IPAD PATTERN DESIGN- Vector repeating patterns with Graphic app pattern tool. | Susana Royo | Skillshare

IPAD PATTERN DESIGN- Vector repeating patterns with Graphic app pattern tool.

Susana Royo

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10 Videos (29m)
    • Intoduction

    • Graphic app

    • Set the canvas and draw the motifs

    • Prepare the motifs and make the repeatingpattern

    • Add a background color and save the pattern

    • How to design a motif with the pencil tool

    • Distribute the motifs on the canvas

    • Make a whimsical repeating pattern

    • The final project. Make a notebook with your pattern

    • Final thoughs


About This Class


Do you want to design a repeat pattern, entirely on your iPad, not tied to your computer desktop?

In this class I teach how to create vector repeating patterns with the iPad, using only the Graphic application.

What you will learn:

I guide the students through the tools I use to design a simple geometrical pattern and a more complex one.

At the end of the class you will have created, entirely on the iPad, two new vector repeating patterns to add to your portfolio and for your personal use and projects, ready to print in any POD ( Print On Demand) shop like, Spoonflower, Printful, etc.

No prior knowledge is required.

Students who already know how to create patterns with Adobe illustrator will discover an other easy and handy way to make patterns on the go.

I look forward to seeing you in class.

Happy pattern creating!

♡ Susana





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A creative, passionate about surface pattern design and illustrations.


Creating patterns and illustrations is my happy place to unwind from my 8 to 5 work (in-house lawyer) and life duties (motherhood, wife). I enjoy designing and creating fabric panels for soft toys and patterns for fabrics and paper for personal projects and gifts.

I'm a self-taught designer, life long learner, creative mind and Skillshare lover. 

I also love designing on my i...

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