ICE-CREAM 101: How to make Cherry Ice-Cream at home ? | Sangita B | Skillshare

ICE-CREAM 101: How to make Cherry Ice-Cream at home ?

Sangita B

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3 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Ingredients

    • 3. Procedure


About This Class


  • Welcome to "ICE-CREAM 101: How to make Cherry Ice-Cream at home ?", my name is Sangita. I love cooking and baking and been cooking for more than 20 years.

In this class I am going to teach you how to make Cherry Ice-Cream.

I am going to teach you how to make Cherry Ice-Cream with easily available ingredients. In comfort of your own home you can make this delicious and healthy ice-cream, take pictures and share it on project gallery.

During this class you will learn how to make this ice-cream in the following sections.

1) Ingredient

2) Procedure


1 Cup = 200 gms

1/2 Cup = 100 gms


1. Introduction: Hey, everyone, welcome or welcome back, I'm saying. Geeta and I have been cooking and baking for more than 20 years now. Today we are going to learn how to make cherry ice cream at room that only three ingredients, as we're making this ice cream at home will not be put in gelatin, which table loyal or other preservatives into our ice cream to keep it healthy For our family, family and front. This is a really easy recipe and my go to flavor of ice cream that I frequently make. I will be uploading other ice cream recipes as well in the form of separate courses. I hope you have fun making this home made rich, creamy, delicious and, most importantly, healthy ice cream without an ice cream maker at the comfort of off your home. So that's good started. I hope you like it 2. Ingredients: now time for the ingredients. There are three ingredients that we need 1st 10 cherry, half a cup condensed milk, half a cup Non David Greene, One cup A B does and a boo for you to know the ingredients down here is a list. 3. Procedure: now let's get started with the process. The fourth step is to take out the seeds out off the Cherries. You can do this step beforehand so that your whipped cream does not have to say in room temperature for a long time. Also, the amount of Cherries that we're putting into this ice cream is totally just stable according to your choice. - Now that we have Cherry belt, which will try and mash it with a folk, the consistency off these Cherries that we want is like a puree. So ah, four is not helping much. So I will give it around in my mixer grinder, a food processor to do the. Now that the puree is ready, you can see that I have kept some Cherries aside for topping bull whip cream into the bowl bowl. Beat this whip cream until you get small peeks out off it. Now the temperature off room plays a very key role. You as the time it will take for you to get those peaks, will vary and depend on the room temperature in which you are making this ice cream. If you like charity essence and want your ice cream toe have it. You can put one teaspoon off charity essence along with these three ingredients into. - As you can see, we are getting some small peaks. You to show you the consistencies. I will use a spatula. You The consistency of thick cream should be like this poor condensed milk into the mixture . Beat it poor cherry pulp into the supreme. Now you can see that the color is starting toe. Get pinkish and small Granules off. Charity are visible. - Now the batter is ready. Taken airtight container and pour the batter into it. Here, I'm using a the one ship, Blandino shaken tab. The container will put those extra Cherries on the top. - Close the container and freeze it for the next 12 hours after a long wait off 12 hours. Now that our ice cream is ready, let's open and seat and that's it. Your ice cream is ready