IPAD DESIGN-Design a cut and sew panel to print in Spoonflower. | Susana Royo | Skillshare

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IPAD DESIGN-Design a cut and sew panel to print in Spoonflower.

teacher avatar Susana Royo

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Gather inspiration and sketch

    • 3. Set the canvas and create the color palette

    • 4. Design the body

    • 5. Seam allowance

    • 6. Bear features

    • 7. Background

    • 8. Add title, sewing instructions and logo

    • 9. Upload to Spoonflower

    • 10. Final thoughts and project

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About This Class


In this class I continue with my process of designing with the IPad, using the Graphic app, this time to teach how to draw a Fat Quarter Panel on the IPad, to create a Cut and Sew panel, and how to upload it to my favorite print on demand fabric company:Spoonflower

I love designing and making soft toys for my children, as gifts and for good causes and I have always been fond on cut and sew panels, with clear instructions to follow and easy to sew.

Join me in this class to learn how to design a fabric panel to make a soft teddy bear.

You will need:
    •    An IPad.
    •    The apple pencil or stylus.
    •    The Graphic App and previous knowledge about how to use it. (I recommend the Skillshare classes of Nic Squirrel or Samantha Wilson, on the subject).  

Level: Intermediate/Advanced.

For further tips about sewing a cut and sew panel you can check this sewing tutorial

Do not hesitate to ask questions for any doubt that might arise. I will be happy to answer.

♡ Susana

My other Skillshare classes:

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Susana Royo



Creating patterns and illustrations is my happy place, that I share in www.softiesandpatterns.com. I enjoy designing and creating fabric panels for soft toys and patterns for fabrics and paper for DYI projects and gifts.

I'm a self-taught designer, life long learner, creative mind and Skillshare lover. 

I do most of my work with Adobe Illustrator but I also love designing on my iPad, and sharing what I have learnt with other creative minds.

It is my pleasure to get to know you!

♡ Susana


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1. Intro: Hello I am. I love the signing patterns for fabrics for surfaces on with yourself clients in particular , I enjoy very much design in current shoot panels for some toys. I normally designed my fat quarter panels with the illustrator, but one year ago I also started designing directly on my iPod with a graphic application. In this class, I teach my process of the signing acute character and creating parachute for panel to print in its front flower. We will design a step by step together, Karen Shoot panel to create a soft or a self birth. You will need your iPad, your asylums for apple pencil Onda Graphic obligation. If you want to learn how to design a soft toy by this one, keep them wrong. We hope to see you. 2. Gather inspiration and sketch: in this class, I will show you how I have assigned my teddy bear before starting sketching. I always gather inspiration from Internet and also around me. You can create a mood more to get inspired. Pinter's is a great resource to look for pictures, ideas, product somebody made by other artists. Off serve and take notes about the bear features the eyes, nose. It's now fear, texture. Pro prions years off, served the corners and start thinking about the color palette that you could use. Children. Picture books are another favorite source off inspiration. Now, with all these ideas in your mind, takes on paper or your sketchbook and it's get using your imagination. Then join me in the next lesson where you will learn how to set the campus in the graphic application and how to create the color palette. 3. Set the canvas and create the color palette: open the graphic application and click on a new blank campus on Open it. This is the face has changed a bit. In a recent version of the graphic application, you will find some of the icon that have moved, for instance, the Shapes icon is now here, up here. He kept gas. Arrange things differently, but the tools are still the same ones. Nets now said the campus, in order to create a fat quarter panel off 21 inches by 18 nineties, which are the stand. Our measures off school flower print on demand fabric service. Okay, now let me. So you help Do I created color palette on the color shorts is I have created some little squares here that I have feel with Colores that I have seen bump interest. I insert one picture they have taken. Then I select us clear and fill it with a cooler that I will pick from the picture with the color picker here. After that, I go to the color too and peak and ring the cooler to the searches panel. I do the same with the other corners. In the following lesson, we will start designing the body of arbor 4. Design the body: in this section, we're going to design the body off arbor. I first activate a great for the background that will help me design in on bushes union the shapes to form the body with the rectangle shape tool designed a rectangle off one by three inches, then with the ellipse, too. The sign on a leaps off one by 1.5 inches. Now we take again the rectangle to and design another rectangle off 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. We continue on the side first, a big circle off 5.6 inches by 5.6 inches and another. It's more cynical, off 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches to create the arms and legs I put together. Direct and go on the Ellipse Select All go to combine and select audience. In this way, we will unite the shapes now with a big circle to create the bird's head and make it less round it. I take the path selection tool here and modified a bit the upper part of the cycle. Okay, now I select could be and paste three times the shape that we have previously created for our arm or leg. And with the four shapes, we will create the arms on the leg off our barest Barry. I know. Arrange all the shapes in order to create power bears, fatty. Now select the small circle. Copy and paste it with the two circles. We're going to position them on the top off the head to create the years Now I select Oh, go to combine. Unite! And we have the deep off our bear Join me in the next section where we will be creating see melons. 5. Seam allowance: in this section, we're going to design the similar ones. The similar ones is the amount of fabric allowed for scenes enjoining sections off a garment so as not to shoot on the edge of the fabric to create the seam allowance for showing selected body that we have for really created in the previous section could beat paste in place and bring it to the background and change it. It's cooler to the color that you will want to give to the seem alarms. In this case, I have selected their white color here. Now it's still selected. Increase the stroke off the body shape from one point to 25 points. There it is. Can you see the seem alarms? You can totally leavitt us. It is. Or, if you want, you can add some extra details. For example, a dotted line to those cell. I'll select the pencil tool, and he signed by Ham, a line in black with a stroke off one point. Then I converted toe dash line, going to appearance and selecting bash line. - When you have finished, select all and go to arrange and group it, select all co p basted and reflect in this way we have created the back so far bear in the following section we will be designed him the inside features of our bear. 6. Bear features: Now it's time to feel in the front on backsides off our bear. In order to avoid messing with what I have already created, I designed the their futures in annual layer. I use about the pencil tool on the shape tool to create the eyes, the snout and the details. Take a look at my process. I have decided to clean up a little bit. I didn't like it. Now join me in the next section where we will design the background off the panel. 7. Background: to create the background, I open a new layer and place it beneath the other two layers. You can simply sign a rectangle of the same dimensions off the campus with no stroke and fill it with a color and place it behind the body off our bear. But you can also feel it with a pattern to learn how to create your own patterns. With a graphic application, you can check my previous class on this topic in a skip share. 8. Add title, sewing instructions and logo: a certain issue panel has to contain the name off the project that you can make with you clear shoe instructions, and I also strongly advise you to insert your level. I always keep a copy of it in my shapes library here, ready to insert, and you can also insert your email or INSTAGRAM accounts and also the copyright sign here, you can see an example of it. 9. Upload to Spoonflower: in this section, I will sell you how? Toe export on. Upload the panel to a print on demand company. My favorite Grannis Spoon flour. I love this one flower to bring my designs the quality off their fabrics on the profession ality off their services. There were Proctor's body in the United States, but they deliver or wide on. They have also a branch in Europe in Berlin. Okay, ways talked. We first say the design in the camera. Roll off the eyes pop In order to feed to on a spoon flour fat quarter panel, it has to have a resolution of 150 p. I. However, the graphic application Onley allows some image resolution off 72 144 on 300 db I so choose 144 db I and then scale that I imagine is off the fire to 105%. Then go to a spoon flour love in on. Go to design on them. Upload. This is the page that will pop up just a fire that we save in our photos then confirmed that you owned a couple right? Or that you have the permissions traduced image that you are uploading on hit upload. Sometimes it takes a while to applaud because it's a large image. So you have to be a little pension on. Here is the finished flat water check that you have the basic repeat selected here. You can now buy a fat quarter or even a year of it, which has four fat quarters. I used to print my panels in basic Katan Ultra or Kona Cotton ultra fabrics, but now those fabrics are no longer available in his bone flowers. So I used the petal signature court on fabric, which is also fantastic fabric for this kind off Preetz. 10. Final thoughts and project: So you the panel that has arrived from his full flower and this is their bird that I have made. Those are other little flashes they have done. He's one with feather. Illustrator is one with the bob. Well, now is returned to create a Karen ship. You know, if you have any doubt pleasing, would hesitate to write to the community gallery. And I will be happy to answer your questions. And if you have time, I would appreciate also if you could review this class Yes, to know your opinion about it. And I would love so love to see your project. So if you can upload them to the project gallery, it will be my pressure to force them. So nothing else. Thank you for watching and happy creating by