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Hungarian Language For Beginners: Alphabet, Pronunciation, Numbers, Introduction

teacher avatar M.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introducing the class and the language

    • 2. Alphabet (part 1)

    • 3. Alphabet (part 2)

    • 4. Numbers

    • 5. Introduction

    • 6. Class project

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About This Class

My mother language is Hungarian. When someone hears me speak this language, always wants to learn some words and I really liked to teach them, so this is why I decided to start this class. I'm going to teach you, through this class the Hungarian alphabet, then how to pronounce the numbers and finally how to introduce yourself in Hungarian. I think if someone wants to learn the language is really important to know the alphabet and how to pronounce the words. I hope, that this class will be useful for you because I worked so hard on it. 

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I speak multiple languages from when I was little. My mother language is Hungarian. When someone hears me speak this language is always so fascinated and wants to learn some words. I always loved to teach this language. This is why I decided to start a class. 

Hungarian is one of the hardest languages in the world, but don't worry it's not impossible to learn. 

It is the official language in Hungary, which is every year more popular destination for tourists. So if you planning to go to Hungary, it's great to understand and speak the language. 

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1. Introducing the class and the language: Hi, My name is Martina and I'm going to teach you through this class the hunger and alphabet. Then how to pronounce the numbers and finally, how to introduce yourself in Hungarian. Hungarian is the officer language. In Hungary, there is 13 million native speakers. This language is really interesting because it is unique. It is not similar to any other language. And I think this is why they so beautiful. Hungary is thes days really popular for tourists. So if you're planning to visit Hungary or Budapest, it is a really cool feeling when you can understand what they say. So before you start a class issue that these will be useful for you and you will be able to learn as much as possible. 2. Alphabet (part 1): the Hungarian off a bet has 44 letters. Some off them is really interesting because no other language has done. And because it's a lot of them, I was separate them into two parts. So let's begin. The first letter is a We pronounce it as awe. For example, Armagh, which means apple. The second letter is a. We write the letter down the same way as the A, but with a vertical line on the top, we pronounce eat as a for example, AJ, which means bed you pronounced be as birth and, for example, baba, which means baby be pronounced, see as toe and, for example, syndrome, which means lemon. The next letter is see with they s be pronounced Eat Escher and, for example, shook. Reach me. Kiss the pronounce d as the for example, Dina, which means water melon. There is a de with a Z. Was he pronounced as, for example, ads you. Which means Coach, I didn't find a word. That word start with the So this is why I decided to use a word that has the letter in it. Joe is seeming parted, but there is a s to, and you pronounce it as juror. For example, Jackie, Between jacket, we pronounced e as a for example at bed, which means strawberry. Then there is I with a vertical line on the top. We pronounce it as a for example, if which means here, people knows f s for and for example, for which means wall We pronounce G as a girl and for example, golf. Then there is a mother in your leather and he sees your It is a g with a y, for example, getting which means child, we pronounce age as on her, for example, head, which means mountain. We pronounce I as e for example either which means time. Then there is almost the same letter as the previous one. But there is a vertical line on the top and not a dot The difference between the two leather is that that the previous one people knowns shorter and this one pronounced longer . So this is e on the other one is, for example, e which means in bowl we pronounce J as your for example. Yet which means ticket. We pronounce k esseker and, for example, there is coach, which means key Reaper knows. L s le and, for example, days level you, which means air. And there is on El Veto of I, and he pronounces it the same way as Jay. So this is your for example, you, Which means whole. We pronounce, um, Asma and, for example, model, which means bird. 3. Alphabet (part 2): This is the second part of the letters. I separated them into two pars because the hunger and alphabet has 44 letters. So let's continue with them, Cooper knows, and as no. And, for example, which means woman. There is a another interesting leather, which is on with a Y, and we pronounce it as near, for example, yes, which means the language we pronounce, Oh, as or and, for example, all I which means. Or then here comes some interesting others, and the 1st 1 is O with a line on the top. We pronounce it as or and, for example, dairies water, which means watch than Earth. This is a with two dots on it. We pronounce it as earth and, for example, early ish, which means hung. It's seeming. Learn to the sound when we're thinking about something, and we say the next one is This is a O with two worthy combines on the top. The difference between the and is that the 2nd 1 is longer. For example, booze, which means deer. You pronounced B a spur and, for example, popular, which means paper here rescue. We don't really use this letter because we have some matters in our alphabet. Did we use them only for foreign words. But we pronounce this letter as cool. In Hungarian, you pronounce air as their own. And for example, Roddy, which means your razor there is s But we have another letter for s. We use this letter for sound. Sure, for example, Shah PCA, which means hat. Then here is the letter for sound s and this is a s with does he, for example, sore, Which means word. He pronounced de esta and for example, Tash car, which means bag. Then here is another interesting Lunder, which is 80 with a Y. And we pronounced it last year, which is maybe a little bit harder to pronounce. For example, Duke, which means 10. We pronounce you as you in Hungarian and, for example, born car which means cucumber. And he resumed with a worthy kalon on the top. We pronounce it as whom and the difference is in the pronunciation. So the previous one is who and this one is all, for example, also which means swimmer, the next one is due, which is a U with two dots on the top. Entrepreneurs eat as do, for example, with egg, which means glass on the last one with you is you with two were taken lines on the top. People now eat as food. So this is longer than the previous one said that one was and this one is due. For example, you're which means galaxy. We pronounce every as ever. For example, these which means water. Then here is W X and divide. I'm talking about them together because we use them for foreign. Worse, sq. So we pronounce W as Duplo v the X as ekes on the y epsilon we pronounced the as and, for example, Zanna, which means music and the last letter. Easy. We don't ask, we pronounce it as sure and, for example, Sha'ab, which means pocket. 4. Numbers: Now I'm going to teach you the numbers from 0 200 because these numbers are what you may use when you introduce yourself. So let's begin. Noella a can do hot. Um, need but, huh Heat Nords, Keeneland's teeth. He's image. Do you think at two teas and Hoddle to send me. He's in it. Teas and hot season hit tizen yards to thank Yellen's Whose so? These were the number from 0 to 20? No, it is always the same when you say the number. So, for example, you have 20 twenties whose and then you want to say 21. You just always added them the number, so age is one. So, for example, 21 whose own age? 22 to a scatter. So you say Whose own captor then you want to say, for example, 28. So eighties Nords. And then you just say who's on your so you use whose you add on and add the number. For example, in yours. Then there is 30 Izhar means, And then you say Harmon's edge hard means got to start. He wanted to do and there is no on between. And then you have 40 forties. Najib Man, you don't have to add anything is like 41 is Nigerian age. Then you won't get 41 42. Then you're 50 is the same. Both my edge. Both Venkata. Then you have 60 sixties hot one the same you just add hot fun ate hot one cattle. So 61 62 then you have No, it's one yards. When he's 18 you just add the number. So yours. One egg notes on captain and it's the same with 1990 skin and sun and then 100 100. He's sad, and then you can just always add the number. So if you want to say 100 and one, you just say says age 115 Saas season hurt or and if you want to say 100 and 22 then you just say South who Song Cat or 100 and 59 stars a cranky lent. So it's always the same and it's really easy 5. Introduction: Now I'm going to teach you how to introduce yourself in Hungarian. It's really seamer to the English introduction, so let's begin. So this is my example. Hi, My name is Robert. Tina. These sounds like that in Hungarian CEO. I never Martina. Then you want to say I'm 18 years old, Ian DiSanto What's eventually joke? And the last sentence will be I live in Hungary in moderate or sagen welcome. Or if you live in the United States than Ian was age a shirt, Alleman bar, lock home. Or if you live in Germany, then Ian. Name it or sag Bond. Welcome. Or if you live in China than in Keenum on lockem. 6. Class project: Now let's talk about the class project. The class project is that you introduce yourself in Hungarian, right? In your name, age and country that you live in. Hughes TheStreet sentence that you have learned from the last part of the class. Good luck.