on the plus on the two motives are up to the library. Then I do the same with a swatch off the pattern I selected. Click on the plus sign on the pattern is automatically added to the library. The other method is just to export the document at the takes on the pattern. Teoh, do you see it in a straight earnings in the shop? You can save it to Dropbox or E mail your account, and you can just a format like pdf spg file PS, the NGO type pick. I know Molly just a major solution of three. Have to be I on a scale it, uh, 100%. This is an example off other three patterns that I have to sign following the same process that I have just did you. Now is your time to enjoy, to create, to design simple motives and shapes and transform them to repeat in patterns. Then, if you feel ready, please join me in their followin segments, and we will learn how toe come to create more complicated or complex pattern. 6. How to design a motif with the pencil tool: before we see how to draw a more complex and whimsical pattern. I would like to quickly. So you have to throw a motive with the pensive tool in the graphic application. The pencil tool. It's here I selected. And you see that it gives you a stroke and no feel. You can also select the weight on this morning and okay, let's threat to the scientist lady about here. I start by just in the recorder. I sign this kind off heart, and then I selected and feel it with a color. The red one. I then turn around the figure and let's go now for the body, the black him. I changed the color again on the sign de outline. Look, it's that here. Okay? And now I will feel it with a black color, and I will send it to the back. You sin. There were squares. Arrange and said the back. Okay. No, I think not. This this here. I will make it be here with you for say, Well, look, the aspect ratio and I will make it slightly bigger. Okay, Okay, that's fine. Now let's go to the feelers. Okay. I changed to the black color and also change the with off the stroke one. And let's design the feelers. Okay, The last part is to decide the spots to do so. I select the lips told this time I make circle, and then I feel it with black. And now I will guess copied and paste it several times. Okay, grab it here. Okay. Okay. So, like, this is gives you the idea more or less how to how to the once I have finished their design , I select everything and go to the outline stroke and make it a solid figure. And then I just select everything and group it. So I have my motive. Ready for the pattern if you prefer. Rather than designing on graphic applications, you could also import your signs that you have created in other illustrator or even in for a shop or other applications. Toe the graphic application and play with them. Create very beautiful part tires 7. Distribute the motifs on the canvas: So for this pattern we have the lady back and the leave. I would know, make some copies off them and distribute them on the campus in different directions. So trying to give some movement to the pattern to make our pattern correctly the motives that fall outside the square or campus have to be copied exactly on the other side of the campus. So this lady right here on the top has to recoup it here at the bottom, these one on the right to the left and this one to the left, to the right, we could use the position tool and do some mathematical car collections. Bat. I will now. So you my process to avoid making calculations and nevertheless to be able to copy the items in the correct position. I start by selecting the motives on the campus on checking that the air in the outline stroke mode. Then I select them again and group them. The four will think that I do is I draw a square off the same dimensions off the campus. So six inches by six antes and I fail it with a cold or and change the opacity a little bit of the off this clear. Then I align the square to the campus, go toe the ruler and choose a line top. And then I will bring the square to the back with the double squares, Arrange said to back. Now I select both. The square on the normative is that we're already grouped and group together. I select the square with the motives in it that were already grouped and paste it to the left to the right, on at the bottom, off the campus. In order to duplicate the figures that fall outside the campus and to this purpose, you notice the's a smart align guides in color orange. They are super useful. They help us to position the square in the right place, so us to align everything, and everything will fall perfectly now with a little bit of patients, I said, like the three squares. One by one, I group the square and the motives and delete everything but demo tapes that fall outside the campus. Once they have finished, I arrange a little bit of the campus, the motives inside of it. So maybe in this time I'm going to change a little bit the leaves here and there. Okay, So arranged the inside. But not Dima Tibbs that for outside the campus in one time said this fight with the decide . I changed the corner off the square off the background square. And check that there is now a stroke on the in the square. Guests feel okay. In this following segment, we will see how to beg the pattern with this design. 8. Make a whimsical repeating pattern: Okay. Now we will prepare the tile for the repeating pattern. Select a square and take you away from the motifs. Then select the motives and group them. Now select the square and align it to the campus. Now select the tapes that are already grouped. Go to the clip. And so let Capt. Don't worry them. The signs have disappear, but they will come back in a second. Select the square. Got to the clip again and then select. Paced inside is will copy paste our, uh, science inside the square creating a clipping mask. Okay, so we have now are tired, ready to be repeated Now select everything. The square and them tapes will likely be mask and group them then. So let them again and go to the pattern to it Once Here, goto the bottom, create a new pattern from this election. And you see, uh, patter is here in this split. This watch. Let's check it. I designed a square or a rectangle and fill it with the bathroom. Let's see, it's working. Okay. Yes, it works. I can scale it down or escaped it up. We can do whatever we went to to save the pattern. Forfeit your uses other than in the city's panel Off the pattern tool. You can select the tile oops I selected and and group it, then go to the shape libraries. I have a library called Patterns. I select both the motives on the square and clip off the plus sign on. They are automatically added toe my library. Then I do the same with the square that I designed with the pattern in it. I select it and click to the last time, and it is added. Okay, so this is the way to create a whimsical pattern. Now please practice, practice, practice and enjoy making colorful patterns. 9. The final project. Make a notebook with your pattern: for the final project. I would love to see the patterns that you have created, and if you feel like I think that it is very rewarding, seen the patterns come to life on products, and it's easy to do it yourself. Project is to bring out the pattern on to make an out book to those I prepare campus with the dimensions off on a for document. Then I draw a rectangle with no stroke off the same dimension off the campus, align it to the campus and fill it with a pattern. Then I expert it as a PdF. I'm bring it out using one seat off guard stock to make the notebook, I used the following arterials thin sheets off plain paper when seat off cars talk, printed with a pattern that I created a stapler with long arm and a cutter or seizures to trim the edges off the notebook. Then a stack. The 10 seeds of plain paper together a line and them just so full he have crease heart and Rebid the same operation with a car stuck and fold the paper and car stuck and a stack with paper on bottom and car stock on top with a design facing up whole. Stack tightly on a staple when inch from each end, increase to finish, trim the edges and for the notebook you have it credit to use. I really looking forward to seeing your patterns and also the notebooks that you have made . So please, please upload the pictures off them in the project area and do not hesitate to write to me or to contact me. If you wanted toe, ask me anything or if you have any doubt about the cast. 10. Final thoughs: If you have enjoyed great in these patterns and you would like to learn more about surface pattern design or about the graphic application, I strongly recommend taking the skill social classes off. Jessica Swift on Bonnie, Kristen on Batam, Sir. Phrase design and the skill share classes of Summer for Wilson. A Knicks were oh, on the graphic application. It's been my pleasure to create Discuss Thank you for your time and Happy Bottom created.