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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction to Hyper-V Course

    • 2. What is virtualization?

    • 3. What Is Hyper-V?

    • 4. Virtualization Types

    • 5. Hyper-V Overview

    • 6. Hyper-V Networking

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About This Class

This course is designed to teach you how to use Hyper-V from 0.

We'll teach you about what virtualization is and its types, how to install Hyper-V on a Windows 10 PC, how to create your first virtual machine, learn about the network adapters inside Hyper-V and much more!

For me it is a pleasure to share with you in this course.

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1. Introduction to Hyper-V Course: Welcome to the Cypriot Recourse! My knees. One baby thing. I will be your instructor throughout this course, this course will look at Microsoft technology called hyper V used for, create and manage before machines. At the end of the scores will be no worry, cyber be and how you can implement with decisions. They're very officially using this technology. This course is designed for teach you about these brutalization technology from scratch for combat eu an i t pro using hyper V Let's see our program it discourse will learn to what is brutalization? Dive organization? Why do you diaper b type of installation forever be We see how to install hyper V on how we can you style standalone version What is hyper V money? Your counsel on how great our first and second generation machines We see one in Cyprus B integration services What is hyper V networking How to create or the latest nationals? We will create some little machines templates how toe clung A beautiful machines type of a store ish. I'm more this tower journey. Welcome to the scores 2. What is virtualization?: who will come back, wipe every course in this video. We talk about utilization concepts, brutalization, he said. Technology that allow you to create multiple similar environments or the resources from a single physical hardware system, the so for coal a paraiso or connect, died early with hair work allow you to divide, see sting into separate, different and secure environments which are called beautiful machines or begins these beings depends on the ability of the device or to separate the resource off the machine from the hardware on this tree withing our prepare Lee. There, you know physical matching. It could be the Ieper visor is called house on. The beings that use this resource are cold guests. This case direct computer researchers, social CPU memory and storage as a hanger off resource that can be more usefully, Operator can control Bittle machines off the CPU, memory storage and other resources so that guests received this resource. They need one day needing Isolde from now and see you in another video 3. What Is Hyper-V?: Welcome back to why Privy course In this video, we'll talk about what is I burbey Piper Visa Free brutalization solution Provide My Microsoft that comes free would operate insisting Windows 8 April one with no Sever 2012 until House insisting on Windows thing. But although I previous free if you want to install any Microsoft operating system, you need to buy the license for the operating system that you want to stop. However, I have a good news. If you want to install you, you can stand on their operating system like centers. You don't go for daughter. Other things throw up so we'll live free. Let's see the requirement for in style I probie. First, we need at 64 bits processor with second level of the calculations lab. We need a CPU support for being monitor mode, station or ready see on impulse appeals on. We need minimum off four gigabytes. Memory has been drawn much insurer memory with hyper V hosts, you will need to provide I enough memory toe handle the specter little Warlock. The following items will need to re enable in the system bias with all the section technology may have a different life depending on the mother barman effect on how wearing for data execution prevention for verify your hardware compatibility with hyper V just opened the command prompt Untied the fall coming Insisting Beautiful. Wait a second. If all these hyper bid requirements are unjust, you're assisting Cameron diaper be world. If any writings returns, no, check the requirement Listing the document and make the adjustment were possible. This is all for now and thanks for watching. 4. Virtualization Types: Welcome back to Hyper Vickers. In this video, we'll talk about type hospitalization. There are two main type of legalization. Type one. Take two type to work like this for us. We have a Harvard later on top of the highway layer. We have an operating system layer or used olive. It'll essential solution. You install diaper visor on this operating system. Layer on when you create your brittle machines. These builder machines are on top off hyper visor layer. What's me simple. One of little machine need to access to the harbor resources. First in Nieto. Communicate with day, I provide, sir, on the iPad riser with operating season. I'm finally operating. See Sting with Howard. So if you need to install high performance machines, you need to use another type of conversation. Some type tube it'll sensual platform are between butts. On Beware were station in type warm who have, ah, highway layer on top off the Hauer layer. We have the iPad, bikes or layer. Are your house operating? See? Sting runs on a precise any, but it almost seems that you want to install. Room only provides air layer to offer a more performers to harbor machines, sometimes orbital station platform are hyper v Proximus on Visa. This is all for now. And thanks for watching. See you in a little video. 5. Hyper-V Overview: Hello and welcome back to hyper bickers. In this video, we'll see the Hyper V, my human counsel for the first time. For open Ibori, click on the start on type hyperbole funding. Click on hyperbole. I Come now you can see the Hyper V Management Council at the top of hyperbole. You can see the brutal, much inception. Deceptions were hyper be displayed. The current beetle munching on this PC or server, the middle section show the checkpoint that has been created for brittle much in selected in the top deception. They were inception of hyper be management Council displaced. Some additional details about the beautiful machine selected before decisions show information about memory, networking and others on the right. We have a few options to configure this a little bit tarnishing on the left. We have the server, the hyper V management half This is whole for now. See you on a little video. Thanks for washing 6. Hyper-V Networking: Hello again and welcome back to hyper because in this video will see the hyper V network connections or right he started from the right, paying off the hyper be management council. Sell it bill. It'll switch managers when the windows hoping in the middle bolt, you will see three options eternal internal on private. The first option is external. Use it to also said they never connection of your brittle marching with the physical condition of your computer. Click. Create digital switch to continue installation process. Now we need to specify a name for our well toe all swish for a sample endurance in the section that say connection type. We need to specify the number that you wish were going toe associate this connection. In my case, I'm using a lot of connected be a wireless. So I'm going to select my wider list never after the nifty option are used to create ah, brutal internal on private Swiss. The hyper be profits, which are low built, a machine toe, communicate toe each other only when they are in the same house. The probably the streets kind of communicate to any never outside the house, either. Senate is the none network and click on Apply solid Yes, way that second and click on. OK, bottom Now, right. Click on your brittle machine, Sell it settings and go to never after from brittle. Sheesh! Select your new beautiful switch Work case Internet. Now click on apply until they come. Okay, now it started your bagel machine way a sickle onto Liberte mulching a start. Now we're going to bury firework Internet access from our Beetle machine. We have limited. That's is yet. Wait a second. Open your Internet explorer. Now wait a second. And now you can see we have Internet dances inside our with the machine. This is all for now. Thanks for washing and see you in another video.