I Love Designing Shirts on Canva and PhotoShop to Sell on Redbubble, CafePress, and TeeSpring! | Jerry Banfield | Skillshare

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I Love Designing Shirts on Canva and PhotoShop to Sell on Redbubble, CafePress, and TeeSpring!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

31 Lessons (2h 14m)
    • 1. Welcome to I love designing shirts Feb 21 2017!

    • 2. What is the primary purpose of this class?

    • 3. My number one tip for making a business out of designing shirts

    • 4. What is my favorite part about making wearable designs?

    • 5. When to start using online advertising to make sales?

    • 6. Easiest way to get started desiging a first shirt?

    • 7. Most painful mistake I have made designing online?

    • 8. Thenounproject has graphics for a low cost!

    • 9. How I track new ideas and get through writers block

    • 10. Which website to use for hosting the shirts and making sales?

    • 11. Fast design with Teespring

    • 12. Cafepress makes it simple to add a design to many products

    • 13. What I use to make custom graphics with Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud

    • 14. Welcome to Canva!

    • 15. How I made the thumbnail for this class in Canva

    • 16. Realtime Canva design for a shirt with a graphic

    • 17. Uploading and editing the design on Redbubble

    • 18. Welcome to Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 for amazing designs!

    • 19. Making beautiful text fast and basic functions

    • 20. If I can make this design in a few hours you can do anything!

    • 21. Top 10 Shirt Selling Myths Busted

    • 22. 10 Is Money Needed To Start?

    • 23. 9 Do you need to print locally?

    • 24. 8 Is inventory necessary?

    • 25. 7 Can a real business be made out of selling merchandise online?

    • 26. 6 Who to sell the shirts to?

    • 27. 5 Will a great design sell?

    • 28. 4 Are Facebook ads good for making sales?

    • 29. 3 Can only graphic designers make great shirts?

    • 30. 2 Why not just hire a graphic designer?

    • 31. 1 Is this an easy way to make money online?

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About This Class

How would you feel with the ability to create what you wear and share that with the world?  I am so grateful today to be willing and able to design how I dress that I recorded this class with the hope to share that with you!  Watch to hear the top 10 myths about having a T-shirt business online along with the very best of what I have learned after five years of selling and failing to sell merchandise online!

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Welcome to I love designing shirts Feb 21 2017!: Welcome to I loved Designing Shirts on Can Va and a photo shop for use on Red Bubble Cafe Press and T Spring. I'm Jerry Band Phone, I bet selling T shirts online For five years, I've had a lot of things go wrong. I failed in so many different ways, and yet I'll show you something that you might think is really cool. So you do you see the shirt right here. Now let's take a look. I'll zoom up myself out over. Hero is maybe going the right now take a look. I'm wearing my own shirt right now. How cool is that? When I go out in public is my shirt is my ideas. It's what I've got to say that the best show in the world noticed after Onley. The graphic that's going to be on everyone. No, I love it. I have fun. I make sure it's that I want to wear. So that's what we're here to talk about in this class. Is that making shirts that at a bare minimum you are excited to make that allow you to express your opinion out in the world on a shirt and to do it with print on demand websites like Red Bubble, which is what I'm using now, and cafe press, which is why I've made the Most sales and T spring, which I tried recently as well. The point of this is to be able to just make your own church you love and give you the potential. Then, if you love them and other people end up liking them, that you can make some sales through it. I think if you want to make an amazing T shirt business, that this is the way to go. 2. What is the primary purpose of this class?: What is the primary purpose off this class? The primary purpose off this classes to be useful for you in either planning or thinking about a considering or starting or being motivated to start your T shirt business order assist you in whatever experience you've already had with making shirts and merchandise online. I'm a student just like you. I watch classes on skill share on a daily basis. I try and watch at least five minutes a day of a class, and I try and listen to at least one book every day. And I try and read anywhere from 2 to 4 books every single day. So I'm an avid learner, and I see for me the biggest thing I get out of listening to watching reading the biggest thing I get is to learn from the experience of the author and to get guided internally once I see what they've said to see what I'm motivated to do next to see ways to do things that might be more effective than what I was doing before. So the primary purpose of this class is to help you see if you want to and how you could have a T shirt business you might love and help you avoid all the painful mistakes I've made in five years of selling shirts online to help you avoid a lot of the things you might learn in someone else's T shirt design and Theeb spring business class. So I'm excited to share these things with you. A lot of these things are gonna be way out of the box in the sense that you I can't believe you're suggesting that. So I will get right up from with some of the best tips I can for you, and then I'll go into more detail into technical tutorials. 3. My number one tip for making a business out of designing shirts: What is my number one tip for having a successful shirt merchandise business online? My number one tip is to make shirts you will wear. Now. I know I already made time to mention that in the previous three minutes. This is the biggest mistake I've made over the course of my business. And it cost me lots of time, lots of money and even things like getting my accountant trouble with getting all my products and images removed. So I'll show you on cafe Press. What I used to do was make all these shirts that I would not wear, so I will buy shirts. Expect people to buy shirts that I wouldn't wear. Now that's a foundational flaw in a business like this. Mistakes were made shirt here. I tried to sell this and I sold this shirt. I solved several of them in maternity, where which is pretty funny, and I've sold a lot of shirts on Cafe Press. I sold, I don't know, fills thousands or tens of thousands during the first holiday season that I started making shirts full time. I've sold a lot on Cafe press and I haven't sold much lately, as you can see why. Because most of my initial designs were removed and most of the shirts I wore were not once that I would want to wear out. Most of the shirts I created were things like unofficial merchandise. I created shirts with the intent to make money. So if you create shirts with just the intent to make money, I don't think that's a very good business at all. There's lots of other businesses that will make you a lot more money with a lot last time invested with a lot less aggravation. So my number one tip make your business about producing shirts. You aware. Look, they don't have to be the best, the greatest shirts in the world, but just something you want to where I'm wearing a shirt I designed. I'm on in progress. After five years of making shirts on and off online what I'm doing right now, I'm in the process of filling my entire wardrobe with shirts I've made. I'm about halfway there, and I've given away a bunch of the shirts I've made also, so to me that is an ideal business with T shirts. So I'm appreciating the time you've spent already with me. And I hope this a really helpful tip because in whatever I've watched with T shirt businesses before, I've never heard this one. 4. What is my favorite part about making wearable designs?: what is the best part about being able designed shirts and put them on websites like Cafe press like T spring like Red Bubble? What is the best part about being able to do this? I think the best part is being able toe wear my own shirts and see how people react. I made this one Z for my daughter. I love being able to see that she's in a onesie that I've made for you. Like what? Would you move your face? Cheryl, move my face over here. I made this one Z for my daughter, and I love just putting her in and saying that she's wearing something. I made it so cool. And now I made this shirt also, and I've gotten a lot of reactions of people looking at it or not being that thrilled with it. So my goal with making you shirts is to design shirts people consistently love, and that's simply requires me buying and designing my own shirts over and over again. The best part of having a shirt business are the reactions from other people that I normally see on a day to day basis. What the shirts, if you go somewhere on a day to day basis. Just seeing how people react to the closure. I think that is a very best you can get out of a business that is the most personal my business has ever been. Is being able to get interactions and see how the people around me react to see that my shirt may have made a positive difference in someone else's life to see. I've noticed this by buying other people's designs. I've worn a lot of shirts other people have designed and see. Now people react to them. They say, Oh, that's a really nice shirt. I really like that. Where'd you get that? And this is so far one of the best shirts I've made for getting a reaction. It just has a prayer with WiFi, Cymbeline and lots of people. That's great. I love that shirt, and that's the best I can get out of it is to have a positive interaction with another human being in person because of something I designed, not the money, not anything else. Not the Famer prestige of having whoever wear my shirt. It's a simple satisfaction of being able tohave, a happy, joyous interaction with another human being often a completely random one. Someone I don't even know. Stop me in the store and say, Hey, I like that shirt. That is why I love doing this, Not for any of the other things. So if you combine these first couple of tips I gave you, I think you see where I'm going with this. And I hope this is so helpful for you to avoid getting into many of the things I will now talk about. 5. When to start using online advertising to make sales?: How do I feel about using Facebook ads to try and sell shirts? I hope if you're a little farther along, you've already got a business that this is helpful or for your planning purposes, you can take this into consideration. I suggest no Facebook ads for any shirts. In fact, no online ads at all for any shorts until you've received a very positive reaction in person with those shirts. That's how you know you have proof that you have a design people love so you can see I'm big into Facebook ads. I'm running an ad right now that's reached hundreds of thousands of people to promote my online classes. So I'm big into Facebook ads. I'm big into Google and YouTube ads and the mistake I made right away with my business. As soon as I had out maybe 10 or 20 designs, I got right into doing paid advertising on my shirts. And you know what? I didn't make any money at all. In fact, I started my business. I had a few $1000. I blew almost all of it advertising T shirts that I designed. Now these were actually selling, so they were selling on cafe Press Ironed shirts. Ah, lot of gaming shirts. Now you can't see them anymore because they got removed. They got removed for violating the unofficial merchandise rules on Cafe Press. And so even though I had shirts that were selling on Cafe Press that were doing great when I advertised them, they didn't sell it all. So I suggest Don't get into advertising. And don't even think about advertising To start with. Advertising is one of the worst things you can do to your business. Lots of times. Not only the money, but it's the time and energy that I've encountered. Most people who are following me and taking my class online originally found me from my Facebook ads tutorials. Now, how do you think I was able to make my Facebook ads tutorials? Because I had put so much time in the advertising, my business that I learned a bunch of different things about Facebook ads, and that's how I've ended up with two million likes on my Facebook page. I've ran ads for my business way before. It was a good idea, and most of the $100,000 I've spent on Facebook was a complete waste. For the 1st 2 years, I didn't hardly make anything at all. The Onley good thing that came out of him was that I learned how to do Facebook ads in that when I was doing it was a very about valuable skill. Now there's so many people have learned how to do it, especially of my tutorials. It's not nearly as valuable. So I suggest focus on making designs. I'm not advertising any of my shirts. I am. If I do advertise my shirts, it would be, I would say, a minimum of a year or two from now. And I would say I would need 50 or 100 designs, at least all of which I was wearing and loving, all of which had received the or at least a lot of which had received very high feedback in person. So I'm pretty far away from that right now, so I have no business advertising any of my shirts, and this might take a lot of the fantasy out of it, and I hope it does. Don't go into designing a T shirt business if you just want to use it to make money, that's it. It's not a good way to make money online. It works, but it's a lot of work. If you want to make money, do something that's easier and makes more money and less time learn some really valuable skills you can help people with and get clients. That's one of the easiest ways to make a lot of money in a short amount of time online. So I've put this part about online advertising in here because I This is the biggest single mistake I made in selling shirts, and I want you to be able to avoid that. And if that means it takes out all the fun, well, I'm not gonna be able to just sell my shirts and get rich using Facebook ads. That's right. That's right. Don't even try. If your shirts are really good and people are loving them in person and you've got a bunch of different church to sell, then maybe ads 6. Easiest way to get started desiging a first shirt?: what kinds of designs are the easiest to get started with making text. Onley designs are the very easiest to get started with because at least on T Spring and Cafe press, there's very good built in tools that will help you design directly on the website so you can make images like these were made. I didn't have to use Kanbar photo shop at all to make thes text designs. These were made directly on T spring, so it is really easy if you've got an idea. And I think it's critical if you've never made a shirt before and you've got a great idea, and if you can do it, get it into a text format. To start with. Using graphics adds a lot more difficulty to making shirts, so just get any shirt out there. One of the things I did right with my making shirts is a business one of the very first things I did. I got a design out there and I ordered it and I got it and wore it and gave it to others. And the easiest way to do that is with text and just design it on T spring or on Cafe Press and then order the thing you just designed. See how the text looks on it, See how everything fits. See how the shirt smell. See how it washes, See how the color is. Buy it and order it that way. You've got a good idea off what your design looks like on the website versus what you end up getting out of it. So text designs are so easy when you can just make them without having to do any graphic design. If you have to do the graphics, like on camera or photo shop, that's a significantly higher difficulty. Now. Red Bubble makes that really easy, So I still, though, are even though it's easy to upload my design. You see most of my designs right now, our text on Lee. So I'm these red bubble, these air text only so three out of the four red bubble designs I just started using Red bubble within the last month. Three out of the four red bubble designs are text on Lee, so text only is so much easier to get started with, and then is you've got more experienced with the text Onley shirts, it seems logical them to move up into graphics 7. Most painful mistake I have made designing online?: What is the top mistake you can avoid right now without every they're doing it again or doing it in the first place? One of the worst things that I've been through is on cafe press getting my designs upended . So ah, cafe press has this little term called pending images. Which means that that design you work so hard to make gets red flag and you will not be allowed to sell it. Now what kind of images is cafe? Press flag? Pretty much everything. Look at some of these different images. You see this little perfect design? I surged on cafe press for a design specifically like this. I didn't find it. And guess what? My image still got upended and cafe press. This is why I don't use cafe press anymore. Even though I've made four or 500 designs on cafe press, I will not use it because they're pending images is absolutely brutal. Anything you put up like you see these video game images, these unofficial, these images I made that are essentially unofficial merchandise like where it says cod. I pulled this and you can see that in some of these cases they seem to be completely unfair in the sense of cod. I like this or some of these designs seem to be original. They don't seem to violate anything. And yet Cafe press still decides to remove them. Now I've got had a big part, so you'll see the images that aren't flagged are in these white. So I've had a big part on Cafe Press and getting my images flag Now. I initially made a lot of sales by doing things like ripoffs of other people's designs. So the number one thing to avoid is trying to rip off other designs. Now I realize that can be challenging as I've got this perfection tea over here, and I've got designs all over the place that you might think are kind of rip offs of things , especially on cafe press. So the number one mistake to avoid, though, is using stuff that doesn't belong to you and to trying to do all those tricks. Essentially. Now, this is really frustrating because when you're just starting out your and even five years in, you're desperate to make sales. You want people to buy your shirt, you want people be wearing your things well I got hundreds of people in Christmas 2011 to buy my shirts and where my shirts and and maybe it was 2000 and 12. I got hundreds of people toe by my shirts and where them they bought mugs and what I was doing. I was basically making unofficial merchandise, which is pretty easy to sell. So it's so tempting to make something that is basically your favorite video game, your favorite artist or a design you already like. And just try and copy that. But as you can see Cafe Press, for example, as a rigorous system for trying to stop that, it's absolutely brutal. Now the nice thing is, if you have original designs that you care about, you should be able to get through just fine. Most of my designs that I made just with tax have got through just fine, as long as they didn't mess around with unofficial video games merchandise. So other websites may not have this level protection, for example, T Spring and I have the allure of using a lot of other websites is to be able to essentially copy someone's design and put it on there. So websites like T spring and red bubble may not have as thorough of a process as cafe press does. But worst consequences are liable toe happen because on cafe press there so strict they removed everything. You're hardly going to have a chance to copy anything and get away with it on Cafe Press. Now if you do copy it on another website, what's likely to happen is that you may face more severe consequences. See, Cafe press is annoying, but it does prevent me from getting into a position where I'm going to get sued. Now if I make a sure that rips off a design and sell a bunch of it on another website. And whoever it is doesn't have the means to simply easily get my design pulled, which that may happen. If they report the design on all of these designs, they make it easy. If you scroll down at the bottom most of these places, you can just click on report copyright infringement. It's almost any website you sell on will have the ability where someone can report copyright infringement and get the design you've worked so hard to make taken down. Now, if it's harder to get it taken down on other websites, I would suggest you're more likely to have even more severe problems If the website itself is not that good about taking down designs. You may end up getting sued on another website selling something instead of just getting all your images pendant. So I'm grateful I didn't face any legal action on Cafe Press after all the designs I ripped off. So ah, number one thing is to avoid messing around with things that are just out there to try and make money or just a taking of anything, like even screenshots from a video game or even things right off someone else's design. And I've done it wrong so many times that I hope sharing my experience with this. This has been incredibly painful. This has been one of the most painful parts of designing shirts online is getting these pending images, these copyright issues so annoying. So I've shared this here with you both for the hope that I don't have to keep making this mistake anymore and that you have the chance to learn from my experience to be wise and learned from all of problems I've had. Instead of deciding to go have your own problems 8. Thenounproject has graphics for a low cost!: what is my top tip for you in getting graphics that you can use on your shirts? I realized that while you might not want Onley text designs on your shirts, that often great shirts are a product of having a combination of text and graphics. So I've found a an awesome way to get all the graphics I need for a really low price. So I go to the noun project dot com, and I think it's about $40 a year and you can use all the icons on their website now. T spring actually has this built in. So if you look, for example, these designs on T spring were from the noun project So T spring as a built in integration with the noun project, which, if you don't want to do any graphic designing that makes it really easy On T spring, you can easily put text and then use all the icons from the noun project in with your graphics. So, for example, on the noun project to get my prayer y five shirt, I just search for WiFi and then look of all these icons that I can pull in, and I have all these options, I can take any of these and these air all available in vector format, meaning no matter how small they look, I can then get them into a huge size that prints out good on a T shirt. So what I do, I use the noun project to ah for all of the symbols or graphics I'm going to have on a shirt because I haven't yet got into illustrating anything or drawing anything myself. So the non project has a massive amount of icons I can depend on. And now, if you've got a pro subscription, as I have for it's like $40 a year or it's, I think there's a monthly option. You can actually get them in every color, which that, for example, I'm thinking about a heart design. So for a heart designed, you might want a heart that came in red. So look, you can now put it over here and get it in red, and then you can download it in either a. I'll show you the formats PNG or SVG, so the SPG you can download that and then use it in Cannes, Va. Or photo shop to get a vector designed that will work in any size and then for red bubble or cafe press or T spring, you can put it on there now. T spring. There's no need to do this because they've got it all built in. But you could do this if you want. So this is my top solution for having graphics available without having to pay anyone for your shirt. Ah, lot of other solutions for getting graphics can lead to copyright problems or can be extremely expensive because you have to pay attention to watch the terms and conditions. A lot of websites like Can Va if you just pay a dollar for something that doesn't give you the right as far as I can see To print that on a shirt, you have to pay at least $10 per graphic to put it on a shirt. So the noun project. It's the noun project dot com. The noun project is the cheapest way I've found to get a bunch of icons for shirt. So I hope this tip is really helpful for you, and I appreciate you continuing to enjoy this with me. 9. How I track new ideas and get through writers block: How do I deal with what you might call writer's block, which in designer terms, maybe designers block you go up to the computer and you try and make a shirt and nothing comes out what I do. I use Evernote because ever know goes on all my device that goes on all my computer. It goes on my iPhone. And then any time I have assured idea, I just go put the words down in here. So, for example, I've shown you several, these air, several of my new shirt ideas I have that are available in Evernote to me. And then when I actually have the idea and have the idea any time I just thought down in here. And then when I go step up to the computer, I can just bang out one of these after another and make the shirts. And when I try and do is decide which one would I order today? Which one would I go place an order. As soon as I finished designing this. That helps me decide which one's the best, because a lot of my ideas aren't that good. But when I go, think about which one of my willing to drop 20 or $25 on right this moment. Well, I tend to get a better way of looking at it, so I've put tons of shirts in here. I just have ideas after ideas, and lots of them are stupid or lots of them aren't very good or lots of them. I don't even end up making. But I just keep putting the new ideas in here A the top. And I just had what I think, a really cool idea what I'll call word search grid. But I may need to do a lot of work to go get that actually done and executed. So I'm grateful today that I've got a simple system to help me deal with writers block because lots of times I have ideas when I'm out and about, or I sit down and I have ideas. And then I went to design a shirt the other day and I didn't know what to do. I got overwhelmed and I didn't end up making anything. I played around with a few different designs, and even that is not a waste because I learned how to do a few new things in photo shop. So another thing I do to get through what you might call writer's block. As I watch other people's classes, I watch other people's video classes on skill share, showing me how to design and do new things in photo shop. I keep learning. I keep continuing my education of what comes to designing shirts when it comes to designing in general, when it comes to inspiring, and I know this is challenging to match this up. But I look at other people's designs and shirts. I see out and I say, You know what? What would make a good design for me to do? I asked my wife, I say, How would this design look instead of that one? So I'm always interacting with people about my shirts. And then this is how I've gotten back into after years off, essentially getting in the writer's block, getting discontented with selling shirts. And I've gotten back into doing something that I originally was so excited about in my business that I got detoured off of it by all the problems I've shared with you. So I'm grateful today I feel like I've got the perfect experience to go share all these things and to do a good job of these things. So I hope this tip is helpful for you to keep ideas, get ideas down whenever there's a chance, and then when it's time to do the creative work, you just step up there and put your idea into a design. 10. Which website to use for hosting the shirts and making sales?: which website is the best to start making sales? In other words, is it best to start off with red bubble tea, Spring Cafe press or something else? That most honest answer I can give is that I only have used Red Bubble Cafe Press and T spring, so I don't have experience on any other Web sites. Currently, I applied two Amazon merch, but I have not got a reply back in a month, and it doesn't seem like they're accepting new into people into it right now. So which one am I using? That's the most honest answer I can give. I'm using Red Bubble right now. After all of my experience, I am using Red Bubble because, Well, I was suit Googling and I found a blogger and he was doing well with Red Bubble and I read some others blog's, and I decided to give a red bubble a try. I like how easy it is on Red Bubble. I just upload my design and it makes it about as painless as I've seen so far to put my design on all kinds of different objects that are available for purchase, and then it's pretty easy to go from having the finished graphic to having it ready for sale. I also enjoy on red Bubble their branding they the speed they shipped, a search ATS the quality. I'm very happy with that. So far, I've ordered several shirts from Red Bubble. The designs you've seen here. I've ordered several those, and I'm very happy with what I've got so far now. Before that, I used T Spring and I was quite dissatisfied on T spring. Maybe it was because it was the Christmas season, but they speed at which they shipped a surge. Shirts was inconsistent. You have to use the campaigns instead of simply having the shirts for sale. That's annoying Now a T spring. I really liked being able to do the things like put the text and put the graphics together , so that's really good about T spring. So if you've never designed and you want to design straight on T spring and you want to be able to have graphics and you're willing to deal with the campaign structure, then T spring might be good. But I'm not using T spring anymore that campaigns are too annoying. I want projects up there that are for sale all the time. I don't want limited time campaigns where you have to rush to buy it. I realize it may work better in marketing terms to do that, but I don't want people doing a bunch of gilt purchases in a bunch of quick, hasty purchases that aren't what they need. And then the shirt sits in their closet for five years, at which point they give it away or use it to wipe up the vomit from their dog or their child or their drunken friend or maybe themselves off the floor. So I'd much rather, instead of using T spring, I'd rather use Red Bubble and have my shirts up there right now. So T Springs got some good advantages and disadvantages. Now what did I make the most sales with To date, I've made the most sales in Ben on Cafe Press for the Longest, and Cafe Press has a massive community. It seems to have a lot of marketplace sales and traffic. The problem is, other people are on top of Cafe Presas well, and cafe press, as I showed you with the image basket pending, is extremely annoying. So all these image basket pending. Things are very annoying to deal with with cafe press and getting the actual shirts up on Cafe press takes so long. By the time I do a design in read Bubble, so I do it design and photo shop. I can get that on everything pretty easily in Red Bubble on Cafe press. It's just annoying to even do a very simple shirt like this. And so this shirt technical am wearing is from Cafe Press. This is the exact design from Cafe Press, so the cafe press design process is very annoying. The image basket takes and I have a great Internet connection has nothing to do with my Internet. The cafe press system is really slow, and then it doesn't show things like If you want white text, it shows that it is all white. So if you go look at my store, for example, you'll see this designs all white on here. The cafe press back end. It seems kind of old. Cafe press has been around so long, their design process feels old. It's Laghi, it's slow and then you get you after you've went through all that, Then there's so many other designers and companies on Cafe Press. You're likely after you spent all this time getting the images up on your product. Then there's a high chance that something will get flagged and then it's done. After that, the no one's gonna reverse the decision 99% of the time. I don't even see how to do that. You just get these ugly emails that you're not allowed to put that up there. So I've just to date I've still designed most of my shirts on Cafe Press, and yet I am not designing anymore shirts for Caffrey Press. Now I got a question on my live stream. Is it worth it to try and do different websites? So is it worth it to take the time and put a design on Red Bubble and put a design on T Spring and put a design on cafe press? I'm not going to say that it's usually better to go all in and one place and focus all your effort on that. The problem is, if you've got a T spring, you've got a cafe press, you've got a red bubble. You got three other websites that's going to take you a lot of extra time to go in and do all that work that has nothing to do with designing shirts just simply getting your image up. You'll be spending a lot of time doing that. And then when people say, Where can I go to buy it? You're gonna have all these different answer. You're gonna tell him while you can get it on T spring for 20. Well, you can get it on Red Bubble or you get it on Cafe Press Cafe Press, I think, as great potential. So if you have designs people like in that are selling on red Bubble, it might be worth it to try and get them on cafe press so that you're able to sell them there. But the problem is, it might also be a big waste of time. Your image might not sell it all there, or it might not make hardly anything. The cafe press commissions air really low for marketplace sales and the marketplace sales. Often you might get 50 cents a dollar a couple of dollars on a sale, whereas if you make a sale on T spring, a red bubble, you're likely to get significantly more than that. So I've Googled and research some of this as well. And it seems that Ah, lot of the designers were making shirts full time and who are making sales today. They're not using Cafe Press, so I'm using Red Bubble. That's the best answer I can give. And I read bubbles been around for 10 years, so it's not some new startup. It's been here. It's been serving its community for a while now, so I'm grateful to be part of that. 11. Fast design with Teespring: Here are some shirt design basics With T spring now, you might want to make your decision on which website you're going to use based on how you're going to design. If you want to design on red bubble, you need to be able to use another website or application to do your design. However, on T spring, you can make the entire shirt as I've made all my shirts without actually going and using any other program. So it's very simple on T Spring to make a design, and this is one of the best parts about it. So, for example, I do high or just something like I am and then love loving, happy and fun here, quick, a little design. So I just type the text in. I put enter in over there and then I've got the options here. I can expand the text over here is you can see, and then I can make that really fill the whole shirt up there, and I've got gigantic Aiken do outline on the text, which is nice. So if I put this in white, for example, than I could do a thick black outline on it, which allows it, then to print on every different color, and I can then mess around my fund on here and see out things look in different funds. Now, if it's outside the print area, that's too big. C just zooming in here. Now the nice thing teach Spring will help you out. It'll center things automatically. It'll duplicate for you or push it backing. Flip it horizontally. Klay. Flip it vertically, get all kinds of crazy weather. So it's pretty nice on T spring to be able to set it up like that. And then on art, you can either brows are or add your own. So that's one of the nicest parts about T. Spring is being able to do that now. I don't know if this designer has the ability to like left justify so lots of times. This is what's challenging. I recommend learning how to use your own design program so that you have more flexibility like here. What if I want a left justify everything? I don't see a way to do that. I could have forgot, but it might not exist either, so it's nice they do have outlined for text and they've got these options. But then, if you want to do an exact design, you might quickly get frustrated with this so I can expand it here and moving around. Let's say I want to make room for a piece of artwork on here. So I go over the art and I hit Browse artwork. Now, this is really cool that t spring has so you can use Is this easy to make a cool looking shirt? So T spring is the easiest I've found to go from idea to reality. So let's say then if I want to make this text fit better, I just take fun out there and I just say I am and then put an emoji right here. So I got the text. I could make the text bigger. Put the text up here. I got the emoji. I gonna stretch that out over here. Now, look how easy that waas look how easy that was to make that design. So this is why I would imagine people like using T spring, because look how easy it was to just make that And then down here, you can put this on different options. Now, one of the limitations. A T spring is that you do have to pick all these individual colors out now on a website like red Bubble or on cafe press. You'll be able to set it up so that it just does everything automatically. But when you've got this, like on T spring here, you have to go manually. Pick out every single design. You want to do it now you just need to pick a basic one to start here. So let's say I wanted to do this on black. Let's just say, er, I've been really liking red lately, so let's say red now. I have to make this on the base design here. But then I also have to manually go in and add every single other color and manually go in and add every single other style. And when you want to do a lot of designs that time doing that really adds up. So even though this is so simple to dio over here in T spring, to me, it makes more sense to just go grab the images from the noun project, designed this in can va or photo shop and then be able to quickly put that one design on all the different designs over here on all the different types of shirts. So I really like this. How easy it is to design a shirt. I suggest if you've never made a shirt, just make one. Maybe make one on T Spring and order in and then you'll have your very first shirt. The biggest difference is having never made and bought one of your shirts versus having made and bought one of your shirts. So this to me T Spring has won the easiest ways. If you just want to make a T shirt, then all you need to do is once you hit, sell this or by this, go for it, and you can complete the process pretty easily to finish and make your shirt available. 12. Cafepress makes it simple to add a design to many products: how to make a design on Cafe Press. Cafe Press is the first tool I used to make a lot of my designs. It's pretty easy to make text designs and to instantly make them available on a whole bunch of different products at the same time. Let me show you the interface in real time. So first I avoided the image basket to even start with because of how slow that ISS. So the image basket alone usually takes about two minutes to load. And I will spare you the time of creating this design because it will probably take another minute or two to save and last to resize. So, however, it is nice Cafe press has the ability to justify. So, for example, if I do a shirt similar to the last one loving fun and happy, it allows me to justify that on the side. So the text tool at least has some nice features here and yet even allows you. Sometimes you can add advanced options on things, but not always so. On these, you have to pick whatever funds they give you some. For example, Nice. If you want to outline font like this you can use athletic department, you can then have it and pick it color down here and pick a color. That's all white, and you can put in a hex color straight down here. So I've got that there. But the problem is now the outlines gone on it so it doesn't work like that. So a lot of these fancy or features you might want to use to make nice shirts you confined , it'll become difficult to do pretty quick. Now, over here, you you'll see that on cafe press, you can upload an image or and a graphic on here. And cafe Press also has lots of their own clip art. So, for example, if you want to throw in a little clip art here in the middle of your design, Cafe Press makes it pretty easy to throw in. A little clip are, Let's see if I wanted to do like alien, then is the problem is that the clip art can be pretty limited on Cafe press lots of times now, Cafe press also has shapes that you can customize so you can use these shapes over here to go put in the heart or something. like that, you can customize the color. You can make a bigger, a smaller border, or you can just You can go make the same border or not even have a border like that. You can change the fill over here, and there's all kinds of different. Customization is essentially, then, that you could do to make your border, however you want it, so it's nice. T shapes are great on Cafe press to be able to get these out there and make a shirt that looks nice. However, though same is with T spring, there's significant limitations to using this designer. Still, if you don't want to do T spring, for some reason you haven't made a shirt before. I encourage you get that first short order. There's nothing like having your own shirt on, because then that motivates me. When this is the short I've on, I want to make one that's better. I don't think this shirts the best effort I'm ever going to make. I'm motivated to keep trying, and nothing motivates me like having my own shirts on. So the cafe press designers got some nice options. It allows you to move the fun around pretty easily. And then the nice thing on Cafe press is that you can easily add in all the different things you want so I can get this on mugs. I can get this on shower curtains, and it's all very easy to do that. Once you click, I'm finished. The problem is, it's slow to do that, which, I guess you could argue, makes it hard. Once you click, I'm finished. The entire process tends to be kind of slow and cumbersome, so I'm not going to go through that again after having met through 100 of times, I trust if you decide this is a way to go for you to navigate your way through that. So if you click, I'm finished. You're looking at probably a 1 to 2 minute wait time, and then you end up getting into the image basket after that. And then what you need to do is add your image on an image basket to a line of products on Cafe Press, and then that's how you turn one image. This same image then is added to all these different products. Now the ordering interface. A little old school on Cafe press two, but is nice because cafe press gives you all the colors right away. You don't have to go manually. Select each color option that you want. Cafe press. You can put it on 300 products and it will come with all the customization options on their right away. If I want this, I've got I can customize it straight from there. This I could just customize their or if it as the option. Some of these don't have the options, but I can customize it immediately on whatever I want. So I'm grateful for the experience I've got on cafe press and I hope showing you this designer will give you an idea of red. Do you want to use this one or go through What potentially could be the pain of learning to do graphic design from scratch? 13. What I use to make custom graphics with Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud: What am I using to do? My graphic design of four my shirts. Now I'm using canvas to do the majority of my graphic design for everything else online. However, for Red Bubble, I'm actually using the photo shop from Adobe. So I'm using the newest version of Adobe Photoshopped. I'm using that as part of the creative cloud. So the nice thing with the Dhobi you have this creative cloud We get all these different APS together. So, like photo shop, I am able to make images and designs and all the images I've made on my red bubble are currently made with photo shop. So some of them just simple text and then in the prayer WiFi one, I added the icon in from the noun project. The nice thing is, if you want to be able to do some amazing designs all on your own, then if you have the creative cloud with adobe you can get all the adobe abs together and then you've got an amazing set of tools to work online. So, for example, if you you can use photo shop but you also have illustrator available, so you might prefer to use Illustrator to make your designs. And then I have the creative cloud because I also use the Where is it down here adobe addition. So I also use adobe addition to process my audio for my audiobooks. And then there's so many different options on the creative cloud here that you can use as so many different APs that you can build. You can even be used. For example, build of mobile APS in the cloud down here you've got a lot of different things you can use is a part of the creative cloud. Now the downside is that this is pretty expensive. So the nice thing is, if prices a main factor, can Va is free and its web Onley. Now if you want the very best at least that I've found, then the adobe creative cloud is what I use. I pay $49 a month. I paid it annually. So then you get 20 plus of the desktop and mobile APS, including photo shop illustrator. You even get 20 gigabytes of cloud storage and that you also get all the east. Some mobile APS are also included, so I use this because that that works for the rest of my business. So if price is an issue and it's very likely to be starting out, I recommend grabbing using Can va for free. And then, if you like, Can Von get tired of limitations, then you can go into something bigger. Now. What's the main limitation with Can va? It's the design size, so on red bubble, it recommends this huge design size the maximum size you do. I believe on camera is 5000 by 5000. So if you need a bigger design on Can Va like a 6000 by 6000 pixel design, it's not going to do it. However, for a lot of the designs you're likely to do, being able to go 5000 by 5000 should be enough to get things looking good. However, it's not enough on some of the different designs on red bubble to get on there. So I like on there. I think it's a king do vague cover, so we're talking like a bed cover. Then you need a huge you need to be able to have all the pixels available, so I wouldn't say it's absolutely essential. In other words, to be able to order a bed cover, for example, to show you this. And you know, then I've got this inter sent from their Duve a cover on here that I can put on a king size bed with the red bubble. So that requires a 13,000 something design size on red bubble. So I encourage canvas. Easiest thing to start out. I do most my graphic design with camera, and if you find a graphic on Canvey, you really like it's $10 to bring that graphic in. However, as I said, the noun project, you can easily create something on can va and then bring all the noun project things in as upload. So once you get a noun project subscription, you can then bring all the icons you use in from the noun project, and then you can use all those for free. In Canada, you don't need to buy anything, so I'm grateful you've taken the time to learn and see what I do to do custom designed shirts and my dogs have decided that's the end of this video. So thank you for watching, and I hope this is helpful for here. 14. Welcome to Canva!: thank you very much for continuing on this class with me. What I will show you first is how to use can va dot com to do graphic design for free without having to download any program. You can do it completely on the Web. This is one of the coolest things I know about. In all of Internet marketing. It's, Ah, a website where you can just go do your graphic design. As I mentioned before, Canada is limited by size. If you want to use a custom dimension and you want it, say, 6000 by 6000 pixels, you can't do that. So can Va does have a design limitation? Because it's a Web program than each thing they need to process requires their power. So they limit you in how big the designers. But as you'll notice here, camera is the main thing I use for thumbnails. Can va. As you can see, I've made quite a few different designs in Canada and all of these air within the last few months or so, so I love using canvas to design thumbnails. It's just a little bit simpler than photo shop. It's a little faster to use and the cool thing about canvas. You can easily pull stock photo straight in and use those in a design. So I'm going to show you the features of Can Buy here that I think are really helpful. And I hope this will be extremely useful for you in learning how you can do design custom made of four shirts that I think you will love. 15. How I made the thumbnail for this class in Canva: How do I get started making a design in Canberra? What I'll do is show you how I make the thumbnail for this class very quickly and this will cover the basics. You can use this to make any kind of design. So I need a thumbnail for this class. So what I did over here, I want to create his design. And I selected desktop wallpaper because this is naturally in 1920 pixels by 10 80 pixels, which is exactly what I use for my thumbnails, because those are the same size my videos. So what I do is just keep things pretty simple. As you can see on these previous thumbnails I've done, for example, this was one for yesterday that I did. I just put some emojis on it and a picture of me for others. I just put a picture of me and then some other kind of symbol because just having a picture of my face can be a little bit boring and having these different pictures of me and keeps things just a little bit interesting. And yet you see each of these different facial expressions and then whatever symbol I'm doing that relates to that and helps out as well. So what I can do it for this is to do a desktop wallpaper. I can use any of the photos I've already uploaded itself. For example, I've got this shirt I made right here, and I can put that as a thumbnail for the class if I want to. Because the cool thing is, this actually is a shirt that I've worn then. So I've got this picture off my shirt right here. And then I could just take another picture if I wanted to. I could go grab a picture with my webcam and put another shirt design on there. So I couldn't just keep a really simple thumbnail for this, and I could do something like that or what I can do. I can do half of this and crop it out over here. So you see, I'll get it to fit just the area over here, and then I want to crop it out a little bit so that I'm able to e I use the crop button up here and then I'll crop this out. I just want half of me. So I've got me wearing a shirt in here and then along with me, wearing a shirt. Then I've got the I don't want to have anything extra in there. So I've just got me wearing a shirt in here and I can then hit Enter on that and you'll see Now I've cropped that part out and I can just control on Do If I don't want to do any of that, I can. Then just delete and get rid of it all started over again. Move it back up here. Fill the whole screen up. So this canvas design is pretty flexible. And then if I will, I just click off of it clicked back on. I can go in and crop somewhere if I want to. I click Crop I go in and just take exactly what I want to out of it. So I go up here, I'll go back down with over here, and I don't understand exactly why it does some of the things that won't let you crop in some spots. It will let you crop in others. So you just work. That's the canvas. A little a little tricky like that, which a little quirky. So I I work as best I can with it. That's why there I recommend if you really want all the design features, go with photo shop. However, you can see how flexible this is. So I've got a picture of me wearing one of my shirts. Then what if I want something like a photo shop logo? I could search for photo shop and see what comes up so I could look over here. I've got a photo shop icon I could use over here so I could use that photo shop icon here. And then I could do something like I could search for T shirt if I wanted to. And then I could get another something like this. I could just pull another shirt up over here I could get and have on the screen. So this is kind of how I do my thumbnails. I just pull up the individual shirts I want I try the images out like, No, that's not quite right. Look over here and just scroll through some images and maybe then I decide. Well, I don't want to do it that way. Let me search for design and then this has a bunch of random stuff. That's not what I want. I'll just do graphic designer see how that comes up. And then there's I can have these random images here. Pencils, pens. Well, that doesn't necessarily make any sense either. So I've This is called. I loved designing shirts so I can then just go back to shirts and look over here and picked something like that out. And then I could have this over here, but that doesn't look quite good. So I've doing this process with you. In riel times, you can see exactly how this works in the actual design process. You can see it's a lot of trial and error, but I try and do it as fast as possible when I can and try and get it looking functional, though, because people are going to be looking at thes and I want to have something that's essentially just good enough. But I don't want to spend ah whole bunch of time and energy on it, so maybe I will do something like search for creative. And sometimes it's tricky because you have you look for these different words and you can't find the exact right word you're looking for there so I can do something like this. How about made in canvas? So then I have photo shop and made in Canada Over here. Now I've got kind of everything on one image. I've got this little Photoshopped kind of icon on here. I've got me actually wearing one of my shirts on there, and then I've got made in canvas. So what I do as I'm making this class, I go over, I grab the class info and then I go over here and put the actual class info in here. Then I click on download and that now this, since I've used this one little icon will cost me a dollar to download. This is a thumbnail. Now, if I want to use it on a shirt, I need to grab a multi use license. But that's a whole nother thing. So what I'll do now? I I've already loaded up. I load up $100 in credit at once, because then I get $10 extra free or something like that. So I purchase and download this and then it prepares the design and, ah, I'll move over to the right because it will come up in the lower side down here. So it prepares the design for me in real time. It comes to download over here. Then I go back on my video lesson up. Here I go replace the cover image. I go over to my downloads folder over here as soon as it No, there's the downloads folder. I go grab the download and now I've got that draft saved up here. So now I've got the new thumbnail on my class and it's usable so that that is the process. I used to make my thumbnails with Canada, and I often will do a different picture because this is a T shirt design. I feel like it really is appropriate to have me actually wearing one of my own shirts. And I could do a thumbnail with just all different versions of me wearing different shirts . But I've got this now. I've got a nice thumbnail that reflects the key elements you're going to learn in the class so you can see how I actually made the class thumbnail. And then the trick is to just essentially keep doing this same kind of process, learn and design and iterated keep figuring out the little different tricks you can do to make things you like and just keep doing it as you go forward and make more shirts. 16. Realtime Canva design for a shirt with a graphic: what is the most effective way to make a great design with graphics using canvas at the very lowest cost? I think one of the best ways to do it is to use the noun project and to be a subscriber on the noun project yearly for something like 20 or $40 a year, you can get access to all of these icons, all of what you can then use to put into canvas for graphics. This is what T spring has this integrated into their designer. And you can do this then and have all the customization you want. So, for example, I'm gonna show you how to do this in real time here, So I want a heart designed. So I'm on the noun project dot com I searched for heart. Now I want a heart that I can import directly into canvas design. So I've got my heart over here. You can see there's so many different options. I'll just grab this one. This one looks very simple. I'll take this over and I can actually pick out these different colors of red for the heart on here. And I could even put in a custom color if I wanted on here. So I m think I'll go. Let's do that one. So I'm signed in now. So I hit over here, I download him and then I hit S V G. And it will now download it in an SPG over here. Then what I do in Canberra, I go create a design over here in Canada and this time, because I'm going to use a print design. I'm going to make it as large as possible going to make it 5000 by 5000 pixels, which will be a nice square. And then what I'll do, I go over here on the left, I hit the upload button I hit, upload your own images. I go over here to my downloads folder. I grab the newest thing I just downloaded. And thankfully, can VA takes S V g images which are in a vector format. That means the bigger you size it, it stays in the correct proportions. So regardless of how big or small it is, it's still the same object. It doesn't get pixellated, in other words, when you make it bigger. So now I've got this big, huge heart design here. I can have then in the middle of my shirt, so I can then go over here. I can size this toe the whole thing. Now can Va lines it up and tells me exactly where the center off the design is? So what? I've put it in the exact center here, and then what I can do is move it up slightly and then I can put text with my website in on the bottom of the design so I can go over here. I can then add a subheading, and I can put by Jerry Banfield. Or I can put jerry banfield dot com down here and put that in here at the bottom. Now, if I want to get it in there with all these different text effects, this congee, this doesn't have quite a good of options as photo shop does. For example, if I want something outlined, I'm not sure how to do that in canvas Now it could be possible, but it's not as easy is simply adding a stroke to it like I can do in photo shop. So there's all these nice funds that Canada has. You can make it bold or italic. It does have some good options in here, but for the exact design I like to do and photo shop, it doesn't have these, so you make the most out of what you have, so I encourage. If you really are serious about designing shirts, I would say to get the photo shop. However, if you've never done a shirt before, can Va is probably the absolute easiest way to do it. So I go on, move my text around down here, I figure, What color do I wanted to be in? The problem is, if I put it in white, then I can't print it on just a straight up white shirt and you won't see it on this white background very well, either, So I can do something like I can just leave it in black. I can put it in blue down here. That'll work. Just find. So And I like blue shirts, though, so that's not ideal, either. I can just put it in white so someone orders a white shirt. It won't show up on their at all, but that's fine. That's not a big deal. So I've got that down there and white. Now what I want to do is really make the design on this shirt. So I've got this right here in the middle and the key to the design I want to do here. I want to have this. I heart you essentially in the middle of the shirt. So I go, I select the you and I go put over here the font color. I definitely want that in white. And then I can make the fund bigger manually. And then what I want is to try and get it in the center of the image. So this is in the center of the entire image. It's not in the center of the actual heart, though. So can VA will let me line it up with the center of what I did Down below, you can see is putting these little purple lines on why? I don't know how well you can see them actually is putting these purple lines to help me guide my design. So I've got a very simple design that I like. It's just a heart. You and I could put anything else I wanted in there, obviously, but this is a very simple design that I'd be happy to. Where And I've got that now so you can see how many options there are. You can just download any of these different things. There's thousands of icons. There's 12,000 heart icons alone on the noun project, and there's just tons of things you could put together to make funny shares. Doing this for an extremely low cost. If you're willing to use canvas so I can call this heart you design over here and this is the absolute best. Oh my God. Dresses designed talks. I can't stand it. The idea is to just get something designed and get it out there into the world. So I think this is an ultra simple. That's a sweet, loving message here. Big, huge heart, any you. So I'm taking. This is my final answer for this little design project. You see, this only taken six minutes. Idea is, the more designs you can make, the faster you contest them all out. You'll find something just by the nature of designing. Just by trying, you'll find something so the faster you can make something and test it out than the faster you can see how people respond to that. So I've made this heart you shirt. I'm going to buy this and see how people like it. So I'm grateful for the time you spent here with me. I've got this heart you downloaded in P and G. No. And then it comes up on another screen. So this actually has a transparent background on it. So when I go to upload this on red bubble, it will be able to be printed on any shirt. Then. So I'm grateful you've learned how to design this with me. You can see how easy this is. Now you can make it much more complicated. I encourage you figure out funny things you can do in here. You could put so many of these different icons together in here. You can then figure out exactly the best ways to match the text within. Design them all together. I think there's a ton of great things you can do with this little simple design system I've given you here in Canada. 17. Uploading and editing the design on Redbubble: Now that I've actually got a design, the key is to be able upload it and publish it, so I'll show you my process I'm currently using to publish all of my new shirts on red bubble dot com. If you want to buy any of my shirts, it's red bubble dot com slash people slash jerry Banfield All one word or you could just search for Jerry Banfield Read Bubble So I've got up Here I go, I'm on. I'm signed into my red bubble. I go over here to the add new work button so I click Add new work right here and then I'm going to upload this 5000 by 5000 design from Canada Now this won't fit on some products and it may fit weird on some. This is not matched to any of canvas recommendations. So I just used the maximum size I could do on camera and I will show you how I adjust the size to it. So I go over to downloads here and I hit the heart you design and I upload that now real quick. I put the title in I heart you down here and you'll see these are how it comes out on the various products. So now what I do I need to edit and make sure this is exactly how I want it to look on everything. So I go over here and click edit on this and then what I can do. I can change the size on the product so I can actually shrink it a little bit. I can click to center to design horizontally. I can move the design up a little bit, have it on the chest, and then I can click horizontal. I really like red bubble because of how powerful this set of options is, and then I've got it on. All these shirts automatically don't have to go choose one or manually add them, and I've got it on all these shirts so I can show you. This is what it looks like on White. Now you'll see the jury banfield dot coms not on there, But if I do it on black, you'll see the jury banfield dot com's down there the gray. This design looks like it's very nice on many different colors. Even on the red, it seems to work a little bit So I'm going to order one of these colors off this shirt and pick out one and I like. And then I will be wearing this in some of my future videos. So there's so many different ways you can do this. I've got this one now. I hit. Apply changes on here and you'll see whatever the last color you pick is the one it shows. You can also print it front or back. You can also pick different shirts over here like I could do a tank top if I wanted to. I could do a Razorback tank if I wanted to have this one on it. You see, there's so many different options. It's sweet. I can even do Ah, Hoody and I can make that to default. So what I'm going to do is just do the unisex shirt and then put this on the color that I like best with it. So I think this looks great on a black shirt. It looks good on a gray shirt, and I think maybe I'll leave it on black. Or maybe, unlike blue, dark blue eye, that looks pretty cool. I could put it on green. That's Ah, nice ST Patty's Day shirt. Maybe there I'll just leave that on the blue And then I hit apply changes. So now you'll see on this contrast tank over there. It's made it way too big, So all I do, I go soon. The product size downs over here, I zoom it down Mawr and over here now you can see it fits on there. So I just assumed the size back up a little bit. And I've found in actually buying these. You don't want to oversize them, so you don't want them too much bigger than it's supposed to be. So there's all kinds of background colors. I could try and put her full around lip, but there I think that's pretty good. I've got that on the tank there. Now. It's not urgent. I make these perfect. If someone buys one of them, then I may want to go size them correctly. But for now, I just want to get these actually, so they fit on the shirt as fast as possible. So I'll go enable this and I'll go shrink this thing down on the graphic T shirt dress. I center it vertically and horizontally I've printed some similar to this, that you end up wanting it up a little higher than it prints it. So I just get thes sized out here and hit apply changes and then on all these shirts, I just go through here one of the time, fix the sizes until I get them in a way that I really like. So it's not a perfect science. Essentially, I just try and get it up there and I enable these so I can put it on all these different materials, shrink that down a little bit, center it and maybe shrink it down a little bit more. There we go. I think that's very nice. So I applied changes. And then that's a cool out princess sticker like that for the phone case. I go shrink that down. So it fits right on the phone case there. And then I hit Apply changes. So this is how I get everything published on Red Bubble. I think this is a really nice design process. They've got on red Bubble to be able to do this so ideally, you can get it. So everything fits on here, just perfect. So you don't actually have to downsize anything so that you could just perfectly print it on every single time. The trick is you. There's so many different products. You can put these on that just by trying to put it on perfectly on one product, you may find that you have to that it won't work that well. So this on a do vague cover, I'm not going to enable the Do they cover the duvet cover that it may be a bit pixelated on it. It's 100%. It may not be big enough to print on that, so I'll just leave that off on the mug. I can go over here, center this and put it down. Move it over a little bit more. Size it over there. Now that's got a nice big heart on it. Move it down a little bit. And there I got mugs with this design on it, and I just printed with you on canvas. How cool is that? I mean, to me, this is just amazing that we can that I have the ability to design the things to design the things I love so easily like this so I can make this design and actually put it on pants. And I can even do stuff like I can make it repeat all over. I mean, how cool is that? So I can make these repeat all over on these pants Now, those air, some cool pants, those air seriously, cool pants is maybe the first pair of cool pants I've made before, and it's got all these little I heart use on, and I think that's just awesome. So I got all these little I heart use on these pants. Those are really cool pants. Now, maybe my my wife will want to get one of those. Those are so cool. So me, that's the magic is to just make something and just see how cool it comes out like these pants. That's sick looking. Look at these pants. They're gonna look at that. Look at those pants like that has all kinds of my little hearts all over it. That just makes my heart melt right there, and I can size it. I could put it down a little bit so that they'd be even smaller on it. And then I hit enable there. So I've got these pants with all these little hard leggings on it. That's so cool. I think it be better if there even just a tiny bit smaller. They're so they have a bunch of little tiny out that is so sweet. I've got to tell you that is That's the best looking pants I've been able to do so far with all these little hearts on them. So the if you're not having fun doing this to me, then it's not worth doing. You see, I have a good time doing these. This is cool. This is exciting to me. This is great to be able to do these things like this, so I just center it wherever it wants. Over here. I could even hot tile heart this whole clock over here so that this clock is filled with a ton of a little hearts on it. That's sick. That is sick looking. That clock right there, Jerry, no one's gonna ever by your crappy design. So what? I'm having fun actually making them. How cool is that? So I've shown you the tile options over here, and then I actually could do the same thing on this Duve a cover. Let's go I'll put all these huge these hearts on this Do have a cover. And then that's a sick bed cover of I'm sorry if my daughter ends up getting one That is so cool. See, I've just discovered it's nice with teaching these things that motivates me to try some new things. Like instead of having this big, huge heart on here. You can't tile a mug, though. That's really unfortunate that you can't tile a mug. So I've got some of these things that are just so cool. Like I can make this myself. And I just showed you how easy it was. You conduce this yourself to You can make things that you would love having that you love wearing that you love buying. Yes, this notebooks. Definitely going to get a bunch of these little hearts all over it. Yes, that's what I'm talking about right there. Hardcover journal? Yes. Here we go. A bunch of little hearts all over this hardcover journal. That's awesome. So I'm apply. Chou man, this is This is awesome. This this is a lot of fun. I don't even know what you do with an acrylic block. But look, you can actually order and get these little hearts printed all over and call it brought. Look, a wall tapestry. I'm totally done with a wall tapestry. Oh, man, look at all those little hearts on it. That's sick. That is amazing right now. So this so much fun you can have with this How much fun are these? I heart you designs and there we go. Look at that. And then I just put I heart heart you and let me take I heart out less There be some copyright I'll just put heart you There we go on now I put in here on the bottom Design and illustration Digital art It's not much your content. Let's save work. Yes. Now look how much fun that was. I just have done all of this with you in real time. I've done it with doing real time to show you how long this actually takes to me. I want to know when I'm learning in classes. How long does all this stuff really take? Is it going to take me 15 hours to make sure? No, Look out Fastest. Just when I just got this whole thing uploaded and designed within 20 minutes, 20 minutes to get this whole thing uploaded in design. That's home. And you see, I've had so much fun doing these now I'm motivated. I want to go through and try some new designs that are shaped based. I want to do some new shape based designs just like this, because then you see how powerful that is when you're able to put it all over these shirts or pants like this. I mean, this is just so cool. I might even want to feature just the pants. So you've got all their peril over here and you get these crazy shirts and then you can look at these leggings. Little it let a so called a scarf with it on so many beautiful things. So now I have this up in my store. I think if you really want people to buy your products, it's great to buy their peoples. I bought a bunch of other people's custom designed shirts. I've had this one that with an alien head that said, I believe on it. So the nice thing is, if you would you buy one of my shirts or would you buy something I've designed because then you'll know you'll know that when you buy something I've designed, then you know that someone will buy your designs. Also, when you're willing to give and help another artist out, then you're willing to receive that same help is well, I encourage you share your designs in the class. Show me what you've made. Maybe I'll buy your design. Look at this wall clock. I gotta I'm already working on sales pitch. To talk my wife into getting this wall clock because we don't have a clock is so cool. So thank you very much for watching this. I'm so excited that you it is possible to do so many of these amazing things online. Just using a really simple design that then it looks like so much fun. So I will be the first person to buy this. I will be buying one of these. I will ask my wife what she thinks will be the very best thing for me to buy a T shirt or something else with home decor in here. Or maybe just a sticker for my daughter to you. So thank you for watching this. I hope you have a wonderful day. I hope you're so pumped in mode 18. Welcome to Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 for amazing designs!: Welcome to Adobe Photo Shop CC 2017. This is what I made for a shirt design yesterday, and I'm so excited about this. I'm proud of this because I've never designed hardly anything in Photoshopped before. And I learned how to do almost all of the parts to this design, which is essentially a word surge on a shirt. I learned how to do this in just a few hours yesterday. So if I can learn how to do this, there's no reason you can't learn how to do some really cool things like this and all kinds of other things, too. So what I'm going to do is go through and show you the individual parts that make this up. So what is going on with this? So in design terms, I have each letter here in its own custom box. So I have a little tax box here that's in the middle of squares. Now, you see, I've managed to hide the squares here, so I've got one individual letter in the middle of all these text boxes, and then all of them are lined up. So if I go turn on a couple, you can start to see these different boxes on here That then when I've done, I made all of those boxes invisible. So I initially started and lined up all these boxes on I'm clicking over here to make layers invisible and visible. So the most basic thing in photo shopped to understand is layers. What are layers? What Photoshopped basically does is pile one thing on top of another thing on top of another thing over and over on your design. So what you start with is this layer one. I've got a transparent background here. I've got a base layer and then what I've done, I put text. I put one text block down after another So technic this way, all of these different layers are actually kind of being put down from above on the image. So then each one has kind of a priority, so to speak. So if I were toe, move something around like if I go over here and click on this move, tool up top and then I click on Jerry Banfield, not calm down here to select the layer, you see, it's underneath all the others so you can see it's kind of moving around behind everything else. So the one of the most basic tools and photo shop is your cursor over here, the ability to move things. It's called the move tool conveniently so. The move tool is how I was able to line up everything on this design now similar to can va . What you'll see is there's these pink lines on here. Which photo shop is telling you what things are lining up with? So I've got this lined up over here and then I've got You can see if I want this exactly in the middle of the entire picture of the whole design. Then I've got jury banfield dot com right here in the middle. If I leave it there, it's perfectly centered. Another thing that's really helpful appears to be able to use the history tool. So if you want to go back and undo something, then all I have to do is go over here to open and it goes right back down there to where it waas So and then I can actually go click and put it right back over here to move it where I was. So that's a big difference for me. I'm used to using just control or command Z toe. Undo that photo shop. Learning about this history window over here has been really helpful, you might say, OK, Jared. Well, I can't just start out Photoshopped. How do I even get to this? So, what you doing? Photo shop. When you open it up, it will ask you to make a new document. So what you need to do is know exactly how big your document needs to be for wherever you're going to publish. I do a 13,500 pixel by 11,462 pixel at 125 p p. I or pixels per inch because that's exactly what it told me to do on red bubble toe. Have a design that fits on everything. Now I'm going to play around with some other design times to see if there's things I can upload that will be easier toe automatically fit on all the things I make. So what you need to do is no figure out wherever you want to publish. Figure out exactly how big in width and height, either and pixels or inches or centimeters Or however else you're going to do it, figure out what orientation it needs to be, and then the resolution and pixels per inch. So in order to create something, you need to be able to start with the canvas, so to speak, how big is what you're going to make. So I got this entire canvas by starting out and making something that was exactly the size it recommended with the exact settings. So if you don't know anything about this, I recommend. Just stick with whatever the website recommends. If it recommends. Like Red Bubble recommends this. I just do what it says, and then when it prints, it looks good. Now what are these advanced options? This is the color profiles. There's different color profiles you can use. I used whatever one it said to use based on the RBG color. So again it told me to use RBG color on red Bubble. And that's because this is the basic Web coloring. So if you go online and browse things, this is a basic color scheme for the web. Now, if you're printing something, you might need to use C M y que depending on because apparently that is what printers use to color things. So just create your basic document, using whatever you are told to dio by wherever you're designing everything for or make one size that you think you can crop. But I recommend having something you can directly upload like I can on red bubble. And then I'm able to simply resize it from there. So this is how you get started in photo shop? I'm grateful you started learning here, and I'm excited to keep going deeper with you. 19. Making beautiful text fast and basic functions: in photo shop. What's a really simple way to get started with a new document? The most basic thing you can do is just put some text on to me. That's one of the easiest things to just break the ice. So I've got this layer here which I will just delete and replicate here for you. So in order to see exactly what kind of lareau I used, I see the veranda tax 2000 font size. Okay, so what I'm going to do now is delete this layer I'm going to, right click down here and delete the layer, and I'm going to remake it with you. So I delete this layer and now we want to essentially make this layer again. So I grabbed the text tool over here and now I type prayer in. And as you see, it's an all white. It doesn't look the same as before. It's not so large. So I'll go up here and try and put ah font size and I'll put 1000 fun up here, and I you have to actually have everything selected now in Canada. If you change the font, you don't have to have it selected, but in photo shop you have to have it selected. And it will only allow you to put the funds so big. So you might ask, How do I get a 2000 point fun while I combine a couple of things? So first I get the text I want on here and layer one, I can turn that honor off. I want to not be distracted. So what? I think that was simplest thing to do. To make a design is just to get one word out there with a simple and just make some design there you like right away just to have something made. Anything is better than nothing and getting started. The smallest step makes a difference. So this is one of the first designs. I didn't photo shop, so I grabbed this prayer here. Now, how did I turn that into an outline? And why did I choose these things? Because each of these individual elements, the font and what it's going to print on and all that has details. So I chose the white fund because as you can see on the shirt, I'm worrying now. I like how the white font looks on a shirt. But the problem is what? Having white fun. Anything you want a print on that is white or light in color, then has this issue with its wide fund on white shirt. So I want something that prints on everything. And thankfully, I Googled and Googled this photo shop as a really cool feature for this. So I'll take you through a couple of things here. So first I hit the check mark to tell it the detects. Okay? And now when I want to do is make the text bigger. So appear I grabbed the move tool. When I want to do is wait until Photoshopped tells me this is centered. So now I've got it centered right here. You see these pink grid lines that tells me it's centered up and down. So now what I want to do is make this thing bigger. So in order to make it bigger, I can just start dragging it over here. Photo shop will start moving it around on its own. And then all I have to do up here to make it bigger is go something like 200 with 200 height and then look how big that is. Now I hit the check mark over here and now I've got that ready to go. So now I've got this prayer. Huge. I'm here. I like these big, huge words. Well, what if I don't want it quite that big? So I can go over to the text tool and I can then shrink it down a little bit if I want to. Although the text tools not gonna let me go above 1500 fun, so you'll see that didn't work. And I can just go over here to cancel text Teoh escape my changes so I could try and shrink the fund down like that by putting it into 1500 or 1000. But that just puts it. Why was before? So if you're working in a really big pickle soul size, then you just change it and get it to the right proportions by dragging it over here and then I can change it. Let's say, Well, I put it back down to 75 with and 75 height. So now I've got it. That's a good size. I like that. So I've got the prayer making a little bit smaller, and it was before so on. Now I want to line it up again. So I've got it lined up here. I'm happy with where that is now. The next thing I want to do is add an effect to this. So what I'll do, I'll select this over here and then I'm going to right click on the layer and go to blending options. I'll go appear to blending options, and it's going to bring me up a window where I can do some fun things with it. So when I've got the chance to do some blending options, then I'm able to put these. You see how there's a stroke on the outside of this? It will allow me to put a stroke on the outside of it, which is really cool. So it looks like photo shop here. I'm not sure exactly what it's doing, So I brought it up on my other monitor. Okay, so we're gonna go to blending options. I'm gonna pull it over here, there and now blending options. I'm going to go over and hit stroke and you'll see the stroke options here. Allow me to put a 40 pixels stroke on the outside of things, So look how cool that is. Now I can print that on any color shirt, so I've recreated the prayer very similar to as I've had it before. Now it has a nice outline on it. The cool thing is, if you use the noun project dot com icons, they have the same properties. So you'll notice down here. This has a stroke on it as well. And the nice thing is, if you decide, let's say I decide I don't want the stroke anymore. I can just go to this little I thing and turn it off. So this is how I looked before the stroke, and this is how it looked after. So why am I showing you all these things? I've spent this five minutes showing you these things because I didn't know how to do any of these. When I started learning Photoshopped, I didn't see how to do most any of these. When I started taking a photo shop class online what I did, I just was motivated to say, Look, I can learn how to design. I can learn how to do these things, and I started Googling and Googling and Googling, and I've found exactly how to do the things I wanted to. So photo shop is filled with very powerful features like this. I mean, how amazing is that? You can just turn an effect on and it'll add pixels. That'll add a nice outline toe. Whatever it is, it will go in and figure out exactly how to do that. I think that's so cool. So that's why I love photo shop. It's so powerful with doing all these different features like this to get thes outlines. I'm here to turn them on and off, turn the whole layer on and off you want to. You can turn other effects on and just turn the stroke off. There's so many cool things you can do in photo shop, and I'm just learning. So if I can learn how to do this, if I can learn how to just make a basic design, people have already loved this design on shirts that I've been wearing out. They've said, That's great. I love that. So if I can do something like this and photo shop and learn how to do it pretty easily, I am confident you can do the same. And that's the main reason I share this here with you today. 20. If I can make this design in a few hours you can do anything!: How did I do the design here? I will show you what I hope is Maurin depth features for photo shop that if anything, will just motivate you to go figure out exactly how to make the design that's in your head . I had a design in my head that my wife suggested to do a word search like this. You can see her as life on the top. It has got in here and as c over here, it has love over here. And then there's even another word that I don't even remember exactly where it is in here somewhere. So that's why these things were so much fun. So I'm grateful that I was able to make this and this for a photo shop. Beginner had a ton of things I'd never done before. So I hope the main thing you get on my classes confidence that you can go forward and use photo shop. I didn't hardly know what I was doing in photo shop. Even as I was making the introductory videos on this class, I spent a few hours yesterday and pulled this design together, which I'm very happy with because it incorporates so many elements together. I saw Photoshopped project in a class. I was taken with a bunch of layers and I thought, I'm never going to need that many layers. And look how many layers I have in this one because each of these individual elements is a layer. So I'll start with how did I have planned this design out? While a first I had to have the idea in my head. So I had the idea that I wanted the word surge on a shirt and I wanted it in the same format with the stroke on the outside. So if I take that off, you'll see what I mean. See all the it disappeared from the G over there. So I had the idea that I wanted these white letters with a stroke and then I wanted them set up in a grid box just like this. So I knew yesterday what I wanted to do. I just had no idea how to actually do it. So when I started doing was just trying one thing after another. So one of the first things I did, I just tried to put down the words over here, and I just tried to put them in a regular fund, so to speak. I just tried to put them in a regular fund. But the problem is, when you just put the words in a regular fund like this, they don't line up. Let me show you what I mean. So I go over here And what if I type my God down here? Now you'll notice these. Don't line up at all. You see, there's four letters here and there's four letters on the next line, but they don't line up anywhere. So what will, in order to design something that you want? That's awesome. It's just simply a matter of solving one problem after another. That comes up One little limitation, so you can see I had this. Okay, I've got this. I clearly need a better system to do this. So after I realized problem, what I tried doing was messing around with some different funds. I'm like, Well, what if I put it in all caps? You could see No, that's not going to work. And then I realized Ok, what do I really need here? I need something. I'm going to just delete this layer now. I need something where I can put each letter in the exact same position so that I can then have the letters all basically centered in little text boxes. And then he I need all those tax boxes to be lined up. Exactly. So I'll show you kind of what I produced out of that here. So this was my vision. Essentially, that I need I need to put all these little text boxes in here. And this was the base of the design. I ended up making, realizing what I wanted to do. So And all these little text boxes in here, all these black boxes. And then this is how I started the design. And then I didn't know how to do that either, though, so I had to look around and figure out OK, how do I actually go do that? So what I started with was one text box with one letter in it, which I did not know how to dio, but I Googled and found out how to do it. Now there's this tool down here. This is called the rectangle tool. So what I did, I drew a rectangle over here on photo shop. And then I learned by Googling that photo shop, if you use the text tool in the middle of a shape, will automatically center the text for you. So let's give an example. So I click in here to do a little text box. I typed the word F and then another problem. Well, that's useless. That comes up in the top. So I need a bigger fund size. So I select the entire letter over here and now I've got the letter f up there. So it's just one problem after another, essentially or one little step at a time to getting everything where you want. So now I've got the letter appears you can see, but now it's off center in the box. So then when I did, I centered it in the box. I said, That's good. But then now the letters too high in the box. I'm like, man, if it's not one thing, it's your mother. So I've got this up here, like, Okay, how do I get the letter in the middle off the box? So then I realized I was just playing around that if I pulled this little window down, then it will put the letter exactly where I want. So now I've got the letter in the middle of the box here, So that's good. That's what I want. I've got the letter in the middle of the box. And then if I do another letter and I tested okay, then do the letters come right in in the same spot? Yes. Good. So then I decided, Well, maybe I don't want bold italics, cause that puts things off center. Now, I just straight put the letter in the middle of the box. So now I've got the letter straight in the middle of the box and now is contained in a nice text format. So it's got the guide bars there. But if I go off to something else, it takes the guide bars off. So you can see I've got the text center just in here, and all I have to do is adjusted a little bit. If I don't like where it is that so I get it adjusted just right, and then I I can leave it there. I can also reduce the font size to make it a little more manageable. So you have to select the letter every single time. So I just a font size to get it exactly where I want in here and is trying to line it up with all these other factors. For example, it's up here. So now I realize OK, what if I don't want the box right there? So now, in order to move the box around, what I need to dio is Well, first get rid of this A little bar over here that my Mac is Ah, I'm not sure why it does these things still so Ah, hi. I don't want it anymore. Ah, this is so humbling. Its whole rightist. Thank you. There. I got it on jury. You should've ended his before. I can't believe I just watched that. I wish I'd skipped ahead. What I hope I can teach you is how I just deal with things as best I can. And doing making any things like this is just one thing after another like that. So if you expect things to just work and if you if you give frustrated really easily, it's just agonizing. The learned this. So I've just had a lot of practice with things not going Exactly perfect. I try and kind of play around with it like a child. So we go over here and now if I want to move this, you'll see I've got the letter selected, but the box doesn't come with it. So I command Zita. Undo that. So how do I move the box and the letter together, For example, if I'm trying to center my fun up here. So I talked the text. It's trying to line stuff up with the other letters in here. So what if I don't want it to do that? What I need to do is move there. So then I select. I hold shift, and I select both of these down here, and then I can move both of them together. Let's say off in the corner. And then I can grab the text tool over here and I can select it, and then I can get it exactly. Kind of where I want it in the box without it messing around. Another thing I can do, I can simply go hide this layer right here a turn off that jury being field. So it stops trying to center with that and then I can just get it lined up here. And if you want to be a real stickler for detail Oh, the bars back anything but that. So there I figured out how to get it better. So 20% of what I can do I typed in in the below my face over here, so I'll move my face over to the other side. So I typed in down here. That's really small. There's a little zoom box over here. So let's say if I really wanted to line this up good, I can go over here and I can then zoom in and put it exactly where I want to. I can see that the height is 14 and some inches. I can try and eyeball it if I want to, or I could try and use an actual ruler to measure the bottom of the letter from the top. But then if you change the letters, sometimes it might come out a little bit different. But anyway, it just get it lined up good enough. So I've got it lined up good enough there. I go back to the 10% over here so I can see what I'm doing. So now you see how I've been able to recreate this box here. So then all I did to recreate that I then selected both layers, and then I go over here, I right click, and I hit duplicate layers, and then the duplicate layers come out. And then, in order to duplicate layers of me, move this menu over so you can see it. I hit, OK, and then I've got these copy layers over here. Now all I have to do is keep doing that. So I go right click duplicate layers, okay? And they've learned how to multiply. Know, So I can then just go make these straight across. I just keep right click duplicating. Okay? And then I can Now keep moving these over here. Right Click. One more duplicate. Okay, get this one moved over here. And then Now, let's say okay, I want to put this on the bottom and say, Jerry, Jerry, then okay, all I do is go switch the text, so I one text tool after another go up here and just hit. Change it over to what? I want one text tool after another. There we go. So now I've switched all these blocks over here to Jerry. And now let's say I want to go back and take out all the black backgrounds. It's a really cool feature I discovered yesterday. So in here, the cool thing is Photoshopped as a layers search features. So I go over here and I search for name and I simply type rectangle in here. Now guess what? I can uninsulated all of these at once so I can turn off each of these rectangle copy layers, and then all of these rectangles go invisible. So I go turn all these off and now you'll see that there's I missed a couple. There we go. So now I've got thes except for that one. I've got these mostly turned off over here. There we go. There all turned off. Now, now you're like, Well, Jerry, you need to make the tax difference so I can go over here and fix that as well. So I just go back to these text images that I created down here and now I go to right click blending options, and I add that stroke over there you saw before. So now I've got the stroke added. So I can just do that on each of these individual ones and go back in and have the stroke. Now, obviously, while you want to do is get this right and copy it from the beginning. So you don't have to do this, so I encourage to take the design one part at a time. That way you find exactly how you like your letters before you go copy them. However, you can see this is pretty easy to do. I didn't know anything about doing this just a few days ago. So if I can learn this stuff this easily, you can. So, look, there's how I made that you can see there now blocked out in exact proportions. And I can now select each of these if I want to. I can go down here with Shift Select. And in fact, I can just go on select the text if I want to. So I can go kind over here. I can actually I can go select exactly what kind I want. So for example, I just hit the taxed over here. So if I only want text, I don't want to fool around with all those rectangles I can then just search the text if I want to, and I can then move the text around just like this. Without the rectangles, however I want to. And then if I decided I've done something I didn't like before, I can go back before the move. I could go back before I added the stroke. I could go back and add the stroke and again So this little undo windows really helpful in here. So if I could make a design like this old man, I had my head over on the left here, too. So I guess that's great. Jury. That's great. All you know, it's over here. It's not the hard to do thes tutorials. Air still bad. Well, I just try to have fun. So the main thing for me that I like of online classes how the instructors having fun? You can see I'm having fun. We're having fun. No, I'm having fun showing you how to use photo shop. And if you've got the fun element, if you've got the passion, if you understand the basic places, the basic things you need to use the text tool, the move tool the rectangle to make shapes. You understand that Layers over here, you put your image together with layers. Then you can go Google Any other individual solution, you need to a specific design what you want to make. So I'm very grateful for the experience with me. Thank you for dealing with the menu bar down here. Uh oh, no, I get rid of it. I'm trying to, like, put it over another monitor. I appreciate you dealing with all my quirky teaching over here. I hope this has been helpful in communicating you How much fun it is to go in and make your own designs in adobe Photo Shop. 21. Top 10 Shirt Selling Myths Busted: Welcome to the top 10 myths about selling shirts online here with me, Jerry Banfield. I'm going to expose 10 things that I've learned the hard way over five years of selling shirts and all kinds of merchandise online. So I hope you can have a better business selling your own merchandise than I've made online . I will show you for full transparency to begin. Look, you see, I'm wearing my own shirt right now. It I designed this shirt. I think this is really cool. It's actually got my website. It's got just a really simple concept. And even as a sticker, my daughter put on it. I'm glad I remembered to put pants on for this as well. So the top 10 missed about selling shirts online will give you the chance to either make an amazing business selling shirts, mugs, merchandise online or it might help you decide. You know what? Maybe I don't want to do this. Are you ready? Thank you for getting started. Here we go. 22. 10 Is Money Needed To Start?: number 10 you need money to start. You either need money to buy the shirt to print the designs or whatever it is, and that is simply false. You can start making your own shirts online with $0. I thought when I started trying to sell T shirts that I need to do invest thousands of dollars to get all the designs puttin on my shirts and have inventory of them at home and then sell them. And the truth is, you can make beautiful shirt designs online today with no money at all or with very little money, for example, you can spend $40 on the noun project, and then you can have the ability to make all the shirts you want to. For example, I made this shirt using icons from the noun project, which cost me like 20 or $40 for a year. I've got hundreds of thousands of different icons I can get on here. I then use canvas a dot com to do a completely free design right online. I don't even after by program or anything, so you don't need any money at all. The start if you just want to do text, design or use freely available graphics. And if you have to invest just a tiny bit of money, you can then dio your own custom designs, which, hey, I love this design. Look at all these different designs I've got in my store here that you can make for pretty close to free, so the It's really nice with having this business online. You don't need money to start. 23. 9 Do you need to print locally?: number nine. It requires printing at home or locally or ordering online and having someone print for you and then selling from there. The awesome thing is it does not. The designs I just showed. Those are available online. They've never been printed anywhere. I'm going to be the first to buy them. But I've noticed that people think in order for me to make the shirts I'm wearing like that , I must have printed this shirt at home. And no, I just put the design up and it's printed on demand. It's printed whenever someone wants to order one. And the beautiful thing is, when you're printing on demand, then you can print on mugs, dresses, shower curtains, bedcovers, clocks. There's all kinds of things you can print on printing on demand so you don't need to be able to print at home. You don't need to go somewhere local. You don't need to buy anything and actually press things on your shirts. Now, if you want to feel free to do that, that could be a lot cheaper than printing on demand, and if you are able to make the designs, then go for it. However, you don't have to print at home or go anywhere to print locally in orderto have an awesome business online selling shirts and merchandise. 24. 8 Is inventory necessary?: number eight inventory is necessary. There's a myth that when I first started selling my shirts, I thought I had to just buy them or print them myself and then sell them out of my home. You don't need any inventory to have an amazing business selling merchandise online. There's all kinds of options to do it today, no matter what kind of product you're selling for shirts and merchandise. Print on demand is beautiful because you can put all your designs up, and then the only time they get printed is when they're actually sold. This is an absolute ideal scenario because you can do all the designs you want. You can plan all kinds of seeds and farming terms, so to speak, and then when you actually make a sale, that's the only time they're printed. So you don't need tohave shirts in your closet like I used to have hundreds of shirts in my closet. You don't need to mail them out to customers. In fact, this is a big pain and for making a little less profit, it's very well worth it. To skip the inventory, skip all of the dealing with the customers and just put the designs up there and let them be printed on demand in order to print them on demand. You need a website to do that for you. More than likely, I use red bubble right now. Red bubble. That's what I'm currently using. However, I've used cafe, press and T spring in the past, so if you have a website where you can put all your designs up, you don't need any inventory. 25. 7 Can a real business be made out of selling merchandise online?: number seven. There is no money in it now. This myth will actually be the opposite of a different myth. And yet there are people that believe in, I believe, for quite a while, in the middle of my T shirt business, I actually started out and spent thousands of dollars to buy T shirts and have them at home and after I failed to sell them, and then I tried using print on demand websites. Then I just said, You don't want Forget it. There's no money to be made selling T shirts. I'm not going to waste my time with it any more. And the fact is, if you love doing the designs, if you love doing the creative work to get the shirts out there, you can make a full time living. Absolutely. You can make a full time living online, doing nothing except designing your shorts and then promoting them. And that is an ah, miracle. Think about that, that you can literally play around in your bedroom. That's what I do full time. I play around in my bedroom and I make a full time living doing it. Now I have a nice set up in my bedroom. The point is, there is a lot of money available on working online generally, and especially if you're able to make merchandise that you like toe where you can even get your friends and family to be some of your first customers and then the ripple effect. From there, you can continue to get more and more new customers steadily over time. What starts out as a hobby can become a full time work. And if you love doing it, how awesome is that? I love having my own business. It challenges me. I grow. There is a lot of money and having your own business online, especially if you're selling products merchandise like shirts, mugs that air print on demand. 26. 6 Who to sell the shirts to?: number six, you've got to sell to the niche. I've seen many stories of people who have made thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars selling shirts online, and they consistently are recommending that you've got to make these niche sales a niche is , for example, a group of people who like a certain baseball team that's a niche or selling to people of a certain name. That's a niche that basically, you've got to sell to the niche, and that's where the money is. And I'm going to say the exact opposite that at least to start and build your business. The niche needs to be making shirts you love toe wear instead of thinking about the niche. I've tried so many different angles on selling that this group of people are that group of people. It doesn't work very well most of the time, and that means it takes a lot of energy and effort in aggravation to try and find in. It's the easiest thing to do is just make sure it's you love wearing. Just make sure it's you are proud. Make a shirt that the biggest difference in selling shirts and merchandise is zero purchases toe one. That's the biggest difference in the most effective way. To promote your shirts for the very lowest costs and enjoy the rewards of them is as follows. Look, I've got my own shirt on. That is the very easiest and most effective way. If you won't buy your own shirts than why even bother designing them, you've got to be able to at least buy your own shirts. So I'm grateful today that as I designed shirts, I'm not trying to sell to a niche. I'm essentially trying to sell to myself. I'm making shirts for me. So in making shirts for me, you could say, Well, that's the ultimate nature, making sure it's for yourself. I'm making sure that I want toe wear that I want other people toe love and enjoy. I'm making sure it's for me. So that takes out the need to try and manipulate and say, Well, I'm gonna make sure it's for people named Jerry, or I'm gonna make sure it's for this team or that team. Almost all the things I've done in trying to sell to a niche have either got me in trouble for breaking rules and making unofficial merchandise or they've been a complete waste of time. I've made a bunch of shirts like Honey Badger Don't Care That I Never Wore or I've wasted a ton of time selling to the niche. So one of the biggest Miss I combust is that selling to the niche is a good idea. Let other people go, try and work all the niches when I try and do is just essentially, if I can sell myself, if I could make a design that I'm willing to shell out 20 bucks for to have printed that I'm willing to wear around, then I've made something that maybe other people will want to wear. And then I'm not limited to fans of a certain team. I'm not limited to a certain type of people. I can sell to anyone then who might like a similar design, and that's what you really want. You want to make something that the masses would be capable of buying, like I made some of these little heart pants on my most recent design here. I mean, you could say, Well, these are a niche. I'll scroll over and show you these. You could say well, these are niche. That's a very certain person. I don't know who exactly would want to buy these leggings. But from my point of view, these are mass market. These are things that potentially anyone who speaks English anywhere in the world could buy these now. To me, that is way better than trying to do something like cell to a specific niche because there's probably, AH, 100 million people who could buy these. So I do. And I think these are awesome. I'm going to try and sell my wife and see if she wants to get a pair. That might be, If I can't sell my wife on it, then is probably not going to be that graver product. 27. 5 Will a great design sell?: number five. If I just make a great design, it'll sell. That's all I need to do is do a great job, make a design that's fabulous, and then people have tohave it. That is a myth. There are, I imagine millions, if not tens of millions of beautiful products and designs out there. I've never seen and I will never buy. Designing is simply the first half of the work. The other half is actually selling is showing people your product, even if it is pitching it. Oh, God, Jiri. Or so you're so self promotional in the middle. Veal tutorials. Even if it is just show you get in the middle of your tutorial or wearing it around for your friends to see. You've gotta have some plan. If you want to be able to make a business out of selling T shirts, if you want to be able earn some money on it, you've gotta have a way that you're going to sell it as well as the desire to do the designs. So I hope you can see that just making a design in and of itself is not likely to make any sales, no matter how good it is, no matter all creative it is. There's millions of other people out there who are creative, who've already got their designs up in the top spots that air selling your design. If you make it the best design it design, that's even as good as other people's. You have to start from the bottom in most places in order to get any recognition, because most websites you want to sell on guess what the ones that have already sold the most for them are going to be featured the most. And just to even have a design that's is good as another one doesn't mean you'll even make one sale. So I'm grateful today, I make shirts I loved aware and that is my foundation for selling them. I wear my own shirts, I love my own shirts, and that's how I sell them to 28. 4 Are Facebook ads good for making sales?: number four, and this ties directly in with the last one. My Facebook ads. I'll just use Facebook ads to make sales. I don't do it. I have seen a bunch of Post videos online of people. Look, here's how I've made the X amount of dollars with T Spring. Look how easy it is all I do a design these shirts, I makesem Facebook ads form and bam they sell. Do you know how many people's unsuccessful T shirt ads I've seen in my news feed ads that don't even have one like on them advertising highly niche personalized products shirts saying Jerry, literally people trying to advertise, having matched my name correctly somehow. And I'm not buying that. I've never bought anyone's T shirt that I've seen in ad before, ever. And I've bought hundreds, if not 23 500 shirts in my life. I've in the last year alone, I've bought probably 100. Now I'm only buying my own Facebook ads do not work very well that make sales, Jerry. Oh my God, I've seen a The Facebook ads can work in a few instances. If you really read into those videos or the business model examples you'll see in some thread. You'll see that what they dio to make sales of Facebook ads. It's a survival of the fittest. So the the average person who's running their business and describing their model of from what I've seen, they do about 10 different designs test all of them in Facebook ads. And out of those, maybe, too, we'll even come close to breaking even or make a little profit. And realistically, it looks like if you get 100 designs, you try all of them in Facebook ads. Two of them might be really profitable. Two of them will sell well for a time until you saturated your market that you can reach with Facebook ads, at which point you all the hard time continuing to expand. From there, Facebook ads can work. Yes, they have the potential to work. But most of the time the average person wanting to sell shirts would be better off to just forget about Facebook ads. I know from experience. I've spent thousands of dollars trying to advertise and sell shirts that were already selling. I had my shirts and I got my shirts up into the top Search rankings on things that that were selling like call of duty. If you search for call of duty in 2012 around Christmas time, you were likely to find one of my call of duty knock off brand shirts. I'm sure enough all those got removed, so I tried to advertise things to the exact right audience that were already selling. I already knew they were selling. They were already doing great, making lots of sales. And guess what? The Facebook ads didn't do anything. I don't buy stuff I see on Facebook ads, and I've you'd probably tens of thousands of advertiser dollars of Facebook ads over the 11 years I've been a Facebook user. I don't buy stuff I see on Facebook ads. And once you realize that Facebook ads are mostly a losing game, I've spent over $100,000 on Facebook ads. My experience is that it's mostly losing game. The best I've done is promote some of my gaming videos. I had a lot of people following me after advertising my gaming videos, which went out to millions of people for a few $100 in the U. S. I've gotten great results with Facebook as my business. Facebook. God's help. My business Facebook ads are, I would say, reserve for once. You've already got consistent sales. Once you've already are wearing all of your shirts. Facebook ads, I would say, are quite a while along in the business, not something you just wanted. Look at that. Facebook ads will make all of your sales. So why do I share this with you? I share this with you to give you the choice. The choice to avoid spending thousands of dollars on ads That won't make you any sales. More than likely, that's the greatest likelihood. So you can avoid doing the same thing I did. Now, if you want to go do it, I encourage you. Give it a try. You might prove me wrong. However, I'd prefer to be wise today. I preferred alarm from other people's mistakes, if possible, instead of having to make them myself and learn from them. So thank you for experiencing this with may. I hope this is helpful for you. 29. 3 Can only graphic designers make great shirts?: number three, you can only have a T shirt designer merchandise designed business. If you're a graphic designer, this is a complete myth. You don't need a graphic designer. You don't need to be a graphic designer. I am no graphic designer and I don't know. I've sold hundreds, if not thousands, of products online with my images and my graphics on them. As you see, I have a course where I go teach this entire material, and this is a part of it on skill share. I don't have any special graphic design talent. I've spent very little time in my life doing graphic design. The nice thing is, there's room in making merchandise to just make raw original fresh from the heart merchandise. This shirt I have on you don't need a graphic designer to put a little bit of tax on a shirt and print it That's so easy. A cave man could do it, according to some ads on TV. The point is that you don't have to have any other skills besides what you have now and what you can learn on your own. If you think it be fun to where your own T shirt and you you can say, Look, if he'd make some crappy shirt like that, that doesn't even make sense. If he can make that, I could make one much better. And that's what I hope when you see when you see what I do, you can look at me and say, You know what? I bet I can do better than that and I have no design experience. I bet I can make some cool shirts. Good. That's what I want. Go make some shirts where some things that express your creativity, even if they're just simple. One word like this shirt I have on is just one word and then it as my website on it. It's crazy. Simple people today looked at it and said Planning G. Oh yes, promote yourself again. Planning G. What does that mean? I don't I don't know what it means, but I like it. I like it. So it's nice. You can be just how you are today and have a great design toe. At least make stuff you enjoy wearing. And then, hey, if other people see it, it might be a great conversation starter. It might be a great way to even make a business out of it, So it's great news. This is not limited to graphic designers. Anything you need to learn you can learn. Photo shop is not that hard to get started with. It is a little challenging. It's got a little bit of a learning curve, but you are up to it. 30. 2 Why not just hire a graphic designer?: number two, we're getting to the end. Hiring a graphic designer is best. So if you didn't get caught up specifically, and number three number two, you might believe that hiring a graphic designers best. In fact, in the case studies that people have posted, they've consistently showed in those case studies that they hired a graphic designer. So basically the graphic designer makes the designs, and then their function that they showed in the case study was to put them into Facebook ads and try and make sales. If you think that you need a graphic designer to do it, or if you think that a graphic designer would do a better job, the problem is a graphic designer. Two peas feats often the entire point off doing this to me. This makes a great opportunity having shirts on to express my unique creativity, even if it is just comparable to a child like my daughters, a year and 1/2 old coloring on her white canvas paper and then just pretty much scribbling all over it. Even if it's a completely raw and Onley quality, it as good about is its original. But even the shirt it's kind of a knockoff of a different idea. Still, I say higher. My graphic designer is not the way to go unless, let's say you have a friend and you two want a partner and the friend will do the graphics and you can do the business. And sure that might work. But what I've seen in the case studies air trying to hire graphic designers on up work. Our fiver. If you can't do the graphics at all, I would suggest that this is not worth doing If you can't do your own graphics, there's no point to trying to make a business out of this, because what I've learned the hard way is that it can be profitable toe work together with other people. Sure, I paid a freelancer to make a course that made me hundreds of thousands of dollars online that made a website. I taught on millions of dollars in sales. Sure, it can be profitable. It might be profitable for you to hire a graphic designer. You might be able to make a business out of it. The point is, what do you really want to do? What are you really going to contribute? Make a difference doing in this life, for I've found there's no substitute for doing my own work. Now. If your own work is to be partners with your best friend and do a business together, then that's great. But if you're trying to hire a graphic designer to get out of doing the core, the work in having a T shirt or merchandise business the core work is the design. If you don't want to do the core work in the business, then I recommend I believe myself. It's better to build a business around the core work you do want to do. You see if I hire other people to make video tutorials. For me, it's not the same as if I do them them myself. When I make video tutorials that I'm not the main person narrating in isn't that kind of pointless? Couldn't someone else just put that up on their own website or YouTube channel or third party? Of course, hosting? Why am I even involved? What I've learned is to do my own work today, to do my creative work and to build my business around me, doing my creative work, So I'm grateful today that as a part of designing shirts, I'm able to teach that in my business. So big motivation for me to to do this in the first place is to be able to teach it. It all fits together in my own work, to me, hiring a graphic designer to make something that I want to where then, kind of defeats the entire purpose. I might as well just buy someone else's shirts. There's so many other beautiful clothes out there that other people have designed. I'm mind as well by There's and you know what other people mine is well by. There's two. Why would I try and go in and get a piece of the game and just try and essentially use someone else to do designs they don't care about personally. If you just hire a freelancer to me, you've got to have that love for the work in there. So if you can part so I would say usually any hiring of a graphic designer for this is not the way to go. If you've got a friend who will do the designs for free, who loves doing them, then you do the business part. I think that could be great, so I hope this is extremely helpful for you. 31. 1 Is this an easy way to make money online?: Are you ready for the grand finale? Number one? The number one myth that I've seen is that making some tea sugar merchandise business is an easy way to make money online. It absolutely is not. How do I know I've made money online More than 100 different ways. In the five a plus years I've had my business online, I've made money in about every way you could imagine investing affiliate marketing, trading clients selling products, including lots of shirts and merchandise. Online courses. I have made money and a ton of different ways on lots of different websites. And you know what? Selling shirts and merchandise is one of the hardest. It's one of the most difficult because people already have a world filled with all the shirts and merchandise they need. There's all kinds of great things to buy. There's all kinds of reasons to buy other things. There's all kinds of advertisers have worked really hard to program people to buy their brand and their product. That's not easy to compete with. That is an uphill battle. There are lot easier ways to make money online than trying to set up a T shirt selling business. So that's why I put all these Top 10 miss here together like this. While there is a potential to make a great business doing this, it's not an easy way to make money online. Well, Jerry, what's an easy way? An easy way to make money online is serving clients. That's an easy way. Clients are relatively easy to get online compared to offline, at least for me, Serving clients is one of the easiest ways to get started. Most of my friends who are now working full time online they started off making money by serving me as their client. And then they found other ways to make money online. Or they found other clients. The easy way to make money online is simply to learn skills that are valuable and served clients doing them. That's how I got my start. I tried to do all these things selling T shirts, and it made nothing compared to serving clients. I have clients pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, all of which I could keep and then all I had to do is do some work for them when you have to do a ton of work up front to even get the product prepared to go out. That's very difficult. And with this business I can afford. I'm grateful today that I don't need money out of selling any of my shirts or merchandise. That allows me to just do it for fun, because I love it because I enjoy it because I wanna wear the stuff that I've designed this way. There's no pressure, and I think it could be a great hobby. If you enjoy doing it great as something to build into your existing business and toe, learn about. If you're a teacher who's already got lots of class. I think this a great subject to teach on. It is not an easy way to make money online. And anyone I would imagine who's trying to make it look easy is trying to make money off of you now. Sure, there are harder ways to make money for sure than having a business like this. But I would say that if you want just to make money online, learn skills, serve clients, you know that's an easy way to make money online. If you want, have a T shirt, business or merchandise business do it because you love doing it. Do it because you have a passion for doing it and do all the most important work in the business. And then, if you need help, then if it works out Sure. Then I would love to hear your experience shared in my class that I'm teaching. So thank you so much for watching this. I appreciate the time you spend here. I hope this is helpful for you to avoid making all the mistakes I made in having my t shirt and merchandise business online. I hope this is useful for you to have things a little easier than I did. And I appreciate you being here. I hope to see you again soon.