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teacher avatar Bachatwins, Twins specialized in Footwork

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (19m)




    • 5. 3 & 7 OUTSIDE CROSS



    • 8. ROCK STEP

    • 9. SWAY STEP





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About This Class

This class will be bringing you tutorial videos in Bachata footwork. Everything will be from the intermediate level. Every class session will be named by its move and count, it will make things easier to remember. Classes will be from theĀ Intermediate level. You will be taught the fundamentals and how to execute the moves.Ā 

Meet Your Teacher

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Twins specialized in Footwork


We are Bachatwins! In this platform, we will be teaching you how to dance the Bachata. if you know nothing about it then this is your chance to learn and have fun. Bachata is a very playful dance. These courses will be from beginner level all the way to advance level. If you are interested in Bachata classes such as private sessions. Contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] Let's have fun! 

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1. INTRODUCTION: What's up, guys? My name is Danny. I'm with Deci stroke to New York and unknown and land deaf community as bus at twins, been teaching now for about four years, now also been density for about six to seven years. It's been an amazing journey, being able to interact with different dances, different instructors as learning and teaching the fundamentals and the techniques always grown as a dancer in this course, we'll be covering the beginner level data. So we'll be covering the basics, the techniques, the way how to apply that certain move. Everything will be divided by its count. Again, we'll be talking more about the class project and our conclusions. So I hope you guys enjoy all these videos. These classes is going to be very good for you. You're going to learn so much little things that you probably didn't know. And I hope you guys enjoy it. 2. SIDE BASIC W: CHACHA: This video will cover inside Basic with touch. So aside basic minimal go to our left and right. So extraordinary, 1234567, chat sha-1. So we're going to have basic them. Ok. So once we're on for, once we go on for we're doing charter with alright. So putting weight on her right leg. Then we move our left and administering or five. So let me demonstrate it one more time. Here we go, 1234567. Charts. On the side. We go 1234567. 3. OUTSIDE CROSS: In this video, we are going to be covering outside cross out by basic. So we're starting on one. So this is where we start crossing. So all my ways onto, so it is going to allow me to move on the green, which is four. And then I tap on for through peta automaton, one way transfer on to cross on three tap on for on the other side. 567 tap stood together, 123456. So this way we go, 123567, tap. 4. OUTSIDE CROSS W: CHA CHA STEPS: In this video, we are going to be covering implementing it with our site cross. So we're going to start on one by going to our law 135. Okay? So one more time. 1234567 charged tau 123566 planes. This way, here we go. 5671235623567 5. 3 & 7 OUTSIDE CROSS: This video, we're going to be covering 37 outside basic cross k. So we're storing, like we transfer 123 sources tapping all three. And then we're going to allow for that one, 23 tap fast, 67123 tab. And if you guys want to end with the basic installed on 567 tests, remember 5678, go this way. 1234, go this way. Ok. So do again. And then our experience the other side, if we go 123567 years ago. So it's 123567. 23. Basic to tap. 6. BOX BASIC W: CHACHA : This video is going to be covering box basic forward and back with such. So we're going to start on 1235671234567. Okay. Here we go. 1234671235671. 7. ROCK STEP BACK: In this video we're going to be currying rock step back. Just requires weight transfer. This is already an intermediate level. So we're going 123. So again, one suicide, y two. So this stays in place, but we're simultaneously lifting laid off as well. Here we go, 1235671234567. So this wave, so again, it's 123567 tasks. 8. ROCK STEP: In this video we are going to be covering here, we're gonna move on 12356. So the same thing goes for this rock step and Roxanne back, which we did earlier. So rock step, you can either stay in place or you can go to the side as well because there's a weight transfer. So it will go one more time. 12356 sets taps. This way. 123567. 9. SWAY STEP: In this video, we're going to be covering sweet stuff. So basically tapping on inside until we get to the count of eight. So we're doing 1234567 times. So that's what makes us stay on beat. Okay, so as long as you know that, you'll be fine. So let's do that one more time. 123567. So this way, 123567 tasks. 10. SWAY STEP W: CHACHA STEPS: In this video, we are going to be covering suede with charter steps. So we're going to start on one, like the swayed 123 tab. So we're doing the same thing only that we are going to pie chart systems. So that counts is going to start with the 135. So let's do that one more time. Here we go. 1351, charter, three, data for certain basic to your love. 11. SYNCOPATED BASIC HALF: In this video, we're going to be covering a syncopated basic half on 1231, 2346, and tap. So the end, the in-between. Okay, So as, as inbetween, whichever be 123456, it could be any big. This case, it's between 23, okay. 2367. Okay, So here we go again. 1, 2 and 3, 5, 6 and 7. Tap. This way. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7. Tab. One more thing that I wanted to say is that you can when you're gone on one through three, you can either step out on ads or stay in place. 12. SYNCOPATED BASIC FULL: So in this video we are going to syncopated basic form. So we are star like we usually do. And are the video syncopated basic 1.5234. But instead of stopping there, we're going to add we're going to do that one more time. Okay? So going to be a little quicker this time. So we're doing 123456781 through the homework time is a little quick. Here we go. And a 56567123456781. This way, 123456781. 13. CONCLUSION: CLASS PROJECT: So guys, you're here with Danny again. I hope you guys enjoyed this class. It was so much fun teaching this course. Again, if you guys have any questions, please comment below on the Discussion tab. Again, we're going to have in other courses such as intermediate level. At that level, we're going to be covering the needs and the count, just like we did in this beginner level course. We're also going to have a class project for you guys. The class project is going to consist of view making one video with regards to two moves that you really enjoyed. The reason why is because we want to see where you guys are at and we can give you feedback. It could be the backspace, it could be the basic and place. It could be a left or right turn. Whichever move was most appealing for you. You can upload this video and the Projects tab and our profile is going to really help us know where you're at and we'll help you. And so once we're done with this, we can definitely move on to the intermediate level. Takes much for taking this course, guys. And if you guys are interested in learning more about me and my twin brother parts at once, you can follow us on YouTube are all social media platform is linked to a profile page. And we'll see you in the next one.