I Don't Fear Code (or Zombies): More HTML and CSS for Writers, Editors and Beginners

John Rhea, Web Designer/Developer/Storyteller

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11 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Zombie Tools (skip if you took "Code isn't as Scary as Zombies")

    • 3. Undead Markup

    • 4. Editing Zombie Moans

    • 5. Symbolic Apocalypse

    • 6. Zombie Fragments & Other Links

    • 7. Multimedia Hordes

    • 8. Smacking Zombies with an (HTML) Table

    • 9. Zombie Selection

    • 10. Zombie Polka

    • 11. Conclusion


Project Description

You're here to enhance the formatting and web presentation of your work, so please use this as an excuse to  mark up a piece you've written. If you don't have one feel free to use the piece provided.

Not sure where to start? The easiest way is probably to take a printed page and start making notes where you think code should go i.e. mark places that should be bold or italic, dates and times, where a table might be helpful, how you'd like to collapse content with an accordion menu etc. Once you've marked out all the places then open the piece in a code editor and start adding code that you marked.

Instructor provided project content: https://codepen.io/undeadinstitute/pen/KYjdoG

If this course has whet your appetite for taking zombies out with your ninja-like web skills, head over to https://undead.institute to see more web development and zombie themed books and material. Until next time, fight on, fight hard, and make a better web.

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