Hypnosis: Hypnotize With Just Your Eyes

Scott J., Owner of the Conversational Hypnosis Academy

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5 Videos (46m)
    • Hypnotize with Just Your Eyes - Hypnosis Program PT 1

    • Hypnotize with Just Your Eyes - Hypnosis Program PT 2

    • Hypnotize with Just Your Eyes - Hypnosis Program PT 3

    • Hypnotize with Just Your Eyes - Hypnosis Program PT 4

    • Hypnotize with Just Your Eyes - Hypnosis Program PT 5


About This Class

Do you know how to only use your eyes to hypnotize unsuspecting subjects ? Are you aware that hypnosis can occur with no words ? If you have ever seen old hypnotic literature or seen hypnotic black and white photos, you may come across hypnotic 'rays' shooting from the eyes of the hypnotist. While this can never happen, do you realize that the principle is completely true. We can use only our eyes to quickly hypnotize our subjects so deeply into trance they will awaken thinking " How the HELL did you do that " ? Join us as we secretly venture inside the NON verbal induction for conversational hypnosis. So Scott Jansen show you how to instantly increase the impact of your hypnotic eyes on anyone you look at. Imagine only hypnotizing people by just staring at them. While working as a consultant with high level business's, Scott was contractually obligated to not use hypnosis while helping executives. So he fashioned together a powerful tool to only use his eyes to secretly break down his subjects conscious thinking to gain a direct pathway into the unconscious mind Scott 3 step system guarantees not only results, but will shock people at how powerful your hypnotic arsenal has become What will you learn : The non verbal induction set up The non verbal induction system The 3 steps to mastery How to spot unconscious moments before you clients realize How to ratify trance with no words How to master the utilization method like Dr Milton Erickson ( the worlds greatest hypnotist ) How to say less to get more trance AND MUCH MORE Let's take a journey into how to drop hypnotic language, and gain the same results as a therapist that relies on it. Beware this is powerful hypnosis and is to be used in safety and complete care of the subjects you work with. Do not use this system with malicious intent





Scott J.

Owner of the Conversational Hypnosis Academy

Welcome the the Conversational Hypnosis Academy, and your trainer Scott Jansen owner of the Academy.

Scott Jansen formally found hypnosis from buying old VHS tapes of Dr. Milton Erickson from a garage sale, only later to find out that the seller was a personal student of Milton Erickson. These tapes provided a glimpse of the power of conversational and the uniqueness of hypnosis Scott had never witnessed before, and he was instantly hooked.

To only 12 months later ( at age 17 ) ...

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