I will teach you GREEK from English in zero time! For beginners, tourists or permanent residents! | George Var | Skillshare

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I will teach you GREEK from English in zero time! For beginners, tourists or permanent residents!

teacher avatar George Var

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons ()
    • 1. Let's learn Greeks!

    • 2. 1) Meeting with the Greek language

    • 3. Articles, singular, plural 'n some foremost words

    • 4. Verbs verbs verbs!

    • 5. Months and days that you can't miss!

    • 6. Numbers!

    • 7. What time is it

    • 8. Important words, facts and hints!

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About This Class

Hi everyone! I'm George from Crete, Greece! This class offer you a very good and strong start, useful words, secrets, verbs and even a little history of Greece! if you want to learn Greek to communicate with Greeks and even if you want only to visit beautiful Greece and know Basics! 100% guarantee with honesty, well-orally and clear voice! I'm level Senior B2 (ECCE) and Greek is my native language! I would love to teach you!

Each lesson focuses on a single idea and each is comprehensive. Students should take their time, with lots of practice between videos. Replaying each lesson is highly recommended!

Meet Your Teacher

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George Var


Hello, I'm George.

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1. Let's learn Greeks!: yes or lose me pose as a PASOK a seat in a lover. K pheasant in a risk FT's giving their dispose nitpicking bonuses. Meadow silliness People say he's e v a prescriptive in a lover or less for us a lot thick Series. Poznan. Mila's Clinica Yes, Doxy Doxy Hossa's Martha Poznan, Milady Clinica Mystical symbol s I like a pola for me for a no me a t selling Pelosis. Yummy for leaving a TR here yet Exit theatres Tourist There's money. Memphis QC Night escaped Easton A Lover Can I begin unece up this time made to Salinas A growing more devotion numero meanness mirrors or a like bola coma Pregnant again. Many of us love a piece in the new marina Touristy Cosper Or is most can click kids? Yes, kids his manners. 2. 1) Meeting with the Greek language: Yes us. Jake allusive that this Daxi Eleanor Glicken. The professor? Yes. Says monastery Ilinka. Apollo Metric. Otto up. Where is the rest of Xia Austin? Agata Lovell. It boasts professor there as that. He's from there. Alfa Vita Zama Vuelta Absalon, Zita, Eat the feet The iota Copper lumber me knee See only grown be Rho Sigma stuff if she learned Fee c See Omega So a little golf Gavito Costazza Drama Casino If tough on either giving after seem for now As Roma capture Mary Toe so much Kosmas sold there. Oh, almost. Adam. Auto Sherry Hunt E by Lammy Finger toe Vassallo Leg toe Bovee Me so Granato Foot though movie So so Vaccarello Buck e Plati as roommate up here, Mary toe possible mus shed toe carefully. Neck or limo's here. So after here Uh, my Yeah, I told Marty knows e mitty mouth toe stoma Both toe body sick Modelo opas mullen Pro sex at their caf. Alexey a hear No See mafia profanities to limit. Don't know Que tal vez UMA said calf Alexey a pervious alevis Kapono Janovic Schmidt also start drop opera for us. But Dr Ikuma I late five minutes for our GSO Bender Lipka After in a pupil Dramatic e para Amillia palaces with hyperbole and veto player v. Patel. Unity, Lexie. Grow many Simeus e Lexus material. Ramada Takato Ven felon Tono Actos A part of AEA's If tico E But I've become a paczynski e l f Patosi The proto video delivers her board is next excuse the before a show Military Pompano video If I restarted Aesthetic Sisters. 3. Articles, singular, plural 'n some foremost words: Kali Spera Nicolosi left or math FEMA opus Pro sex that they're stopper Humano Video department Captured drama tha the's Alexis The limit Artha que parken v o t b are thrown the award Easter in us Yeah, Arsenic ou Nos zero mia Yeah, Filic Oh, yeah, No problem in a your problem matter the learning or the Lexapro quality Then in its beak Rimini e ought even excrement merely separate humanos Justine But a big mama in a silicone Kimia Lippo Zeus and saying que or after strippers Terrorist Icka The learning or the Lexapro Coffee in this decree, many given a state Oh yeah, Sinica Zo E Yeah. Pilica Zo Door Yeah, but I don't want that, but I ve coma or skill er's in STB Shove li ke gotta lippy vo mirrors as the room makeup teas Samadi Guests France's Gaelle Alexis for Christmas Human Arcata Cigna Panel Uppal I move Cotto oppo below Busta Apo in front off a nom Issa said between a penalty opposite If they re still Thanks. Save Harry, Stop early. Thank you very much, Paragallo. Police or you're welcome. Signal me. Sorry, Missy. Horie's I'm sorry. No. Yes. Oh, I see no. Vanek said. Oh, I don't know. Bourey ISOS. People known maybe perhaps probably pure. Who? Boom Where? But there. When? Yet? The way de what? Que autumn Fellman a victim it sevens more Harris movie or metabolically the choir if more but out of a coma, any course Aref much safe Harry, stop early. Believe it because Harith most sas if Harry stop early as Zuma Taurima Evo Image a o m a I am a c isa you are after she in she is after in C is after in eighties a miss a master we are it sees Easter e says There you are after in they are after it done then the laughter we dio If I restart yet the state excuse us. 4. Verbs verbs verbs!: Yes has get calluses that xto Territo Video bombing of Omagh Topiary Mata stone in a starter just on our Islam A normal every matter be was where even a muna Ah, wake I woke sipped No sup Anissa become became You know man Agena begin begun arses o r cisa brake broke spow esposa by boat Durazo Russia twos Social AP level ape Alexa Comb Game at a homer either Cut Cut clover Oh crap! Sir Dr Drove over. Grow or visa? There there told more told. Misha, drink drunk being No Keep your full Phil Heftel Eb Issa, Eat eight Throw f Other find found Very score Very ca Forget for good Exceptional second sir Forgive Forgave Senhor O Senhor Issa Give gave vino ever psa Go went Bo Pisa grow Group made alone No Middle Lucia Hold Health Catto Tradition hit hit people! Debbie Sir, Head hit! Believe Oh no police! Gothika! No new, I said Oh, Exit Leave Left! Ah Fino Officer Lose lost Sanoh! It s a make made Colonel. It kinda meet Mitt Senador Seen Adisa pay paid below. No play Rosa put Put the potato so pathetic. Read! Read the Ava's Oh, Viasa Iran run today Who? Eight Rexha se said lt'll EPA Sing Sung Trudeau Visa slip Slept key Mama Kim If Icka speak spoke Millau militia The smell is melt me Reza Marissa spent spent so I've ever so the IPSA stunt stood stick on my staff Icka Scream Scrum caliber Khalib Phil told lt'll EPA take took better No pita Understood Understood cattle Ever know Batalova Win one care Visa Care Visa Right road Is Raffo a drop psa? Where were for our forests? Hood A Hope Ika After I done it I know my Larry Mother says Sicari story of the state exists US. 5. Months and days that you can't miss!: Yes as getting closer that they stopped that arto video Stop a woman of it there. Even better, a normal Larry Monta pom Adora Tamala Every matter bet Bet. Sticky Matija. Sticky Matesa. Let let ah free no official. What? What Very Homa. Erotica Feet fit. Hoarau Horace Cut Tucked. Go over a cup, sir. Split split Whore is a whore, Issa Cold, cool. Carlo Alyssa as a movement up here, See What a problem. Gotta move us a square stone opus in the a meanness J Meadows said Genomic. These matters Monday Left Era Tuesday three t Wednesday The 30 Thirsty, Empty Friday Paraskevi Saturday Salvato Sunday Chiaki Weekend Salvato Give Yuko Tonight See mirror Tomato of video The Day after Tomorrow Maathai Video Yesterday Access the day before yesterday Process New Year's They proto Corona Easter busca First off, I Brill brought a pretty yeah Christmas Day Restore Yanna Okay, Meanness in a Dunwoody Yennaris e e Anwar EOS February Flava Res e Favorite Barrios months Marty's E Mart EOS April Oppa Release E a pre Lius May Mice E Myers June Eunice IK Unions July You list e u Leo's August Abu Stuff. September 7th Avery's E. Symptom videos. OKed a bit. October Res E October Rios November No invidious E No in videos. December The Gambari's e They Can videos on the first off the Month Step Brody to Meena Christmas Eve. Paramount is, to you know, day Meta week with her mother. Meet the week Michelle. For the mother, it doesn't mean do Xena a year. Ennis Hornish, a decayed, mere vic idea a century and US A owners. 6. Numbers!: Yes s gigolo shift that esto pento video stop for a woman of Ido Martha may choose Meanness is matters Kick appears Threesome is Alexis Kay Francis City Come after palm in Tora Normal for me to Sarah, Moshe, Kitty, Nora Christmas Lexus Frances one and, uh to Veal City three a e threes for this at a e their cities five spender six xy seven If the eight oh don't nine Anya e. And there then Vika 11 medica, 12 The Vicar 13 Vika Tria e Victories 14 Vehicle Tessera e Vigata Siri's five Teen Vic upended 20 equals C 30 three Other 40 Sakurada 50 They need a 60 exceed the 70 of the media 80 over Voda 90 and the Nida 100 a Cotto 200 via kosher 300 track OSHA 400 Dead Rock OSHA 500 Did the closer 600 x are cosa 700 If the Cosa 800 oughta cosa 900 Anya OSHA 1000 Syria 2000 Very others kept by level that a 1,000,000 in a a cattle medio A 1,000,000,000 in a visa Cotto medio a trillion in ah Teresa Cottam Medio. See me O c and with most months Peggy Vietnam Era Total Pro Fricka volume. Perrotta TV cover Committed Tamano Harris Moore But a big Monta 25 equals C. Spend the ICO Spender 40 eight. Saraya Auto Sarah Dato Toribio gets support The Pacific Much 200 in 17 of Yeah Cosa Vicar Iftar, 9225 Anya Service via Koza equals Dependent first Protons. Second Vector Us Furth 32 Fourth Tater Tots five. Benthos Sixth Egg dish. Seventh A video mush. Aides over ninth in a rush, then Vika Tush 11th and they're Cater's 12. The Victor Toes 15th. Victor Streeter's 14th Vic Atos Tether to Keep I Level. This Last Day left Tails. The person before last brought the Left Tails story Bombing a video from mathematician Aura Sets of Aristotle. 7. What time is it: Yes, As a gigolo, she still ecto video Stop for a woman of Ido Martha Me to Saref much Bama Tora Nora Bust okay to But, uh, quarter better toe self came me. See? What time is it, de or a in a its three past 10 in interest. Viveca, it's quarter to eight. In auto para Tatar toe, it's 10 to 20 in America. Para ego, she a pieces Bowman 10 15. Vika, Get that thereto. 5 30 Bender, Give me. See? It's 90 clock in a Anya the Aura. It's 12 0 clock in a Vodicka Deora It's health past two in a video chemise e e The Yamase health past five in a pendant chemise e e paid them, Missy, Kick up his threesome Is Alexis scared the comet in order Midnight Masonic tha exactly after reverse about very poor, Almost scared on Just gone morally Sperrazza known or made a mess Imeri Morning prayer A good morning, Callum era Good evening, Kali Spera Good night, Callin efta It's about time Keros eaten It's time for in or Ayia bedtime or a You have no coffee time. Order your cafe after Ethan Kayihura says if Aristo always yet aesthetic. Caesar's kissing his room. Mettetal FTO video May America you go nota Alexis. I like kissing with less shitty committing a lover. 8. Important words, facts and hints!: Yes s Nicolosi. Fattah, start the leftover video six Ignition. My copies. Police among the guests. Lexus north for us South. No, Tosh West V C East on a totally up bundle. Don't Cocteau left Paris Terra, right, Vic. CIA front and back. A brush KP So in the middle. Steam messy through truth. So sto Alecia Falls. Lie laughers Sema everywhere, but do anywhere or put the put there. Everyone, only anyone can ease. Appears V Put it para Vilma. Does anyone want coffee? Fairly. canIs e Cantinas Cafe. Anyone who wants a driving licence has to take a test. Appears. Report a fairly diploma thesis Prepping Alozie except asses. No one can. Niece cantinas Nowhere. Both in a now what days? Schism. Erasmus Somewhere a couple level A people Easy f Coehlo normal over its Met Rio mess. Oh, Fard Visco baby Moto Dean Aides Teenager Effie via FF Bush Middle aids My silica oldman Ilic Yeomen knows Did next Roche alive Deserved. That knows Sofa Gonna piss TV delay or asi Living room Salamoni bathroom Banyu Vesa toe a letter bedroom A pinot though Mateo level Bring the Yashima or is sticky Capture Ali Finale . Hugo Nota should become it in a lover. Allah fina Euro nota e story. 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