INVENTING 101 - Don't just DREAM it. CREATE IT !!! (Introduction) | Mary Putre | Skillshare

INVENTING 101 - Don't just DREAM it. CREATE IT !!! (Introduction)

Mary Putre, Inventor

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5 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. You Got an IDEA !

    • 3. Grade Your Idea - Good,Better,Best !

    • 4. REVENGE Toilet Paper on The Johnny Carson Show !

    • 5. Protect Your Idea (Overview)


About This Class


Everything around us was born out of someones observation, thought or desire. Where would we be if they never tried or believed ? I have been inventing products for 26 + years. Over the years I have helped many inventors through their journey. Many have been duped by scams and greedy marketeers. I want to share my learnings with those of you who are truly ready to learn. When you take a class, any class the student should actually learn something. With my classes each class will include websites, phone numbers etc. to get you to the next stage of your product. At least you should have a clear understanding of what's involved and what's not realistic. Many times in my lifetime I asked a question and received a answer without a bill attached to it. Skillshare is here to provide a forum of sharing, learning and growth. Now sit back, take a deep breathe and experience INVENTING 101 through my eyes....