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IM Video Masters - How To Create, Edit & Publish Professional Videos

teacher avatar Kevin Fahey, Online Marketer & Coach Since 2017

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

23 Lessons (3h 7m)
    • 1. Module 1A Camera Equipment

    • 2. Module 1B Audio Equipment

    • 3. Module 1C Other Equipment

    • 4. Module 1D Recording Setup

    • 5. Module 2A Office & Webcam Recording

    • 6. Module 2B Whiteboard Recording

    • 7. Module 2C Greenscreen Recording

    • 8. Module 3A Funnel Video Optin Page

    • 9. Module 3B Funnel Video Download Page

    • 10. Module 3C Funnel Video JV Page

    • 11. Module 3D Funnel Video Sales Page

    • 12. Module 3E PowerPoint Training Videos

    • 13. Module 4A Recording Outdoors

    • 14. Module 4B Time & Sunlight

    • 15. Module 4C Script Preperation

    • 16. Module 5A Free Software Editing Solutions

    • 17. Module 5B Paid Software Editing Solutions

    • 18. Module 5C DSLR Setup For Facebook Live Feeds

    • 19. Module 5D Audio Software

    • 20. Module 6A Video Backgrounds & Green Screen

    • 21. Module 6B Text Effects

    • 22. Module 6C Logo Intro

    • 23. Module 7A Video Hosting Options

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About This Class


Discover how to create stunning videos, even if you’ve struggled with video creation in the past, or you’ve never made a video in your entire life

Learn the simple steps to editing your videos like a professional… even if you don’t have experience or tools for editing right now

Publish your videos with 100% confidence that you’ve created something that people will watch and enjoy!

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Kevin Fahey

Online Marketer & Coach Since 2017


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1. Module 1A Camera Equipment: video masters. It goes, Kevin Father here and welcome to more jewel worn off emmick video masters. So it goes in this module in this video, we're going to do basically an overview off all the equipment we would use. When we're doing the court and videos, we're gonna cover everything from basically what we would do is for sales videos, Jeffrey, videos, what we would use for doing webinars what we're to use for Skype conversations. I want you guys to understand something. If you're looking at everything in front of me now, Dad, you do not need all of these equipped all this equipment to make her mark in videos. Majority off the time we use to things we use one camera, Onda, we use one microphone. Now, in this case, we have a little bit more going on. We're actually got two cameras on. We've got two more bile for ones as well. From that, you can keep in mind that for every camera you have, you can actually get two different shots are two different angles from it by simply zooming in during editing. So you could say you could say four different angles that we can use for this video. I'm gonna dig straight into a suppose what we're using for this video on, boy. So we're gonna talk about DLS or cameras. First of all, now I've got treek boxes in front of me here. Let's talk about this kind of one first. So kind of camera, delis or camera. It was a 505 $100 camera. I purchased this around four years ago and was probably one off deepest investments I ever met in my online business. Here's the reason I've used videos on basically a good quality camera has helped improve the quality of the videos exam or customers brings in more leads, etcetera. We use videos and pretty much every single thing we published on Lloyd. Even if it's a new block post, we use videos. So activity is our camera on the cannon. This camera, I really liked it because it actually has a little flip on the back of it. So when I'm recording in front of me, I can turn it around and I can see exactly what is going on. So it was a really, really good camera. Unfortunately, I actually lost it. I miss Class that. So I ended up boy on Notre Camera just a few weeks ago on this waas a Nikon tree tree 00 pretty much exact. Same as the canon camera, the same quality, the same features. The only 10 this one lacked waas on actual flip. So it actually it had an Elvis LCD screen on the back. So basically, I can look behind the camera and then I can walk in front of it. It's not really ideal in most cases because you can see in order for me to see what's actually happening on the shot of connected the camera to and actually monitor it is it's useful. People are cable for actually, I think there's any $6 on a connects straight into the camera into a monitor. It works out really good. So my recommendations go is if we're going out and they're going to look for a good deal less or camera boy want with a flip on the back, Andi be willing to pay, you could say for $500 for it will be a really, really good investment for you Now, finally, this is a normal digital camera, guys it is okay. It was under your and $180. It's OK for videos as a second camera, you can see we've got it here in front of us were using it for basically, she'll want tell. But it's not very good if it was a fast moving camera on. It's not the best camera in the world, but it's basically it's a good backup camera and okay to have a second camera on site. So that is the cameras dash that way you is at the end of the day, guys. The only thing you really need is one good delis or camera. Now, a lot of people and a lot of America there's You might have heard that you can dio extremely good videos on a mobile phone. Now, I'm just gonna give this example here. This is the mobile forward. After use them, you can see the quality is pretty good. It's almost us. Clear Estes. The only difference is if we got a camera in front of us that we wanted to start zooming in and out or were back at a much farther distance. This is where you need a good camera If I was just doing a whiteboard video, I could actually use my more buffalo on a lot of time as well. So, um, mobile phones, major advantage of mobile phones is majority of people are gonna have a mobile forward, and chances are it's got a high quality camera. If not, you can buy one for $200 even $100. There is a lot of ups stuck and help you create better video stores. Absecon help you edit videos We personally like I like recording on my mobile phone for a few reasons on were out and about to weaken record videos and upload on Facebook instantly on even in this case. Now we can just click gallery on, upload a video to Google, drive on basically diamond, look from there and start readiness. It's simple and off with the process we have. So with more boil for one's again. Guys, you can't connect a yeti Mike to it, but you can get microphones from mobile phones. You can get tripods from mobile phones on. If you just want to do, I would say budget American videos, and you do not want invest three or $400 on a camera, A good quality more. But for one, a mic for $20 on a tripod, which is really, really good. Another 20 or $30 for a tripod, and you're actually set to call with videos with mobile phones. I'm Dr Discourse. Guys, we're gonna be explaining everything in so much detail. So that is, you could see the two cameras that we use majority off the time. The last camera I got here is actually a Haiti webcam. Now this is a large tech hitch d 7 20 p webcam. It costs $50 around four years ago, guys and a really, really good and investment. There's actually a higher quality one on America now, and I think it's for the similar price. This is no good for sales videos to post This camera is good for is over the shoulder training videos. For example, if I'm someone showing someone something on my computer, I can record my face basically straight in front of me. People consisted computer. It's good if I'm on a Skype conversation with someone. It's even good if I just want to make a quick screen record, show my face in the video and send off outsources over the years. Our clients, whatever it is for a good investment, guys, for any $50 it was really, really good thing. It's perfect for the only or quality on your laptop is never going to be a high quality If you get, um, a headset like that, that is really all you need for doing normal videos in that sense. So there was a tree cameras. The last camera we have in front of us is actually a drone and drive this course. Guys, we're going about construction on drone, giving you a lot more information as well. So, um, to wrap up cameras go is keep in mind. You might be asking, Captain, What about the like these big, massive professional camera kits that you see hold him under shoulder all this stuff. I want you to realize a few things on these cameras. Costs between you could safely of title, since you could spend up to $50,000 on the majority of people do not have to experience to know how to use these cameras. So one you don't need these type of cameras and to you If you are actually doing a big movie production of something like that. You're obviously going to go on, hire a production team. Who's gonna have this equipment? So you do not need to go out and spend thousands of dollars on equipment. We're going to show you everything. About course, we're gonna show you from budget videos with more, but for wanted to make more expensive videos with cameras and everything else. So, guys, I'm gonna wrap up day this video on cameras on in the next video, we're going to talk about audio equipment. 2. Module 1B Audio Equipment: video masters. There goes Captain Father here. And welcome back to video to we're going to talk about two different lives of audio equipment that we use in our prisons. Said this video. So I'm going to break it Down goes, and I'm gonna keep it as simple as possible for you guys. Right? First, we have diverse to hit microphone we're going to talk about is the headset now? Majority people probably already have a headset. Onda Good advantage of something like these cost between. You could say $15 on up to $50 on you can get a normal cable one or you can get a U. S B one USB or you can actually get a wireless headsets as well. The best quality headset you're always gonna find guys. And the most reliable headset is going to be a U. S. B at set. We've tested a lot of different headsets over the years, including wireless ones. On we found a member most reliable and the most durable one is a good quality USB headset. Now where would use days in our business? Normally we would use thes if we're on a Web earner or if we're on a Scud cold with someone pretty. They're pretty perfect on. The only thing about them is they're actually, they're not that attractive for videos. Now, I just want to give you guys a little tip because I do see a lot of people using these and actually wit and positioned wrong on their head. So you should always have the microphone in line with your chin. Look, this basic people might make is put it right in front of your lips were always going to get this Hissene silent or marking it up here where basically, the audio is not going to come out clear. So basically, guys in line with your chin just underneath her lips, it works out absolutely perfect. So, um, these are recommend. They are really, really good. Sometimes if you're using a different type of Mike, let's see a yeti microphone or a webcam. You could get a little background sound from them if they're in a busy office. This is something that you really really need. Now I know we've coverage. They had a webcam before as well. But a lot of the time just for Skype calls. If we're in a quite office, and there's no one else. We always we can always use the audio on our honor. Basically, on a webcam is really good. It's clear it's simple. If we're walking away from the computer, it can still pick up. So the audio on a webcam is reasonably good as well. If you're in a busy room, you better off using a headset, right? So these would be, you could say office microphones. The next microphone I want a cover is basically a condenser microphone on this. Is this conflict into your camera or distant leaping to your mobile phone on? It's awful a little clipper for your sort here, so normally we just run this. We're running short on Connect the cable stop with. We would normally use this type of microphone. If you're shooting outdoors, for example, the camera mike will be no good, just him, which wind the yeti Mike will be no good for outdoor stores team which wind? This is not good for outdoors, so we normally have something like this, and we have a clip to her short like this. Now again, guys, you can get picked ease up on Amazon for it quit. My recommendation is you can pick up higher quality ones for around $60. So if we're outside in windy conditions and with a really, really low quality condenser microphone, it is not gonna Hyatt the Nice. If you spend a little bit more on this, you will be able to basically hide in my eyes. From that I get a much better quality video. So we normally is something like this for outdoors guys. Andi. Then lastly, would be my favorite microphone on. That would be the Yeti microphone. I'm sure a lot of the guys have seen these online. If you research, what is the best marker for one for sales videos, you're obviously the yeti keeps coming up. If you research what is the best microphone for podcasts? The Yet it comes up. If you research what is the best market phone for voiceovers yet? It comes up so guys, it's basically it's a very, very good, high quality microphones that could be used for all types of video. In Celje, it's actually a heavy enough microphone. It's not something that you would be holding in your hands on. It has a little Paul here, so you can actually put it on a long cool and put it over and over your head out of video. Some people use it like that. Generally, we place it in front of the camera, in line with the camera on me speak. Overlooked out. It looks perfect on camera. So Yeti Microphone one day, air around $150. There's another higher version, one, which is around basically $200. Another really, really good investment guys. For videos indoor, they're absolutely perfect. If you're doing webinars, they're perfect. If you don't voice over absolutely everything, it is an all round, good market phone. The only reason we would have, let's say, a headset in the office every around a conference called and was more people in the office , we'd have to use the headset. If we just want to make a quick marketing video on, we just want to record some audio quickly. We'd probably use the here to the camera because it's connected. So this disbarred by comes out when we want to add more quality to our sound and more quality to our videos. So that is it on audio guys on what is here is the last thing I've got here would be. Actually, these are what to call wireless receivers directly for a canon camera. These were around $250 and what these were used for is if you were doing a video, let's say you got a camera could be 40 40 meters away, and I could be walking towards the camera. Obviously, you're not gonna have cables that alone. I'm obviously the market wants far away. It's not going to pick it up. So the way Day's work is one goes into the camera as the receiver on the other one actually clips on here Now. The reason I was not a big fan of these is they're actually extremely bulky, as you can see, unlike a little condenser microphone here, this is similar, but it's actually in which both your microphone. So there's a really good for us, I said. If you need to be torta for 50 meters away from the camera, you can get a microphone with a receiver. Generally, guys, we haven't used this market for over two or three years, where it's not required for what we do in our business, so what you take from this guys should be, um, a lot of people will have a headset already if you're going to be doing where one hours or training videos. Anyone high quality headset is good enough if you want to doom or marketing videos on sales videos where you want extreme, high quality, Silent issued. Invest in a Yeti microphone if you doing voiceovers or even sales videos for animations. And even like disguise, Yeti is going to be the best market for on again. We just got to stay the hair to the Web. Commerce is really good for every day. Yes, so guys start. Is the wrap up for the audio in the next video, we're going to talk about more things we have here on the desk. 3. Module 1C Other Equipment: video masters. Welcome back, guys. In this video, we're going to talk about some of the other equipment we see around behind us. So first off, I gotta start off wheat. A green screen again. Guys, I purchased this maybe three or four years ago on Amazon, degree in free and was only around $20. As far as I know, it's actually a massive, massive green screen. It goes six meters, four meters. Andi, it is really, really useful. For if you guys might be wondering, for example, how do you make a video and then remove the background and then, in the back of energy could put different colors. You could put different videos. You could put different images. You do not need to go to a professional recording studio for this. So basically, normally these hand on a pole, you got one aid. Society got a big hole in the middle and it runs through this. The way I've been using the screens green for the past few years is different locations. Basically, we talk it, we just simply come along and we tack it to each corner off the war, making sure everything is stretched types I'm from there. Every this ends along, the edges are along the bottom. We've got simple little clamps. Now, this is a pocket of clouds We got on Amazon for its 15 books on different sizes. Very, very useful for win recorded videos and very, very useful for green screen. So it went in this course, we're going to show you guys, you have to set up the green screen. We're gonna show you guys where to position yourself in front of the green screen. We're going to show you guys lighten. We're gonna show Go. So eight of it, Absolutely everything. But for now, I just want to give you a little introduction to what it is. They come in the common various colors, but the most common Polaris will be green. What color would be white, for example? You need something green in the picture. You kind of to use a green, a green screen, you need to use a white green screen. Another example. You might see black black springs as well. It's the exact same process. You just change the colors we have. Basically, we've always worked Agrium on. We've never any issues to boy different colors. So okay, that is the green screen. Next I want to talk about is actually tripods. Now, we've got two different types of tripods. We've got a small one here on. We have one in front of the camera will get in a second. A. So I said, if you want to do budget shooting, if you're trying to Even if you've got a friend, your wife, whatever your spouse and you have been pulled into camera like this and you're trying to make a record a video, it's a kind of a big mistake, I would say. Generally people don't have a steady enough. And for doubt, you're easy, simple and cheap. Solution guys is by a tripod. And from there you've got a steady hand. These are looking tripods that depict upright in $25 you can actually extend it. And this is you could say, a cheap enough tripod. But it's perfect for from all my phones No, next one is again. I've actually I'm using my to good tripods for the cameras. But the only difference being destroyed part on the other one is on. I find these very, very useful guys is basically a handle that you can turn it around. You can see this one is actually stood. It's stuck. We can actually road here. But with this one, we can easily right. Here's a camera on us So I'm tripods. Air. You could say it 100% required. If you're going to do any sort of video recording and even like that, they're pretty compact. Default down. Very, very easy Transportable. Don't cost a whole lot of money eater. So, tripods guys, um, era most just pick up a tripod for whatever ready we're gonna be using more oil for one or you're going to be using idealists or camera. So let me just get here from there. Next thing, these air. A lot of you guys would probably associate ideas with something that you would have in your tower for your mobile phone. Yes, very, very true. We picked these up in the Chinese shelf for basically around $10 secret fightem Amazon gigabyte of online. But what we use these very handy indie off sweet out an office window. We simply clamp this to the office window and then they can use the mobile phone there for recording videos. This is something we often do. So we've never wanted to set up the cameras, and I just want to do a quick video in the office and I want a steady camera. I sent the Clampetts in the window. There's obviously we've done a few American the videos in the car as well serviced eggs exempting. We clamped its on for the windscreen on put the mobile phone in, and we can record with a steady hand. So, um, other things we have here, I'm just gonna come along and grab it. It's actually I'm sure you go. Is this on what this is? Is Actually, it's a brick. It's a flexible grip that is very, very useful on. Obviously, I can use this for the mobile, For one. I can use this for cameras. I can use this for iPads as well, and we can basically clamped onto anything. We've been clamped amount to pull to get lump them onto tripods on there. Just very, very useful. Now I'll give an example of her. We would use this. Let's say if I was doing a video on a whiteboard on, we could split up a simple pool break out of a side timer. That way, even we wanted a second camera. We could just put it, Use it anywhere but guys, these grips on the come in various places from basically $20 all the way up to $100. This one cost 25 or $30. It's It's perfect. It is exactly what it needs to do. And it's just handy to have around when we want to clamp a comer to something. So what that is there, That is the grip. Um, okay, last thing I would have on the desk here is we've got two different types of filter Scalise and I want to explain this devore cover filters for a delis or comer. They would be more or less used inside for my experience and used them for certain isolate . And we got a lot of some left over taking photos of their actual sub. You've got this orange effect coming in, but no filters. You can adjust the color and get much higher quality photos and videos. It's the same. You've got different colors. Your blues, that toaster for shooting the sea or something like that. They're useful to have guys, if we're gonna be shooting outdoors a lot, the next shootings here has actually filters for a mobile phone comer. No, I'm gonna tell these These guys they only cost around 20 or $20 on. You could say don't miss sold. We were looking for fish eye lens stuff. We wanted actually test for the camera. And it does. It does what it says on the tin, but not to the same degree. We noticed that these types of lens were only good for total shooting. So taking a photo off more by forward or I'm working for it's really good. And you get away with it on your mobile phone. What if you're trying to do professional videos and you've got a much more entertaining the background? Sorry. The person you're trying to report is more from the camera. These are not really good. You would probably have to invest in a bed or lens for idealists or camera. So OK, go is that is a breakdown on Leo. Turned up using our cordon is basically a lights on. We're gonna be doing a lot of training on dashboard to simply halfway. But one spotlight on the left. We want spotlight on the right and one of the center. The whole idea off. This is basically they're focusing attention. 1 may lighten up My fast, like my sights on their 100 was required for basically doing video shooting. We're going to show you guys that in the light module as well. So, guys, that is a wrap up off the introduction off the equipment three years on a look borders in you in the next video. 4. Module 1D Recording Setup: video masters. Hey, guys, Welcome back in this video, we're gonna talk about preparing the recording. Seen now, there's a little bit more than just basically set in, Upper, comrade. Set up a microphone. Impressive record. So I'm going to cover a few different topics in this on. We're also going to give you guys basically a pdf in a checklist. Only this video. Just suppose watch over common mistakes and an overview of everything I cover in this video as well. So if you're looking at this camera, go is now with the first thing you would probably notice. Okay, you're gonna look at me straight away. But if you always start to wonder, you're probably going to notice a fairy washing up liquid bottles in the back. That's that. They're pretty much for a reason. Just a point out. That example. It's basically a really, really always sore on videos. So before we set up before we started recording, we spent over 20 minutes clearing this entire area. You keep in mind we actually got a six month baby, the houses under construction. We got a lot of people coming and going with bottles here. There's a little bit of a mess. So we basically clear the area T tablets, knives, forks, cops put everything away and make day to see and presentable and tidy so and all you sore. So first time go usually to do with basically clear in your area. The next thing we did is a non issue. We're going to talk more about lightning, all of the other videos. We're going to show you how to use green screens. But if I turn off the light now, you're probably going to see a massive difference in the quality of this video. So this is why I let me just turn these back on. This is why we really, really encouraging guys, If you're going to be shooting indoors and you haven't natural light all the way around, we highly recommend shoot are basically purchased some soft lights they want on their left and right, their customs $80 each. I think I got two for 160 on day one in the middle. Cost around $160. No one. So between $350 you should be able to get the soft lights. You recorder. Now some tips. Guys on harbour on lights don't just come along. And, boy, one soft light. I'll give you a quick example. Here, let me just turn off. We just got oneself laid out now and I can only presume. But this side of my face is lighted up, and even if I was the face it, it's still not enough light. The idea off spotlights is one on the left, one on the right, on one, directly in front of you. So it lights up your body and surroundings, So okay, that is lights. There is the things I want to cover. Now guys is, let's take this example. We're using the Yeti market for one, and we're using BLS or camera. Now. This is a standard yet the microphone. It's not been you operated one where you can actually get a connection and yeti insider restrictions that denotes tell you this, but you can easily connect. And yet the microphone to your delis or camera with a simple audio cable, you plugged a USB into the PC like you normally would, and from here, or actually recording sound directly on to the camera. So it's really cool. It's actually a new trick for us because we used to use the camera market forward or we used to use it separately and sink them. But we tested this. It works out, very. It works perfect. So the one thing you legalize is recommend just a basic audio cable. 30 year and $5 on Amazon. Get one that you can extend it. For example, five meters away. Move onto your laptop on and you're comer itself. Batteries. Most important to make sure your batteries trashed if you plan on doing a lot of video shades and you're not gonna have a power source Close boy. Make sure you boy a backup battery. Exact same. Sometimes we take the laptop out. Basically Verdun videos outside. Make sure the laptop was charged to make sure, Even if you're gonna be doing a lot of videos, have a backup for your laptop battery as well. Okay, The next thing we actually have a screen. He was world which is connected to everything. It's really, really easy as well. It's good to test basically, so I can see everything before we record. So record and set up guys is those are the things which we nearly we will charge for all the time the background of the surrounded. Make sure our lights are in good position. Make sure batteries are charged. Make sure we have old equipment we need for our actual suit. So OK, guys, start as if we're going to wrap it up on desperately of on. I'll talk to you in the next video. 5. Module 2A Office & Webcam Recording: video Masters. Guys, welcome back and this video. I'm going to show you our basic offices. Settle for recording. Now. This is pretty much the set up. We have every single they were consistently on video. Basically, let it be doing review videos, videos for our customers, new sales videos, new training videos, etcetera. So we like to have everything pretty much handy and ready to work route, keeping a clean enough environment. So some of the recommendations first off personally, I don't know how anyone can work online would only one monitor, especially if you're doing video editing. So generally we work with two monitors at all times. We have a Web time up off, which is very good for training videos. We have our yet in working for directly in front of us. Currently, it's connected to the camera on It's all still connected to the computer. So the minute I actually want to use this for the actual PC, the only thing I need to do is actually pluck out the audio. Cable we have are two spotlights really too small spotlights. It's perfect for what we need on Generate. They're just turned around facing the ball on when we want to use them. We just turned back around and switch the lights on. I've got this camera in place as well, just for demonstration purposes. But you're also going to say the whiteboard there as well. So it works. I will if you want to do a whiteboard video. We said, Bring the camera down, turn of whites the spotlights towards the white board and we're ready to record again. So the office set up guys. It brings along to Sam principles something recovered into in the first module. We want a clean desk, generally at all times were still always using the same equipment. We're going to be using the Web com to get the microphone on the same comer, and we're going to be using the same editing software as well. So my recommendations for you guys on Regardless, we believed in numerous locations over the past 10 years, during a marketing career on we've always been using videos, and we've almost figured out a way to you could say together office a little bit more presentable for the actual videos. This is a newly re four times in the first American in video did you? We just have a plan, like desk on, but actually nothing here in the background. And it just looked bland. It looked very, very bland. So assemble, Tank, put up some desks, put some books on it. Currently. You could say that. Videos that I do on the web come here. I have got a white background because the ball, So we're actually gonna order a bit nice paint in front of war. So we're in front of the camera. A webcam. It's got a nice the background. All of these things are gonna have an effect on. You could say your presentations, your sales in your followers. The last thing we want to cover here is we've got after a light coming in. Not related. A lot of the times reasons the actual video. So we've turned people them according to take a really low on natural light on. We're just used to soft lights for more federal effect. So that was pretty much a ref on office videos. It's the same equipment again. Soft lights left and right, facing the camera at the same height of your chin. And we have our older equipment here to work as well. Generally, we can actually record on the comer on record with Camped Asia as well, and then just put the two videos together, Edit and sink works out really well. So if you any questions, please let me know, and I'll see you in the next video. 6. Module 2B Whiteboard Recording: video masters. I got this looking buck and this video. We're gonna talk about white boards on video recorded with whiteboards. So I'm gonna start off on clearly state that some people come across a difficult based equipment the recording whiteboard, video, such a shine. Just lighting. So the first thing I'm gonna talk about this video is a different type of whiteboards are. So I'm gonna probably start off with the cheapest one region might find on Amazon like stuff. Some research on it before, which is basically you can get whiteboard like wallpaper. Would you actually stick onto the wall? A similar one but a whiteboard? Paint your pant onto the world and then you get white board markers and actually use it. I strongly recommend guys do not go this direction were tested these in the past on you always seem to have problems which shelling and with lights on, it's not very good for video recording. It's more for whole office. Use more for the kids playing around. It's not going to cut it for video recording. So the next time of white board would be It's probably a more common on something you might have seen in the past. Basically, it's a whiteboard. It would be on the stand. It would be on wheels on would be a decide. We actually have one in our old office. It was really, really good because you could move around the office. You could do videos with labour climber, but they just just a whiteboard away from the light. I'm white board like that. The reason we don't have one here is actually it's a smaller room. You, actually, because that's I'm a stand. It's portable. He'll be delicious. More space for us. But as you have, you could say a big office or you've got the office from a lot of bests. You plan on moving it around, I heartily recommend to pick up one of these. I'm just going to present a picture. So you guys know exactly what I'm talking about on like, what did you want? A biggest could set you back between two and $500 depending on the size that you want. Now, the turd time of white boards A game is extremely common standard whiteboard, usually with a metal frame that you screwed onto the wall again going into these are These are much better for us because every missile over space we basically attached to Wolf it's there. We can use it for old office work on making multi user for JD videos. The downfall off these is to get the shying away from. You guys see a little bit of Sharia here, but we actually have this board told us like that on. So it takes a lot of the shining away. So what? We've done this. We basically placed two little pieces of boards in your camera. Can already notice it because its faces on it takes the shine away. It So it's just something you guys need to keep in mind when you set up your whiteboard. If you're trying, Teoh, if you're trying to off white board videos without the spotlights, you're not gonna have enough light. So those are the tree types of whiteboards. Guys, I recommend pickle one like this or one on a stunned. So the next saying regarding what we got going on here for whiteboard videos normally used one comer on It s this way, chipping. We've got another comer here as well. The sole purpose of this is I would say The biggest mistake are the feedback. I got your whiteboard videos able to spend the full time with your back to the comer. It's not very good. So you have to keep in mind that at times we're going to have to write on the white board as well. So if you have a second camera, you've got that side. So basically all this right, like this space in the camera. And if you're talking directly to the other camera, just look this way. So that works, and you have got your back to the audience at any single time. So next on reusing the same microphone set up with all this use, they've got yeti right in front of us on the floor. We've got a attached potato deal. Asare comer on. We've got soft light on the left, right on a soft light directly before the camera. So, basically like this. Absolutely perfect. It were in there, were empty back into the room. This room has a little bit of natural light boat. We pulled the cartons display, take away any natural light and showing as well. So that is whiteboard recorded. Guys, The types off videos we would use white or retorted for is training videos, JV videos welcome videos and explain what steps. So just breakfast time on DSO needed money over you could say our consent argument. Training public, any type of training product we would have treat or four different types of videos we might do. Apart from training video, we might just be a normal training video river sitting in front of the office desk. We might actually record or screen put in some cases, generally an introduction to a module I might get in front of a whiteboard on. Explain to everyone what has happened in the march or explain what I'm trying to teach with a white board. It is very good, and it's effective. Trade deals. Jimmy videos more, more, more pool player doing white boards. I would say four or five years ago, people you stay and I've done it myself. You basically you write like the title off the product. You write their launch date, right? Lurks all of the commission's all the prices on. They actually work there. One way to work is there suspenseful. I'll give an example. You could cook down first place on. Then you could leave a little going like that. So, what they're talking about debating of people are waiting for you to come along and you can say Right, guys, first place, we're gonna have $1000 for first place Price on second by some purpose. So for Jamie videos, whiteboards are useful. Their creative. Okay, next weapon videos. Um, well, videos. We would use it given example. It's a template where you talked about in the dango page Welcome video with some of signs off actually joining your list. We got the video which shows set, warm, worthless, or even address that to check out our special offers. That tree take replay, whatever. Waas What? The process was really simple. I watched the five things I wanted to cover on the white board. I stood in front of the camera and I talked about people could continue to lay back to the whiteboard full of exactly what I was saying. So this worked a charm, Place explains. That's in pretty much anything people. Let's forgiven example If you have a dime built Page got step 1234 are welcome. Video step 1234 or are traded video Step one teacher for where you writings Diamond People are gonna pay more attention to us and it gives you something to follow when you're when you're actually following do the training as well. So all around guys, white or videos Very, very useful. Something you should know A sage to teach. You just need to keep in mind. Is the White Board so you don't problems with the showing? And Gan? To get the proper effect, you're gonna need some spotlights. You really only need two cameras again using one camera, one more for one and the same wiper for all the time. So OK, guys, not the rap for a whiteboard videos. 7. Module 2C Greenscreen Recording: video masters. Hey, guys, Welcome back in this video we're gonna talk about green screen record, and I just want more control guys to the exact set up we have here, so OK, on wave base agrees Green is recover to cost $20 from Amazon were using the plants that we talked about before we got trio the sleighs for long, tough country. Among the other site is are connected to little small L brackets, which report 10 of them for 2 50 I'm just drilled little holes in the wolf. Now I want you guys to notice a few things up. Like this video. We're actually making this in the smallest room in our house with there's actually very little natural light. There's gonna be probably convenient for a lot of people. Basically, you could do green screen videos in any once you have enough space for tree lights, camera and the actual green screen. If you have, you could say much bigger space that you can work with. The normal cell you guys would probably see is there's probably a stand on the left, stand on the right, Big steel Barrett, middle on And then you run the pool through the green screen. On that, you hang it down, we have actually done set up. Would we find that very bulky, um, find it more difficult to set up state connected etcetera. So this works absolutely perfect for us. We've been say that we've tested this on for editing on, and it's absolutely perfect, so we could have just come around, come along once in your clique, remove all this green and use the video for whatever we want. Now Done is the most important parent When it comes to greens, great videos is the proper settle. A few minutes, Let's say a 10 minute video in front of a green screen. You're planning using it for your American business on the lights and set up properly dis creases in the green screen. You will not be able to move degree in onto your video. Have a professional effect, so set up is important. Guys, put time into testing your settle. Make a tart two second video in front of the comer. Go down Teoh, go to the PC edited video. See if it works perfectly. If you need to adjust delights made for just a green screen or from there, so great screen on the wool is number one again. We're just using our Yeti microphone were using a camera. Next parent is the tree lights. The same lights were used in all of the other videos. We've got one on the left or the right one in front of us. There's a slight change whipped, alighting sexual for green screens in the kitchen to sell flights were using. We would have had him facing towards May, and they wouldn't be not loved more back. Just get a more natural a better life experience for the video. The light in front was fast for me when using Green Screen Day. The point of having these lights here is not the light off me. It's actually to light up the grades green, so everything isn't even color again just for editing. So the lights just worry about. Don't think this is basically it looks really good checker microphone settings. Have your camera on the green screen like that have a grand screen plant, so it's actually quite ongoing. His green screen videos will be an absolute breeze free, so we're going to talk about editing this video. Actually self portrayed in logical on. That's pretty much on a green screen training 8. Module 3A Funnel Video Optin Page: video masters. Hey, guys. Kevin Fatter here. And welcome to the funnels video, trade and module. So, guys in this module, we're just gonna talk about all the different types of videos that I make in a market in business. Now we do intimate America. Then we sail, make money, online products we sell itself to or we sell services. It really does not matter what you sell. It doesn't matter if it's a local business. It is a matter if it's a coffee shop or restaurant or you're selling digital products are actually you doing? Drop shipping it, really It hold concept of videos and property churning discourse will apply to critic which everything Now some of the things I'm gonna cover in this, for example, opt in video sales videos, JV videos, cities air What we, as I said, what we do in our business, we've had a lot off experience. Indies on. We're going to go to talk more about recording the video, but basically how to get more results from these actual videos. So I'm gonna start off with the 1st 1 It's going to be pretty simple. It's gotta be Shem straightforward. It's going to be called Opt in page of videos. Now, straight off goes, I personally do not use videos on my optempo Just very, very seldom would use. That simple reason is we've split tested a massive amount of traffic in our business, you could say respect test of millions of visitors and various squares pages on sales pages across the last For 789 years on we've tested this and we've always found out that when you put a video on a squeeze Pidge, your conversions are usually lower. So before you actually start taken action underscores and worked and start design and open page videos for order funnels. We recommend guys actually tested before tested on one a tearful most before you go and actually make videos. So I'm going to give you a few little tips off some of the things we do on If we're ever gonna dio a video for a squeeze pitch, we always keep it short and straight to the point. Generally, it would be something like a go. Is Kevin fighter here tanks for visiting our website today, I'm actually given away six free training videos for a limited time only if you're interested. Simply click the link below so you could say it's a 32nd video. We could have a little bit of a intro on an actual, but it's quick. It's short to the point now you might be taking care on. Well, would it not be better off do a demo overview and spent five or 10 minutes explaining to the actual visitor, What if you're going to get no guys? It's not the case on good idea. If you give away too much information. That customer basically potential customers potential subscriber has a choice to say. OK, well, I have all the information. How do we need this? Or do I not? On the chances of Upton incurred Gooding to 10% were generally aiming for Tortilla 40 or even 50% on the squeeze pitch. So we found out something that works really, really well for conversions. Now I'll give a quick example. I could take an image, a still image off this actual this video, Andi, I could put on along the headline. It could be something like Learn How to make excellent American in videos in the next two days. Whatever the headline would be on underneath that I have this actual image and I would have a little play about numbers. And below that image, I would have click here to sign up. Now what does it look like? What manage Lee people do is they would come along and it would probably click the play button, order it, click here to sign up if they clicked, play bottom. We would present him with an opt in form so it looks like they're getting a video. But there is no video audio that like to play. It comes up. Please enter your name and email on under. Next pitch. I would presented video that actually play. It might say, Black powder and it like that. Guys, it's not. It's just a way to increase your conversions on an Upton pitch. So again, I just recommend guys for opt in pages if you want to use videos split tested but did not Quick word or the Time. So, OK, guys, that's in for Upton pages. In the next videos, we're gonna talk about the rest of the marketing pages 9. Module 3B Funnel Video Download Page: video masters. Hey, guys, Welcome back in this video we're gonna talk about to tank you. Pidge video are the download page video on? I believe guys, this is probably the most important video when it comes to actually engage in which a new subscribers are your customers on Brandon, your business a lot better now We've tested this in our business for the last you could say tree or for three years we probably moved to this format on their results. Have bean really, really good Didn't make it to explain it in simple sense, we get higher. Open rates may get higher click turrets. We could make more sales from our traffic because of this video, So it's very, very simple Process guys way explained in the last video that okay, you could be giving away something for free. Whether you use a video or note on your on your squeeze page, it really makes no difference when someone signs up. This is you could say first impressions last, So we always get in front of the camera. And I'm going to give you a template here that we've used basically the last three years that works really really well, we've a whiteboard behind us, and we could have five things under whiteboard. On the top, the headline could be tanking. Resigning up on the five bullet points on their whiteboard would be, for example, please white list or email address. Please connect with us on Facebook. Please reply to our emails on we will give you another bonus for free on. Please check out the special offer that we prepared for you and then please access your bonuses and training below. So everything that's on the white board, including the headline I would generally stand in front of the calmer on a record. A video on it would go Something like this guy's you know, Air guys. Captain Founder here, I want to personally thank you for signing up on. I want you to the family. We've got some also training available for you that you've signed up for. You going to get access straight away. But first, there's five steps that I would like you to complete first. And then they just talked into the steps of place waitlist or email address because you're gonna be able to to make sure you get our updates and services on going to see. Then we go through it, for example. Please make. We've actually prepared a special offer for a new subscribers. So if you scroll down the page, you're gonna be able to get a discount on this offer. And finally, we have prepared the training at the very end of disappeared. You're going to get access to your trade, and we've also sent you an email. So you have destroyed and for future reference, if you compare that type of video to a standard download page with my just have a headline Thank you for signing up on a pdf. They open up the pdf in a new window and then you could say the America I was trying to make sales from the banner study actually below on that there's no colt elections on. We're in a you could say information American and age. Now that people want to watch videos, people want to see people in front of the camera. So that is the way to go, Guys, I am this American and video that we used were basically we only met two of them over the past four years. So we eat, make make it once savers on the a quick video to make, and we consistently use it enough funnels every single time. So every time a new subscriber comes along, we actually introduce ourselves to dump thank you page videos. And I suppose these work isn't We're going to talk about membership, welcome videos and all that stuff. But thank you page video. It's works for whether it's a subscriber sign enough for a free report. Our customer that actually purse Just something. Okay, guys, that is pretty much it for Thank you Page videos on. I'll see you in the next video. 10. Module 3C Funnel Video JV Page: video masters. Welcome back to formal videos. So in this video, we're gonna talk about G videos, basically joint venture videos. They're very, very popular in the marketplace. So let's take example that you're trying to launch a particular product and service and you're trying to attract Jerry partners. This is the way we've always looked at this. You've gotta sell to your JV partners. So your JV page has got to look as good as your sales bridge. So if you put out a job a page, you turn a larger product. Always, always, always, always add a video. Now we have found I don't know whether it's because we've done so money JV videos. But we find JV videos to be the easiest type off video to do. We never unlike a sales video, we never actually used a script or we don't require a script. We just need Teoh. Remember to five important, you could say elements of your launch off. What do you want to get across your JV partners? So I give a quick example. We're talking about the launch of pick Fourth of September. So go is they got a launch coming up on did it. Onda product name is such insults. You're getting important details out straight away. The next thing you need to remember is they're JB's are interested in E PC's on prize money . They're also interested in the product. But we like to come back, which Okay, guys, straight away, we're gonna be offering a cash contest on. We're going to be putting up such amount of money in prices, So it's the exact same script for every single product. Next we move along to the funnel outline. Now, obviously, if you designed a product issued, have a pretty good idea of what the product is about. And it should be ableto explain it in front of the camera with out natural script. Andi. Finally, we would wrap up or JV videos saying we have got all the details. Were law everything you need about the launch, including email swipes on banners on our contact details. So by saying all the details are below, it's means that it was born were saying, guys, if you forget, it puts off the insider JV video such as contest, prize money or stopping like that, they have all details below. So, um, JV videos we generally in the past, we've used on Don't a whiteboard so basically right at the moment, do it right on the formal right are deprives me on the white board and you explain day to the JV partners the entire process. I would say the last two or three years, JV videos have changed slightly. Where people are just coming in front of the camera on we're using, you could say subtitles or captains underneath the video to grab their attention as well. Sometimes you could use an opt in box overly on your video to describe the product so people have. You could say in more your way improved. We no longer do whiteboard videos on for JVs. We generally don't do JV videos. Actually, inside it we normal issue JV videos When we're at the point, they were out plan calls were out enjoying herself. We get her to camera, we shoot a JV video, we notice scripted. We know exactly what's required and former back in the office, we edit on record it. It really, really depends on. It really depends on what type of product of selon, but as I said, the most important point is always going to be the launch date. The name of the product, the price money, the product information on telling your your JV partners that all the contact information is below if they need to contact you. So do not worry about JV videos. Go is if you take everything doubly. Teacher inside Discourse regarding modules Sorry regarding lighten regarding. Edit in your video. Never like that You will have absolutely no problem created a JV video. 11. Module 3D Funnel Video Sales Page: video masters. Welcome back, guys. And this video. We're going to talk about sales videos now. Unlikely. Your videos where we talked about, you could say an opt in page should be short extracted. Appoint a JV page issue. Probably know the script. You just need to understand that important points you need to cover, like the prices that launch date, the prices, etcetera. With a JV video, a lot more work needs to go into it. You can take into account that you can have diverse product designed, and you can have all the memories area really looking really, really good. But unless you've got a high quality sales video, your product is not going to sell, and no one is actually gonna see the Clintons. So we put a massive amount of time into our sales videos on we've been a massive amount of research over the past two years. Now they One thing we do guys, is we. We reviewed the top southers. We've ordered her every single monetary view to top sellers. Every single year we break die one day, highest gross and products across various networks and review what's happened. Now it's kind of comes down to if the research is already been done for you. What? You don't have to do it again. If something is working, you simply have to copy desk format to use in your own business locally for you guys. Because you purchased this program, we've actually done the research for you. I've got We've got a sheet here which basically breaks down on all the products and the top seven products on JV Zoo Onda. We broke down the entire sales pages. We brought down the videos and we've come up with a lot of interesting data from that data that read. You could say every research this around a year ago. We've applied what we've learned to our own American business. If anyone has seen the sales videos for I am Traffic haemophilia fund, I am product launches released into times than 60. And we're pretty much using everything that we're taught you inside discourse from basically shipment person chicken in green screen, adding animation, a text. Everything like that is required for the perfect sales video. So I'm gonna break down this list on I'm just gonna cover a few points, guys. So what? I've the most important points of cover to be relating to video, which I'm going to talk about. Here is a video in person, which is basically someone talking in front of the camera. The next day's animation text animations in the video or cartoons in the video and the next is the membership over fuel. The next thing I've talked about is the outrage, a lint off the video. So right, we're gonna start with the lantern. The video, um number one was 12 minutes. Number T was eight minutes 41 number tree was nine minutes. Number four was eight minutes. Number four, he was eight minutes and 1/2. Number six was two minutes. Next was 8.5 minutes. Next was treatment. It's 49. Next was nine minutes and the next was 12 minutes. So the average video lent for a sales video is going to be statistics is around 8.5 minutes . Generally, our sales videos are around. You could say between four minutes and six minutes, seven minutes, sometimes a little bit longer, but generally there's a little bit less done, the average right, but the next thing I want to cover the number one top seven product of all time. In the video itself you had in person video, you had animation, and it provided a membership slight overview. The second top selling product. There was no person on the video. It was solely animation on. There was actually no membership overview. It was just animation from start to finish The Turd one Waas It was only in person video, an animation. There was no membership site overview before one WAAS video in person animation and members upside overview. So more or less than the top 10 I would say the top 24. Let's repeat the same thing. What we've learned from this is intimate. Supposed to create the perfect video he used greetings. Use animation use in person and, if required, you do a memberships like overview from our statistics. 50% of the videos off the top seven products of all time guys did not have a person in front of the video cell. Keep in mind it's not required. Interest in part 100% off the videos used animation. So that's what I will say. It grieves and animation more and more in our sales videos because it is basically it's effective. That's the easiest we have. Got it. We got snappy text common and you've got music. It catches the user's attention and keeps them engaged in the video marketers. He could say Everyone has realized this over the past two or three years. That's why animation software is popular. Animation does work for engagement, so 100 people 100% off the products are using this on and 50% off the products are doing a memberships. Liked overview. So we've taken all this data guys we've tested on. We've learned for things for much works to create the perfect sales video one. We open up our video, as in most cases, which will be me in front of the camera, introducing myself and introducing the product. That's been it's simply it's an introduction. So Number one is in person. Number two is when we change the video to animation. So after the introduction is done, we want to talk. It's similar to a sales letter. If anyone has only don't studied anything on sales copy, do you would normally start off when you talk about a peon, so we would say and after the introduction. We could say something like You've been struggling with affiliate American and because you can't get more traffic. Leeson sales They're hitting people with a pain straight away. This is probably a perfect time to introduce some animation, some slide and texts and images except elect us right. So that is number two animation number. Tree is you're gonna basically solved the problem. Now. It's just like a sales copy. With a sealed video. You can solve the problem in two years. You can show them you can talk about what's inside a product are. It's more and more blind sales videos, a plane. Sales copies don't actually work, so you can simply show them their membership overview of the actual product. It works really well. Um, as we see from these 50% of the top seller products revealed the entire product in the actual sales video on number four, then most important parent, you need to close out and actually sell the product. So there's four currents that this sales video guys in person animation, membership overview and the ending which is comes basically down to introduction, excitement, product details and close that which is actually making a say off. So Okay, guys, um, that is basically a breakdown off up sales videos off all the things you need to keep in mind. The lesson, I would say from From this, um, if you've got for parents to your sales video, you've got four different sections. You don't need to worry about making a script and having to worry about learning everybody you could basically couldn't afford parts and do it that way. That's the number two is. Make sure you actually have a script written out for every single parent of the video before you start recording. I'm that way. It's just gonna be a lot less work on. Everything will come together very quickly. So Okay, guys, that's pretty much a wrap up on sales videos on. I will see you in next video. 12. Module 3E PowerPoint Training Videos: I am Video masters. Welcome. Because and this video, we're gonna talk about PowerPoint editing on recording. So there's actually trade different ways to do this. I'm going to cover the Freemen were first to use free software. Andi basically free Google dogs. So we've got a car print presentation here in our giggles, Floyd's on and reading the way Number one To do this would be click present. Andi. He was there. Oh, Bs studio to record your actual scream. This is easy. It'll work are perfect for you. You just like, present on from there. You can record the audio and edit the video option. Number two is used in Microsoft PowerPoint. Let me just open this open. I'll show you on with Marcus off PowerPoint. And if you have camped Asia, you have got a built in plug in. So when you click record, it's actually going to bring up the presentation on the other screen and from Dairy Click Record, produced the video and edit it from there, right? What I want to break down here is my favorite way of doing actual PowerPoint presentations . It gives us a lot more flexibility when actually recording etcetera So what I've done here Incantation. We have actual A PowerPoint opens on all my dates is I didn't present the actual power point. I just talked through each of the slides on when I went to go to the next slide, for example, here, you'll probably hear a little click. So I'm gonna come in a long and remove all these little cliques. It's only in this case, it's only gonna before. Right now, they're gonna ask, what about the actual slide? So Rotterdam worry about presenting it and getting everything right. In that sense, what we tend to do is we go to the actual slideshow and we download each slide as an image . So we got foil down Lord as Jeff Peg, Let's like the 2nd 1 download as J. Peg. I heard one download as Jeff pick on the last one. Okay, on. We're just gonna drag these into come to show Onda resize to actually matched the video. Okay, Perfect. So that's one to on. Just tracked before Off them in tree on final eight less Lem. Okay, now he's eating. We've to do here is basically lion up the slides for each perfect video now inside this video, we were using the slide show at the beginning, And then certain parents off the video, I would have switched to actually for Fox. So obviously I just leave that parrot over it, so let's go back. So we've got one on a 2nd 1 on the turban. Okay, So from here, guys, it is a simple as I want to really look at the background video to see where I went from. One slight the order. So from here first. Perfect. So all I do is bring this forward to this. We look at the second slide race, size it again. Onda. We see where? Okay, you can see it's just changing right here. Okay, Perfect. So goes to me. Just is It's a quicker, easier and more professional way to do. Actually, PowerPoint presentations now from here. But there is times that I said where we have to remove the clicking. So we just listen to the audio, all the retro it on any time we switched to another slide, you're probably gonna here on my slicker keyboard click. We simply edit that. So Ok, guys, I am. I hope this is a new and unique and fresh way to do, actually, PowerPoint presentations. As I said, sometimes you contest it. PowerPoint might work better for you. Witty out on simply present click record. I'm other cases. If you really like doing If you want to use the free software, you could do it. Which o. B s studio? Okay, guys, Any questions on this, please let us know. 13. Module 4A Recording Outdoors: deal Masters a guy's captain here and welcome back into recording outdoor video training. So what I'm going to do in this video, guys in this perspired I'm gonna Kulka about some of the advantages over according outdoors on basically show you the basic set up how we do it. So in this case, we've got one basic deal s or camera in front of us, and we are using a mobile phone connected with the cord to air condenser microphone, also known as a La Vietor microphone or a clip microphone. Now, first, we'll talk about talk about audio quality. In this case, if I put in a Yeti microphone and regardless of what setting, I said it to you. We're going to get a massive amount of background sound. If I use the camera microphone, we error is going to pick up a lot of background sound as well. So any time a car passes or a lorry passes or people are talking in the background, it's going to pick up all that's so this is a big advantage of actually a condenser or a love it or Mike. It's basically slipped underneath my short word into the mobile phone. It works perfectly. You can also look them straight into the camera. So that is obviously if you're a long way away from the camera and you you don't want a cable running longer basically to shoot and see. And the easiest way is to use a mobile phone and sink the audio. So okay, we've used, um, we use outdoor videos for pretty much all pipes of videos as well. JV pages and sales pages make. Most of our JV pages are Don't with an outdoor video. We simply connect the camera. We go to a nice location. I jump in front of the camera. I record a script, and that's pretty much it. If we're doing outdoor videos a lot of the time, we would actually let's see a sales video. We could start off the sales video in a really nice location, get people engaged in the content, and then we could move over to a Power Point presentation or I membership overview or something like this. But again, it's just I really careless of where you live in the world. Guys, I think you're or let's go to find locations that you can find that are basically you can shoot else and videos. I give an example here today is actually a bank holiday Monday. It's Monday morning. It's around 9 30 I knew what the rules are going to be. Very quite. I know it is not going to the kids screaming, Jokin! I know the weather is going to be absolutely perfect to make these videos, So these are the things you need to keep in minds Plan when you are going to go recording on. Basically, let's look at the if you notice some of the videos inside. I am video masters during the prelaunch, we did some such sunset videos on In this case, we had to get up 1/2 5 in the morning. Deal a lot of shooting by half it nine o'clock. Everything was done. It was absolutely perfect. If you wanted to record in India, even in is exactly. And we just get to some going down. We know exactly what time the sun has gone down. Basically, check it on the Internet. Go to that location 20 minutes 1/2 an hour before set up the record. Just work from there. So it is generally easy once you know where you have to, You know where they're going. And you know what time is the best time to go at that. So that is just a quick introduction, guys. And next in the next video, we're gonna talk about lighting and surrounds. 14. Module 4B Time & Sunlight: deal, Masters. Hey, guys, Welcome back in this video we're gonna talk about a background and a lighting when shooting outdoors. So it just a few things you need to keep in mind. I am. I suppose the first most important is the sun. On the next most important thing is your background appearance of what is basically happening there. Now, what we recommend, it does take a little bit of time to settle. We basically get the right angle, get someone to stand in front of the camera and make sure the shoot is correct. There's not in. It's just like shooting indoors. That is not gonna put people off the actual video. Now, in this example, we've got a mountain in the background and she got a little bit of a player. Skype it works are perfect for what we're actually doing. I'm Actiq soon is not showing it directly on me. The sun is not directly behind me. It's likely perfect in that sense. Now I'm gonna show you guys a few different example. Sam, I'm gonna actually just turn off the camera. We're going to move it around to decide. Actually that example and white that is not suitable on the same for the other direction. Okay, guys, here's an example of the sun being directly in front of me on what I've got here. I've actually got my sunglasses on something I do not recommend. You guys ever shoot sales videos, which sunglasses on. But if I try and take them off, I'm going to be pretty much like this. I'm squid them and making it absolutely impossible for me to make this video info. Basically, people waiting gets a really good idea. The shot looks actually good, but it's just gonna be really, really difficult. Another thing you're gonna have to keep in mind. We've actually got shadows here behind us. We can actually see the shadow of the cameraman as well. Obviously, this is something you do not want in your shot. So although this looks good, guys, they just stop me. Really? Keep need to keep in mind in a position like this. Never shoot directly in front of the sun. Okay, guys, in this example, the summers directly behind me on I'm actually standing in the shared now. We've been in disposition a lot of times over the years and shooting videos. It never really works when it comes to editing and publishing. What's normally gonna happen is I'm going to be completely basically shaded. It's going to be a dark effect. I'm not going to be completely and focus. So what are gonna do now, guys, is we're gonna actually switch to another location and show you guys a good example or shooting outdoors. Guys. Kevin here again and we're back at another location were actually in Parliament over Beach . Now it is you get there is one of my favorite times for actually shooting scenery shots. It's not the best location for shooting in videos on sales videos. Usually, places like this are too busy a little bit windy. But if you're after a nice salary, if you looked at our sales video, we did a lot of ourselves. Video right on the speech after story. Um, now what it's doing here is actually this is a sudden Roy's video shoot. You could call it one of the tricks you have to be to do this is actually get up early. Guys re actually get up at six Oclock in awarding were written here the last 20 minutes for the sun to start raising, and it just works out really, really good. So, um, sunrise and Sunset Workout. Excellent. First appreciating. So I just want to show you guys that this example guys, we're back at another location were actually outdoors. Beautiful Sunny Day, and I just want to cover a few points in this video. On regarding Shooting Outdoors is actually made day here in New York on the distance is directly above us. When you're shooting outdoors like this, it's probably not the ideal location of the idea. Lightened scenario, because you're gonna have a lot of a lot of shadows casting around you. But whatever here, I just want a copper wanting and it's kind of around. It's really it's to camera filters. Now we have these filters for the camera. We don't actually use them a whole lot. It's probably more photography or any things like that. You can actually put them onto your camera, and it helps. With the video editing, for example, we've got a massive blue sky here on what retained to do is when we're editing the video on our software on a PC. We just remove free or just the red and degree in to basically get a better quality video. Now, we're gonna actually show you guys this within this video on were actually got a corporatist in the pdf trade. And that's where I'll just show you how to adjust. But that's what I wanted to cover outside, guys, out our lighting. It's all about basically to time it air. Keep in mind shadows keep in mind your environment and everything like that. So, guys, that's pretty much are up on the outdoor shooting and module. Enlighten on. Good to see you in the next video. 15. Module 4C Script Preperation: I am Video masters. Guys, welcome back and this video. We're going to talk about script preparation. Now. I'm just going to show you guys, I suppose a few Lloyd examples off how we prepared a script for our product outlines how we prepared a script for our sales videos and how we prepared a script for our actual training videos. Now I'm not going to complicate this thing's guys. Three. Idea off. You could say making training videos, American sales videos is that you can get in front of the camera. You can record, edit and publish quickly and have a good video to work, which we don't use. Teleprompters. We don't use massive onto slowed shows. We basically just have to text. We printed out. We work from there, So let me give you a few alive example, starting which this is actually the product outline far. I am video masters Now. You could say three or four months ago, I put this product outlined together or we outlined every single one of the modules, everything we wanted to teach inside all the modules. We broke down everything we wanted to cover inside that particular module on. I would have left notes for everything. So let's take the 1st 1 as an example, recording equipment introduction We're gonna behind the location we're recording, which is the concert retreat or the office PC, the type of recording. So it's going to be 50% in person and 50% of screen share on the estimated limbs. I'm from there. I've got a simple no a video explaining everything recover in discourse, showing the fire to find a pdf sketchy. It's etcetera. Now, what I would it did from there when I went to a record that actual video, I would have broke down in my script again. I'll give you a few examples of it here. Um, you can take this. Okay, I'm going on to microphones. So I know exactly what I have to say about headsets. I know exactly what to say about yet is I know exactly what to say about clip mikes, etcetera, etcetera. So at the very start I wrote it probably had you could say one little paragraph of text and Dan, as we're going through all the modules, I complete them Now. Obviously you can do this which ever way you want you can ride out, detects for every single video and then start and one by one are just stared them individually. So that's the ant lion. Um, Stage one you could call it really to stage to. This would be the actual sales video of separatism. Now, if you guys watch the sales video, even notice that it's actually a voice over, it's an MP tree with a video in the back around. We're not actually in front of the camera speaking. So to make this recording, I simply typed out there the script on our PC, and from there I opened up a recording up, and I was able to just speak over it and read into document That's in front of me. Um, I would say 50% off our sales videos. We would use a script award for word on the other 50% we were just use bullet points of, For example, if I've got five points I want to cover in a sales video, and I'm extremely comfortable talking about that topic, the only real notes that I require our ability points, maybe an opening on what I'm going to see during the closing. Okay, Let's move on to another one here. Um, this is this is training courses. Now there's two different types of training videos we would do. Example one were in front of the camera. You could say I'm in the living room. I'm recording the train and video. Just speaking to the actual camera. I'm generally I want to have my script. Correct. I want to know exactly what I'm going to cover in that video. So I would write it out, worked for words. I would normally print that out. I would read it once or twice. Train learned actual lines on. And then I would just work descript from Actually dare I notice for me personally when I type something act? I just had to remember more. This is one example of an actual training video. Now, if we scrolled, I won the next training video. Waas it was This was a product for newbies on it was hosting and Web site. Now what I wanted to cover in this particular video was used example off the main research with some site, then moved to resell and purchased actual domain. Complete the payments and open up the main host um, look into the sea panel and say in the next video, we'll cover it so you can see exactly I'm ending the video. I'm gonna tell them what we're gonna cover in the next part. I don't need to write out a word for word script for this because it's self explanatory. Open up and you demand search title purchased the 1,000,000 added to your C panel, so I would cover that in screen recording trade. And only thing I need is bullet points. So you can see for this entire course, this is actually another 29 videos or something. Like close to that. It was pretty much like this. Drove the whole course. We wrote out everything we planned to cover on. We just record a training video on that. So Okay, guys, I think what you gotta learn from this. This module, this training video is demo prepared. You are for your complete. You could say training course easier. It's going to be known exactly what you're gonna put into each video module and from there breaking down individual motor. Not exactly what you're gonna teach if it is in person recording. Try and write out the script in full. If you're only going to be doing screen recording, have bullet points that you would like to cover. So OK, guys, that's a wrap on day script preparation. 16. Module 5A Free Software Editing Solutions: video masters. Hey, guys, welcome back to two software module. So in this first video, we're gonna talk about free software that you can use to actually record videos. And you can use the edit videos and obviously upload and publish as well. So guys rather Dan go true. If you're going to Google, if you go into anything up stores there is 100 and one different types of free Softwares out dirt that you can use. I want to keep things as simple AMAs Basic which this. We use one free software to record videos on our PC where I was going to do a separate video for this. Shorty, guys out here, connect your digital camera to your PC on regard. Another free software. We can use the cook videos and merge videos on actually, basically create a video anyway, you want on upload as well. So for those who are on a budget on, we are gonna provide you guys with some free solutions that will be able to do pretty much everything that we teach inside discourse. So I'm gonna jump over to PC guys, and we're going to start off with a software called or S B, which is a free software world. Before you guys with a link to download it as well. On in the first video, we're gonna show you guys how to record a scream and record the Webcam as well. Okay, guys. So step one here is simply download the software. Go to Google. Type it O. P s studio download on click the first link. Now, keep in mind, guys, that's an open source software completely free. So there's absolutely no reason not to install this. Even if you go to pet versions of software is re actually use this as well. So once you download us, we would just open it up. We have BBC studio or B s. Sorry, O B s studio right to explain. Put me up here. We've got our scenes alone here. Then we have our different up sources, which could be where cameras could be digital cameras. Could be microphones. Could be windows and boxes editing down. We've got a different audio sentence. For example, if you two are treated for the microphones connected, you can set which ones you want to use and decide whether you want to record did that stop audio goes for a free software. It is really, really good. So from where would we use this? In our business, for example, we are doing training videos. We recorded videos using the software, every dune review videos for products we could record video. Pretty much any type of recording you want to do can actually be done with the software. So what's really cool about it? It's Let's take an example that you want to dio screen one. Which camera which you're showing now. Sorry with no web. Come on. If I want to turn on the webcam, I can switch easily and quickly so you can see the webcam has come into effect straight away. You obviously have the option to resize everything moved things around. You can actually put layers on them as well. For example, you could easily add your local to this. So let's still over two. Let's start in, you see? And just to show you guys how it's set up, So we're gonna call seen, we're gonna call it example, I'm gonna click. OK, next we're gonna add what we would like to record. So first, I would like to record is the split culture. And I got a call this screen one which will be the other monitor on she we're gonna choose Monitor here. Andi, click. Ok, so that is the first thing we've actually got. Error are Contagion Ting here so we can move that out of the way. Next? Um, let's take We want to record our web com as well. So input settings we go to in this case it is video capture device. Aunt, we will call this wet Come click OK on DCI's the web Come, we're working. Wish so she has this web Come the activated, but not show him That's a good idea as well. I'm just like, OK, so keep in mind, guys stops discos and layers as well. So the Web country, although speak above now for the webcam, is actually not gonna connect now because it's connected on a date Butter one at the same time, so you can see it here, So Okay, um next thing we need to look at here is once you have everything set, Opara, you would like to record. So let's just actually change this to the other screen. And now we could director in a video. So OK, you can say I'm actually going to trade a video on the other monitor. So when you are ready to record a training video for let's use this example for a new product, you've got the option here that says Start record. So click start record on, for example, introduce people productive use weekly. Or course I'm just going to let this record for a little bit more guys just to show you this. So once this is done, it's actually going to be savoring the recordings on your PC minus set of seven videos. So I'm just gonna click. Stop recording Andranik over two videos. I just use videos on Dhere. We have the video that we just recorded, so we open it up. You can see straightaway. So it is. It works flawlessly going. It's free. It's effective you're able to collect your Web camera. You're able to towards screens. No, A Z. I said we're going to show you a video on how to use this software with your digital camera . That's gonna be later. Now, First I want to show you go. It is how to actually edit this video uploaded. So next thing is we go to Windows Store, and if you guys use Mac, Mac comes with a built in movie editor. That was really, really good for those reviews. Windows. This is the best free. Wondered if I could find. As I said before, Guys, there's hundreds of days out there on this one. Just works for what we want. It's did it. So it's called Easy Movie Maker by Joel on If I click Launch. We have a few different options here, so let me just drug it over. Are you sure you want to go back? Okay, so you can train videos from videos Extremely useful. For example, Um, when we recording a video earlier today, we made a mistake at the start to surround it and start again. Restart the camera, etcetera. We just continue to shipped American Rain, and we trend that off the end. Next is video merger. Let's take this video. For example. We recorded the first half on our delis or comer. We stopped recording and then we moved over to PC. So we're gonna actually have two conjoined two videos to make this training. We might end up a tree or four. So this evolution emerge. Videos very, very easy. Obviously, you can text at music, etcetera, but let me give you guys a quick example. Off this bulls that video this morning on what happened was we met a mistake at a very, very start. Much so, what I'm allowed to do is I would just make this short for this example. You have. Actually, you can basically play the volume on it as well to see. But let's just use this as an example. I would like to trim this part of the video to use far. Basically, it was the correct cut. So it's like export video, just MP four. Seaver is going to save the video. I'm actually gonna changed up to videos on submit and followed Flying lamp. Sorry, We just must give it a name. We call this 12 on submit on what I like about this after a guy's actually processes videos very, very fast. So let's let that render, and we'll show you the next part of this do you it automatically place after being opened. So we just like back when I would like a video emerging, I would like to select the video that we just placed here. It's the first half. If I click a plus here, I can add the second part of the video on. We can add different transactions between them on usually. If you want fast cook videos that it looks like it's all life, we would leave it to none. If you're looking for effects, you have all these as well. So once you have your video lined up, you can export it. Another reason for using this goes. Let's take an example. Don't you get a fiver local? You got a local from five or an ancient introduction local or you have one Creators. Now you can easily merge the videos just at the low for every time exporting merger with actual free software. So that is that is pretty much a rampant of free software. They tend to learn and keep in mind. Here is with oh B s, a studio. You have pretty much everything you need to record your screening retorted. Calmer on your delis or camera with easy video maker, which is another free software. You everything you need to actually trim your videos, marriage videos on export, your videos. So Okay, goes, um I'll see you in the next video 17. Module 5B Paid Software Editing Solutions: I am video masters. Hi, guys. Welcome back to have pet software training video. So again, guys, there is multiple software so that you can use to edit videos online pet versions on most of the commonly. If you're going to look for the most professional version out there, it's probably Adobe Premiere. You can actually sign up for a monthly subscription on Adobe. You don't have to pay eight times since four actual self tour. It does require a lot off learning. That's one thing I've noticed. If you know Adobe products on your familiar with Softwares and stuff like that, you'll be able to pick it up pretty quick. Um, lots of effects. It's pretty. It's pretty cool on it. Does the job the next most popular software would be silly? Vegas? Um, Sony Vegas comes with a lot of plug ins. A lot of scripts is good for text. That's good for sound editing on again. It's a really it's probably more expensive. Software, the most common one in the Internet marketing space on the cheapest want to actually get hold off on the one that I've used in my business for the last you could say 678 years since we started recording videos is camped Asia. I think the purchase prices between $97 or 157. Sometimes the offer discounts. But it's been a really, really good investment, guys that allows us to edit videos anywhere you want. Do effects do audio, etcetera. So in this video, guys, we're gonna be looking at Camp Tasia. Okay, guys, in this part of the training, I'm going to show you how to use Camp. Tasia. Andi have to edit actually, some of the videos that we have record abs. Now I'm going to be using Come Tasia furthest. So it's kind of difficult to record at the same time and show you guys everything I want to cover. So I'm actually used on day or B s free record and software to do this video. So Step number one, um, webcam Tasia is that I want to cover is you can do a screen recording now. If you put up record the screen, this it'll pop appear appears. From there, you can record full screen or he agree card custom sizes. Now, I give you guys a little tip here. If you're doing videos for YouTube on dure doing website reviews. Generally, the best size to do is 1280 by 7 20 So basically you can it move this into the center and generally, what we were doing discuss. Let me just open up something. Um, we would take their window and let it be far Fox Cromer and didn't like that on we would resize the window to the actual to the actual size of that frame. Basically, you are going to get a higher quality video. In that sense, you concede a green outline here and agreeing outlined. So we just basically stretched the frame and the same for the end. Now, the thing you need to keep in mind here, rather than have it all the way down to the bottom, you'll end up making a video and cover some of the topics that are not actually in the frame. So it's a good idea. Make the actual window the exact size off the frame, your recording. No money. People do disguise. We ever doing power plane train, and it's very, very important that you have the right aspect radio. But most people, I suppose, simply record when the click full screen. But if you have a large monitor, it's not gonna work for everyone. I recommend. Customize it. So that is screen recording sizes. You can choose whichever monitor you want. You can. Actually, if you want to record two monitors at once, you can actually stretch this all the way up to the owner monitor as well, right? The next is Webcam. If you have a Webcam connected, we can actually just turned a webcam on, and it's actually it's not connected because it sort of gets reused it witty. But our software, But yet normally webcam on very, very easy right, I'm gonna cover Web comes while I'm doing this, especially with Cam Tasia. If we do in comfortable videos for clients or simple training videos for our groups, we like to put the webcam on, get in front of the clients. If there's mistakes, it's not that important. It's just a casual video. If we do, and professional training videos on Lee tend to leave, the Web camera turned off for the simple reason you can edit the video. Let's say if you make mistake on a slight or you're making a mistake on a parent training. If you're putting yourself in front of the camera, it's a lot more difficult to edge. So my trick here is believed a Web camera turned off when dune professional training videos or sales videos on most of the time, obviously discs cases where it it's better to use it. Right Next. We have our rodeo. I'm We've actually two microphones connected here. So we've got our yeti and our HD webcam signals that choose the right market phone we're gaining. We would split deities and which higher quality microphone guys. So if you have to to connect it all the summit on Yeti right here you have equalizer. Generally we have this around 75%. You've got the yellow, it goes from green yellow. And then if I shout, it will go into red. You do not want to hit and red you want it just basically at the highest point off yellow. So from there, guys, once you pressed record, I can actually show you a live example here. Once you press record. If the wait three seconds, Andi, generally I will wait a second or two before I start recording and just edit that little bit at the start, so I'll show you guys that example on. I just left that got there to show you. So let's click. Stop from there generally, um, come, Tasia upsetter toe order. Play the video. But what we do here is we click, save and edit. We're gonna call us. It's called Cups or five. And from here can come. Tasia will automatically open up. So this is the clip that I just record it. Here, you can see is where I left a gap at the start. So the first thing I would do when I'm editing videos I always know that at the beginning I could be talking about someone I could be moving around the office, whatever reason. So I will simply just curious to cut this goes. You can do split all, um, slept at delete. Let me just control and said you can undo the next thing. You could just select it like this and put cut you the way it works. Right? Said that has had to do screen recording. I'm frustrated to come tissue on from there You go to file, you go to produce and share you cheetahs MP for up to 10 eto and you click next. Give it a file name and click finish. So I just rendered up Quickly show you her longer texts? No, that took whatever. Less than five seconds from there you can open the production folder on Actually view the video. Very simple, very straightforward. One of the down falls off. I would say any video software is Sony Vegas is no different. Um, a long video. A 30 minute video will actually take 30 minutes to render on regardless of what PC you have . It's just how it works. So what I want to show you guys now is we recorded a video. I'm one of the training videos here. It's actually on office desk recording. Onda We we have one camera was the fall and the other camera was the digital camera. Now the way Can't Asia works? This video software works pretty much like any image editor or any video software you have layers. That layer that's on the top will always be the layer that's going to be showing first. So if I was to resize this video, for example, I can have two in one video here. Very, very, basically. Simple enough. If I put this video on top, the other one's going to disappear, right? I'm You might wonder what happened there. Your slowed or here must be on the video. So if there's a blank space, knotting is gonna show in the preview. So simply just moved a slider along. So right, The first thing you have to do if you have two videos, you need to worry about sinking Dick Audio straight away. So the first video I would like I would like a deluxe our camera on top, because that is our main video. And so let me just resize that back to normal, we're actually going to be showing you guys pan and zoom as well. So let's worry about audio now. I probably clapped at the very start of this video, and I know I did not run on there the actual phone camera for about five seconds later so we can slide it along here, get a pretty good idea off where the audio cut should be, and from their use control and the mouse key to zoom in on day. Mostly 100% perfect. Guys zoom in as much as you possibly can on line them up to absolute perfection. So Okay, excellent. Right. So I want to make sure I've got it from the very start of video. So let's see. Let me just now. Here just before I do this, we've got two audio tracks. Elvis, lady, audio track. I want to use this from the camera and a yeti not dumb or by phone. So if I take I have them lined up correctly, I should be able to play under simply a clear enough on as we can see. That's pretty good. That's excellent, actually. So with, like, edit odio Sorry. Click Edit audio. And we're going to track down the audio for the mobile phone. So prepare. We've got the very start of. So what I'm gonna do and discuss is dragged a green spider on get rid of oldest on. We have to start over a video, So Okay, we're going to talk about a few things here on pan zoom and clips. So let's try and make sure we do not move this. Just make sure the two of them are all that's left up together. so sink to correctly. So generally I'm going to start off the video on and we could do one of two tanks. I could. It's seconds into the video to say that there should be a change or in effect in the video every eight seconds. Not always the case. If we're doing a training video or your Disick standing in front of the camera training, get your point across. But if you have two cameras, you've got pan and zoom and you've got different angles. You might as well make use of them to make your video look more professional. So first thing I'm going to do is I always look for dips Indie audio, which is usually the best parent to cut. So I've got a dip in the audio here. I'm gonna put split all. So now we've got one clip on our second clip. So first clip, I am going to you. I can move this around, but I'm going to Vienna, discusses I'm gonna call the under control key on Zoom in with the mouse. So when the video starts, it's amazing dinner Closer. So OK, let's have a look. Okay, perfect. So let's just have a look the way that starts our customers. You're so on. Then you can see after 12 seconds just zooms out straight away. So next hang. I've We've got their second camera here, which is the more boil forward. But the only time I would probably cut the mobile phone is in is when we actually turned to the more before and are talking about the mobile phone. So let's just look for a parent here where I'm actually turning around. We can use this example here. So I'm gonna cut here, and I'm going to go forward six seconds where the audio dips again. I'm gonna cut again now because I've met too Simple cuts on I want Day demort before on top . Only thing I need to do, guys, it's slide it up. So let's just click play and let's see how this looks. Just our eventual training videos way for directly in front of us. Rothko committed and you can see perfectly. It just goes back and forward. So cuts in your video guys aren't actually that simple, right? So that is your penance. See, you can obviously you can have a slow effect. Sometimes it doesn't work for these type of videos. But let me give you a quick example, Rounder Dan, rather than just do a quick zoom out to the other cut here, we can put in a quick pan and zoom. So let's take this example. Okay? I'm just gonna zoom in here as well. On what it's doing is put a little blue dot Here, the more you increase this blue dot this lower, it actually is. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put we're just actually needed on the top video. The bottom video is irrelevant because that's not in play. But let me show you how that works. Let me just, like, play you say on it was It's pretty fast into preview guys. So let's do it another way. Let's make it a little bit slower yourself. Yeah, Now it's It's almost impossible to see and actually a preview off countries yet. But when you edit a video, you'll be able to see that basically figured I would effect. Um, right Next thing, um, we need to worry about again. It just comes down to trump the video. Mitt could see where possible, especially when you're two cameras. I would probably a this case again, go back to the start. There is no need to have the light in the shot. I was not worried about the light When I was recording a video, I notice one were describing the office. But even in the normal video, where I did not want the actual light show, I know during the editing process, all I need to do is simply zoom in and cut the light out of out of the actual preview out of the shot. But when we come down to the guys, it's pretty much the same again we have. I did a little purity end to say that the video was on when I come to editing it, I just know to remove after that part. So cut, right. In a normal scenario, we would probably be a dean given example here. We just want to add to this. We're going to be covering a lot more of text and animations on older stuff and green screens inside the order module that this is just basically come to Asia. Basic training overview majority off there. The majority off the video editors would be very, very similar. I'm just going to take our actual local here. Guys just show you how to put in a local into your videos. Just one seconds. Cook this part of like a local. So I'm just gonna grab the local from our desktop. So insert media ticked local, So dragged the lower go into the timeline. Generally, the Lord is going to go on top because it wanted over all the other videos. So let's just move. It's just moved a local over here for now. We moved east on one level, moved a logo back across, position the logo from the start of the video to the end of the video. If you don't have an intro on, generally, the logo is gonna go bottom right corner top, left corner top right corner. It really depends. Were put it in the top left. Sorry. Button. Right corner. Let me just zoom in. You got a little assume till here as well, so we can move it around any way we want. Okay, So now we can see because we have extended local the time, find a full list of the actual video. It's going to stay away from start to finish. So OK, guys studies cos you trade him a Zala city. Any questions? Let us know. 18. Module 5C DSLR Setup For Facebook Live Feeds: I am video masters. Hey, guys, welcome back in this video we're going to show you guys have to connect your delis or camera to your actual PC on this will allow you to do live Facebook feeds with your delis or camera. So there's a few things you need. Go is locally. It includes 200% free Softwares and simply a cable. So you need a camera cable that connects your face. And keep in mind that this camera K but mostly Pacific for your camera. So we've got a special Nikon torta tree Torti camera cable cost around $15 if you can. On camera, you need to come along, boy can on cable, etcetera. A really, really good investment guys. Now a few little chips when you're actually boy in the cable majority of the cables we've seen the Raider a meter long or a meter and 1/2 long, which doesn't give you a massive amount of room to play with actual camera. So what we did then is we purchased we had one around is basically a USB extension cable. It's actually five or 10 meters so we can put the camera anywhere we want and still connected to our computer. So it's really, really useful, guys. So on top of data, you need they will be s software, which we talked about in the previous video. It's 100% free to download. This is actually a stream and software, but it also allows you to record videos. The next thing you need is a nutter freak software. It's called Cam. Get. You can control 100% free software on what this does is it allows you to control of your digital camera from your PC. But with that, it also allows you to put on output off the loi feed off the video camera to your PC on. Then you used to always be software to actually sink it to Facebook, and it's almost afraid only thing you really need is the cave off. The guys are gonna jump over to the B C guys and show you how the software works together. I'm just going to run the camera back into PC and we're gonna work from there. Okay, guys. So the next thing you need to do is go to Google on typing digi cam control on, and you will come across the street. Software you could say Is it is it easy to use free solution for complex camera control? So once you don't know that, guys, it's 100% free. You simply turn on the software and from there you look your camera into the U. S. B port. So your comment should appear in the bottom left corner. You can actually have different cameras as well. So for what we want to use this for, it is basically a Lloyd's of you. So we click Lloyd, you on what will happen? It is this. Books like this will appear so that like, to get a camera that we have them alive. You at the moment. Next thing I do is reflect this, Papa. I come on it, it'll actually pop out full screen. Next thing we would like to do is resource this and this is really where you need. Actually, you could say two screens really, really hope on the resize this on. I'm actually for now, I'm just gonna move it over to deep butter screen. So that is one. Let me just close this preview right pat to is we open up today or B s software, which we downloaded in the last video on. As you can see, I've got it under feared with the webcam on. We have also connected a Nikon camera. Your as well. That's actually that's the lawyer view. There's actually two Opens. That's the reason for that. Okay, Perfect. So we have to Canada, right? I want to show you about seven in here. Um, basically, the Nikon camera is You can come along and you can resize this. So I just want to make sure that I got the right screen. So double click this on. We're going to choose the life of you. Not this one. No. Well, this one perfect. Okay, so that I start to click. OK? And from here, we can resize it inside. It will be a streamer. So for the case of live you guys, generally I do not want that little box along the top. I don't want the close button. So I dragged it up to the top on. What we do is resize it. The look. So so we have no borders on. We have two important part of the screen that we want. So that's my idea of this is Let's take this. I'm just gonna turn throws the Brett Comer. I was starving off a livestream dudes and training introduced in the train and etcetera. And then we want to switch over to PC. So we click screen one on. We wanted a web camera and recorded the actual screen. So this is pretty cool. It goes again. It's all free software. Now you can record on. You can stream now. I'm not sure why I'm streaming at the moment. I didn't plan on straighten it, so I'm just gonna click stops streaming on and recorded it could in which irrelevance. So that is card woman. It's pretty much connecting their cameras can attain. Download on both software is setting up the configuration on just, like recovered it. He always be software guys. You can. And as many scenes as you want ending. You could have different sources for every single scene, right? Didn't experience. So I'm just gonna move this over here. I'm gonna move this over here video screen, and we're gonna go to Facebook, so it needs to look into your fan page on Facebook on you. Then you need to go to publish and hills, It's in the top menu from there, Click on videos. Next is you got a little plus sign here beside upload Selected plus and alive on Facebook is going to give you a stream or your Oh, on a key. Only thing really really interested here, guys is key. Now, this is really something to keep in mind because I know it could be frustrating when things do not work. The key doctor getting is followed for seven days, and once you previewed a video, you have five hours to go alive. If you need more time, you create a new stream prospect at that time. So it is this ray a part of that is just because I copy district key, the stream key into the software today and use it does not mean it's gonna work tomorrow. Tomorrow I've got to come back to Facebook and possibly reset Dickie. So we're pretty much in the habit of just doing it all the time and only text e seconds. So we take open up. The day will be a software onda. We go to settings, we go to stream and we have our stream court here. So that's the old one. Let's just type in a new one. Like a ploy. Click. OK, right. Next. I'm gonna be doing a lovely feet example here. So I'm actually going to I'm just going to do the screen. I'm gonna move this over. I'm actually I don't I don't want this duplicate screens to confuse you guys. So let me just put this like this on, and I would just pop this out to make it half a window as well. Okay, so we have the Facebook software on and we have our be software, right? Once everything is sorry, guys, once everything is set and you're ready to get a live stream, you click on start stream on you click on next. So activities were connect pretty much to decision time again. If you get a narrow guys just basically closer Thailand and attempted again. Keep in mind. That can take a few minutes. I gave it up to 60 seconds. It should work. Okay. Excellent. So we are complete in the stage. We could put in er video title. We could put in our post. We can go life. So, guys, this is let's say If I want to switch ducted a webcam, let me just switch it back over to my God. Come. You will notice that the preview will opti it around tree four seconds later. Just keep that in mind. So let's just keep watching Duncan. The preview updates on Facebook does take a few seconds for it to actually country. And here we go. So you would start the Facebook stream again. We're first in the red. Come on. From there, you can switch back to their sorry present a digital camera, and then you could switch back to your priestly. So it's really simple. Guys are any questions at all with this? Let us know tested. Wish you success with this medicine. 19. Module 5D Audio Software: I am video masters. Okay, guys, welcome back in this video we're gonna talk about audio software and audio solutions now dependent on the type of marker for when you're using, dependent on your audio quality dependent on your accent, dependent on the packer and silent varies how much editing you need to do with your audio. Now, in a lot of cases, we would do our audio editing inside off Fantasia. Basically, there's some things that I would use often here, for example, enable noise removal and sometimes they produced an outdoor video. You might have a background Nice. Very simply click this and it removes. A lot of the background knows this was actually useful for Let's say, if you've got a computer and it's got a nice plan, this will have a good effect on us next one. Ikan enable voice level in options. Generally, we don't use this anymore. But if if you've got a parents of the video that basically you have two requirements that it must be the same level all the rhetoric video, you simply collect this on. We don't use it for our trading videos or our sales videos. We prefer the holy and low effect. There's also an advanced option here where you can remove clicks. Now. This is pretty is very handy for training video, especially power point on. It will actually come along and remove a lot of dead Clickety silent. If we're doing power points and we're flicking between slides, General Way are actually manually come along on removed a click. If we're doing sales videos and we're flicking between sales pages or anything like that, we're probably just come along and put out that two or tree second click the user. It doesn't need to hear. Introduce Who doesn't need to see you slowed in between pages, so sometimes we manually do it right. This is probably basic sound editing that although you guys will probably get a weird in most cases now, if you would like to, you could say, put more effort into your sound on and depending on what you want to do, what we would generally dio. If you have an MP tree or foil or an audio file, we use a software called It's Audio City. You can get a free copy of it. I'm gonna drop the link below this video as well. But let me just It's a free software, just like or BC, just like their mother comes studios after sorry, day come control software we were using. So what if you're editing the video in, for example, come studio or whatever video software you're using, you should be able to export the audio as an MP treat, so it would come to Asia. We go to produce special, we go to export audio on we've got an MP tree or a W. Every file, which is MP tree. We say, if that and from there we open up the audio city software and we import the file. So, guys, this is it's got a lot, a lot of effects. I'm not gonna go, sure, every single one of them here. But I'm just going to show you guys a few different ways to use that along here. You have levelers of noise reduction. You could repair several parents of video. You can. There's so many different options here, but I'm just gonna show you guys how to preview it and use a little bit of it. So first off, you would come alone on, and let's give an example off leveller on what you can do is you can click preview, and it's going to generate a quick preview off change. From there, you can adjust the sentence. For example, tech necessity got light, moderate, heavy, heaviest on heavy, heavier and heaviest. If we were to change these around, the sound quality is it's in discus. It's just going to be a lot rougher on. Then we can just that the guys, the way to use this for for your audio is choose the parent. Cheers. Any part of the audio click preview? Just the sentence to the quality that is basically except book that you're looking for. And from there you can click. OK, so from there it's going to actually employ death, that setting to the entire video so you can continue playing around with effects. Guys, this is from there. You will go to file on. You will save the project on basically, export the audio. From there, you can save the project to open it in the future to continue engine or you can export audio. I'm from their drug. It straight back into come to is you induct kiss. You would remove the audio from the video and place the MP tree foil below on that zits. Simple enough to do go is basically export the audio. If you've got it in the file, make adjustments. You want to industry free software on importing audio back Now, the other reason we use this software. If you can actually use this for recording your own voice as well if we were doing over it advice over. So sometimes that we gotta sink the Mike Witt actual camera. We have to go to do it separately. We would use the software. You can select the microphone from here, select the speakers and press record again. Freddy. Easy to use software, guys. I'm so that's pretty much it. Verdict or your module? If any questions, please let us know. 20. Module 6A Video Backgrounds & Green Screen: video masters. Guys, welcome back to their animation module. So in this module, we're going to go over a few things. We're gonna clover video backgrounds. We're gonna cover animations and locals text effects, add voice over to your local and a few other things like that. We're gonna break it down into a few training videos, so I'm gonna start after module, guys. Way to work in front of a green screen on what I gotta do in a second is just record a quick video clip from there, we're gonna head back down to the office. We're gonna show you guys again how to remove the background and a video clip. How to make an actual video aunt of this presentation on just show you go is from start to finish. So first off, I'm just going to give you guys are looking tip When we do recording and editing, I'll give you, for example, just before we go to actually start to Santino start recording. Well, actually, just pepper hands on the minute. That means that when we go today editing software, we're going to see this huge spike in the audio. You know, we could just come along, Could video there. I give an example sometimes would actually press record on deficits for the next one or two minutes setting up, we might make a mistake. You're een editing on. We might have to start again. So we end up just hearing like this and you can see the massive spike. So I'm just gonna record this quick little intro, guys, and we're gonna head back downstairs. Hey, guys. Kevin Fatty here and welcome to early M Video masters. All young video masters is a complete a step by step training course which will show you how to edit, create and publish your own American videos. Okay, guys, we're back at the PC now. So the first part of its video, we're gonna show you how to remove the green screen on work with video backgrounds. So I'm just gonna give you guys a little tip on. How about that? We've got into over the years. Every time you take the card, added a camera. Normally, you put it into a little stick. Hold or straight into your laptop. Don't work from that card. There's a few reasons for one. If sometimes the car gets loose and during editing this, it basically it loses the video formers on reason number two is just get in the habit of actually copy in the movie Tear actually pc on removing it from the car. So next time you go to record your memory card is actually clear again. So just a little tip goes So the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna drop this into a PC . I'm gonna copy the files over on. We're gonna start 18 The green screen. Okay, guys, we're going to use Camped Asia Firdous. So I have now copied de foils to my PC, so I'm just gonna import the foils on. I'm gonna give you a few tips and tricks on how to use come to in this video as well. So in the top left, you will see import media. Once we click this, we're looking for green screen video on from here and it in your import. Let it be video audio images will always show up here. You've got these little icons for media library clip been, which is an it in your imported call outs pan and zoom or your transitions and you have more options here as well. So but with little or every we will drag this clip into the timeline so we can see here on it's gonna bring up. You can say that. Order your frequency all the way along. So let's just have a look at this. If we use there's a few different ways to scroll in and you've got this little slide or here are my favorite way would actually be just hold down the control key and used a mouse scroll or zoom in and out if you could see, sometimes it's like that and I'm after select them some of the video just to get away from that. Just double click anywhere on the timeline. So I'm gonna explain of what's happening in this video on this parent. Here is the parent, which you would have just watched on. The parent which were looking for is the parent at Avery Aunt. First Prayer was talking. Hi, this is Kevin Fatty. Welcome to William Video Masters, so we can see the two flaps that I did by looking at the frequency in the audio. You can see one of the start and one at the end, so Rather than worry about the whole video I'm only interested in You could say it apart. We want for this actual presentation. So again, there's a few different ways to copy. Pissed and cut. My favorite way is too drunk the slider differently Wanted in the video, which we're just gonna parent We're not going to try and get it exactly perfect this time. Preference would probably be here, but we're just going to give herself a little bit of room to play afterwards. So just after the flap, I'm gonna right click and select Split all on what I've got here. Now it's just basically split up the complete truck. Andi, I'm going to do to see him at the end. So just before I clap to finish the video split all on slept on dill it. So we're actually we're going to be putting an intro at the beginning of this video. Am I gonna be putting an ending? But for now, we're just gonna move it to the very start. So I grabbed a slider, bring it back over the video, and then your video will appear in You could say the preview box. So let's just zoom in, right? The purpose off this part of the video is basically removed. A green screen. Now, if two options you can zoom in like this and then you control and removed a green screen my preferred medic's on you could say the better way to do it is first crop, the actual video. So what comes Fantasia? You've got a little crop button up here. It's the first icon in the top, right? If we click that now, the thing I want to keep in mind here, I want to allow for movements off my arm. So I'm just going to go out around, we could say to foot under left to foot under right and leave space at the top as well. So excellent. Right now I have cropped day movie, um, removing. You could say the parents of the greens going, which I'm not going to be standing in. The next thing I would like to do is just a little pan and zoom. So I'm just going to zoom in so that I'm taking up. You could say 75% off the screen on I'm gonna use you could say it a rule of turrets rather than be exactly center. I'm just going to go slightly to the right. Okay, next is we've got we consume in this box here. So oil us previously used shrink to fit onto The next thing is we want to remove degree, so make sure the slider is over the video. Make sure you have the video selected, and then click more and visual properties from here we go to remove a color. Andi, then you've got color. Click this box on bond from there, Click Select color. So sometimes you get this right straight away. Other times you need to reset it and just keep you could say X electing a different shade of green. So first, I'm just gonna select something flows to the block, but making sure it's degree and that's mostly inside the picture. So I'm just gonna click here on you can see I've still got a green outline on. We've got green here as well. So let me just reset that first before retrain and just want to show you another example. So reset, just like the reset. Go back to select color on gonna select dissed shared over here as you can say the other option was much better. So Ray said again slept color. Okay, um, let's reset one more time and see if you can get it closer to the first time. Okay, That is not bad, right? So wait, the options here. You've got tolerance, softness, softness. And Hugh is the tree most common ones. So basically, we adjust Dia's. Now, keep in mind if you just too much day video is going to completely disappear. If you do softness too much, it's gonna go to transparent If you do huge in which the colorants gonna go completely office. Well, it's just gonna like in the picture, So we want the right balance of all tree. So tolerance, softness on Dhue. So if we just increase on increase, Okay, you've still got a little bit of green here on my face has gone a little bit light so we can adjust it like this. So OK, guys, this is it's not picture perfect. We might need to be adjusted more in a minute. So what we want to do here is we want to drop a background into it, depending on what you're putting in the background. Will department. How much the green is going to stand out is that that's just a little tip. So let's I'm gonna show you guys a few examples, so let's go. Gotta Clary break library on. Let's pick out something and off the lion. You've got some custom teams here, so let's go. Which animated title? Okay, now, obviously, if you want, it's like a suppose most video editors almost image editors. If you want a video on the top, it's kind of like Layer receive. Got different track numbers, dragged a video up first after background. Second, if you want a text and you could have it below, you can put it in the middle of the low orbit or above. So let's just like play. Andi. Let's just extend, okay? And we can see the background here. The green is not really standing out, so let's just play this video. Guys, let me just turn down the volume first on play. Okay, I would say that is pretty much acceptable on. We can continue to improve it. We can zoom in a little bit like this a times so it it really works for what we're trying to do. here so that it is Now. I want you to keep in mind, guys, you can put absolutely anything you want in the back around here. Generally, we don't put videos in the background. Um, we've done it in the past, but generally we used oils. So let's just give a few examples. I'm going to go to Google on gonna tight in dark backgrounds on what is going to look at a few different images. So few image save as but to our editing software on a slip library in port media. I just need to see where I actually save. That's okay, that's top on. We're going to remove animated toil on. We're gonna use a background image. Okay, so this is it's going against the rules in one way, I'm using a black short on I'm using a dark background, but luckily the dark background has white in the center, So overall, guys, this looks pretty good. Now let's just give you guys another example. Let's go to light backgrounds on two will pick something that's simple as that few image I can see. Let me just pick a different one save image as on weaken drug it straight. And I'm not just test this one office later Images a little bit small. So in that case, we can actually resize it. I wouldn't recommend stretching images too much. No, into scarcity. Okay, Basically to resize that I'm using control. Andi Demo ski. So okay, we have that image on. We have video here now. Okay. You can see guys wit are editing off me. In the actual black short, you could see the whiteness is coming into it. So we just need to adjust this a little bit more to removed us. Okay? Um yep. In this case, guys, you're going to see that the black background just works much, much better for the type of video number doing here. It matches absolutely everything. So what I'm going to do with this is I still need to adjust these visual properties on this video on that, sometimes, guys, you could see it's going a little bit messed up. If it is happens just like reset and pretty much start again, select the color, go from here and then adjust all your settings very, very slowly. You can say to softness is the big issue here. OK, excellent. We still have a little bit of green on the edges and you can see the way I'm soften that. There it Sometimes it looks OK. Sometimes it looks it's pretty acceptable on too much on. Basically, you're going to receive comments on it, so Okay, excellent. Right, guys, we're gonna go Which this we're gonna cut it at the end. This is the last lap. So again, slept all on. Now I've cut because there's two things in the timeline. I've cut the image on the video, so I can just remove, So OK, go is this is pretty much a wrap on doing your background video with degree and screen in contact you in the next video, we're gonna talk about intra texts and nominations, etcetera. 21. Module 6B Text Effects: video masters that goes. Welcome back in this part of the video, we're gonna talk about kinetic text on using animations in our video. So we're still got the same video here. We've done the green screaming in the intro, and I were gonna added This effect kinetic text is it's powerful for user engagement that it's probably the easiest. Where do you put it to? You can put locals. You can put texting and push animation characters, etcetera into your presentations and engage with your audience better. So there is. We're gonna cover, basically tree different ways of doing this. You can use come to Asia, which we've often used in this way you can use text, which is the example we're going to show you, or you can just keep overlaying with images. It does work really well on it. It's just a little bit of a Justin to actually get a presentable video. The next option is using a Power Point presentation. Andi, In discus, we actually use a contagion Adan which allows you to record the screen and a purple presentation on audio at the same time. So this works really well on deterred method. Would be used in Sony Vegas. Sony Vegas is a little bit better. It's a little more complicated to use, but for a district of text on the slap of effects, it has a little as a few more features and options. So that's it, guys, I'm gonna jump over to the PC on We're gonna stared. Weight camped Asia. Okay, guys. So I have contagion opened here. I've also got a note pant foil wit detects that we plan on using so that their text days I am video master is is a complete video training masterclass that will teach you how to record student videos, edit like a professional and publish with confidence. Now, keep in mind when you're doing this type of text, you do not have to do it Word for word. So let's just break this down. I'm just gonna copy it first. Andi pissed. So the first lawyer would obviously be I am video masters on. We've got complete video training masterclass that will teach you so we could remove dot will and it'll teach you how to teach you again. So records done in videos ended like a professional. We can remove. Andi can put published with confidence. So basically, we have created 12 tree for 567 slides or seven effects for this video. So let's just I'm just gonna move this over to the other screen, and I'm going to go back to our Fantasia, so Okay, um, we're probably gonna add this effect after degree in screen on sourcing. I'm going to Davis. I'm going to use the same background. Andi, I'm going to go to income. Tasia on the left. You've got all your menu here. You've got literate library call outs. We want to click call outs with, like, add call out on. If you'd like this box here, you're gonna find text. So select text. Andi, let's go with it. I am video masters. So in this case, we need to resize the books So everything fits Onda. We will need to resource the text as well. So we want this as big as possible. It's not going to be a local, so it might actually work out better. Like So. Okay, now let's increase the size again to 100. Okay, I am video masters. Basically, that's it's plain text on top off an image right. Let's look at some of day transitions that we can add to this. So keep in mind, we could actually, at the end of this between the green screen on D day, the transition to over kinetic text we could put into music, we might not. We simply have to adjust and move it. What we are going to do at the very start of this is we're gonna put in, we're gonna put a barn effect on the actual text. You can see that it's it's put the Baron effect both sides so we can actually go in and just that as well. So I should be able to. In that case, yes. We split us and remove it. Liked us. Okay, Next is we've got a barren effect. When the text comes in, we need Teoh. We can add different effects to it. So let's not add another effect to the actual background on Let's quickly just play this now. I noticed when your preview it in Fantasia, sometimes it's a little bit shaky, but when you're rendered a movie, generally it is Okay, so we've got a little fade in effect, dear. We've got a barren effect on. We also might put a dissolve on it as well. So I am video masters. Normally you can say it to yourself. How long is that ticket's gonna take around? Two seconds after re at audio. We can adjust that. So I am video masters on from here. We will copy and pissed. So basically control V Control C Control V. Onda. We take the next slide, which is complete video training. So double click go back to call outs and select all the text on and replace complete video training. Okay, Now, in this case, we're actually going to remove that effect on We're just going to use a barren effect. Okay, Just remove and Adam's not start. If you consider that sort of the start in the end wit. If that happens, guys just separated like that. Slipped the 1st 1 and then we were back in. So let's just I am. Video Masters is a complete video training onda. We move onto the next, which will be masterclass. So let's say something a little bit different with this. Let's like in masterclass Andi, we'll put Cuba effect honest so you can get you can see pretty much the idea here. So let's just copy and paste this one. This one that's one to tree on four. Okay. And replace the text in each of them. So teach you how to record stunning videos. And it's like a professional. Andi, publish with confidence. Okay, Right Next. Um, let's just have a quick look at that that will teach you how to record stunning videos, edit like a professional and publish with confidence. As I can see, I was speaking very fast just to keep up. So let's talk about audio after stage. I am I made to really included up to start, but there's two ways to do audio. If we're doing a video income Tasia like this, we would pre recorded the audio first importante audio on match each slide to D audio. If we do in Power Point, we would actually record the order at the same time. It's optional, but it works out handy that way. Just for this example we're gonna put into slides on when I'm going to do now is I'm just gonna import actual audio. So it's scrapped a foil onda. We can drag it into the timeline, so OK, we could see the Actually audio is pretty low on this so we can adjust the volume by selecting audio up. Okay, Right. Go is, um what we need to do here is just split that we know exactly where it starts. Just right here. Sobs split on. If we listen, Masters is on weaken. Drug it on much Oster's. - So from there, re crafting odio on it and basically line up the actual soundtrack with each slide. Now the audio on this is very low. Guys, If that happens, you can adjust the audio to select a truck on click volume up. Obviously, if you do it a lot, it's gonna if the audio quality will not be as good. So just for this example, we know it's starting here, and from here we can play it a truck. Online it up Now a few tips on disguise. Okay, let's take example. The more translations unfair into use for a local is better. But if it's a kinetic text effect that you're using or you're looking for, just stick to one effect so people can easily follow. I am the next Inc. Let's take an example off. You'd would like to delay text on one lion. Let's give you a quick example. We use complete video training and you would like, complete to come up first, then video, then training. So let's just copy that. Pissed that here. I'm pissed it again. So the 1st 1 I'm gonna put complete on remove video on training. The 2nd 1 is just gonna have video on deterred. One is just gonna have training now. Obviously, we just got a really low India's. So it's raining. Okay, so let's just adjust theistic the middle one. Protect the last one complete video training. OK, excellent. So complete video. That's obviously resized. First guys to where you want. As you can see, I'm related issues because I did not so complete video training. Right now, they're all going to come up at exact same time. So what we need to do is just zoom in on, adjust them slightly, so complete. Then it's going to come video, and then underneath it's going to come training in this example. So we just moved him all on slightly. You can see how it works that way, guys. So this is it's basically on overview of how you could do kinetic text in side come to issue. So what I'm going to do now, guys, is I'm going to switch over to power point on just to show you a few tricks on this as well . So with power points, um, you have Generally we start with a blank slate. Now, keep in mind there is a difference between using power point for training presentations and using power point for kinetic text. So the first thing I just added is I am video masters. We added another slide called complete video training. And then we've got masterclass on a little local as well. So normally, when you go to PowerPoint and you go to slide show, you have to press the space bar every time. Sometimes that works. Sometimes it does not work for what you are trying to date, so you need to slide to actually auto play. So I want to cover that first. If you select on, take the first slide and then click on transitions you've got over here on the right. It says advanced slide. Normally, it's This will be probably clicked by default on most like what I would like to do is I want to order, play the slides a court, basically appear without me actually clicking the most power every time on talk over. So I am video Masters will appear for one second demo. Go to the next slide. This will appear after one second and so forward. Next thing we look at is with God's desire actually split into tree. Different alliance. So what I've got here is if we go to this is transitions. If you go to animation Onda, we click on it over here under right degeneration off each text. So I want complete to appear for basically plain 75 of a second. I want video is going to be delayed 1/4 off a second and it's going to appear for 1/2 a second on trading again. It's going to appear for 0.75 a second on the delay, I'm gonna be actually rendered this and show you exactly how it works on. Then we've got masterclass as well. So back to power point on. And you could say the other effects we've got going on here I am video masters, which used the text. We've got all these effects along the top Here. Fade in Florida in split, wipe, etcetera. These can be used for kinetic text videos. We're actually is in reason floating. We could use split. We could use wipe. Okay, guys, I'm from day or you will if you're using camp take. You have a little add on here. So what? I'm gonna Davis, I'm gonna choose the first slide. Andi, I'm gonna click record now, you won't actually be able to see this record. It's gonna pop up on May order screen, But I'll be able to explain it to you as well, so I'm just gonna click record on I am. Video Masters is a complete video training masterclass. Andi, stop recording. Okay, guys, that is power Point on. The next thing we're gonna cover is Sony Vegas. Okay, guys. So what have opened up here in? So get me Vegas is just a basic template. Which tree? You could say four slides. Um, I am video Masters is a complete video training course. So I want you guys to understand I am not a Sony Vegas pro. We normally are. You normally used come to Asia most, but I just want to show you some of the advantages off this, especially for kinetic text. One of my favorite things is the ability to animated text and move it around a screen, make disappear, appear like you cannot do in other software. So just to give you a quick example here, let's take the very 1st 1 on. Let's just like this icon here, this middle one on. We have position on. We have Mark so you can see that timeline. Here. It's on zero. So when it starts, it's actually gonna appear. You can see I am video masters. The text comes out like that. If I wanted to change that, let's just given example. I would go here on. I could make the text come out this way. We can just edit it tough, quit as well so you can see exactly how it works. That is what you call a damask. Now, the next I wanna cover is deposition. So if we just click the next books, we can just and move around as well. So we're just saying that Andi, close on, we can preview it here. I suppose one of the other big differences between Sony Vegas encamped Asia. If you're working with big video files on you, would like to preview it. The preview box in Saudi Vegas is a lot smoother, done, come to Asia. So here we conceit and it just affect zoom in effect. So, guys, as I said another an expert on this, And there's hundreds of tutorials available on which ever software you decide to use for kinetic text on. But these are just three minutes that we have used and that are very, very popular. So, guys, that is it for day kinetics text and animation video In the next video, we are going to complete this video that we've been working on Trout Dis module as an example for you guys. So we're going to complete de kinetic text. We're going to add the audio. We're going to do that in the next video show you guys exactly how we do, which I'm sure you guys are basically polish off the video and saved a video 22. Module 6C Logo Intro: video masters. There goes Kevin here. And welcome back in this video, we're gonna talk about it video intros on and we're gonna talk about different ways to go about creating interest for your video on added to this project. So first off, I want to talk about just somebody different minutes that you go about on. Some are free. Summer page first will be fiver. Everyone knows forever. You could go to Fiverr. You can hire someone to make a really professional video intro for $5. A lot of these people that are offering these services have actually probably purchased a self door for ready $47.4 to $7. Or it may be know how to use Sony Vegas or can't Asia and have some templates that I can put one together really, really quick. So that is one of the options we have used them in the past. Andi Yeah, it's quick. It's effective. You just upload. Generally they'll ask for your local on asked what type of tag line you will want the next minute where cover is camped Asia camped. Asia has a few effects that you can use that basically, you can drug in a little girl you can drug in a background image or a back around video. You can add some music to it, and you can add some effects to it together. Basic local or intra introduction for your videos on determinative is probably the most common made it that I've used in the past two years. There's us after called the video. Who's I think, is that correct? Pronunciation of it on this software is really, really cool. That's got between 50 and 60 different templates that you can come go in, you can customize. You can download your videos very, very quickly. It is a pet service. Put it has been worked basically every every penny we spend on this. So, guys, I'm gonna jump over to the computer on. We're gonna look at all these different options on. We're gonna put them into the video and show you guys the different examples. Okay, guys, sober back in contigent on. We've got our green screen video wit, the background. So what I want to do is, I wanna add you could say 4 to 7 second quick intro or local here. Now we're going to start over. Gonna use three minutes in this video we're going to use. I'm gonna quickly show you guys forever. It's one of those options. This is where I look at growing my business. The faster we can outsource things and get things done. Allows us to spend more time on the things that are more important and bringing in money. For example, if you're creating a product, your jobs should be created. A product not spending at a lot of time messing around, creating logos. So for the sake of $5 again, we've used this in the past. You gotta fiber dot com here, type in local intro or similar. You've got hundreds and hundreds of sellers here. If you screw over, you will see that reviews so you can see 24 reviews. 927 reviews. 391 reviews Turkey tree views etcetera. Obviously just go by people with good feedback. So let's just have a quick look at this guy. I will produce a treaty. It little girl far on Central on basic is $5. This is Standard, which would be a 19 2nd local on, and this includes premium traitorous But in this case, most people will probably want a basic local on. We check out some a day defeat back. He needed under head. This is great. Looks good. Gradual. Thanks. So much outstanding experience. So basically, everyone seems happy enough with this. So fibers one option, guys. Easy to roll it. Easy to go with. Next. We are going to cover. We're gonna cover this software because it actually takes two or three minutes for the local to render on. Well, that's rendering. We will actually cover. Come tears you. So you got against see, intro was you got 101 different templates here. You've got 100 and 77 templates in total. So let's go with intro. Let's go. Which we're going to stick with. Something like, um, this will count down fireworks, Halloween wish, horror text. So money, different ones. Let's go. It. Oh, aunt mock up. I think this is looks pretty good for what we're trying to do. So select this one. Um, we want to first to choose our local. So I'm just gonna grab the little girl that we are working with on drug it in place. Next aspect radio is perfect at the screen aspect. Radio image. I'm not sure I need this. Andi. That's nothing that needed. So that's a slick. Next. Maybe it's asking for a different logo for all tree. That's possible. So let's just include that on and include one here. Okay. On next. Ok, your first screen. Tyco we're gonna call creates, and it's Andi Polish. Click. Next. Lose. She was the color. I would like to keep it. Default would actually like to go with black. It just might work better. Okay, Onda, click next. Enter the name of your video. We're going to I m v Render Review and Winder. So first it's uploading on video is rendering. Okay, General legal is this protectorate three minutes, so you can see it was quick. It was easy. We're gonna download a video. It's gonna come with music. We can obviously added that as well. You've got audio here as well. So next is camped Asia. Right, Firdous? Um, it depends on how long how much time you want to spend out of or your skills with this. But I'm going to show you guys a basic way off creating an intro. So first, we're gonna drag our logo in on for this example. We're just going to use the same background which we've used before. So we're just copy that background and we're gonna put our local as well, so logo background. And for this example, we're just gonna pick some music. You can obviously download music. There's 100 places online which can download all your trucks on. This has included some Order your trucks as well. Okay, on to we were just cut the order. Your truck. Okay. Excellent. Right. So, obviously, it's just playing at the moment, so let's just play around with this. So first thing I want to do is select a local. I would like to then select Zoom and Pan, and from here, I just want to bring the local first. I just need to make sure, actually, Day Timeline is at a very, very start on from here. - We can zoom in on what that's got to do. It's gonna you can see this little looting here. If this is what you call pan and zoom. So rather than just have it, zoom in quick. We can extend this, which basically slows it down So I obviously I don't want it on the image. But Lord us so we can remove right next thing if we go to transitions. We've got a few different effects here that we can years. So let's go. Way to dissolve at dicks. Start on, dissolve at the end. Let's do a quick fade in four of the actual image itself on you could do a Q brought. It doesn't work, so a quick review of dust were just turned on the rodeo. For now. As you can say, guys, if the effect there is currently slides in twists and then fades away, I'm the only thing I could do here. It's actually looking pretty good in that sense. So we direct me is the guys when this is rendered for the intro off training videos are something like this. This is effective and it does work, um, again it. The more you play around with this, you could obviously change the background. Andi put in an animated tile. Let's just give a quick look at this, so we'll put an animated tile with removed a background on. If the logo was dark, it would probably look a lot better. But you can see that where it does work as well. So OK, let's go back to the background image on from here. Let's check and see if our video is rendered 99% and almost there. So I will probably end up using for this intro. I think that image is a little bit big, so I'm just gonna just it again. Andi. Okay. Perfect, right. Video is still rendering. So let's just look on my videos on from here. We downloaded MP four, so OK, download is straight away on before I put an incantation, we can obviously play it better on our PC. So let's just have a quick look create edit publish on ipads. I think, guys, you agree that this is a much, much better introduction, and it was so obviously creative ever sleep. So I'm actually going to use this one. So again we come back to Camp Tasia. We're going Teoh. We could actually just for this example, we will use this as the ending because it does actually work on. We will use the other introduction as the beginning, so it should be in. So I just need to, um control and said, Helen, folder. Okay, goes Andi insert. Okay. Excellent. You can see it Just pushed it on because I placed it in the wrong level, so I could just moved out up just everything. Like so on. We can live music here. Okay, so I'm going to copy the music. Andi, I'm gonna extend it. Flip for it. So a quick. Listen, guys, we've got our intra Vogel from Digger. We're into the video where we talk about Welcome. This is Kevin 30 on. After that, we're going it in the next part of this module. We're gonna be talking about text effects and Connectix text on. We're gonna add a little introduction here as well. So, guys, um, for introduction videos for local intros and Paltrow's there is a few different options. My recommendation is we're going to be doing a lot of videos on Do You don't want to spend a lot of time playing around incantation or Sony Vegas or whatever software you use. You can use a professional service or Pfeiffer. Okay, goes, That's a wrap for this video. I'll see you in the next module. 23. Module 7A Video Hosting Options: I am Video Masters. Welcome back in this video we're gonna talk about video hosting options. So, guys, as with everything video, there's probably hundreds of different solutions out there on options for you to host your videos, etcetera. What I'm gonna break down in this video is the solutions we use in our business on Just give you a few reasons why we use these. So I'm going to start off which free content. Generally we host older free training videos are sales videos. Are JV videos prelaunch videos on YouTube. Now the reason for this is YouTube has everyone knows millions of users every single day on were consistently getting organic traffic from you. YouTube and Google searches its first to upload videos. It's free, which is another big plus. We can upload videos from our more. By +41 we could upload videos from a computer. It's really, really user friendly. Now somebody cons about using YouTube would be when on a lot of marketers actually preached this on it. It's very true when people scroll over your video on 99% off, the player's YouTube local will appear, so when people scroll over it, they can actually click the YouTube local on that. They'll end up going to that video on YouTube. What will happen to their is Poggio related videos will come up and chances are your visitor is destructed and you're actually going to lose them. So this is a big con of using YouTube. Let's say if you're doing it on a sales page or a squeeze pitch. So our solution here, guys, is upload your videos to YouTube for organic traffic from the search is on. Also to keep your subscribers happy. From there, we also upload our videos to another horse and service like V Poor Self Force the door Amazon. So that's our process. For any video, we'll upload it to YouTube. Published a video there on Demel uploaded to be More will take their in bed court from Vimal and use that video on our website. Very simple, very straightforward. So next we're gonna talk about paid content. I am a firm believer that pet content like training videos, webinar replace should always be secured that only pet members can access this content. I'm looking around at the launch, see, and this is probably the biggest disappointment. I see with so money launches. Considering that it's extremely easy to do, the guys are solution. Here is it's B'more. We host all our videos. All are paired content on chemo. On inside the sentence, we secured a video that people cannot download it on. It can only play on our demands. So I'm gonna show you guys an example of that as well and not a solution if you don't like them. Oh, we used self hosted our videos with wish list with current with richness membership, it's a secure membership. Looking on, we were able to secure the files that only people that are logged into the membership can actually download or watch videos. So if two options they're going, sport are pretty simple. So what I want to do now, guys, is just give you a little breakdown off five hosting options that you can use so everybody knows YouTube straightaway Order feed content goes on there. It's very simple. It's easy to use. Vimal is a paired memberships light, which I'm actually going to bring up some off there the sites here. So which people? You have different options. You have female. Plus, you have a female pro, and you have the more business now. The one I'm signed up to is actually feeble. Plus, it's only $5 permanent if you pay annually. So I take up at $60 per year for this, which is it's the cheapest solution of all of these. I am allowed to upload five gigabytes per week, which I never need any more than that. If let's everywhere tip upload, we needed to upload 10 gigabytes. We just wait a few days and we've it resets again. But generally, guys, for most people, five gigabytes per week is enough, right? Obviously, with the free version, you've got pet advertise. And that's the last thing you want on the American and videos guys. So obviously with plus no pet over toys and priority video conversion, it takes a few minutes to convert your videos. Player customization. You can add colors, ex cetera. You can aunt put all your videos into different groups. Albums, statistics, demand level privacy, which is secure in your video private link share. And we use this sometimes if we don't want to upload it to YouTube on, I want to do a video for a client or someone. I will upload it to Vima and give them a private link. Original source. File storage. Andi. Priority support. Okay, so, guys, that is flight dollars per month. I want to show you some of the other options. This is V mo Chemo. Prole on it is $17 per month. More tings like setting your videos and stuff like that. Me personally, I think for them. If I am able to survive with this Army Of over 700 videos on female tons of membership sites, 100 videos been viewed every day I take. Most people can actually survive this. If you want to come along on, sell your videos your up to $17 permit on benefit gov. More business is actually 479 euro. So around 5 $50 per year, it's just more storage and team members work floors on. You can get people to log into your account, contribute to your video, speaks set, etcetera, Asai said. Go. His five month is my best option. So that is the more next on the list. Now with that is, it's expensive. It's basically $99 promote on for a pro planet and you've got 39 per month and 799 per month. Obviously again, it's got a free option. You don't want a Brandon. You don't want advertising or anything like that. Honor to solve the free plan is not really suitable for most people. $99 permanent is expensive. Guys on the only thing about wister it allows you to put social integration into your videos. That leads you to push email popular forms into your videos, etcetera. But personally, for me, that is an expensive option. I know some people do actually use it. Okay, next on the list is self hosted. So let me just talk about self hosted for a minute. If you're going to be doing a launch on, you have got, you could say, shared hosting like horse Cater a go, daddy. And you're only paying $5 or $10 per month for your host. Um, if it comes along that you do a massive product launch, you've got hundreds of people watching your videos. It is not gonna work for you. You're gonna have issues which people Sander videos are loading very slow. Now. We've actually got extremely fast server on. We pay up over $300 a month for our hosting company. And even at that, we've noticed that self hosted videos can be an issue if you've 100 people watching them. So for most cases, guys, um, yeah, we do self hosted videos if we know there's not gonna be a lot of people watching them. But if it's a launch or a sales video, we want to put it on to our professional Colston service. So that's just a little bit of advice for you guys. Puttinme or keep your website visitors happy. Sort of it sort of videos load faster. Okay. Amazon s trade. We use this around four or five years ago on, Let me just talk about the price. Um, at that stage, we were using way had a server on European, a lot of money from per month for a server. We put all our videos and Amazon history, and we were getting built around 50 to $80 per month for Amazon history hosting. When I compared that to some of the other options like chemo, for example, I could not justified actual payment. Now the reason I put Amazon a street in here is I know we personally don't use it, but I know a lot of people do use that in their business to use it for hosting images that might use it for hosting their own foils at home, etcetera. So if they have an account there, it's probably as easy to host your videos on Amazon s tree on. I know some marketers that use it. They're only paying flying $8 permanent just for the videos. So, guys, that's just a breakdown on the video hosting options on I Will See You in the next video.