I Designed My Shirt the PB&J Way!!!

Ben Jones, I make cool stuff to make people happy.

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8 Videos (30m)
    • Overview

    • Telling a Story

    • Get Inspired

    • Thumbnail Fun

    • Refining Your Ideas

    • Exploring Your Options

    • Bonus Video: Examples

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Have you ever wanted to create your own custom t-shirt design for a group or event? It's easy to do with a few simple steps.   In this class, you will construct a design sketch to communicate your idea with a pencil and paper.  You will then decide on design colors and have an idea of the kind of shirt you want.  This class is for beginners and requires no special skills.

T-shirts are everywhere and so are screen printers, but working with them can be challenging.  It helps to know what your options are and have a clear design ready to present to the screen printer.  In the long run, it will save you time and money.

In this course, we will define a project for a group or event.  Every t-shirt has a story attached to it, identifying its wearer as part of a group, participating in an event (like running a 5K) or gives a glimpse into their personality.  This project should be no different and should convey the story you want to tell... even if it's just, "look at my cool design!"

Once we know our purpose, we will gather inspiration and do some rough sketching.  Regardless of your drawing abilities, you can get your ideas down in a visual form that you can share with others.  You may even find that your sketches inspire other sketches and more t-shirts down the road.

After we collect our ideas, we will choose the best design(s) and clean them up a bit.  We can choose colors in the design and decide what type of garment we would like to wear.  Once the decisions are made, you can confidently discuss the project with a local screen printer.

This design process also works for media projects, craft projects and about any other project you can imagine. 

Come join the fun and start doing things the PB&J way.  You can enjoy my southern drawl which is amazingly charming.

Bonus:  Recipe for Grilled Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

1) Lightly toast two slices of bread.

2) Spread peanut butter on one side of one slice.

3) Spread your favorite jelly one side on the other.

4) Arrange the two slices with the peanut butter and jelly in sandwich fashion with the pb&j inside.

5) Butter the outside of the sandwich.

6) Heat skillet to medium-high and add a bit of butter until melted.

7) Place sandwich in skillet.

8) Check bottom of the sandwich occasionally until the desired level of browning occurs.

9) Flip and Brown the other side.

10) Remove from skillet and place on a plate or other dish.

11) Enjoy and thank me later for changing your life.






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Ben Jones

I make cool stuff to make people happy.

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