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IFTTT Automations to Use in your Business Today

teacher avatar Jessica Lee, Developer | Designer | Shopify Expert

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 1. Using IFTTT to Automate Your Small Business 3

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About This Class

Hey Everyone! Here is a quick tutorial on using IFTTT automations in your business.

This training is for entrepreneurs who are looking to automate various tasks in their business 

You can grab my free "IFTTT AUTOMATIONS TO USE IN YOUR BUSINESS TODAY" Download here: http://bit.ly/2NFyYQl

Get started with IFTTT

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jessica Lee

Developer | Designer | Shopify Expert


"Use your gifts to help achieve the dreams of others" -Jess the Techpreneur

Hi, my name is Jessica! I am a tech nerd, blogger, and serial entrepreneur with a passion for business, e-commerce, and design.  I'm fueled by code, coffee, and most importantly family. With over 8 years of experience in the computer science industry, 7 years as an entrepreneur, and 2 years as a Shopify expert, I use a cocktail of knowledge in web development, brand design, and strategy building to help you create a business built on a web presence foundation that will thrive now and in the future.

For over 8 years, I've been designing, building and maintaining websites for others. Using what I've learned, I'll teach you how to benefit from tech in your business! You'll learn how to DIY your w... See full profile

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1. Using IFTTT to Automate Your Small Business 3: Hey, everyone, today I want to talk about I have t t t This is a automation tool that are used in my business in order to connect APS that may not be able to connect through integrations from either platform. Sometimes it makes it very easy just to set this up and forget it and kit things done that are time consuming means such as host in YouTube video and then happy in and embedding it into a water press post for that to go out to send the email out to my followers and prescribers that I have a new video out. So I have t t t takes care of a lot of social media email reminders to do list, um, automation that you may not be able to do anywhere else and also doesn't more efficiently now. I've been using Iot TCC for about 2.5 years in my business now, and they continue to ADM. Or more to it. Every time there's I log in, there's new Apple. It's that I can check out. You can create apple. It's for your business for yourself. I know you could connect Home Devices, works with Alexa in Google, and it is just amazing free tools used for your business. So I o t t t stands for if this then that using wire pressing used tube as an example, an athlete that I confined in one The platform is if a new videos uploaded So you to then post the video tow wire press with tutorial tag. So I'm gonna show you today how to give signed up and how secure it your first apple. It it is very simple to get set up. It started on the of T t t platform. First, you need to use an email click get started when I set a password. If you like to get up eight so you can click this little box here. Just kind of told you new Apple is that they have coming out. Um, if you would like to connect through Google or Facebook, you could do that. Also, hear that helps keep with the past where management and you just click. Continue with Google or continue with Facebook. So when you start your account, when I of T. T. T. And actually to pick three of these services that you use regularly. Now your services are your Iowa's, um, social media, your Gmail. If you have a smart home, Google assist Ingle calendar, you can just pick at least three or pick as many as you like. I'm gonna go ahead and pick pretty much all the ones that I use on a daily basis for business. Um, next, it'll take you to introducing absolutes. These are the connections that you get turned on for the different services that you have. So for you to for instagram. For where? Press um, Mill chimp. There are different apple. It's per service. After you complete it going through the sign a portion you'll be brought to the eye of T C T Home page. This is where you see recommended Apple. It's based on one B services that you clicked. Each athlete does a different job, so a lot of them they have where you can sweet your Facebook status updates so that the post that you put on Facebook are automatically since its sweater so that your active on both networks versus going to Facebook scheduling Tim Powles going to Twitter, scheduling to impulse going to Google, plus scheduling Tim post, you kind of save a lot of time with automating that across the board. Another tool that I that I used this four is for taxes for for tax information, a client management. You'll see a lot of the G mail would be about saving e mails. Um, saving emails that has a certain tag. Um, all of those. So you will see on some of the apple is the buy has a little blue check. That's to say that is a verified I of TCC user. So Google created some athletes somewhere. Instagram you have some that were from the platform that you use will Spotify you to pass on. So when you get started, if you want toe go through some of the collections that they have already have put together for a certain service. So this one in this case will be for social media. I'm gonna look for some of the automation is that I could set up that will save me time. In my social media marketing, one ists creature ist arouses native photos on Twitter. This is really good because instead of it being a link back to Instagram is actually sending the photo that you post the in instagram to your Twitter page. So you're getting the views on Twitter and you're getting the views and instagram, which means you gets engagement on both platforms. That saves time. Now, the only thing that this does not send over are your stories and multiple post. So if you have, um, instagram Post that has the five the swipe left photos or two photos it won't be able to send that over by all of your single photos. It can't. So is turning on. We'll just click, turn oy, We have the log into the instagram and log into Twitter in order for thes this apple. It's work. We have to be loved into these different accounts. So the logging into your accounts will go to your upper right corner. So we didn't go in and authorize our abs to be connected with our eye of t c t profile. This will give i o t t t okay to post year instagram supposed to use twitter paste holster your facebook. So your WordPress website, your mail champ in your Google drive. So you want to give them access to these things to pulse, to do the jobs that you did your requesting them to do. Once you connect your services, your account's, you'll see that base, the one whichever account that you connect it. You can go ahead and fine of their athletes toe work for this. If you need How finally Apple is that work for business, then I have a free download high. Have t T T automation Teoh. Using your biz today, those will have the links directly to the apple. It's too using your business kind of get you to speed through, going through pages and pages and pages of apple. It's so in my apple it's you will see the hapless that are currently one. And once that you have turned off for your profiles. So see, here we have It's the ground Twitter, Instagram says. Native photos on Twitter that we just turned on and it is on now. If you ever want to check if apple it is working, you can click Check now. If you need to make changes to your athlete, click the little gear and if there any changes that you needs him, make it will Libya listed here in this case, it just acts if we want to receive a notification when this apple it runs, you could chocolate on chocolate off and then say in the my apple Isman you you'll see apple, It's and services services are the ones that you can connect that are connected that can't be automatically connected, which are weather up underground and space. It kind of acts. So every account and I of CCT, we added our sweater instagram account. That's why shows here. And if we wanted, Thio added a service and we'll go to search. And it's hype in the service that we're looking for and in the search will see we have WordPress. This will give us all of our hapless that connects to wear press. See, some of them are from pinches you to instant ground. I'll give you a list of available absolutes for this service. I hope that helped. I wanted to give just a very quick tutorial on how to use. I have t c T. As you see, it does not take long to get up and running and working for you and your business