Hypnosis: Ericksonain Hypnotherapy Program

Scott J., Owner of the Conversational Hypnosis Academy

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6 Videos (36m)
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About This Class

Course description:

**Get a SNEAK PEEK to our complete Ericksonian Hypnosis Certification**

Have You Ever Wondered ... How The Hell Did Erickson Do That ?....

Learn How A Renegade Psychiatrist Created A Secret Form Of Therapy,That Still Shocks The Best In The Industry And Created The Foundation For ALL Forms Of therapy Today.

Dear Reader,

If you are familiar with conversational hypnosis then you will have heard this name being mentioned over and over again.

Dr Milton Erickson 

Known through out the world as the best hypnotist who ever lived and his career speaks for itself. Being the inspiration to over 30 Ericksonian schools and around the world and the ideas behind NLP and coaching this brilliant man took hypnosis from the dark ages and changed the face of therapy.

Not only Was Dr Erickson known for his simple philosophy of therapy using hypnosis but he is best known for his use of succinct language and patterns that would catch the mind of all around him.

According to most reports (from his personal students) 

"Just being near him would be enough to fall into trance" Dr Jeffery Zeig ( Erickson student )

And its this very notion that spawned our idea to teach the foundations of Milton Erickson's work to satisfy the curious hypnotist inside of you ...

What will you learn with this program ?

  • How to FINALLY grow your own relationship with the hypnotist inside you the way Erickson did
  • Ericksonian hypnotic language and advanced systems for hypnosis
  • Indirect and direct influences of the unconscious mind and how to utilize each tactic seamlessly
  • The Ericksonian format that when added to any language pattern turns it into a hypnotic super driver
  • The hidden secrets that Milton Erickson would do before any hypnotic interaction - 3 step system
  • How to properly deal will relapse and packing down the unconscious mind
  • The CLASSIC Milton Erickson induction for deep trance identification 
  • The Milton Erickson Hypnotic phenomena sequence 
  • The Advanced irresistible induction that even the most stubborn mind can not resist
  • How to deal with expanded frames and how to expand a hypnotic frame
  • Learning story strategies that will have you telling hypnotic stories like a master 
  • How to create hypnotic environments inside a clients unconscious mind instantly 
  • The advanced utilization format for hypnotic speed with inductions
  • The secret priming sequence of Milton H Erickson that will catapult you to advanced status 


From Erickson training to Erickson training the main foundation is just to concentrate and obsess over the language, and while this is a useful start we don't want to end just with the language.

Understanding the principles of hypnotic language and how to present ideas

To the extent towards the end of his career he even admitted to never relying on his hypnotic skill, it had simply become a part of who he was.

"I no longer rely on a hypnotic induction, I only rely on myself" - Milton H Erickson 

This training is about showing you the inner mechanisms and formats of the man himself. To show you how to use language in a way that will transform the way you conduct yourself as a therapist but leave your peers and onlookers wondering how the hell you did that .

What you will get from completing this program: 

Our training finally breaks this code and gives you a step by step approach to suit the Erickson fan in you.
The Conversational Hypnosis Academy is Australia's leading resource in conversational hypnosis and hypnotherapy training and is endorsed by the biggest national therapy board in the world. This gives you the peace of mind for your training .






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Scott J.

Owner of the Conversational Hypnosis Academy

Welcome the the Conversational Hypnosis Academy, and your trainer Scott Jansen owner of the Academy.

Scott Jansen formally found hypnosis from buying old VHS tapes of Dr. Milton Erickson from a garage sale, only later to find out that the seller was a personal student of Milton Erickson. These tapes provided a glimpse of the power of conversational and the uniqueness of hypnosis Scott had never witnessed before, and he was instantly hooked.

To only 12 months later ( at age 17 ) ...

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