Hull Moving Average MasterClass : Trading and Investing 360 Degree | Gaurav Khullar | Skillshare

Hull Moving Average MasterClass : Trading and Investing 360 Degree

Gaurav Khullar, Professional Banker(10 Years Experience)

Hull Moving Average MasterClass : Trading and Investing 360 Degree

Gaurav Khullar, Professional Banker(10 Years Experience)

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8 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Hull Moving Average - Intro

    • 2. Hull Moving Average: Calculation

    • 3. Hull Moving Average : Trend Identification

    • 4. Hull Moving Average: HMA Crossover Trading Setup

    • 5. Hull Moving Average: Trade Setup Example- Visa Inc

    • 6. Hull Moving Average: Trade Setup Example- Home Depot

    • 7. Hull Moving Average: Trade Setup Example- EUR/USD

    • 8. Practical Session: Hull Moving Average Trade Setup

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About This Class

Hull Moving Average MasterClass : Trading and Investing 360 Degree

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Gaurav Khullar

Professional Banker(10 Years Experience)


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1. Hull Moving Average - Intro: very come to this new lectures. Friends, though moving averages are one of the best indicators for technical analysis, but over the petered off time, you must have come across there. It suffers from lagging problem, and though most traitors use moving averages in their trading, but some traders reject moving averages just for this basic reason. Many trend following traders argue that they realized profits at lower levels done, the actual high off the market and friends. This is due to the lagged, which is associated with traditional. Moving averages are especially simple moving average, but is it is slow to react, though, over the previous strategies which we discussed in this course, we successfully eliminated this lagging problem off moving averages. But what if we find a moving average, which reduces this lack inherently So all moving averages one such moving average, which helps us in reducing this lack with good percentage. Let's see what you will learn in this lecture. We will start off discussing the lagging problem off traditional moving averages and in direction do hull moving average. Then we will see an overview off how moving averages calculator. After this, we will see how to check their trend in Hull moving average. At last, we will discuss our training set up using hull moving average. So that stock hope you remember the Golden Cross over moving strategy, which we learned earlier in this course. Just see this Joe USD chart here Green moving averages nine Peter Simple moving average and red moving averages. It impeded simple moving average. Nor that we got a bullish crossover at this point and this made our entry into the trade at this level. Now we get our bearish crossover at this point and does. We got exited this level. The market middle hired this level, but our nine cross sitting, simple moving average crossover give you exit similarly and in fact, at a level bit Lord and swing high though this what a profitable trade. But go bad. We were into the street for a long duration on for less profits. Now let's switch over to exponential moving average and see if that improves the results. This is same EUR USD chart, but with nine cross it in exponential moving average hair green. Moving averages. It didn't Peter Exponential moving average and red moving out of just nine petered exponential moving average in this chart. We got over bullish crossover here and does We took angry in tow this trade at this level after this, we got over bearish crossover here on Does we had an exit around this level and so this was also a profitable trade off these points again. Here we captured the move. Lee, and we were into the trade for longer time. And here also, the profits were always similar. It'll simple moving average does in both simple moving average in exponential moving average. You realize your profits somewhat, Lord and market high As an intraday trader, you always want to maximize your profit level. So if you are an intranet, traitor or very aggressive trader and warned multiple and profitable trades in a day than simple moving average or even exponential moving average, may nor be in, I didn't moving every for you. In fact, you need a moving average which is fast and reactive. Along with that, it's smoothness should be intact. Toe, take better trading decisions. Now let's switch over to hull moving average and see if we can eliminate the lack and capture the market moment earlier. So this is same chart, but now contains nine cross sitting hull moving average. As you can see here, we got over bullish crossover much earlier as compared to both SME and E m E does We got into the trade at around this level and we got over bearish cross at this point and thus exit at around these levels at this long red candle shown by the arrow Does you can see by using hull moving average? We were able to eliminate the lack to a great extent and we were able to capture the market moves much earlier hands in this trade, this one over profit and another thing to notice that you were in do the straight for a shorter duration and for greater profits as compared to both SME and E m e. So from previous discussions, we saw that both SME and E m E signals the trend reversal after few candles. Then it actually happened. Does you are booking your profits at slightly lower levels than the actual swing high this was You do your problem off lag which both moving averages suffered. But you think hull moving average, we can reduce the lacto almost 90% and also get smoother moving average. This moving average WAAS developed by Alan Hall in 2005 in order to create a moving average which is more responsive toe price and also smoother than normal moving averages, ask for home. His moving average eliminates lack all the weather on improves moting compared to other moving averages. In this example, you can see nine Peter S, M E T M e. And at Jimmy all in same chart in color moving averages SME red color moving out of this year, man and dark Will moving averages, eh, Jimmy? No. Just noticed this zone in the one know how hull moving average is providing signals. Vendor had, as compared to simple moving average, an exponential moving average. In fact, simple moving average and exponential moving averages are generating singles when the price has actually moved up Substantially. Knowledge, eh, Jimmy? Traders. Can Jews is early signals for greater profits as compared to simple moving average, an exponential moving average 2. Hull Moving Average: Calculation: So how did help overcome this lagging problem off normal moving averages? He, in fact, just use some clever mathematical tools and achieve this moving average with less lack and war smartness. We will just look at formula and steps, which he used and paid less focus on the mathematical part as how he used nested moving average concept to reduce the lions watching the moving average France years a crater are more focused as to how we can use hull moving average in over creating for profits. So deplored the moving average, the whole moving average uses, though weighted moving average in its calculation. So in first up, calculate weighted moving average with Period nine by two and My Deep Landis wayto there and Is the Time Here, which can were just heard. Asked what our requirements French before settings off this in most rating platforms. Nine in the second step calculated a weighted moving average for Peter and and subtracted from first up internal Laster. We calculated the weighted moving average with immediate square ago fan using data from the second step. So in char hull, moving average uses this form Lotto Gerard. The moving average 3. Hull Moving Average : Trend Identification: so friends, Let's go straight to implementation off whole moving average. Let us see how to identify trends in hull moving average brand identification and hull Moving average is similar to back off other moving averages. A stock or asset is Satya win uptrend if a Jimmy is rising along with prices. Similarly, a stalker assert is in downtrend if at Jimmy's falling along with price. So build on our learning till here we can develop a simple training set up like this by when a Jimmy is rising along with prices and sell. When Jimmy is falling along with prices here, you can put stop loss equal toe previous swing low or support level. When you are going long, let us see a practical example. This is for our chart off Euro USD and we Plourde the nine Peter Nature mayor. Northerner, however, lags off simple moving average is almost moved and at Jimmy's, following the price more closely, keeping the smooth us off carpenter. So just see this upturn. Their prices are rising and Jimmy is also rising upward. Does there was a clear uptrend and similarly nordeste fall in prices here, and that you may also falling does. There was a clear downtrend, the best partners. There were almost no lag and moving average while changing direction from uptrend downtrend . So you can create this chart like this as one of the price starts rising up and at em may also start sizing up words. We can place our by order at around this level and later we can place our sell order. And around this level they're both price and at Emma's start falling. So as you can see, this was a profitable trade. But friends, before implementing this simple set up, please finish this model where later we will enhance the center so as to eliminate false signals. 4. Hull Moving Average: HMA Crossover Trading Setup: So let's enhance this simple that you maybe it's treating set up, which we saw in last light here, every discussed at Jimmy crossover trading set up, which is more enhanced version and eliminate false signals at a good place compared to the simple set up, Let's see the tools which we require in the set up. We just need to in variants. First is 13 and 21 were not your man and then we need Heiken Ashi candles, French. Another point to note is that you can pray to set up in any time frame, but I usually trade with the time frame off one R or higher. Now let's discuss the rules over trading set up. The rules are fairly simple by when 13 year nature may crosses stone D one Peter that Germany up for direction and in Henken ascii we get to green candles with high rise on the crossover or later sell when 13 people after me crosses 21 Peter Rodger me from up to down and in Hacker Nashi, we're getting to read candles with lower lows and a crossover or later friends, please no doubt when I refer to high rise in this lecture, I basically mean second candle closing higher than the first candle. Similarly, when? Either for to lower laws, it basically means second candle closing Lord And the first candle. Please don't confuse the stone with actual high Orloff the candle. If you have doubts regarding this Lord low step, then it will be more clear when we will discuss a start up with practical examples. Lastly, let us he were to play the stop loss. You can put a stop loss at us, swing low while going long or swing high while going short. 5. Hull Moving Average: Trade Setup Example- Visa Inc: next are discussing this strategy with some practical examples. This is Arlie Schardt off us. Talk a visa here. Green Moving average is 13 petered shorter atom a while red Moving average is 21 period longer. Jimmy. Also the candlesticks usar Takanashi. Now just for close at this On where we got our golden cross over. That is 13. Peter after me crosses above Conte one Peter Ledger made from below, but nor that we will not buy straight away. After getting the bullish crossover after a crossover, we have to see that we're getting two consecutive green candles with higher highs. Now, just notice these two candles in this rectangle. You can see you're getting to green candles with higher highs and the crossover does we can and don't do the great. So we take and three in tow district and buy it next candle that is this one antic and three year deals levels. Now we stand toe the trade until you get a bearish crossover that is thought inferior nature may crossing below 21 Peter that remain from mobile. And now again, we will not exit straight aware the next candle after crossover. In fact, here also even wait for two consecutive red candles with Laure lows. Only after getting these we will make an exit that is selling this case. So just noticed these two red candles are the crossover. And nor that second candle is making Lolo does. We can exit the street on the next candle, so we accept our prayer and sell it this candle that is at these levels. So as you can see, this was a profitable trade with profits off around $1.5 Porsche. 6. Hull Moving Average: Trade Setup Example- Home Depot: Let's see another example. This is an Arleigh chart off us Talk home people. And here also green moving averages 13 leaders, Shorter regimen and red moving average is longer. 21 period hull moving average. Nor did we get over Golden Cross over here and in this example we are not getting two consecutive green candles with higher highs and to cross over. Does visual of eight information off this set up? So the combination off two consecutive green candles is made here, and those we take our entry into this trade at this candle entered these levels. After this, we gotta Berries cross at this point. And here also, we're not getting to constitutive red candles on the crossover. So after waiting for one or two candles, we get our formation off lower loads that candles, hair and handsome devil exited trader. This candle next toe to candles does the center these levels. So as you can see, this was a profitable trade and we got profits of around $5. Pusher 7. Hull Moving Average: Trade Setup Example- EUR/USD: Let's wind up this lecture with this last example off all moving out a strategy in this example I will show you how the war short using this set up. This is daily chart off Euro USD on dhere also green a Jimmy is shorter 13 Peter, Rodger May and Red moving averages longer. 21 petered hull moving average. As for our trading rules, we got bearish crossover at this point. And now let's check if we're getting low, low candles at crossover. So please notice these two candles which are forming low combination and does we can proceed with the trade and so we short sell at this candle that is at these levels. Later on, we get bullish crossover here were 13 petered shorter atom across is that continent we don't longer regimen. Now let's check if you're getting two consecutive green candles with higher highs and to cross over. As you can see, we are not getting the Hirai green candle combination precisely at the cross over but slightly towards the right. Does we exit over trade at this candle and we buyer these levels So this trade was also a profitable trade where we had profits off around 3 50 pips. Friends, just like every indicator at EMI, also suffers from false signals during sideways movement off the monkey. But the plus point is we captured the trends early and stay in the trend for longer durations as compared to simple moving average, an exponential moving average. I would recommend this moving average only toe Internet traitors or trailers who want frequent reading singles French. With this, I've wind up this lecture. Hope you are clear with Hull Moving Average and its training strategy. Lastly, implement any new strategy in your life trades only after proper back testing with your time frame on asset on which you are using. 8. Practical Session: Hull Moving Average Trade Setup: Hello, friends. Welcome. But this practical session on hull moving averages in this session, I will show you the implementation off trading set up which we learn in the theory class off dull, moving average. So, friends, let's add our 13 period and 21 period whole moving average. But first, I will show you the chart settings. I am, in fact, working on one hour chart off us. Talk Netflix. That's at the moving averages. We will have two hall moving averages. Next. Jane, the serving stool. Corden on color Green election. The setting off second hole moving average who? Don't be one and change the color to red. So these are our two whole moving averages on this chart on this hourly shot off Netflix also next chain the charter. He cannot you So just see this prayer. This the stalker than known friend Andi. As you conceive, we're getting over crossover at this point. Now we even see that along with crossover, there should be two Barish candles with laurel, that is second candle shoot close below the first candle. These other two condos this second candle, the second gamble is closing nor than the first candle So this means we can proceed with the trade at close off second Gandel not it will be short seller this level Ondas we dick and three years this point. Now we will get for the cross which happened at this point. And now we should wait for too bullish candles but higher high. And we got our bullish candles here with second bullish candle losing about the first bullish candle. Not is this second Gandel. It's clothing hired And the first Kendall. So we will exit. At this point we will exit Lose off this candle That is a little exeter. Next candle Have the open. So what really is closed at this level? So industry We had profits off around $18 questionnaire. So this was a profitable trade with profits off around $18. Course here. So France, hold this trading start. It was clear to you also, please know that inside with market woman, even whole moving average, like any other indicator, fails to work. So we should always stick by the so esto award the sideways movement of the market. Let's hear bullets trade now again. Here you can see here We got over bullish crossover on here. We're getting over Very scrolls over. So at the process, you have to see to bullish candles with higher high on. In fact, we're getting who candles. Get this. This candle and this candle, The second candle is closing higher than the first candle. So this means we can proceed with the street at around this level. So we take and create the clothes off this candle that is at around this level by and three at this level, that is buyer this level. And now we will wait for our bearish crossover which happened this place at this point. And here also, we will not answer it straight away. We have to wait for two Barish red candles with Lulu. And as you can see, you are not getting to bury scandal are the crossover. So you will wait for to lure low British candles to form and you guard the cook and those here this kind of on this kind of this one. So you will answer that around this level Are the clothes off this candle? You will take an exit, you will after this trade also, our stop loss would be swing low here. This will be a one stop loss. So in this trade. So this was a profitable trade with profits off around $18 0 here also. Profits were around $18 $18. Course here. So, friends, hopefully this trade shut up. It's clear to you on, as I say, always implement any trade, sort of with proper back trusting in the assets and the time previews.