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teacher avatar Daksh Murkute

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is investing ?

    • 3. Why Should You Invest ?

    • 4. How much to Invest ?

    • 5. What is Recession?

    • 6. How to benefit from Recession?

    • 7. SECRET ASSET 1

    • 8. SECRET ASSET 2

    • 9. SECRET ASSET 3

    • 10. SECRET ASSET 4

    • 11. How To Build Your Portfolio?

    • 12. Right Mindset For Recession

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About This Class

According to the financial reports. the most number of millionaires are created at the time of recession And Most of the billionaires double their wealth at the time of global financial crises  

How is this possible?

When everyone around the world is struggling to survive in these financial crises

How the upper segment of the society is able to expand their wealth during recessions. 

Recession is a phenomenon that occurs after every few years of positive economic growth.

And right now the recession is standing right in front of us and the whole world is preparing for it. 

While the whole world is preparing for the upcoming global financial crises  

The upper segment of society is preparing to make its biggest fortune in this crisis. 

Then how is it possible for some people to thrive in this crashing market. 

The number # 1 reason behind this is - They all know how recessions occur, how does it affect the world. 

And by understanding the mechanism of recessions they are able to take steps and align their money to get the maximum benefit from this recession. 

So is it only possible to create wealth in recession just for the upper segment of the society

The answer is no it isn’t 

Anyone literally anyone who can understand recession and access this information which I am about to show you in this class

They can double or even triple their fortune in this recession. 

When the whole stock market, economy, and business are crumbling down

All the assets are losing their value

There are few Secret assets that give you exponential results at the time of recession 

I am not talking about assets that will give you a 10% growth or even 20% growth. 

These assets which I am going to disclose in this class can provide you with 100% or even 1000% Return on investment in this recession. 

In this Class, I am going to teach you 

  1. what is investing ? 
  2. Why you should Invest?
  3. How to divide your income to invest 
  4. What is a recession and its mechanism
  5. How you can benefit from this recession  
  6. Secret Asset #1 
  7. Secret Asset #2
  8. Secret Asset #3
  9. Secret Asset #4
  10. Diversification and portfolio
  11. Right Mindset to invest in this recession 

Even you can benefit from this recession. 

 this is the best time for you to start preparing for this event and benefit from it. 

So without wasting any time lets get started with the class. 

So see you inside the class. 

Meet Your Teacher

I am a professional Trader & Investor. I'm the founder of Traders Monopoly and Cryptos Monopoly as well. I'm also an author, educator, and public speaker.


My superpower is to help others achieve the same level of success as I have in the field of trading and investing.

See full profile

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1. Introduction: According to the recent financial reports, the most number of millionaires are made at the time off recession and most off the bill anus double developed at the time off. Global financial crisis. How is it possible when everyone around the world is struggling to survive in this financial crisis? How the upper segment off the society are able to expand David at the time of recession decision is a phenomenon that occurs after every few years off positive economic group. And right now the recession is standing right in front of you and everyone in the world is preparing for a while. The world is preparing for the upcoming global financial crisis. The upper segment of the society is preparing to make its big guest fortune in this crisis . Then how is it possible for some people who try in this crashing market, the number one reason behind this is they all know how decision a cost and how does it affect the voice? And we're understanding the mechanism off decision. They're able to take steps and align their money in orderto take maximum benefits from this recession. So is it only possible to create wealth in the civilization just for the upper segment off the society, the answer is no. It isn't anyone literally anyone who can understand recession and can access this information about to give you in this class. They can double or even triple their fortune in this recession when the stock market economy and the businesses are crumbling now and all the assets are losing its value there a few secret assets that will give you exponential growth during the time of recession. I'm not talking about assets that will give you 10% or even 20% off these assets, which I'm going to disclose in this class can give you around 100% What even 1000% off group in this recession in this class, I'm going to teach you what is interesting. How should you invest how to devalue income to invest? What is a recession and its mechanism? My talk for secret assets on how to make your port for you. And I'm also going to tell you the right mindset which you should have in this recession. For those who don't know me, my name is Dutch. I am a professional forex trader and investor. I'm also the owner off forex monopoly dot com and author off some books like The Art of Forex Market, Black Book and Investing More. I have Bean in this market for eight years now, and I've been waiting for this moment of our life so that I can my people, I'm a fortune at this recession. Even you can benefit from this recession. This is the best time for you to start preparing for this event and benefit from it. So without wasting any time, let's get started with this class. 2. What is investing ?: For those who don't know what is investing, this video will tell you about it. In this video. I will tell you what is investing. How do investments are new money and the risk with investing to win rest is to allocate money in the expectation off. Some benefit in the future. The basic idea of investing is to commit money or any other resource in the expectation off some future benefits. For example, let's talk about your college education. Your college education is also a type of investment. In this. You invest your money and time to on our degree, and the job is your future benefit. So simply your the time and money would you invest to get a degree is your investment and the job which you own in the future is your return. Now let's talk about how do investments on human There are a lot of ways by which investments on you money, out of which there are two, which are the most prominent ones. Number one through appreciation. Whenever you hold an asset, there will be two outcomes offer. Either its value will increase or its value will decrease. So when you buy an asset and if its value increases, it is called as appreciation. Your The money you spend to buy the asset is your investment on the increased value off your asset is your future Return. Now let us as you that you bought antique painting what, $1000. And after five years, the value of the painting went up to $5000. In this case, $1000 is your investment. And the return, which you got after five years, is your reward the second most common re by which you can make money through investing this by interest. Whenever you learned some money to anyone, that person pays you a monthly interest. So you're the money. But you're lending to someone this, your investment and the interest which you are getting monthly is your return. So in this case, the money which Ulan is your investment and the interest which of border will pay you this the return or the future benefit. Now these were the two ways by Western investment help you to make money. Every investment which you make hasn't risk involved in it, and it also has a reward in investing. Risk and reward goes hand in hand. What I mean is, if you invest in something which has a very low risk, then the return will be you. And if you invest in something which has a very high wrist, then your returns will also be high. So Loris is equal to low reward, and high risk is equal to high rewards. In the next video, I will explain to you what investing is a must for everyone who wants to achieve their financial goods. 3. Why Should You Invest ?: many off. You must be thinking, Why should you invest your heart on money when you can save it for future? And I completely understand it can be hard for you to invest your money in this video. I will tell you why you should choose to invest your money rather than saving it. Saving your money in your bank account may get into you a safe future, but it will not help you achieve your financial goals because saving money might be good to survive, but definitely not to try. Investing is more important because just earning money is not enough. You work hard to earn money, but to fulfill your dreams and achieve all your goals, you need to make your money work hard for you because money lying in your account is just raced off a lot of opportunities, which may help you grow your money. Let us try to understand this with the help of an example. Let's say there are two guys, Mark and John, and they both work in the same company and on $5000 a month. Mark is a guy who likes to save money, and John is a guy who saved some and invest the rest. Let's say, out of $5000 Mark spends around $1000 for his monthly expenses and save the rest in his saving of guns. On the other hand, John is a common man, just like month. He isn't an export in investing. Only had Waas some knowledge about investing. He spends $1000 on its monthly expenses, and he saves $2000 invested $2000 each month. Now let us see what happens with both off them at the end of the year and the end off the your mark safe around $48,000. But John saved $24,000 invested the other $24,000 in the other safe assets. Now let's say he got a moderate return off 10 person on the investment, so its final total will be 24,000 plus 26,400 which is equal toe $50,400. That's a difference off 2000 and $400. I know that amount is not that big, but let's see what happens to them if they keep on doing the same thing for the next 10 years after calculating the amount for the night's 10 years Mark will be left with $480,000 John will be left with around $750,000 out of which the money from his savings will be $240,000 the money from his investment will be $465,000. Now you can see how much is the difference. It's quite huge. This story off John is quite similar to that Off Warren Weapon. We know that John was not an export at investing, but by investing consistently for so long he was able to create a sizable amount from his income. And the main reason behind this is compounding now. This was just a normal investing scenario, whether returns were not that high. But if you have a proper knowledge off, how could divide your investments and how to invest you can, on a very high returns on your investments. I know these things should have been taught to us in the school, but unfortunately they didn't and it's not too late even now. And the good news is the best time for investing is right in front. Off you. So in the next video, I will tell you how could be where your income and how much amount should you invest? 4. How much to Invest ?: there are different income levels in which each and every one off us fritton, According to a survey, there are five income limits. Brooke Soloway will financially able financially stable and financial freedom number one Brooke. Someone who doesn't have money or is under a lot off the comes under this category number to survive a little. Someone who gets only on to fulfill its daily needs comes under this category. Number three financially able someone who is able to own to fulfill his daily needs. Plus spent some amount on his leisure comes under this category. Number four financially stable, a person who has a good income and is ableto on enough money to fulfill its daily need plus safe or invest. Some money comes under this category and number five this financial freedom. This is a state where a person doesn't have to worry about money and can make his life's decision without worrying or stressing about money. Now majority of the population comes in thes three levels. That is, survival financially able and financially stable, and to achieve the financial freedom level, you have to break that barrier. But most people are not able to break that value and achieve financial freedom. And this is because the world which we're living in right now is designed in such a way that most off us are not able to break that barrier. They're trapped in a loop, which I will explain to you with this cycle. Nowadays, the culture off this world is such that everyone wants to buy an expensive food drive, luxurious cars for living a great house. So what they do is the amount with the on despair in some on their daily needs and this spend the rest on the leisure. And even after this, if the person is left with money, what they do with the thing off saving this time. But then something new comes up like a new car or a new smartphone with a great camera. And then they say that let's buy it right now, and we will invest the next now normal individuals Life walks in this week, he does a job get a paycheck out of it. He spent the most amount of money, is hardly able to save or invest, and the person the strap in this vicious cycle. For years now, after a few years the persons earning is increased. So what? He does it his spend the most amount of money in operating his lifestyle, which is the biggest that gives you from being financially free after this. If something bad happens with this person, like he loses his job, or let's say that he got some health issues now, as this person don't have much savings or investments left, he can go group, and this whole cycle keeps on repeating itself. Therefore, it is very important for anyone to break this vicious cycle and be financially free. Now, even a normal person can achieve the state of financial freedom. But by taking small steps and following a plan, I will tell you exactly how to do you wear your income and how to invest it. So before moving forward or before taking a step ahead, it is important for you to know Where do you stand right now? So the fourth step is to analyze your bank account and see how much are you spending in a month. The second step is to see how much useless expenses can you cut down. The first step is to keep aside an emergency fund this emergency fund should contain enough money to help you sort a wave for 3 to 6 months. If you don't have any job or any other income, you require these emergency funds because if anything bad happens to you, like if you lose your job, then you will have to sell. Your investments had bad prices, so to make sure you're safe from this, you'll have to keep an emergency for a site. And finally, the last step is you need to invest amount, which you are left with now. The amount which you have to invest is different for each and every one, so you'll have to analyze this by yourself. Normally, people invest around 15 to 30% off their income, and this is said to be the perfect investment for someone who already have savings in the account. Can focus more on investing and get good returns 5. What is Recession?: our decision is a business cycle contraction when there is a general decline in economic activity. Recession is a very interesting phenomena which, because every 8 to 10 years, there is a reason why this cycle repeats itself in every 8 to 10 years. And I will explain you this in this video. But if you understand how the decision, of course and its effect on economy, you could easily benefit from it and on a lot off fortune before we start, I want to tell you that this is a very vast topic and there are a lot of things involved in it. But in this video, I'm going to keep things as simple as possible and explain to you only the important things which you need to know Now. There can be a number of reasons which can lead an economy towards recession. It can be financial crisis, trade wars or a global pandemic which we're seeing right now, or even global death. And you have these factor can trigger a decision, and it is very hard to predict which one off it is going to be. Our decision occurs when there are two or more quarters off negative economic group, meaning GDP growth contracts during a recession. In simple words, during a recession, the country's productivity and the industrial production is decreased, which causes the unemployment rate to increase. The unemployment rate is the most important factor in any countries economy. If the unemployment rate is low, it's such as that the country's economy is growing or booming. And if the unemployment rate off any country is high, it suggests that the country's economy is contracting or weak. So when a country is headed for a recession, you can get to know by looking at the DP off the country or the unemployment rate or the industrial production. Now, whenever a recision hits a country, the country's central bank or the central government have certain tools by which it can reduce its effect on the economy. And the two men tools are changing monetary policy that is interest rates and the 2nd 1 this quantitative easy, that is printing off money. So before we understand how and why a government used these tools, it is very important for you to understand some basic things about a healthy economy. For a country's economy to function, will all the big banks and the industries must function well if these industries and the big banks function well. This tells us that the unemployment rate is look, and if the unemployment rate is low, this tells us that the country's most off the resource that is its people is being used and are earning money. When people aren't sufficient amount of money, they can spend well. And when the people are spending, will the economy off? A country is very healthy now. This was just a basic working cycle, often economic during times off recession. The company supports huge losses, and so it's production decreases to stop a company from being bankrupt. What they do is the start fighting employees, and so now more people lose their jobs. This causes unemployment increases, and hence now people have less money to spend. When people spend less, the economy gets weak and so reduce the effect off this. What the government does is it introduces several monetary policies. By using these monetary policies, they cut the interest rates and Warren gets cheap. So now companies can borrow from the government and help the economy, but increasing the productivity. Now this helps to control situations for away. But when these policies don't work and the rates are dropped to zero or negative, the government has no choice but to bring quantitative easing. Quantitative easing is nothing but renting off money to fuel of the economy. So what the government does is it starts printing money out off tenor in the hope that the economy will get better. 6. How to benefit from Recession?: in the previous video I told you about what is a recession and how countries and the industry's deal with it. Now in this video, we will see how the big players off the market and the other investors deal with the recession, as I told you previously, that recession, because after every 8 to 10 years, that is because the financial system is designed in a wrong manner or its floor. So the big investors are well aware that after every 8 to 10 years, a decision is going toe and as they have already been in the market for so long, there already witnessed things like this happening before. And they also have an idea off what should be done in times like this. So firstly, they know how the government deal with problems like this. Like when the government was the interested. The country's currency and the stocks become unattractive for the investors, and the investors know that the economy is not doing that well. Investors know that if economy gets weak, then the price off stock and its currency is going to depreciate. Now these are the big investors, and they have millions of dollars invested in the stocks, so even a depreciation off 5 to 10% can cause them millions of dollars off loss. So to save the investments, which they have in the beaver stocks of any other assets, what the investors do with they shape their money from the previous stocks or the asset into the safest it's. And due to this displacement off money, the demand off the safest increases and hence its price begin to search now less than 1% off. People are aware of this phenomenon, and they are the ones who benefit from this film. But now you are well aware that what happens and what needs to be done in situations like this, And so if you know about the safe assets with investors, investment, even you will be able to benefit from it and get exponential returns. So in the next video, I will reveal the safe assets with the investors investing and benefit from the recession 7. SECRET ASSET 1: in the previous video. I told you about what happens during the time off recession, and how do the investors react to it? And I also told you that why do the investors shift their money from the regular asset to the safest? So in this video, I'm going to tell you the number one asset in which investors put their money on that is it is going in hard times like a recession. Most off the investors shift their money towards Good. Now you must be thinking Weigel, what may cool Such an attractive I said for investors. Well, you don't have to believe what I say. I will break down all the facts and reasons so that you can know what happens, and you can analyze it for yourself. So before I take you to the past and show you how has gold performed during the time of recession, I want you to know some important facts about good. I want to tell you why good is a year deal and what makes gold much more attractive than any other appreciates method? Factum of one is gold is the oldest form off currency. The earliest known use of gold was in 6 43 BC, and since then it is considered as the most valuable mental. Many civilizations in the world has used gold as inform off currency number two gold is the only metal which have its use in almost every sector. Off the industry. It is using electron ICS, aerospace, finance, duality and a lot more. They say gold is the only metal that is accepted in every corner off the world. So if you were stuck somewhere with no cash. But if you luckily have your bracelet, then you got who Number three goal is really the most important thing about goal is it is not available in abundance. It is rarer than you think, and gold is mined from the earth school. So you know how much gold is actually left? Number four. How much gold has been mined territory? According to the World Gold Council, humans have mine roughly 190,000 tons of gold, which equals 70% off global recoverable reserves. Number five How much gold is still left? The World Gold Council estimates that remaining reserves worldwide amount to just 30% off what's been mined already. Their demand for gold is continuously increasing and its supply is getting lower and according to the principle of supply and demand, high demand and low supply leads to the increase off. That s so these were the few facts about Bull which tell us why gold is the really now let's go to the past and see how has gold perform in the previous recessions. The great recession off 2008. In 2000 the U. S. A. Was hit by a great recession. It was the worst financial crisis in the USA since the Great Depression, which occur in 1929. The 2008 decision was caused. You do the failure of banking system and subprime mortgage crisis. It was the longest lasting decision which ended in June 2009. During this time, if you look at the price of gold, it's sourced from $840 pounds to $1200 an ounce in just one year, and it kept so gentle 2012 where it created a high off $1719 pounds. So gold moved around 40% in just one year, and I dont 100% in the four years off recession. Now let's go more into the past and see what happened during the time off. 2001 recession. The 2001 recession was caused. You do the boom in the dot com business and as darken businesses was significantly overvalued at that time. Company support billions of dollars off loss, which caused the recession. This recession continue till 2003. Until June 2003 the unemployment rate peaked at 6.3%. And if you look at how bull performed during this recession at the start off 2000 won gold was around $272 pounds, and it moved to $470 an ounce. In just 1.5 years, which is almost 65% off group Now these were more recent examples. Now let's go to the recession off 1973 and see what happened during this recession. During this recession, gold skyrocketed from $64 an ounce toe 1 $86 announced in just two years. At the start, off 1973 gold was sitting at $64. But as the recession hit the market. It surged toe 1 $86 an ounce in 1975. And that is almost 300% off sort in just two years. Now you have all the facts in front of you and you know how bold platform in the times like a recession. So you have to buy physical gold, and I will tell you how much you have to invest in gold in the next few videos. Now, you know that during the time of the decision, the price of gold increases, but it increases still a certain level, and I expect the price of gold double in this recession. But if you want something whose price increases exponentially, which is around 300% to 500% or even 1000% then it is the next asset in the next video, I'm going to tell you about the second 8. SECRET ASSET 2: as gold surges, there is an asset that follows gold and surges exponentially. Even a positive movement off 10% in gold can cause this a set to surge back, even 100%. And this asset is gold mining stocks. His researchers that whenever gold surged, these stocks followed gold and so it exponentially. So why is that? So why does gold affect the price off these stocks In this video? I will explain to you why this goal has an effect off the price of these stocks. And I will also show you how does these stocks perform in the recession? So let us take an example to understand. How does the price of gold affect these mining stocks? Let's say the price of gold now is around $1300 an ounce, and it takes around $1250 to my one ounce off Good. So the mining company has a profit off $50 per ounce. Now let us consider the price of gold moved around 8%. That is to $1400. So you're the mining cost of goal remains the same. That is $1250 part pounds. But as the price of gold increase, the mining company will have more profit. In this case, mining companies profit will increase by 300%. At first, they used to get $50.4 pounds, but now they will get around 1 $50 for arms. Now, as the mining companies as millions off tons off gold, it's profitable increase exponentially, which will cause the price off their scope to move up. So even a price movement off 10% in gold can cause these stocks to move around 100%. So if you would buy physical gold at 30 $100 announced, and if the price of gold moves to $1400 you will have a profit off only $100. But if you invest the same money in gold mining stocks, your profit can get double or even more well again. I don't want you to believe my words. I want you to look at the facts, so let us see. How did these mining stocks perform during the time off recession, when gold was 30 stop, The movement written preaches metal during the time of recession from 3rd November 2008 to 7 miles, 2011 gold sourced around 100%. So if you would have invested $1000 in gold, you would get $2000. And at the same time, when gold moved around 100% during 3rd November 2008 to 7 miles 2011 the stock price of written preaches metal went from $2.37 a share, 2 $45.52 which is around 1800%. So if you would have invested $1000 in this stock, you would have caught it on $18,000 in just three years. Stock number two Hecla Mining are Gaynier. When the price of gold moved by 100% the stock off Hecla Mining skyrocketed from $1.25 per share to $11.25. This is during the same duration that is from and remember 2008 to 10 January 2011 and these talk moved around 800%. Number three Scotland leg from 10 to November 2008 to 19 April 2000 and the price off gold went up by 64%. And at the same time, the stock price off, Copeland surged by 1361. Person, that is, from $1.73 a share to $25. So you're every $1000 which you would have invested would have turned to $13,000 in just 1.5 you. So you have to buy gold mining stocks. If you don't know how to buy gold mining stock or which gold mining stocks, you should by then follow me on skin share as I'm going to add a class on that very soon. 9. SECRET ASSET 3: This is one of the safest asset to invest in and also one of the favorite joints off all investors. If you ask the Richmond what is the best investment on Earth, he wouldn't say that he enlisted because the best investment on art is art. Now you may be thinking that while the time over decision when the price off majority off the assets are going down, how can the price of real estate increase like no one has that much money to invest in real estate and at the times of recession? So why will anyone invest in real estate? Yes, it is right that at the time of recession, the demand off realistic will be quite you. But that is a catch entered, as I already told you, that during the times of recession, companies suffer a lot off losses and there is less money in the market for the more a lot of people lose their job and a lot off company goes banker. Now, many companies and people haven't emergent different with the use in times like this, but also there are people who don't have an emergency fund, and during times like this, they have no source of income or our in depth, so they have got no choice but to sell their assets. And when it comes to acid, the most common asset is the realistic. It's like majority off the people have them any invested in real estate. So when these people are an adept or they don't have any source off income and they don't even have an emergency fund, what will they do? They will have to sell their realistic, which is the only asset they have on in the time of recession. Very fewer people have cash or money, so they will have to sell their he listed at a lower price than usual because they're in need off money during the decisions. You will get great deals and great buying opportunities because during this time the demand off the asset is very low and the supply is very more because a lot of people needs money to survive in the market. So during such times, cash asking the person who have a lot of cash with him can't drive in times like this, and if you have enough money to invest in realistic, this is the best time to buy it because vandalization and the markets recover and the people are. So when the people on the tried to invest in something, so now they're looking for investments. Therefore it leads toe increase in the demand off assets. And so this time, when a lot of people will invest into the answers, the market will move up. But after a recession, it is found that the market usually moves up higher. Then it previously waas. So all you have to do is look for great buying opportunities. Look for Grady's from people who are in need off money and are willing to sell the properties. Those are the people who will offer you the greatest deals. Now, which property should you invest in? There are a lot of properties out there. So which properties should you actually invested? It depends upon Lord Off factor when it comes to investing and realistic, and it also depends from country to country or which country you are living in. So I cannot tell you vitriol estate, should you actually invest in. But according to me, the best realistic to invest in this rental properties. And that is because if you loan an amount to buy a rental property. What happens is the person to whom you rented the property will now give your mortgage, plus the value that is the total value off your investment is growing day by day. So by doing this, you're getting a monthly income which you were using to pay the interest. Plus the value off your property will increase day by day. So whoever have enough money to buy a realistic can actually own a rental property. And he can't even get alone at the time of precision, because this is the time when bank charges a very low interest rate from. But the most important thing is to find a great big for a good buying opportunity. And this will come from someone who is in need off money for someone who doesn't have enough savings to buy real estate at this time, can actually save money for a longer period of time or can buy a property which is at an outskirts areas like area, which is not developed yet but is going to grow in the future or you can even find a person . There is someone from your family, your friends whom you trust and explain this concept. And if he's invested, then you both conform a JV that is a joint venture and then by and realistic. So the bottom line is you have to look out for Grady's for good buying opportunities, and you will only find these opportunities from someone who is in need off money and is willing to sell his assets. Plus, another benefit of recession is that the bank will charge low interest rate from you if you borrow alone from them. So that's all for this video. See in the next one. 10. SECRET ASSET 4: is the most volatile and risky as compared to the address it. But as I told you, with great risk comes great reward. So the fourth asset is typical for those who don't know what Cryptocurrency is. Crypto currency is an Internet based medium off exchange which uses cryptologic functions to conduct financial transactions or simply. It is a form off digital currency, and the most important feature off Cryptocurrency is it is not controlled by any central authority. It is totally decentralized, and this makes Cryptocurrency immune to the old ways off government control and interference. Furthermore, Cryptocurrencies can we directly send between two parties with help off public and private keys. These transactions can be done with minimal and allows us who awarded the heavy and steep charges which the financial institutions charges like. If you need percent. When you call someone who is living in another country, you would first have to go to the exchange and then convert your base currency into another currency. And this process would take a lot of pain plus heavy charges from the financial institutions. But using cryptocurrencies, you can directly send front who that person and that too with very minimal peace and in no time now this was only one of the many benefits which crypto currencies has over create currencies. Nowadays, you can see a lot of people are joining the digital revolution in the same week. A lot off people, I don't think the Cryptocurrency Yes, people have some doubts about crypto currency because they're not sure about. But if you see at the Times before the only start that became popular, people were doubtful about that. People thought, Who will ever go and buy anything online? But then you can see online startups are being successful and growing day by day, and the reason for that is that is our future, and we cannot ignore it in the same way Cryptocurrency is our future, and we have to accept. The sooner we accept this, the better it will be for us to profit from it. Now. There are a lot off crypto currencies in the market, and not every currency is what investing because the most important factor off any crypto currency is its acceptance. Simply, the crypto currency, which is most widely accepted, is the most attractive one for the investors, and in that case, it is Bitcoin so vibrant Point Why should be invest in Bitcoin? The reason for that is acceptance. Bitcoin is the most widely accepted the occurrence and it is the Cryptocurrency which has the largest market for the more. There is a very interesting and rare phenomena that happens with big point after every four years. On this phenomena is called as helping. Bitcoin is a crypto currency that is just like court. Like good it is on someone. But in this case it is mind digitally as gold miners on money by mining gold in the same way Bitcoin miners on money by mining. Bitcoin Bitcoin is made in such a way that after every four years, the reward with the Bitcoin miners get for mining is how this means that that reward with the Bitcoin miners get is reduced to 50% after every four years. In 2009 the system started at 50 coins mined every 10 minutes. Two helpings later, 12.5 Bitcoins are currently being dispensed every 10 minutes. This process will end with the brutal off 21 million coins, probably in the year off 1 2040 Due to this reason investors find weaken very attractive. And after every helping, the price of wheat corn shoots. As I told you all you I don't want you believe my words, I want you to look at the facts. So yes, the example off last helping. So let us see how Bitcoin reacted do the previous help. The previous helping happened on 90 Julia 2060. At that time, Bitcoin was treating it $614 after it moved toe 8 $19,047 in just want and 1/2 years Now this is a group off around 3000%. So if you would have invested $1000 in Bitcoin at that time, that would be around $30,000 in just 1.5. You Well, don't worry. I have a very good news for you. The next helping off Bitcoin is in May 2020 and you can get the same benefits with people had four years off. So by big point 11. How To Build Your Portfolio?: Now you have all the information about decision like what happens in a recession and also the assets usual investing. So in this video, I'm going to tell you how to create your quote for you. That is how to invest in these assets. What if you put all your eggs into one basket and accidentally that basket friend Well, all your eggs will break and you will lose all of them in one shot. The same thing could happen to you if you keep all your investments in one single asset. That is the reason why you should diversify your portfolio, you and keep your investments in different assets. I have told you four different assets and each asset have differently board. Like if you invest into gold, it may give you a growth off 6200%. While if you invest in gold mining stocks, it may give you a growth off 300% part even more. I know many off human feet that why do invest in assets with low group when you already have some assets which can give you exponential group many off humiliating or putting all your investment into one single asset which has the most exponential group. Well, this is a common thing, which happens to us all. And that is because humans are greedy. Everyone wants to get rich quick. But always remember, if you put all your eggs in one basket, it will be the costliest mistake for you in your entire life and can make you lose all your investments in a single shot. Therefore, it is very important for us to diversify our investments and put an equal amount in all. So what you have to do is divide your total investment by four and then put equal amount in all the four assets I know many off you may not be able to buy relisted with that investment, so what you can do is save that money for later on. When you have saved enough money to actually buy real estate, then you can look for a great opportunity. Let's take an example to understand this, let us say that you have $2000 to invest each month. So what you have to do is the right this investment that is $2000 by four. So you will be left with $500 in each, so you have to invest $500 in each off the asset. So what you have to do is buy a $500 worth off food, invest $500 in Bitcoin and gold mining stocks and save $500 for by a realistic. So by doing this, what you were able to do it, you are able to die with C for your investments correctly, and this will help you reduce risk till some extent. That's all for this video. See you in the next one. 12. Right Mindset For Recession: I am into forex trading and investing. From eight years now, I have met a lot off successful forex traders. Read a lot of books and going through almost every interview about investing. And what I found again and again is that 80% off success is psychology, and only 20% this technicality. Investors. Psychology is incredibly rich and complex. Subject. There are different situations and factors which cause an investor off to make the costless mistakes. Office life Well, I have tried to keep things simple and sweet, and we'll tell you three important things which you have to focus on. The number one is patients the most important rate that an investor or to have his patients . No matter how technically sound you are, you're likely to face rough weather. The market will goto. Your investment will underperform for quite sometimes. And unless you have implanted the word you off patients, you're likely to sell at the wrong time. Lack of patients makes people do dumb things with them in greed and fear are too dominating forces in the market. And unless you have trained your senses to stay discipline in the face off such extreme market behaviours you're likely to certain. Warren Buffett was once asked about the effect off emotions in investing. And what Warren Buffett said is he would be happy if the stock market is closed for 10 years straight after he bought his investment, because there will be no ways for him to drag his investments while they're growing. And this is because a lot off emotions surround you when you have invested in something and that tends to grow. I know everything you heard in this class is incredible, and most off you are even ready to invest on our driving off your investments to grow. But I want to tell you this. It is not going to happen in 2 to 3 months. It is going to take years, and I've warned you to be patient in this long journey so that you don't do anything. Them It is very easy for someone who has to work continuously and can keep their mind out off those investments and not continuously stare at them. But someone who has a lot of free time is going to have a really hard time learning patients. It is going to be hard for you all to invest in something and sit there and do not think about the investments for 2 to 3 years straight. You may not feel like that. You may not feel useful, but trust me, you have to be patient or else human. End up doing something stupid. The next thing which you have to work towards is focused. The ability to stay on course in the face off conflicting signals is an important winning freed. There will be times when your investment may not do well. Maybe the value off investments has depreciated. At times like this, you have to focus on your long term goals. What differentiates between a great investor and an average investor is that a great investor is always focused on the long term goal. He has laser focus, but an average investor will lose his focus in hard times, and one of the main reasons behind it is an average investor does not define his investment goals. If you do not know where you want to go, you can never reach it. Hundreds off distraction coming you over every day are likely to make you sell when you should buy, and vice versa. The ability to stay come in hard times like a recession makes you a successful investor when there is blurred in the market. Most people are running for CO, but the intelligent investor stays come and tries to find value in the market. The last and the most important thing which you have to do, is your homework. I know. Just a while ago I told you all to stay away from your investments. And no, I'm talking about homework. It may sound weird, but to protect your investments, you will have to do your homework. You don't have to continuously look at your investments or follow every news related to your investments. But you have to keep and check on the data which guys you through the entire process off recession, which is the GDP, unemployment rates and the interest rates. I have told you that these are the factors which will tell you if a recession is going on or if a decision is going to come. These are also the factors which will tell you if the market is recovering, so you have to keep an eye on this monthly and quarterly news releases so as to know if everything is going according to your plan and ignore all the news which you get through all the other news channels because those are the news that can make you fearful in times like this, and it can make you sell. Your investments are great. Investor always does his homework and therefore he can be so calm and patient during the time off tomboy. He knows why he has made a particular investment. He studies every quarterly reason Half Lee yearly drizzle on the annual results off the company he has invested in. You know, if the original basis he has based his decisions, corn are still really. And if it is no longer valid, does it call for the change in the decision? If you have done your homework and a satisfied with the fundamentals off the company in the majority off cases, you're likely to find the support off your belief in the following events. And if the fundamentals go against you, you can keep up, combine and sell your investment without letting your emotions affect you