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    • 1. IELTS Preparation Online IELTS Exam Pattern IELTS DEMO 1 (1)

    • 2. Listening

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About This Class

1. Listening:

  • Sounds of English
  • Short Sentences
  • Phrasing
  • Assessment and Introduction to the module.
  • Conditions and Question Types.
  • Tips on Question Types.
  • Listening exercises (Non-timed).
  • Tips and techniques for each question type.
  • Timed listening exercises.
  • Practice test on sample questions (Non-timed)
  • Timed practice tests.
  • Regular takeaway assignments on previous years question papers.

Meet Your Teacher

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Anindita Choudhury

English Language Trainer


Anindita Choudhury is the lead English Language trainer and Instructional Course Designer for English at Digital Brolly. With past training experience at the Center for International Education Exchange (CIEE), she is a master in training not just the language but the science behind it.

Her passion towards the English language led her towards research in Second Language Acquisition. Her zeal and commitment to teaching magnetized her towards edifying students in the English language.

Her interactive sessions and one to one approach during classes make her stand out from the rest of the language trainers.

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1. IELTS Preparation Online IELTS Exam Pattern IELTS DEMO 1 (1): Hi, everyone. My name is Amanda and I'm your English language strainer from Digital. Broadly, what is digital broadly brawny is a training institute on Betrayed in digital marketing and specific English. Today we're going to start our isles class. Before we move on to the details of the examination, I will give you a brief background off except no. What does Aisles? Einstein's for International English language testing system. Now this exam is jointly organized by the British Council and I'd be Australia. This exam, which developed and eating a 1989 has a common question paper, Whether you write it through the British Council or the I. D Be Australian Board. The desk papers are written by the Cambridge Association. Now you would ask me, Why do you need to write aisles in certain countries? Because off you being from India, which is a Multilingual country, and India being on English being not off the force language. Now Irons is written for two purposes. General training and academic. If you want to go abroad for job related purposes, your exam is generating academy. Kyle's is written by those people who want to go abroad to pursue higher education in universities. No, the I'll score is in a band of 0 to 99 billion your highest on. For for any of well qualified criteria, you need to get at least a 6.5 to 7 that is a minimum score and nine is your highest. The valid ity off your ill school for academic purposes is two years on the validity for your offer. I'll score in terms off. General training is a lifetime. So in case you are appearing for isles exam today and you want to go abroad for your education, you need to enroll in a university of brought by police 2020 August so before, now that you have a common idea off, what else is let us get into what aisles test is composed off? 2. Listening: Hello, everyone. Today we're going to start the first section off your isles exam. That is listening. No. What do you understand by listening with the listening test? What the aisles is trying to establish or test is basically your comprehension or understanding off English. So in the listening test, there will be audiophiles played onto the your years. With the help of your phones on, you will have to answer a few questions depending on what you hear on understand. Now, the listening test is common for both genuine training that is your isles for work related purposes on your Isles Academy best. The listening exam is conducted for 40 minutes, in which you will have 40 questions, which is further divided into four sections. So you're listening. Test has four sections. You will hear four audio files one in each section, which will be having 40 questions in total. Now let us get in tow what before sac sections are all about? No, the four sections off the islands like this. In the first section, you will hear on audio in the form of a conversation. Now this conversation can be about anything, but it is usually very simple. It might be a telephone conversation. Where up somebody of schooling. The restaurant for booking a table. It is that some you will have to hear or listen to that conversation on, figure out what they are talking and filling or fill in the blanks or, you know, answer the questions. According to the audio, the next section is a one speaker monologue. When I say monologue, I mean, there's only one speaker on this speaker is usually talking about okay, giving an explanation off what it is. It might be a guide talking about historical building. Or it might be a traveller talking about a junction in a big city. So basically it is a one speaker one along the next section, that is, 1/3 section is a little difficult compared to the stoop. This section is mainly a conversation that is happening amongst the students and the of professor. For example, there are two students who are present ing something to the faculty, So this section is actually a little difficult compared to these two because there is a difference in accent. For example, the students might be often American accent, while the professor might fall a British accent. So here you need to understand how toe followed the different accents of English. You can have Australian action, Australian accent, British accent, American accent, African accent, Asian accent. Whatever exit that's the fourth section is the most difficult off. All this is again a monologue. But this is Academy in nature. For example, you might feel of on audio where the speaker is talking about a gaggle week. Our topic If you notice as you go for the in the listening test, the level off difficulty increases. Now they're serpent tail. Before we move on to the tips that I have to give you for the section I will tell you about the types of questions that are involved here. No, Once you hear the audio, what will happen is a simultaneously not 12 years as you hear the audio, the questions will be in front of you. So this section requires you to do a lot of wanted asking how you are to listen to the audio. Okay, you are toe read what is given in the question paper and you are also required toe understand what is being said and related to it the answer sheet. So your my date asking will involve listening, reading and writing down the answer. Now, the types of questions that are usually they're in the listening test are you will have to fill in the blanks. Now, this looks pretty simple. There might be a form given to you a table given to you a chart given to you. Ah, paragraph given to you a map or diagram. So all these kinds of things are there in the paper and you would have toe filling and there were gaps in between. So if there's a chart, see, there is a lot. I'm just giving you an example. Suppose there is a floor, Chuck. I suppose there's a flow chart. Some details will already be given to you on. You will have to fill in the blanks here and here. So what happens is you will have the chart in front of you and you and there will be gaps in the chart, and you will have to fill in the blanks according to the information that you understand in the audio, this is the type. One question on this is this is the type of question that is available or that comes in 90% of your eyes test. However, sometimes aisles also gives you multiple choice. For example, they will give you four options, and you will have to choose one option the correct option that you hear the audio. Now let us move on toe. Do it in the aisles, test in the aisles, listening test. What happens is you get 40 minutes for this section. For all the four sections, you have 40 minutes to complete the task. Now you have to understand that you can listen toe one audio or new ones, so you will have to listen. Toe that audio very carefully at the very first attempt. So it is very important that you practise enough before you actually sit for the exam. Now, in the eyes test, you have 30 minutes toe. Listen to the audio's on. You have 10 minutes to transfer your answers from your rap sheet to your answer sheet, so what you have to do is you have to listen in that 30 minutes and make a rough note off the fill in the blanks. Afterwards, you will have 10 minutes to transfer your answers into your answer sheet, so I would suggest you that before you go on to write the final aisles exam. What you do is practice a lot off audios and make sure that you get the answer and make sure that you can multi dusk, as I mentioned before, off reading, listening and writing at the same time enough so that you do not fall short off type. Then you can use either pen or pencil to fill up your answer sheet. However, I suggest that you use a pencil to fill up your answer sheet, because if you make a mistake, you can at least changed it. That when you were feeling a while listening and you know you're writing your answer onto the rough sheet, don't really bother about the spelling. Okay, just make sure that you don't do not miss information that is. There in the audio, however, were after you know, when you transfer the answers to the sheet, make sure that your spellings are correct because, for example, if you have, if you are supposed to get one mark, I'll give you an exactly supposed The ward is dependant that you're supposed to fill, and instead of the spelling you right dependent, which is long because it is e and not a what is. What will happen is you'll get zero I scoring system is pretty simple. You met marks for every correct answer. So what happens is even if you have missed toe here and to listen to an information that is required to fill in the blanks, I would suggest Just guess. Do not miss the blank, because if you write something in the blank, there is no negative marking. But there is always a chance that you might just get around so correct. So make sure that you never miss a black, then work goat. Usually, as the instruction is given in your eyes, test that it will look. It will appear something like this. No more than two words on or a number. So basically it means that no more than two words that, as you can write one or two but no more than I do. And either you can write one number or you can write one award at one number. For example, know understand the difference with the numbers and digits. Now six is a digit. Eight is a digit 18. Mine has student. It's 100 has three digits. However, if you see the numbers are four here not 12345678 it has It has seven digits this entire thing however it has Sorry, it has seven digits. They dieting. However, it has just four numbers. So this will be considered one number. This one number 10,000 will be one number. This entire date will be one number. No hyphenated words that are two words that are joined with the hyphen are considered to be one word compound words Hyphenated words are called compound words Compound words. I've considered to be one port 12 a.m. is one single unit 21st July is two units 21st and July. So make sure that when you're writing the answer your word count do not exceed this because if you exceed your word count, you will not be given any months. People often have a confusion, will fill in the blanks whether to write phrases or to write a single word. The answer is simple. Go for dramatic ality. If your sentence off if you're fill in the blanks is okay if you're filling the blank says , Let's meet Dash or here Let's meet Monday is ungrammatical, However, if it says let's meet on Monday, that is grammatical. So in this kind of a sentence, choose this. However, the next sentences day to meet calling Monday because if you write day to meet on Monday, that looks inappropriate. So here you have to fill my day. If you get this kind of a sentence, it is Monday here. Toe Maintain grammatical ity you have to fill on Monday, so make sure that you go with dramatically. If your grammar tells you to fill a phrase, then pillow phrase. If your grammar tells you to fill a world, then fill award. So better to fill a phrase or a word completely depends on how grammatical your answer is going to be in terms off multiple All these way, we were discussing fill in the blanks. Now, in terms off multiple choice questions. What happens is most of the times you are required to write the option number that is the name, the number that each of the option is given. So make sure that if your answer is apple, then you write a and not happen. The instruction now, mind you for each section off the eyes. The instruction that is given is very, very important. If your instruction says right the option, then right Apple. However, if your instruction says right, the option number or the option alphabet, then only choose the alphabet. Do not right the full answer. Be very careful. There are certain things that you might be very worried about supporting. Missing answer. There are chances that you miss unanswered. Do not panic even if you missed one answer. Try and get to the next one just because you missed unanswered, do not panic over it and miss everything that follows. If you miss an answer, just keep you come and get the next one. Correct. There are times. The second thing is there are times when if it's for a long time in the audio that you do not find an answer, there is another situation where you get answers back to back. So what happens is, if you're not getting an answer for a very, very long time, do not panic. It so happens that may be for, you know, Ben's 20 seconds or 30 seconds off the audio you might not find a single answer, and then the next 30 seconds give you 10 answers. So do not panic if you're not getting a single answer now, what I would suggest is it takes a lot of practice to multi task for the human race because you need to read on. You need to listen at the same time. So make sure that you at least practice two tasks to complete listening tasks today for enough practice to get us hit to get a hidden off what is to be done in the desk, I will attach a few question papers. Have had a few audios after this, so that you get enough practice. Feel free to send like your answers and I will get object. Thank you. Now let us discuss the common mistakes that people make Understand this. Sometimes aisles dust probably set you they are trick. These candidates in very few particle always, for example, answers change. They might be an order where two people are booking or, you know, discussing when to meet. Now, if the other part, if one over the telephone says Let's meet at 7 p.m. on you on the other telephone end says how seven PM works fine for me and then suddenly, after two seconds, you've changed it, saying, OK, let's hold me that seven. Let's make it half boss seven. No, What happens is the first answer is seven bm However, the speaker very conveniently changed the answer toe half past seven. That is 7:30 p.m. No. The final answer that you have to write in the answer sheet it's 7 30 not seven. So after you get an answer, do not really get complacent about it. Make sure that this answer is not changing to the end of the audio. The second mistake that people often make is in terms off plurality. Understand this for Indian English. Some people struggle toe notice or, you know, register the poodles s especially, for example, you might say book a table at 7 p.m. Okay, It might also say book tables at seven PM So there's an S, the plural s tables that you was. If you write table as your answer, it goes wrong. So he will get a zero for that. So make sure that your yours are open toe. Listen to plurality the third mistake that a lot of us make is Boston's, for example. Thanks. Okay, so suppose your blank has to be filled with the world fixed, but you have only heard fix and your writers fix not this goes room because the answer is in the Boston that is fixed on your your work in your present, dense, that fix goes wrong. So make sure that your that your years are very open board for plurality and passed its on . If you do not get an answer for a very long time, do not panic. You will get answers back to back and always make sure that you're filling up the blank with the final answer on not answers that come and keep changing during the audio. No hope you have understood the section. If you have any confusion regarding the section, you can always right back to us, and we will be replying the very scene the regarding your credit for practice sessions. As I mentioned, I will be sending, you know, fights with this on. You can practice enough and get back to us once you think you're confident about it. If you have any questions, please feel free to write to us. Thank you