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teacher avatar Daksh Murkute

Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (48m)

    • 2. WHY GOLD?




    • 6. TAKE PROFIT



    • 9. TOP 5 PICKS

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About This Class


My Name is Daksh Murkute

I am a full time Trader and Investor

I have been in this industry from the past 8 years.

Investing is a Skill which every person in the world should master

Today I am here with another Great opportunity which can change your financial fate

Welcome to Investing in GOLD And GOLD MINING STOCKS


In this class I you learn everything you need to know about GOLD and how to invest in GOLD

  1. Why GOLD ?

  2. The New GOLD RULE

  3. Effect of Recession on GOLD

  4. Understand the GOLD MARKET CYCLE

  5. Right Time to Invest in GOLD

    But wait there is an another asset

Which Is related to gold But even Better

Even A small movement in gold can results in 10X growth of this asset and even more

This Asset have shown a growth of 1000% or even 2000% after price growth in GOLD in the past

This asset is Gold Mining stocks.

This Class also cover this interesting and profitable topic of GOLD mining Stock

  1. The Power of Gold Mining Stocks

  2. How to Choose the Right Gold Mining Stocks

  3. The Proper way to take profit from your Investment.

  4. Proper Risk Management.


I am going to give away a Very Special Surprise Bonus for my early bird students

Remember this is for a very limited time.

I am going to give away my Top 5 Picks of GOLD mining stocks

BONUS - Top 5 Picks of GOLD mining stocks ( LIMITED TIME )

And also going to show you my analysis for each pick

This will not only help you choose your best gold mining stocks for you but will also help you get a blueprint by which you can choose the right ones for you .

But remember this bonus is for a limited time so make sure you take this before it ends.

This Class is a Gold Mine

And The Information inside it is Pure Gold.

So without wasting any time

Let's get started with this.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Daksh. I am a Professional Forex Trader and founder of forex monopoly . I invest in real estate and travel around the world.

I have helped many people to transform their personal and financial Lives. 


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1. INTRODUCTION: Hello. My name is ducks. I am a professional trader and investor. I have bean in this market. For past eight years, I have helped more than 1000 people around the group who grow their fortune and improve the investing. Skip investing is a skill which every person in the world should master. I'm always looking for great opportunities in the market, and today I am here with another great opportunity which can change your financial sweet so welcome to investing in gold and gold mining stocks. Let's say you want to start a business off Christmas tree, So can you tell me which will be the best time of the year for you to buy Christmas trees? You have three options months before Christmas on the day off, prisoners or after the Chris. I know this question hasn't obvious funds months before Christmas. At that time, you can get it for lower prices. And you know that Christmas trees are going to be in high demand at the time off, so high demand is equal to hire fries. Demand off Christmas tree works in a cycle at a certain time off a year. The demand is very high and at a certain time the demand is ready. In this case, we exactly know at what time the demand for Christmas tree is going to be so we can exactly know the best buying time and best selling time for Christmas trees in the same way gold walks in aside, There is a time when the price of gold appreciate, and there is a time when the price of gold depreciate and the gold grows in the same cycle and very few people around the blue aware off the cycle. But the cycle is not nearly this cycle because after every few years, and if you know how exactly the cycle works and at what time enters, then you can ally new money to invest at the right time and also take profit before the cycle gets the cycle. It's about Carson, and before the cycle occurs, all the countries and the banks are preparing for it and stacking a full year. A some facts. Central banks around the world are secretly stacking good. You would be amazed to know that central banks have made a record breaking purchase off $15 billion. What off countries like Poland, USA Germany, China and Russia are striking as much gold as possible as gold is an inflation beating investment. BOLENA Investors like Raed al You and Paul Tudor Jones are stacking up gold and holding it as they're expecting exponential results at the end off the cycle. Goal is old, but it's still goal. In this class, you will learn everything you need to know about gold and how to invest in it. In this class, you will learn out of all the other asset. Why should you invest in good the new gold, which was brought up but the most powerful bank in the world? Effect off recession on gold? How is recession going toe? Affect food? Understand the gold market cycles and right time to invest in. If you get access to this knowledge, then you can easily invest in gold and afford Leslie double or even triple your investment in a short interval off. But with that isn't asset, which is related to gold and even better. And if gold grows but 10% this asset can grow by 100. Even a small movement in gold can result. 10 X crude off. This has it, or even very few literally. Very few people are aware off on this as it is gold mining stocks. This glass also covers interesting and profitable topic off gold mining stocks. In this class, you will learn the power off gold mining stocks, how to choose the world's best gold mining stocks, the proper be toe, take profit from your investment and proper risk management. And that's not all. For very limited time, I'm going to give away a very special surprise. Bonus toe. All my only boards students remember, this is for a very limited. I'm going to give away my top five best picks off gold mining stocks and also going to show you my analysts for each off the pick. You won't only get 12 5 picks off coal mining stocks, but also a blueprint by which you can choose the right gold mining stocks for yourself. But remember, this bonus is for a limited, so make sure you take this before it events. This class is a goldman and the information inside it is pure gold. So without wasting any time, let's get started 2. WHY GOLD?: I have made this class on investing in gold and gold mining stalls. But out of all the different financial assets and other precious metals, why am I talking about only gold? Well, a few factors make gold and very interesting as it in the eyes off investors. And in the first few videos off this class, I will tell you what gold is such an interesting asset. The most important thing about gold is that from ancient times it was used as a form off currency. Many serialization in the past have used gold as a form off currency, most off the country's even back, their currency, by which make people see gold as a form off currency. Even though you may be thinking out of all the precious and rare metals, why do people only consider gold as a form off? Well, there is a reason for that. Let us look at that sign difficult if we look at the periodic table. There are around 118 elements, out of which few off the elements are in gashes and liquid states, which obviously isn't suitable for making a currency, and most of the other elements are highly reactive. Out of the 118 elements, we have eight such elements, which can be considered to form a currency. They are platinum, palladium, rhodium iridium osmium and retain you along with the family bull and salute these other elements that are there as well as known reactive through the other elements. Out of these eight elements platinum, palladium, rhodium, osmium, iridium and retain. You are very right there, sorter that if you plan to make currency out off them, you would have to cast very tiny points, which you might easily use. Plus, they're very hard to extract the melting point. Pop platinum is around 7 1068 degree senses that leaves just two elements gold and silver. Both are scares, but not impossibly. They're both also have related Lee low melting point and so can be casted into bars, dualities and even coins. Now silver tarnishes or in black ends out. It reacts with the tiny amount of cellphone particles in the air, but gold does not react toe any element at all. Gold is such that you can clear a golden ca and be confident that 1000 years later it can be still found in the initial condition. This tells us that gold is the only metal with is the most food table for making a currency for this very reason on Sister Joe's gold as a form off pregnancy, and since then it has always been valued. Plus, it holds different emotional value in the cultures all around the world. Now let's look at some facts about good. Good is considered as the oldest form off currency. Many serialization in the past have used gold as a form off currency because gold is highly value and very limited in supply. It has long been used as a medium of exchange or money. The first known use off cool and transaction dates back with 6000 years. Only transaction were done using pieces off gold and pieces off syllable. The reality, usefulness and desirability off gold make it a substance off long term value. Gould works well for this purpose because it has, ah, high value, and it is durable, portable and easily divisible. Even if we look at a few years back, most off the currency's off the world were backed by gold. Gold is the only single metal which has its used in almost every sector off the industry. It is used in electron ICS, aerospace, duality, finance and a lot more. This is gold is the only mental that is accepted in every corner off the world. Gold is rare. The most important thing about goal is good is not available in abundance. It is better than you think. Gold is a metal that is mine from the Earth's core, and it is available in a limited quantity. How much gold has been mined? Totally? According to the World Gold Council, humans have mind roughly 190,000 tons of gold, which equals 70%. Global recovery will be Selves. How much gold is Phil left? The World Gold Council estimates that remaining reserves worldwide amount to just 30% off what's being already mind. These were just few off many reasons why gold is such an interesting asset. In the next video, I will tell you something important that happened with cool in the previous You 3. THE NEW GOLD RULE: in Mice 2019. Something huge happened with cool. A new gold rule was brought up by the most powerful bank in the World Bank Off International Settlements, or B. I. S earlier goal used to be billed by the bank as a risky assets rabbi. Only 50% off the market value could be counted for reserve purposes. Just for your information. When an asset is considered as fear one, it is called as riskless asset, and when and as it is considered a still a tree, it is called as a risky as it. But now the tables have turned by this new rule called us basically so. Borders Basil tree What good does it do to gold? Well under basin three gold is no longer considered as a tier three asset, and it's bumped oh dear, one asset and valued at 100% off its market value. This makes gold riskless asset in the eyes off world banking authorities. The Bankoff International settlements will recognize central bank's holdings off physical gold as a result, as that equivalent to cash. This means that bank value school at its 100% market value, it's a major change in the way central banks value. According to this rule, banks can now consider physical board the whole, in certain circumstances as a risk free asset. In simple terms, gold has become safer than it used to be. Previously, gold was considered risky, and most of the time it could not be classified in this way. But basically, three dudes are making gold more attractive, and this is huge. This is one reason what central banks all over the world are striking. Good, if you look at the reports, according to the reports off Bloomberg and Financial Times, central banks make a report off $15.7 billion gold purchases and cool and repatriates 100 tons of gold from the Bank of England storage. And the central banks from all around the world are buying gold. Last year, the central banks all over the world bought the most amount of bull since 1967 and something similar to this happened in 1967 during the time off President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In 1933 the president gave the order that all the people have to give back the gold points and all the physical gold. Davis is so the government and the gold holdings were banned in the U. S. The U. S government took the effort and took back all the gold from the people off the US until 1970. The president Richard Nixon, announced that the band over gold will be soon lifted and the citizens will be allowed to own the On 4th January 1975 the ban over the goal was finally lifted and the goal can now be freely held in the US This led to the increase in demand off good on. Then gold took off, soaring from $36 ounce who ate $36. And and now something like this is happening again. This new gold rule is not totally similar to that off 1970. But it is important for gold, like the lifting off ban was important back then. From the time this rule was brought up, the bank off all around the world are buying goods and this rule has increased the demand of gold even, and it's taking the price off cool through the new highs. I believe that the demand for goal is going to keep on increasing, and another reason for that is explain in the next video 4. EFFECT OF RECESSION ON GOLD?: in the previous video I told you about the new gold boots, which is making good a safer investment, and the demand off goal is increasing. Well, there is one more reason why the demand off gold will increase even and this is gonna happen. Do the upcoming decision. In hard times like recession, all the investors shift the investment. So what good now you must be thinking, Why would be good? Well, you don't need to be what I say. I will break down all the facts and all the analytics about gold so that you can analyze it by yourself. I want to tell you why gold is the real deal and what makes schools better than all the other precious metals. So let's go to the past and see how have gold performed in the previous recessions include housing. When the USA was hit by a great recession, it was the worst financial crisis in the history Off USA. After the Great Depression of 1929 2008 decision was caused due to failure of banking systems and sub prime mortgage crisis. It waas the longest lasting recession which ended in June 2009 during this time. If you look at the price off good, it search from $800 an ounce to $1200 in just one year. It kept Sergeant in 2001 where it created a new high off $1719 pounds. So gold moved around 40% in just one year, and after that it moved out on 100% in just 40 years. Now let's go more into the past and see what happened during the time off 2001 recession that 2001 recession was caused. You toe the boom and dot com businesses and as the dot com business WAAS significantly overvalued the company's support. Billions of dollars of losses this decision continue till 2003 and until then, the unemployment rate off the USA peaked at 6.3%. Now, if you look at how gold perform during this recession, at the start off, 2000 won gold was sitting around $272 an ounce and its search toe $417 an ounce. During the time off. This recession, which is almost 65% now, these were more recent examples. Now let's go to more past and see what happened during the time off. 1973 recession. During this recession, gold skyrocketed from $64 an ounce toe 1 $86 an ounce in 1970 points, richest of whooping, 300% off growth in just to use. So this is how bull behaves at the time of recession. And due to this, it is called as a safe heaven as it if you look at the current market scenarios the most off the parts off the world under a complete love known due to the Koran a pandemic. And due to this, the companies are suffering through major losses and the values off their stocks are depreciated. But at the same time, if you look at how the gold is performing right now, you will be shocked. Even in hard times like this, the price off gold has increased 20% in a single month. This clearly tells you how fast the demand of wool is increasing. Now you have all the facts right in front of you, and you also know how the girl has performed in the previous recessions. and also how it is performing right now. And you also know the reasons behind it, so you have to buy physical good. 5. THE POWER OF GOLD MINING STOCKS.: as gold soldiers. There is an asset that follows gold and surges exponentially. Even a positive movement off 10% in gold can cause this assets price to increase by 100%. And this asset is gold. Mining stocks history suggest that whenever gold surged this asset for Lord Gold and so it's exponentially. So what is that? Why does gold affect the price off these stocks in this video? I will explain to you how does the price of gold affect these mining stocks? And how did these stops perform at the time off? Recession? Let us take an example to understand. How does the price off goal affect the price off full mining stocks? Coal mining companies on profit by mining gold lets it. The price of gold right now is around $1300 and the cost to mine one ounce of gold is around $1250 so the mining company has on profit off around $50 an ounce. Now let's consider the prize off goal increased by 8%. That is to $1400 else so you're the mining cost off. Gould will remain the same. That is $1250. And but as the price of gold increased, the mining company will have more profits. In this case, mining companies profit will increase back 300%. At first, they were getting $50 for rounds, but now they will get around 1 $50 or pounds. Now, as the mining companies have millions off turns off, their profit will increase exponentially, which will cause the price off their stop to increase. So even a price movement off 10% in gold can cause the price off these mining stuff to increase by 100% or even more so if you buy physical books at $1300 pounds, if the price goes toe $400 an ounce, you will have a profit off $100. But if you invest the same money in gold mining stocks, your profit will increase even more. Now there are two different types off gold mining companies, senior gold mining companies and junior gold mining companies. The senior gold mining companies are larger, and they're more experience, and they generate cash flew through their operations. The junior gold mining companies focus their afford time and money on Discovery off New economic Natural Resource is a junior gold mining company is where you can target 100 times gates, which is sufficient to make you a millionaire from a single tree. To understand this, you'll first have to understand what is a junior mining companies. A junior gold stocks company is a very small natural resource company. Junior mining companies are exploration companies, which are looking to discover rich gold deposits. It also covers a company which has already discovered our resources and working on extracting it. Juniors often have the market valuation off less than $10 million for the whole company, and it is also called as Penniston. These stocks are traded for pennies on an extremely volatile and risky, and this is exactly where they can increase your Borgens. A typical junior mining stocks has no net income, and it has no s a grin. Even the cash it has in the bank is just an obligation. The company uses this catch through big holes in hope off making a big discovery. Now, what is the world off this company? Not much, But what happens when it actually makes our discovery? What will be the water off company that if the discovery does have economic value, then the growth off this company will be exponential. Therefore, these stocks have the potential to skyrocket like nothing else. If you're willing to take the necessary list and use this type of Goldrich, then it can help you make 100 times more money. And that's the milliner making power off. This one single treat fell again. I don't want you to believe my words. I want you to look at the facts, so let us see. How did these mining stocks perform during the time off? Recessions? Stop number one reading precious minutes during the time of recession from 3rd November 2008 to 7 miles, 2011 gold sourced around 100% So if you would have invested 1000 in gold, you would have got $2000. And at the same time, when gold moved by 100% during 3rd November 2008 to 7 March 2011 the stock price off written precious metal went from $2.37 a share to $45.52 a share, which is around 1800%. So if you would have invested $1000 a year, you would have got bitten off $18,000 in just three years. Stock number. Toe Hecla Mining Again here When the price of gold moved by 100% the stock off Hecla Mining skyrocketed from 1.25 pusher toe 11.25 during the same duration. That is from 10th November 2008 to 10 January 2011 which is around 800%. Stock number three Kirkland Lake Wood from 10 November 2008 to 19 April 2000 and the price of gold went up by 64%. And at the same time, the stroke price off Copeland sauced by 1361 person, that is, from $1.73 pusher, $25. Yeah, every $1000 would have turned to $13,000 in just a year and 1/2. Number four Golden Minerals. This WAAS, a junior mining company at the time, off 2008 decisions and during this a decision from 1 May 2009 to 1 November 2010 the price off this stock went up by 180,000% just in 1.5 years, you're every $1000 would have turned to $1.8 million in just a year and 1/2. And that's the power off junior mining stocks. You now have all the facts in front of you, and you now know how these stocks perform during a recession. As in this video, I told you about junior mining stocks and see near mining stocks. I want you to keep in mind. Junior mining stocks are risky then that off the senior mining stocks. 6. TAKE PROFIT: whenever you invest in something, it doesn't matter how much property currently here while being in a trade. Your actual profit is calculated when you finally decide to sell your investment or when you finally exit that late and take profit. That's actually when you own a profit, because if you are in a trade or let's say you invested in an asset and that asset is in the profit off 50% they're still our chances that appropriate that you're seeing right now can go south and turn into loss. Therefore, it is extremely essential for you to know when to get out off trade and went to take your profit. To understand this, I will tell you how the business cycle off different products work. There are two types of business cycles cyclical and non. Citing the company's with non cyclical business are those whose demand is always study, no matter if it is a bear market or of Wilma, for example, FNC deeper looks that was fast moving consumer book. It's like a company that deals with daily needs, like a toothbrush or a soup. It's demand will not increase rapidly, but it will also not drops it in demand is all wasted now. These were known cyclical businesses. Now let us see what are psychical business. These type of businesses work in a boom and bust cycle. Waterman is this Business gets a sudden increase in demand and then the demand drops. In noted the perfect example off. This is good. Demand for natural resources, like gold, are highly cyclical. Its demand increases for a certain period, then go stop When the demand increases. Investors poured down their money in these mining stocks, and then the mining stock soars to new highs for a few years. And when the demand gets lower, the value of these stops who lives but 80 to 90% in a few months or just tell you it is observed, that when gold falls, these mining stocks fall twice the rate off and some stocks for even more. Now, if you can understand when the cycle occurs, you can easily benefit from it. And I've already told you this in the previous videos, and by now you know how these cycle oppose knowing when the cycle will ago is not enough. It is also essential to know when the cycle will end. So let's take some examples to understand this. If you look at the cycle off Hecla Mining stock at the time of recession, the demand for world increased. And so the price off this pope soared by 800%. But suddenly, after that, the value off stock brought by 67% in less than are you and the same thing happened with golden minerals. The value off its stock increased by 180,000% in just two years, and then it suddenly dropped by 80% in just a year and then to 99% after few years. By now, you must have understood how these talks perform in boom and bust cycle. Now talking about the take profit, I can not exactly tell you when to take profit, but from analysts. It is observed that from a cycle off 4 to 5 years, these talks boom for who use and then starts to bust. So the best thing for you to do is take out the invested among as soon as the stroke you invested in doubles and then keep the prophet floating. And then, when you are risk free, look for the levels from which you can take your profit. By doing this, you will be able to take out your invested among and be risk free, and then you can let the rest off the investment floating in the profit potential district . 7. RISK MANAGEMENT: gold Mining stocks, especially junior gold mining stocks, are not for everyone. And it can cause you a huge fortune if you don't use a proper risk management. So what is the best risk management plan for investing in gold mining stocks? The best risk management plan for this will be Do not put all your eggs in one basket that is investing in different gold mining stocks rather than putting all your investment. One thing that stocks. This is because if you invest in junior gold mining stocks, human lose in some pics or even most off the fix. But if you aren't from one junior gold mining stop, it will make up for most off your losses. Junior gold mining stocks has a huge upside potential, but it also has risk. So it's very important that you don't bet all your fortune in one tree. Also, you shouldn't put your emergency expense funds or your institution fees, or, let's say, your monthly expense in junior gold mining stocks. Now, as I told you earlier that by investing in junior gold mining stocks, you can make a huge fortune from small investments. You just have to invest small funds in several Goldstone at the same day and make sure you only invest amount, which you can afford to lose. So let's say you can invest $5000 in gold mining stocks. So instead of risking $5000 in one single stop, invest $1000 each in five different stocks. This would reduce your risk and increase your chances off winning. If one stopped, goes up by 1000 person and lets it four other stocks went to zero. You will still have the Volumen as 1000% off. $1000 is a $10,000 that is equal toe double off your investment. Now, this was just a worst case scenario. Now let's it to offer. Your stocks went up by 1000% and the other three went to zero. This time you would have four times more money than your initial investment, and this is how you managed the risk 8. HOW TO SELECT WORLDS BEST GOLD MINING STOCKS?: We are at that part off this class where we know that we have to buy gold. We have to invest in gold mining stocks. But the question arises. Which gold mining stop to buy many a few months with thinking? Invest in any off the gold mining school? What difference does it even me if the price of gold increases the price of gold, mining stocks are 10 to for you. Well, that's not the case. It makes a huge difference. There are thousands off gold mining stocks in the world, but not every gold mining stock is worth investing. I don't say they're bad. No, the thing is that not every gold mining stop provides you with the insane gains which we're looking for. There are very selected stocks that can provide you with those insane gates. And those stocks have to go through these seven aspect, which I consider while selecting a gold mining stocks, and I call it the blueprint to select the world's best gold mining stocks. All you have to do is some research and practice, and you will be able to eliminate all the dumbest ox and find the real ones. So the first factor or the question which you have to consider is who are the people involved with the company? A great company will work Haider smarter, and it will eventually greater results. 10. An average company. So if you invest in a great company, your investments are likely to group. But what makes the company great and you better reasons? The answer is the people in work in the company. It is observed that a great company is often led by a greater team. Experience people, hard working people and people which are always wanting to group. So the first thing you ought to look after is the people involved in the company. Look for the questions like, Who is the CEO? How much experience does he have? Or is he honest, or what is the practical off the CEO and how has he performed in the past? The next thing you have to look after is how is the managing the Who is in charge of exploration and how much experience he or she has, because the better the people involved the back of the company is. So the question is where to look for this information, you can get this information directly on the website on the official website off the mining stock which you want to invest in. You can search for the people involved and then research on Google, or you can also directly contact the investor relations stuff. Most off the great gold mining stocks or the companies are based in Canada. So if you live in Canada, this process is going to be very easy for you. You can directly call the investor relations stop and ask them questions without hesitating . And always remember, a company is only great because the people in world in it are making a great. The next thing you have to look after is how diversified is the assets off the company, or how many properties or mind do they process the more number of properties our minds, the better. The reason why I am asking you to look for this is because if a company has only one or two projects or let's say they have only one or two miles, they're said to be very risky, and if somehow the deposits don't turn out to be what was initially predicted, then the companies can take usually losses But if a company has several properties and is not dependent on anyone, property or anyone mine, then even if the current project doesn't work or doesn't feel better results, there are other properties that would work up for the big investors. Look for this quality in a gold mining stop, and they pour their money in these type of gold mining stocks and hence these type of gold mining stocks are 10 to group. So where can you find this information? This information is given on the website off the gold mining stocks. You can look for investors presentation. It has every detail off the properties accompany. The next important thing is cash flow. So what is cash? The cash flow statement is a financial statement that summarizes the amount off cash and cash equivalents and telling and leaving a company. The cash flow statement measures how well a company manages its cash position, meaning how well the company generates cash to pay it stepped application and fun. It's operating expenses. Any mining company will need money for running its operations, like drilling, exploration and many other operations, which will help the company to group. So it is very important that the company you're investing in has a very strong cash flow. And it's increasing day by day as a strong cash flow tells you that how good a company is doing so very well. You find this information. This information is given on the official website off the stop. It is also available in the quarterly news releases. After you're done with researching these three factors, there's one most important factor which you have to look after, and that is how much good does the company has. But how much is the production off gold off the company? It is important for the gold mining company toe have gold, while the price of gold is soaring. If the company doesn't have enough good while the price of gold is surging, it will not give you enough gains as a tool. You earlier in this class how Gold mining company owns money Gold production is the most important factor for any company. After all, it is the primary product off the company, and everything else is second. The more the gold production off the company, the more the company will crew. This information is given in the investor's presentation which is available on the website . They provide you with the future gold production expectations, and you can also find these on a quarterly news releases. And it tells you how good a company is doing the next thing, which you have to look after his marketing. Ah, company can create the greatest product off holding, but it can still go bankrupt if no one knows about Don't Get me Wrong, a geologically attractive property in the mining friendly country. A great team, good cash flow, increasing production. These all things matter, but you cannot totally rely upon engineers and geologists for a mining company to make a leap. It is very important that the mining company you're investing and has a great marketing team and it's promoting itself because, believe me or not, marketing place an important rule. Nowadays, the more company is promoted, the more people will notice it, and the more investors will pour money into it. Ah, company should be able to communicate with the investors and analysts and tell them about the product. Their delivery. If a junior mining company is not able to attract more investors, it will not be able to collect enough funds for their mining purposes and made an out off cash and inspired off having a great goal production. It may not be able to make a good company, has an active and media awareness programs which attracts more investors and increase their trading will. Therefore, before you invest you sure as the executives about the specific plans to get the company noticed, so promotion and marketing can be a good thing. But it can also be a bad thing if the companies, totally based on promoting you, will also find companies who are more into marketing and promotion and are just looking for investors to invest their money into the company based on total lies. And there are a lot of companies with do that. But with all the steps which I have told you all you in this video, you will be able to look for the real deeds. This information is easily available on the website. They have special programmes for the investors in which they will tell you how the company is actually doing, or you can directly call the investor relations stuff and ask them your credit is the next thing is news news related to a new discovery or a new project is what makes a stock soared exponentially. News related to new drill results are the start off new project is what will give us the games, which were seeking hasn't told you in the previous video how a junior mining company focuses all its afford on making a new big discovery. If something like that happens with your stock and at the same time, if the price of gold soldiers, it can give you 10 export even 100 eggs gates. Well, this was just one kind of news. But there are different kinds of news which can be beneficial for your stock. It can be a major increase in the price of underlying commodity and increase in the production off gold positive drill reports. Was it a feasibility studies a green light given to construction like restarting off project, which was hold it for some reasons at second? This information is easily available on the new section off the website. The last factor is priced. Making gains in a junior mining stock is all about finding undervalued stock with a great company profile. If a company has great ongoing projects and increasing gold production and the price office share is undervalued. Just think how incredibly will the price soared when the price of gold moves up by 50% or even more the price off its share with shoot up like nothing else And that will be your $1,000,000 trade. And at the same time, if the undervalued stock makes a discovery, it will have hundreds of millions off gold. And that is enough to move the stock by 10,000% or even more. So look for a company with all the factors which we talked about in this video and then sort them by. Price is you can get the price of the stock on trading you dot com for the website off the stock, or you can also get it. But searching it on Google, thank you. 9. TOP 5 PICKS: It is the time that I didn't read my top five picks in front of you while it real these talks, I will also tell you why this stops are likely to give you 10 x gains and I don't just preach. I put my money where our mouths these other stocks in which help invested my money. So the first talk is Kinross Gold Corporation. Kinross Gold Corporation is a Canady and based senior silver and gold mining company. J. Paul Rawlinson is the president and CEO off this company. Under Paul's leadership off Kinross, the company has met or exceeded its operational guidance for past seven years. It has trended its balance sheet and achieved one of the best safety records in the industry. Now talking about the projects or the number off mines, Kinross has around it Active mints, in which three off the mice are the largest producer off. The company's minds are located in Mauritania, Brazil, USA Russia and China. Kinross has a very strong and increasing cash flow. Giving your over your improvements and its fourth quarter performance has generated a strong case floor giving a liquidity off $2 billion.3 off its largest producing mind's eye delivering Locos hole with excellent quality and, as recently, the started lock with puppet talking about the gold production. Off this company, 2.4 million ounces of gold is expected in 2020. The price of its stock is holding around $7 a share, and I recommend to buy a till $9. Russia. I believe this company has got a huge potential, and with the price of gold increasing, this is a very good bye. Stop number, Toe or Zone Gold Corporation, or The Gold Corporation, is a Canadian based development company which owns 90% interest in bamboo, one off the largest undeveloped gold deposit and Burkina Fasso. It has one of the most experienced teams with around 16 active gold producing Minds War Zone as highly leveraged to the price of food and offers a huge upside prevention. With the increase in the price of gold, this talk is expected to grow exponentially. The current price off the stock is 0.69 Canadian dollars, and I recommend you to buy it'll one Canadian dollar. The third stock is fewer goal. It is a junior mining company which is based in Nevada, and it's led by Tim Woman. It has currently three active mines and have plans toe acquire the small minds surrounding its project well fiscal third quarter in 2019. So a record off 11,590 ounces of gold production. The company expects to produce around 6000 to 7000 additional ounces of gold for you at the Pan mine. The company has two other major project sites. The first is Good Rock in Nevada. Good Rock has an expected deposit off 238,000 ounces off board in the ground. And the Golden Eagle has around 1.74 million ounces off gold, which is yet to be mined and has already mind around four million ounces off by a junior. Mining Stocks like this is a very good opportunity. Yes, it can be risky, but I expect this stop who increase or to sort exponentially When the price of both starts moving up, you can buy fewer goal at around one Canadian dollar. The next pick is canine to mining canine to mining, who owns and operates the kind and gold mine in the eastern highlands province off Papua New Guinea. The kind and a gold mine is a high grade, low cost underground mine in a region known for tier one deposits. Cane into is operated by an experienced team off mining company professionals who combined have been involved in building over 20 mines and $5 billion in buyouts, maintaining a very strong cash. It is currently working with only one project in which it has produced around 19,000 to 40 ounces of gold, 339,000 LBS. Copa and 9 6037 ounces off silver for a total off 19,009. 34 ounces off gold equivalent. It has given very promising results in the fourth quarter off 2020 and I believe that this stock we'll explore exponentially, friend. The goal really will begin. I recommend you to buy this share till five Canadian dollars a share. The nights on the last stop is Hecla Mining. Hecla Mining Company is not only the largest, but one off the lowest cost us. Tell your Producers the third largest U. S producer off both zinc and lead, but also a growing gold producer. Heckler wounds and operate minds on this trick sized land packages in mining friendly North American jurisdictions. Green script in Alaska, one of the largest and highest margin, but I'm very similar minds in the world. The lucky Friday silver mine in north Idaho, the San Sebastian silver Gold Mine near Durango, Mexico. The castle better already gold mine in Cuba. And the Fire Creek Gold mines in Nevada. In addition to its diverse in fight silver and gold operating and cash flow generating base , Heckler has several exploration properties and three development projects in eight world class silver and Gold Mining District in the U. S, Canada and Mexico. 2019 silver production WAAS around the well 0.6 million ounces and a company record of 272,000 ounces off gold production. The company expects to produce 12 million ounces off silver and around 200,000 ounces of gold in this 2020. Another important thing to note as the price off silver is found to be highly correlated with that, of course, and when the price of gold grows, the price off silver tends to follow, and after some time it increases more than that off. I'm expecting this. Talk to give 10 eggs skins and even more. If our discovery is made, I recommend you to buy it till T. U S dollar a share. Finally, I want you to keep in mind that I have chosen these stocks based on my analysis. And I will recommend you to personally analyze these stocks for yourself. And if you want, you can choose other stocks. As you remember this one. Never invest into something which you haven't analyzed. Postman. Thank you.