"I Can Do It" Knit Sampler Blanket (Prequel) | Kelli Slack | Skillshare

"I Can Do It" Knit Sampler Blanket (Prequel)

Kelli Slack, Knitter, Crocheter, Tatter, Spinner

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7 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. "I Can Do It" Sampler Blanket Introduction

    • 2. Your Knitting Kit

    • 3. Longtail Cast on

    • 4. How to Knit

    • 5. How to Purl

    • 6. Gauge Swatches

    • 7. Casting Off


About This Class

In this class, we will prepare for our twelve months of blanket squares.  Each month, I will release a new class showing the techniques used in making our monthly blanket squares.  A final class will show you how to put those squares together into a baby, lap, single, or larger blanket!  More squares means a larger blanket. 

This prequel class will also offer a refresher course on how to cast-on, knit, and purl to help make you a success with your knitted blanket.  Each square will offer patterns in both charted and written form.  Tips and techniques will be given to help you read a chart if this is your first time.  Our first two squares are both knit/purl combination patterns.  Easy and accessible, these squares will build your confidence to tackle the next series of squares. 

This prequel month's project is a gauge swatch.





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Kelli Slack

Knitter, Crocheter, Tatter, Spinner

I first taught myself to knit and crochet in 2002. In the summer of 2003 I added tatting to my knowledge. Spinning became my new craft in 2005 with the gift of an Ashford Traditional from my mother. Over the years I continued to add embroidery, sewing, weaving, dyeing, and needle lace to my knowledge bank.

I began designing patterns in 2010. My design business really took off in 2015 when I started designing a sock club for BlackSheep at Orenco. Now, I co-own the shop with Tina....

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