I Am In Control: CBT, Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity

Peter Torok, Lucid Dreaming Expert | Author

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28 Lessons (3h 3m)
    • 1. Mindfulness trailer 2019 v1

    • 2. Beyond the Ego - Introduction

    • 3. Evolution and Mindfulness Practice

    • 4. The Higher Self and the Ego

    • 5. Freedom and Independence

    • 6. Understanding the Subconscious Mind

    • 7. Neuroplasticity - Change anything

    • 8. How to Break a Habbit for Good

    • 9. The Conclusion of Neuroscience

    • 10. Dismissal - Defense Mechanisms

    • 11. Justification - Defense Mechanisms

    • 12. Denial & Taking Offence - Defense Mechanisms

    • 13. Illusion of Reward - Defense Mechanisms

    • 14. Fear of the Alternative - Defense Mechanisms

    • 15. The Importance of Introspection

    • 16. Evening Introspection Excersise

    • 17. CBT - Theory & Practice

    • 18. CBT - Core Belief Elimination

    • 19. Discovering Hidden Patterns

    • 20. Mindful Perspective and Response

    • 21. Instant Change: Emotions - Behaviour - Reactions

    • 22. Instant Change - Mindful Actionsteps

    • 23. The benefits of Meditation

    • 24. 13 Meditation Actionsteps

    • 25. Compassion in Relationships

    • 26. Mindful Conflict Resultion - Action Steps

    • 27. Freeing up Energy - Recapitualtion excersise

    • 28. Conclusion and Further Learning

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About This Class

Freedom to choose something different: Rise above core beliefs, depression, anxiety with Brain Rewiring, Meditation and CBT

What you’ll learn:

  • Experience your higher self through mindfulness, and step beyond the patterns of the ego
  • Create a space, in which you can help others to gain clarity & insight
  • Achieve freedom and rewire your brain with neuroplasticity
  • Learn modern and ancient self-reflective tools of introspection and meditation
  • Rise above the ego`s limiting defence mechanisms
  • Use CBT on yourself to alleviate depression, stress, anxiety and panic attacks
  • Heal your core beliefs and discover the benefits of shadow-work
  • Identify and change negative habitual response patterns to people and circumstances
  • Take control of your mood and actions by learning the language of the subconscious mind

"Super enthusiastic about the course. Very accessible and well structured to understand easily. Love it very much"  -Ilse

This course has been ranked Best Seller in Self-development on Udemy.


My name is Peter Torok and I would like to welcome you to my Mindfulness & Neuroplasticity course. This lecture and training combination was designed to let us connect with our Higher self and leave behind any Ego identifications, which we don`t find desirable.

Why learn about the mind?

What role could mindfulness play in our everyday life? I would like to talk about how we can use self-awareness training in our spiritual life and as a psychological tool. There are things we all share, like our desire for love and purpose. The fundamental processes of our mind are also the same. Why do we have certain feelings and problems? All eastern philosophies say that we are looking for the causes externally rather than looking inside. This is what modern psychology argues as well, and mindfulness is the language through which we can connect to our inner self.

I have been researching the nature of the mind for over a decade, and as part of that I did a social experiment: I committed to two-years of 100% honesty in all of my interactions, no matter what the outcome may be. Imagine talking to your boss and really telling them your critical views about their work ethic, or talking to a difficult relative and pointing out everything that they are not willing to face.  -It was challenging… Why is it impossible to be 100% honest about what we say, really?

Constant evolution of Self-awareness

It is because there is a sense of self that is part of us, which reacts automatically. We can call it the ego or part of the subconscious. In what other situation does this part react automatically? Whenever our `pain body` has control over us: when we`re suffering. 

Our automatic reactions are part of our evolved survival mechanism, however, we have evolved into social, intellectual beings, and the brain`s focus on pure survival mode is no longer beneficial for us. What`s really important is that in our everyday disagreements and power struggles with others, our subconscious sense of self that I mentioned feels as threatened as if we were still in the jungle, where a conflict with a tribe member would determine our survival. Life in society is no longer about protecting our lives from others…however the subconscious part of the brain doesn`t know this!  

These automatic reactions are the cause of most conflicts between us and others. And the same automatic reactions are the cause of our internal problems, like depression, anxiety and so on…


If we truly wish to understand our self, the root of our problems and to recognise that we have power to change anything in our life -we need to take a helicopter ride, which lifts us up from our everyday perspective and lets us take a look at ourselves from above, from the outside… it lets us peak into our mind.  The aim of this course is, that by the end, we will own one more layer of awareness, which enables us to recognise our automatic reactions and patterns, to enable us to choose the way we feel. To give us the ability to look at a problem or challenge and immediately focus on the solution, rather than allowing to be overpowered and pulled into negative emotion.  

Believe me, even the wisest person on Earth doesn’t have complete control over their mind. This material takes you through my personal journey through stories, psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness and meditation. This training is intended to serve as a manual for the mind, and it`s for anyone who wants to take control of their life and take their self-development to the next level.

Mindfulness during the day may lead to a new type of awareness in our dreams. I have achieved the following in Lucid Dreaming:

-Over 500 lucid dreams since 2010, and corresponding experience to interpret dreams

-Experienced use of the `WILD` technique and the `Astral Projection/OBE` technique

-The ability to enter lucid dreams from meditation in the form of conscious transition

- `Clear light` lucid dreams, in which one may manifest freely in the absence of subconscious projections

Why learn from me?

Personal - I share the story about how I use mindfulness practice & meditation for self-development, joy and healing anxieties. I demonstrate the power of introspective work through my own examples.

Expertise - I began to study the mind in 2010 because I wanted to know the psychology and the neuroscience behind my meditative states and my out of body experiences.

Experience - Over the years, I have developed my own meditation technique, which I have taught one to one and on retreats. I visited Hindu and Buddhist masters in India and Nepal. I am also a qualified teacher.

Mindfulness - I think that by today I found my passion. I like to learn about the mind and consciousness. Meditation, mindfulness, introspection and lucid dreaming have become the core part of my life. 

Community - You gain access to my Facebook community, in which you may discuss your progression with other practitioners  

I'm confident that you'll love the course and that once you take action, you will revolutionise your self-development practice!

I hope to see you soon,



What my students said:

`It is difficult to put into words what I think about it. For me, the material was very positive. I`d like to begin with your voice...it put me in such a calm state in which I managed to shut out all outside noise. I found the things you have said very interesting and I feel that I must listen to it again. Thank you very much for sharing it with me.`   -Anett N. 

`I am grateful for the video -I have listened to it more than once. I think it is the most valuable video on the topic. I am going to listen to it many more times! Thank you very much. `  -Yvett S.T.