IMPROVE Focus Simply by Listening to This ✅ | Michael Todd | Skillshare

IMPROVE Focus Simply by Listening to This ✅

Michael Todd, No Nonsense Life Coach

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6 Videos (3h 59m)
    • Introduction to Binaural Focus

    • Focus Track 1 - Binaural Beats - 60 Minutes

    • Focus Track 2 - Lotus Rising - 60 Minutes

    • Focus Track 3 - Morning Calm - 60 Minutes

    • Focus 4 - Silver Sky - 60 Minutes

    • Summary


About This Class

Have you ever found your concentration fading?

Well, now you can focus using the scientifically proven power of binaural beats! Simply put headphones on, listen to the provided binaural track and you'll focus like never before!

This class includes explanations of what binaural beats are and how to use them!





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Michael Todd

No Nonsense Life Coach

A fanatic life coach, I have walked with more than 3,000 clients set on achieving their dreams.

I say 'walked' because your life is a journey, not an event. I want to help and that means I must walk with you, providing guidance during both high and low times.

With a background in science I apply only what is proven to work. You won't hear any mumbo jumbo "believe your spirituality" type rubbish from me. Every recommendation I give is steeped in scientific research giving you ac...

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