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Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (5h 54m)
    • 1. About IELTS 7,8 and 9

    • 2. Lesson 1 introduction to SPEAKING

    • 3. Lesson 2 SKILLS & PRACTICES



    • 6. Lesson 5 FLOW AND FLUENCY





    • 11. LESSON 10 PRACTICE SET 1


    • 13. LESSON 12 PRACTICE SET 3

    • 14. LESSON 13 PRACTICE SET 4

    • 15. LESSON 14 PRACTICE SET 5

    • 16. LESSON 16 PRACTICE SET 7

    • 17. LESSON 17 PRACTICE SET 8

    • 18. LESSON 18 PRACTICE SET 9

    • 19. LESSON 19 PRACTICE SET 10

    • 20. Lesson 15 PRACTICE SET 15

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About This Class

The IELTS 7,8,and 9 is a unique program designed to equip all students and professionals who are planning to appear IELTS speaking. This entire course lasts for almost 3hours including videos and power point slides. It also gives you a lot of exercising materials to work out. The focus of the program is to prepare students to meet assessment  criteria for band 7, 8 or even above that. it has got around 20 lessons discussing all assessment pattern, covering a lot of questions and sample answers. The author of the course is an experienced teacher ,who has helped hundreds of students to get exemplary results in all four modules of IELTS for many years. The author is delivering courses on other 3 modules  to  help students to achieve their target bands of 7, or 8 .

Meet Your Teacher

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Zalin Jose

IELTS expert MA,MTh,MDiv,BBA


Hello, I'm Zalin., i have been working as a faculty for IELTS and spoken English for 6 years, and i would like to go online now. Over the years, i have taught hundreds of students to meet their target band of 7 or all modules. Thanks to God, a large proportion of my students have scored even 8 or above in Reading, speaking, and listening. As a result, i would like to replicate that story online. I am looking forward to reach students across globe with IELTS courses designed for gaining 7,8,or 9 in all four modules,such as speaking, writing, reading, and listening. i am also coming up with courses for advanced grammar, developing vocabulary and Spoken English 

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1. About IELTS 7,8 and 9: Hi. Welcome to I 078 and nine. My name is Joe Silence. I mean, I his trainer I've been working as a faculty for I O T isn't spoken English in India for the last many years on this is the time I think I should go online to reach Global Student to help the meeting the target band whether 678 or nine and both this cores I 07 89 is the total at the gross knowledge and experience by with hundreds off, my students have reached the global destination or their international cable here they have . Amid the target band had reached their dream cares and countries over the years. By the grace of God, I've seen that many of my students, in fact the last proportion off my students have God a higher band like a book seven in all peppers. It was quite normal on useful for my students to get higher bound, like seven or a bow in all papers, especially in really listening. On speaking, however, I have seen that it's really him. Alien hindrance for Manish Children's Across the globe, students face lords of difficulties in meeting their target. Bad denials, in fact, in any of the papers and nights they faced difficulties getting a seven or about that. In my experience, I've seen there are various reasons why students face difficulties. One of the reasons I have seen that very few teachers even institute. They know about the really existent criteria behind all these papers. That's quite sir, Number two. I have seen that Everest Children have goat at their own pluses and minuses. It's very important for us to understand the current level of English off the steering. Otherwise, it's very difficult for them to prepare themselves and develop themselves to meet the target target ban. Thirdly, I've seen that IRS demands Lord so thorough and systematic daily practices because it is a skill based examination What I'm planning to do in discourse. Therefore, I would like to reach global students, but the systematic learning solution to meet their target band, where the seven or eight or even a boat, by explaining all the assessment criteria such as grammatical, arrange inaccuracy, flow in fluency, pronunciation, the caves off a speaking and Gramatica Iranian accuracy and lenticular range and task the spoons and task a team in the case off writing with the Lords of videos on downloads. So you will have a lot so sambal questions and answers explaining that videos and I would give you loads of poeple around repeated question and you're gonna have loads off block cheese and excell sciences. So I'm looking forward to meeting you in this course. Thank you so much. And God bless you. 2. Lesson 1 introduction to SPEAKING: Hi. Welcome to I have 78 and nine speaking coves. I'm so glad you're here with me in this video. I would like to brief you about the coast outline on its structure and want for the condiments. You're going to, um, Coimbra hen. So, uh, looks I get into this coz well, in discos, you will have the fundamentals of I am speaking. We know that. Ah, the structure off. I'll speaking and want our Ah, it's skills and competencies. And what are the things or tips you should take in account while you practice? I'll so we will cover or those things in in very D time on. The next thing you will have in this cause is you will clearly understand about the assessment criteria. So we know that therefore come bones denial speaking where your answers are assist g r a and flow in fluency. Lexical res range on, uh, pronunciation. Andi, we will go into, although three parts off aisles speaking question such as first and second, but they're part on. I will explain how you can respond to this parts. And how can you give right answers in these three parts? So, uh, those are the three important come bones in this coz, and further I would give you lots of practice questions and sample answers. There are videos off those questions and answers and finally I have a chance is also popular and repeated. I use questions on and worksheets where you can practice trust, intonation and pronunciation. So this course a consist off a great deal of information on planning A very comprehensive ah lading platform basically and then showed the coast last for four for now is to five overs basically. Actually, it is divided into 20 lessons or right, so, um, this is the basic information about this course. Now, before we begin, I want to highlight three important things to my stevens. Um, as a teacher working in the field off inclusion eyes for many years, I want to tell you the ST things Very importantly. So please consider I said tension first thing is that you should be very excited and joyful or while you lanai LTs because I is is the most popular and prestigious examination the world of English. So it gives you a world of opportunity and it qualifies you and you are accepted across the universities and government organization and immigration bodies across the world. So you should be very happy while you practice. I'll still you get your, uh, the science core till you go through your examination. Second point, I want to highlight here you should start changing. You are perspectives issued. Think globally and speak globally. What I want to mention here this is the time that you need to change a perspective. Stop thinking globally and speaking globally because you are and I yield students. Being in Angus tearing means you are international steering on. I'll expect you to think, um, speak and Andi deal with things more globally. You might come from a a small country or from a hooter plays maybe from India or China or Africa, our medalist. But here is the time you're going to be truly international, so that's very important. Andi. Also I want to our another point here. Not only you can develop your linguistic and language skills in Ailes. I use demands a great deal of critical thinking, a logical evaluation, analytical skills on DSO. It's very important you to change your perspective on things. So now just think globally and speak globally. A good start. Ease to read International newspaper or read English newspaper Watch international channels like BBC or CNN. I'm not telling that those channels and newspapers are giving your true information. No, no, But as a student, you must have a broad perspective about the world 0.3 that's also very important in my experience. Have faith in God. It's very simple, but it has got a huge implication in your life, personal and academic life. It just go to such a profound impact on your life. So because prayer works and it works in my students living Miley. So pray to God for your decides core. So thank you so much for listening to this basic information to studying ideals, right? So we're going to stop now. Well, as an indirection to speaking, I want to tell you very symbol at a few things. So I was speaking this structure into that three combines first bond, second part on all together. The speaking examination last for 12 to 13 minutes. On what kind of examination is It's an aural examination, which is its convicted US 1 to 1 interview one examiner and a candidate at the time on examiner is sitting across the table asking your question, and you will be giving answer directly. Symbol as that and the examinations to recorder. And this example. As I said, it's the wine of three section first bodies called Obama or the Indirection Bar, which will last for 5 to 6 minutes. And the second part is called individual Long Term. Or sometimes we call a Q Khan physician at last port 2 to 3 minutes and finally the discussion. Find 26 minutes. It can even go up to seven minutes, right? No, this is very important for every IRS tear in those who are preparing for Idol's examination . I'm going to highlight five important things here, and it's very important for you to consider these Tibbs and practice every day. What are the Now? Listen here carefully. First boy and I want to highlight he and racist here in told, um, you need to speak very friendly on politely. Why? Because because students are expected to make a good grapple with examine, you know what is trapper creating a very warm, cordial atmosphere in the exam hall are examples are always very stiff and very, very saviors because they're examiner. They cannot be so friendly with you. But you are allowed to be casual on friendly. That's where they're expecting and your friendliness and your confidence. Show your capability in the language. So that's one of the SS. So create a very good wrapper. Show a gentle and a confident posture and be very cooperative and are mingle with, um, talk to them very confidently friendly, but very, very general disappoint you. So the first point about your attitude and your talkative anus Number two speak us mention sport. But this is a very crucial tips. I give it toe all my students for many years, and it always works on even expert. They tell you the same point. You're the Cam Bridge or British Council would otherwise you this point. But there are people they would not really agree with it, but that is really a failure. Why? I'm telling you, speak us much as possible. The point is, you need to lend. Then you're sending. Students are expected to lend in on devil up their ideas. Um, for example, if they ask you all they do you come from, you could say that I come from Malaysia. It is the capital or courses are. And I'm sorry you could say that I come from Kuala lumber. It is the capital off Malaysia. On my I'm. My home is such better just me into the twin tower or something like that to give some two or three sentences. So how do you double up your ideas? How do you lengthen your sentence? So it's very important for you to speak sufficiently. So my point is that a speak sufficiently speak relevent early and sensibly. It doesn't mean that I'm gonna ask you to speak sufficiently. It doesn't mean you need to speak senseless steps. Speak very relevantly and sensibly. When you have to speak two or three, sending you should speak tree when you have to speak 567 you should speak especially the third section. You are expected to speak up six or seven sentences on the third point, listening to the question very carefully and identify all parts of the question on respond to all parts. Why? Because some questions consist 02 or three parts, especially when it comes in third part. Some of the question can have two or three supports. For example, if they ask you, do you think computers will replace our human skill in the future? Why, Oh, why don't So it has with two parts. Sometimes where and how so questions can have toward three subsection. And you need to double up all those sections You to respond old parts, um, and the finally using variety of natural linking expressions like Well, yeah, in five. Indeed, I believe my opinion also generally, honestly. So using we use conjunctions and adverbs to linger Variety of some experts like Yeah, of course, I believe show in the comings videos You will learn much more about all these things and I'll give you lots of examples. But I'm just focusing in this slide. Do young for size and signifies the importance off these tips on make you, uh I understand about the importance of these things are considering, as a matter of habit, so thes five points you should understand as a very wine tal in practicing in your speaking , speaking on ticket dancing habit. Right. Let's get going. Now we're going to talk up or assessment criteria that a lots of speculation, and I am speaking that wise some student, though they speak well, they don't get Mark, so it's a matter off meeting criteria. You know that I examinations are weighed on a nine bands scale from 0 to 9 on every band is wait or assist on the base or four different criteria. So in same in other papers, speaking exam. Also assisted by four components, they are first thing grammatical range and accuracy, which accounts for turning for birth and off mark. Secondly, Florin Fluency Similarly Tony for persons age, lexical range of vocabulary and ranged. It also accounts for 25% of total mark. And finally, pronunciation also accounts for 25% off your mark. Let's go de Tyler into, um, different components. Well, what does it mean? Grammatical Range and Accorsi Grammatical range Inaccuracy. Means are using a property user tenseness. That is the first thing using the righty on appropriate to use off temps. Sometimes when you are asked to speak about habitual action, you should use simple person. Sometimes you have these past future. Sometimes models on conditional is like if glows hat, apples and models like it good would so using different types of tenses, we have a model 10 conditional tens. So using appropriate tenses point you appropriate and correct application off voices. We know that in English there are two different types of voices. People use active boys and Pasi boys. You should use interchangeably and comfortably. You should not be speaking always an active or or passes always. You should be able to use both voices. 0.3 correct use age of prepositions and prepositional phrases. What do they mean? You know that in English that load. So reports of phrases like a take home take calm, Andi look after so on. Also, sometimes we have to be so medical is about the accuracy off using prepositions, for example, like read in the newspaper watch on television. So it's a matter off using proposal greatly and finally, variety offending structure. Um, this criteria are very important. Um, in this for the criteria, the very edges and the structure is very important. In English. We use different type of sentence structure. There are four different types of sentence structure in English. Such a simple sentences, simple sentence compounds and in complex and complex combat center. You will know about all these things and how we can frame these kind of centers in the coming on the video. So don't worry your borders Just understand You should know about all these things. Number two, you lexical arrange It simply means the range of a camera ree a candidate house. There are too many components in this section, but there are five points are very important. The first thing is that using accurate and appropriate vocabularies Well, what? What does it mean when you say something? The cavalry You used to be so accurate and appropriate in that particular occasion, you cannot. You can use maybe unordinary vocabulary, sometimes very acrid with camera. For example, when you when you talk about the food, you can say that the food is delicious. Maybe you can say for this girl or for this wonderful. But if someone say for this delicious, that's accurate vocabulary. When you want to talk about a food on point to, this is a very important So why tell toe Iost era using Col Occasion? What do you mean cool occasion? Cool occasions are commonly used. The word combination British people. Usually they use quiet a lot of location. Why? Because they usually put words to gather. And those combination has speak, um, or very popular in the English usage. So I assault. Expect you to use col occasion, for example. Yeah, there are lots of allegation people use, for example, a significant difference. That there has been significant difference in the in the amount of pollutions, at least by Waco. So significant, different or a drastic change. Fundamental right? People told roll Oh, you know So the use combinations, So students are expect to use Caucasians while you speak, And I'm giving the Lord's Off Sambuca location in the coming video. So don't worry. You will learn herbal plenty off them. Thirdly, a winding repetitions and using wide varieties off camera wrists. How do you do that? Use pseudonyms and phrases their phrases verbs their sin. Om's You can change workout. Do not repeat what camera for eggs Always work, work sometimes against the job employment. Yeah, so use the right your camera. But the use of the variety should not make any fabricator torm to the Examiner. Rather, you should be ever to give a very natural expression to the Examiner, So speak the radio vocabularies, and the next point is using topical, edible camera. If you want to get to higher band like seven sent 158 The Examiner will definately expert Are you using topic Letter Cal weary And what time they? When you speak about a subject, it's very, very appropriate for you to use the letter workout subject for electoral camera arrays for exam. Anyone to talk about a kind off invention or medical are stops so or indices or anything. So we have to use topical ever carried. Like we can say that are ill ners Bina. We can see diagnosing for general practitioner or, um, epidemic or a pandemic. Or we can say that Oh, scanning. So we should be able to speak topic relented or camera race and you talk about idea. We can talk about Dumb Lord coupling down ling so topical edible camera is a very important ah, broadcast a data on a log signal digital signal. So we should have topic in a letter or cavalries and finally, higher range off or rail camera. In English, people can use a different range of a cabaret. Sometimes student, the use a range of will count ravages, you know, combat E comparatively limited to their qualification or their experience. But in the case of a teacher, teacher can go a very higher range of camera, even a ray of a camera on an expert. Can he use a higher angel, even rail range or camera? Which north which many although common people never use so is very good. If you can use a rare higher range or Campbell Aries. The third section in marking criteria is flow and fluency. It also eyes accounted for 24% of your mark. Now what All the why do they consist? The first point is that making it very well structured and organized response which means you need to speak. Go here, Enderle. That means you should not, um, make any unorganized commons or response. It should be well organized and fluid. When you speak about a point, the subsequent ascendance must be connector. So call here end early on and receive really Otherwise, the the listener would not understand what high you're planning to make out. So the second point is that speaking sentence continually continue in the same way you did not make long pauses. All break in between. I speak continually, but you can use against speak at a natural space or natural spirits. You speak your mother time. The third point is lengthening on developing answers with linking vocabularies or connected devices on linking expressions. Uh, how you have to develop your ideas should use appropriate connected devices and linking expressions, for example, like you can use more ever. Furthermore, in addition additionally, of course, I believe certainly now, in my opinion, so using connected devices on lengthening your ideas very fluently and coherently. So how lots of practice about these kinds. Off connected devices, fourthly speaking naturally, we thought poses humming or waiting. Some people they may have a natural or habitable coming or poses why they speak. So you need to understand. It doesn't want you to speak so fastly or so slowly. It should be very naturalist to speak. You were a mother tongue, but some people there make lots of humming zor waiting. It might be because you are waiting for a vocabulary or waiting for correct grammar or 10 so it can hinder your follow so you will lose your mark. So avoid pauses and humming Zor waiting. But you can use natural pauses like if you want to bring a wonderful idea and you wait and think and ponder for a moment and bringing wonderful idea. That's really good. That sounds really brilliant. So we need in English. We need natural poses with good emotional influence in martial impact. That's really good. And finally speak confidently with the good control. So this is always a very important what I want to signify here. When you say something speaks so confidently, let your face expressly a conference that will give you Lord so our impact and it can wise the listener more than us. You speak in a normal way, so speak confidently but did not give any slips. Um, you know, did not make any senseless condiments or it should be very careful. Ever want you speak, so these are very important appoints. You should consider when you speak flow and you speak off in aisle speaking and think about flow and fluency. All right, let's keep going. Now let's go under the last components off aisles assessment criteria. This is pronunciation. There are too many things you should consider in this section. But first of all, I want to tell you some people believe that our pronunciation means you should be able to speak in a clear British accent. No, not a toll aisles doesn't demand you to speak English in a clear British accent. It's all about some other things. Let's more onto that first thing. Is that speaking clearly, we thought, preventing others, making understand what you speak, so speak clearly and affordably. You should not proven. Others making Anderson once you speak. So do not up in our inhibit speak very clearly on ordinary number two. Speaking with intonations and center stress in English, they know that in English, people use inter nations and stress. What is it? Main Internation in donation in their centres are spoken or no rhythm impacting it. Do it doesn't use a go along with this A. A semi toll. It has got high bitch 1,000,000 bitch and low pitch. It goes in a rhythmic pattern. People can people speak English from highs to the law or laws to the high bitch. So it should be guarding in an Internet er mortar. So try to speak sentences with an intonation On. The best way is that use emotions and emotional impact and stress, or in donate your sentence based on the motion and involvement in the discussion process on . Similarly, you should always in a corns and raid on stress. English has got stressed. Certain word has got stress. Some Cendant's also has got strep, so you need to understand. They're do use trust when you speak ascendance. Wrong stress can make some trouble. Confused him to the listener. So when you speak something there, you have to Strus it. Stress is really important when you say about that's really beautiful, so you need to give emphasize on the you stress big base it on its importance. So it's always how do you emotionally the right trick is or the easiest way is to use your emotional involvement. When you speak automatically, you can improve your stress. And thirdly, using right pronunciations of words on the stress. Many, many off the world's, um pronounced wrongly in by the people. Those who come from non English speaking Bagram. So they have got a lot off wrong pronunciation, for example, driver. So it's driver Ari's soundless on when you speak about restaurant. It's a restaurant, basically. So, for example, there are many words wrongly pronounced to buy a student. Those are coming from known anger speaking, background. So here's a list ear, and they should understand there. Do they lose their mark by mistaking Lebanon nursing work, so you should be able to correct many off. You're wrong pronunciation. So make a list off those words that you are likely to pronounce wrongly and in English everywhere has got a stress. Oh, you'll understand aboard stressing the coming word. Stress means ever in a word, a war will or a syllable is trust. English words can have what this one or more syllables but one syllable. What is a syllable on da? A syllable is of word. A portion consists off a volatile. So in a word, one portion off the word is trust or one syllable is trust more than other syllable. So you will understand all these things in the coming videos, but now understand that you should concentrate on correcting her pronunciation on using centers trust and for the lay using Chungking or contractions in while you speak English. Try to speak English are in new sentences. Group after group, for example. I've been working in a company for the last two years, so that is the one blow you should not the wind sentences in tow. We're after Where That just not really nice speak as a block on the block on the block, says Speak English group early. So Chungking means speak things as a group and contraction, for example. You can say I how being working at the back. I've been working at the back so you can use contract shins so you will know all these things in the Taliban, the coming slight. But just understand there are Chungking and contraction in aisle. Speaking on the next point is a word in common. Wrong pronunciations off English word. We already explained all these things in the previous point. There many times students from USL students and students from non English speaking countries. They usually pronounced where it's very wrongly, so they have to list out all the common, wrongly pronounced the words and correct them and finally avoid any mother term influence. So this is also very important. If you are expecting a higher band like seven on 75 or eight or a bow, it's really beneficial for you. If you could come out off your mother tongue influence some paper they have got a very typical and native, uh, influence while they speak English. Especially the R sound, the SAS on yes, p sound. So they may not be able to speak correctly. So you have to analyze Do you have any mother tongue influence when you speak any particular word? So this is very important. So these are, uh, for assessment criteria. Oh, you to consider a new practice, I'll speaking. Thank you. On. You can come to my next video where you will understand aboard the skills you should consider. Ah, while you practice IRS on the competencies and different companies off his examination. Thank you. 3. Lesson 2 SKILLS & PRACTICES: arrived. Okay. Welcome to listen to in this section. We're going to talk about, have to answer speaking questions. The focus of this section, this video is Teoh. Discuss about the skills and practice. Jesus, We can land aboard LA Top tips san ideas to improve. I was speaking proficiency, but at the same time, how are you going to plan you were practicing? Methodology is really important. So what kind of approach is you're going to accept? Or dope too? Practice. So, uh, here, we're going to talk about some of the practices. Uh, methods. There are a number of things I'm going to discuss here. First thing in the last section, I say certain, be very happy and joyful because we know that it is the world's most prestigious examination. So you have to approach it in its own. A seriousness, enjoyment and excitement. You need to keep yourself abreast with this wonderful examination. Uh, your memorial is really important. That's what my opinion. A number two again. I'm just highlighting. Speak confidently. Why? Because then you give a singer center soul soul. You should show off your confidence. Why? Because more confidence convinces the listener more so to speak and you speak when you practice make. All these tips are so your damage make it as a habits will action on when you speak. When your practice speak very confidently on, speak actively. This really important. From this point on, words become getting much more serious on your habitable practices. Use good body language on the right hand gestures. My point is that students should in war window the discussion process. Language is not merely about were bill out. It's all about ah, body language. As for your guests really matters. So in I years, you are allowed to use body language not very informal. A formal body language. You can use your hand just so and how are you involving in the discussion process. So use your facial expression, your joy, your smile, your hand, just er and involved. These are the things that you need to practice every day. We go to cover lords, academic subjects and academic technics and competencies and skill. But these kinds of things you have to change. Um, you know, in terms of character. So that's the reason why I'm highlighting in the first point itself on the next thing is that? Speak sufficiently again. I'm I'm highlighting the important speaks official. Why more you speak, the more you show vocabulary, skills, flow and structure And the more you project yours us. You are a competent, proficient English speaker. So the more you can impress the examiner when you speak more. But again, I'm telling you, do not speak anything. You're 11 Italy Speak always sensibly, So speak sufficiently would correctly And you can also print out at practice that I'm going to give you to practice Dagenham venue practice. Look at this diagram. Sometimes that will keep yourself in in. Keep yourself. Yeah, accordance with our systematic arrangements. So that's very important. Now we're going to talk about the tour picks when you register rails, examination or if you want to up here, I'll examination. Uh, you should Neue ble want are the kinds of Toby they're going to ask you or what are you homework's. Now you see that Irish dance couple different will make such a fuss. They can ask you about yourself, your family, your hobbies, friends, hometown, your school, college country, your favorite movie actor, sportsman, country music, art forms, technology. They can ask you anything literally anything lettered to you as a student? Anything alerted to you as a professional? Because his examination is meant for students, professionals, those air going abroad to an English speaking country. So they will definitely ask you, um, topics that is known to you reading the limit off your spear nor outside your spear, but definitely known to you they are not going to ask you about Um um, you know, American politics or, Ah, a Korean problem. No, no, no. Definitely. This is an academic or, um, Bobby Call like this is an academic examination or competency examination or a language English examination. So definitely the toppings can be answered. Bias Children or a professional that is to such a plan. And there is a dollar that whether can you change the topic? No, you can't. You are a steward, and you're going a foreign country. You are expected to answer to the question, and they will definitely ask you anything related to your, um, professional subject or academic subject or your personal hobbies or habit or your own country. So anything can be answered as a student, as a professional is on. Lee asked denials, examination So it's your responsibility, or it's our responsibility to work out their number off. Different topics called the Spectrum can Again, again. The best idea Mom is making notebook list out. All these topics scribbled on fandom list off ideas. Just brainstorm yourself. Similar Right? 34 ideas. Just, you know, George down. Few idea, and slowly you can translate those ideas in the wonderful, meaningful sentences and practice. So that's a very simple but very profound so powerful techniques. If you want to get a higher band in IOL speaking, you can get a seven or eight. Many of my student they used to get in our age or 7.5. So you need ideas. Basically, ideas are translator or transferred, you know, Uh ah, wonderful foam with the help of certain conventions or rules us grammar. That's what language so range stoned them. Make short north. Think about wh questions such as on you write down about a whole be Jenna scribbled on some points or ideas by thinking about want where, Why, how when, how low? What kind of hope he was done. Where did you do? Why do you have that? Hobie, how do you do with Van. And how long you been having that? So these are the ways you can brainstorm your ideas, Prepare laws off ass menus. Question. I'm attaching law to topics at the end of the Corsican printed out, and you can, ah, practice with that. So when you're prepared this question this topic try to make ah few sentences. Three or 45 if possible, make seven centres is because the same questions the same topics can be discussed in the discussion part. They you need to Meg few, many sentences, like six or seven. All right, so we are going forward. So this is very important I'm going to talk about Of course, you're going to practice every day. Um, at least I was so just my students to have a professional at least two months before the taking examination. So if you want to ah, book an exam date off course, please take something beyond or after two months because you need at least one. Maybe you are really fluent. I would suggest you one month or moderate Syrians, I would suggest you at least human. And if you are not really confident, three months would be fine because, you know, I'm talking about seven or 7.5. You know, I wanted to go through. That's a shoe ish student. Well, the next point I want to tell you here, find us studies. This course comes with more than 20 lesson. It's almost three hours. Okay, So little plan. Every day, at least one lesson you need to do one day and practice so on. Apart from that, I would suggest you do install a talking dictionary with Nancy Asia. That will help you a lot. If you have any doubt, he can type it and get the right pronunciation and it can. Landlords vocabulary. You can have a lot of playing to your abs in the Google play, So try to install a good talking dictionary and at least practice one hour daily. So, you know, if you are going to op your eyes examination, you will have to practice rating writing on speaking, listening every day. So I would suggest to you just pair one hour force speaking because speaking is a very easy examination. And most of the Syrian if there got rial stuff and riel knowledge, definitely gonna sure Higher band about seven. So when you get the either get score, if you get a some less core or less, banning any of the Mahdi or the order would be higher. If you get higher bands speaking or listening. So one over. I would say it's one over for speaking and, if possible, listen to BBC or CNN or at the Web site or the YouTube's or a television program in order to understand a British or American accent. So why you can understand their accent, distress and in donations, or that you can come out of your mother turn influence that's really important can understand this slang or the accent or stressor. It's really beneficial. We have understood that watching BBC's you're seeing will help you, Lord, to come out off your mother, turn influence. But even better idea is listening to the Cambridge listening practice. You know that we have it. Another model cold listening section. It's a 30 minutes examination, but the 10 minutes transferring answer. So it's a 30 minutes bus terminus, 40 minute examination, and there are 40 questions on this cam bridge listening tape script or indeed, the old order materials are always available in Internet or you can buy books off or in the coming days, I'm going to loan the listening coast for student in the coming days. I'm working on many other courses. Asked what? So you know that you can listen to that Cambridge listening typescript. You can get its transcript as with or without transcript was, he can follow those listening recordings so that you can understand how people use intonation. Stress. What's the difference between their pronunciation, your pronunciation? So that's good to improve. You are, uh, accent. Record your own answers and analyze your own response deleted on According Yes, this is a very most effective methodology for improving us speaking competency. Then you practice a deal home. I told you to practice one over. I said just to you. Now, when you practice, listen, you can recent record you were on responses in your mobile form and listen to that. Try just practice for 10 minutes or 15 minutes and, uh, because to speak, examination. Lastly for tournament and so you can practice for 15 minutes or told minutes and record those responses and listen to that and analyze. You should make a south analysis that you can understand whether you have got to many hum ings pauses. Waiting is already lack of involvement in your facial expression. So make whether you have or sufficient amount of pitch or some O. R. Whether it's low pitch or high pitch or is there any kind off? Is not that really beautiful? Deleted Do bid. Don't give up again. Do it again and again until you get a kind of satisfaction. You should go at least for and five days one week so you can understand. There you have to bitch yours. And there you have to a position your tone where you have to you Ah ah, fix your gestures of body language or facial expression so you should understand. There you have to brew and position yourself in the speaking or dialogue process well on. I also like to suggest you to get a friend or a family member, your brother, mother, father, and sit before them and ask them to shoot you. Some question that would really help you to come out off any kind off inhibitions off fear because you're going to sit before, um, Examiner on student those who don't have any real Class XP bian's or you don't have any access to classroom experience. That would be a wonderful idea. Get your friend or brother or mother, and as them I showed you some question and it can give them responds. That was definitely improving confidence on do it very seriously and finally take it. This learning process, the interior I else lists learning process. Whether it's writing or speaking or listening or reading. Take it. Doesn't entertainment Hobie be very joyful and happy? Because most of the examiners are very friendly on Declined on. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to improve your overall competence in English and personality. It's Ingres, your international exposure and lastly, in this sex exam speaking examines their most of them are friendly, so take it as an entertainment. Good. Now I'm going to highlight few important points. This is really an important thing. Um, well, these points are ah Onley important when you go for examination? Not really, but but it's equally important for you to understand how an exam is happened or how an aisle speaking exam is contacted in a real situation. So I'm just going through this point so you can take a look at it. Well, it's usually happens in a five star hotel, so check you were in your hall ticket or in your main. They will send you mail and mobile SMS so you under you will understand the venue. Arrive half an hour before the venue. Always be a former close, preferably well. You can wear anything. There's nothing so mandatory as you should wear such and such a close. Nothing like that. You can wear any, but I would suggest you go formally. That would increase your conference, and it will in Greece, examiners in person as well. On After the registration, you will be seated toe wait for your 10 usually all the students. After the registration, they will be seated in their role. They will be called up when that time comes. So in every letter in video letter would come and take you to the exam room that examined be sitting alone. Examiners will be sitting in a room in a five star out of the lords of rooms, and it'll be sitting inside and on the individual. It will take you inside the room opened the door saying, you inside. So I see you walk inside toe Waas Examiner. You can ask them so they're coming. Are so or he will call you in When I look at you make you may call you Ben so you can just walk towards the table. Just approach the table and she or he will be sitting across the table and just go. You can stand there. Don't say that. Just go on. Stand before the table for the first thing, he would tell you to sit down. So then all you can take it. Say it, say Then they offer the seed. Take it and say thank you. Now the second coined the first thing. He will ask your name on the passport. So take it your passport and give it to them. See Securities or here you are. And the next thing he will very for you were I d and fast food on. They have some legal formalities. After that, he will sit on the recording device and he will ended. Use himself to you. There is something they have to introduce their all the details to you and eventually the exam begin. The first question can be What is your name and your data Birds. You can say that My name is Thomas. My date of birth. 07 Sierra, Wait! 90 Something like that. All right. So no, this is what I have just explainable the practice diagram. You can print it out and paste on the war in your study room and something Look at dumb and analyze it. This is the kind off. Well, how you progress in your speaking skill. First thing didn't be a fried off Ghana Mistake. First of all, the new prime pptys Do not be afraid. Off grammar mistake off course your learning Braemar. I'm worth covering laws of plain de Obama. Worse even I'm covering a lot off grammar notes and tips and common grammar mistakes and tens of voices. Passive. I'm covering a great deal of grammar for your student in this speaking co So you will have it and you will learn it. But venue primes Don't worry about grammar, so because you should not be inhibited in expressing your idea That's really important. So think about your confidence and speak continually and speak continuously and use. Try to use good right vocabularies Do experts yours alone to convince the listener and explain with additional information. Keep on speaking. Give a dish. Ladies and Commons opinions Experience idea. Sedition explain. In war, we deal. Listener explain and comments them in war, actively using gestures, facial expression and showing confidence so that the way you have to go through this process. So that's the way you need to analyze your Are you improving in this? So then you're comfort comfortable with the first diagram. Well, I would give you another diagram. This is much more advanced, a sophisticated before that you're confident with the 1st 1 You can use this one because this is a bit more complicated, not complicate. Er, this is want V near. At the end, I'm adding a little bit more information. In addition to that, what are they then? You are content with the first dagger. This is the time that you should be Ah, kind, be concerned or careful or being mindful about dramatically accuracy don't make any mistakes. That's very important, because there is a quiet tedium for seven animal that you should make very little and less number of mistakes. And if you want to get eight, you should not make um, it doesn't mean you should not make any mistake. But they say that occasional errors or insignificant minor worriers or a few mistakes So, uh, try to speak without any grammatical mistake and the radio of sentence structure that's was a very important courageous. And the structure which means have set in English. People use symbol complex compass combat Andi Com Bomb symptoms. So, just analyzers. Are you using varied your sentences? Or are you always using a studio time symbol? Single pattern off center? So analyze yourself, Andi. When you are confident, the vocabulary tryingto use the rate your higher angel carry when soft to get professional , higher range camera race and the same thing. And finally, here. Think about when you speedy. Are you using as a monotone sending structure a monotone, voice off mano turn pitch? Or are you ever to use a poli tourney high Lowe's medium. So are you using a rhythm EQT or in your language? You see that so it's like a waiver or are you using a. But we call it Muno, Tor Nick language or Monarch tonic voice. So make it so Polly tonic. So make it the rhythm IQ, so use highs. You can. Maybe you get starting the highest to the lowest of lows the highs. So speak very tee off pitch and more relation on Straight to you stress when you want to stress somewhere So we will talk. It was stressing it on the video s Oh, I think that's really wonderful. Eso I'm expecting to be with me in the next lesson. Thank you so much. 4. LESSON 3 IELTS VOCABULARY: I welcome back to Hill 789 speaking coves in this video, we're going to talk about assessment criteria. As I have explained in the last video, I think in the first video we understood that. Therefore, Avians, that speaking exam is assist, which means therefore equal compliments on which your statements or your answers response are. Assist or wade one off the rack rate TV awas, lexical range or what? Campbell re and rain. So that's what we're going to discuss. A boat. Wando. The expect from its Children. Remember that this component is accounted for 20 foot personally off your total market. So very careful about that. When you practice, I yells similar to writing Rodeo, that suspect criteria for writing and speakers won't say this'll, vocabulary and grammar. Caucasian Almost similar. We will understand later. What's the difference when you watch my writing? Of course. Well, let's going to that. So what? What do they expect from Miss Children? Basically, there are four things you have to use very to Campbell Aries Onda, higher range of vocabulary at Crozier vocabulary. So you should be able to use a variety. So here we're going to talk about three things first is frees us. Andi, why do you have to use phrases? Phrases are different type off camera. We can use it for a different purpose. They have different meaning on depends on the situation. We can use it. We can also you see no names. For example big and begin, you start or we can say embark. So depends on the situation. We may have to use different capital res, so phrases are also one of the waves. You can change your Campari in order to avoid repetition. So this is good if you can use some phrases in your speaking. But that is counter because you just want to avoid repetition so soon. Our names are really important in this lexical rage you can find a new writer saves over any you as give speaking responses, try to change the cavalry and gives synonymous. So I haven't personal items in this video because, you know, it's very common. You can find it from elsewhere, But I'm going to cover phrases here, so I'm giving you some example. You again, I'll take it down or you can oppose it on Reddit. When you watch this video so Let's take the example set out. Such other means begin they set out to Mumbai is set out to New York. So set off. Take all Patan Were Onda putout. Publish Extinguish. Put up Do well or stay or put up means off bear. There's another meaning because phrase averse change us. Their meaning depends on the situation. They are wonderful. It's good. I want my students to land at least 25 or 50 common phrases. That's my point in this course. So you should let please to 50 or if possible or 24. It's really mandatory and tried to use when you're attractive. That's my focus in this slide. So let's go on. I'm giving you again a little bit more turnout show. Turn up appear setting stuff. These are very popular phrases people use it on in the daily active in their office in there cos this very important. Hang out on low, bitter. Go on, continue breakup upright. Go off first. All right, so Oh, practice these off phrases and make it a habit. All right, Check cloud. Hang on. Continuing Look for what do up and grew. No, we're coming to a very important point where which you have to carefully a lane and practice in your study. This is nothing but CA location. I have explained in the last video locations our a commonly used word combination interviews to buy British. That's the way the natives use in their day to the communication. Or there are daily activities. So the or so Harvey Teoh lend some off the Coleman locations, and this is very important. You will have lots of markets and mark grabbing ticketing in both speaking and writing. So I'm giving you some more than very really calmer. But you can use in both writing and speaking, for example, crucial, crucial me is very important and drastic. Jane Drastic Jayna meets sudden change, a matter of grating borders, off course matter off. Very importance. Fundamental rights. Yeah, these they're Ryan's. But people British people would say fundamental rights or basic rights. Or we have to develop renewable energy or renewable energy means we called like non traditional form of energy, recycled energy or exciting energy assaults to get technology, which means advanced technology. So I'm giving you lords off. Examples. Stop difference decided. Riso Study. Growth wipes pro criticism. Substantial reward subtle features. Several feet just mean the city and already would be called like the invisible features or the secret features. Or you couldn't say that. So then key role white a little. A crucial role, all right or profound. Profound impact of means huge. In fact, all right and again, I'm giving a lot more examples. Noticeable Chenery Support change means the more visible change. Significant difference. Which is, of course, most important, different mark grow to falling grease. Moral degradation, which means ethical. Or there is a deterioration. The morale aspect of the people. Moral degradation. A spiritual back for medical decline. Contemporary technology, which means the technology of our time ideal. It was the ballistic gel. A holistic development means a total development are valid. Family. We say that no Asian countries, I've got well knit family, close need family. They allow each other. They show that's a good in issue. That's why we're so proud off. Well, let's go on a social relationships, social interaction, soft skills. So these are very important. We usually use in. I was speaking, and our communication and our our daily activities. Now we're coming to the very important point. It is also equally important as phrases and location. Now top picture. Lateral cavalry. Why be hard to you? Stop your camera. The first feed. The one thing I'm told you that steering is are expected to use Torre Bigger letter camera or subject letter vocabulary, for example. Let's see that, for example, they ask you, Torpy, this is really important writing paper. Sensible, but it's speaking, uncovering topic vocabulary in times off speaking examination in this video, not in terms off writing paper, but they're both almost say. But in the case of writing, the new lords of Academic Cavalry's on I will be covering When I launched my writing, coz you might find it well. So, for example, of the out give your topic like tourism. You must be speaking about you, you know, maybe amusement. Holy the leisure pleasure, enjoyment, relaxation, entertainment, recreation, camping, back fat tourism, Liza Tree occasion, our historical life Morning names that would you sandy beach of Syrian mountains. So they need laws of topical elector vocabulary because there is a criteria the range of a camera, they have to aborting the right vocabulary range of vocabulary. So the right of recovery, it's really important, but it's also important are the range of vocabulary. So I needed to speak. I need to get talking Little Garret them again, giving you lots off camera lead to lifestyle. Food habit like balance died fast with culture. Red meat See for poultry Game game is wild meat, high calorie, but I didnt plainly announced in for coloring and and after pressure colored taste enhancing, we know that Ajinomoto his cold tastes in a fancy for our high fat for body metal ball in some positive for so what I wanted to do. You should go through these vocabulary over and again this five times when you have some free time and read it and use it and register in your mind when you read future. I know that most of you know this book, Avary and most of these were cavalry are familiar for you. You might be family with that. I know of it, but that it's not really my focus. My focus is that are you able to use when someone asks you a question? That is what the cracks off our discussion. Well, when someone asks you about talk about employment, so you talk about? Yeah, I like my job. It's really investing. I have lots off freedom there. I like my job, but no, no, wait, wait. Are you using? Topical led to a cavalry. Now you see that it's a flexi time job, which means I can go any taek and come back and in time. And I'm so happy with the person department personally by we know that the human resource department and so that is the way you have to express and in a job satisfaction. How many times you might do is I'm happy with the job. I'm happy the job is good. No. So it gives me satisfaction. So the job satisfaction is high. And I know this job for was carrying grow and job security Know that people, those who work in bangs or especially in our country, India, over nation countries, people those were working bangs or gamma sector. Why don't they take the job? It's because of the job security and other work Catholic, a sack fire, remuneration, compensation. So you see that the one topic led vocabulary when you write in a safe or give anise layers . In the case of speaking examination aspect so you. I hope that you understand my real focus here said teacher. Right. So I'm giving you loads off vocabulary. I know that these are not the rial comprehensive list, but I I'm giving you only causes are pretty. Comes trying for a teacher to give you a a great deal of information because but what I'm covering here to get to you the best and in the best on the sharpest on but the most important things so that you can understand and get what you actually and most importantly , Niedere. So that's my focus here. So you will understand what all the pretty and how you can prepare to appear exam. Well, so edgy. Question. Secondary tertiary biology Question. You can use many time for college education. Call education. You can see university. It's a question because the tertiary education, higher education. Yeah, so that's a different way people use it. So, you know, makes a school single school and pottery and lighting. What do you mean, a depression? What is its aggression to? You can say that it's lightning, our give imparting knowledge and skill so that it will decrease our prejudices on ignorance . So the vocabulary basically giving you a lot of camera for science and technology, cyber technology and vam and energy Better. So pause the video landed nor done. Or I can upload these papers and spell a point so you can print the town or downloaded. So pollution, family and relationship these were cameras are very important. And so popeater. So try to learn these were cavalry and use it in your daily practice and make sure that you are getting abreast with a range of vocabulary. And it will help you in both writing and speaking pepper. Thank you. See you in the next video going toe. We will talk about Gramatica. Range and accuracy, just the next assessment criteria. Thank you. 5. Lesson 4 GRAMMATICAL RANGE& ACCURACY: I welcome back to Ohio 78 to 9 speaking coasts. Um, I'm so glad you're here with me. So in this video, we're going to talk about the next assessment criteria called grammatical range and accuracy. Well, let me give you a glimpse about what is dramatic range and accuracy. It's all about a range of grammatical structures as well. Ass ah, accuracy in using all fingers, sentence or propositions. Or really? So the two things you have to consider you need a wide range of grammar structure and they want to know that you using a great range off off structures and grammatical application as well. Ash, are you able to use sentence or are you able to construct sentences accurately? But before we go into these grandma stops in detail, I want you to tell you something very importantly, as a teacher, I have seen that oh, grammar studies. This something with students do not so, like on many time, the a bit afraid off grandma. But I want to tell you it is simply a perception learning grammar. This really easy at symbol on it is your strength. It is, as some believe, a perception wrong. perception you might have a guard it from your lower levels or from your school. Firstly, just deleted on being understand. Today we're going to do at Riel Landing because tan today. So today is the day off. Cracking, decoding, barama very assembly. I have simplified all the drama notes and techniques. How you have to do water, the areas you have to do in order to beat i us. So we're going to talk. About six things he had today tends us ways is sorry Propositions models conditional on their ideal structures. Good. Are you ready? Yes. Let's go into tenses. You know, the tens is CD part in a very popular common. Everyone knows about chances. There's no singles, June. I could find thing. I don't know times Everyone knows stance, but I just to want to, um remind you about how we have to use it and walk our its application. Let's read some of the examples she works in the back. It's simple present. She's working at the bank person continue. You see? Look, story, bourbon ease and the inform the present participle form off the world. She has worked at the bank suppressant perfect. So the ox very well has and the past participle off the world. But in the case of flu, it'll it will be half. So there's a difference. And she has been working at the bank, pressing perfect tenderness. I know that you know all these things, but I just want to oh, refresh your memory so that I can get you into the next advanced level of grammar. So that's very important to a polish. Your memory, a Chevelle work at the back. So it's want symbol future. She will be working at the bank, Which a continuance. She will have work of demand. Future over. She'll have been working at the bank future. Perfect continues well, and she worked at the banks and will pass. She was working at the bank past continuous. Yeah, sure. Here we need when you are right. And she had worked at the bank past perfect. She would be working at their bank at past perfect candidness. So, um, what are the common grammar mistakes people usually make? Andi iest examiners are so so particular about Yes, these mistakes are very, very common popular. And you will go smart in your writing and speaking So you should spend a great amount of time on rectifying and solving. This mistake is a very important first of all. Many people make mistakes when they used in the present. Wow. Um, why do they do that? And how do they do it? See that when you want to express in English a fact to a general information will tell a universal truth, or Sunday never changes. It should be in simple process. We can put it in any other tensions. But in civil process, for example, I come from Cochin. Yes. That should be the right to come from Mumbai. I come from ah quality. Where I come from Singapore, right? Come from money. I come from Delhi Garden City. I'm coming from coaching. This is wrong. So gentle Inform. Actually I know him. I speak French. Um, I ah, she's my friend. It come from India and I So I like Oh, chicken burger. So these kinds of information, our god loves, uh the air in three world the air It moves around the sun at the drug tastes on its axis. So these are the tools information general fact, like people's big English across the world. Everything should be in summer person or did present continuous. I've been working in the company for five years. This is the right form. You can't say I was working for five years. When there's a period of time, you should not be used past continuous. Rather, you shouldn't use present Perfect continuous on. When I was studying UK, I used to or I would go shopping the book expressions Air Correct. I used to or I would go shopping. But you can use will when you say something in the past you have to use passed off the will . It that's would then another mistake. People make it. She he that they were singer it only guns with singer form of the world or the s form like it Were she worse? That words he works on I you, Davey or go with pool words. You say that the we've home There were I were You were Yeah. So you understand, right? No, it's car broke down because it's tag or flattened. You see that? It's it's mean. It's apostasy. Eve. Oh, no. So it's a bustle. See the case now? What is? It's just a contract. Shin off it ease. So there's a different It is, my friend. It is my pen, but it's problem or its tires. So it's a possessive case on. And, uh, you see some apostrophe boys? It's a photo. And what is it? It's Yeah. This is the process of case up, boys. Yeah, boys. Horst. Oh, all right. Yeah, this is stub, apostrophe and the apostasy in case off clue little boys or the boys. This is the plural. And it's a singular case. I m me. I've been home. They told me you're seeing on you can't say they told I So I used the subject to and me is the object now. So the subject now on the object nap So you can't you see that I went home? They told me the year something much more. And I tell you, you see that there's no to hear home that's not usually attractive. Reposition to you can't. I went home and they told me so. Me is the object on the subject. I'm going abroad. There's no too similar to home abroad. Also does not want to you. I'm home. Same. And you see that people make mistakes. A lot on lots. Basically, both can be used both. How good? Say many. But when you use l or don't use this don't see a lots a lot or a lot of people. Uh, lots of Lao. You can say that. But you see, the different LR is a tour. Lourdes is a single where and Luce Lucy sever when people say I lost my wallet. So that's a verb. And lose is an antic T Vince, you can say that my panty is loose. So what is loss loss by people? Um, I have some business law. They say I have lots of money. So this is an hour. Okay, so let's move on at other one. Me and my brother, this is very proper mistake. My brother and I even Homer to Mr here first thing. Um, when you wonder Did not a person that person should be not first before you. So my brother first tonight I my brother and I vend home. Uh, don't said to here, so I hope. All right, Andi, this You see that? Me and my but some papers and me and my about me as they might say that me and my brother went home. No me se object Now you cannot use eso. You have to use a subject now here Because I used the action. Julia So I went home then the next mistake the number off students going abroad is increased. So there is support for Miss Day. The number of students are in greased or easing wrist. We just a plural or which is singular. You see that the number is singular. Maybe the students is plural. But what is the function here? The number is increasing. So remember that the number of students going abroad not arming wrist, but is increase, not arming grist. The number is singular. Always so. Number raising the reason nor the students are increasing Now the next one There are only few students, not less tyranny less cannot be used with countable noun less can really used to be on count over now. So it is a comfortable now, So you have to use a few. Still not last year on our eight year a university Ondimba graduate and old man These are the common Mr These are the correct Awful! Yeah, eso tried to land all these correct usage off uh, article. Well, each and every they are singer, each person on every person or persons few and many you can use with two outs. It's a few persons on many persons People don't remember people is always included. People like people speak not people, speaks for people, likes people explorer. So people do people like people. Go Child is singer Children Program Woman's England and exploded lease women The pronunciation is vehement And somebody nobody. Everybody Norman someone The old singer. So it definitely goes with singer Word on there is a plural they find this is stop reflexive now The object they find themselves nor themselves is themselves secluded Singler So this is wrong. This is the right expression. Yes, they find themselves they we or puro. So it goes with half. They all go with how a brutal Oxford reverb she It's that hell has We already explained all these things in the previous line She sings fast or she sings well, Some people that she sings good now good can and cannot be a were or sorry And ever we need And we're here. So thing is over It ensured the combination with an adverb so good is an adjective. So you have to say Well, she seems while bellies on were good is an entity. So this is the right and this is wrong. She walked faster than him. You see that this is an adverb, but using competitive where? So she walks faster than him. Few overs. Many steering the comfortable little sugar so that's very important. Begin are safe. You sugar or many sugar bite. We can say little sugar or much sugar. They're unconscious. Suri's uncountable cannot count it. So Lord Time Lords can be used both for accountable Aspell. Us known counters Well, let's move on to a very important things. Actives and passive Some students. They're so afraid of passing horse. But it's really symbol. You shouldn't understand three things. How we have the concert. Passy. Why we have to use What is the difference? Let's go into that. What is actives? First of all, let's see wanted these active Always Activity's are always made by the subject. Two year or the subject or the action, do you? Who is action earlier? The one who does the action we see that I like her are I like beads up so What is the subject? Here is the action, Delia. So that is active. Always an active was they should be a subject because the sun ascendance is made by the actual ouya. So who gets important? Ofcourse the subject gets the important on and another difference between passes actives, inactive boys They can use both transitive verbs as well. Last intransitive hours. This is a much very important difference. You know some people they don't know what is transitive Intransitive verbs. Well transit Iwerks man's verbs between need object Certain words in English cannot be spoken. Returned object. Those verbs can be called try and city works at the same time. There are somewhere school intransitive verbs. Which means they can be spoken. They can be used to be found. Any object you see that die in sleep. Use their annual Jake. No, I sleep. I die on Torey. We cannot say that. Yeah, that for gives me Yes. So you know he died. Is there any object there? No, See that? But in the case off another. Oh, I liked I write toe lipped. So we need an object there. I teach. I did just tune it. So we need an object there. So we thought which they cannot give you any meaning. So some of the words are bought transitive and intransitive in nature, many off the mark, but certain words such as diet and sleep. The Constand the told any object, those verbs we call it entrance. Steve, Where's so? What is the difference here? We cannot use intransitive er's impossible. So that is the very important thing here. So passive voice. There is no intransitive verbs. Intransitive verbs. There's snow passive. All right, get so let's will want to, uh, passives. What is the difference? Well, here in I t was we we say want we make English remake sentence by the help of action to ear or the service. But here the action do there is no necessary this very, very important thing why the important goes to the object nor the subject. So the subject is not really important, which means what the action do here is not important, but the actual receiver is important to the important goes to the object on the other. Another difference is that be only used the Vetri or the PP. The press past participle form of the world. Only the B three form off the work the third form and use Onley. Transitive verb. There's no intransitive. Words can be used in passive so passives and perfect Londoners forms are rarely used Only a penitentiary in our in passive voice The President perfect kind of news and past perfect canoes. Future perfect continues those users just very, very rare. But he there can be if you want, you can use it and other differences. The subject will become object now, which means I become me be become us She becomes her, he becomes him. So the subject now will become the object. And I have told you that the action doing here or the subject is not really necessary in constructing passive senator. But if you want to reflect and indicate the action, do you You can fit it. You can bring the action doing or the subject by using a by the end. All right, get that season example. This is some example Here a story is written by my brother that just simple present a story is being written by my brother President. Continue. A story has been turned by my brother present perfect. So these are the examples off passive voice. So you see the construction east plus Petri is being re tree as bean with three has been being a tree. So this is very rare expression. Some people usually if they want, but not for Komen Popular Andi waas plus B three last was being victory had Bean with so Onley thing. It is all about Vetri. That's number one and is Annie's plus being have some hospitals. Me so well will be a sweet treat being made three. So this is the only thing you need to understand in passive voice. Now what is your important focus? That's what I'm coming. Why? I have spent some time to teach you a passive boys their lords of basses Mistake people make especially a mysterious Now what are their application in ill? So that's my find here. You see that I am told by my teacher to finish homework fast. Who is the action, Delia on who is actually receiver who told who did the action? Yes, teach So I have brought the action. Do here by a by but who gets the important the object or the action receiver I I am told by my teacher, which means Teacher told me so in the passive. I'm told I am forced to do that in a Who forces. We don't know it. Just delete er the action do year or the subject. I have just framed the sentence by the action receiver or the object. So I am forced to do that before. I don't know. I'm but I'm not telling that or I'm just covering that. I don't want to express who forced to me. I'm forced to do that. So again I'm giving some example. You will be told how to do that tomorrow. But who say is that? Who will tell you? I'm not going to tell that I don't know sometimes or I don't want to reveal it. I'm just telling. Yeah, you would be told you will be told you would be told by someone. But who knows that? But I will be told you will be tall. She will be talk we don't know or who is doing the actual who will do the action or who is pushing, who is giving the action. But what really matter who receives the action, who he is being subject to the action. Who is being controlled, obey the action. So that's really important. Against the example, she has been a bothered $100. Well, tell me who gave them a lot? Oh, no one knows. I don't know. You don't know? But what is more important here? What? It's a significant here. It's a matter of fact she gets the upper. So she has been a lot of so she got it. All right, so we don't know who gave it. So who gets that's important thing here? The officer has been transfer. But who transferred it Is the minister by the Prime Minister or the King? We don't know. So we really want to say that the officer has been transferred. Has been moved, removed or suspended or dismissed. We don't know by whom the action has been done. Be really know who got the action. Who lost Really affected by the action? Who wants the action receiver? All right, so that is the difference. I think you've got to the point its return that you should not small, but who wrote it? We don't know, but it's written by someone. So this is the importance of passive So it's her. It's seen. Its tall English is spoken everywhere but by phone, you don't know. So began. Say that English spoken everywhere by English people or all people in the world. We can bring the action. Do your by using it by. But if you want, you can use it. It just notice to buy four. So that's all ever passives. I think that you have understood very bold. What is it we make Cendant's by the object or the action receiver? The always use Vetri on the subject now becomes object now on. We can the norm and we can bring the object by using a by All right. Okay, now let's move on. Very important. Grandma's tough for our youth Children, both for writing and speaking student. You know what is mortal Oxo Reverb. So this is a very, very important things. Turin's be careful. You may lose mark when you use model axillary words. Wrongly, more lieutenants are very important for British people on DSO in the British, I use examination. Some people they don't know model absolutely in India, sterile, very Teoh words folks everywhere Sunday, mortal birds on their um, there are trying to D rose and transitive helping burbs. So model words are these can all right, cooked May my month shall we should And there are other semi model words Danny and or two used to Because I'm not going to talk or this thing My Today I'm going to stress on moral Oxford everywhere. Why we have the land want on the application. Why it's so important for I have student. Yes, there are least five purpose. Five people use moral ox delivers firstly showing politeness or request your permission, for example You see that? Could you please tell me there is the best all Could you please help me to find the the devastation? All right, So or offer or under wise, I would like you to take a rest for a wine or you could rest for everyone Or you could sit here so giving someone ways of offer. We have to use wood could. So morality means a kind of expression off using some mannerism or expression showing some politeness or some kind off indicate or manners or or, you know, it is the way off expressing some manners. That is what modality you can go and find the real minimum modality in a dictionary will show you that it's a kind of expressing good manners or something like that. Good. On the 13 command. Yes, you can if you want. Do command something you have to use model words. Shoot. Yes, you should come on time. Which means there's no option. You should be here so must also we can use it to deny or express command. You must be here. I command you the same meaning you can. You must be here. Your should be. You're sure? Does these or command and capacity in You can overcome UK in terms of GDP. So by 2020 she can seem so can mean capacity. So capacity blindness, command offer advice, politeness requires permission These kinds of X prayer. Shen's in English. Oh, did not buy. Model Oxford is very important. You have landed. Did not make mistakes in model auxiliary works. All right. Could symbolise that it's over right? Then comes the next very important accuracy. So condition it English people used conditional tenses. They're different. Tens of we have covered mortal tens active tenses passive tense us. Now we're covering conditional tenses. What are they conditional star. Oh, something is happening on condition with something that's what conditions. Let's see that in English there variety of conditional czar There the people use conditions by ive had should. But most off the time people use it, and it's very easy and popular. So in this video, I'm going to cover and talk about if clothes, mainly English people make condition clauses by if there are basically off four different type off conditional First is really condition and why and what do they mean? It is used to use general information or speak percent or past facts or truth or general information or fact or truth on all these things can be spoken in a real condition for present or past. It sticks an example if he how lots of free time we go to it park in our town. This is a percent as a gentle information, so these kinds of general general for real fact it happens all the time. That's what really condition on giving you some example. You can go and do that in detail later. What about the next condition? You see that possibility condition? This is something happens, really, all the time, but this is a possibility. Condition and this can be used in past, present or future, but should see the difference. We should only use Will, Shall, can, may Should could might, etcetera. Uh, here we had to use model box. You Let's take the example Ive the train comes late. You see that? This is not really It's a possibility. We will have a t. Just imagine you stand in a registration and you're talking to your friend Charlie. Either train from fleet people charity. All right, OK, I'll help you. If I get this job to these impossibility. It's not really a reality, so possibly deal. All right. Good. So that is the real condition. Possibly condition somebody present. This is zero and the first condition and lying to the third condition. Excusing probability condition, some papers that they had order. No problem. Some papers, imaginative condition. Anyway, you name it, but u v c the grammatical structure be early. Used the veto in the main clothes on, and we only used should or would or could might in the, um, conditional close. So very important. Ah, these are the past 24 So, surely is the passive shall and Buddhist a pastor. Food good is the passive Good night is the past off may So in the stir in the third condition or in the probably the condition we only use the past. Let's take something tumble if the weather improved so it's an imagination or a probability we could go for a walk. You see the changes in the main close main close. This is a main clause is a condition clubs in the main close, The only use the past off the modality and in the condition close, we use one again the past So which means this is the past condition. You can say this a past condition. We use the pastor form off work. Looks very. There was the past on the main level, thought past. So that's all about the probability contention the last one. Be careful when you want to say some hypothetical things or imagining the result off a imaginative action. So this is called the perfect conditions. Some people say it's a perfect conditional Fourth the condition. Yeah, so this is cold. Hi, But to go, how do you use it? Be used per passport picture in the main clothes on and have plus three three in the model . In the condition close, we use models plus happens. Vetri just makes an example. If you had borrowed me some money, so, uh, but there is say, a mistake. Yeah, one second. Hold on. If I had borrowed, there's a mistake. If I had borrowed some money from you or just fine, Okay. Yeah. All right. Good. Eso It's right. If I had borrow some money from you, I could've paid my face. So in the conditional close, we used what? Yes. Um, what happened? These use hapless. We three. If I had borrowed some money from you, I could have paid my face. So in the main close, we use good. So that's all about conditional patterns. Let's take another example. If you had told me area you see that in the condition close it uses happens V three on in the main close. I don't pick to you about your home. So mortal place how? Plus we treat So Harper speed three in the condition close mortals. Plus we tree in the main close. So this is the difference between different types off conditions. Now, finally, we are going to talk a proposition. Like wrote. This is also a very troublesome area for many years steering When you use. Remember that in the first liars I have told you that certain word never attract preposition. For example home I'm home nor practical and you're planning to go abroad nor to abroad. I watched that program on television or in television. I read this in newspaper, not on newspaper. You're working on that? I met the friend desk. You see the act on waiting at the bus stop on coming by. Bors We are in the room. She comes from Iran. I work in a bank or at a bank. She's turning for embassy, implying to sit, for example, to see that we went to London on food. You remember that? Not by food you can use by four as well as on for all right. Yeah, on t o can say that I'm living for the U. K. The U. Yes, You see the optical dom before u s and the u A. The Philippines in the Netherlands be compliant gating We always coming against something. She was congratulated on her victory. We congratulate the person on something so honest, really important. We'll meet at in the morning in the evening on next Saturday in this month. So in the month, always with in on the day with on rage by five years. So there are laws of examples on giving you. You can learn it, read it, print it out, get so searching for the truth, looking for a job. I'm aware off subscribes to Daily Mirror. I subscribe to Daily Mirror or the Can chronicle or the son are to conclusion. I'm proud of my country. They laughed at me and in depth to guard acquired with my boat. So you they see that the proposition. Certain words, always a track set in particular proposition. So that's trading partner. Then comes the most important things in grammatical range and accuracy, sending structure, inboard speaking and writing. Students are expected to use a wide range of san destruction in English. We use four different types office and a structure. The 1st 1 is symbol descendants. What is it? It's very simple. There's one subject and one word. My brother works in London, so this assemble centers. I think I don't want to explain much more in this regard. Now, let's talk about compound sentences. Very important. Now. Just landing, please. I'm telling you, leading right now. My brother works in London and he calls me every soundly. You see the mystery one second. All right? Yeah. Okay. Every Saturday. All right. Right now, what is the difference between these two centers? Can you see that? Yes. You got it. They're two independent symbol. Cendant's joined. Bite A conjunction on with the proposition. Yes, that's one compound Sundown. Jack wants to go to Saudi, and he likes to ride a camel. Yes, You got it. You got it. To independent symbol. Centers are joined by a coordinating countries. Such a full and no, but or yet so or Fanboys. We call it teachers. We call it Fanboys with the coma. That's one qambar sentence. All right? Yes. And teaches really like it. I just like it came. Birds like it when you use combo center. And what is combine. When you're so confident about these two, you can jump into complex center. You see the difference here? I'm using the same structure here, My brother words in London because he studies his masters in the university off London. You see, the different you might see that still, there are two independent senate. But in this sentences in these two center one off them. It's not independent. One is dependent. Why, yes. You see that this is called a dependent Cendant. Why? Because it stopped that they're subordinating conjunctions. You know, dependant sentences are cold, subordinating sentence or subordinate sentences because they start with subordinate conviction. This is truly an independent center. It can stand alone without supporting with anyone. Because an independent sentence mean it. Stand alone and conveys individual independent many. But this portion cannot cannot stand along. This portion must be stupid this portion otherwise it will be meaningless. So this portion because you studies this masters leaners Linda, it cannot stand along. It needs some men close. So this portion we call it dependant clothes or subordinate clause. So what is the definition of a complex ended? Yes, Tony. When one independent Cendant is joined the bed one or more dependent closes cold, calm black Sending yes, you guarded. This is one of the fair writes off examines When you use it, they love you. They give you lots of art on. I'll give you a single and simple trick to identify and make complex sentences. Yes. Just think about all subordinating conjunctions. Such as because since why, as do do there too many 22 23 subordinate convictions out there. Whenever you mix, join dependent. I'm sorry. And independent sentence with a independent. Whenever you mix a joy and independent sentence with the dependent sentence or a suborning descendants, be call it complex sentence. All right, then what is Complice? Oh, yeah. Climbers come work here. I have given lots of examples. You can get it. Yeah. So I'm coming Funding doing, uh, to the complex. Calm our senate? Yes. We just afford one. Well, this is really a sophisticated way off structuring English centers, and you have to land it easy. If you are confident with or these three previous structures, you can simply comprehend this Ford. The pattern off commerce started. It is a little bit longer and bit difficult. It honestly it's difficult. It's a combination off complex as well as combat. Uh, let's see that neither the tone has been working in London for the last three years. So what is it off course is an independent can stand alone and again, I'm joining with a dependent sentence cold. I say that because he has joined for F I A program in the university off lender. So what is it, dependent, Cendant, then what happens again Here? You see that I'm coming up with a gain and independence. And they What kind of connection? Coordinating conviction, Notice, subordinating condition. And he likes Sorry. Yeah. Um, and he likes All right. Yeah. All right. All right, all right, all right. Yes. Okay. And he likes to settle down there for his end their life. Now, you see that? How many, um, dependant centers on. How many independent centres are they? Yes, you got it There, too. Independent sentence and one dependent sentence. So you made the deflation? Yeah. So when two independent Cendant's are joined to one or more dependent sentence, you can say that. Klum blitz calm bomb centers. All right, get to these air again. I'm giving some example. So when two independent sentences are joined with one or more dependent centers, we call it complex compound centers. All right, so in this video, we're covered a great deal of information. I know that they are a lot, but go again and again. Have loads. So preparation practices take north sprint out if you can be a covered proposal. Accuracy. It discussed their board. The difference between past he was an active. We have understood what is conditional. Sentences want ease model sentences. Why? They are used in English and variety of sentence structure on big center structure. And the last one? As I said, send a structure. They're very important. When you speak English oven you write English you are expected to use. They write your center structure. I will discuss about these imports in the coming video, but I'm just emphasizing right now examiners are expecting you to use their right to you. Please dinner to use. Always symbol sentence all the time. No making mix off or very destructor. You have to use all kind of sentence structure. You should use some bowl a compound calm black compass common and mix off. Otherwise your sentence will be studio time and you will lose my or right. So thank you so much. I will meet you in my next to video. We're going to talk about flow in fluency or write. Thank you so much. I 6. Lesson 5 FLOW AND FLUENCY: I welcome Teoh Lesson five in the serious Off I 078 and nine speaking coasts. I'm so glad you're here again. Now, in this video, we're going to talk about improving flow on fluency. There are five major combines we have to consider when you want to improve your flowing fluency. And I was speaking the first point I want to mention here. Steering should be able to make natural expressions and we will understand the coming slides. What are the natural expression and how you're going to practice? That and similar levy should understand. Using connected devices want hard to be waited, want hard. They basically on their using linking expression. There also basically same. But you can use it in different weight and using the radio, send a structure we haven't destroyed bridges infrastructure when I explain about the grammatical range and accuracy but in this criteria very destructor. Also very important. Why? Because if you know how to make big sentence like comebacks, compound or complex or combo, you can simply increase your flow and fluency because you can lend in your ideas by giving a worry to your center structure. So what you are doing. Basically, when you develop your sentence by using complex and condoms sentence structure, you will automatically get marks from these two components, such as grammatical range as well as fallen fluency and off course. There is another point. Bombings on Depose ALS In Florin fluency, you should be able to practice how to decrease a number of comings and poses and gams while you give you a sponsor. So these are the things we're going to talk in this video. So let's get into it. All right, let's talk about natural expression. What are the well, when you speak or when British papers speak English? It's very natural for them to make some kind of explosion based on the impact off the conversation. Most of the expressions are going in line with our emotional reaction, or it is the reaction out off our communication. I think you should practice when you have some free time. Try to use these kinds of expression quite naps, really do not use it artificially, but it should be really a natural expression are off your communication. Some of them they're quite tell Lord, but I'm giving you very symbol on a few off them, which is quite popular. And you should be able to practice and use in your eyes. Practices some of them. I'm giving you here. No, Look at here. Yeah, for sure Or yes, of course. How do you use that? If someone asked you that? Um, do you think your country will develop technology in the coming days? You can sit, boys. Sure or yes. Off course. I do believe so. So you know it is the way that you angry. So this kind of expression will give you a good start to give you good response so they can be called a dust s what we call like opening expressions or it will give you a lot of conference. There are plenty in this regard, surely, Certainly. Definitely. They all help you to make some information, and it isn't. Did. If you want to go, do we agree that the comment can say that? Indeed, in fact, yes. Well, that is also very popular, linking expression. Usually people in English world use it to just have a stunt. They can be called a starting expression and there are other expression. Like I think I believe I pursue me suppose I guess. And in my opinion, according to me, to my mind, as for me, so these kinds off this expression are used to assert your opinion. So to reflect your opinion, you can use this kind off words. For example, it can sail it. According to me, computers are not going to replace humans, killers or traditional newspapers. So, in my opinion, I suppose they will not be able to reply Strategical newspaper or there are other ways. Yes, I can I get to that point? I certainly agree on that view. Of course, I think I can certainly agree on that view. So this is the way we two experts on opinion to agree to an opinion to make some disagreement or dio develops a mighty US. We make expressions by certain or camera im extremely story. I can't agree to that. You I'm sorry. I have different views on this regard. Obviously. So, uh, this is also a very quiet expression to make some clear information. Right now, let's move on to talk about some connected devices for organizing and joining idea. They are very important. Yeah, you might find it's pretty A small or few information, but they're very, very important when you want to make a very structured conversation. No, let's talk about, um, what harder they basically you see that? I just want to mention here. Oh, a ride. I'm just to make yourself changes over an icing, Heidi us. All right, all right. Conte Devices for organizing and joining ideas. Now let's talk about the first point organizing idea when you want to speak about at topic or just imagine. Ben at The Examiner asks you a Toby, and you should be able to give a very detailed response, especially in the cool car. Or in the third part, you will have do give very detailed responses, probably more than seven or eight sentences. In the case of Q. Can I know that you are able to? You should be speaking to minutes by which or where you're making nearly 13 14 sentences depends on your pace, but naturally there will be 13 to 14 sentences. In the case of third part, you will not be going beyond seven sentences. I don't think that you should be going that the maximum will be six or seven center when you have these kinds off big answers. I would suggest you to use some organizing techniques. This is really important, and you will get a lot tomorrow. This is quite natural in English world, such as using Um, there are lots of Ware's. I'm giving you some examples. First of all. Most importantly, able. They're very, very important that you want to signify the most important thing or anyone to list out idea . So basically, when you give some tall, you should organize the idea like first of all, most in bodily Aboul. Firstly. Secondly, thoroughly and finally ensure also as well. Last it is, Can you know you can use also natural for connecting ideas but for instance, like such, for example, to put the natural. We all use these for organizing ideas. For instance, when you want to make some examples like also, we use it for making some example such also, we use it for making example, for example, asphalt Very clearly. Now let's talk about some examples like you. Oh, then you use first of all when you are to talk up or three things on their very important so you can start a festival. I want to talk up or the disadvantages of computer. It creates lots of pollution. It increases our living close to. Secondly, I'm going to talk about the descended vanity of indolent so you can structure your ideas one after another. And when you want to talk about the most in border that you can say. Most importantly, I want to say that our computers decreases people's potential and natural skills. It makes people very lacy or when you want to say the most important thing. And first you can say about Wall. So say many, you can use all these things, so organize your idea. So venues given answer. And I am speaking. Just remember that you have to organize your idea to know, Let your ideas be scattered and Examiner will never understand anything. So my past point is that, um, organize your ideas one after another. Now there's another point. You're connecting with conventions and connecting with odd. Worse, they're different conventions we can understand on, but yet they are coordinating conjunction and they're subordinating and just like a big calls sins or we know a lot of convention. We use convention to connect ideas. So, um, why I'm stressing these ideas will you give an answer? Do not store. When you feel that you run out of ideas and you feel that you're going to stop, don't stop there. Put a conjunction like on, but or yet make another sentence and translate those ideas into a compound or complex center so you can avoid hum ings and pauses. Basically, So my point is that do not give too many symbol symbol. Short sentences rather make big sentences by using connected the races such as, um, conventions as well lost on drips. So So my point is that first organizing idea secondly, making big sentences all right by making use off injections and connected the ways is making, um, big sentences. So I'm just trying to here Oh, making big sentences, send insists. All right, Right. Okay, So I'm just violating this point, and they're very, very important. All right, so you have to langdon idea us on. Yes. So organized ideas on makes big sentences by connecting with conjunctions and Edwards So used these kinds of conventions and lending your ideas and make big sentences so you cannot work humming. Suppose us on. You can award making too many short sentences and sentence fragments. All right, so third point, I want to talk here using advisors. There also connected devices. You can link one sentence to another, sending let's see that more over this very important connected the ways. How do you use moreover? Um, then you want to talk about disloyalty? Same to not early. And Batarseh. Similarly, in addition to that, additionally conceit quickly, however, furthermore, Angeles ages big cars as a result. On the one hand, on the other hand, at the same time in Congress on the country, they're all basically advisors. We use it for connecting one sentence to another sentence. One idea to another idea. Just makes him example here. Yeah, you can see that. Um, I s is one of the most popular examinations in the world. More our people face lots off difficulties a in passing, an examination. So we can say that, um, connecting i e ds so And not only that IRS gives lots off opportunities s so we can make connective devices to join idea. We can say the in addition to that, um, I use provides our Lord's off exam centres across the world and decently. Ah, speaking examination is conducted on a separate day. So when you talk about a big idea, I know that this examples are not so, um 11. But my point is using had words to link ideas and whatever on the one hand on the elephant , when you want to talk about to contrast ing ideas you can use on the one hand. On the other hand, let's make them example. One. The one hand I used I use is the most proper examinations in the world. On the other hand, it feels it seems very difficult for Manu student because some of the papers are quiet, difficult. So we cont wants two things at the same time that our Lord's off resource materials on the books available on Internet to prepare his examination so we can come bare and contrast, we can bring additional ideas like similarly, in addition to that additionally conceit, Quinley began, compare on we can put a declining on so various weighed very logically we can bring different ideas together on. We can maintain very, um, flu and transition from one idea to another radio so we can mayday the coquettish in between idea and also at the same time. It will be so cool here. The ideas will be very ready. Go here. And when you use these kinds of addition connective devices. So you should maintain the coalition on the coherence. So putting ideas together in a logical manner with the smooth transition and there's no humming their snow waiting and they are naturally organized on day are put together knit together. And so it gives you a helical hearing impression on it gives you a fella coherent organisation on it is smoothly. Translator. So that is our point here. All right. Now I'm giving you some example how to use complex and commerce and the structure. Basically what is simple? Send it, for example. My brother works in London. One subject one. We're just call simple sentence watch Easa qambar. Send it when two similar centres are joined by a coordinating centre coordinating conjunction. We call it combines ascendance. My brother works lending and you see that two independent sentences are joined by a coordinated conjunction like four on or but or yet or so with Tacoma, we get a combine center, so trying to use common sentences while you speak answers and I speaking so you can award coming and pozole can lengthen your ideas. You can award homey can in Greece, you floor and fluency, and you will get the mark for Caucasian and coherence, right? Similarly, try to use Cormack centers. Let's make some examples of complex ended. My brother works in London the same example Because he studies use Masters University of London. What is the difference here? This is on independent sentence. As you have seen here. I'm joining this subordinating conjunctions with descendants when a subordinate in conjunction comes with the ascendant. This sentence will be called Dependant sentence or Dependent clothes or subordinate Close. Why? This is because this is subordinate conjunctions because big this portion look from your starting from here because good studies whose masters and owners lender this portion cannot stand independently because it arts with the subordinating conjunctions. So since it has the support of the conjunction, it cannot stand alone. It has to be joined with an independent ascendance like this. So what is the definition here when one independent Cendant's is joined with one or more dependent sentence? But the subordinating conjunctions that just big Constance White asked due to we call it complicate sentence. So all let's make here. Uh, all right. All right. So we understand. Want to use that calm rec centers? I think I have given enough explanation aboard this kind of sentence structure, and I talk about grammatical range and accuracy. So my point is that you should land how to make complex combine sentences so that you can have a smooth transition from one idea to another, and you can increase your flow and fluency. So that's my point. So that another important from the structure I'm giving another example Here. I studied English while my brother was watching movie. You say that this is a independent centres. But why? My brother was watching Always a dependent sending. So I joined with that. So this is a complex centers. So remember that they should not be in a coma and main clothes comes Version subordinate clause. Come second. You see that there's no coma in the previous example. The every set. Oh, yeah. There's no call my here. All right. Yeah. So there is an example here. So here there's no coma here, right? Why? Then the independent sentence comes first, and the dependence on has come second. Or which means the subordinate close the solar in conjunction comes sick, and after the main globe, they should not be any coma. But look at this example as India Phases on Employees man Coma the country's planning to create millions of jobs. Opener now the sentence cups first. Yes, the defendant close with Subordinate Close comes first, and the main close come second. So as it is a boarding convention, So it's called the Subordinate Close. Yeah, yeah, So when a subordinate conjunction comes with the Senate school subordinates endings, So when it comes first we have to separate with comma. So that's all about complex Senate's. Now let's morninto complex. Com Bomb sending. All right, Okay, All right. Now let's see that my brother Tom has been working on London for the last three years. Now, this is a very independent centers. You can see that now I'm joining with the Dependent Centers or subordinate center because here's John for a farm, your program and the University of Lender. This is dependent center. Now I'm joining again with the independent sentence by remained that you see that remember , they sees a coordinating conjunction whenever you want to join it on independent sending. It should be joined by the help off Coordinating contention. Separated by a comma on, he wishes to settle down there for you send their life so there's an independent center. So why is the definition here? When two independent centres air joined with one or more dependent close, we call it complex combo Senate's All right. I'm giving another example. A few more examiner here since computer plays y told Roll in today's neurological development, there's a coma, so which means this is a dependent off every school teachers scientists managed was subject again. I'm joining with the independent centres, so I'm joining on independent centres by the help of a coordinated convention. But but it can decrease students natural potential. So this is a complex combat center. So here again, I'm giving another example here. Independent sentence First Eyes is the most reputed English examination in the wall because it is accepted by every national. You see, there is no coma here. Why? Because the dependent always comes second, so there's no comma, but I'm bringing another independent ascendance by the help of a coordinated connection with a coma. So I have to separate here. Andi students can appear examination in any country. So this is a complex Qamar centers. So Isis the monster pure English examination in the wall because it is accepted by every nation on students can appear examination any country. All right, now I'm giving him just reminding you all these steps again. They're very important and you speak fluently and coherently. Now you see that Always speak variety o tension. That's very important. Private job voices. So, um, how to use the right? You're tensions and voices. When you speak about as something in the past, you can use a simple past past perfect on person. Perfect depends on situation. But I ask you to use different tensile. You cannot be used wrongly. It should be on its right occasion. So I think I have explained when I explained about tense us there. You shouldn't. You should not be use tenses now. Whatever voices you know already have to use passives and actives. Now let's keep moving. Speak very your sentence structure. We already explains that Just symbol. Combine commerce and sometimes commerce, common aspirin. You should not give too many commerce commercenet because they're pretty heavy and language , so given mix off that at times you can give complex, sometimes compound on. Sometimes you can use gauntlets, car bomb sentence so they should be a mix of all of these kind of sentence structure. That's my point here. So I'm just reminding all the tips which I have covered in the previous lines. Now this is a very important violating here. Practice using sentence with Wild asked the constants due to Maine for complex on commerce , commerce sentencer Why examiners will give you lots off mark when you use complex or compound or complex com or sending why you can use these centers in order to get Mark board from florine fluency as well as from grammatical range and accuracy and again explainable. Organizing our answers by firstly secondly, most importantly, Ah Bo all finally in Conrad using connected devices and finally I would homing waiting gaps and need to be in the response. You know, for example, in the asking about can you talk about your job? So you you just for instant you start with I'm a 90 experience. I've been working in a I D company for the last five years. This is a very proper company. The name of the organization is called Relations, So you see that there's no Big Cummings or gaps in between. You know, instantly. If you say that I'm an ill I d. Expert being working in that company, this is a computer job, and I'm working in I t. Fan. This is very popular and fame, so this kind of humming means, um will definitely lose your mark. So hum, ings, weightings, gap. Practice it. Sometimes many off your home ings and gaps might be an inherent character or a character problem, because that might be the way that you used to speak in your own native language as well. So we understand. Are you making any cummings or gams or opposes while you eve responses? So record your responses in your mobile phone. Listen to that and I understand whether you need to change whether you need to make some changes the way you speak, so pauses must be eliminator. But now there is another important point I want to tell you here you can use natural posters on what is natural poza when you want. Then you are explaining something very importantly and you wait on a moment on you, think and corner and bring a very wonderful, brilliant ideas. Then that's really important. You posed to wait to bring a wonderful idea and that's really acceptable. And examine. Understand natural poses are really important. For example, then someone asking about genetic science or what we call like, um, nanotech college, your genetic science or the or the latest scientific inventions in the world. So you can say that well, I'm not so confident about genetic science because I'm not so familiar in this feel. I don't belong to this field because I'm a computer engineer. But what I have understood ever this field is that, well, it talks about a genetic mutation and deign it is. That's what I think you know, because I haven't quite understood a word or this thing. See, when you give that kind of response, sirs, there are forces there are humming because why? Because it is really natural, a meaningful posters, so that's OK on Examiner loves it rather making a blender, or rather making and kind of stupid wrong notions or and respond. It's very good to make some natural poses ting and giving some meaningful and video 11. Response. So when you want to make some relevant and natural or meaningful response, you can make symposia. So think about those kind of things. Finally, I'm giving you some more ideas about linking expressions and common phrases for making stumbling expression. It is due improve your float. This is very important. You hard to practice at least 10 or 15 off them. It's very important. I can't stress it more than this. You see that? I also believe that it's means you're filming. You're making some information. I wasn't believed that our country is going to face lots of problems in the next injury. So this is any expression. We are making this free. So these phrases are very, very quiet, very popular and quite normal in the world. Off English number two. What I believe is that if someone ask you aboard, any opinion on you want to make some responders and you understand what I believe is that our computers are going to be upgraded in the coming days because Lord soft inventions are taking players in the field of computer. So even though you don't know anything edible computer, you simply it started with the phrase What I believe is that so this is a phrase you can use us fill layers in order to award home ings and pozole, and similarly, but in my opinion, it ease dash as a matter of fire fact to the matter. Tristan. What I'm referring to is that there will be lost challengers countries are going to face in the 21st century, whatever, referring to his dad. Our unemployment in Asian countries will be so acute and people will be facing lots of trouble as we know. So what I found is something very important. My experience for it's quite usual for everyone to question when they have any problems. It's very usual for anyone to question. The door itches when they don't have the basic rights are met or basic needs start meant. So we use this kinds of natural expression in order our hum ings on poser. You see another example here? Well, it's impossible to predict what's going to happen in the future. Just imagine someone ask you, the years examiner asking about Can you imagine how future computers are going to be? You can say that while it's impossible to predict what's going to happen in the future. But what I believe is that there were lots of changes. You see them? We didn't give any response meaningful here. We haven't made any answer. We haven't any answer, but we made some kinds off expressions to fill the gap. By the time you can think and bring wonderful idea, I think you go my idea right now. So keep practice this kinds up impressions and expression to maintain the flow and to fill the gaps. So when someone ask you about your plastic speak, is it? Oh, well, it wasn't quiet. Strange experience for me. I haven't experienced anything that soul. But you didn't explain anything. You're coming to talk yet, so using some expression that will increase your flow, it will increase your the rap over it. Examiner, that'll improve your floor in fluency and you can maintain the Caucasian for instant. As far as I'm concerned, it's hard for me to accept that I don't agree on that point. So these are also some kind of pope or expression. I can give you the example like, if examiner ask you that some scientists believe that experiments on animals are acceptable because they want to research on babies this Caesar. But if you wanted the second you can say that Well, it's hard for me to accept that fact because our animals are also have the right to live in this nature. They are also the part of the ecosystem. So we should not breed those rights. It's a while rationing my experience or sorry, in my opinion. So, uh, how do you use this kind of linking expression? Or you can say that I don't agree with that view. I have a different opinion this regard. So using these expressions, we can avoid homing Suppose er's and gap and we can made in a smooth transition. So we have explained in the slide about organizing I. D s connective devices lending ideas by giving complex called Born bigger sentence structure and using linking expression on awarding bombings and possible. So that's really good. He will talk about, um, pronunciation in the next video. So thank you so much. We will meet you in the next video. Thank you. 7. LESSON 6 PRONUNCIATION: I welcome back to I'll speaking 78 10 9 in this lesson, we're going to talk about, have to improve pronunciation. We know that in speaking, Jennifer birth and off your mark is accounted for pronunciation in this section. We're going to talk about the right pronunciation, off words, Internation, stress and Chungking and, of course, accent aspect. Now, first of all, I would like to tell you that Wendy's pick about correct pronunciation. It doesn't mean that students should be able to speak in a clear British accent. There are things you had to be having to take into account while you prepay for examination . First thing, you have to come out off any wrong pronunciation. If use pronounce certain words car wrongly, you will lose. So first thing is that you have to analyze yours Israeli wrong pronouncing in your ascendance in your responses. Well, let's see. What are the common problems when, uh, a students make when this speak English? First thing pronounce correctly certain English letters that often wrongly pronounced off home. I just I'm just suggesting you to awards BBC or CNN. Now let's see that some people speak teacher. It's not teachers. Teacher and technology tattoo, so they should be a strong tea t by touching the upper potion off your tail by your tongue . So when you speak to, you know, to push air and you see the Children she can choice, you need to stress. So these are the common mistake Stevens make, especially students from Asian countries. And let's see, Peter, it's a p you to push the problem. So in your distress paid and big bench Paige, I think, um, you need to stress be a little bit more. So my point is, here pronounce words correctly. So that's my first point. You see Dr Dough, it's done so T p part and down. So these words are wrongly pronounced to buy people's to and students from Asian countries , right? So secondly, I want to tell you I'm going to give you some commonly wrongly pronounced woods. These air common wrongly pronounced the words. You see that it's walked and where normal. There it's where are silent. It's why cry. So it should be. I sound at the end, so it's why and cry and how how it's how how it's it out sound. This is an outside so Why cry and how How are you? Why do you do that? So this is the sound All right. Now it's mobile. It's distrust the M more by and restaurant, not restore int restaurant. So these are the very popular mistakes made by students from Asian countries. You see the portal off woman. It's women. So you see the pronunciation. It's women, not woman. It's women. So pronounce women on. You see that? Not photograph. It's photograph, not photograph. It's photograph. Uh, computer. Come. You are a silent computer and work, but the RV silent. So you have to pronounce work. No work. It's work. Good. This So are we silent work? All right, all right. I found teacher that the R is silent. Whenever you see any where most of the time ends with are you have to put it silent. So what do you have to do? It's teacher teacher Teach are not Earl. So teacher driver draw you Uh oh so that I always silent So you have to end with up not our so dry wa dry you a teacher and not tomato tomato. So there's a very, very popular and common mistakes committed by students Formacion countries. I'm giving you a little bit more examples. I say that it's run a brooch. It's bridge, dear Silent and it's not charge, Ari. Silent Touch Touch Church. John Chump Judge, Judge on judge. I'm going to church. It's on Deborah. It's day Avery not wash Wash not nurse. This is nerve Nora. Nora it this nurse and worker Ari, silent nor generated. Jen. You Eddie Genuity No. January gen U T January no wa sound. It's also yeah who Ah, re January and Wednesday You see the van State paper. Father, Do you examination Flower, you see, then film so not fill him you cannot pronounce It's filling its film, film, film economy make price So I have given you lots off samples in the world attachment you need to pronounce correctly I have given how to pronounce those words correctly Given the correct pronunciation in English itself, you can follow it very easily. I had transited so you have to analyze Where do you lose your mark In terms of pronunciation or otherwise? You have to understand other any common on very Sceviour pronunciation mistakes you make so fine analyzed those mistakes find out on rectifying those mistakes. A T least 25 or 50 common errors could be rectified, and it should be minimized. So if you could rectify at least 50 common mistakes that sufficient, you can go through. Now. What is in donation? Internation mints arrhythmic pattern off Using language. You see that English is spoken with the modulation of voice. It means your sentence must have low, medium high, low media high pitch. So it's like a wave. People never speak English in them. Bobby called a stereo, typing dole. So it goes us a favor, usually it and stands from a very high pitch toe on ends in a low bitch, sometimes on the rivers. It starts at the low pitch and ends of the hype it. So how do you in donate your language in a rhythm IQ pattern? So don't always speak on monotone. Make it different tones. For example, how are you? I'm fine, so you're graphs should not be starting it. It should be and wave. I found this article really useful, but you think so. Where do you make a rhythm? So try to practice in donation? Speak with them, Miccoli and stress often goes with your feelings and emotions when you speak. Or when you make Internation people mistrust certain portions off your sentence or stressor certain words more emphatically, or the stress on set and wears or certain portions off ascendant based on the emotion on their emphasize. So you can use those kinds off stresses on your sentences, based it on your importance or emotional importance. So certain sentence stress and intonation goes together hand in hand. For example. Um, how are you doing? I heard that you fall sick, So, um, we make stress and intonation based it on our emotional importance. You can make loads of example, and you can listen to BBC and CNN, and you can listen. Toe how these people make stress on Internation. Now let's go into stress in detail. Now I'm going to talk about words. Trust here. You say that English words divided into different blocks, usually containing what will some so a blocky scored syllable. Every English weird can be divided in do different blocks. On one blow can be a a block, which is containing a syllable. A where can how one or more syllable on. Based on that, the word is divided all right. And so but only one off the syllables or one block is pronounced more audibly, loudly and strongly, or in other wears one. Well, well, in a word is trust more than any other woman. Let's make some example. This is, uh, two syllable or to block words and one off the syllabus is pronounced, but the more stress you see that present percent. So this is a now, and this is where so in this case, this is a valuable So the block made by this while e he stressed more than the next level. So press send for ascend. So So it here are so you can understand. It ruled that in the case off were talking about words with the tools a level the second syllable is trust in the case of work on the first syllable is trusting the case off now, so they gave it to us 11. Now, first syllable is trust afterwards. The last syllable is trust in the case that this is a low here. There, lots of loves In the case of two syllable announce on words on the first syllable is stressed in the case of now and the second syllable is stressed in the case off. Now let's see another example. I understand of a flow so they are works on Let's see someone exam like words ending in graphic geographic G O Lord sick. So the rule is that when any words ends with I see the words just before the icy is stressed. I know that it's a bit complicated. The rules of stress are big complicated. But don't worry. Just lend some at this one or two or three and practice at that's okay. Words ending in C on on and she on Usually that words just before the Siyuan and she on arts trusted You see that Tele Vision revelation? So these are the stress pattern you can practice on giving us an example. And you see the words ending with C T G. Hi are pronounce or stressed. Um uh you know, uh, and they the second syllable. So these words are pronounced by stressing on the second saliva. You see that democracy, Andi, depend ability, photography, theology, accessible, accomplish accuracy, activity. This is actually the stresses on first, actually advantageous. I m. Pei Shias Analogy, apologize. Apology. Let me just make one more time. Democracy, geology, accessible. Accomplish A curious e activity actual actually advantageous i. M. Pei Sheas Analogy, apologize. Apology. So these words must be pronounced with more stress. They should be spoken more loudly. More stressful. E on a more audibly. All right again, let's meet one more, some more examples. Authority or the rise Aware Awareness Back T via bigly. Ah, graffiti, biography, Biology, brother brotherhood, correct Arise cigarette, classical community. So this is the way the stress goes, All right. I hope that you enjoyed it on. I have given loads up sambal list attached. At the end of the course, you can download it and practice it. All right, let's move on. Now There's another thing in pronunciation. Examiner will consider when you speak. This is Chungking. Chunking is sounding called grouping words together in English world, peoples speak English by putting words together. So you need to learn how to put words to gather and speak group after group. And there's another thing called contraction as well. I'm going to discuss these two things in this section. All right, try to speak English phrases block after block or group back to group. You need to practice how to join, um words, uh, together. Right to see that. For example, people may say I am fine. I'm fine. So this is the one block and it has gone. It's gone. So this is a contract Shin off. It has gone and you say that. Let us say this is a three word. I've made two things here. One. I made a contract. Shin, let us. I met. Let's and I'm going to make it, challenging our group in here. I'm making it. This two world. It's already contractor, Let's say out, put together and made a one word. Let's say it's gone. Let's say so. That's worth Chang ing. So there is contraction. There's grouping putting words together. Sometimes people put three or four words together and pronounce at a single stretch. Let's make another example. So since you know, sometimes when people ask you if someone asked you, what am I doing? So you said I have been working in a bank for the last two years, sometimes some peoples that I've been working them back. So you see that all these were to pronounce that the single block, and after that you can make a pose and you use under the block here. So that's what Chungking on grouping in into practice. Listen to a BBC and CNN while they speak. Understand? How does the stress Internet and group now see that for the last two years? So I'm speaking. I said block, I'll meet you there. So these just how many where I will meet you there Sometimes that meets you. They I met you there. Sometimes I meet you, they I'll meet you there. You know? Sometimes, uh all right. Yes. Yeah, yeah. You see that will meet you there. Usually people say I'll meet you there. Yeah, it's gon Let's say let's move. I'll meet you There have been working. It's been two years. So this speak English as a bloke and they used contract Shin. And what? One more example. Hope you're fine. I'm glad you here. I'm glad you came. Why are you late? Why are you late? Where you are you laid? I'm glad you here. I'm glad you came. I'm glad you hear hope you're fine. What's your name? That that's the way people broke. Our people put words together. Any user doesn't block. Sometimes we may say. What is your name? What's your name? I'm glad you're here. I'm glad you came. Hope you're fine. I'll call you back. I'm eat it tomorrow. So that's when people speak wires together. Let's see that I'm an engineer. I'm an engineer. I am on engineer. So we can say I'm an engineer. You know I want to go to Canada on too good to Canada. You see that? I want to go to Canada. This one wear so people speak thes. How many words? 123456 words This picket the single street. I want a good to Canada. That's one way like you're one blow. I'm an engineer. I wonder. Good to Canada. I'll call it tomorrow. I'll see you. I'm glad you here. Thank you so much. So that's where people's pig words. You know, I said blow one after another. So? So I think that this video will help you a low time. It will help you and give you lots of conference. And you will understand how to speak things. Words, bloke after blow. So I suggested to some of the ways you can improve you off flow and fluency in this video be accorded Internation, which means you need to speak things words rhythmically and are. Sometimes you can strafing the hype. Eugeni could end with the low bit or something again starts with the globe it and end with a high bridge, so vague again we speak about the stress. Sometimes we knew hunt to give much more impact on set and portion off you're sending. It can use Sandon stress on the same time in you. When people speak English. There stress storm English words based on the lower certain portions off a word or set on blocks. A block is made off a wall well, and that war will is trust or which mean that block is trust or that portion of that word is trust more than other blocks. Other portions off that where the negative is park about Chungking grouping and con traction. We can put words together. We can group words we can contract with, and we can speak like a singles tread. So let's move on to the next video and the coming medium going to talk about the first part second but 1/3 bottle I'll speaking so thanks so much. Bye 8. LESSON7 FIRST PART QUESTIONS: Hi. Welcome back to aisle 789 Speaking Coach in this video that this is the seven. The lesson. Oh, in this lesson, we're going to talk about, uh, first part questions. We're going to analyze what is the specialty of the first part on how many questions they will ask you and how are you going to respond to those questions? So these are the things we're going to analyze and land in the section very detailed, right? All right, let's move on now. How long does it happen? Usually, the first part only last for 4 to 5 minutes maximum, so it's very symbol. But remember that the first impression is the best impression on Be careful to give you to give very good response con friendly and very logical and relevant early. So 4 to 5 minutes. That is the maximum time duration for the first. But question and I'll speaking on how many questions there's a doubt that harmony question . Usually teachers or examiners can ask you in the first spark. Sometimes they can ask you six questions very early. Seven question. So that is a normal range. Usually, this question can be very simple. and very, very Coleman question. It could be related to your birth on live your hobbies, your future plan, your real age, your job, you off parents, your friends, your studies edge equation. So basically, remember that in the first some lessons some of the first lessons. I think I have explained that the first part is cool Vaal obsession or personal section because they want to build a good relationship with use of the just vom you up to speak. So lost all the questions you could expect in this section is quite related. Your personal life. You can give your personal opinions so 4 to 5 minutes. How many? Question? Six or seven questions? Well, there is a doubt, Dan, what kind of answers your students should give in this question? How many were harmony? Cendant's is is it's really okay. Um, I would tell you tree sentences they rarely possible. If the question demands bit explanation, you can give four senators, so it's very quite symbol, so usually expect or be ready to give three to force and in in the first part question. Sometimes, if required, you can go up to five. Senator. It depends on the question because if the question is kind of an explanatory question, you may have to go until five sentences or write. Now we're going to take some sample questions after this lessons that I have arranged, Lord so sampled questions and answers and video. So I will give you lots off explanations and answers later. I'm just covering and giving you a brief idea, but these questions are quite important. That's my focus here. Every question I have attached in this video, all these fuss part questions are very, very important. So we need to take down these questions on respond to this question. That's the reason I have arranged here, most popular and Coleman for sparked questions. These questions can be expected and can be popped up in any examination, so be careful in that Please give he here to this question. Now, usually the first part begins with asking your name and date of birth, for example. It could be what's your name or cannot harm your full name? What shall I call you? So that should be the way they would ask you. You can say that my name is Silent Joe's and Josie's. My family name, and you can call me Sally. So that's my name off. You know, if your name is Peter, like Sandra, you can say that my name is Peter. Like Sarah, Peter is my family name. You may please call me Alexander. So that's the way you can give answers in the response. So let's move on to our force pond question. This is an indirection. The examiner will ask you why start by asking your name and date of birth? Basically, Did they ask you, what's your date of birth, or can I have your data? But it can say that my full name is silent choose and Joseph's My family name son is McGivan May on my data were did 06 year for 1986. All right, now these are the some popeater Coleman. Very, very important. Repeated first part question. Take down and practice it. They can ask you about occupation? Definitely. Or possibly, most probably, questions can watch your occupation. What job do you do? Or sometimes they may ask, in a different way. Can you talk a little bit about your studies or a job? What you like most about your job for example. What good things You find out about this job. How many years have you been working there? So these air the sambal question they can ask you about the occupation. You can give an answer and saying Surgery to four centers for exam can see what's occupation. I'm a teacher. I've been working. Yes, it English teacher for the last five years in a popular institute in my hometown. His name is British Academy. So give answers about 3 to 4. Sending or so this is the way you can't speak. I like teaching English because it gives me a lot. So pleasure and satisfaction when I impart knowledge and skills to my student gives me lots of satisfaction. And I can also develop myself. It gives me lots off. Ah, skill developed, been and satisfaction. Or how many years have you been working there? I've been working as a teacher for English for last six years. I like about, um the teaching aspect because I could keep skills. I could develop skills and provide knowledge to my steering. I can dellape their skill gives me lots of satisfaction. It gives me lots of peace and joy. All right, so we can talk about your job. And what do you come from? Raise your native place? Where are you from? So these are the some kind of variety of question to ask about your whereabouts. You can say that I come from question. It's a sudden the district in the state, off Carolina in India. Or you could say that I come from Condor. It's in the northern part of Khairullah. It's quite popular about Hill producers. Or you could say that I come from a colic. IRT it is in the northern part of Carolina. Um, so that's a way. Give three or off two sentences, making very natural and polite. Could you describe your hometown? Or how does your city look like? What is the most interesting part off you were lead Is there in tourist attraction. How long have you been living there? So you could say that, Um, I'm not giving you answers to all this question because I have attached other sample questions and answers and other videos. I'm just giving you how respond questions are arranged. Now. Could you describe your hometown? Yes, my hometown is very beautiful. It's a rural village. It's Ah, filament Lord. So lush valleys and green Aries and hills are beautiful. River flows through my village and most of the areas are farming lands. So you can talk about that now. What are your hobbies? What hobbies do you do in your spare time? How do you spend your weekend? He's awake and different from a big days. So you can say that. Yes, of course. My weakens are quite different from the big days in bacon's I usually spend some time with my friends. I go out, I go fishing and sometimes in the evening or in Saturday evening on or Sunday evening I go shopping. I like spending time with my friends. I'm so happy during my weaken because I have lots of free time. So speak through your force intention and in more with the Examiner. So can you talk about your friends? How often do you made with them? How do you keep in contact with your friend? I like to keep in contact with my friends all the time. I use social media I used wants of Twitter or Facebook. I send messages. Sometimes I formed them. We speak over the form. Sometimes we meet in a coffee shop or library. I like to keep in contact with them. So do you like to keep in contact with the child friends wire? Why, no. Yes, I, like my friends, are very important. We always try to keep in corner. We share or ideally, help each other because I feel it's very important keeping corner because we can share our pains and ideas. It gives lots of relief and comfort and joy. So especially the depressed times or in when we face and problems. It's very important for it to share problems. Do you have few friends or many friends? Why your rhino? I have few friends because I'm so particular about friendship. I don't quiet easily acquire in with all the people. I'm very, very selective in selecting friendship. But I always keep in contact with my close friends very, very seriously. So my point is that they can ask you about your friends. They can ask you about your hometown. They can ask you about your family. They can ask you about your studies. They can ask about your food har bid. So that is the focus off this lesson. So you need to take it pen and a paper, list down all the important things in your life and scribbled down lords of ideas and try to translate those ideas in the wonderful sentences. Talk about your favorite food. Talk over the fare, Great friend, Right? Few words. Somebody off parents, right? Few words support you, Bill. Eight. Very easy symbol sentences Tree sending or four sentencer and read it fastly and very emphatically. Andi Speak. Speak out as stand in front off a mirror and speak very, very, very Bobby Call like speak. Very bored Lee and fastly. So you need to practice for spot question. That is very simple, very simple. Three. Ascendance only. So that is my focus here. Now it's going toe. Want some more examples? What is your favorite food and why? How often do you dine out or go on to have her? Do you like fast foods or traditional foot? Do you cooks again? Say that well, I like traditional foods because there comparatively healthier than the fast, was because we don't use artificial flavors or taste enhancer fires. We don't use any chemicals in tradition for their very healthy on their cheaper an economical, so you can give an answer. So what is the monster Proper foot in your please? Well, um, the most popular food in our places. Betty Anne. Off. This is very traditional Indian food. It's, I think, it's available in Middle East and Malaysia. Nation can result Spell. It's made of rice with meat. It's boiled, and it is so aromatic. Dish it. It kills very rich flavor and aroma because it it is scooped with lots of herbs and Spizer . It's a very be healthy addition. And if a rich food origen minerals and weight means because it uses loads or herb son spices, it's really very healthy and rich food All right, so you can talk about that now. You can also expect questions about your school or college. What are the best things about to call it? There are a few things I like about my college. The land was really soft. Decatur and teachers were really helpful. The God Lord. So free times I still miss my college biz. I really enjoyed that so we can talk about that. Did you go to this cornea at your home? Yes, it was quite near to my home. I walked early around three kilometers. I usually go to my I used to go to my school from my home, my desk or a right. Um, do you like electronic devices? How often do you use a computer? What do you do most? What do you most to use a computer for? I usually use my computer for your surfing Internet and doing my research worse, because I need to study lots off research and lots of things in connection to my studies So it can talk about this kind of question, which you say that you are addicted to computer. I wouldn't say that I am addicted to computer because I nearly use computer for my purpose whenever I am in need up, searching some data or making some communication with my friends. So I use computer to make some Internet communication for sending mails or sending Cem I said just to my friend, right, so usually they can ask you about transportation facilities. How do people in your city commute most of the people in my city or my village? You can talk about the village commute by public transport. Public transport in my village is quite developed, sufficient and so really relatable and cheaper on the frequency. Souls are very, very reliable, so I think our people use public transport. But there are people. They have private transport bikes, scooters and cars. Do you use public transport, a private transport and why I usually use my private car? Because, um, I don't have lots of time to spend in the morning and evening. I'm very busy, so I usually take my car to my office. You can say that maybe they can ask you about sports. Why is it important play? And he cames Well, it's very important to play games. Games are very, very interesting and amusing. It gives joy and it relax. Ever mind gives lots of happiness and it relieves of attention. It gives lots of physical exercise so you can be fit. You can talk about that. So my point in this lesson is that first, but questions are, um, last four. You know, the first pot last for 4 to 5 minutes. Point number one point number two. You can expect maximum six questions on point number three. You should give response by three sentences, sometimes four sentences on the next point I have highlighted here. What kind of questions they can ask you. They can. Sorry. They're gonna ask you about your personal life, your family, your education, um, their future, your future plan. You call it schools. Anything about you. So how you develop your skill in responding to this kind of question? Like I said, in the first lesson, make a list of topics. Topics like your favorite food, your favorite 20. Devise a favorite country fair. A teacher, your uncle, your friend, your meal. The restaurant you usually go on. Miss it. Your suit favorite super mark your favorite toy. So let's start hole. They can ask you anything about you and try to speak about those topic three or four sentences, if possible, elaborate. Or they can ask you how. Why where? So remember that there can be opinions. There can be exponentially how, uh, you know, you know, they can ask. You want so list out or these topics and brainstorm all these topics. How do you bring stuff? I've told you that. Think about what? Why, where and how Andi list out all these wh questions and scribbled down answers. And 34 sentences. So that is the way you need to develop your skills. They're going to ask you anything. You have to expect anything and you will respond to any questions. You wait, you will. It is your readiness. You should be able to face any question. Just go ahead. Any question? Just a Yes. I think there are various reason I think it happens. So that's the way you need to respond to every question. So be ready. How do you ready? How are you going to bed early by practice? By brainstorming by working? Yeah, by noting down ideas by preparing talky. So that's the way you have to be ready to respond to this question. Remember, it is very, very easy and simple because you need to speak only three or four sentences, and these topics are always related to your life, all your interest or hobby. So it's a matter of practice, a little bit of conference. So that's all we want in the first part or right on Tank. Osama's the next lesson. I'm going to talk about want these second part question or the cue card question. How do you I respond to this kind of question. And what are the tricks and skills you need to use in responding to Q guard or the second part? Question. Thank you so much by 9. LESSON 8 CUE-CARD SECTION: by Welcome Teoh I'll 78 on nine speaking coz this is lesson number eight in this lesson. If you're going to talk about speaking part two in the last video, we have seen about how students should respond to the fuss pot question in this video, we're going to talk about the cue card section or individual long term. Uhm I'm going to talk about how it do structure and how do you arrest porn to this part? Well, it's a three minute section I am and in which two minutes for the long term topic on one minutes preparation. So the total duration Force Que card is worth three eminence, including one minute preparation. So how does it happen? Basically, the examiner gives you a topic or the cure car and you of how One minute to prepare unspeakable the topi for 1 to 2 minutes. So So you are our largest big two minutes aboard the topic given, but the Examiner can't stop you even less than two minutes. It is their discretion. So don't bury a body of this. Toby, you you don't need to think about timing. You don't need to check the time you assembly talk. So the cure. Good question. May have three or four sub questions. So there will be a topic like your favorite Hobie or a trip you have, um, made with your family or something like that. So the topic usually comes with few. Some questions, usually to your force up question. Like, when did you go? How did you go headed to go on. Explain why you selector that particular location. Something like that. So usually the last question off the sub question could be are requiring a kind of explanation. So that's the way it is. All right, So let's move on to how do you respond to this kind of question? Had to answer kill. Good question. Now see that you need to speak. Maximum two minutes. Repression time, woman. So one plus 23 minutes. So that is a total time duration. For the second part, you can prepare one minute. How do you prepare? You can pull the paper from the table. They would give you a pencil last fall. You can scribble them short, north in this one minute preparation time. Again. Symbolist scribbled down and point out important. Keep coins on you. can use it. And look what, and you can allow braid aboard those about the topic For two minutes. You're allowed to look at the notes, but don't people looking it and really that would assembly lose? Or the impression How do you do that? Make a proper structure. Makes some short notes. Make a proper structure. Are the structure Usually I will tell you why you have to put in that two minutes talk or want to do a minute store on introductory common. Explain each sub question by 34 sentence each. And last sub question usually comes with an explanation. Or why part So you can extend our little bit more on the last or the or the third or the Ford last sub question. Don't worry about the timing. Then they want you to stop. There was told you. So that's the way the structure. Now let's take it a symbol. Cool clock question. Now this is a question. Just obey it. Just printer on the paper and they would give you the question paper on. It is a way it will look like speak about a country you would like to visit in the near future, you have to say very just locator. These other sub question What are the specialities off this country? Then you will travel to this country and explain why you like this country. So this is the way the cool guard section is structure. So when the give you this question paper, the myriad thing is that you need to take a paper from the table right in front, off off the examiner. So again, take a pen. Sorry, pencil and a paper from the table. You can immediately scribble down. Now let's see how you do that. Made it a take a pencil and paper exams would give it to you. Make some short nurses given below. You can look at the snobs, but don't keep on looking it. You're just a lot to use it. Draw a diagram or a column, or some bulletin coins or number them or a put a bulletin mark so that you can explain every points without missing anything you can do Anyways. Maybe you'll get number 123 Or you can make a diagram or columns rose or some bulletins only thing you don't miss any points, and by the white after the examination, you should leave the paper that they were never allowed you to take the paper with you. You will leave the paper and the pencils in the example and they may look at it when it doesn't make any difference. Because the exam is already recorder by the time you finish the example. All right. Now this is just ISS, you know, a sambal they how students can scribble down there notes very systematically with the good proper structure you can simply right there across. And you can number 1234 big so that he can go in an order. Or maybe you can go go clockwise or you can go in there and a from left side to the right side. Anyway, you can plan you are north's, so you have one minute time immediately. Don't lose any single second so you can select a country just right. Your country. Just imagine this is your want sheet. So let's take Singapore. Ah, beautiful, clean This nation very small. Hi Tec City. Why? This is where you're going to talk in the indirection. I have told you just give a as startup common the indirect to re comment That will give you a good, smooth Caucasian, uh, with the some topics. So give it as in directory comment so that you point out some of the basic things that were Singapore. Now they're force of questions, and you need to make some short north in order to develop those for sub questions. So what is the first question? Well, so this is nation, country Sichuan into Malaysia on where have you? You know it just, fyi, our fly journey from my country and economically rich a lot crime level, greener cities. Many tourist sports are there when you will go planning on expectation for a day trip. But all my family meeting friends planning, staying friends planning to stay in the hotel. What? Yes, it's a planning to stay in the hotel and the fourth sub question force of Christian till you want. Or was it explained why you like this country? Yes. So we need to explain here. It's one of the most beautiful countries. It's very peaceful. It's very clean. Officiating to Gasca efficient transport cities. Lots of opportunities for jobs, education technologically advanced. So why you like the country? So these are the short, important points and you will have to devil upon this torpedo you will have to double upon each are Koreans very clearly. I need you to explain the nearly you can speak for two minutes now. Years. Really? If you count how many Cendant you would need to speak when someone speaks for two minutes. Generally, they will have to speak nearly 14 15 or 16 sentences if you don't make long pauses or anything, so you need to speak quite lots off sentences and idea. So you need lots off short ideas and you need to elaborate on this ideas on. That's the way you can do with no. Speak politely and start with the small introduction. Don't a poor disappoints daunting aboard your timing? Uh, all right. And examiners joke. I will stop you when time is up. I'm sorry, Examiner will stop you right at the end of your told Examiner might ask you one or two counter question or around a question just to test to you. Why? Because are you making it by hot answer? Or are you making a lie or anything? They just 200 test to your credibility, so there is a round up question to test you. So do not way for us. So or do not be worried. So you just very fam family give a good response, are firmly and gently answer it, for example, supports the new finish Or this Topi they can ask you examine me. Ask you, um, have you met any person who have visited a place before or anything like that? It is just a test your honesty. So at the end off your toll, they can ask you one or two questions like to just to you. Maybe they want to ask a little bit more about your opinion or they want to know whether you made a very genuine response or they want to know that, he said the fabricated or artificially made or Iraq landing star or planet stop means that by 100 stuff so they can ask you some counter question or a ground up question by which they will end the discussion or the cue card topic. So that's away. Uh, David does this cue card section. So we give you a sample answer in the next video on when I give you answer. So ah, very detailed answer I would give you. So this is the way they usually conduct Cugat section. All right, good 10. LESSON 9 DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: I welcome back to Idol 78 and nine speaking, coz this is a lesson nine in this section. We're going to talk about the part tree off the speaking examination, which is called the discussion part. Now in the last section, we have understood about how the cue card question is structure on how you can prepare to give a good response to the Q car here. We're going to talk about how the discussion part. Usually students feel that this is the difficult part, but we're going to go in detail how it is structure and how you can give good response in this section. Now let's see how it just structure The total time for discussion section could be fined to seven minutes. Depends on the timing. If there have spent lots of time in the first part, the Examiner would not have combatively longer peered to spend with you in the third section, so it would eventually cut down the timing. So you may know how us much US time, so usually any having to last 5 to 6 or seven minutes. A number of question usually can be nearly 5 to 6 question. Sometimes more than that. So you can expect six questions anyhow and types of question now this is really important here. Usually all the questions asked in the third part can be bit lengthy. There'll angrier than the questions asked in the first spot with the two or three objectives or parts? Like why? How? Where, or explain something like that. When you get an answer, you have it. I would suggest to you to respond to every discussion question by 5 to 6 or seven send and said it's very important because this is called a discussion part. The real purpose off this section is to make a released, constructive and a deep discussion with the candidate. So the Examiner wants to measure the depth off your language. They want to know different areas off your skill, the different range off your English proficiency. So this is the where they really measure the depth off your language. So they are expecting a very deep discussion. Very strong involvement. You can go. He can show all your talents all your skills in the spot. So that's what they're expecting. Okay, so Del up and Langdon, you're responds by additional idea ums comings and opinions on you can share experience, so show your skills or your talents here. You know this is where you need to shine. I think Examiner expects your deeper involvement in the discussion process. All right, so let's take some questions and see that. Now you see that before I move on to sample question, I want to tell you a few things here. Point number one. There's a thematic link between the second part or the cue card on the discussion part. So which means there is a a thematic linkage between this two part. Suppose if you hard a country you would like to visit as we have discussed it in the last part. Just imagine the Singapore question in this. Q. Gone, the discussion question will be about traveling or tourism or foreign culture or air transport something like that. So which means what if you have given if you had been given a topic like travel or a country that you would like to visit? So possibly the subsequent discussion will be about traveling or tourism or something related to that? So there is a a close off thematic relations between your car on the discussion part. Or in other words, we can say that the discussion parties always making it a very strong discussion aboard the subject you have explained in the second part or the Kucha. So that's all about I want to tell you Now let's move warm or is there is a pattern Now. This point I want to emphasize bit more stressful it. What is it in all, the third part question or the discussion part? There is a pattern. What is that? Questions can be off asking your opinion views. See additions, predictions and combine. So you see that 1234 fun. These are the five times so discussion question you may expect in the discussion so they can ask your opinion. Or which means, what do you think? Our views. How do you see that tradition? What do you suggest tradition while will you see will happen in the future? Or how do you imagine, or can you come back? So that is to wait. So remember, you need to understand the tone on the sense off every question. Otherwise, you might give a beautiful answer, but it might be at wrong response right now. Let's move on to the structure off. Third and just to rate waiting one more time. Some of the examples structure sample, structural. Third part Question some questions. How do you think or want to you think? What do you think of what you said? So which means Why do you think so? Which means bar asking your opinion? Yes. How do you come, bear? They send that. Which means, How do you come bear the technology in your time on the technology used in a grandparent's time. So what is that Combat Grissom? Yes, you got it. Do you think that discuss change now? Well, compared to us again, a comparison. What difference do you find between this and that again? Combatants in what change do you foresee in the future? So what is that prediction or sedition? Do you think that will change your happened suggestion? So you remember many off the question or all the question can for in one off the patterns I have mentioned here. So it's very important that you need to, uh, talk aboard. You need todo understand on land, these kinds off questions, and it's patting. All right. Very good. Let's move on. so be ready once you finish you A Q Khan examiner might ask. You want to around a question of or Singapore and will turn to discussion part automatically. So I have already explained that around a question. So upon completion of the roundup credibility question, eventually the Examiner will more warn to the discussion part or the third part question for it would be like this. It would be in this way. So just imagine you had just finished speaking aboard Singapore and examiners around A question can be Well, have you met any person who have visitor this country before? Or they can ask you, um, would you like to visit any other country along with this trip of something like that? Then you might say that Well, I have met some people those already visited in this country on Duh. They are my neighbors. I have madam and personally humans back. So just you have just Emmanuel given some good rest spores according to your opinion. So the next question will be Well, now, I would like to ask you some general questionable traveling so you could say, Well, OK, off course, or certainly for sure. So That is the way you can start and slip into the third part question. So just imagine, I'm bringing the previous coup card question symbol. Cugat. Questions speak about the country you would like to visit in the near future. The same question I have explained in the last part I have just brought here in order to explain what kind off discussion question expected could be expected regarding to this Cugat. So the same cure cock just worn to some of the sambal third part question possibly asked in this yoga, Let's see the first Christian. Do you think people in your kind of travel more or less these days than in the past? And why, yes, there's an opinion, Christian, as they're being the difference in the way people travel to foreign countries over the years. A comparison seriously, right? Good. Do you think that a traveling can make a positive or negative difference to the economy, off country or any country? It could be no peanuts addition. Question. What change will happen in the ways people travel in the future? And why do you think so? Yes, it's a prediction. What are the benefits for a person who make trips to foreign countries, of course, kind of opinion or sedition. What are the challenges people? Phase one traveling to different countries and why so opinion? So I have given this could be the some of the sambal or examples off questions could be possibly asked. When you talk about a country, you have a visitor or you would like to visit or but you know, traveling or tourism or trip or international journey or globalization. So these are the possible question they can ask you in the discussion part. So these are the questions. So in this video we are covered the structure, the direction number of question, the patch in and how you have to rest for. So that's all I want to cover in this section and in the next video and watch that give you sample answers for these questions asked. Well, last other popular question. Thank you so much. See you in the next video by 11. LESSON 10 PRACTICE SET 1: Welcome back to aisles, picking 78 and nine speaking coves. Oh, in this lesson on ones, I'm going to talk about sample questions and answer. There are loads off sample lessons in the last, I think around nine listens 10 lessons we discussed about, um, every sections and the skills, competencies and everything on this lesson on war to be going to talk about the rial practice lessons, they will have a lot of questions, and I give you sambal answers or want. Now I'm just giving you a brief of what we have collared in the previous lessons. The speaking examine National last four told to 13 minutes the first pot could be 4 to 5 minutes and sorry. Que car 2 to 3 minutes and discussion 6 to 7 minutes. I'm over that. The first question could be Can I have your full name on what is your date of birth? So that would be the first in directory question off the Examiner while the begin the crossbar section. So just more to that, So just follow me. How the questions are answers are arranged can harm your full name. My name is Pete Down and Dinos May family. Whether you come from, I come from Cardinal. It is in the northern part of care lot. It's around eight kilometer away from here, so oh, there's a mistake come from What can you talk about occupation? Well, I work as in a column din in a private company name taught Tom. I do all financial transactions and already words. Let's talk about the Koby's. What do you like to do in your spare time? I do a lot of past time activities. Actually, I liked reading boobs mainly travel off on historical magazines and spiritual magazine, and during we can. If I am free, I go fishing in the nearby river. Do you think you do the same hole bees as you had in the past? No trailer in the past. I like to play valuable and quicker, but these days I'm not so interested in these polls. Maybe I feel more match for now can make comments like that. Do you think people continue in the Koby's when they get all their? No, I guess, because once the eight changes are worked aged in preference, also away every I'm sure that we condo surgeons pulls bigot older, but there are people who can t all the passion on the way to Yeah, it depends, in my opinion. Mm. Sometimes they do bit. Do you think people in the future will harm seen types of four business they do now? Well, I think no. Because their change of sovereignty many of the traditional games are no longer popular. Young people today like computer games, surfing, Internet, watching movies. So in the future, there will be tremendous changes in the field of free time activity. So these are the sandal question. I'm just giving you a safer spot. Question is a very sample that can ask you anything. So that's the first part. Question the sample answers. Read these answers again and again. And ah, practice a lot. Now, this is a sambal Cugat question. I think we have explain aboard this question in the previous section, so I'm going to give you a assemble. Answer Kia. So speak about a country you would like to visit in the future. If you speak about where dislocate er water the specialties of this country that you will travel to this country, explain why you like this country. So just imagine you're a woman a time. You got a paper you scribbled down immediately and going to make the rest for the time off . One minute is over. The examiner will tell you all right. He can start now, so it gets down like this. I'm so happy to talk about a country which I would like to visit in the future. I would like to talk about Singapore where I'd like to wizard during my next summer vacation. I have heard quite a lot about this tiny little country. Oxygen better between Malaysia and Indonesia. Um, its nearly five hours off. Why, Jenny from my country on its cheaper rascal. It's very famous off cleanliness and city management. We know that Singapore is one of the cleanest cities in the wall. Um, my friends have told me about the city because it's very more organized city with the huge skies crop here, some of the buildings have got 75 80 stories on its filled of it lots of mornings. Christ crop Ear's on their long so tourist destination and tourists port in Singapore. One of them there said International Sue on the T Barco Sentosa. You can helos amusement activities and entertainment. You can have lots off. Children can. Lots of fun. We can have a ray gypsy for that side of the specialty of Singapore. It's lined up seaboards because, of course, line country, we can have a bridge of seafood. They're planning to go there on next holiday, as I mentioned earlier, we arranging a family to for one week and why lexical blur vadis reason? Because the way they manage the city's eso clean has very low rate of crime are single Borys, one of the countries with the very low crime levels and the metro services and think of a soul popular. They are got a wonderful, um, rail system, and it is quiet, peaceful our country, and people like to enjoy that country. It's very greenish on beautiful. So that's the reason I like to have a trip to Singapore in my coming occasion with my family. Good. So that's all about you need to speak about in this section on. So after this section they would give you some round of questions, as we have explained in the last lesson. So I'm just coming to the discussion part. Wow, let's talk about Trombly for right? Good. Do you think people in your Conrad travel more or less these days than in the past? And why, off course, I think nowadays people travel more than ever before as they have more needs. In my opinion, I think today's live is more complex and divers than in the past, and we have easier and faster transport facilities today. In order days, people settled in a village. But today the travel to cities and even to foreign countries for its aggression. Joe, Business and Leisure So, I think, probably has changed law comparing to the past. So that's obeyed. You give prominence under, Yeah, you give 123456 centers. That way you can give answers in the third part. Question. It's more than in the question. Has there been any difference in the way people travel to foreign countries all over the years? Yes, there is. There's a tremendous difference between how people traveled in the past, and now when it comes to international destination, why in the past they used ships and sales, or which took Muns or years. We know that people travel abroad or by ship, and it took even months. Today there have faster, most transport like train and flied, and it seems time and therefore they can travel more frequently. The introduction of cheap airlines made a revolution in the traveling industry. Now they traveled to foreign countries within a few hours. So it has changed a lot, right? Do you think that probably can make it pass it to your negative difference of the economy of your country or any countries? Well, I believe traveling. Just make difference your economy. In fact, I think it's a very positive difference because when more people come to any kind of, for example, my country, India, they spend a great deal of money and four taels transport shopping. So the economy get accident rated because why people spend loads of money, it has got a load. So implication on other subsidiary industry to create jobs and boost manufacture sectors indirectly because off foreigners with by lots of things, from textiles to electronics than food traveling is one of the biggest revenue makers not calling in my country, but in any country on swot. So oh, that's away again. Now what change will happen in the ways people travel in the future on Why do you think so ? It's a kind of prediction. So we need to talk about future. Well, the future Recep Salud and predictable my opinion because we know that technology changes are defroster base. But I guess in the future people will be able to travel on a bullet train, for example, across corn. In it, we heard that China is. Dana has developed a bullet train, which moves at a faster pace. Like I think I heard a 304 100 kilometer per hour so they might be able to travel cheaply but so fast from one nation to another begin over fix. But more private jets and even flying cars are also, um, not on a long way off on a long way off means in the distance. So we can say that our private jets and even flying cars are also not on long way off. People leave in a globalized world on time is the most important factor they consider. So I guess there we tried more que curly or cheaply. What are the benefits for the person who made trip to foreign countries? In my opinion, a person can land a range of things while going abroad festival. He can understand different way of living, which means we could Lana, but for lifestyles and culture, they can belonged to land from their customs and traditions are maybe good things, the moral values, their ethics. Sometimes there were cheers beliefs, said Kennelly. We can learn new technology, better ideas begin by unique products, and we can introduce in our society. Most industry thing is that we can lend language and we can make friends from other countries. So traveling off were definitely benefit people. Those who travel abroad. What are the challenges people? Phase one traveling to different countries under Why? Why would goto an alien nation? Yeah, why we go to an alienation. The challenges are many, and if it don't tackle the wisely, we would be in trouble. Surely you know you should be very careful, for example, matters that the kids could be a serious issue. For example, if you go to the UK, we see people always stand each other. They are very discipline and never break use, and they're quite patient. Sometimes it is the food habit that troubles us. Many Asian countries, like Singapore and Thailand people. It's names, you know, something I can imagine. But we have to deal with these difference quite easily. So culture can be a really different difficulties For many people we call the culture show . The best way is that we should landlady about those culture before we go there and try to adult with their lifestyle and smudges we could or we had to be tolerant. Otherwise people face conscious. So you know that these are the sambal ideas you can You can make any response you're free to may. You can make your own opinion. I'm just giving you some sound. Alliance has have to organize your responses and give a very good respond. So in this section covering, um, uh, how you're giving answers in all these three parts off Higher speaking. So thanks. Someone's were more warn to the next sample question and answer as far. Thank you. Thank you so much. Spy 12. LESSON 11 PRACTICE SET2: Welcome to Iose speaking. 78 on nine. Uh, this is a lesson number 11 in this video, we're going to talk about one more sample question and answer. So there's a sample question and answered to Let's begin with the 1st 1 question I have given you, um, basic information about how the exam is conductor. Now we're starting as Newman. Can I have your full name and date of birth knife? Full name is George Thomas on my data Bird is 6 April 1990. Can you talk a little bit about two studies or a job? Yes. I'm studying my masters and computer signs. I study in the College of Information Technology tonight. What do you like most about this? Coz I like this cause very much on the most important thing about this cause is that it has a lot of programming classes, which I like a lot. I would like to pursue my future in programming. Is your cause very popular among other young people in your country? And why, off course? I think it's very popular cause in my country more and more students that taking computer cause of these days because it provides a lot off job opportunities. What changes do you foresee in this field in the future? Well, I expect great changes in the field of computers in the future because technology changes every day. I believe supercomputers will be cheapo and smaller in the future. So that's all about the first part question. Usually they can stop you by five question. Now it's a cure. Got here. Speak about the childhood friend whom you still keep in conduct. You should say who this person is. How long you have bean known this person How long you have known this person. What is this person like? And explain why you like him. Show you how I mean Time to prepare. Let me give you a sambal answer. I'm so excited to speak about one off. My childhood friends were so important to me. His name is seven and has been living near to my home for the last 30 years. I know I am, since her prime is calling because we were class may until high school. After that, while I took signs but he decided to study. Come is on went to a different college, but we maintain regular conduct even today. A lot of things to talk about, Mr Seven. Actually, he's a very honest and helpful personality. I can show anything in on. He would be always at our help on. That is a kind of character. He goes on, is a very smarter, gentle guy, is very talking to you. The most important thing I value is his cooperate iveness and sharing attitude. He held to me in many ways, especially in preparing many off my legal documents about my foreign programs because is very smart and Rocketi. He can deal with government officials very smartly and get things done quickly. So Mr seven is a person whom I always keep in contact since my childhood. And we always try to meet doing your weekends on. Even if he can't maybe speak over phone on, we keep in corn back. So he's like, very valuable friend in my life. Okay, so that's all about the Kilcarr. Now let's talk about a discussion question. Let's talk about the importance of friendship. Yeah, sure have important his friendship is in your life and why, or why not? In my life, friendship is not that important. I don't know why Maybe it is because I didn't have many friends. Andi French didn't make much influence in my life. But I have a few close friends who might see very important to me. So now could see that there's a small mistake. They didn't make much influence on me. All right, okay, lets more The next question. Do you think people make friendship today? Asked. They did in the past. Well, no. I see there are large difference between how they made friendship in the past and now in the park there met in schools, colleges of clubs of libraries. But today they often meet online or while travelling or workplace. So there's lot of difference between how people made friendship in the parts and how people make friendship today. Is this the positive or a negative changing opinion and why, Oh, why no, In my opinion, a textbook negative and swollen is positive. Signs become so that they can make friendship globally and they don't have any bad years like geographical or time bad years, and they can always keep in conduct from Miss staging APS like Wants of or Facebook. However, the flip side is that even though they make too many corn dives, they never come closer, and they never take this friendship so seriously. So I think it's almost a passive friendship and as a resonating they have huge vacuum off a good friend in their life who can help and lower on did share their a problem. So I think there are both positive and serverless negative side to this change. How do you think people will make friendship in the future and why? I think in the future people will make friendship through clubs and communities because people are starting to make their own communities and groups according to their preferences or based on believe or like religious club. Some people they make clubs based on their views or on politics. Some have rich clubs like rocketry clubs, Lions Club Sports Club, so I think they will interact by the help off community clubs in the future. How do you think technology influence the way people make relationship today with technology largely influences all of us in our communication because of its liability speed . Andi, It provides biddy a cheap communication. Today we can't imagine a world with Tom computer or Internet. It decreases our efforts and increases over efficiency. So, um, technology largely influences. Yeah. So all of us in a communication because officer elaborate despaired on cheaper cost. Now, do you think the mag friendship with different kind of people at different stages off our lives? And why, yes, certainly. I believe so as we grow our as we grow our views and taste also very. So we make friendship Beijing on our perspectives. You never child. We make friendship. It'll all kind off students or Children. But when we get to our college become mature and we became, we make few serious friendships and the friends we get from a workplace, we tend to keep along because of personal reasons. Professional reason. So it's true that we make friendship with different type of people at different stages off our life. So it's true that the make different kind of relationship at different stages in our life. So these are the sample questions you can give. These are some of the patterns. There are various other ways you can give response, but I want you to give you I want to give you some samples that you can take a look at that . All right. Thank you so much. We will more in the next question by 13. LESSON 12 PRACTICE SET 3: I welcome to I'll speaking 78 and nine. This is the 12. The lesson A Z were discussed in the previous lesson. We're moving on to assembled question and its answer. Let's begin now. Can I have your full name, please? My full name is Julie. Mark on markets my surname. You can call me Julie. Can you talk about your occupation? Yes. I'm a nurse by profession. I've been working in a hospital for the last five years. What are the good things you find about this job? While there are many things that can talk about nursing, Actually, I like this job because I can serve and meet a lot of people. It gives me a great amount of satisfaction when people get cud after treatment and it just on it is really a suitable job for women. I would like to ask you about the place where you come from. Can you talk a little bit about the hometown? Yes. I'm Harvey to talk about my hometown. It is called Unity, situated in the district of Khanal. And it is not a well developed the city, though, but it is a reasonably developed town with your basic facilities, master the people of farmers and Gammon employees. They're all types of small scale merchant as well. How do you think your town has changed since your childhood? I think there has been tremendous change in our town over the years. There is no big shopping complex during my child, but it is good few miles on a big, best term. You know, these days today there are a few hospitals and colleges, so I think it just changed very much since my child ever. How do people in your town travel? Well, there are frequent public transport in my city. People in a radium mostly relay on justice. There are taxes available around the clock. However, young people today the use two wheelers to get to their companies and colleges. Right now, we're going moving onto the cue card section. Speak about a skill that you find very popular in your country. Other than computer. You should speak about one skill, is it and why it is a popular explain how difficult it just a land. All right, let's look into a sambal answer for this particular question. There are wide variety of skills people develop these days to find employment or to ease their lives among them. I'm going to talk about such a very important skill, which is cooking. It's one of the beautiful skills man can land and it just solving never to go for everyone . Maybe all people can cook, but it's also one on while a few people can be expert in this field. This kill is so popular across the wall because it really gives lots of joy and it sorts the eaters on brings fame to themselves fast for people can be so popular and famous if they make wonderful dishes. Chefs are highly valued in all country on there is no limit for the Christians available today. People have a variety of dishes and come up with new taste and recipes. It's not so difficult and so we think many people believe that it's really a tough job, but it's upto ones. Taste and interest. If you're really passionate about cooking, you can start on my experience. You can become a smarter and smarter chef at the same time. There are many in two states in culinary ARDS, we conjoined there are learning professionally, so the importance off culinary skills are getting more and more these days because they get lots off high paid jobs in hotels and these tar on cantering companies. And they get loads off appreciation from their friends and relatives while they get the opportunity to serve in their family. Get together. And even so, this kill will help people to make money as well. Thank you. We're going to discuss about some of the skills here. Let's move on to 1/3 party. What skills do people most want to have today and why? There are a lot off skills people importantly, devil up these days? But I'm sure computer skill is the most needy off or present days. Vital'O toe right illiteracy. No one can even communicate today. Similarly, driving is also very popular today. Which skills should Children learn? It's cool. And are there any skills? Lana. Home. Yes, there are very important skill that Children should learn in school, such as language, skill at it, Matic, skill and communication, skill, etcetera. But at the same time, there are many skill. This should land at home such a socializing skill, basic manners, life skill. Um uh a little bit of cooking, cleaning housekeeping on educated manners. These kinds of skilled. They land at home from the patterns and relatives and the elders from neighbors. So there are many skills students land both from schools on home, which kills to your thing will be important in the future on why the future Aries Unpredictable, actually. But I believe there will be new developments in the future. People may have to lend using Roberts for household wars or even ordinary people may have land that screen in order to use basic utilities as everything going to be digital and wireless these days. So I also think language schools will be very important. People should be able to speak many global languages. Multilingual personalities are more accepted in the coming days. People can sustain in this world why one or two languages. So I think in the coming days people will have to land Maura and more number of languages like Chinese friends or Russian. So there are a number of skills are becoming so important in the future, which kinds of job has the highest salary in your country and wine. There are many high pair jobs in my country, both in public and private sectors. But I think bankers, high profits, civil servants and police officer get higher remuneration on. In fact, I think software engineers chartered a corner in some kinds of experience to lawyers, doctors to get hi everyone. So their number off hi professional jobs in our country get huge remuneration. Are there any jobs that you think should get high rewards? And why, yes, I think there are other occupation gunman should consider to be worthy of high pay. For instance, primary school teachers are not paid substantially, in my opinion on I think Swasey workers to should have the past can revised because most in Berlin, our country, there are many sectors, for example, like nurses, they don't get suitable remuneration. So I think these sectors are also to be considered for better pay than they get Now. Some people say it would be better for society if everyone got the same salary. What do you think about this notion? Well, it's an interesting question on the people might think. It's a beautiful idea, but what I believe is Dad, it would make very adverse effects in our society because all jobs are not the same on then they need difference, kills and expertise. We have to consider once experience knowledge skills while we fix the salary. So, in my opinion, though it looks like a good idea. It will create loss off inequalities. And difficult is, on the other hand, eventually. So I don't think it's a good idea. So that that is the end off the lesson number 12. So in this video we have discussed it or Sada pat teams and sample questions and answer. So thank you so much. I'll meet you in the next video. Thank you so much. 14. LESSON 13 PRACTICE SET 4: Hi. Welcome. Teoh Io speaking. 78 10 9 This is the 13. That lesson. Now we're going to big and wait. The four spot question. What is your full name? My full name is under Philip. What shall we call you? You can call me. And you? Where do you come from? I come from a small town called Unity. It's in the northern part of Carola. How do you describe your hometown? It's not a world all of town, but has got all basic facilities. There is few churches, hospitals, colleges on many shopping complexes. All right, let's talk about to your friends. Okay? Do you have any friends or a few friends? So do you have many friends or a few friends? Well, honestly speaking, I have very few close friends two or three because I'm nor that invested in making friendship with strangers. I spend my time with those whom I know personally. Should these are the sambal for spot question. What's more, do you keep in contact with your childhood friends under Why, yes, I know. Keep in touch me A few friends who I know since my child, whom I know since my child becomes. They are very friendly and open. And there's there formalities between us. Where do you think people India make new friends in India? I think people need new friends in different places. Usually they meet people at part while they go for jogging, on playing sports on young people made friends of the coal age. They meet like minded people. They meet like minded people doing parties, festivals. But these days they made new friends online. So it is like minded people like Lipitor means people off, same people up, same habit or people off, same taste, all right, having border in his friendship. Do you think in your life and why? It's very important enough in anyone's case, because the old need care after mission from our friends and other people. I think it is a basic instinct for any human being. So the old value, the presence and the care off our friends. We really consider them very important to us. Everyone those who loves us and cares so be value Friends are very, very importantly. Now let's move on to the next section Kill con this crime and activity you would do in your free time what do you do? How often do you do it? Why you like to do this activity, how you feel and you do with. So I'm going to talk about as swimming you can take. It doesn't example and practice it. Let's see. There are plenty of fact with this, I would do when I'm free, because many homies now I would like to talk about swimming in the nearby river. I like swimming very much, and I do it since my childhood B. How very beautiful, really. Such a very beautiful river flows from the neighboring general. We used to spend our time in this river since I was a child. Even these days, whenever I'm free, my friends specious me to join the Must They go most off the days and they can't fish and make fun. But these days I'm quite busy because off my job and I can't make it that frequent. But I do occasionally I enjoy it very much, and I think I'm an expert in swimming the video diving butterfly Sim ing off the do lots off funny activities and games while we had the water. It's really a fun the enjoyable Lord on Playing in water makes us more enthusiastic and adventurous on when we have friends. We don't know how time goes In river we spend all wears in. We were. Moreover, it za good exercise. I know it's also in the air a big exercise. We can get into shape. We will burn more calories, one swimming than doing any exercise on land. It helps to build. Our muscle strengthens Tahmeena. It's a good worker, so we get really tired and hungry after a few hours. But the problem is that I don't get lots of time these days, but I like going to river. They feel so rejuvenate. Refresh is refreshed. We feel so Richman. Enter on. It refers both over mind on body. So assuming it's my favorite past time activity, which I do very often, I know where I have free time. Okay, now let's move on to some third but question. Do you think people should only focus on work? Well, I don't think they should always spend the whole day onward. People should have three times and some leisure activity to relieve themselves on gun to unwind this trust, but it depends. Some people enjoy the job and allowed to do it. For them, working is quite a pleasurable experience, but I'm sure that those who do straightness laborious job they should spend some idle time spending that fell. Believe both some exercises or pray that will replenish them for the next day. Do you think how much time we should spend up to work in a lifetime? So we will talk about almost time? Do you think so? This is a mistake, right? How much time do you think we should up spend? I work in a lifetime. Yes, in my opinion, the carrier life is directly related to our health on time. But as we know in many off the country's people work between 25 to 65. I think that's a good rish before and after that. You are most dependent on others for babies reason. But I know a lot of people who are STI working in the late sixties are so healthy and fit, So I think it is a matter off your health and family commitment. Should parents plan the Children's leash of time and activities? Yes, that's a good idea, I guess, because time is very important for young people on their not always good at timekeeping. So if Battle Score said to should deal for games, leisure and studies, that would be wonderful. And they will never think about spoiling the precious time. And they can have a balance between studies on delish or US role. Do you think activities of the young generation are different from those off the older generation? Andi. Is it a positive or negative difference? Obviously, the contemporary free time activity is a totally different for what people had in the past . Today, people spend the time on in demand video games rating watching, always going to Sports Club. But in the past, they didn't have that many options, so they mostly played a football or cricket in the neighborhood ground. Or they're read books on in my Father's Day. My thing. They might go for some movies or shopping once in a while, maybe once in a month. I think the changes not so positive, because today the life is very fast. And so BC, as men have too many responsible, didn't works Border two home and work. So I think he travels a lot every day so people don't have a lot of free time, but they rode their family time and spend on the leash of these days. As a result, I think they can't spend quality time with their families. I know it's a pretty lengthy answer, but no problem. I tried to give you lots of PFI aliens unit. Give only six or seven ideas or sentences. Finally, Do you think technology has influenced much? Many off Today's past time activities underway? Yes, off course I do a billy technology us largely influenced of hobbies and past him activities As in any other field today, most of the games have been converted into digital form on these days that play online, with the friends sitting even far and distant places, it's much easier and a force for them to enjoys. Polls at the comfort off the home are rather going to the ground physically, also at large proportion of people addicted to spectator sports or reality show. So Elektronik media have totally changed the ways people enjoy their leisure time. So I think there has been a huge change in the way people enjoy their three times and past time because off the advent off technology So, um, in this video, we have discussed about some of the questions they could ask you in the first part and the coup card and 1/3 part. So tankers so much on. We're moving on to the next video. Bring another question and sample answer before that. Mom, remember that these are our assemble answered. They can be different answers different ways off. Responding to this question, I'm giving you one of the patterns. All right. Thank you so much. 15. LESSON 14 PRACTICE SET 5: Hi. Welcome back to Iose. 78 and nine. Speaking Cope's This is the 14 lesson Sambal question and answer five in this section, we are going to talk about some of the first part question second. Pardon, Chilcot. Let's begin now. Can I see your identification, please? Yes. Here it is. So that should be a popular expression. When people ask you something, will you show? You can say that. Here it is. Oh, here you are. Something like that. All right, let's move on. I would like to ask you some personal information. What is your full name and date of birth? My name is deeper, P, K and P. Stand for my father. Pull on the case stands for my family color. You know, sometimes some people may have initial on. You might want to explain those initial. That is a good way off. You're reeling and explaining your name. The full name. That's a good way. All right, let's move on. I'd like to ask you about technology. Do you use a computer and why? Yes, I often use a computer. In fact, I used daily. It's quite useful for my studies on for Internet communication. I use Internet quite a lot for my communication on a used computer for entertainment US fall. I can watch movies and sports programs. Do you think you are addicted to computers? Why, Why not? No, I don't think I'm a computer Saami computer. Sabi is a person who is addicted to computer. This is another formal usage. I used technology only for my needs, like serving for any particular date down Internet or communicating that to my friends off a social media. Do you think we can live with the computers? Well, it's a difficult question, but begin certainly if you want, because there are places in the world where the ID illiteracy is so poor on the people in comfortably without any problems. But it will definitely be very difficult to do things manually, But I think it's possible if you want. When did you first to use a computer and a harm you felt? I still remember the moment I first used a computer. It wasn't my first computer practical in my high secondary level back in 2001. By the time the computers were finally Po Barre. Now, please, it was very difficult for me but slowly I got used to ripped it. All right, so that is the first part. Question and answers. Now let's move on to the Q cock. The question is, speak about a technology that you often use Taliban computer. You should speak about. What is it? What you used this technology, why it is important to you how often you use it. All right, let's look a sample answer. I don't consider myself as a person addicted to technology, However, I'm going to talk about one essential piece of technology, which is very important in my life. It's more by phone. They used the device for the last 15 years, and now I use it every day, and it ease with me in every moment as inevitable divines for my daily needs. I remember I was introduced to this device by my brother aunt. He was the bursa who taught me about the basics off a handset. Andi, even my first mobile phone waas, also gifted by my brother. It was very helpful in my day today, live as I could use it for browsing Internet for my study needs. It is a great communication. Do ized. Um, all right. It's a very useful communication. Do wise because we can cabbie wherever we go on it is so handy and portable I can still huge data Vinet. Also, I see it trust the most weather tile device because we use it for listening to music and watching movies. All I know this is a wonderful technology that made a revolution the field of communication . Now I use it almost day of the hour because it's say most of my data in it, and I use it for online landing on keeping corn back, my friends to social media. So my mob a form is something I found quite useful in my daily line on, and it's because it has become an inseparable technology in my life. So that is the second park you got. Question that's more into the discussion part. They might ask you some Congress question large. Oh, do you find any disadvantages off using em away form? Well, I think there are few disadvantages in using about for if I speak from my own experience when I start spending time it mobile phone, I tend to lose most of my even large amount of my quality time with our knowing its importance. Because babies, sir, form at websites. We tend to serve from one website one of the website on. Suddenly we come to know that we have lost a lot of time so recently Liuzzo quality time. And that's really a problem, I think. Yes. All right. Let's discuss about the impact of technology in our lives. Okay, Good. How do you think that knowledge affects be both lives? All right, In my opinion, technology has large influence on our life. Take, for example, washing machine or indolent. They are accused over a force into very low level. Moreover, today they save over time in our fast paced well not only that, the cost of communication has refused to much by the advent of Internet. So technology has increased hours Tandon off line. And it has increased the comforts and saves our time and decreased our effort. So the just made of a life much simpler, easier and comfortable. How do you come there? The pace of growth of technology in the past. And now why We convey the growth of technology in olden days. And now there's remarkable difference. Well, in the past, though, technology do. It was always on a slow pace. Oh, much slower, then what we see today it today just to transform but today to changes every day because today believe in the knowledge. Send this society. People share information at Lightning Spear, and as a result, technology develops so rapidly, for example, in the case off Softwares, or computer or mobile for the CIA version one wash into on a daily basis or in a weekly basis. So today the technology changes and grows at a faster rate than it hard in the past. What kind of technology do you think with popular in your grandfather's time and why sorry ? Well, they also have a variety of technologies, though north of developed. Comparing to what's we see in today's wall, I guess the most important would be steam engines or electricity or cycle telegrams. I believe that waas the beginning time off today's to Arctic Revolution. So these are the kind of technology might be so popular in my grandparent's time. What difference do you think between the technology used in cities and villages? Well, I don't think there has been a great disparity between the technology that people using villages, and they are just people use in cities. In fact, there are or more similar. What I found is that whatever the development is, you haven't. Cities are medial introducing related. For example, broadband treaty. Forgy connectivity are sent lined broadcast electric cars, solar power, radium, you name everything we can find a smudge us in real edges. Arson cities. I think today everything is available. Religious. We can't find any difference. Or right we'd aging. Do you think fine technology most difficult and why it is? Well, I think it is three elderly's who feel technology very difficult. The reason is darned They didn't have inexperience, all right, they didn't have inexperience off these types of gadgets in their time. Moreover, most of the information available for using these technologies of in English, which many people are not family of it. And sometimes they may have age related deficiencies. Lying vision impairment off hearing laws. These issues can make them so difficult to use Modern gadgets a ride. One last question. Does technology only have positive in backs, or are there any negative effects? Yes, there are many Liffe, its and using technology. It asked God many corns. As far less proves, the most important drawback of technology is that it creates large amount of pollution. We see that today a large amount of E raises accumulating every part off the wall and a large part of them are known degradable or known recycle herbal and they are very poisonous hospital on. They cause many radiations like heat and radioactive radiation. Studies have shown that those radiations go certain harm to plan as well as issues, and it increases our cost. Artillery and normally we don't realize that caused off a living sores Hi every day because of our affinity toe wants technology and newly ended using gadgets. We simply by everything coming into the market every day. And we understand whether our living Ingall is increasing one part with our cost. So I asked companies launching newer and newer projects beaten to buy them. We simply discard or our older products on. We tend to become a living in their consumerist IQ society, where use under culture, it's become so poor uasi, so it increases also pollution. It increases the cost of living on at the same time it creates loads off ah way, M lords off unnecessary spending. So it create loss, a financial burden to some parts of the society. So there are lots of problem if you want to talk about technology. All right, so the's are some of the assemble ways off responding to this kind of question. So students you can read and listen to these kinds of answers and reliably the gate and the gate and find out, keep coins and elaborate torn that develop your own responsible. Okay, thank you so much. Let's more one to the next video. 16. LESSON 16 PRACTICE SET 7: Hi. Welcome to aisle 789 Speaking Coz this is the 15 lesson in this video. We're going to take a question. Andi, we're going to deal with all its three sections. Let's begin now. Could you please tell me your full name? My name is maybe a code. How many address? See you. You may please call me Mayor Reed. What is your date of birth? My date of birth is 8 June 1988. Okay. Where are you from? I come from Jae Jin Riches in the northwest of Chennai. About 30 kilometers from here. Or right. Let's more want to talk about accommodation. Tell me about the kind of accommodation you leavin? Oh, yes, I live it. My parents in our own family house. It is an independent house. Two storey. I've been living there since my birth. I feel very happy living there. How long have you lived there? It's almost 30 years or so. They said before. I've been living there since I was born. What do you like? It bobs living there Off course. There are a lot of things to talk about. My home. But the important thing is start to be a loads of privacy. The things we have, individual rooms. And we have a big sit out on the balcony so we can sit and talk. Most importantly, my parents and my brother living with me. And that makes me so joyful. What sort of accommodation? Which he was like leaving. I would always prefer the same time living in a detached house with our family members because on house is very important. And if you have a normal thous will have more freedom and privacy. All right, let's move on to the cure guard section. This is a cure guard. You need to just crime, something you are, which is very important to you. You should also say about where you got it from, how long you have a farted, what you use it for and explain why it is important to you. So let's make air sample answer for the school cut question. Uh huh. Well, there are many things I own these days, and we buy more and more things every day. Now, I would like to speak about something I own for the last three months after it's my laptop , which I bought recently, is exactly agreements before us. It's I used to have a lumped off many years, but a few years back it was damaged, and the technician told me that was not work while to repair since then and belonging for a laptop. But it was very expensive, so I couldn't afford a new set. So I was always longing for a new piece. But it was baton. So why didn't how? One for few years. But luckily, few months back, one of my friends called me and said he had a nice, very need secondhand lacto, which came to his show. I rest immediately and booked it. It was very powerful and a smooth running piece. Thank or for that noise time transferring all my documents office date on my say, men's projects, everything. Now I'm quite happy of having such a robust machine because it just got every brilliant configuration and and it just got a good speed. I can't explain its inboard in my life because we need appeasing eventually to communicate and store data. Moreover, as a student, I have to do many research on assignment, so it has been so useful in my leg. So my recent laptop is the Internet giant image I find so important to me. They use quite a lot in my daily knife. So there's a round of question. Is it valuable? Intense off money. But you think off course I got it. Iran. Half of the market prize. I felt very lucky. Okay, but let's consider first of all, how people's values have changed. Tell me what kind of things do give status to people in your country. I think in your country people consider too many things as prestigious shoes. For example, cars, jewelry, education always give high standards to middle class, where literate cars electorally last important for wealthy people. So there are many things in our country which gave standards and prestige to people. But today I think that integration is the most important thing. Andi Ah, gold off often give also prestige in stepped us. Too many families in India. Hartings changed since your grandparent's time. Yes, I think so. Over the years, status symbol also has been changed. In my parents time is the pose a job in city or a car, or especially in my place? A few acres of land might be the rial factor that gave them high status in society. I think education was always in matter or prestige in all times. Let's talk about the role of oddities and, you know, life's time. Yes, after Daisy has a huge role in today's materialistic culture. In setting and changing people's lifestyle and start a symbol, they show it colorful. Whoa! Which would attract people to follow the same. They're often very informative and very influential, so people tend to full what they see in commission. This influence can be good. Yes, well, let's back. So they have a huge influence on our lifetime. Do you think introducing influences what people buy? Yes to a large extra night thing. It does have a great influence on what people buy. It is because the teach people want are available on want on the features off every item in the market. People start come bay ons with word. They have an often end up in buying those goods or services. Moreover, there very charming and educating with there. Would you wish balls and brand ambassadors, so they really influence the buying behaviour people. We know that when new products alone, people throw the old models and run behind newly introduced ones, for example, mobile forms. It is because of the power off under T. Zeman. So it's very true that at Cheesman can influence people's lifestyle on by the area. So these are the sambal patents off. They're part second part office. But question you can expect a lot off different variety off first part of what they're about. Question In the attached documents you can download a lot of questions. Are there you can download and practices? All right, thank you. 17. LESSON 17 PRACTICE SET 8: Hi. Welcome to IOS 789 speaking Coz this is lesson number 17 and this question in this section we're taking some questions and we're going into first part, second part on Ted. Part sections of speaking as usual. They will ask you your full name and your i d on where you come from. All right, let's talk about rain. Is there any part off your country where a destined rain much? Yes, There are places in northern stage where the rainfall is too low. For example, judge istan is a place where people usually want for my eyes to collect water because there is drought. Onda amount of rainfall is too low in many of the north and places like it. I just tone, Does it drain a looked in your hometown? Not much, really believe in a place where we have a moderate amount of precipitation in a year, but we have our monsoon from August to September, when we have Chevy done power. Can you remember any time when it rained particularly heavily in your hometown? Yes, was suddenly there waas heavy rain for no please followed by many casualties, and they fled many parts off of a state has been covered by water. Actually, the end estate was under read a lot for few days during those days De strain. You ever affect transportation in your hometown? It does suffer very often. In my opinion, the problem is that roars and never plays are very narrow. And when it rains, they're becoming so contested. So be Kandhamal. The jury heavy when I saw trees, fallen organ, electric cables and post have come down. I've seen a lot of damage during months. So land flayed is a very rare LaRock. Karenzi. No place during rainy season because I was a secular plays. So traffic is often affected during rain. All right, so that's the first part. Now we are moving you into the second part. Your car section. I'm going to give you Kuqa. Now look here. Describe an ideal house that she would like to leave in. You should speak about there. It would be what type of house it would be. Have you would decorate it, who you would like to live with and finally explain why you would like to leave in this kind of hope. So this is the two car Usually you have won many time to prepare. Answer for this. All right, now we are moving to the answer. Now listen to the answer. Sample Answer. This is a sample, and slowly there can be many different answers. Everybody has their own dreams about their ideal home. So do I. So I would like to talk about my dream home, which I would like to build in the coming future, maybe toward two years God with I would like to do it in the next year. Currently believe in his small house with only basic facilities. But Garbis, I would like to build a new proper before me and my family. I plan to construct it in the same place, just near to our personal residence in our own family land. How all of this town to discussing with an engineer with the plan that I have decide it would have seven bedrooms because I want to accommodate all my family members. And I need a pretty big property because I would like to have many rooms which I'm so particular because I can accommodate many relatives or if they come from, if they come for some oh functions or parties. Most important, I want to launch prayer four. So the taken wish gone well, Definitely. It will be a two story. Detach the house with reasonable facility. I don't want to be such a push apartment or big property, but I want a reasonable, festive David, too. A sufficient number of rooms and I'm going to live in my family. Uh, why? I want to live in this type of houses that I want to have, Lordship it, my relatives or dear ones when they come, I like to have get together and family gathering quite often. So that is the real purpose. I would like to How pretty big property. Well, I think everybody can come with the Children and meet each other. They can stay for a few days if they want. They can cook for good food. They can pray together. So we want someplace to get to go. That's my real purpose for planning such a property on. I think I'm going to have it soon. And I hold this tartar. It's basic preparation. So, uh, this is I would like to have in the near future. All right, let's move on to the discussion part what kinds of home to most people in your country leaving in the arm is a very big country with various different culture, so it is very difficult to generalize. But I would say most people leaving apartment as far are cities a consent. But in religious, they leave in independent house us usefully in single story or double storey concrete buildings. All right, Do you think moving to a new home can bring problems to people? Oh, yes. In many ways, it's a really troublesome Experian, shifting well, first of all, packaging and four warning. It's a real challenge. It's really difficult to pack and move everything, said Kenley. People might face difficulty with the new environment because of lack of knowledge about the festivities and culture in that locality. You know, family rising at the rules and transport service can be another issue. Also, Children's education gowns and powers of play all can trouble us. Then we moved to a new place. Okay, do young people in your country like to leave it there? Pavin's or by themselves? Yes, they'll allowed to leave it there. Parents, especially never country India, parents and the Children leave together after they're married off and when they family becomes bigger, parents would arrange separate homes for the l. A chiller. But you know, ones will still stay with their parents because in India it is the responsibility of Children to look after look after their parents. Okay, how different are the thousands that people leave now? From that off past? There is a huge difference between the house of people. Leave in the paused and people leave. Now I think today we see Congress buildings everywhere on the people leave in flats, whereas in the past they lived in small independent properties or housing colonies. They used to construct homes by Brixton. Andi. They used to roof it with tights, so a tiled roofs were so Coleman in the past and most of them is similar in design. Didn't how to calm bliss designs or a structural arrangement, as we see today. But today we see a variety of architecture and materials, and we bring laws of new designs in do architect er until there's great difference between what we had in the past and now do you foresee and it changes in future homes. Yes, there may be credible changes in the funeral construction in the future, as architecture field is rapidly developing with the new designs and materials, we couldn't even pretty What will happen in the caves? Oh, construction. But one thing is sure that future homes will be co friendly. Releasing less amount of pollution on day will definitely have recycling facility as well. Last renewable energy systems because the end a world is so concerned about sustainable technology. Also, I imagine there have been new materials like fable plast e or class instant of steel and storms. Ah, what we used today. So I assumed there will be lost changes in the field off construction and designing house in the future. Okay, so, um, this is a sample. And so, uh, for this question and you will have lots o plenty of different kind of question for all the sections in the I touched question paper so you can downloaded and practice it. There can be different answers as well, but this is so one of the many pageants of answer time here 18. LESSON 18 PRACTICE SET 9: Welcome to Ohio speaking 78 and nine. This is lesson number 18 in this video. They're going to take a few questions in response. Second part and third part, and I'm going to give you some sambal answer. As usual, you will definitely have intellectually questions asking about your name, date of birth, an identification So those in directory questions aren't included in this section. So we are straightly moving on to the first part. Question. Now let's stop. Do you save money in your life? Well, I don't say money on a street. It may be because I haven't got much to save so far, but it is a good, hard bit if you can save money because we can use it wisely at a later point of time in life. All right, all right. Why do people care too much about money? I think the reason is that money is the monitor remains for meeting all needs, and there's hardly anyone who doesn't have any needs. Moreover, for making many Derek ways haunt word time and patient, so people consider it doesn't important contra in their lives. Okay, Is money important to you? Well, not exactly, but it doesn't mean that I don't want money. Money is an inevitable means for meeting our names while we leaving desert. They cannot go back to barter system when we traded with the goods. But today be dual transactions with the money, so we should end money. Okay. What do people in your countries say money for? I think people have very names. And generally suppose most of the people save money for constructing own house or Children's education patterns. Off girl Children say money for the daughter's marriage is in my country. Okay. It is said that money is the root of all evil. What do you think about this? Yes, it is true that tool things proceed er off the Leicester bridges and money. I really think this is true people. I never saw just spined with Wardeh. How andi more they have, the more they crave for money. And they would not mind to do anything to increase the Wilton Richard's. It's very true. I think that is the root of your problems. So that is sold the first part question. Now we're moving on to a cure cart. Now the question Saiz describe a monitored to save money. You should say what material? He's venues Time t use it how you knew it on. Explain why it is helpful so they can't in many different day before answers. No, I'm going to give you a sample elation. There will be definitely many, but you can make your own answer. This is example. Only I'd like to talk about to saving method off money, which I have recently used when I was planning to go abroad was nothing but saving in Bambang. When I heard it plan to go epa or for my highest Elise, I knew that I would need a lot of money and I should open an account in an international bag. So I started a saving account in a bank. All I see, I see I bang in my hometown. I started to put my salary because I was working. I used to get salary monthly. So what happened is that I usually collect all the money because whenever I go to sorry in a deposited in the bank account, I used my A team card to drop money to spend for my name's. So I didn't want to carry cash and I could manage my money very effectively so I could do all in transfers aspect. It really is to my we have lots off transactions on as well us. It saved my time because I good the Lord's off online, but changes for my needs, thoughts and many items I could buy. It gave me lots of idea for how to manage my money. It was very helpful because I could control my expanded Asia is the money wasn't back. If I had to go and buy something from the supermarket, it would spend a day. It caused a day or one or two days on all the Transportacion charges on the foot expense. So it's usually course the Lord for maybe Jesus on. I had to take leave from my job. So usually I football teasing and shopping. I spend lots of time and money. So when I had a bank account, I used to have Bagger comfort. I didn't really care about its importance, but then my bank card has got sufficient balance. I could manage on save it and use it very wisely. Betar losing extra charges or without spending extra unnecessary expenditure retarded, making unnecessary expenditure. It was very helpful because I could control my expe indigenous. The money wasn't buying on bang required a minimum balance. Where is very coarse years of using my money? All right, so this is a sample answer. You can make even bedrooms where there are many other answers. Now let's move on to the third part Question. What do you think about money? As for me, money is interpreting. But I do believe we have to earn money to meet over Neitz. It is very sad. There are people leave only to make money and they forget all life's purpose and responsibilities. And the day will come. Certainly they have to leave from this world. But they had to leave all there. It just to someone. So money has deceived many people in such a way. Actually, it is the people who were influenced by money. Similarly, there are many who lived the life's into all sorts of pleasure when they are rich and finally ruin their lives so money could spoil our life. Sounds for the client English Your land hunt to your life's money. Why sleep good human beings Lee be talk money off course they can if they will you, whether recycled, there's a way that is the problem safe. But it definitely depends on our situation. We have been using this monitor remains for ages so nobody can suddenly stop using money. Otherwise, people will have to be suffer land in all aspect on. They should be able to exchange goods for goods, and it's almost impossible. All right, in your opinion, why do many people derive pleasure from spending money? Well, I don't think people get pleasure while spending money, but there may be some who enjoy them. So by spending their richest largely I see are people go to supermarket and malls assay Hobie and they spend lots of things, even though they have the same things that by over and a game small little things and sew a use and drug culture is increasing in our society. As a matter off these newly introduced, the hope is like spending money. I see that's true. It may be because they don't know the value of money, and probably they want to show this status before others. By accumulating Newell goods, they might get some such satisfaction. Why squandering money showing themselves rich? Do you think the government should teach people how to spend money. Well, I think that's a very good idea, especially for young people, because today's generation are not solving arrested about saving money. I saw a parent's or grandparent's generation they used to say, when increased their world and their left for the next generation. But I hardly see today's generation save money, and they never plan aboard the future generation A today believe in their very materialistic society on they don't have any savings. People movement dead to that. They never get such us find because of varying needs. So if some agency takes initiation toe stage, how do you price money? It would be a wonderful idea for the future so the government can teach young people about saving or spending money and helping them to make it planning or budgeting There. England. It would be wonderful idea, and we can say paper from being fallen into financial crisis. All right, so why do you think save who do you think? Say more money, men or women? It is a difficult question to answer because they're both men, women who save money. But I guess women are good at saving for the future and spending later. Yeah, I think manage not so concerned about future needs which do your thing is better for the economy off the country or an area. People saving many or people spending their money they should be abounds oppo Because I guess serving is directly affecting. I'm spending. When people buy things, they will condom, be it a sum of money to the store so they can pay salaries. The government does benefit from that. US customers paid taxes on and show souls obey the taxes. People say money. Only the banks covered bandage so they can investor set of new business. And they can give longs an ideal economies went saving and spending her balanced. All right, so that is the end of this section. Now you're moving under the next Listen off speaking. Thank you so much. 19. LESSON 19 PRACTICE SET 10: Welcome Teoh. IRS speaking 78 and nine. This is lesson number 90 in this video. We're going to take some questions on discussing its answers, covering all three sections and these questions are only Assam blanches that could be possible. Different answers. Now let's move on to the first part. Question straightly. What kind of music do you like? I like all types of me of sick Indian Western on all other patterns. But I always listen to divorce. Will songs, which suits my mind? Did you often listen to music when you were a child? Yes, I did. I remember that I used to listen to radio songs in my child or especially tumble Hindi and other films. Homes. Also, my brother used to buy Castle On, played on our tape recorder. Even I hardly walk my and gifted by my brother. Okay, do you think music will change in the near future? No, I don't think it will happen in the future because music has always provided your challenges and still remains almost the same. Do it changes for a period? But the trends repeat or and again because music has its own language, even though people try the righties. It comes back after a PdF. Do you prefer to buy CDs or to download music from the Internet? Well, I usually download from Internet because it is easy for me. Sometimes I listen to YouTube songs and it is free. We can don't lure beautif songs if you want. So these days I hardly by any music do you think technology has influenced the kind of music that young people like in your country? Yes, definitely. The music as a whole has been largely influenced by technology, especially the Jenner that Dein stirs enjoy. Today. There are high tech systems like DDS Door be an electronic musical instrument for people to enjoy the maximum with more clarity. Any court on the quality they go home theater system, which young people really like. And they find it's very important for rope open other high beat songs. So that is the first bond. Now we're moving you into the cue card section, which is the second part. Now here is the question. Talk about a well known for business man or a woman in your country. You should also say about who this person, how you know this person how she or he became successful explain why you consider him or her as a successful business person. So I'm going to give you a samba lancer that maybe many different warships there are too many six of successful businessman I know in our plays. So now I'm going to speak about the person who came to this field as an enormous on made a huge force. You. I know him very personally. This is Mr Beanies, the MD Up Jubilee Finance. It's a banking company in our place. I know. He met him personally. He's a very humble person. He started his finance business about 15 years ago with only to stamp. I knew him since that beginning, but now it has grown to be one of the biggest finance companies in our country. With the turnover $160 million today, his company has hundreds of brandis across the country doing lords off business activities like giving launch chits investments. So he is so established in the banking industry in India. Many off these business are in six and finances. There are many specialities I have found in this business. One of them is the customer care. He trains the end a workforce with the high standing. So I think that is the key off. His success on this ways of doing business is also symbol because he's focusing on easing customer support. So that is something I found it very, very important. How he attracts customers, how he maintains supply inlay now he has been evolved by many organization, forgets entrepreneurs killed. So taking the organization from is such a symbol beginning to such a great height. We know that requires a remarkable leadership on the planet, or so it's very easy to understand that the financial industry is that industry with a high amount of risk. But he maintains that large group of investors on customers very comfortably so it shows his talent in our maintaining and bringing the company into a great sexist. So it shows his wonder pronoun real skill. So Mr Bernice is a person I have found assets, successful business person in my life. All right, so we're moving on to the third part discussion question. Let's begin now. Which kinds of businesses do young people do nowadays in your country? Well, young people in my country these days are so in the pricing on coming up with the started programs because the government from mortal also start a program. Mostly, they introduce I D businesses or marketing Mrs. They also like to twine the lechon consulting media or at the easement. Technology is their favorite stream, even fashion industry souls of becoming the choice off investment. Do they make a lot of money by doing these types of business in your country? Well, I don't think young people make huge gain out of their businesses except in software industry, where they can make a lot of money all on a sudden because making considerable ripped a hand requires long term planning and a large amount of investment usually end people done, or how such types of focus they are into small scale business, normally with expecting an immediate return. But I know certainly in people who made a huge fortune by doing construction and transport businesses so that our business, where they make huge in dance, is it hard for people in your country to do their businesses. How this is friendlies, your country. In my opinion, the situation's changing. It was pretty hard in the past honestly. But now the government, this liberalizing its business policies on licensing sister. So there has been a lot of relief for entrepreneurs, so it has been more easier to do business in my country. Moreover, the state provides Lord dubs subsidies and grants to new commish, those who are interested in business enterprising, so these packages and promotions attract more young people to come and trying to lick. So I think the situation is really changing in my country, and we can see more and more foreign companies air coming, investing in my country these days. What are the challenges people face? Why starting on businesses and why it is, I believe there are many tailenders while we set up on businesses. Yeah, there are a variety of risk. It turns to any business. Naturally, the first thing is that one should be able to m praise on forcing evens arising from that particular industry. Any industry has its own challengers. The main issue is about maintaining enough capital until the company reaches a break even point. So we have to run the common until it bring some ah considerable amount off profit by meeting all the needs. Also they can be issues with workers and government agencies, and meeting all government regulation could be a hindrance. We have set of logistics and supplies and network for parties and distribution. So dealing with other companies, different companies can be really tough job. And if a company has lots of goods, so warehouse Kambia a difficult issue. So there are lots of challenges in any business. What types of businesses are so successful in your country and why? Well, in India, we can see number off. Businesses are so successful, especially textiles, business FM CD energy construction industries are growing so rapidly because it's GDP is expanding at the faster peace and we got Great Population Group on the country has good, massive middle class, so thes business are making fortunes. But the country's souls of famous for autumn a bind soft to bear until the communication on India is considered as the Hubble software. So there are many companies from India working globally in these sectors, so I think there are a number of different sectors are people are making for June's these days, so that is the end off lesson 19. Now we have discussed a lot off sambal first part question and you car and third part question what I want you to do. All my students read through this answer. Listen to the are audios, astral and the the sample answers, read and repeatedly and listen to the, uh, the order you and Stressful so you can understand the Internation, the pronunciation. Andi the linking what calories between Send Ince's So I want you to understand and follow how weekend on formulate answers very naturally and confidently making an answer that's not need loads off intelligence or lots off a practical understanding your knowledge. It's all ever how logically you develop or how sensibly you put sentence together on how meaningful you can be with were great amount of confidence. The exam off years picking is not to test your subject knowledge. It's an English test. So how beautifully you deliver meaningful sentence confidently without any grammatical mistakes on any comings or errors or waiting, but are disturbing the flow in fluency. That's what they expect. So you need to practice overrun again by listening to these videos, and it's our transcript ass What the video transcript and at the same time, finally, you can download the attached sample question. Pepper. The Lord's Off questions in 1st 2nd and third part downloaded on As I have told you, you need to, um, brain stole all those question scribbled on your opinions and poems. Andi. Translate them into beautiful and meaningful sentences on, Try to Expand or those ideas use, or the linking vocabularies and speak loudly and boldly by intonation. Remember that whenever you are responding to the first part question, try to make three or four sentences. Sometimes examiner can stop you and move on to the next question. But be ready to expand and develop, even at three or four sentences. In the first part question. And in the second part, I wanted to tell you every sub question must be explained by three or four sentence. So obviously you will have to make 14 15 sentences by this 1 to 2 minutes, and they can even stop you before two minutes. And as they said in the third bark, always remember, how does identify all parts of the question? There may be toward three parts in their third part discussion question, and you have to develop all parts of the question, so probably you may have to expand or it for six or seven statements in discussion. Question whatever you need to give a discuss the responses to the Ted part question. OK, so wish you all the best. God bless you have loads or practices. Thank you so much by 20. Lesson 15 PRACTICE SET 15: Hi. Welcome back to Iose. 78 and nine. Speaking Cope's This is the 14 lesson Sambal question and answer five in this section, we are going to talk about some of the first part question second. Pardon, Chilcot. Let's begin now. Can I see your identification, please? Yes. Here it is. So that should be a popular expression. When people ask you something, will you show? You can say that. Here it is. Oh, here you are. Something like that. All right, let's move on. I would like to ask you some personal information. What is your full name and date of birth? My name is deeper, P, K and P. Stand for my father. Pull on the case stands for my family color. You know, sometimes some people may have initial on. You might want to explain those initial. That is a good way off. You're reeling and explaining your name. The full name. That's a good way. All right, let's move on. I'd like to ask you about technology. Do you use a computer and why? Yes, I often use a computer. In fact, I used daily. It's quite useful for my studies on for Internet communication. I use Internet quite a lot for my communication on a used computer for entertainment US fall. I can watch movies and sports programs. Do you think you are addicted to computers? Why, Why not? No, I don't think I'm a computer Saami computer. Sabi is a person who is addicted to computer. This is another formal usage. I used technology only for my needs, like serving for any particular date down Internet or communicating that to my friends off a social media. Do you think we can live with the computers? Well, it's a difficult question, but begin certainly if you want, because there are places in the world where the ID illiteracy is so poor on the people in comfortably without any problems. But it will definitely be very difficult to do things manually, But I think it's possible if you want. When did you first to use a computer and a harm you felt? I still remember the moment I first used a computer. It wasn't my first computer practical in my high secondary level back in 2001. By the time the computers were finally Po Barre. Now, please, it was very difficult for me but slowly I got used to ripped it. All right, so that is the first part. Question and answers. Now let's move on to the Q cock. The question is, speak about a technology that you often use Taliban computer. You should speak about. What is it? What you used this technology, why it is important to you how often you use it. All right, let's look a sample answer. I don't consider myself as a person addicted to technology, However, I'm going to talk about one essential piece of technology, which is very important in my life. It's more by phone. They used the device for the last 15 years, and now I use it every day, and it ease with me in every moment as inevitable divines for my daily needs. I remember I was introduced to this device by my brother aunt. He was the bursa who taught me about the basics off a handset. Andi, even my first mobile phone waas, also gifted by my brother. It was very helpful in my day today, live as I could use it for browsing Internet for my study needs. It is a great communication. Do ized. Um, all right. It's a very useful communication. Do wise because we can cabbie wherever we go on it is so handy and portable I can still huge data Vinet. Also, I see it trust the most weather tile device because we use it for listening to music and watching movies. All I know this is a wonderful technology that made a revolution the field of communication . Now I use it almost day of the hour because it's say most of my data in it, and I use it for online landing on keeping corn back, my friends to social media. So my mob a form is something I found quite useful in my daily line on, and it's because it has become an inseparable technology in my life. So that is the second park you got. Question that's more into the discussion part. They might ask you some Congress question large. Oh, do you find any disadvantages off using em away form? Well, I think there are few disadvantages in using about for if I speak from my own experience when I start spending time it mobile phone, I tend to lose most of my even large amount of my quality time with our knowing its importance. Because babies, sir, form at websites. We tend to serve from one website one of the website on. Suddenly we come to know that we have lost a lot of time so recently Liuzzo quality time. And that's really a problem, I think. Yes. All right. Let's discuss about the impact of technology in our lives. Okay, Good. How do you think that knowledge affects be both lives? All right, In my opinion, technology has large influence on our life. Take, for example, washing machine or indolent. They are accused over a force into very low level. Moreover, today they save over time in our fast paced well not only that, the cost of communication has refused to much by the advent of Internet. So technology has increased hours Tandon off line. And it has increased the comforts and saves our time and decreased our effort. So the just made of a life much simpler, easier and comfortable. How do you come there? The pace of growth of technology in the past. And now why We convey the growth of technology in olden days. And now there's remarkable difference. Well, in the past, though, technology do. It was always on a slow pace. Oh, much slower, then what we see today it today just to transform but today to changes every day because today believe in the knowledge. Send this society. People share information at Lightning Spear, and as a result, technology develops so rapidly, for example, in the case off Softwares, or computer or mobile for the CIA version one wash into on a daily basis or in a weekly basis. So today the technology changes and grows at a faster rate than it hard in the past. What kind of technology do you think with popular in your grandfather's time and why sorry ? Well, they also have a variety of technologies, though north of developed. Comparing to what's we see in today's wall, I guess the most important would be steam engines or electricity or cycle telegrams. I believe that waas the beginning time off today's to Arctic Revolution. So these are the kind of technology might be so popular in my grandparent's time. What difference do you think between the technology used in cities and villages? Well, I don't think there has been a great disparity between the technology that people using villages, and they are just people use in cities. In fact, there are or more similar. What I found is that whatever the development is, you haven't. Cities are medial introducing related. For example, broadband treaty. Forgy connectivity are sent lined broadcast electric cars, solar power, radium, you name everything we can find a smudge us in real edges. Arson cities. I think today everything is available. Religious. We can't find any difference. Or right we'd aging. Do you think fine technology most difficult and why it is? Well, I think it is three elderly's who feel technology very difficult. The reason is darned They didn't have inexperience, all right, they didn't have inexperience off these types of gadgets in their time. Moreover, most of the information available for using these technologies of in English, which many people are not family of it. And sometimes they may have age related deficiencies. Lying vision impairment off hearing laws. These issues can make them so difficult to use Modern gadgets a ride. One last question. Does technology only have positive in backs, or are there any negative effects? Yes, there are many Liffe, its and using technology. It asked God many corns. As far less proves, the most important drawback of technology is that it creates large amount of pollution. We see that today a large amount of E raises accumulating every part off the wall and a large part of them are known degradable or known recycle herbal and they are very poisonous hospital on. They cause many radiations like heat and radioactive radiation. Studies have shown that those radiations go certain harm to plan as well as issues, and it increases our cost. Artillery and normally we don't realize that caused off a living sores Hi every day because of our affinity toe wants technology and newly ended using gadgets. We simply by everything coming into the market every day. And we understand whether our living Ingall is increasing one part with our cost. So I asked companies launching newer and newer projects beaten to buy them. We simply discard or our older products on. We tend to become a living in their consumerist IQ society, where use under culture, it's become so poor uasi, so it increases also pollution. It increases the cost of living on at the same time it creates loads off ah way, M lords off unnecessary spending. So it create loss, a financial burden to some parts of the society. So there are lots of problem if you want to talk about technology. All right, so the's are some of the assemble ways off responding to this kind of question. So students you can read and listen to these kinds of answers and reliably the gate and the gate and find out, keep coins and elaborate torn that develop your own responsible. Okay, thank you so much. Let's more one to the next video.