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I Will Teach You To Be A World Class Business Coach

teacher avatar Stan Hustad, What it Takes with Stan Husted

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Here is the promo to the course and your invitation

    • 2. You said you wanted to change your life and help others... So let's go.

    • 3. Here is the story about telling stories.

    • 4. This is lesson three and you are invited to be one of the 3%

    • 5. What do you want is the key coaching question

    • 6. He said Stan, What you got? And here is the answer for you as a coach

    • 7. These are two vital words to know in being a world-class business coach

    • 8. And finally what is this coaching stuff all about?

    • 9. Here's the deal if you want to continue to learn how to be a business coach.

    • 10. The Call To The Course

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About This Class

After many years of learning how and performing as a performance coach to business leaders and entrepreneurs I have decided to share the things i have learned and know with you so that you can continue to enjoy what I have long enjoyed... Seeing people who are struggling to make it, do what it takes to survive, thrive, and flourish.

This one session course would cost you hundreds of dollars in coaching instruction, and when you take the whole series of 12 courses yet to come, i will teach you what cost me thousands of dollars, thousands of hours of work , plus blood, sweat, and tears to learn and achieve so that you can join the ranks of those who do what matters ... You coach!  Let's do it now,

Stan Hustad


Meet Your Teacher

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Stan Hustad

What it Takes with Stan Husted


I am a teacher, broadcaster, and mentor and iI delight in helping folks improve thier lives, do work that matters, and become more fully alive ans they serve others.

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1. Here is the promo to the course and your invitation: greetings. My name is Stan, and I want to teach you how to be a world class business performance coach. I go back many years. I have a long career as a teacher, a missionary and international radio broadcaster and a business performance coach. In fact, I was one of the first people to actually get involved in what grew into the worldwide coaching movement. I'm certainly not saying I was the first, because I kind of discovered it as I began Ah, life after international broadcasting on. I was seeking my way after a a very difficult time. How should I live the rest of my life? And I began to study success, and as a result of that, I started to a little workshops here and there for some of my friends in business. And we did that. We did a course on how to make your mark. How do you make your mark in life in business? And, uh, we presented that, and the leader of the little business, who had allowed me to speak to her group and then and asked me to speak to an industry group, came up to me afterwards and said, Stan I don't like to go to seminars. I'm really too busy to do that. However, what I would be willing to do is I want to pay. You actually come into my office, Uh, every week and I want you to A to teach me. I want you to just to give me my own personal seminar and I can ask questions and you can answer the questions and that'll be how it works. And we did that. Ah, Couple times later she said to me, I know what you are. You're a coach. I just read about people like you stand, you're a coach. And that began my career in which I literally wrote about how to be a coach as I learned how to be one myself and then later on how to market yourself and how to build your business as a coach. What I want to do is to help you learn the art of performance, coaching, business, performance, coaching, and this is a complementary introduction, and it will flow into a whole Siris of courses and classes to help you become just exactly that. A world class business performance coach. It's vital. I remember beginning my career with this little line, I went something like this. Now this is gonna date me. I would say to people, Hey, what do Luciano Pavarotti and many of you know, He was a world class famous Italian tenor opera singer and, uh, Tiger Woods, who was just beginning his career in a flash and a bang as a, you know, has a go over. What do they have in common? And the answer was this. Oh, well, the first thing is they're really, really good at what they do. That's what they have in common, Sure. But he agreed. They were really good. They were the top of the line number two. They loved what they did, and that's part of the reason they were really good at what they did is they love doing what they did, and number three is. They made a lot of money doing what they did. Yeah, that's for sure, I said one other thing. They both have coaches. You see the best, have a coach, and if you want to be successful in life, you not only need to be a coach, you need tohave a coach, and you have to coach others. And what I'm gonna do is to take my 25 years of experience both in broadcasting. Which one? Not 40 years. Broadcasting and teaching and coaching. And I'm gonna have a coaching what it takes coaching experience to help you become, uh, within the next year, at least, maybe even sooner. Become a world class business performance coach. I hope you'll join. 2. You said you wanted to change your life and help others... So let's go.: Hello. My name is Stan, and I want to teach you how to be a world class business performance coach. I go back a long ways. Obviously, I'm not young anymore. Began my career as a teacher and work very hard to teach. Then I felt a passion towards something I had loved since I was a small child. Radio broadcasting and I became an international broadcaster all around the world and trans world Radio BBC trained me to be at my best. Radio Netherlands asked me to do a commentary and then, as ah, the emerging world grew and even in Internet radio, that's what we're all about, Ana, after having that kind of exciting experience around the world, I was seeking a new career and trying to figure out after a bit of a career crash what had gone wrong. And I began to learn about things of success that I had never learned and in college or university, and I was amazed to discover that most of the things that help people be successful, they never teach you well. I began to learn them, and then I began toe teach them to a few people. I tried to hold some seminars, and a few people were kind enough to allow me to do seminars. I perhaps in their place of worship, in their school and in their business. And it was after one of those sessions that the lady who had been kind enough to allow me to speak to her group in to compensate me slightly for that, said Stan, This was fascinating. I learned a lot from you today that I had never learned before, and I'm trying to build this business of mine into a world class business, and I need help. But I don't want to do seminars. I hate seminars. Here's what I want to do. I want you to come to my office every week and I will pay you. I will pay you to have a personal seminar for me to teach me to guide me, to help me, to answer my questions and to hold me accountable. Will you do that? Okay, It was about the second or third time, and that began to go very well, and I remember she leaned forward. She said, This is really good, Stan, and now I know what you are. I read about people like you. It's a brand new thing. You're a coach, you're a business coach. Oh, that's hot Begin. And I began my career reaching out. Not only was I coaching people, I was learning how to coach and teach other people how to be coaches. I even wrote books on how to market yourself and build a practice and build a business. It was an incredible experience. Now, one of the things I did when I was beginning to coach people is I would ask them this question Now this is gonna date me. But that's OK because I've already done that. What do Luciano Pavarotti, who at that time was the opera star of the world? What do Luciano Pavarotti and Tiger Woods, who was at that time, this rising hot shot in the Gulf world? What do they have in common? Well, people so well, guys are in Italian tenor in opera, and here's this sharp, young, trim golfer, I said, There's four things they have in common. First of all, they are the very best at what they do. They're really good. Oh, yeah. Second, they really love what they do. Well, yeah, they really love it well, that's part of the reason they're really good at it because they love it. Number three, they make a lot of money doing what they do. You hold, that was for sure, I said. And fourthly, they both have coaches. That's right. Even though they're the best, they still know that they need people to come along side of them and coach them so they can improve and get even better at what they do. And that began the proverbial line. The best always have a coach. In fact, many of them have many coaches, and I became one of the coaches to some of the high performing executives and entrepreneurs and enjoy that career. Now I'm primarily teaching people how particularly online, to do some of the things I learned as a coach. And now I want to teach you how to become a world class business performance coach, and this little introduction is my complementary beginning to you, and then it will lead you to the possibilities of finding a way to learn the 10 12 top topics that will help you truly not only know how to improve your own life and business, but how to help others do so as, ah, world class business performance coach. So that's what I'm going to invite you to join me in will begin by teaching you some of the stories and benefits and then give you the opportunity to say, Should I do this again in other ways? Other formats, other places? But this will be a powerful beginning to understand what it takes and what you get by being a business performance coach. 3. Here is the story about telling stories.: Okay, you're gonna do it. You want to be a world class coach now? That may mean that you simply want within your career to be able to do a lot of coaching and helping people. It may mean that you've understood that in any business or learning or teaching situation that perhaps you've heard that coaching skills are far superior to consulting and traditional teaching and that you can have a better result that way. Some of you may say that I'm thinking about making this my life work. In fact, it may be something that I actually try and make a living doing. All right, you are in the right place to begin the journey to being a world class business performance coach. One of the first things you will learn is that storytelling is the most effective means of communication. I want you to understand that. Think about this. What if you were blind or if you were blind and coaching another blind person? What if you were cited but they could not see? And that your communication is not something that they read? Your communication is not something you show them. It's not something you write down. What do we do then? Well, you will discover that one of the primary emphasis that I will tell you is that the way you help people change and coaching is about helping people change. And we'll talk about that because that can be quite painful. Please keep in mind. Most people don't want to change, and it takes sometimes not only great coaching, but some painful experiences actually help people make the changes they want. But storytelling is one of the best ways now. That means you have to know a little bit about my story. In fact, in a good coaching relationship, you'd probably say something like this. Uh, thank you for trusting me to perhaps help and guide you. Uh, don't use the word coach that often Guide help assist. Those tend to be better and stronger words, because the coach will bring out other frameworks of people or things and often back to a sports metaphor that we may want to avoid. But just be careful how you do that. Let me tell you my story. What happened is that I have been a teacher, and then I felt called to ah work in in missions and international broadcasting, and it had gone quite well. But then there was a great defeat. I mean, a great defeat in my career crashed, and I still remember the time when my dear wife Karen, said to me one evening after I had been looking for a job and been unsuccessful, and she had been able to find a small job at least to keep a little bit of food on the table. And we had a small supper, and after that was all done, I remember her taking the dish, tell that she had in her hand and threw it down and said, This is exactly what I was hoping for when I married you 20 years ago. I was hoping that after 20 years of marriage, we would have no house, no car, no job, no money broke in a kid in college. And then her deep sarcasm turned into powerful sobbing, and she threw down the Taliban, her hand and stormed out of the apartment. It was many years ago, and it's very painful and I've gone through a lot of pain since then, still, but that is memorable, and that set me on a journey because obviously I must have done something wrong. And so what was it to? That's where I discovered that we don't teach people how to be happy and successful, and that's what life is about. If how can I be happy in my life successful in my work, and then use that work not to be my life itself, but toe have, ah, fuller and greater and more peaceful life so that I can be better at who I am and what I do . And so that began the journey, and I spent hundreds, thousands of ours. And that's not an exaggeration trying to discover in books and audio programs what it takes . What does it take to be truly successful now part of this class is Ah, you're going to get the, ah lot of my agony and my ecstasy, and you're going to get a lot of things that took me thousands. And I'm not exaggerating. I'm sure hours of study and writing to figure out not only what it does take, but then how to teach and communicate and coach that to others. But that's vital. That's my story. Now what I want you to do now is if somebody would say to you as you are beginning this venture or the venture, you're in life. What if I came to you? And by the way, if I did come to you, this is what I would say to you. Hi. My name is Stan. And you'd give me your name, I'd say, Tell me your story. I wouldn't ask what you did. I wouldn't ask where you were from. I didn't own ask where you were born. I will simply say, Tell me your story now. You might do it. A lot of people does it. Well, well, What do you mean? I mean your story. I don't have a story. And I would simply say this. Oh, yes. Everybody has a story. Uh, what's yours and would be interesting to see where they begin and what they tell me in the question. What's your story? And what will happen is first of all, some important things will come to mind. Some beginnings will come to mind. Perhaps even some problems and pains will come to mind. So I want you to understand that that is a vital part. Oh, what it takes to be a world class business performance, Coach, is that you will be a storyteller. And even more important, a story listener. Got that? Okay, think about it. What would you say if I would say to you what your story? 4. This is lesson three and you are invited to be one of the 3%: you're still with me. We're on a little scene Three. So, uh, you're still with me? You still think you maybe you want to be a world class business performance coach? Well, one of the thing that struck me in this long adventure was discovered. What I called the power of being one of the free one of the three. How, of course There's a story behind the one of the three. What I discovered is that there was a lot of research particularly done Ah, in the 19 sixties about just simply that question as a human resource development and that kind of work, you know, where it's not just personnel, it's human. Resource is, and it's training and development. How do we help people improve and do better in the workforce? Obviously, Dale Carnegie, this is the 80th anniversary had started entire movement, how to win friends and influence people. And that had become a worldwide still is has seller. And in fact, we've actually done an update. Ah, modern update of Dale Carnegie's work. Well, how do I improve my life and my performance so I can be better? A lot of work was being done in that, and there was interesting study which came out of a variety of people involved at the harbor. The Boston Consulting Group, a gentleman named David McClellan, had some of this the achieving society and take a lot of stuff and make it very simple. Essentially, a success comes down primarily to the goal directed nous of people. Do you know what you want? Do you have any goals or use kind of dealing with the day? And what they discovered is that most of us fall into one of four categories. The first category are wow, only 3% only 3% of the population. A really crystal clear on what they want out of life. Only three. They know who they are. They live with a strong sense of purpose. They've got the poise, they've got a plan. They know what it is they're striving for, and that was only 3% of the population. And there were incredible anecdotal studies that said, you know, or someone's that the 3% were then surveyed 20 years later and have found out that the 3% of the college graduates and one Harvard or Yale class that they literally now possessed 97% of the money of the entire class. These people truly had the success ethic down only three out of 100. Then there were 10%. The 10% are obviously successful people in knowing what they want, but it's not quite as clear. It's a little bit fuzzier lacks some of the intentionality and intensity, and perhaps the persistence necessary. Persistence is a big word, big word, but they pressed on and did well. The majority of people 60% of the population basically deal with the date, though they have hopes and wants and wishes someday, that would be nice. I'd like to do that. They do have an occasional wish list. That would be nice someday. It would be great. Uh, what's your plan for retirement? Well, maybe I'll win the lottery. Well, there's a great great variety in the 60% but these are people who, you know are pressing on trying to make life and business work, and they're having some success and some good fortune and some grace and mercy. And of course, sometimes they really have to deal with tragedy and adversity. Then it was discovered that about 27% of the population, 27%. Okay, you do the math. 3 10 60 27 OK, 27% really were clueless. No, they as someone that they're not even sure what they're gonna do on Monday. And it's Friday. It's Sunday and they're still not sure, but the goal or the plan is for the weak, just gonna take it as it comes. Now there is a certain wonderful gracefulness of living fully present in the moment, and we'll certainly talk about that. But at the same time is we are people who were given the gift of foresight and planning as a part of what I believe are God inspired nous and weaken Think into the future home as I'm doing my little program here in the studio. My wonderful little dog, Jackson is sleeping right next to the camera right there. He's wonder. I love him, brings me great happiness. But you know, Jackson's needs are very simple. He gives me affection and I give him affection. I take him for walks and he is so happy and I give him treats and I give him food and he is delighted Everything he wants. Everything he needs is right there, and he doesn't even know about tomorrow. And he has no plans or thoughts. He's perfectly fully present. Well, that's a good thing to be, but we're not quite made that way until there we go. Now you can see what's coming, can't you? 3 10 60 27 Which one are you right now? Think about that. The goal of coaching is to help people move up that ladder two more and more. Find what they want out of life so they can be one of the three. Be one of the three is the goal of world class business performance coaching. I hope you'll join me and be one of the three. And we're gonna go to a very vital question on our next lesson. So stay tuned. 5. What do you want is the key coaching question: By the way, I want you to do this right now. This is a free class and course. Would you please tell all your friends about it so they can start watching it too? And that you can start talking about it together? That's right. There it is. You've got the link. You have the let people know about this because you know what? You're going to start coaching one another. You're going to start helping one another be at their best. And the best way to learn this is not only to hear it from me, but to obviously put it inside yourself and then teach and share it with others and discuss it with others. Fight back if you want to argue back. In fact, just before I stood in front of the camera, I have an old friend and he made a statement, and the I just kind of went back. I didn't agree with him, and right now we're going through some really intellectual jousting, and I had to call it off for a few moments because I want to get back to my work here. But you know what? He's going toe. Learn something. He didn't know before and he's very, very, very smart. He's also very, very strong in his opinions, and I can tell I put a little dent in something, and he's a little bit concerned that maybe I have a better point. But that's not the issue. Look, that's not the issue. It's not about me winning or being the best. It's that we're learning together. By exploring things together and out of that, you are not to become a clone of me. You are not to be the, you know, the clone of Coach Stan. You are to take what I've learned or experienced and teach it to you and you're a teacher to others. And then you're to become your own unique and powerful person and literally that when you coach people, there is nobody nobody in the world who can coach just like you, coach. So that's what I want Now that leads us to what this section is all about. What do you want? I point out that you go other places and, uh, other places are the best place to, uh, find things that you don't expect. I oftentimes say if you want to learn about business. Don't go to business school. By the way, we're going to do a class on broadcasting. The very worst thing you can do is to go to a university broadcasting school. Join when hubby, a broadcaster, Radio TV, don't go to school. I'll tell you what you should do. But that will wait for another time. But I found that in the story of Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth and the world's great religious leader. If you read some of the stories and by the way, what did he primarily due? He told stories and ask questions at a certain time. Ah, guy came up to him. There's a story where he, uh, he was blind and all of a sudden he knows that this guy, Jesus has a reputation for being, you know, maybe a miracle worker. And maybe it's phony from, But, you know, that's what. And he starts toe, you know, do the old sales job on him. Start to schmooze him and tell him how wonderful he is. You know, the grease, the skids, you're going to ask for a favor, grease it no and Jesus and seems very kindly cuts him off. And he says OK, got it. Tell me, what do you want me to do for you? What do you want me to do for you? What do you want? Right now? Only 3%. Maybe 10% of the population actually have any real idea what they want. So here's what I want you to do. That's the question. And that will help you. Dane. Power as a coach is to help people discover what they want. And I'm gonna help you start yourself. I want you to take a moment now. Maybe you want to pause the machine, maybe get a piece of card, stock or legal pad, maybe a notebook. And I want you to write down just these four words. What do you want to have stuff you wanna have? House, Car, boat. Tell me what you want to have. Number two. What do you want to do? I want to go to school. You want to do this? You want to do that? You want to go there? Number three. What do you want to become? What do you want to become? I want to be a coach. I want to be a teacher. I want to be a doctor. I want to be a good person. I want to be a lover of God. I want to be someone who cares about others. I want to be a nurse. Oh, I want to be. What do you want to be? You know what most people don't know, And as a result, they land up being something they never planned, not and perhaps really never wanted to be. I remember one lady who said to me after a lifetime, and she I got her involved in something else. And she shook her head and said, Stan, you know what? I'm not complaining. I've had a good life and I did well. But Stan, I'm doing now. I should have become 20 years ago. I should have done this 20 years ago. Well, what do you want to become now? Give it 1/4 dimension. Who do you want to serve? Yeah, there are millions people out there and they all have needs and situations. And the only way you are going to be successful in life is to serve other people. The only way they're going to give you money or whatever else you want. What I call income. Good stuff is if you serve them well. Who do you want to serve in life? What do you want? There you go. You're on your way to being coached and becoming a coach yourself by simply asking the simple question. What do you want? What do you want me to do for you? How do you want me to assist you? What do you What? All right, this is going well. I'm enjoying this. And Ah, we've got a few more sessions in this complimentary class on how to become a world class business coach. 6. He said Stan, What you got? And here is the answer for you as a coach: good for you. You're serious. You came back the next part of the show and it is a show. It's not only a class, and of course it's a show because all business is show business. We must demonstrate how good we are, and the only way we can demonstrate how good we are is we have to show up. We have to show up a lot, and then we have to please our audience. And so I thank you for being the audience, and I thank you for showing up again and let's continue on. You want to be a world class business performance coach or your at least considering it or you breath like to gain some of the skills that might be necessary to do just that. All right, here, we're going to go through some of the things that hopefully you will achieve if you become a coach and help others become a coach and actually goes back to one of my favorite stories . When I finally made all those decisions and I was gonna start doing some teaching and some coaching, I didn't know anything about sales and marketing up. I really hadn't been my world at all. You know, if you want to talk about Russian history and philosophy and religion and theology and ah, world history. I knew a lot about broadcasting, that's for sure, but, you know, sales and marketing. So I had to do what almost every entrepreneur has to do is I have to go and say, Well, do you know of anybody I could call on and the doing? That cold calling was really hard. And one time I got a recommendation, a referral from a friend and he said, Give this person a call. Well, so I dialed the number. No person answered, gave me their name. I introduced my self as best I could. And I told that I was calling because my friend had recommended they were mutual friend. And then I went into a little bit about what I was doing. And right away the gentleman is experienced businessman. Obviously, he's kind man. He knew my friend, the person who would recommend it to referred to me. Uh and they just said, Stan, I know what you want to do. Tell me what you got and that caught me what you got. He was saying is okay, Stan, I got it all figured out. You're trying to sell me something. You want me to buy something? That's what this is all about. I know that I do it myself. Now, Stan, what you got? And he was saying to me, something very, very vital is what am I going to get from what you got, What you got And what am I gonna get if I get what you got? Okay, let me just give you a brief summary of what the goal of coaching is for not only the person who does the coaching, but the people who guess what you got. One of the fundamental lessons in terms of life is what I call clarity. One of my mentor said, You have toe always seek clarity. You may not see agreement, but things are clear. One of my favorite lines is ah, actually comes from something that I use all the time. And in fact, it's become my trademark. It's based on a supposed story that when the great philosophers, transcendental philosophers of the 18th century Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, these incredibly well known thinkers and writers around the area of Concord, Massachusetts, and Boston. The story is that when they would meet each other on the street or on Walden Pond or where they happen to be in relationship their greeting when something like this since we last met , what is clear to you now? Ah, now what you're doing is a coach. Uh huh. Now, I see. Uh, I wasn't sure what I should do. I wasn't sure what the mess was. I am in is all about. But you know what? Things are clear to me now. The ability to come to clarity is one of the great gifts that the coach helps his colleague , his coaching partner begin to obtain and share with others. Coaching is one of the great guiding ways to help other people with a smile say Mm, yeah. Now I know that's clear to me. Now think about clarity and what you would like to be clearer about Number two awareness. Now, what I discovered and particularly as a broadcaster, I knew that I had to do this more and more. I was always looking for something to talk about or teach about. So I got really good at carrying a notebook and I was always looking for ideas. Now, what a Coach does is finally you start to notice things and help other people notice things . One of the lines you'll lose you. You You might lose the line sometimes. What you'll use it to. I obviously I just lost it. Okay. You might say, uh, don't judge. Just notice my favorite, the little cartoon character. Bugs buddy had that great line. Some of you may know it. He would say, What's up, Doc? You know what's going on here? I actually had one client Call me up one type and say stand. I'm going to cancel our appointment because I know one of the first things you're going to ask is what is clear to me now. And I just went through that. And what became clear to me is I got act on this one thing right now, so I don't have time to visit with you. Yes. He said I know you will ask that question. So I asked it myself. You know what is clear to me now and now I'm aware I I know, uh, what I have to do. So what's going to happen is you're going to help people become a little more aware of what's going on. And in fact, right now there is an incredible amount of research that is showing that the really effective leader is not necessarily or a man or woman of action is that they are putting in mawr reflection time. The term is mindfulness, and there's RealD documented performance research evidence that is showing that the man or woman who will pause, take a time out, think about it, maybe even use some spiritual or emotional or psychological disciplines and get a better awareness and a depth of understanding. Good coaching brings that into the life of the client. Okay, here you go, clarity and awareness that the 1st 2 things of what you get and what you got to give to those you coach will continue. 7. These are two vital words to know in being a world-class business coach: number three energy. Let me be very clear about this. Nothing happens without energy. Personal, emotional, psychological and spiritual energy. A recent presidential candidate in United States of America leveled a charge against his opponent by saying, He's low energy. Well, you know what? As a coach, I would agree with it. Uh, energy is vital. I have to know I'm not a young man anymore. I'm far from a young man, so I know, however, that my exercise and my diet and my ability to keep myself energized is vital. It all comes down to energy, and what happens is you oftentimes run and work with a client who will not run and work because of low energy. There's a term one of the deadly Sindhis sloth there a sense of intellectual, spiritual and moral and psychological laziness. And you have to confront that you're going to him, pick up the pace, walk tall, carry yourself with a sense of energy. I often times will say that once a person knows how to carry themselves with greater energy , they begin to attract people and qualities and things into their life that they never expected. Cool, calm and collected. If It is cool, calm and collected with a sense of deep intensity and energy. It might work, but energy is vital. Think about that. That's one. The things you're gonna get Number four is really important. As I said, Teoh, some of you on, I'm actually doing more work on it. Almost 80 years ago, a man named Dale Carnegie wrote about how to win friends and influence people. Now I think there's more to it now, but that's important. If you want to be successful in life and business, you have to become what I call a P O. I. A person of influence. You have to go about doing things that influence other people. One gentleman described himself as a leader of an organization. Well, we put it this way. He has a possession position of leadership. But you know what one of the first rules of leadership is? You have followers, and you know what? No one's following it. Oh, they're showing up and they're doing their job and they're doing what they have to do, and they have to take orders. But there's no energy and there's no influence. You have to learn the qualities of personal, emotional and spiritual influence and then how to do it. How to speak, how to write, how to perform, how to be in front of an audience, how to communicate energy and intensity and purpose and direction so that people are influenced by you, that people are impacted by you so that you actually do become ah, mover of men and women. And fundamental to my coaching is to help people become influential in their world in their industry and their business in their church, their place of worship, wherever they want to achieve something. How do we become in flu? Intial? Okay, energy and influence. Now let those two sit on your head for a while. 8. And finally what is this coaching stuff all about?: do more what you get and what you got. This is Ah, one of the world's best f words. You've probably not heard it before. In any particular context like this, the word is fruitful, Fruitful. You're going to help people become fruitful. Now, what we mean by that? Well, you think we're gonna help people perform there or we're going to help people, you know, be productive. We're gonna help people, you know, do all kinds of things that move forward. Ancient wisdom will tell us that there's a better term and they call it fruitful. Now, here's what I mean, if I have a piece of fruit in my hand and I probably should go out and take my apple, which is sitting on my stool right over there now. But okay, I got my apple in hand. If I raise an apple, if I would grow an apple, I have produced something I can a eat that apple. That's what I can eat it and get the nourishment from it. I can sell that apple and get the money and do something else that I need or acquire something that I want fruitful means that you actually make and achieve and do something. There's something of value that has been created. You're gonna help people know that just messing around and making messes and sending messages. As I say, You know, marketing and messaging and managing may not be fruitful because nothing of value was created. Secondly, that piece of Apple has some seeds in it. So fruitful means there's new growth possible in what I'm doing. It has built in productivity. It has leverage. It has long term results. This video is going to be shown hundreds and thousands of times all over the world. I hope that it has the seeds of new business, new growth and new relationships. It's fruitful, and then it's sweet. If something is rueful, it hits a sweet spot. Something about it is profoundly satisfying. It's fruitful. There you go. And then it was, Ah, it was really cool. In time where an older man who had been a mentor to many people said this, you know what? I have achieved a great deal. I have accomplished a great deal. I failed a whole lot. I've messed up a whole lot. I've been forgiven of a whole lot my life is full of mercy, but it's also full of messes, mercy and messes. And he said, I have now achieved a very significant goal. I have peace of mind. I'm really pretty much at peace with the people in my lives with the situations that I'm in . Ah, and the things that are before me I really have peace. Sure, Entity. The Majesty of calmness. The gift of a sense that you know what all will be. Well, it's gonna be OK. All will be well in the midst of whatever all will be. Well, there you go. Those are some of the things that you're going to get when you become a coach. And they're gonna be some of the things that you give to those that you coach and guide and help and mentor. Are you gonna do it? Don't do it. You want to become a world class business performance coach. All right, uh, let's make a deal. And that's next 9. Here's the deal if you want to continue to learn how to be a business coach.: Okay, my friend. Here's the deal. By the way, in this free deal, you got probably more coaching teaching information than hundreds of other very expensive classes or courses you could ever take. And you got it as my gift with my compliments. And you got it in less than an hour. How about that? Now, this is just simply the beginning. Uh, no pressure. I just want you to know that going forward, this introduction is going to lead to more teaching on how to be a world class business performance, coach. And we're gonna have ah, Siris of lessons and classes and which you are free to sign up for now. I didn't say you're free to sign up and they'll be free. I said they'll be offered to you, and I want you to understand that this is an opportunity for you to become something significant in the life of others. But as I oftentimes say in coaching, you truly put people at choice. And then you simply say to them, You are now at choice. You decide, OK? You are now a choice. You decide there will be other offers of opportunities to become a world class business performance coach, and you obviously have my email address and you can reach out to me from any part of the world with any questions or comments that you might have, and that will be more than happy. In fact, I would be grateful for the opportunity to help you make the choices that will help you change your world, Maybe change the world of other people. Who knows? Maybe you'll change the whole world and guide and mentor and coach Others we will see again . You are a choice. But I want you to know that whatever you decide, I wish you all the best and blessings. And may it go profoundly well for you because indeed it can be. All will be well bye for now. 10. The Call To The Course: Greetings, dear skill share students and friends and thank you for taking the class on how to be, ah, world class business coach. And that was my free complimentary introduction. And I can honestly say I try to be humble, but that very class is a great introduction, and many of the coaching classes and institute you can get involved in even that one hour presentation of cost you quite a bit of money, but it's my way of introducing you to the next step here on skill share. We are now going tohave 12 about one hour modules, and as you go through each one hour module, I guarantee you you will learn more than you ever thought possible about how to be just that. A world class business coach. It will go well for you. Now. The first module is already done, and it's in the section right there. And, ah, it's not in the free section. These are in the premium section these you'll be charged for, but I guarantee you we will have a new module once every two weeks, starting right now, which is the third week in September, and it will keep going and when you take all 12 and you don't have to pay for them all the one to pay for them as you do each one. Take the time. You, I guarantee, will know more about how to be a business leader. Now. Whether you want to be a coach professionally is not the issue. You are going to learn how to be a leader, how to guide people, how to mentor people, how to coach people, how to be the kind of manager that would use coaching rather than coercion. You will have a good deal of wisdom and council and insight that will make you extremely valuable going through into the 21st century. Please keep in mind many of the jobs that people have are going to be gone. Robots are going to do them. But if you're a man or woman, a real wisdom, insight and truth you've got your wits. You will be here replaceable and learning how to be a good guide, coach and mentor to others is one of the best ways to do that. So jump onto, Ah module one, which is just that, how to be a coach and you'll be on your way to being world class. As a business coach, I look forward to seeing you around all the best and blessings and the maid go well for you . Bye for now.