IPAD PATTERN DESIGN- How to create a vector half-drop repeat pattern on the iPad with Graphic app. | Susana Royo | Skillshare

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IPAD PATTERN DESIGN- How to create a vector half-drop repeat pattern on the iPad with Graphic app.

teacher avatar Susana Royo

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is a half drop repeat pattern

    • 3. How to draw a square repeat pattern

    • 4. How to draw a half-drop repeat pattern

    • 5. Save patterns for future uses

    • 6. Bonus: Export the pattern to Adobe Illustrator

    • 7. Project and thank you

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About This Class


Do you want to design a repeat pattern, entirely on your iPad, not tied to your computer desktop?

Following to my previous class about how to create vector repeat patterns on the iPad, in this class I teach how to create a specific kind of pattern, a vector half-drop repeat pattern exclusively with the iPad (Pro and others), using the Graphic application and its pattern tool.

What you will learn:

I first guide the students through the tools I use to design a simple square repeat pattern and secondly I teach how to design a half-drop repeat one.

I also explain how to save the patterns for future uses.

In a bonus segment I explain how to export the pattern to Adobe Illustrator.

At the end of the class you will have created, entirely on the iPad, two new vector repeating patterns to add to your portfolio and for your personal use and projects, ready to print in any POD ( Print On Demand) shop like, Spoonflower, Printful, etc.

No prior knowledge is required.

Students who already know how to create patterns with Adobe illustrator will discover an other easy and handy way to make patterns on the go.

I look forward to seeing you in class.

Happy pattern creating!

♡ Susana



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Susana Royo



Creating patterns and illustrations is my happy place, that I share in www.softiesandpatterns.com. I enjoy designing and creating fabric panels for soft toys and patterns for fabrics and paper for DYI projects and gifts.

I'm a self-taught designer, life long learner, creative mind and Skillshare lover. 

I do most of my work with Adobe Illustrator but I also love designing on my iPad, and sharing what I have learnt with other creative minds.

It is my pleasure to get to know you!

♡ Susana


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1. Introduction : I am a creative in love with surface pattern design. Since I got my iPad pro. I've been dreaming with the idea of creating factory 1,000,000,000 patterns explosively on the iPhone in my first sculpture class. Did you my process of creating better repeating patterns? Yes, with the I light pro with no other illustrator and use in geographic application in this Lance, I'm going to tissue on a specific kind off pattern, the half drug repeating pattern. If you want to learn any see effective in a funny way off, really in victory 1,000,000,000 patterns I have to see in class draft. You're still order. Silence your Ieper enjoy. 2. What is a half drop repeat pattern: in this class, I will teach you how to create 1/2 drop repeat pattern. To better understand what is, I have dropped repeat pattern. Let me so you how it looks comfort to a simple It's where we bid pattern. The square repeat pattern is one of the most common and simplest repeat patterns. The repeat tile repeats vertically and horizontally up and down in a great format they have dropped. Repeat pattern consists off the tile being a stacked vertically in a column format, which is then offset by half in the next vertical row Have dropped. Repeats are a great way to give your patter a less simple and more sophisticated look. I will start by recalling from my first skill shirt class how to create a square repeat pattern. And then in the following segment, we will dive into the creation off. After a repeat, we will use the graphic application, so you will need to download it if you don't have it yet. It closed around 10 year old $10 I think that executive investment, if you are looking for an alternative to Adam Illustrator to create simple but beautiful patterns under I path, and without that that stuff, you will learn how to grate the patterns. You send the pattern tool in the graphic application, take your iPod and let's start designing our first square repeat pattern. 3. How to draw a square repeat pattern: Okay. If you're ready, let's throw our first school repeat pattern. Open the graphic application and create a new campus by clicking on the plus sign. Then, to stab blank campus, you will have created a new document. Click on it again and opening. Let's now set the dimensions off our campus to those self go to the gear icon you see here you can choose from inches big cells, centimeters and millimeters. Normally, I just interest on I said that campus off six inches by six inches. But you come to speak souls, and you can also to the dimension that you feel comfortable with. Now it's time to throw the back two motives or shades for your pattern. You can either design them on the graphic application or imported pdf file as which file or other illustrator file with the back toward the signs that you have created elsewhere. My first skill shop class I saw you how to draw shapes with shape, toe and what Dave's with the best to. You can check out the person's there if you want. In this glass. I'm just in these five elements that I have drawn on the graphic application you can find a link to down on them for commercial use in the project area. In this guests, please very mind that your project area doesn't show up on this closure up, so you will need to use a browser to download document to bring the elements to the graphic application. Did you have any questions or travel just right on the stage in the class discussion Abia. And then we'll be happy to help. Okay, so here are two elements. Let's start distributing them off the campus to create this Were a bit the Maldives that fall outside the campus have to be copied exactly on the other side of the campus. So what? It's funded. Talk at the bottom. What is on the left to the right, I'm vice versa. We could use a position to make some mathematical calculations, but that will. Did you know my process to about making mathematical calculations and still being able to copy on planes? The motives in the right position now create a square with no stroke on the color field that you prefer and make it off the same dimensions off your campus. Six inches six. Now, as I started my first gas. I select the elements and make them sorted shapes by going to the double squares select path and then click on outline strokes. Now, when I select them all of the elements for within the selection area and now group. Then I selected it on a line it to the campus. Go to the rather, I think. Ally. Right on then I like to let me check. I think this is not six inches by six inches. Exactly. Now it is a center size acceptance. Then I select group motives. I'm going to the cape and select cat. And do not worry. The elements have disappeared, but they will be back right out. Select the square. I walked to the kid and select based inside Well, uh, are elements are back inside the square in that sleeping musk Now I said at the square and pasted to the right and at the bottom off the campus in order to compete among tapes that fall outside the campus. So this partners, instead of using mathematical calculations, we're going to use the smart aligning guides that are this orange line. It's here. They are super useful as they died You to the opposition square so that every month Ive forms perfectly on the other side of the campus to be sure that they show up, activate them, going to the gear I could so let greed rulers and then select a smart guy. Now, with a little bit of pensions, I select every square and I'm group it. I didn't delete the square background on the tapes that are not on the edge off the campus . You could also leave them, but I prefer to believe them to make the final tile blighter the nice. I left the square on top of the campus on Group it. Now you can arrange the inside of the compass by moving the elements, weeding or adding more elements. But always inside the campus, I think I'm going to add some more bowels. - Wait , wait. Now select them. What days on Growth said, like this queer, I need to the campus say, like the markets go to the clip. Nick capped and then so like the square got him and so let based inside to make. And it's been a musk we have here are tired credit to greater a square, a bit pattern. Select the tile going to the field, select batter and click on new battery from selection. And here this. Can you see the shorts created without a partner kind of magic, isn't it? Now let's check if it forbids. Currently, Joe s a shape square. I don't call if you prefer and fill it with pattern creative. You see it works. Now it's your turn to create play with them a thieves that I provide on that you can download or drugs or al motives and practice to great square with patterns. Then join me in the midst segment to learn how to make a have you every been battered? 4. How to draw a half-drop repeat pattern: okay to create that have dropped a bit better. I have here the five months on a campus off six inches by six inches. I am now going to distribute the motives on the campus, living the right edge on the bottom edge, anti of elements on the right, on at the pattern. The elements have to be put inside the campus way . We're going to copy now the elements that fall outside the campus on the top edge to the bad image. So this fish here I select the elements and put them in outline stroke mode so as to be sure that all off them for within the selection area. Now I agree that square with no stroke and a solid color for the background. It is off the same dimensions off the campus, so six inches by six seventies that I select all the motives and group them. I select the square and aligned it to the campus. Now I do a clipping mask. I select the group Mateas, go to the clip, click cut, then said, like the square, go to the clip again on select paste. Inside, I felt like the square with the clipping mask copied and paste it at the Batam with the help off the smart guides. Then I said, Let this square on a group it isolate the square background, unrelated. Then I select the elements, a group them on the lead, all the elements that do not fall on the battle match. In this way, we have copied the elements that fall outside the campus, on the top to the bottom egx like we do when we create that square a bit batter, this time the only element to the copied west. This fish here now comes the fun to copy the elements on the left to the right to create a hard drive, a big batter. Select the clipping mask on and group it. Select the background square and taking away from the campus, then grouped the elements and make a new clipping mask. Ally in the square to the campus said, like the motives go to the clip Select cat, Select the square, go to the clip and sell it based inside. Now we make the widow of the campus three times speaker, in this case until interest and go to the grids and rulers to make the grids fishable. We're going to copy and based the square within Libyan Mask to the right, upset by half and then to the right again with help off the smart guys. One by one, I anger of the squares with the clipping mask, and they lead the solid color backgrounds. Now I changed again the weight of the campus and bringing to 12 inches exactly the double off its original dimension. I select the elements on and group them and delete all the elements that are outside the campus. Living guest, the elements that are inside. I said it all the elements and group them. I had try wrecked and gold with no stroke and also live cooler and align it to the campus. And I bet that at this stage you already guessed that I'm going to do a clipping Max, didn't you? Yes. So cut the elements and pays them inside a rectangle. And here we have our tile to create 1/2 drug habit pattern. Select tile. Go to the field, go to pattern and click on your pattern from selection. Here it is. Now let's check if it repeats correctly, dress square or a rectangle and fill it with the pattern created here it is. It is correct. Now is your turn to practice and to greet the half drop big pattern. I would love to see what you create, so I encourage you to upload your creations in the project. Calorie. If you have any doubt, feel free to write a message in the discussion area on. I will be happy to help. And if you have enjoyed this cast, you can leave a referral common so that other students can find a class and enjoy the batter creating off the eyebrow in the following segments, I would explain how to save the patterns for future uses, and then a Sopranos had toe export the pattern to out of illustrator too great as such there. 5. Save patterns for future uses: as the sort. This panel of the pattern tooling graphic has a limit, and you cannot save all the patterns there. I used to methods to set the patterns forfeit to uses. The 1st 1 is to save it in the Shapes library here. To that purpose, I have created a library and they made patterns. Select the time and click on the plus sign your pattern tile is then safe there. The second method is to export a stylus, a pdf or SVG file, goto export and select Safe to Dropbox, for instance. I prefer saving the pattern possibility a file with 100% resolution 300 db I on the background. I personally always save the patterns in both places in the Shapes library and S, a pdf file in drug books and also in the computer to have some backups. 6. Bonus: Export the pattern to Adobe Illustrator: to have blow the pattern to other illustrator. I saved the document on Export it as a PdF file to Dropbox. I choose safe to drop books us A. Pdf file and save it with 300 the B I in 100% resolution and include the background on my desktop. I open at the Illustrator and open the Pdf file. Then, in the layers panel, I open the different layers and delete the layer at the bottom. Where is the campus on the grid from the document graded in traffic application. Then I submit the time. Absolutely. I have to beg the selection toe. OK, I selected Go to object and he expand now, I said, like the tile. Good to object and select pattern and make Be sure to select size Time to the art onto the select Save the age. The butter shirt has been created. It would dress square or a rectangle. Oh, we can see the pattern. You can now play with the recorder. Our work, too, if you want to and work from a door illustrator. That's always 7. Project and thank you: for the final project. If you want to go to your project AMIA here and upload to the project calorie. The pattern study will create this could repeat pattern on the hatch, a repeat pattern or already has one off them. You can use the vector motives that I provide and that you can download here in attach files I have attached to files to PDF files, one with the backed Irma Tips. If you open it, you will see the vector What ifs for you to enjoy and also this this document here with instructions to import de motives in case you have never done it before to the graphic application a place take into account that your project area doesn't show up on the skill share application. So you will need to use a browser to download the documents to bring the elements to the graphic application. In any case, if you have any question or trouble, gets the write a message in the class this creation area, I will be happy to help. I would love to see the patterns that you create, thank you for your time and happy pattern, creating