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Hypnotherapy, Miracles, Mysticism, and Encounters with Darkness - A Podcast Seminar

teacher avatar Joseph Drumheller, Leading Meditation, Healing & Education

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

31 Lessons (2h 35m)
    • 1. Promo

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Cause and Effect

    • 4. A Kundalini Experience

    • 5. Awakening & Oneness

    • 6. Divine Energy Meditation - Fiji

    • 7. Experiencing Joy - Fiji

    • 8. Vision on the Beach - Fiji

    • 9. First Hypno Session

    • 10. Emotions and the Physical Body

    • 11. Past Life Regression

    • 12. Energy Sucker

    • 13. Cancer is Life

    • 14. Pain Body

    • 15. Bev

    • 16. Joy on the Sidewalk

    • 17. Healing Waters of the Nooksack

    • 18. Catch the Tiger

    • 19. Attracting a Soul Mate

    • 20. Twin Flames

    • 21. Madonna Rock

    • 22. Mt. Olympus

    • 23. Tears of Grief

    • 24. St. Paul

    • 25. Lev

    • 26. Entity on the Property

    • 27. An Entity Attack

    • 28. Alaskan Bear Totems

    • 29. Glacier Park Squirrel

    • 30. Goose Totem

    • 31. Bonus

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About This Class

Hypnotherapy, Miracles, Mysticism and Encounters with Darkness is a refreshing departure from my other courses. Instead of providing ‘how to’ instruction and meditation techniques, I’ll be telling true stories, in a certified podcast seminar, of actual spiritual awakenings, mystical experiences, and miraculous healings. These stories have been gathered from nearly three decades in my work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

When someone starts dabbling in the worlds of meditation and energy healing, sooner or later, something will happen that defies logic and the laws of the physical world. In my years of experience, I’ve found it nearly impossible to teach people how to have these experiences. They’re too unpredictable and unique for each person.

They only way I know how to prepare people for the powerful, meaningful, and surreal experiences that go with spiritual growth, is to tell true stories of other people’s experiences. Therefore, this course will be teaching through storytelling.

If you’re genuinely interested in the unusual dynamics behind meditation and spirituality, then this course is for you. In this you will learn:

  • What genuine SPIRITUAL AWAKENINGS can be like.

  • What KUNDALINI EXPERIENCES can be like.

  • What DIVINE DOWNLOADS can be like.


  • How meditation can ATTRACT a SOUL MATE and prepare for a FATED UNION between TWIN FLAMES.

  • About incredible encounters with ANGELS and SPIRIT GUIDES, who have appeared in the physical world to aid in healing.

  • About life threatening confrontations with DARKNESS.

  • About inspirational and healing experiences with NATURE.

What students are saying about Joseph’s courses:

… the meditations are next level awesome. Courtney Seard

I'm doing a couple of Joseph Drumheller courses and he's a really fantastic teacher. His approach is very genuine and authentic. He spent many years providing support to terminally ill cancer patients. Highly recommended. Phil Strong

You know, Joseph, I really appreciate the reminder that unresolved emotional charges INFLUENCE our decision making and behavior. I can see that this has played out in my life to my great misfortune. At this stage of my life, it is very important for me to take charge of these ancient emotional triggers, and create a much healthier and happier existence. I love your class, Joseph. Thanks again for all of your hard work! Laurel Gay Edwards

Your delivery was warm and natural and your sincerity and love of meditation shines through. I can see how much work has gone into this course and I'm sure it will reach and help many, many, many people. It's so nice to 'meet' someone with very similar views on meditation and an approach to teaching that chimes with my own. I wish you every success! Linda Hall

Joseph Drumheller's practical, earthy approach to meditation, along with his soothing voice and approachability provide a comfortable place to begin a new practice or gain deeper insights to those more established. Speaking as a lifelong meditator myself, I recommend his work. Judy Blackwell

I will say that the main thing I look for in someone in such a course is that they exude calm, and joy....and you do......and that they look trustworthy, good energy when you look at their eyes.... when they speak....and you do…. Marika Marks

Very informative about getting started at home meditation. I am excited to dive into Joseph’s course! Kari Moore

Very professional and I loved the videos! If this is your fist class online, I wouldn't have known it. You did a great job! Judy Lynne



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joseph Drumheller

Leading Meditation, Healing & Education


Joseph Drumheller

I'm a leader in meditation and healing and a four-time, award-winning author with a mission that is quite simple:  To assist people of all ages in becoming the greatest version of who they are meant to be.

I've spent over 25 years working in the worlds of Meditation, Healing, and Spirituality.  Six of those years I spent working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in a cancer radiation clinic in Bellingham, WA.  Since 1991, I've performed over 2,000 private sessions, led numerous seminars, workshops, online courses and retreats, and published an assortment of books for adults and children. 

I was also born with a deep spiritual connection to nature, which led me to earn a Master of Science degree in G... See full profile

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1. Promo: Hello and welcome to clinical hypnotherapy, a certified podcast seminar. Wow, that title sounds pretty interesting. What? What can we expect? Well, this course is a little different than my previous courses. Instead of providing how to information and instruction, what are we doing? Is telling true stories of actual spiritually awakenings, mystical experiences and miraculous healings gathered from nearly three decades of work as a clinical hypnotherapist? Sounds sounds like you've been doing this for quite a long time. What are your credentials? Well, I've been doing clinical hypnotherapy since 1991 and I've literally done thousands of sessions with individuals and groups and also spent six of those years working in a cancer radiation treatment facility, doing clinical hypnotherapy with cancer patients. And I'm a three time award winning author on the topics of meditation, healing and spirituality. It's not your first rodeo. No, now the course sounds great. What kind of benefits will people received by taking the course? Well, when someone starts dabbling in the world of meditation and energy healing, sooner or later something's gonna happen that defies logic and can't be explained by the three dimensional physical world. And so far I haven't taught people how to experience these things. So the only thing I can think of to do is to tell things that I've experienced or seen other people go through so that can prepare them for the surreal and unusual. That can happen with spirituality. So this course is really a way to teach through storytelling who would be an ideal student for the score? Well, there are no prerequisites for this course. All you really need is just a genuine interest in the unusual dynamics behind meditation and spirituality. And I would really love the having this class signing ups really easy to do. Volume to do is hit the button I'll see in class sounds get see there. 2. Introduction: Hello and welcome to the introduction for hypnotherapy, meditation, mysticism and miracles. If you've already signed up for the course than welcome, if you haven't yet, I hope to see in class in now. Because this course is being taught in a storytelling fashion. There'll be no summaries to read. There'll be no homework and there be no quizzes. Hey, it's all you simply need to do is just kick back and enjoy these very unusual stories that I've experienced or I've seen other people go through on their path to spiritual awakening and mysticism. Hopefully, this class will provide the information that you need to prepare you for when you go through your own unusual experiences regarded to spiritually awakening and spiritual growth . Also, I love to hear other people's stories, so if you have any questions, you want to share your stories with me, please send them along. I'd love to hear him. So again, if you've already enrolled in the class than welcome and if you haven't yet, I hope to see in class soon, so let's go to the stories 3. Cause and Effect: Okay, So welcome to our first interview in the mystical course that we're having here. This is more of a podcast. Sort of infomercials. Sort of style. So I'm here with my good friend and professional interviewer Tom War today. And so I'm gonna let Tom kick it off of the first questions. Go ahead, Tom. Yeah, I noticed in the title you mentioned mysticism. Well, as a matter of fact, I have but let me read the definition of mysticism before we dive into that. And, um, the definition I have here says, uh, mysticism is theater tainment of insight in ultimate or hidden truths and to human transformation, supported by various practices and experiences. That's kind of a mouthful. But I can say yes and my experiences to human transformation and experiences. So my life has been transformed by certain experiences that I've had in the spiritual rounds. And so, um, so let me tell your story, if you like, Sure this. So we have to go into the way back machine. This was in 1991 and I was living in Republic Washington, which is a small, isolated town in northeastern Washington, up near the Canadian border and I had moved there as a geologist. I got a job. They're working in an underground gold mine. And much to my misfortune or probably fortune is that I was fired from that job. And so that was my first experience with being fired from a corporate job. And so I stayed in the republic area. I was married, I had two small Children and we were really scraping to get by. So it was kind of, you know, living hand to mouth and really scratching it out. And so that put an undue stress on the relationship, For better or worse. Yes, it did. And so we were going over to a neighboring town during this time, maybe once a week or once every other week. I can't remember Teoh. I think we're doing marriage counseling and so we go over. It was call villas the name of the town we go to call villain. After the therapy sessions, I would stop by the local food co op and they had this great bakery there and I would get like a heated whole wheat bun is their great and then next door to the um to the co op was , Ah, a little bookstore. And so I went into this bookstore one day. I remember very vividly, and they had this little new age publication, and I was just kind of like a newsletter or pamphlet. And I was reading through this little thing and had an article in there on clinical hypnotherapy. And I read the article. I thought, Wow, that's really cool. And then I read the article again. I thought, you know this Fascinating. And then I read the article one more time, and I said, I got to try this. And so yeah, sign We have. Exactly. And So So we went home that day, and I remember looking through the phone book. This is like, you know, BC before computers. And lo and behold, there was a woman who did hypnotherapy. Not too far away. She was in a small town along the Columbia River near the Canadian border. I thought, Man, I'm gonna try this. So I booked a session with her, like for a week later or something. And then during that time, I was looking for a job, and so I got it. I got called for an interview for a job with the Flathead tribe just south of Flathead Lake in Montana. They wanted some kind of water quality guy, and so it's a three day trip. I had to drive over their interview and then drive back. And so ah, went over to the interview, did the interview. It's one of those interviews were soon as you leave the office, you know? Well, I didn't go very well. Long drive for nothing, you know, and so obviously didn't get the job. But on the way back, um, I was driving and through northern Idaho is between a town called Sandpoint, Idaho, and Priest River, Idaho. And there's a two lane highway. And on this highway, um, I was probably in a string of cars. Maybe five cars are so nice about in the middle. And then somebody comes up from behind and is like a logger guy or something who was late for work. I don't know, and he decides he's gonna pass this whole string of cars right before a turn. That's in a narrow gap. And so as this guy pulls out and goes around, the string of cars comes from the other way. Yeah, It's like, you know, train rack, you know, So everybody peels off into the ditch. No one got hurt. There was no wreck, Thank goodness, you know, But all of us that were in that line of in that on the on my side of the road went to Priest River, which was the next town, And we all stopped and changed phone exchange phone numbers because of such a near life threatening situation. And so and then later I heard from the Washington, Idaho State Patrol. They arrested the guy for reckless driving or something like that. So whatever. And so on the way home, I was going back and I was going to stop for my hypnotherapy session before I went home. Okay, so I went on my way back. Before I go to Republic, I stop in this little town, and I have this hypnotherapy session, so I go in. That's kind of you know, I just had a near car accident, you know, not knowing that this near car accident was like an omen, you know? And so I'm going into this session not getting a job almost in a car accident. I going to see this lady. And so, um, so she does this little interview with me before we get started. That's why did you come see me? You know, it's like, Why are you here? That Well, you know, I said I read a an article in a magazine is really cool on, you know, I just want to try it out, and then being somewhat intuitive or psychic, I later found out she stopped me, said no. Why? You're really here? And I kind of, uh uh, No. And then I said something. And when I said what I whatever I said, whatever came out of my mouth, I remember very distinctly because it felt like somebody else said it. And what came out of my mouth was I feel like I have a block to my creativity. And so when I said that was really weird thing to say, because I come from a very uncreative family, I had no creative inclinations. I have, you know, I've grown up, played sports chase girls, went to college, got education and got a job. You know, I just and had a couple kids and was doing that, you know? And so So we go into this session and we get into this session. She gets about halfway into it. She stops whatever she's doing and says, What does the word abandonment me to you out of the blue? And so this is where my mystical experiences began. So all of a sudden I just kind of exploded to tears. I start crying like crazy, and I just see one image after another, just zooming past me for my past every time I had been abandoned. You know, Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom. So and so you know, I have this incredible meltdown on this lady's couch. And then we finished the session, and, you know, I think I may have scheduled another session. I can't remember. Um and then I went outside, and as as I was getting to my car, I realized a couple of things I thought, you know, first I I thought was really I was really embarrassed because I just, like, lost it in front of somebody I don't even know. So I felt really stupid. Yes. Oh, but then I also realized that I stumbled on some really powerful medicine and I didn't know what it waas And so I was about ready to find out the cause and effect of meditation. So when you meditate a release emotion like that, what will happen is that we'll go to work in your day to day life and you'll start to see shifts and changes in your 33 d circumstance, your day to day life. So I went home, drove home, and lo and behold, things had changed while I was gone and I was going to get divorced. So I went home and my marriage immediately collapsed and fell apart because things had happened transpired while I was gone. That wasn't going Teoh Continue. Yeah, So you can I'll let you guess what those circumstances were. And so I was out on my ear, uhm, living in a friend's tp that summer. And, um and I did not know that when I left ah, a few days after that, that I would never live with my small Children again. So my marriage fell apart and, you know, I had to move. And then I was working this job for the county, I believe, and they went to this interviewing process where I was the manager and I was a shoe in to get the job, but it was a political job. And so I got political ized out of a job. So I got I lost my job. So and I have lost my family. I lost my job. And then, um, winter was coming. I could no longer live in a teepee, so I said I got to go somewhere. So I moved back to my hometown, Spokane. And then, uh so I lost my friends and the place that I loved living. So eso and then I was going back and seeing this woman all the time, like every other week as going like this whole new universe, it was opened up inside of me. And when I moved back to Spokane, a few things happen. One. I start to play guitar. I started writing, which I became a published author later on. And then I started Ah, painting. Also, my paintings later got on the walls of, you know, the galleries in New York City and stuff, and so So what happened from that one event? Um, of kind of mystical proportions where this lady asked me, Why are you here to it's because I felt like I had a block to my creativity. Well, what happened to, um, going through these sessions with his people in going through all these mystical experiences that every all the blocks that I had to my creativity got removed through meditation. And so what it was it was everything. I was standing in my way, which was essentially everything. Yeah, yeah. So as I began my spiritual walk, that was kind of my first mystical experiences. It was absolutely life transforming. I just had to let go of things that were in the way. So that was my introduction to spiritually mysticism. And it was quite powerful that Siris of that period of time lasted about three years. So I was going in and out of all these mystical experiences and the creativity was like coming unglued. So, life changing a life changing event? Yeah. So that was my introduction, Teoh mysticism and spiritually. So we'll go onto the next one house that Sure. Okay, 4. A Kundalini Experience: Okay, so let's move on to our next topic here. Yeah, uh, your three year awakening period. Anything else? Yes. So when I was in that three year period, I had what I would later reflect upon and call it kundalini experience. And this was after I'd had all those mystical awakenings that opened my creativity where I kind of let go of things that were in the way. Is that so? I was going through a divorce, right? So and I had moved away to my hometown. And so to help deal with the emotions of divorce, I was seeing this counselor there is a therapist. She's a psychologist. And so I was going to see your I don't know, once a week, once every two weeks. And I remember the first time I went to see her that I was trying to explain to her about what I had just gone through over the last three or four months about these, like, incredible experiences that opened my creativity. And she was great because she actually understood what I was going through. And so I remember that she was she to explain it to me how she understood she pulled out a piece of paper and a pencil on a clipboard and she started drawing this graph. She's gonna really, you know, do it with the graph kind of illustration. And as soon as her pen shit the paper, I felt this warm kind of slow explosion in the base of my spine. And I remember as she was talking about having this very bizarre sensation, and I could feel this energy moving up my spine or wasn't energy was a warm, but I didn't know what it was that No idea. And so, um, I just kind of paid attention to it insane that I'm kind of going, you know, kind of this weird experience. And I was going into this kind of altered state of consciousness at the same time where I could see three dimensions like really clearly it was really bizarre. And so and so the session went on, it continued, and then I continue to go into this kind of altered state of consciousness as left her office, and she I lived in an area where that she overlooked the river. And so I was walking along the river and I remember stopping very vividly trying to hold onto this experience. It was like surreal three dimensions. It's like it was almost like the entire world was made out of plastic or something. Are you like you could hit it and it'll wobble like Jell O or something? And it was It was bizarre. It was bizarre. And so I went in and out of that state of consciousness for maybe six weeks to three months . And what happened in that that time is that, like, this is just kind of normal. I'd go into light, are going to a room and flick on the light, and the light would go out like explode. And I was like, Okay, happens once or twice, you know? Okay, it's a coincidence. When once happens like, you know, six or eight or 10 times, you realize that something really strange is going on. A A kid man was like, You know, it's like everyone's like, afraid to be around like, you know, flicking the light switches everywhere. No pop in every circuit breaker. And so and so one day I was walking downtown and I walked by this car and the car alarm goes off just as I go by it, you know? You know? Jeez, what was that? You know, And then I get, like, 30 feet past the car, and it turns off you could use those things. Stay on for, like what? Yeah. And so I thought that was weird. And so I stopped and I turned around and I walked the other way just to see what would happen. And I got next the car. The car alarm went off again, you know? And so and I get 30 feet past and it stops it. So, you know, I'm not kind of going Oh, my God, This is really weird. And so I turned around one more time, and as I was walking by, the car alarm went off again. You know, it's like I'm going. Okay. Sums weird. Something weird's going. Yeah. So people were starting to look at me really funny on the sidewalk, so I just kind of let it go, and you kept walking. And so I went down about a block and 1/2 and I went into a bookstore, and as soon as I went into the bookstore, the fire alarm went off. I think you know I really thought I was going crazy or that something was wrong with me, you know? And then So I kind of left their real quick, you know, because I was kind of freaking out and then in the town I live in Spokane has this Lee skywalks, you know, in the downtown area connects buildings so people can walk from one building to the other in the winter so they don't get cold enough to go outside. And so I was walking down over one of these skywalks, and the fire alarm goes off again, and the metal gate comes down and just shuts off the skywalk. And so I can't cross the Skywalk. And at that point, yeah, nailed. And so and so So that was that was kind of freaked me out because I thought something was really bizarre. So what I later read, And somewhere on the internet rights that kundalini experience can actually rewire your electromagnetic field. And so you can start having bizarre things like, you know, your computer will crash or or whatever, and so, um and so that was one indication that maybe I was having a kundalini experience, and then one kind of the the creme dela cramming, I'll say is that I was I was dating a woman. And, uh, you know, one thing that could happen during your kundalini is that your, like sex drive can go like off the chart. And so this was, like, the most sexually Meghna unanimous relationship I've ever had in my life, you know? So it was like I was I was the first experience I've ever had of enjoying myself, if that makes sense. So it's like I was enjoying myself doing what I was doing. It was incredible. So So when I look back on it all after that was all over and I started putting the pieces together, I realized that was probably, uh, you know, 36 art three months to a six week kundalini experience. So and then during all that time, you know, the creativity is still pouring out everywhere. So, um, so, in a case, that's my experience of the kundalini. But as of today, you're still able, Teoh. Yeah. Everything kind of went back down to normal. Yeah. Okay. So, yeah, After those intense experiences over, it seemed like it was Ah, he was a kind of a peak or a spike experience in my life that were had evolved in some sort of way. But they kind of went back to the plateau of just normal. Living with new awareness is, and knew, actually knew talents also. So yeah, so I lived. It lived to tell the tale. 5. Awakening & Oneness: Have you ever had a spiritual awakening? Yes. And since you can't teach experience a spirit of that spiritually, you can't really teach people. How have them The best way to get people prepared for them. Besides doing exercises we've done, is to tell stories. So I have been through to, um, spiritually awakenings in my life. Once was in my thirties and once was about 10 years ago when I turned 50. And so I think, Would you like to hear the story of that? OK, so I was working in the hospital as a clinical hypnotherapist, and I was working with cancer patients doing meditation and healing work. And as I was doing that work in there, I realized I've read about spiritually awakenings. I'm connecting to a higher power and all that kind of stuff, and I knew that I didn't have that. I never had that experience, and I knew that in my healing work at the hospital there was a whole another level that I just couldn't get to, so I really wanted it to happen. So I had no criteria. Number one. I had the desire, and at that time I was married and My wife came home one day, said she discovered this meditation through this organization in India called Oneness University. And they said, by laying on hands through this this organization naked create a biochemical shift in your brain and awaken you to, uh, experiencing spiritual energy, your daughter to define whatever they called it and what you told me that you know, the first thing about like, Wow, it sounds like a really cult that's like a major cult get crazy. And so, um So I went to a couple of the meditation. She was going to have my hands put on me and stuff, and I didn't feel a thing. I just thought, you know, whatever. But I did read the books and I saw their videos and stuff, and I thought, You know, these people are really committed to a very positive vision of the future where everyone else was seeing, like sky falling. These guys were very committed, Teoh, Positive vision of the future. They also were huge oneness. University was huge. It had a temple and three separate campuses in southeastern India. Over a 1,000,000 Indian nationals had been through their programs and people were going to the programs from all over the world. You read the testimonials and see the videos and you realize, Hey, these like normal people, we were having these major experiences. I thought, Well, you know, it's only a week, you know? I'll go check it out. I'll go. I'll go. Give it a go. So, um, so I was working as a geologist also at that time, So I was working on far away in Canada, but I had a couple weeks break in my schedule, and so it just kind of synchronous tickly worked out that I could go and I went to this, Uh, they had a satellite campus in Fiji, and so I was able to go to Fiji, not all the way to India. And so on my way there, if you ever go to retreat or something like that, what will happen in your growth processes that that your process will begin before you get there. So I was on my way to Fiji as on airplane I flew to l A x were had to change planes and I wasn't really sure I wanted to go, you know? You know, I could go or not go is kind of really ambivalent of the sheriff Eyes into it. I spend a lot of money to go. And so what happens is that I had one day extra to get to Fiji. So I had a spare day. When I got there, I could do some touristy things I get to L. A X and I've been working internationally in Canada and Europe. They had a passport and get up to the ticket agency, Um, or the ticket taker, given my passport. And they rejected my passport. I could not. They wouldn't let me on the plane. I said, how can you know? I've been using this passport all over the place. How can you not let me go? You're not even an immigration official said sorry. Airline policy. You have to get a new one. So if you if you really want to go, you can get an emergency passport down in Brentwood. And so I had an extra day, and so I had to make a decision. Do I really want to go or not? Because to go to this, um, retreat was gonna now take extra effort and extra money. I really wanted to go out to really put out the effort to get there, and so that was a major decision because it was like the diviner God or somebody was setting up care. You coming or are you not? You know, Are you gonna be when this thing or not? So I decided to go. So I went and got emergency passport and that decision set up, uh, one of the most significant changes in my life that ever happened. So that began the whole treadmill of this week. Those to come. And so what happens? Is that okay? I get the feed you get to this event, all the people are gathered and I'm sitting in the back and the first day and this guy gets up and he goes up there and he makes ah, welcome announcement, you know? And I think there's a video of him to, and I was expecting to see these guys from India. So because all the thesis this organization was from India and this white guy gets up and starts talking, I'm going Hey, what's up with this? You know, it's like kind of, you know, that will crimp in my bubble. You know because I wanted to go to India. See the guys in India, you know? And so I lean over this guy, go like who is this guy? And he looks over to me and he goes as Tony Robbins and I go, Well, who's he? You know. So if you have you ever heard of Tony Robbins? He's like this self help guru of exponential proportions. He's known all over the world is really famous. And so I didn't know that when we're doing this retreat that it was at the facility that Tony Robbins owned. And so there was a period of about a year and 1/2 where Tony Robbins and Oneness University cross past. And so it was like two major world playing forces that cross paths in this one retreat center for the period of time that I was there. And so So then we go through all these meditations and stuff, and I won't go into all of but each meditation I would do it had, like, these major mystical experiences that we're rewiring my whole body, and and, um, the reason I brought up Tony Robbins is because he was the one that was coming in. My visions of is this weird is weird. I didn't really particularly, you know, care for the guy. That much was okay, but But he was like, this really powerful energy force. And I could see him in these visions and he would like, come into my body and explode. And so that happened, like, maybe four different times through the course of this week. And so when I got done with the retreat, I kind of hung out in Ah, Fiji for a few days, and I was just like I wasted and I was, like, just energetically wrung out like, I just been through boot camp or something. And so what happened is that when I got home, everything kind of stayed the same. There weren't any major changes there. Anything and just life kind of went on as usual. But I noticed that I could feel my lower three shockers like they had been blown open. And, um, I could feel the energy moving through him all the time. It never stopped. In fact, it had never It's never stopped since. And so I didn't really know what to do with that feeling or anything, and so I just kind of let it be and went about my life, went back to work and cut it up. But I always any time I stopped, I could feel it is really interesting. And so I thought, Well, you know, there's another one coming up in March and so I went to this time I went all the way to India back to Oneness University and went through another week, long course, and during, um, that that course that I went through, Um, I was there for a week, and I really thought I wasted my money and my time to go there because nothing was happening there. Mr. Experiences, I just kinda like getting top from people that I knew more than you know. It's like so I was kind of disappointed. And then on the last day of the retreat, this guy comes in to give us the last presentation, and his name is a non to Geary, and he was like the leading teacher for the whole university he had been giving. We'd seen him give all these courses through video that we've never seen him in person, So he shows up in person. I was like, Wow, you know, like the big Mantiri These little guys, like 55 and over is like is really like I've never met anyone like this is very tuned in and pure spiritual, wonderful person, you know? And so what he would do when he would talk, he would stop in, his eyes would glaze over, and he would stare into space. That's how he always talked in public. And, uh, you could tell that he was tuned into something that everyone else wanted to be tuned into . And so, as he was giving this two or three hour presentation, I was sitting like in the back somewhere kind of halfway over, and he would stop and he would glaze his eyes, glaze over, he would stare and he would stare in my direction. He did that, like, for two hours. He was like, just stare over where I waas, you know, I just thought he was staring in space, but I could feel this energy going into my through my eyes and through my whole body is like one of the weirdest things I ever felt. So it's like I felt like I was like getting electrified for, like, two hours straight. And so Okay, so great. Whatever. And so when I get home, when I got back home, I could feel all my other shockers were open, and so and that's so I had gone through this, like, big internal rewiring. And then, um, everything in my life changed. I went through a very unexpected divorce. Um, you know, I ended up moving out of my home, is working. I lived in a basement apartment, just trying to figure out what happened, and yet, So it seems like my whole life collapsed. Yet all this energy was running through my body and so I could feel it coming through my hands and everything. And then when I went back to the hospital tow work with cancer patients, it was like there's, like, miraculous healings and stuff happened. It was, like, incredible. And so So that was a major spiritually awakening. It changed everything in my life and, um, enhance my creativity enhanced my ability as a healer. And so it was pretty dramatic. And I've had, like, that was a 2nd 1 I've had. So I just thought I would share that because, um it's really hard to teach what one issue just kind of have to go through it. And then, um, you know, learn from other people's stories, and so that's kind of my story. And hopefully everyone will have their own story, you know, hopefully have yours in the in the course of this class to. So hopefully this will be a spiritual waiting for you that will improve the quality of your life and wake you up to energies that are far beyond yourself. 6. Divine Energy Meditation - Fiji: after my experiences in India, I didn't quite go into those all the way. I kind of gave an overview, but I had some really individual profound experiences that might be helpful to people to hear about them on our own. Yeah, what else? That experience is like e don't know about any anyone else had them. I know everyone's having their own experiences, but I had three particular meditations that were that all wrapped into that one thing, and I just one was very poignant. And I thought I'd share it. That there was the first day they took us into a meditation was to what they called experiencing the divine. Okay, so and now it's kind of the whole reason I wanted to go to India in the first place. I wanted to have this spiritual experience like it connected this thing that I had never connected to before, You know, it was like higher power, whatever, you know. And so, um, so they take us into this meditation to experience your divine and so we get in this meditative state and everyone's relaxed and everything. And as I'm in this state all of a sudden, um, I start to feel this. This swirling energy, you know, like it was I could feel it moving inside and outside of my body is like, I guess I don't think I think calls kind of comport text energy. I can actually feel it. And as lies experiencing this. I was very familiar with that feeling because I'd used of experience that feeling a lot when I was doing my clinical hypnotherapy sessions at the hospital. And so I'm going into this experience, and I remember myself saying in the Millis meditation Is that you know, Come on, I thought this was this was a divine experience, you know? And I'm feeling this old stuff, you know, it's like, What's that? And then I went, Oh, you know, then the light when I said, Oh my God, it's like so this this, these swirling feelings that I had are of divine nature for my version or my experience. And so then the lights and I was like, Oh my God, I have been experiencing this for years and I didn't know what it waas. And so, um and so then the tears started flowing, you know, kind of going back there s so it's like it's like this intimate, loving presence was always there, and I just never recognized it for what it Waas and I and I stopped after the meditation I remember. You know how many people are like that? It's like we're this divine or God or would everyone to call It is so close that we don't even recognize it, and it's in our It's right there, you know it's in us. And so as soon as I had that realization, I had this vision pop up and it was the the founders from Oneness University. It was just in my mind's eye was a vision. There's a man and a woman. I think they're Hindu. They lead the whole university. Another one of was of Tony Robbins who was at that retreat, You know, he was there in that room. And so, um and he's Ah, if you don't know who he is, he's kind of this, like, big shot self help guru, you know, of world class power. Yeah, motivational speaker. And so I see Saw those three and they they just did this whirlwind and and they just went boom and exploded into my test chestnut gas. You know, it's like it hit me so hard I could actually feel it. And so So that was kind of the first meditation that it was part of that, so 7. Experiencing Joy - Fiji: Did you have any others? Yeah, there was. There was actually two other. So that the next one I remember very vividly. Um And so this is kind of a mystical experience I had is that they took us into this meditation. It was called experiencing joy. That was the news that they had a theme every day. And so today was gonna be joy and so whatever. And so we go into this meditation and data done all started here, someone laughing. You know what I thought, like, you know, know someone's faking it or whatever, you know, And then another person starts laughing, and then another person starts laughing. And then then you could feel this energy swell in the room of this laughter, And this laughter completely took over the room. So this energy of, like, hysterical joy entered the room is like one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced. And so I started laughing. I could Yeah, I e And I was, like, the most cynical one of the bunch, you know, it's like, Come on, you know, it's like and so I started. Like I started laughing so hard that I thought I was gonna break a rib. And I think I like a wet my pants A little bit, you know, is like is a incredible And so and so you know that I mean, it was it was so cathartic is like an emotional release of major proportions. You know, this, like, just hysterical laughter, like in a room of 50 people where everyone's laughing, you know, And and then so I get up on my until all fours for something, I kind of get done laughing, is gonna try and get up or something. But I was still in a pretty deep, meditative state, and then my body starts rocking back and forth on all fours is really where it is. Almost like I couldn't control it. Yeah, And then I had this pressure around my head that was was so intense that, you know, felt like my head was going to cave in, you know, and I later found out that was called a rebirthing experience. I was like I was getting shoved through the birth canal again. Yeah, I was like it was it was intense, is really intense. And so then when, as I was going through this canal. I felt this like brilliant white light. Just shoot through the top of my head like a blew my head off. I'm going, you know, I'm just going what is going on? And then then so then I kind of Ah, no, I didn't open my eyes, but I I looked up in my mind's eye. And then I saw a vision of Tony Robbins again, you know? And he's pointing at me like he had just done a karate chop. And then I could feel like all this electricity coming from behind him and coming in through the top of my head. And he lifted up into the air and and with this wave of energy, they went straight into the top of my head and went into my heart. I felt like this explosion against, like, Holy Yeah, that's like So that was the 2nd 1 So in these meditations, I was getting totally rewired, which I would find out later when I got home 8. Vision on the Beach - Fiji: there was. There is 1/3 the 3rd 1 to kind of cap off the this wild week I was having, um so during this one, the group was going through some kind of final meditation and, you know, I was burned out. I was like, I was, like, exhausted. I was worn out. So I skipped out on it, and I went down to the beach and walked along the beach. And as I'm stepping out, So you had There's a little brush she had to go through a little trail to get down to the beach. And as I walked down there, I heard someone call my name, you know? So I turned around and nobody was there. And so I said, Oh, my God, I'm losing my mind, you know? And so I walked a little further and I hear someone call my name again. Except this time, it was loud and clear. There was no missing it. So I turned around again. Nobody's there. Yeah. So I continue walking down the beach kind of going into this trance state. And in my mind's eye, one of the leaders from Oneness University shows up right next to me, and it was not physical. So I was like having an apparition or something. And, um and he's one of the teachers that wasn't at the wasn't in February was, but he was in India and and so we walked along and carried on this conversation. It went on, like for 30 minutes, and he was telling me stuff about what's gonna happen in the future and all this kind of stuff. And it was It was really surreal, but it's kind of I was tired. I was exhausted, and I was in a unaltered state of consciousness. And so I just kind of let it go. I didn't really find and he was just, like, delightful to be with, You know, this is great, you know? So I'm going out of my mind Release. It's delightful, right? Yeah. Later. So and actually wrote them all down. And they did kind of prove out in the months to come. So and then as we were walking down the beach, um, I see a vision of Tony Robbins coming in the opposite direction. God, I know. It's like God is driving me nuts. You know, it's like I because I didn't I didn't really want I didn't go there for Tony Robbins. I didn't really, guys, okay? You know, he was fine. But why does he have to keep showing up in my Yeah, what's up with this? And so he comes down, he's walking in the other direction. And Tony Robbins this huge, he's, like, 66 and his own muscle, you know, he's all energy, and so I'm kind of going Oh, you know, it's like, you know, and this comment is like, he's meaning business. And I'm going, you know, and so on my mind, this guy's next to me and go like, what is going on here? You know? So it gets up next to me and he stands in front of me and you just Bella So you don't get it, do you? And I school, you know, get what you know. And so and then So he winds up and and, uh and he has this flat palm open and is gonna hit me as hard as he can, you know? And here comes the big blow. And so as he does it, his hand goes through my, uh, through my body and then he kind of goes in something could feel it inside my body. It was so weird and and he said, That's it, You're getting it, You're getting it. And you kept pushing on it kind of in now. So yeah, that's it. That's it. I'm going. What's what on this is this is all so bizarre because all going on in my mind. But it was like, you know, like Riel. And then and then he goes in for one last time, And then his whole arm and his body kind of does this pirouette and he goes right into my body and any disappears and and then I kind of just standing there and shock, you know? And then I look over to the Indian guru guy and he's gone. So it's like, Okay, it's like, you know, what was that? And so So that was kind of my third meditation. And then, um So I had a really hard time peace and all this stuff together. So, um, you know, for about three days after the retreat was over, I stayed in Fiji in a little hotel sort of thing. And I was I was wasted. I tried as trying to, like, just pull myself back together tryingto what happened over the course of this week. And I couldn't make sense out of any of it until for about six months later, when it kind of made sense. So I went back home and tried to assimilate things. I just kind of lived a normal life for the next six months. And then I went to another retreat in Fiji. Um, are not if you've got India six months later and then, um and then after that, those awakenings, then Then my life fell apart again. And then But after that all happened, I got divorced again. But then energy start coming through my hands. And that's when I started using hands on healing at the hospital when I was working in the cancer unit and realize that whatever happened, I got totally reworked, and I was kind of up another notch. But, um, but took me a while to put it all together. Probably at least a year or so. So is intense guy walking on the beach tell you, e, I don't believe that that was part of the deal. There was more, uh, like, remember it was. He talked about three different stages of things of development, and he didn't mention the hands. But on day, we're gonna happen over, like, a six weeks to six months, period. He didn't necessarily mention that I was going to get divorced again. But that was, you know, one of the steps you're going to go through. You got let go Something's or whatever. So, um, yeah, so that was That was intense. It wasn't really intense. And so I'm glad I got to experience that kind of stuff. So you know that it exists out there just, you know, like, wow. 9. First Hypno Session: So when I started doing getting to meditation and stuff, I was started off as a hypnotherapist. And so I got trained. And, uh, I didn't have any experience to really know what I was doing. That I had my first session with someone. Yeah, so I got a call. Someone actually want to come for a session? Did anything unusual happen? First session? As a matter of fact, something unusual did happen. So here I am. This, like, greenhorn hypnotherapy guy Not really know what I'm doing. And, uh, I'm working with this young guy. He's probably early twenties or something, and I take him in this session So far, so good. And then all of a sudden, he he flips immediately into this. I guess it was a past life where he is caught in an open field in Vietnam in a gunfight. And there's my first session. You know s Oh, yes, I'm kind of, you know, kind of, you know, OK, relax. And, you know, and this guy's starts going ballistic in the chair to the fact where he was really reliving this experience, and then if you did the math, you know, early twenties guys in the early nineties. If you do the math, you he could have been in Vietnam, you know? And so So he goes to this really intense experience of where he's caught in this gun battle out in the open. And he's watching his friends get and his buddies get picked off all all of ah, around him and then, you know, sudden, he lets out this sigh like you just got shot, you know? And it's like it was intense. And then and then he stopped breathing in my chair. He he stopped breathing. He stopped moving. He was unconscious. And I thought, Oh, my God, This'll guy just died in my chair and this is my first session and I don't have insurance. And so it seemed like forever. It seemed like, you know, I didn't know what to do. You know what? When I do, they don't teach me this in school, you know? And then after a few minutes, what seemed like forever, he takes a a gasp like he's back in his body and and then, you know, I kind of bring him out of the session. And he was kind of things passive and a hippie kid, you know, like you'd never figure him to be a like a seasoned warrior. And, ah, he gets up, he leaves. And that was it. It's like I have no idea what happened afterwards. I didn't have any interaction with, um um, I didn't have a contact information, and I didn't really learn about the message, but need to follow up with people after their Cecil stuff. I didn't learn that toe later. And so So it was really bizarre. Now the cool thing is is like, um so this is like 30 years later, I saw his business card at a yoga shop in town. So he's a musician, and so he's still around. So he didn't die. So that's good. No, I don't know. That would be kind of weird. I can't let that one go. Thank you. That was my first experience with a real live hypnotherapy session. Yeah, 10. Emotions and the Physical Body: when you were doing hypnotherapy. Did you ever have that Anybody's emotions affect their physical body? Yes, happened a number of times, but one person I remember in particular this was when I was in Bellingham and I had a client come see me and there's a young guy. He was in college and he was studying to be a psychologist at the university. And so I come in and he says, You know, can you help me with my skin? And I go, Well, I don't know, maybe let's see it so I could see that there's a little a little rash around his neck. And then he pulled a shirt down and I could see he had, like, rial severe rash over the front of his body. And I thought, Well, I thought, you know, I don't know. I don't have a lot of experience dealing physical healing with people, but we can give it a go if you want. And he said, Let's give it a try And I said, okay. And so I asked him in the session, Um, I said, Well, how long have you had this rash and when did it start? He said Oh, he said. It started just after the accident. I said, What accident? And he said so he said about six or eight years ago, he was driving his family. He was a young drivers, like 18 and they were driving through southern Idaho, now in southern Idaho. I think it's I 84 that goes through there. There's a town called Burley, and it's on the Snake River plain. So, um, if you've ever been a Snake River Plain, its's pretty vast plain. That runs along the Snake River. It's a big alluvial fan, and it's notorious for having wind gusts and go across the road. So I think it's lost. River range up there that pours down, and the the wind comes across the Snake River plain, and so you can get unexpected gust on the highway. They're gonna be up like 60 miles an hour, so it's like getting hit by a freight train. You get inside blasted by a freight train, so he's driving along young driver inexperience. They get hit by a side blast of wind and pushes him off the road Rules vehicle. So, um, no one in the No. One in the vehicle got hurt except for his younger brother who got killed. Yeah, And so and so he said after that, the rash started. And so Okay, so now we know where to go with the healing. And so So this is one technique I learned working with deep grief like that is that what we did is that we took him into recession. This is just one session, and, um and so, uh, get him in to the nice, relaxed state, Open the subconscious. And I invite his brother to come in. And so his brother shows up in the session, either in its mind in his imagination or the or the presence of his brother actually showed up. And so, um, lots of tears, Lots of regret. You're still kind of kind of feel it. Lots of deep feeling, and but that the two of them were able to reconcile and make peace. It was has really powerful. And and it was a huge relief to him and his brother, who had passed on, at least in his mind's eye, never held, and he was never angry or anything, you know. And so and so that was so relieving to him. And so off he goes, you know, never see him again. Don't know what happens, can it's the thing with healing. You work with somebody, they go off. You don't know how successful you've been. Even if you follow up, you might not hear from him. So I'm sitting in a coffee shop about six months later. And part of the part of the thing when we came in to see me is that the rash on his chest? He couldn't. He felt very self conscious about getting in a relationship. So he just couldn't handle the girl boy girl thing. So and so I seen about six months later, I'm sitting in a copy shop. He walks in with this girl, it comes over to me and, uh, excuse me kind choking up here. He pulls his shirt down. There's no rash there. He says, thank you. And we walked out. Yeah, it's like just a thank you and that's it. That's it. Here. So, yeah, that's cool. 11. Past Life Regression: ever done in the past life regressions I have to in past life, regressions for people. And every once in a while, past life regressions could be like the most significant part of the healing they do. They can go into this altered reality and see their suffering from a different point of view, whether the past life is true or not, and kind of reframes their suffering and that can let go of him or easily. So it's kind of interesting. But one person I remember in particular was the victim of an auto accident, and, um, they're in a lot of physical pain. They had done everything they could do through the normal doctor channels, all kinds of medication. Nothing's working and still in a lot of pain. And so they ended up. I think they called it fibromyalgia or something phantom pain because there's really no reason this person should be in that kind of pain, and so we start doing sessions together and this person was also working. I think with an acupuncture is and maybe a massage therapist and so between the two of us were kind of making headway. You know, we're making the you know, at least some progress so she can function and stuff. Um, And then, uh, we do a past life regression. And in the past, life regression. I don't remember the details of the session, but there was, like, this major cathartic release. And in the that release, about 90% of her pain physical pain was released permanently. And so she went from, like, 100% pain to, like, 10% pain. And, uh, it was it was phenomenal. It's like and I didn't I didn't know what to attribute it to, other than maybe there is this past life connection. Or maybe wherever she was able to go mentally, psychologically or spiritually in that session was able Thio Thio fosters this kind of intense release. It was amazing release. Yeah, the physical pain left her body. Yeah, it was Wow. Yeah. So that was one past life regression of done That was very successful in terms of 12. Energy Sucker: have you ever help anybody? Eso? Sometimes there's two kinds of people in the world you know. There's there's those that you're with them, and after you leave them, you feel better. And there's those that you're with them and after you feel you leave, then you feel worse. And in the worst case scenarios, people can actually latch onto and suck your energy. It's kind of a subconscious thing, but it's it can be a real a physical drain that can actually make you sick. And so this reminds me of a time when I was doing some hypnotherapy when I had a client come in. And, uh, this guy was really distraught. He was. He was really kind of bent out of shape because what was happening, or what had happened is either his his mom was dying or she she had already died. I can't remember. And so and he was a professional in the community was really, really well respected kind of sensitive guy. And, um, and and so the thing he was all distraught about not because his mom was dying, but because his sister was bipolar and she was she was suing him for the will. And so Um, and he was really distraught over this. And so we do some hypnotherapy, you know, he signed up for six sessions or something and trying different techniques. This, that he still is not a stressed out, but it's still pretty stressed out. And then we did one session about halfway through, which is called cutting cords. And so I asked him a simple question. Can you feel like anyone sucking your energy? And it goes, Absolutely. It's my sister and I said, He says, Where do you feel if it looks like right here in my chest, in my body, it's like I almost can't move. And so what we did in the sessions, it's real simple technique. It relaxed. Then you just let let that energy go back to that person. You can actually feel it, leave your body and then you call your energy back and hopefully you can feel your own energy, come back, and so he gets done with the session goes, You know, that was really great. It felt really good, you know, it's like I feel a lot better. And so he comes in the next week, and this happens not uncommonly and, uh, healings scenarios. He came in the following week, and he said my sister, uh, up and moved to Bend, Oregon, and she turned her the rights to her. The power of attorney over to an attorney. So she's gone. That's it. One session released the energy she's gone. So, you know, stuff like that happens quite a lot. Yeah, is that he was pretty dramatic, though, and he was, like, Great, you know? 13. Cancer is Life: Hey, something about March March in large, large mark. So, Marge, I met also at the Cantina, was working there, and she was probably in her seventies when I met her. And she would be if I was to classify her in a category of people. I would say she had been like a Buddhist nun, except I don't think Buddhist nuns actually exist. And so she was like this imp of, ah, pure hearted woman, the most pure I've ever met in her life. In the thing I remember about Marge is that when she was 18 and she was probably 18 in the forties, so she's old and she was small and petite and stuff and just delightful lady. But she said when she was 18 she worked at a summer camp. And, um, one day, while she's working the summer camp, she had a lunch break. And so she rode this rowboat out to the island that was on this lake, and she fell asleep. And when she woke up, she had this apparition and it was the apparition. She called her my lady. And so she was able to go home and carve it out of a single piece of wood. It's probably one of the most spectacular art pieces I've ever seen. So I mean, Marge at the cancer unit. And so we get into this cancer. You know what I'm thinking? Well, she's gonna do really well with this stuff, and she's going that, like, knock it out of the park and we get into the session and she starts talking to her cancer and she tells me, You know, I need my cancer. What? You know, I need my cancer. Yeah. And so and she said it was with the most insightful things that she'd ever went through. She didn't die from cancer, but she had cancer just a little bit. And she said the reason she needed the little bit of cancer was because it allowed her to come to the hospital and be part of this women's group. And so if she did was over cancer, she couldn't do it. Yeah, so she lived alone and she's older. And so she thought the cancer center was great because I had all these cool people in, You know, there's like all the people in her meditation group, but they're like, you know, the nurses and the doctors, and this is a really, you know, supportive staff there. So she said without my cancer would be able to do that. So I need to keep a little bit of it. And she did social. It was It was her community. Yeah. Is there life blood? So that was kind of interesting that, like, cancer actually gave her life. Yeah, it is. Yeah. Marge. 14. Pain Body: But you were working at the hospital. What was the most unusual thing that most under usual thing. Well, I remember one time I was sitting in the waiting room between sessions and I was waiting for a client to show up. And this is about the time I think, eyes reading a book from Eckhart totally in the new Earth. And any case, I remember there was a paragraph or maybe a whole chapter that he dedicated to this thing called the Pain Body. And we can actually see the pain body influencing what happens in a room. And so I'm sitting in this chair in the waiting room at the hospital at the Cancer center. Rise working. And I can see this guy starting Teoh approach from the parking lot and walk into the cancer center. And as it gets nearer and nearer, I know it's like in the library, which is really quiet place in the cancer center, the light brain there, the volunteer library, and knocks over all these pencils, and they go flying everywhere. So it created a stir. And that's kind of weird. That kind of stuff. Yeah, never happened. And then as he comes as the two glass doors open. Uh, one of the receptionists was got into some kind of agitated billing argument with somebody on the phone, and that never happened either, You know, in the reception desk and as it got closer and closer, there are two receptionists at the front desk and a technician that ran one of the cancer machines in the back. When the radiation machines comes up and there's an argument that explodes between the two receptionists and the technician in front of everybody that was there as this guy's getting closer and closer and closer, yeah, yeah, and I could actually feel his presence and whatever he was carrying on him come into the room and it just like it disrupted everybody in the room. And then as he came up to the reception desk, you know, the the argument kind of almost violently ended in the technician went off and slammed the door. And I'm sitting there watching this, like, pain body guy. And, uh and I realized that, you know, he's my next client s. I'm waiting for him. So I had learned some kind of spiritual protection techniques. By that point, I was like, really like putting the armor on for I went in to see him, and then I don't remember the session I don't think was pretty benign and eventful. And then I did not see him again after that. So that was my call. Yeah, probably less. That's kind of a very unusual thing that happened Cancer center that affected everybody out , so 15. Bev: when you were working at the hospital, Who is your most unique client? My most unique client was a person by the name of Bev. So one day I was I think I was at home and I got a call from someone who introduced himself . As Bevan said, They want to schedule a session at the hospital, and I had to tell him I'm sorry, but I can't book sessions through the hospital That's done to the receptionist at the cancer unit, so please call them, I said. Okay, so I got off the phone and when I got off the phone in bed, you know, I could tell the voice was really, really gravelly, and I thought, This person is really, really sick. So we made a an appointment to schedule the next week. And so it was time to see Bab and, uh, Death comes into my office and Bev's a guy. But that's a guy, a 68 year old man who just had moved from Kawai in Hawaii to Bellingham. Uh, he's a 68 year old guy who was steeped in Buddhism. He had 25 years of Buddhist practice, and he had just got his massage license at the age of 68 was pretty cool. And so the first thing that happened to bed when he moved to Bellingham was that he found out he had colon cancer. And so by the time I saw that, he was pretty sick and hey came for our first session. I don't really remember what happened, but I told him that I had just done my training through one this university, where all this stuff had happened to me, kind of an awakening sort of way. And I had this energy coming through my hands. So I was trying these new workshops out in my basement apartment. So the 1st 1 I did there's like, six people that are in bed was one of them. And I just remember, uh, during that thing was a two hour workshop that Bev slept through the whole thing. So he was really sick. I think he might have been starting chemo and his on radiation, and he had had four inches of this colon removed with surgery. And so we had a colostomy bag and he hated that thing. And so he wasn't He wasn't at the top of his game and he was, you know, quite ill. And so we continued with our sessions. And I think on about the third session at the hospital, something happened. I was using hands on with them or something. And all of a sudden he says this presence here, which he named t shows up, just the letter t. You know, I wasn't really aware of it, but he said it opened his energy field and he was like, just drinking it up. Yeah, it was like you said he was really moved by it. I could tell he was it was profound experience for whatever was going on, and I was just kind of facilitating, but I wasn't really aware of the presence of tea, but he waas and so we get to about our sixth session, and he has. He had just come back from the oncologist yet oncology appointment to check up on his cancer, and he had no cancer like no, no, no cancer, just completely cancer free. And his oncologist was quite surprised. He was elated and he said it was because all the work we were doing and he told me that he wanted to quit doing chemo. I said, Hold on, wait a minute. You know? Hey, he said he hated chemo because he used to be an alcoholic. And so it said it reminded him when from his drinking days, I said, You know, it's like I'm just facilitating a process. I'm not going to recommend that you quit chemo in any way, shape or form. But he did. And so we continued our sessions afterwards and, uh, for my home office and and he kept going into this experience of tea. And he was It was like crazy. So he he says, according to T T. Is the one that's taking this cancer away. And then he comes in and drops the next bomb says I want to have, ah, reverse colostomy bag surgery done, and I want you to take me through it says, I'm going, Yeah, I'm not gonna do so. That's is I'll be there with you, he says. It's all because of the work. We're doing it, you know, I was really I don't want take any credit because I was chicken. I think for the most part, and so we go into this perverse colostomy bag surgery. There I am with Deb. The physician shows up half hour late because he slept in going Oh, man, this can't be a good sign. And so I A And so this surgery was successful. Okay, so they sodas colon back together and remove the colostomy bag. And then for the next three days, I watched Bev turned yellow as he got John does from staph infection. So that and so I pretty I was almost certain we were gonna lose him, but he pulled through, so he pulled through. And so so that was cancer free. You don't have a clause me bag anymore. And, ah, he credited all to the work we're doing, and he lived for six more years after that. So through the work we were doing, we were able to extend six years to the end of his life, and he kind of became the the guru of the A group that he was in, which is really great. They were their quality years. Yeah, and kind of became a leader in an artist in his own right. And he I wrote a book that he actually did the artwork for in the back, So yeah, so he's one of the coolest, the most remarkable people I ever met. So that's that 16. Joy on the Sidewalk: I do. I have one more bed story. So there's so the part of him getting over cancer, just like one chapter of this whole thing of this incredible guy I got to meet. And so So he would come to see me at my office after he had seen him at the cancer unit, and so he would come, and we have our sessions in my office wasn't far away from the local library in, so this is before smartphones. So I would go from my office quite regularly and go check my email, the library. And so one day I was over there on my way over to the library and outfront of library. There's Bev, and he liked wore this like, really like long red coat. And you were orange hunters hat, you know, e can listen and understand their So we're sitting there chirping away on the sidewalk. You know, indeed, that I did it. And then this guy pulls up on his bike and his name was Richard. And I'll never forget Richard because he was the first client I saw in the cancer unit. And so I thought I saw Richard, I think was seven years previous. He was the first guy that I will work with. And I was always kind of ah, self conscious about working with men at that time cause that they're more guarded, you know? And so I had these six sessions with Richard, and I don't really remember what happened, you know, if he lived or not. And so here comes Richard up on his bike, he gets often ago. Oh, my God, He's alive for one. And and then we're talking to bet on the sidewalk. And they both have this soon find out in the conversation. They both have this thing in common that they had both had cancer and they had both worked with me. And so there's like, the surreal moment where everyone is absolutely beaming on the sidewalk that that we'd all been not through life and death together. But we've all been through death and life, and I had helped these two guys with their getting over cancer. And so it was just this moment of acknowledgment. There was three way that was like, I guess that you would call it like a profound moment of joy. I'll never, ever forget it And then I thought about it later, and I thought, You know, this is the reason I do this work, that there's no other reason because it's about healing and it's about connecting with people in a real joyous way. So that's kind of another Bev story. But he pulled somebody else into it. Named Richard, which was, it was is really great. 17. Healing Waters of the Nooksack: So can nature be a healing influence? Absolutely. So the most dramatic example I have of that is that when I worked in the hospital at the cancer unit, remember once, maybe twice, where I went home and something was attached to me. It was either like an entity or someone's negative thought forms. But whatever it was, I took it home with me, and, um, and I could recognize it because I felt dizzy. I felt nauseous. I didn't feel right, you know, it's something was way wrong. Are, you know, maybe not way wrong, but wrong enough. And so somehow I discovered I don't know how I figured this out, but I was. I took. I went the next day, still feeling not good, like this thing is attaching but not fully knowing, aware what it was. And I went up Teoh, the small town called Glacier at the base of Mount Baker. And there's a river that runs off Mount Baker called the North Work of the Nook Sac, and the north fork of the Nutsack comes off glaciers. And so it's like it's this very pristine glacial water, and it's probably, you know, some of the cleanest water, Definitely in this part of the world. And so really high nature, Like right? What I did this particular day is that I went down to, um the banks, the north fork of them look, sack and sat on Iraq. I took my shoes off when I stuck my feet in this freezing cold water. And what happened is that whatever I was carrying with me let go, and I could feel it, drain out my feet and go down the water. And so it was like is like all of a sudden you're dizzy, nauseous. You don't feel good notes, and you're fine. And so it is almost instantaneous. And so what I noticed is that, um I could do that whenever I was feeling off, you know? So this pristine glacial water has its healing capacity. And so later on, I would go through a divorce, and I would go back to this place not only cleansing but a healing. It would take my my feelings of grief and take him down. The streams are actually quite spectacular. Yes. Going to the next act. Yeah, which is where I learned to kayak. By the way, also healing waters 18. Catch the Tiger: when someone's got emotions that air really overwhelming. Is there anything that could be? Yes. So sometimes I work with people like have anxiety attacks, and we'll go into meditation and whatever and it doesn't really work. Or maybe even, um, you'll find yourself one time or another where you're in a an emotional situation that's overwhelming. It's actually more than you can handle. And so I've been in those situations before. It takes a lot of courage t use this technique, but it actually could be very effective. And it's called Catching the Tiger by the Tail. And so what you do is that you go in to that emotion, not even in a meditative state, just like in normal. And you go in to that emotion with the intention of experiencing it fully and releasing it completely. Now, when you do that, there's a couple things. One is that you don't know it's gonna work, so you're gonna go into your biggest fear or your you know, your biggest anxiety or whatever. The emotion is biggest anger with the intention of healing it, to experience it fully so it will let go, and I hope you don't exactly So this takes a lot of courage and it takes a lot of intention . You have to go in with the intention that you're doing this to heal and release this completely. So I've experienced this a couple times. One time I remember incredibly, is that I was going through a divorce and he was the second time, you know, and and I didn't want to get divorced a second time. And I have done everything to grow into hell to not have that happen again, you know? And so yet here it is, right in my face and on my plate has overcome with these feelings of rejection. And the circumstances under which I was getting divorced were almost identical for the same circumstances that I experienced 18 years earlier. And I'm going I can't believe this. I've worked my whole life, not toe. Have this happen again, you know. And yet here it is. And I'm overwhelmed with this incredible feelings of rejection. And so I had enough awareness that time I knew that. Catch the tiger by the tail thing. And so I went into that emotion of rejection, and I'll never forget it. So it felt like broken glasses in my entire body. Like, um, and it was I was just experiencing it as much as I could, And and then as I was in it, all of a sudden, this shift happened and all of a sudden, you know, um, I wasn't rejected, but I was feeling this thing called the injection, so I was no longer identified with the motion was only something I was experiencing that makes sense. And so there is this. There is a shift in awareness that happened, and this emotion rose up and lifted out of my body. I could actually feel it. And then it got about, I don't know, like, six inches outside of my body was like the size of my whole body. I could feel it. And then it shattered into, like, about a bazillion pieces, and that was it. And it was gone. And so and I haven't experienced that set of circumstances air that emotion sense. And so I'm guessing that a real healing happened, thereby catching about going and catching the tiger by the tail is pretty spectacular. And you don't know until time goes by. If it actually worked, if it healed or whatever, but it seems to have, and that was like more than 10 years ago. So just go into just experience. Yeah, take it, take it in and there's there's you have to go into it and not wallow in it. So, you know, wallowing in it. There's an element of self identifying. Yeah, you are the emotion instead of experiencing the emotions exactly, and it's easy to say, but it's harder to do, especially in the moment when you like. But so if you want to overcome overwhelming emotions, try catching the tiger by the tail and let it devour you. 19. Attracting a Soul Mate: So have you ever attracted to sold May through meditation? Well, actually, I have. There's a story behind this one. So back when I was first experimenting with hypnotherapy, when I was first certified and just kind of playing around with it, I was trading sessions with someone. It was maybe someone I was training with, I can't remember. And in this one of this particular session that came up, I had this vision that I was coming up through a water well from the darkness up through, like an old Jack and Jill Water Well, and I could see the scene when I came up, and there was this brick house. It had an arched doorway and had some arch windows that had a sunken living room. And it was in the in front of vast kind of open valley with no trees and was looking down through the valley in one. And I thought it was in the Alps, like like Austria or something. And then, off the back edge of this house in the backyard, there's a huge military, so it's steep cliff, and you could see this village down below to see the steeple. There's and So what I did in my meditations afterwards for this went on for, like, eight months is that I would go in back into that particular session or meditation, and the story would continue to grow. The a new chapter would get get added every time I went in this meditation. So what happened in this meditation that in this house I lived in this house and then in in the house there was a bouncy woman which I took to be, like a soulmate or someone I was connected to, someone I didn't know, but someone that I was married to our have shared a love relationship with And in the, um uh, the living room there was this older man. They're like a grandfather and uncle who was like a kind of, ah had a kind of a Buddha belly and a big walrus mustache. And in as a story developed, um, he was teaching me to move energy. So he's I was doing like, weird stuff with my hands, like, creating balls of light or, you know, kind of like surreal, mystical stuff, you know? And then, um, in the context of that kind of happy family, relationship that where the three of us were there some some people approach from, uh, somewhere on horseback, and it's like I don't remember the circumstance, but something went wrong. Something went haywire. And I just remember that vision and it was so strong and so powerful that and I thought this was my soul mate said, I'm gonna go find this person because I thought it was Riel. Over this eight month period, I thought this person was actually existed in the world and I was doing this hypnotherapy stuff I'm learning about. I would say, Is this stuff riel or not? You know, a little bit of luck. And so what I did Are you fingered with dowsing water, which you can, you know? Yes. Okay, so there's a thing called map dowsing. We can kind of do the same thing. We get out a map and you kind of use a pendulum or your hands or whatever on a map to if you want to find something. So I did that. I think the map of Europe, because I thought it was in Austria. And so it went to this place called the Lakes District, which was south of Salzburg. So that is kind of like the sound of music country. And so So I go great. Great. Is this real or not? So I went with a friend and we went to Europe. I went, I went to search this thing out. With this in mind, there's the whole purpose of the trip. Yeah, and so, you know, we kind of do the tourists. The thing we don't think. We flew into heat their own with the Amsterdam, rented a car and started driving. And so we make it to Salzburg. Um, and we start driving up No, to the lakes district. Going This is kind of crazy, but I'm you know, I'm on an adventure. Yeah, exactly. So as we get up to the area where I thought this place might be, it was totally foggy with in October and I couldn't see a thing. I'm gonna land with a blast, you know? And so we go around this corner over this hill and turn around, you know, made his big, sweeping turn. And then there is a hole that opened up in the fog and there was the village. That was from my visions I'm going. Oh, my God. This is it, you know, And so we gotta pull, you know, stop. You know, you know, we're going down here. And so we started driving around the roads around the town, and then I could see up this cliff that was like the vision work. And I could see that the house, if it actually is this, it would have been up there, and so and I could tell from the trees and stuff that looked like there had been a fire through there. So, like, the trees in the area of this house were much younger than the trees surrounding it. So looked like that Ever logged it or there was a fire, something that went through there. And then there were all these people walking up this road toward this house would be, And then they were looked like, you know, Austrians on a Sunday hike or something. And so at that point, I got really self conscious and I got really nervous and I didn't speak the language and I just said, Screw it, we're out of here. And so we ended up going toe to haul shot, which was another village on the lake, you know, maybe 20 miles away or something, and spent the rest of our holiday there, so I didn't Really I was too afraid, toe follow up with it. But what my impression was from that experience, is that okay? This is not riel. This is from a past life. So I thought, if there is a past life, this so because I don't think that house existed looked like I might have burned it wasn't there. And so I didn't really come away with the answers that I needed. Um, so I came come back home and kind of, you know, forget about it and think, OK, that was a nice adventure. Was kind of stupid. It's like and so, you know, years go by data data. And then I moved from my home town school can to Bellingham, Washington, where I would later work in the hospital. And I go to this, uh, I met a friend or something, and they invited me to this weekend kind of retreat near Mount Baker. And, uh, so I got this retreat, and this woman is there, and I called. That's her. That is her. And, um I can't believe this. And she didn't have an elderly grandfather with our uncle with a blue t o. Know. She had a two year old kid with a Buddha belly. Yeah, go ahead. And I'm just going and I had no doubt in my mind. That's her. This is it. We're going to be together. That's it. The only problem was she was married, and so there's no way I was gonna touch that. And so what happened over the next six months is that we would keep running into each other without meeting without meaning to, you know? So, like, OK, the vibe was out. You know, the whatever is going on in that communicate with No. I said I was gonna do that. She's married, and I knew her marriage was eroding, you know? So but I didn't. I was gonna touch it, and we kept running into each other every you know, it's like, once a month for three months, and then I finally, um Then she finally last time around her said she just split up with her husband, and then I went in for the kill. Yeah. So, um, so we ended up getting married. We were married for nine years. We lived together for 13. I helped raise her child, and, um And then we had a house. It wasn't, didn't have the arched doorways and stuff, but it had the big willow tree in the backyard. Israel similar and never really put all those pieces together while we were living together . It was until afterwards that I kind of Oh, yeah, and then, ah, I should have followed my vision all the way because the vision I had originally there was kind of a lot of great ending to it. And this one didn't really have a great and intuitive darn. There was nine. There's 13 great years to get Yeah, so that's that. So, so meditation. Attracting soulmate can definitely happen, so 20. Twin Flames: What about fate? You think some people are? E I do. I do. I think a lot of people actually fated to be together, who are married and like, especially when they conceived Children together, whether you believe in fate or not. But the one story that sticks out in my mind the most is me and my wife, Tamra. So in high school, I was like this football player, you know, stuff like that job. And then, uh, one day I'm sitting standing at my locker as a senior high school, the big step on the football team and here, behind me, high turn around, I go God, it's a freshman freshman cheer thing. And then then my subconscious might kind of went on overdrive. Wait a minute. She's cute. She's blonde, she's hot, I go high. And so that was Tamra. And so, um, so tomorrow was a cheerleader. She was, Ah, prodigy ballerina. And, you know, she was kind of high upon the arts and stuff. And so, you know, we knew each other in high school. There's a few little romantic interludes, you know, senior and their freshman. Um but in case so, there is a connection made, and we connected, like, once or twice in college. You know, when I came back from college, I come visit her If she was a town and stuff, we go out on dates or never. And so however, we did make the fatal mistake if, like, kissing on a bridge one night in Spokane. So that was kind of sealed the deal. So any case tomorrow goes off and does her life in the arts has your kids, I go do my thing. And then, um Then I'm going through my divorce for the second time. And I was, um So Facebook was just out for the first time. And so, uh, I was I was reading this marketing book, saying he with how to use technology for marketing. And so they said, Well, get on this thing called Facebook and get everybody you know and make them your friends like a Okay, so I'll do that. And so tomorrow is one of them. And, um and then I hear back from her. No. Hi. How you doing? I've been thinking about you. And so I thought, Wow, she's available. And so So what happens is that we see, I found out she just she had just gone. She's going through a divorce. He was separated. And so we start this email, Distant shoes in San Francisco I was in Bellingham, long distance email and what we learned through each other in all the emails that we both have this really deep spiritual experiences in life, which is really unusual. And then eso she finally comes up to visit. And, you know, I did some healing work with their help her get over anxiety attacks and stuff like that. So it was that connection. So we're still together now, and that's been 10 years. And so it seems like it's deeply faded you to this day. So it seems like we have a reason to be together. And so it was so unusual that we cycle back around like that. So that's great. 21. Madonna Rock: I have. And so this goes back to the north work of the nook sack again. And this is this is pretty wild story. So, um so this is by the time I had learned that the nook sack was a healing river for me, and I had gone to it many times when I went through it when it's going through a divorce. And so I ended up moving back to my hometown of Spokane. But every year we go back over to Glacier to be in this cool place for a week and during the summer, you know, I can go kayaking, and Tamar can do whatever. And so the first year we went back, this is made. This was an amazing experience. So, um, I went to the coffee shop. There was a little place called Awakened Bakery, which is a really great coffee shop. If you ever get there and then walk up the street in town Glaciers, a town of like one street, there's really nothing. There is just a little village. And then there is a trail that goes from town to the river, and it's maybe the quarter to 1/2 mile long. It's an unmarked trail. Nobody knows where it is, except a few of the locals and some of the kayakers who use it for a take out. And so I was walking down this trail. You know, this is after coming back to visit for my first time, and I never seen anybody on this trail because nobody knows where it is. And as I'm walking down this trail, I get overcome, overcome literally with this feeling of gratitude. You know, I was thankful to the trees. I was thankful to the skies thankful to the river. Um, it was the most pure and deep feeling of gratitude that I've ever had because I was so thankful for this area that had taken me through all this healing when times were hard, you know, and was always there for me. And so so as well, I'm walking down the trail in this moment of, like, you know, deep gratitude. I hear somebody coming up from the other direction like this, a weird nobody ever comes. And so, um, so the trail took a little jog there, and coming in the other direction was a woman. She was about 30 years old, I guess. And on her hip she had this kid who was maybe three or four years old, and we exchange pleasantries, you know. Hi, How you doing? And he looks like you got your hands full there, something like that. And we both go on our way. And so I get down to the river and where the trail stops. There's this big Kabul bar and you know, it's from from the It's in the riverbed from high water. And so the river was down lower, so the Kabul bar was exposed and right in front of me. As you're about to step on to the Calabar, there's this rock that's about the size of an Oscar, Gabe. And it's broken right down the middle. And I've never seen a rock broken like that. I'm a geologist. I've cracked open, you know, tons of rocks. And I opened this this rock up and what is on there? It looks like the mirror image of the Madonna or the Mother Mary, like Jesus want and and I just look at it from I look up the river. I looked down there and I think for a moment, and I realized I just had a visitation from, you know, an angelic spirited that comes through in the physical. And so, you know, I'm kind of in shock. I take this rock and I run up the trail as fast as I could go because I want to say thank you to this woman and their kid. And she was carrying a kid was a load, you know, And I'm in pretty good shape. And so I ran this trails far that could There's no way they could beat me to the trailhead carrying the kid and I'm running. And so and there was no car at the trailhead when I started walking, so they yeah, they couldn't just drove off. And so I run up the trail as fast as I can get there. I get to the trailhead. I didn't see him, and I looked up and down the street like nobody is there no spurs, no spurs on the trail, huh? So, um and so I run up in downtown. I go through into all the businesses, I go into the grocery store, I go to the bakery, you know, anyplace where somebody might go nowhere, and so It was like I had an actual visitation from the spirit world through the physical. And had that happened one other time also, But that was like phenomena. I still have the rock to, so yeah, yeah, very cool story. 22. Mt. Olympus: you mentioned in the previous interview in character with an angelic visitation. Have you had any others besides that? Yes, I've had to in my life. So the 1st 1 I had was I went to I was going through a divorce. I think I mentioned that one of mayor. Was this my first divorce? I was. It was before I moved into my friends TP for the summer. And so I was living in an unfinished house, and so the unfinished house had no windows in it, and the roof was mostly finished. And so even though I was kind of going through the spiritual awakening stuff, I'm still going through a divorce. And so I was living in this unfinished house. Remember, in June, the clouds roll and it starts raining, living in this house where the rain's coming in through the roof and I'm just, like, really, really, really depressed. You know, life's falling apart. There's a hole in my roof on life couldn't be any more miserable, you know. And so a couple of my buddies say, Come on, this going on, What's going on? It's going a backpacking trip in a climbing trip. Let's go climb Mount Olympus, which is in the middle of the Olympic National Park. It's the highest peak in Washington state in the Olympic National Park. It's right square in the middle of the park, so it's not a technical climb, but it's definitely a slog to the top. You needed to rope up and stuff like that day, multi day. I was going to be gone for, like, a week. And so we load up our gear and we get down. I think, uh, like, 10 miles south of town or something, and, uh, we stop for a second looking and we go, Where's the food? You know? Where's the food we're supposed pack? It was my job to put the food into the car and, you know, so depressed. I couldn't remember it, put the food in the car. I still had to drive back and get the food, and it's like a Well, it didn't really matter, except we're gonna die anyway. It was kind of my frame of mind. So we take off on this journey. We spent the first night at the parking lot at Mount ST Helens. I don't impairment amounts and homes, A volcano that blew in the 19 eighties, and Washington state knocked all the trees down. So it's announcing monument. And so we declined. Mount ST Helens. It's an easy hike up and you can look down in the crater. It's really cool. That night we stayed in the parking lot. We just slept in the car. And that night I remember an electrical storm moved in and we were in in the cloud that had the lightning in it. And it was exploding all around us like one of the most intense nature things I've ever been through as like, we're in an electrical storm and I thought, Well, it doesn't really matter. I'm just gonna die anyway, Right? So that was so the next day. I'm really depressed still in this journey, and we get to Mount Olympus, we get to the whole River Valley. And if you've ever been until the Olympic National Forest, the trees in there are enormous there, like 8 10 12 feet across of these old mammals from from the time gone by, like this fairy tale trees. And it's just a magical forest. And so we started the whole river trailhead and we hike up one night, I think was 18 miles to before we begin hiking up the mountain. So it's like a long hike in. And the first night we stay in a hut and we go over what a Prosek not are in case you fall into a curve as she can climb up your rope. You know, it says that's it doesn't really matter. Probably gonna die anyway. And so and then the next day we get up really early, like I think way well before it was light out so we could get up and climb up the mountain . So So we climb up Mount Olympus, we get about 3/4 of the way to the top and the fog rolls in and we can't see. So we're in a white out situation, and so we have to finish the remainder of our hike. Um, by reading instruments, Way did it by compass. And that's just kind of just in the in the dark, in the back of the roped up crew of three. You know, it's like and so we make it to the top. The last 100 feet to the top of the mountain is Ah, it's 100 foot scramble. So you know, it's not a technical client, but you had Teoh just kind of scramble your way up. Then write your name on the little book that's in the coffee can up there. And so I was so bummed out and depressed that I didn't do the last 100 feet just cause I couldn't be bothered, you know, like I said, I just wasn't into it. And so we turn around, go back down And, uh as we're going down across this one icefield, I post hole into a curve ass. And so what that means is that my leg punched all the way through an ice bridge and I was up to my crotch and dangling with one foot over Karash, you know, And so there's just all symbolic, you know, it's like hope where my head was that and how it's feeling like, Okay, it's probably dying. Fall into the curve acid. And so we get down off the mountain where you successfully climbed the mountain and we're staying in this little hut. So they have these Hudson in Olympic National Park where you can stay overnight. There, kind of they don't have doors on him or anything, but they're just kind of open hot streak and toss a sleeping bag. So we're there. It's probably around late afternoon or just reading stories and eaten trail mix, you know, and really tired after a long day CYP. And then it's getting close to sunset or dark. And then we hear in the distance someone is approaching us. And so, you know, we watched this couple come up. It's actually it's not, too. But it's four people, and it's Ah, there from their East German couple that had immigrated to Canada right before the wall came down 88. So they they were immigrants to candidate, lived in Vancouver, BC, and they were gonna hype go hike the mountain, right? The only thing was is that they had walked from the done that 18 miles that day from the parking lot to where we were at and they weren't dirty. They looked like they just walked out of a fashion magazine, have supplies. They had like backpacks, but they looked like they were really light, you know, just like the scene wasn't quite fitting. So there was a man. He's probably in his thirties a woman in her thirties and they had two kids. They had a 10 year old and a 12 year old girl, Right? You guys just walked 18 miles, Looked freshest can be. And now you're going to go hike this trail. I like this mountain tomorrow, Just the four of you. It's like I'm going. You guys are nuts, you know, because we it took us two days to get up there, and we were, like, exhausted, you know? Yeah. And so and so we we talked to him. And one thing I remember about this woman, so I just lost my family. And, you know, I was really in the dumps and depressing. Now, up comes this German family. That is, like the perfect family in my mind, you know? And this woman is really attractive, and I remember, right, She just kind of like my I just kind of fell for, you know, And, um and so I start talking to in Germany, Italy speak to try. And so then they were, you know, kind of acknowledge everything, and they go up the trail probably went another 200 yards or so went around a small curve there were steep ravines on each side. The heather was really thick, and this kind of on an incline before you hit where there's no trees anymore, you can't camp is just all dirt and boulders and stuff. And so I remember going up there and thinking, You know, I don't know where they're going to find a place to camp. I mean, you can get maybe squeeze. It won 10 in there, but not too. And not with, like, little kids and stuff. It's like And so, um so they go on their way and it's getting kind of close to dark. I thought, Well, you know, they're probably having a hard time finding a place to camps. I'll just come go up and invite him to come back with us. You'd like, and we can share the hot with, um, there's a place they can put their tent right here. That's fine. So I got there, walk up around the bend and I can't find them. They're not there. They are not there. There's no footprints. There's there's no place they could go because there's a real ravine on this side. There's a ravine on the other side there's no footprints anywhere. They would have not gone up two above the treeless area because it's steep. It's boulders. There's no place to camps like So I'm going. Something's not right here. And I kind of got a little panicked and a little nervous. Um, And so I remember going back, hiking back into the hut, hopping my sleeping bag, and I just I said to my buddies, I said, You know, I went and checked on that German family. I couldn't find him anywhere. And I thought, you know, maybe we should go take a look. You know, just in case something bad didn't happen. And they both looked at me and said, What? German family? Uh, yeah. Uh, it's like, Wait a minute. Once we were talking to, you know, the three of us that we were talking to them and Ah, and then I realized something was really weird, so I kind of just let it drop, you know? And so the next morning, we get up really early and we go, we're gonna head out. And so I made one real quick stop back up to the trailhead to see if they were still there . or not. And so again, I couldn't find him. I couldn't find any sign of where they may have camp. Like, you know, where you would see a depression where a tent may have been, and so I just kind of let it go. Your friends have no recollection. Yeah, they Yeah, that was weird. That was so weird. So I thought I was kind of I don't I thought, you know, maybe my grief for some was kind of losing it or something, but it was This was too bizarre. It's way too bizarre. So as we're going down the this trail, we're gonna hike 18 miles out in one day. And, um, I just remember my depression lifted and not only lifted, but it lifted to a point of euphoria to this point where I had gone through a personality change completely. So my personality that had been over the last five years of this marriage was really heavy and kind of serious, and all of a sudden I felt joy and enthusiasm and excited for living brand new brand new. And so the only thing I could come up with is that the's German people were like my guardian angels and help me through this, like major, like personality transformations. Like one of the most coolest things. So, yeah. So that was That was an incredible experience. Like what I thought was a visitation from beyond the physical into the physical. So Merkel, Yeah. 23. Tears of Grief: It's not uncommon through the course of a hypnotherapy session for someone to break down into tears are to shed a few tears. And and in the first session, it's not uncommon for people to actually explode into tears every once in a while. So this reminds me of the story when I worked in the cancer unit some years back and a woman came to me. She signed it for six sessions, and she had just been told by your doctors that her case with cancer was terminal, so she was going to die. And so we went into the first session. I got to relax, and she exploded into tears and she cried and she cried and she cried. And she did not stop crying for the entire hour. And then she came back again in the next session. Same thing. She cried the whole hour long, and she did that for five consecutive sessions. All she did was she came in and released everything that she was grieving. And then in the last section in the six session, same thing, she started crying, really unloading. We got about halfway through the session and she stopped her tears had all been cried, her grieving had all been done. And when we finish that session she was so relieved and so grateful. And so by the end of that session she was ready to die. And so she had made peace with her maker and was ready to move on to the next world. So that was a tough series of sessions, but it felt, uh, very meaningful, and I was grateful to help her through that process. 24. St. Paul: working as a hypnotherapist. Have you ever had to deal with that? I have. In fact, I have somewhat of an unusual calling. I guess you'd call it is that sometimes it doesn't happen a lot. But through the course of my life, I will get called in to help people transition from this life to the next. And sometimes it has happened as a hypnotherapist and sometimes just as a regular person. But when I was working in the hospital at the cancer unit there, as for as many miraculous healings that happened, there were as many people as preparing for death. And so sometimes people would come in and we have our first, um, session. And I have a little precession interview with, um and I would know before they would know that it was going to be my job to help them transition from this life to the next to help them prepare for a peaceful death. And so there's so doing. Hypnotherapy is great for that cause people can come to resolve or come to peace with things in this life before they not go to the next. And so So I had to do that in the hospital a number of times, but outside to do it just in my private practice Once in this one session I remember in particular, um, was this guy named Paul And so So when I was at Oneness University in Fiji, I had a roommate there and my roommate was this big guys like 66 and he was from New Zealand and he played on the Olympic basketball team for the Australians. Way back when? Yeah, and he was a natural path thickened doctor who had cured himself from heavy metal poisoning by using techniques that he invented himself. So the guy was really brilliant. And we had if we had a week, we clicked. So we had a lot of fun that week and so we both go back home. And so this guy named Paul gives me a call or might have been his wife. I can't remember as a referral from my roommate from Australia. So he was from Australian. We're going to do this session over the phone and so are actually was on Skype, I believe, or some kind of chat. And then so we do. This first session wasn't a session was just the pre session calls, a free consultation. And I just want to make sure our internet connection was okay and just kind of, you know, kind of connected. Yeah, and connect with them and set the session for the next day. And so I'm talking this guy and he has been fighting cancer for about a year or so. And, um, you know, he's been in a lot of pain and been a long journey. And so and his wife was really kind of pushing him to do these sessions and because they've been referred from the position in Australia to who they trusted. And so So, um, he was totally coherent. Totally. You know, he looked really good, actually, and, uh, really bright. And we can, you know, had a 50 minute conversations. Really? I really like the guy. We hit it off pretty well. And so we scheduled appointment for the next day. And so I, uh, connect with them the next day, and I talked to his life and he had died overnight. And so So what I have learned, or what I know I've been called in to do at certain times is that Sometimes people cannot let go in their immediate family, and so they need a disinterested third party to help them release. And so So that's kind of the thing I played for Paul. So I was able to help him through connecting with them in the work that we do to, you know, kind of It's OK. Something. He's something energetically happened. It let him know, is okay ago. So that's happened to me more than a few times, right? Been called in to do that? Yeah, so yeah. 25. Lev: what was most unusual situation you've encountered involving death while doing it with their Okay, So when I was moved to Bellingham, this is like, uh, must be in the late nineties and I was kind of a fledgling hypnotherapist, and I actually is ready in office in a health clinic is an alternative health care clinic. And, um So I get a message from the receptionist at the clinic where I was renting a room, saying I got a call from a family that wanted me to contact them into a house called and so I called them, which is unusual. And I never do house calls, really, Only under really rare circumstances. Eso I get the call from this woman and they said she got my name from Bast Year University in Seattle. So Bastar University is ah, pretty reputable alternative health care university. So they crank out acupuncturists and all kinds of, you know, naturopaths and stuff. And so soon as she told me, that little red flag not a red flag, but a flight. Philip, tell me. Okay. The angels air work here because I have no connection whatsoever with past year University never went to school never went to school there. Don't know anybody from best year, you know? So it's like, OK, something's up. And so I go. They said there her husband had cancer and was wondering if I could help. I said, Well, I'll come and see what I can do So I ride my bike over to their house and they live in the really posh part of town that they had a beautiful home with, like, Zen artwork in their circular driveway that this house that overlooked the bay and so they had they had done quite well. And so they're looking for alternative means. So I go in and introduce myself and it's a woman. She's about 70 very attractive, very nicely dressed in a beautiful home. And her daughter and her friend were also there, and they were about my age. And so eso Here I am with mother, daughter and friend, and I start talking to him about what's going on. And they said they wanted me to use hypnosis to give their husband, who had cancer, a placebo so he would get over cancer. So okay, so you know, I just go. Oh, God, you know, It's like I can't you know I can't do this is the first thing that goes my mind cause it's how I don't know how many ethical boundaries. It's like violation. It's a light. A guy makes something up. And so what I realized in this conversation is that they're desperate and they're really hanging on and they can't let go. And so so after talking to him and I really like these people are they felt like family. They are just connected with him. I said, Okay, I'll do it So we all march into to meet love and love is the father and the husband. So I walk in there. He's in a bed in their living room, which they had set up for him since he had been ill. And as I walk in left, sits up, he sits up to talk to me, and everyone's eyes go wide open with the ladies on. I'm going, You know what's up? I didn't know. Toe later that led had been in a coma for the last three days, and soon as I walked in, he sat up, start carrying on a conversation so I don't know anything so I just carried on this conversation. I told them that there was a new experimental drug that we're gonna, you know, try on him, you know, to see if it'll help is cancer. And I did what they wanted me to do. And then after that, love laid back down and kind of went to sleep and asked the ladies if you could just please give me a few minutes alone with your husband and your father And they said, OK, and so close the door had a few moments in quiet with left, was laying down and was now sleeping. And I distinctly remember, uh, leaning over and whispering in his ear, saying left, You don't need to hold on, you can let go. It's OK, you know? And then I didn't know to do. I felt kind of awkward. So I put my hands over the top of his body like maybe three or four inches above his abdomen. And I just said a little prayer to the angels. You know, it's OK, you know, take, take love, let him go help him released from this family blah, blah, blah. And as I was doing that, my hands heated up so hot I thought they were gonna blister. So there was, like, some kind of energetic thing that was really going on there. I didn't know exactly Know what? And so I go out and close the door, leave love to go back to sleep, and I stay in the living room with the family because I just felt like I needed to stay. They needed somebody there and I didn't know, you know, he wasn't quite to the death rattle phase. You know, when people get within the last week or so of their life where they're gonna die, you know, so they start breathing differently. And so I'm sitting there kind of just waiting and hanging out, trying to be sort of some sort of comfort to the family. And his wife goes in to check on left, and he died. So he he took He took my cue and checked out. It's time to go. Even though he wasn't to the advanced death stage face, he let it be, let go. And so this was ah, Jewish family. I found out. And so, um so they had some of that old world blood in it. in them. So they were like doing the rial, wailing and gnashing of teeth. It's not like they were like they were grieving loudly like louts like It's something I had never experienced before. And so I continue to hang around saying, Can't go better stick around for this. And so I wait and I wait and wait. And so eventually the, uh um, rabbi shows up, I don't know what the rabbis actually do. They don't do last blessings like priests or whatever. So he comes and shows up, and it's still kind of just waiting around to give support. And then the funeral home guy shows up and they had a gurney and they took the gurney, had a split staircase that went up and down as you came in the front door. And so, um, I believe lead was downstairs, had kind of a switchback staircase, and so they couldn't get him on the gurney because it could. Gurney wouldn't switch back up and down, you know, they couldn't get the gurney in and out. So I had to go down there with the guys who were from the funeral home and carry him out literally. Yeah, so I had to physically lift his body out, take him out the man. So I had to let him go, not only spiritually, but also physically at. So that was pretty intense. Eyes really called in for a specific job. I was called in to help someone let go because the family couldn't do it for them. So So that's probably that's when my most intense experience with that 26. Entity on the Property: to take away from the love stories and some of the positivity in light. But has there ever been any dark energies or anything that you've gone through? Yeah, I've had to encounter dark energies several times. Not a lot of hasn't been really common, but I've certainly had to do that to make me realize enough that the rial so you don't mess around them. One experience I remember very vividly when I moved over to Bellingham, you know, as kind of a fledgling hypnotherapist and stuff that's trying to get the word out a little bit. And I went to this cafe that I liked. It was at the base of Mount Baker in this little town called Glacier, and, um, I made friends with the owners there, and they found out what I did. That's really interesting. So would you like to trade it for meals? And I thought, Yes, absolutely, you know. And so I did sessions with both of them, and I remember one in particular where I went to their house to do these sessions. And so in one session in particular, might have been the 1st 1 I took this woman into. Ah, nicely relaxed, you know, stayed and carrying on this session. And she's, you know, fluttering around on sailboats or whatever I can't remember. And then, as I'm going through this session, I could feel, um, like this presence pushing against my throat is is very It was very unusual, but is very I could feel it physically. And I'm going Okay, what's going on here? You know, And as the session session continues, it gets intensifies. It gets more and more until it feels like I'm in. Kind of like this raging battle with this thing that I didn't know what it was. I wasn't experience with dark energy at that time, and I wasn't experience with disembodied entities or anything like that. And so I had heard it. I remember hearing about them when I was going through my training, but I had never experienced one, and I didn't know what was happening. And so, um, So she I didn't let on during the session that anything was wrong, you know? I was flying. I was kind of I don't want to tell her anything, cause I didn't know what she was experiencing. She seemed to be having a very pleasant experience. And so, um, so we end the session, and I kind of think I clumsily ended this session because I wanted to get out of there quickly. And so, um, I bolt out the door, you know, and leave and going. God, that was weird, you know? And so I go home that night, I went with a friend. We walked around a lake, we went for a whole hike around the lake. And as we're going on this walk around this lake, I noticed that my heart rate is going up and I'm sweating profusely and, like, I just have, like, you know, three or four shots of espresso or something. And and we got in this big argument and those were totally out of context over something stupid. That didn't make sense, you know? And we kind of left really awkward, you know? I mean, I apologize and stuff, you know, I felt strange. And then I went home that night, and I went to bed and had a dream. And in the dream, I remember very vividly that I had let this baby alligator go into this pond and then I dove in after it. And the baby alligator had grown to full size. And on this full on wrestling match with this alligator, I mean that I remember the dream distinctively. And then I remember by the end of the session, or by the end of the dream that I had dispatched this alligator, it killed it or whatever. And then I was thought, um that if I hadn't killed the alligator, it would have killed me. Remember that? And so then I wake up the next morning. Except it wasn't morning. It was like noon. And I never slept until noon, and my sheets were entirely drenched. So I had this battle in my dream that was really intense. And, um So Okay, whatever. You know, still not connecting any dots. And so So I go back up to the town of Glacier. I rode my bike up there and I stopped in to get one of my free meals, and I found out that the owner there was in the hospital she had contracted pneumonia overnight was in critical care. And so, which is bizarre because she was on the ski patrol team. She was in fabulous health. She was like you know, specimen. She's probably forties or so and so I go. Oh, my God. You know. Oh, my God. So I drive into the hospital and I see her. And she is, um, semi coherent. Eso she didn't remember that. I came to visit her afterwards, and I had an intuitive flash that something had happened on the right side of her body. I could see this, like whiteness. And I did find out she had contracted pneumonia all through her right lung through entirely . It's, like is, like, desired. So then I found out later from her. When she got weld it, she had a polarity therapist, which is like a kind of energy healer therapist. Come to her house after she got out of the hospital, help balance her energy or whatever. And during those sessions, um, a rave in flew up to her back window, um, and pecked on the window, you know? Okay. Yeah, right. Okay. Whatever. And then after her third session with the polarity therapist that came each time he was there. And then after third time, it flew off and she never saw it again. And so I'm going, Okay, this is really weird what happened. And so what I did is that I went into Western Washington University and I looked up this. I think she's a psychologist, but she was. Her specialty was in Chamonix studies, and I told her my story, and I thought what had happened is that that I I surmised that there was a dark presence on these people's property. It wasn't on them, Yes, for for whatever, you know, And, um and through this session of ship, no therapy or deep relaxation meditation, it opened some kind of portal or doorway. And this thing wanted out. And so it was going to get out. I don't think it was after me out there was after her. I think we just got in a way and I just motus over. And so I told her that. And she she thought that sounded like a pretty good dairy, and that's sounded good to her. I mean, she didn't know, but like I said, I want us looking for an authority, and I really didn't find one. But what happened at the end of that particular session is that I quit doing hypnotherapy for three years because I figured I'd opened the door to world or universe that I did not understand. And I was not really ready to go into, And I got really scared. So, um, so that was my one of my first, you know, introductions that dark forces. 27. An Entity Attack: So I was young and beginning my practices many years ago, and I moved to a new town and I was kind of playing around with hypnotherapy. Wasn't really doing it. And so it was kind of trying to get into it's eyes out first in free sessions, and this one guy came to me. That was a referral, and he had moved from far away, and I gave him a free session and I kind of like the guy and it was great. And so he was interested in. So I said, Well, let's he wanted to learn about So I said, Well, train you how to do it's like, Well, just exchange session. So we traded sessions back and forth. And so what that did is that annoyingly opened, kind of a subconscious conduit between the both of us. And then later afterwards, we would go outdo recreational activities together and stuff, and so we're kind of becoming friends. It all seemed well and good, you know? And then, you know, not too long after that, as our kind of friendship was developing, he had a relative who died, and his relative had, um, created a small empire of your small financial empire based on some really dirty dealings with Israel. Dirty money almost on the criminal side of things. And so he inherited this money. Then what happened when he inherited this money is he also inherited that energy. And so he was almost in a way, almost possessed by this dark force. And so what happened between the two of us? He kind of had a personality change. And yet we had this, Ah, conduit that was already open between us on a subconscious level. And this energy was coming through him and it came through him and attached on to me, and it was like the first time I had really been exposed to, like, an energy invasion. And so what happened is that I felt this thing come under my sternum and hook on, and it felt like it was like a big fish hook, and it was just pulling on me, and it's having a huge intestinal problems. I couldn't figure out what it was. And over about a three day period, my, uh, my skin was going gray and I was literally losing a life force. And you know, my the woman I was married to at the time she thought, you know I was going to die. It's like so I had to do something quick and we couldn't really figure out what it wasn't. So I went to an energy healer in town who did that thing called quantum healing. And I sat in her chair and she put her hands on my forearm. And within about 10 seconds, this thing let go. And it was like just a immediate energy released cause she was channeling some kind of white light or something. And this dark force just like going Then at that point, I knew, OK, you know, I picked something up from somebody and it didn't take me too long to figure out where it came from, So that was a big mistake. I made on my part. I opened channels to a client that I should not have. My professional boundaries were not strong, and it really opened me up for attack that neither of us we're aware of. So it's going to the next lecture 28. Alaskan Bear Totems: I know you and I both can see Nature is kind of the meditation experience, if you had any spirit like interactions have. So in 1997 I had the incredible opportunity to work as an exploration geologist in Alaska and part of what I got to do. So I got to live in a base camp on an abandoned runway on the north slope of the Brooks Range, and the Brooks Range is the northernmost mountain range in Alaska. It's very remote. Um, we're about 140 miles north and slightly east of khat, Sibu, which is the most the largest northern village in Alaska for a native. And so we were on this vast, vast landscape for three weeks. And so what I noticed when we were out there is that after about the third day of being in nature like that, you know you're kind of away from technology. Is that you? You slip into the groove and the vibe of nature, and so it's in constant motion, but it's never in a hurry, and I noticed that it started to affect everybody that we worked with. And so even some of the most analytical highly trained geologists, which are really like, you know, right brain guys, they were saying, like, Wow, this is pretty spiritually place up here. Don't you think? It s so it's like, Yeah, they got it. And so So what would happen is that we kind of it. I remember that when we slipped into that frame of mind that it changed our speech patterns . It change what we talked about. It changed almost everything, cause we way all slipped into this vibration with nature. And, um And so what happened is that we were all going into this meditative state constantly 24 7 And what started to happen is that the landscape and nature would start to interact with this. So, like, there's this this presence that is behind nature, and it will always let you know that it knows that you are there and will start to interact it if you slow down and get into that vibe. So So for me, what I found out on that trip is that I was going to discover bear totems on that trip. So, you know, if you believe in the the animal totem things and so one thing that happened to me. Two things. But I'll tell you, the 1st 1 is that the like, third or fourth day We were going out into the bush. I was waiting for my work partner show up from Fairbanks. You know, we weren't allowed toe a work alone out in the bush. And so, um, weather was bad in Fairbanks and he couldn't get into our landing site. And so I've begged and pleaded, you know, because I don't want to sit in camp all day to the rest of our crew. Please, just let me go out for the day and by myself, I'll be fine. You know, you guys will just be, you know, 1/4 mile way will be with your I shop, got radios. It's all cool, you know? So let's just they So they said, OK, fine. And so, as we're flying in and a helicopter into our work area, there's this gigantic grizzly bear that it's maybe within a couple miles of where we're gonna work. That was no big deal. We were seeing him all the time, and so Okay, there's a bear eating over here. Wouldn't pay attention, you know, keep it in the back. Your mind keeping on your radar and the bears pretty much left us alone. Whenever they got a sniff of us, they would take off. And so I go down, I get let off in this little drainage that goes into this river. And the other geologists are on the river, maybe 1/4 mile away at the tops. Like it's I couldn't see him because I was down in this little drainage had about the banks , were maybe 10 feet high. And so what I did that morning, which is something I never did when I was working as a geologist, The first thing it is, I threw off my packed and I start eating lunch hungry. So what happened that morning is that our camp cook made these like fresh brownies? You know, they're still warming my packs. Yeah. I couldn't decide to start scarfing on my brownies and I get a call on my headphone or my radio. Hey, uh, Joe, you know there's a bear about a mile to the north. You just want to give you a heads up, you know? No big deal, you know. So is that bear that we saw is a big bear. And I said, Okay, great. Thanks. And then, uh, no. I threw my pack down, went back to matters of much more importance. And that was the brownies that I send their scar from these rounds, you know? And then I hear, I don't know, maybe 30 seconds later on my radio says Joe Bears, come and get the hell out of there now. And so, uh, so we had shotguns, so I grabbed my shotgun, left my pack their scrambled up onto this, this Ah, this bank of this drainage. I look back over my shoulder and there is a bear standing there on between there's my pack down there and the bears up there and the bears looking with Israel, like, no nonsense attitude of, like, I know no predators. And I'm going to come meet you sort of look on his face. And And, uh So I kept saying I saw Don't panic, panic, panic. Don't run. So I turned and I walked away briskly, feeling very naked. There's no, like, phone booth jump into upon the tundra. It's just you're out in the open, you know? And and so what? I didn't know is that the geologist that I was working with? Watch this bear run about a mile in 90 seconds and I figured it must have got it with my brownies or something. And so So as this Bears running, the woman geologist is kind of she's kind of semi hysterical. And the guy geologist was trying to maintain his composure, and he pulls out a flare and reading the directions on how to use it as the bears running. So he you know, he didn't know how to use the flare. And so he's reading the directions. You know, this bear is getting closer and closer. I can't see it cause I'm in the drainage and, uh, is going okay under screw cap extend arm pull chain. No proof this left flare goes up and it lands about 20 feet from the bear and the bear stops looks around and it realizes there's like, 32 legged people there. And so it kind of gives this look of, Well, this is really boring and just kind of wanders off so that that was my first experience of ah bear encounter in Alaska I've had before. And so I got the nickname of like Bear Man in camp and one of the female geologists Shoot refused to work with me because she said, every time you go out, you attract bears. And I did. I was attracting bears wherever I went, unlike the rest of the crew. And so, um so a few days later, no, I stopped carrying brownies. After that, I kind of learned my lesson on that one. So a few days later, this is a really weird experience. Is that so? We tried toe with the helicopters. Very daunting in the bush, you know, So you really want you don't want to disturb wildlife, but we're seeing caribou and wolves and and bears all over the place. And so we tried. Toe be is gentle and as you can, and helicopter, which isn't very gentle. And so one day, uh, I was done working and we're getting a ride back in the helicopter up this particular drainage. And I wanted to take a look at where is gonna work the next day. You just get a bird's eye view of it. So we fly at the strange and down below we see a sow bear with a cub and we were too close scared. The bears and they they went up the steepest part of this drainage and over the ridge, full speed, scared to death. Going up really way felt bad. You felt bad. We've really kind of traumatized bears in their own turf. And so go back to camp that had come out the next day. And, uh, I'm walking up his drainage where those bears were the day before and and it was steep. You know, it's I was getting up towards the top there, and I stopped in a pullout my water bottle and sit down for a minute and take a drink of water's. I catch my breath and I'm looking over on this rock that's flat and kind of, you know, in the scree slope. And I'm looking, that's where What's that? And there's this little thing on there is about, I don't know about three inches long that looked like a giant lima bean, and so I picked it up and I thought, Wow, that's really weird. What is this? And I thought if I thought it was like a turkey gizzard that you get, you know, you know, you know, like a gizzard. But why would a turkey gizzard be out here in the middle of nowhere? It's like, you know, it's fresh meat. It's not gonna last very long out here something We get it and so looked really fresh. And so I took it home or take it back to base camp and we got it under the microscope. We had, like, you know, one of those binocular microscopes, one of our tents, and there's a bear fetus scared. The scared, the life out of the bear completely. And so I was the one that found it, of course, Bear, man. And so we went down to the stream that night and, uh, buried it and gave it our blessings so that we felt kind of bad about that one. Yeah, it was just terrible. So I don't know. So I was attracting bears all over the place, but that was in the context of nature interacting with you. Yes, 29. Glacier Park Squirrel: I like those nature stories. Do you have any more? I do. I've got another one. OK, so this one, this one was from 2015. And so in 2015 I was hitting a pretty low point in life. You know, my healing practice wasn't going that grade struggling with finances, and I was kind of in a really low spot. And so a friend of mine wanted to go in this backpacking trip to Glacier National Park up into the northwest corner of the park. And I said, Sure, let's go. You know, as long it's like something look forward to. And so when we get there, which is something never happens on an outdoor trip. I'm really depressed. I'm going into this trip really depressed and I can't really shake it and and, you know, as bombed. And so we get up to this lake called Kindle a lake. It's a very northwest corner of the park, and there's a campground where you can car camp overnight, So we're gonna stay the first night. They were gonna take off the next four days, and so I didn't really wanna hang around, my friend, because I felt like I was a real downer. And so I took off that late afternoon and I started walking down. Can't Lick Creek, which is the outlet from the lake. There's no trailer, anything. And so I'm just kind of in my flip flops and are in my sandals and shorts and waiting down the creek kind of, you know, wondering how I'm going to get out of this funk that I man. Yeah. So, um so as I'm walking down ankle deep in the creek, I hear something rustling in the in the the brush, and I'm the first thing you think of a glacier practice. That's a barrier, and it's a giant grizzly bear that's gonna eat me here. This thing rustle in the bushes hops up on this lawyer is a squirrel. So the squirrel runs up this log, which may be onto no 10 yards off the creek and runs up this other log, and then it runs up on this other snagged that's hanging over the creek about 10 yards in front of me. Okay? And so the squirrel stops and looks at me maybe 10 yards away. It's maybe 10 feet high and starts chattering like crazy. It's like giving me guff, you know? And so I look at it. Can you help take this sadness from me? I said it out loud to the squirrel, you know? So I'm really struggling here. Can you help me? So the squirrel turns around, runs back down, the log runs down, the other log is parallel to the creek, hops on this other log that is, like, ends up right next to me. It runs up this log. It's like, you know, this. I could touch the squirrel and then it jumps on me. I couldn't believe it. I go, Hey, what you doing? A minute jumps off and ran away, and I just started laughing. E just started laughing like crazy. I couldn't hold it in. And so it So it was like, That's like a totally remarkable moment. You And so the next day we take off for our hike, You know, here I am. I'm floundering. I'm looking for ah, direction in life. And the squirrel comes and jumps on, you know? And so we take off when our hike the next date. And it was really smoky. It was so Smokey, you could barely see across the lake. And then the next day, we were going to do some elevation about 3000 feet. We're gonna hike at this camp, this place called Boulder Pass. And as we're hiking up to Boulder past, the weather moves in, and so the temperature drops about 30 degrees. We get up this boulder past clouds move in and it starts snowing, you know? And so the only thing and this is in August, you know? Yeah. So we get our tents, you know, put off is quick as we can eat something really quick And just like, you know, soon our tents all night. Yeah. You know, like 12 hours in your tent and then you look at and then we looked at the next morning and there's, like, three inches of snow everywhere, but the wind blew through and it cleared out smoke. So this is, like, very symbolic. All of a sudden, Eso I'm free of this depression and the skies air now clear and the white snow. But not for long. Not for long, because it warmed up that day to probably 70 degrees again. Snow was gone in a couple hours and then we continued on toe our trip. So it's like I had K The school's gonna help me. All this angst gets blown out by the wind and the snow. And then we had a great trip, and then I went back home and then the next week. So this is the kind of the cause and effect Think so. Glacier did this big energy healing on me, and I'm going back home to see and I wasn't really paying attention to anything. But later that week I went kayaking and we're doing laps on the toenail. I found a crawdad in the river. Get out of here! So this crowd at was tangled up in this fishing line. I let it go, and I believe you were the one said that would make him really great Children story. And so that was like the first of 30 Children's books. I was too right. It ended up working out a hell of a native 30. Goose Totem: Hello. Not like to share you the true story of how I received my Canadian goose animal totem. So when I was young Well, actually, I was born with a very deep connection to nature, and that was actualized by my father, who took me duck hunting when I was a young child. And so that was my first experiences of nature, which were deeply profound and fascinating for me. And so as I got older, like into my early late teens in my early twenties, I was still very passionate about hunting. And so one time I was out hunting for docks in the you know, when you got duck hunting, the the big prize that you can get the trophy of the duck hunters to actually get a goose there. It's rare to get one, and they're big. So big trophy animal. So as I was walking along out hunting, I was walking along. This river is very flat, meandering river kind of wide open grass area. Um and it was really foggy. The fire was really thick, is probably in November, and visibility was maybe 20 or 30 yards at the most. And so here I am locking kind of along this river, and I hear this goose honking in the fog flying by. And I knew immediately it was lost. It had been separated from its flock and was trying to find its family. So I had a goose call, and so I called to the goose with my goose call, and, uh, it started conch in back to me. So we started this conversation and I could hear the goose in the flower, but it could not see it. And I could hear that had it flown past me. And then when I heard my goose call, it turned around and came back. So it was coming back to me. I could hear it coming closer and closer to me in the flog, um, as we're honking back and forth and then as it got closer and closer, I raised my gun and this goose appeared out of the Florida about 30 feet away. Its wings were locked and its feet were out because I thought it was gonna come join its family, and I shot it. So the goose fell from the sky and hit the ground. And between me and the goose, there was an old barbed wire fence, and the goose came down and landed and and kind of ended up butting up against the fence post that was there. So it was lying on the ground, kind of butted up against this fence post lying on its stomach. And so I walk up to this goose, and when I got there, it was still alive. And this goose looked up at me and I looked down at the goose, and I watched Didn't die. So, you know, like, I got to see a tickets last breath. And so when that happened, uh, two things happen to me. One, I felt terrible. I felt like innocent goose murderer, which I essentially waas. And I never hunted again after that. And then, um, I also felt at that moment that this energy or the spirit or whatever it was from this goose came into my body. And this is before I knew anything about meditation and healing, spirituality, energy or anything. So I had, you know, I didn't know what happened. But one thing I did know is by the end of that date, I knew what an animal totem waas on that has stuck with me until this very day. So now, anytime I see a flock of geese or I see ah, goose anywhere and sometimes I see them in very unusual situations and at times that are very meaningful for me. But whenever I see them, I don't have this feeling of, like, do more like there's gonna be some grand active retribution against me. Instead, I feel very calm, and I feel very connected, and I feel like I belong. So, um, it's in a very deep and profound experience. And so whenever I see them, I have this, uh, just small experience that life has to offer. That's very precious. And I feel extremely grateful. So, um, so those are my protecting spirits, that Canadian geese, And, uh, that's how I met my animal totem. 31. Bonus: Hello, I congratulations on finishing the course. I hope you got more out of the class than you anticipated. In case you didn't notice. 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