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7 Videos (33m)
    • Hybrid Photography Introduction

    • Choosing a 35mm Camera

    • Light Meters and Correct Exposure

    • Using a 35mm Camera

    • Composition

    • Depth of Field Explained

    • Digital Darkroom Techniques


About This Class

Hybrid Photography is using mid-century cameras and film to create 21st-century images. Find an old 35mm camera and Allan Stokell will guide you through each step from camera to digital darkroom. You will love this course!

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Love this so much !!!
I have loved this course! Alan explains really clearly the subject, and it has made me want to grab a 35mm camera and start shooting! I really think it is great that we keep film alive, we have reached a point where we shoot without thinking and then most of those images rest on our photo galleries, forgotten. By bringing film back to life we will think more before shooting and that will probably lead to greater results!
Great class - only wish it were longer ;)





Allan Stokell

Digital Teacher

I've been a teacher for many years. I started by teaching photography but later learned that a good teacher can teach anything. The trick is to keep students engaged and the subject always on-topic.

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