Hulk Vol. 3: Texturing and Painting - Creation of Muscular 3D Characters in Zbrush | Mauricio García Arias | Skillshare

Hulk Vol. 3: Texturing and Painting - Creation of Muscular 3D Characters in Zbrush

Mauricio García Arias, CG Teacher

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32 Lessons (5h 24m) View My Notes
    • 1. Hulk Vol 3 00 Course Presentation

    • 2. Hulk Vol 3 01 Introduction and bases

    • 3. Hulk Vol 3 02 Shading torso and arm

    • 4. Hulk Vol 3 03 Shading legs and head

    • 5. Hulk Vol 3 04

    • 6. Hulk Vol 3 05 Porosities

    • 7. Hulk Vol 3 06 Extra tones

    • 8. Hulk Vol 3 07 Painting dirt on nails

    • 9. Hulk Vol 3 08 Painting the shadow of the beard and the eyebrows

    • 10. Hulk Vol 3 09 Teeth

    • 11. Hulk Vol 3 10 Painting the chest belt

    • 12. Hulk Vol 3 11 Waist's protectors part 1

    • 13. Hulk Vol 3 12 Waist's protectors part 2

    • 14. Hulk Vol 3 13 Waist's protectors part 3

    • 15. Hulk Vol 3 14 Sandals

    • 16. Hulk Vol 3 15 Bandage part 1

    • 17. Hulk Vol 3 16 Bandage part 2

    • 18. Hulk Vol 3 17 Waist fabric

    • 19. Hulk Vol 3 18 Steel Accesories

    • 20. Hulk Vol 3 19 Hand Plates part 1

    • 21. Hulk Vol 3 20 Hand Plates part 2

    • 22. Hulk Vol 3 21 Left arm plates

    • 23. Hulk Vol 3 22 Left shoulder plates

    • 24. Hulk Vol 3 23 Right forearm protector

    • 25. Hulk Vol 3 24 Shoulder protector part 2

    • 26. Hulk Vol 3 25 Shoulder protector part 3

    • 27. Hulk Vol 3 26 Helmet Shading

    • 28. Hulk Vol 3 27 Helmet wear part 1

    • 29. Hulk Vol 3 28 Helmet wear part 2

    • 30. Hulk Vol 3 29 Back plates of the helmet

    • 31. Hulk Vol 3 30 Skin Tattoos

    • 32. Hulk Vol 3 31 Crest and Eyes


About This Class

Hulk Ragnarok Vol. 3: Texturing and Painting ( Shades) - Creation of Muscular 3D Characters in Zbrush

Creation of Muscular 3D characters in Zbrush - Hulk Vol. 3: Texturing and Painting. We will paint the body, hands, feet and head of the Hulk.

When we talk about the creation of characters for movies, we must take into account the look, how these characters look in detail, because although they are inspired by comics -which are usually presented in 2D illustration- and not with much nuance, when moving to a 3D version we have to take into account many more details and even more if it is the creation of realistic 3D characters. For this reason, and in the case of the Hulk creation in Zbrush, we must take special care in its details and nuances, the behaviors of lights and shadows must be reflected in and from the stage of painting and texturing, we must manage to print the character certain nuances and tonalities of the character, which must work well in the scene.

For this and more, in this course of Creation of Hulk characters in Zbrush, we will emphasize on detailing and nuancing these characteristics of the character to highlight them, and what better than to save some details of modeling here in the area of digital painting and textured (nuanced).

For this reason, it is very important this Course creation of muscular 3d characters in Zbrush - Hulk Ragnarok Vol. 3: Texturing and Painting, because I want to teach you the usefulness of this production area, where we save a good job of production, managing to detail and refine more our characters, after the character passes through the area of Texturing and Painting, is when it starts to become realistic and this is something that produces a lot of satisfaction.

What knowledge and tools are required?
In order to view this course it is necessary to have basic knowledge of the program interface, this way you will understand the course information.

In case you don't know the software, I recommend you to see the free course "How to learn Zbrush for Beginners".
Learn the basic functions of Zbrush to start your career as a 3D character creator".

The course is developed in the Zbrush software so it is important that you have the program installed in your computer, on the Pixologic website you will find a free trial version for 45 days (buying it is your choice).

To finish you need a pc good enough to use the program (Generally no pc has problems to run the software...At least not for less complex processes).

Who should take this course?
If you are a beginner in the subject and do not know all the concepts this course will be very useful because you will handle the concepts in a clear and simple way so that you do not have problems.

What will the students achieve or be able to do after taking this course?
We will work on the body, hands, feet and head of the Hulk.
You will understand all the necessary phases to model a 3D character, no matter the complexity of the character, you will understand which are the stages of the sculpture and how to improve your character step by step.

You will also learn a series of tools and techniques to sculpt and most importantly you will know when to use which one.

What are you waiting for? Start working at the level of the professionals in the industry!

This course consists of 31 classes



1. Hulk Vol 3 00 Course Presentation: How can we go from these days? How can we make character that is so pale to have his own colors and has a lot more life? You're an artist that want to prove a lot more your talent to take your characters to the next level. They believe me. This course is for you. Hello. My name is Dorian Digital artists with five years of experience in the industry. I want to give you the welcome. Today occurs, create your own Hulk. Bowling Three. This is one of the four parts off this soccer that are available for you. Throw the different videos. We will learn some techniques that will help us to give some color to our character. We're going to see some chills. Did you generate some effects are listed by step. We will see how we can build the car rolls off our character in a very simple are effectively way. If you like what you have here in this video, then I invite you to join us in this course. Because they know that the content you will see here will be very helpful for all your creations. I wish you very good luck and see you in the course. 2. Hulk Vol 3 01 Introduction and bases: Hello. How are you? Welcome to the spheres video of this new course in which we're going to paint our character . In this video, we will see some tools that with a low us to have a more stable workflow and that they are going to help us a lot to make a much more credible painting. The first thing we are going to do is that we are going to change the background color here in these recommend top and we're going to keep press this button that is colored back. Basically, what this auction is going to do is that is going to serve as a dropper. That is to say that it will be Take the hell off the color in which we are standing on. This would work as long as we don't know, let go the knowledge. But we have to keep it present. Usually when I painting characters, So where I giving close shades? I like to use gray Bagram so that that's such the eyes have Ah no third cool to have the corrugated a so to speak. But to have our neutral toe on capture much better cars. And we are going to use when painting. Let's change a little data knowledge to we can use as you see these color panel to change the background color more easily. But I will also recommend using these range. What it does, basically, is to move the Bagram color. A such degradation. We can make the began Karura look much darker or martial like that. I will suggest a medium term so you do not get tired of your eyesight. The next thing we are going to do is that we are going to load a color palette that it's basically final that is going to give us the information off all the colors that we are going to use when painting order. The police we are going to use is one like this. Here basically contain all the information of the calls that I am going to use for a character, for example, the scheme leather on method, among others. From this part we're going to load into Suresh simply. We are going to the optimum texture and we important dame age. Once regarded, we just stand on it and we are going to use this off turn at the spotlight here. It open this funnel, we remove it with coma on Bhola. We got our sport, like with the colors we are going to use. This technique really has been very useful to me because it allows me to have the technologies that I need very quickly. And we hold having to try several shades to see if it looks like the color we have before. But with a simple click, we will have exactly the shade we are using on. We will be able to use it when we want. But we are going to do in this case, is that simply pressing the c k or where one of the cars we have we're going to load that color in our serious color palette disease are very useful metal. Because I told you before, this allows me to have tones very fast. I'm been able Teoh pain with that other advantage in this case is that we not only can take one tonality about two tonalities at the same time we use UK, we can shays the main color which we are going to use to pain and using the CK again. We're going toe take another tonality from our Pilate. This is sport like Well, we can't hide it simply by pressing chiefs so that all lower panel disappears While the panel is here, we will not be able to pain freely. We deactivate a C out live only energy be. And now we can start painting. We have grown everyone, Another tonality. We simply press you be to switch the color the main color I'm repaying with another car. This work method is very good. In my opinion. A Sotelo's made to you have different tonalities on paint at the same time. If we need another Optionality simply, we'd see we activate the spotlight on with C. Remember, we take another color sample. We can use this process as many times as we need. One important thing that we must keep in mind is the more polygons or character has better will be the quality of the pain with these two tapes that you have seen is more than a lock . For the moment, we're going to start using them from the next video 3. Hulk Vol 3 02 Shading torso and arm: but it will. In this video. We're going to start with the fear section off our character, and it is this king text to for this texture. We already know how to long, different colors. The two colors we're going to load are the basic tone off the character on the color of the skin shadows. What we are going to do him having selected the base color, is that we go to the color top on. We select the option that say's feel object. We're going to make a material change because these material is not is not going to serve us, and I suggest you the skin shape, for you can use any of the brushes to paint. There's no problem. The activate a moment CIA and only keep energy be activated on. What we are going to do in this case is that we're going to start painting the visions that are between the muscles with darker tone. We're going to do this to pay in the cavities, a sash we are going to generate our extra bloom for our character so that it doesn't look so flat. Didn't look like a single color so that it's seen with different shades. Generally, when I am fainting, what I do is the attained the parts the lower parts off Mosul with a darker tone this way. Hey, I can give it so gradation from the life or tones to the darker tone. Going to paint this Muskal over here here with I basically do is to throw brushed. Oh, strokes up just aren't giving it the core gradation. And obviously we don't have to have only one tone. We can give several strokes to give some colors most darker than others. This way, one they want. We're going to pay the different muscles off character here. The biz Opps We bought a little toe this line to make it look darker. Here we read also makes Orman shades. It is good that everyone of the muscles has these divisions, these darker shades so that some extra problems are not the data rod noticed on Lee. With this culture, we're going to do our own here, obviously, on the other side back here, these favors so small of the pectoral she'll be bone with our small brush so that it doesn't live us. Bury a large shadows is good that they are a little more detail. The case that we goes a lot off atonality. We simply change today. Ambassador tonality or the basket tone of the skin that will serve us in some way, as in the razor. Us, he and Suresh. There is no razor. This technique is very just. We continue here with these Perata's all the obliques we can change momentarily. The material that we're using, the one that is colored a flat called these were basically will do. Give us the rial color of the character. It will look how highlights will don't have shadows. But on Lee, the corals that we are thinking that well, I love us to see her world are the shadows that we are painting. If maybe there are patches or if they're gradations, are being painted corrected. So its companion to review that flood color material from time to time is very useful. I recommend it a lot, paying these committees what they know Adam's apple again, the foot color to see how it is going. We can say that in the clavicle we like a bit of tonality on simply with starting pay. Hearing this cavities is comparing to live it a little darker so you consider the depth better. We go also with the trapeze. We repeat its sexually this same process. We make strokes old words to start giving the feeling off gradation the center, a sash, the part that is going to be darker. And as we will the color toward the inside of the muscle, it will be banishing. - This process is only to give so bass each other. We do not have to perfect the shadows because later we will are other details that will make it look much better, much more correct as a texture of the skin. Well, here are the back off the Toit on the other side. Roy also not extend to march to the inside of which muscle because if not, it will be starting to get buried up on that. Personally, I don't know, like those muscles dudar so that the shadows cover so much. I really don't don't like we're paying the little these divisions between the delta in Mosul and we continue with the top issues again. Here are such the muscle bottom will Sarasa direction to know exactly where these throws are going it is good to to use these flood color mode to begin to better, much dis gradations off the muscles or the cavities. Many times we day material where we are using because off the light and all that, we can see some shadows. It's somewhat difficult. So too much days with flat color. It's a very good idea Here, for example, in the clavicle, we were needing some more color. These same two we come due in the arms. Exactly the same process we are using here off painting the division between muscles we will do to the arms. Well, here in the pectoral. We need some more over here. Okay, let's see the back A thing we can't fix a bit. Here it is a little dark. We continue to mark and more the divisions that are not to the finance. But the divisions between the muscles are are noticed. Now we can continue with a With these are we are going to use the sexually dissing process simply. It is also like thinking Suckley, in which areas there should be some shadows. Some tones over here on three sips here in their inner part of the triceps we continue to make the divisions between Mosul's more mark here in the inner power. Obviously, we're going to pain. So shadows of the same for the part Were they harmed? It is good that they lower part A. Such we get a little darker than the top here are between the town del's on the lower part of the finger. Here with the elbow, we use a smaller brush because we're going to paint the wrinkles. I know Don't leave these ones, but also the one seed you can all these little wrinkles in your hand that are very little. Be paying them with smaller brush so they get a little more defined. The the shadows we are painting and also obviously the Oprah part off their fingers. The wrinkles are so with a smaller brush, we start to get them darker. But be care to know that such a right to march Keilar the knuckles. We're going to paint a bit like a shadow on the lower power off the fingers to make it look a little during that, they didn't look so clean. Saving the bone. Let's is both a little the color here for sample in the finger interception. We're going to make it a little darker too. We're going to pay in a sash. The nails were going to pay the little they line the nays until we get are sold as this one . What we want at the end is toe have a character as this one wish. You can see the muscles being divided by these shadows. Your homework is the next one. With what we do with their body on the arm. You're going to paint the other arm, so we have literally finish it. The torso on the arm. This is all from the moment. See you in the next video. 4. Hulk Vol 3 03 Shading legs and head: 5. Hulk Vol 3 04: Now that we already have shadow bases of the four character body, we can continue reading over par. In this case, we will do the Bain's. We will mark the banks of the character with the tone. We already, huh? Simply with our Greg brush, we will star following the roots of the school tour that we made with the pain. But since our ports will always be perfect, we can use a tool that we finding stroke that's called lazy most. We increase the lacy arrive you on. What this will do is that it would help us to get more stability when making this tropes. If you see in this case, there is, like a delay time with Indians away signs repress our pants ill or for the button of the mouse. Andi until the stroke appear. This give us a better country and we can be soon about the lying will have very similar technology, as they said before, simply is that we start to follow the roof of the veins. This is going to be something in relatively quick and simple. Well, I said quickly and simple because it is in so complicated to make the lines. The only problem here that I've seen while I'm making these video or delights a lot of times they are not letting me see the Bains form bode well. We can just change the material. We already, but for now we can walk this way. There's so being over here. Remember to that or solar veins don't have the same size the same thickness. Then we can play with the brush size so we don't get all of them. It's actually the same size similar here in the abdomen. Important thing to that we can play with intensity of the brush. In this case, if some Baines we get with our feebly life, their tonality, that will give the illusion that maybe the bane is is dependent on the others, then the color will be a little things event . If there are some dark tonalities because the shadows we d, we can still be able to see the Bain's as they tonalities are a little different, so that one are darker than the other is not a problem. Here are the ones in the neck with finish and we will get our assumes. These one we can see even from this distance, some of the brains we will give Ah, final touch. That is a noise here. We real simply play with somebody's, for example, the noise size, and we'll see that there are some dots in a lower character. What we do now that we are going to mask the areas. We don't want to have these dots, these green dots, for example, the face, the years A there, the hands in some areas for simple, the nails. We cannot low to have the stones, the fit nails. Either we are going to give sums throats in the open side of their fingers. We don't want they to have the Perot's texture with. Once we get all this parts musk, we can open a moment, the noise mode, the issue mode to see that we are getting in their right side here. We just need Teoh. Adjust decides we want on so much intensity. We want the color. If we use cultural age, we can see a purview off our work off our some things, and we can see the face is in fact, it doesn't have all those dots. All that pours, and that's what we need remove a little here in the shin. I think that's fine. Now we just need to select a play. And now we have ah, skin a little more force. Well, with these, we finish this video for the moment. We will continue in the next one. 6. Hulk Vol 3 05 Porosities: we will continue with their skin texture on. For that we're going to use on all far to give some dictates we will use these serial form . The idea is that using this option on an option called Drug Rick, we will generate some stains where our character or skin we don't want it to look totally. Even we don't want it to look totally. Is boot the character texture. With this, we will achieve this goal. Obviously, we recommend to not use the signatory because it will be very well. We're going to do some of these markets. These Duri's in a rural character cavities on others to over the muscles face allow we have generated. So I'm shadows painting with darker tones. But what happens is that we pain. It's away. Maria's mother shadows. Yes, I know that appears, I until the important thing was the shadows. Where continues. But in this case we're going to do is that we are going toe, have some stains, so regularities and this will give a better finished for our character. It's worth more here in day of dooming. As you can see in this moment, we can see a little stain it. Our character. Let's go to the order site. Let's try to not saturate with the sustains, so the character doesn't look too during. The logic here is very similar to what we do with the shallows. Here we have the cavities or the muscle lines. The idea is to make most darker or more saturated, I say. As for the quantity of lines that we're going to paint in the cavities because the shape that the Alpha House it's to start to giving us Ofili. No beans in the character interior, not only the ones that retained a such they want to redo large, but we're doing something like in our veins. Remember, as I have said, until now, not all the strokes are such more we distill were using have to have exactly the same size . The bad guys to use the dark rack is that we can change very easily of this size. We all need to change the brush size, so it's very good to get this kind of finish. Let's make us change. We will not use the drug like tool to make designs within the muscles, but we're going to use our forehand and hear what I will basically do. Dont gona make some stitches? No, that continues line for some stitches in some different areas of our character. This so we don't get some continues lines. That's what we originally do with the shadows. But to get in some way song lovely. So we get some regular pattern in the publicas disarray. Let's go to the site. We have to be rotating a lot of character with looking at Kim from different angles because a lot of times there are areas that we don't think. So let's get to use it to our rotate our character. It's important to use their testifier. That's the front material to see how is going our character a now seen this flood color we consider our character doesn't have his mood colors well, a lot of rural, but it have some stains that makes him look much better. Let's start some details here on the guns. - A Sasha, this is the technique idea. It's simply to use star removing and some are is moot in the shallows. On the started having some irregularities of the end, we get the result, and if you compare with the previous version. You'll see the character doesn't look so smooth. This is solid for no on. See you in the next video. 7. Hulk Vol 3 06 Extra tones: Let's continue general, right in some stains today, skin texture off our character on the using The same they thought we use in the previews video. We're going to add other kind off stains in this case, a model farm. I don't know concrete or something on similar with serve as well, really. The idea. Here, as with the previous video, it's a continual generating, some stains in or character. But we have the boy to do to marsh off this green tonality because it will start looking and waiting a little here in the legs too. - We're here such we were working the shadows more than anything. And now we will start. Generate insulin like strikes populated should be done by Orender like but sometimes is component Teoh at these lighter tonalities simply with painting, we think in the case of a sphere, the lower part off this fear we will paint it with darker colors. So we get a shadow while the upper part we will. Sir, painting will like the tones to give to give the filling of life and that will give us a bottom range. So take that into account. I'm trying to pain the per side of the morsels or the wrinkles or some parents of our skin . We have to make a song like strikes they're fit to. 8. Hulk Vol 3 07 Painting dirt on nails: we will continue to add some details to our character. In this case, we will go with the natives. The first thing we're going to do is that we are going to at some writer tones like some shine, so to speak. Let's make sure the necessity is very 10 use. We will do. These two is one of the nails, the other side. We do the same, but in this case, we can use I metering because we are on Leah. Vince on superficial shines something very general. No, we're gonna so stained. Some were we're gonna take the darker color on. We're gonna make it even darker. So the Contras is Notice it more. Andrea start to mark. The committee is between the nails we can use even annul for so we can get more irregular marks. I'm not as with ones as we can see in the reference the character has the nails RL actively during productively, Not very during. So in this case, there's no problem. If we overdo a little in terms of the amount of there we are gonna give them that the pounds on your own taste, I will make these more intense the dirt we can even use sometimes more gray. So is not only Earth what he has in the nails, but also some dust. Also between the were of the nails were going to make some spots, some stains So it feels dear ear Still, - we're gonna do this process toe each one of their neighbors Remember to use different tones apart from the green, we already have used as, for example, the gray. Or you can use stones like brown on the cuticle on in the weirs I usually and these what we are doing, we need to do it Also in their feet, the steps are exactly the same. Musically fears to add Like their tone, the Wake song shines the details house and then start to ah, more and more we're here . As you can see, the main point is to see some references and CS Suckley who do we want? The dirt off character? We can't even at some dirt in the upper part of the fingers. Well, that is not only in the nail, but extended to all the finger. With this, we will finish the fingers off or character even from far away and we hold lights for shadows. We can see a little better in the shape of the natives. This is all for a moment. See you in the next video. 9. Hulk Vol 3 08 Painting the shadow of the beard and the eyebrows: Well, let's continue now with the face. We're going to pain. We're going to pay in a such the shadow of the beer off our character. The first thing we're going to do is to change the stroke, the one that's called Spry and we're going to reduce these level color to Syria we're going to select are different. Alpha, for example, this one There's only war on. We're going to start pain, sports in or character terrorism because I changed the color blue 20 when we used this spiral. You is because if we don't lower it, it will pain with both colors, with the front color Hyundai background color at the same time. On sometimes these combinations start to distort on generators a great range off colors, and in this case, it doesn't street us here , too. Where is the moustache? We can paint a little here. It is simply to say, some references, pain as we want. If we made a quick comparision, we can see us how the shadow of the characters beer start to notice. Well, now we're going to use free hunt that stick off the Alpha, and now we're going to start working on the eyebrows of the character as we do when sculpting we will divide these in to park. We're gonna have pain. The eyebrows are directly sculpt on our character. I'm forward out that we're gonna use the tone of the beans to start generate the stones. It's activated the subtle off the characters I rose. So it will be easier to see where we need to paint the idea here. Is that what we are going to paint over the skin of the character? It's something like the darkest part off the eyebrows, something like the Shadow. We're gonna use different brush size to make so more gentle strokes a little more over here of the end of the eye, bro. Only then we can generate a darker tone for the Aibos. Um, makes almost throats this way. We really get Charles off different tones with command. In this case, what we are going to pain with these darker tone or the cavity is that we have in there. I'm Rosa sculpture. The more freedom power, so to speak. We're going to paint it with these darker tones. And now we're gonna start paying the eyebrows current. The character side Rosa, such here. We need to use different tones. Some of them will be dark. Another's will be like we will use Phil object RGB 2 100% on full object to die. All the Aibos here in day I bought that were sculpt. We're gonna try the d I grows base on the lower power will be darker. I know what it is difficult with song small models, But well, they don't like little. We will get it done. Also, the eyebrows that are more hiding. We're going to paint it in a darker tongue. Okay, We will use now our life of phones. You will see, for example, the reference there are some hairs, some Harriers. And there I wrote that look bare white, obviously disease completely because of the life. Well, data here is we can get that feeling more than anything. It will be the hair that is in the upper site. - Well , we see that the affair is working well. Well, these we have the face almost completely finished. Only some parts left. But we will see them on the next video 10. Hulk Vol 3 09 Teeth: we continue now with the seats on forties, we are gonna do another technique that has nothing to do with a floor Pilate that we already have. But we're going to load a reference image as this one for our tits, simply with spot. Like we get any major off some things. We activated us. We already know from here we already have our reverence for the fits. We can use as many reference as we need on simply by clicking in one or another image. We change the image, but we're gonna use We're gonna take the call of directly for from these state reverence. So we campaigned our model. Let's paint the world box of thes white, first of all, and now with this sport like we're gonna take some tonalities, it's important to be able to take the tonalities so funny image is needed. The day spotlight wheel is song or else it will not allow us to take the colors of the image. But we will be getting their background colors. In this case, they're great. Let's take a tone. A little yellow wish with a relatively low intensity for some poll nine between our five or a nine of intentions. So it's not so strong on within Alpha. We're going to start giving it some dice. Fears we will star with a great own. Okay, let's lower. Our little more intensity is a little high. We're gonna do birds suffering the sustains. The Reverend's we can see in the Fit is not completely like, but it has Somewhere else is like a great So that's the effect we're going to start to give it. We will start paying one day one issue the thief looking at the reverse, we will be mostly painted in gray. Is the lower part off? They're not the oversight. Usually we worry also in their lower teats. - Well , where have they left it? With a look. A little stain. Explain the gray look. A little Martian tens. So what we're gonna do is the person shift as if we were going to smooth with the activated the city out of the sea of option on. We left on Lee Energy be active this way. We will. A star is moving the car off the great phone with it. But we're not going to the Form eight. The geometry that's used on the farm or is moving. We're going to pain a sash. The border on the cavity is between the teeth we can see here is in the cavities where these jelly stones are more visible. So we're going to pain. Also a little. The lower part of that, - we're going to use like strokes so it doesn't get to a stain off here. We do also song strokes. He are intended it. This is strokes were were doing in these cavities. We can make it a little more intense this way. Little by little, we were a star staining the teeth. Well, let's see again. The reference to see We show their tones we can take Well, we're gonna do some fallacious A Sasha. You'll see him a life tone. Obviously this should be owned by the like. The lights will give us these flashes, but we will give it some help with their painting. We are doing this luscious can be stronger. It is not needed. That they are too is myth. - Well , let's mask the gums with a lasso tape mask so we can start working on the gums color We built it on. We control age we hide the mosque and now is just to start using their dim age to try. Sometimes now, with a darker color, we will start giving the fierce, shallow Let's But song tones were here. This is sold for the moment. I'm see you and didn't exit video. 11. Hulk Vol 3 10 Painting the chest belt: Let's continue with the second face off our painting on its to start to paint the leather pieces. We're going to take the text tour base the basic leather color and we will apply it to the peace. This case you have to be careful on half the RGB option are 100% so we can use Phil object . Once we do these, we're gonna take the light color. I'm the dark core off our letter. The idea is to paint all the groups with a dark tone. The only thing we I don't like is that we have very is moving color of there is revealed brush. So let's use color spray on the for example, like this one. Okay, we have to take away their corruption. Let's live it at zero. And now we don't have that color makes too. Now, simply, you see, in this combination off spry color on the alpha, we will start painting All these groups all discourages. As we can see in this moment, we don't have a barriers move of brush, and that helps that the letter looks much better. Let's modify our little ray the brush size so we can work much better in very thin groom's you see on the Poly Group. We're going to mask some areas. We will mask all that is not the boat because we need to paint the seclusion where we need to paint where the species we have over the belt on developed are connected. Let's continue to pay in the markings. - Finally , a less pain. This group that is developed, let's go to the next face and is to use a mask option the rug right on a no for these in the mosque option. Okay, the in this case is that we're going to do a star staying much more our boat, What we do. Affairs waas conclusions on some shadows in the cavities, but now, with enough of the scratches or were, let's start to mask some areas of our built. The idea is to get sustained no to Bush, but they enough remember that this offense will be a big label so you can use them in the project. But if you want to search some love us but your own, that's the problem with that. Let's high the moment. The mask I'm now let's paint over the parts that are not mosque. Little by little, we can see as this is scratches star appearing, let's repeat the same process. But in this case, without different offer. So the markings are no. This actually the same well, we merited on. We hide it on the game. We simply start painting some parts off a war we're Let's go with our last over. We repeat the same process, but in this case we will use a bigger mask. Let's make it bigger than the ones we have been working with. The idea is to make this belt to look more dear. We Imbert it, hide it on the game, start to paint well, you need to look at it. Doesn't get the most saturated office things You have to be aware of. Death finishing. We're going to pain with a light color from our color police. The Opara just off our belt. This included to paint the upper part or each of the groups. - This is a little long work us how Bush's throws you have to make. But you have seen the simple steps we can to start giving more and more details to our leather piece. Well, finishing we get the result, we see the result off. Apply different steps to get the leather texture. Now, what do you have seen in this video? I want you to use the same techniques to paint the other belts off our character that includes There. There are the chest and these ones of the arm. I leave you with that task on. See you in the next video. 12. Hulk Vol 3 11 Waist's protectors part 1: here we can see the result of the task. I have left you using exactly the same steps or the Proview's video. I could create the other belt, including the one So the arm on the others off the chest. Really? It is only to follow one day one of the steps you will see and we will get their assault there quickly. We will continue with another piece on it. Is the area off the waste starting with the side protectors, Same as the previous video with a star paint in the cavities. - We will start working on their conclusions on in the peace markings is they recommend the activate this signatory. This will make the finish to look much better here. We don't need to be very Polish. It has to get a perfect line. But some a regular lines or better sustain will serve as well. - I don't hear too up here too. Here at these h is good to paint them a little darker. Well, dissents, you need to paint it too. So the angle changed. So the piece is more notice able a little up here because here comes another little piece. We will start painting to the weirs. These limes as we lead before with the mask off chance on with the combination off direct right on all of us. We will start to pain Some stains way inverted We pain the sustains that we have Just musk , Remember? Just in case that would control age we can hide a room, hide the mask. This so is much easier to look the peace. Let's change the mosque type to some structures and we repeat the process. Here you can use as many authors as you want. What do we hold? Bay Kane? The most were a little of here paid at the center. We will use a last offer last mosques to make the last dear It delicious. We embarr it'd hided under start to pain. Well, here we can use on the list Owns two apart from the ground like a kind of gray this so ever taint the sun getting close in the same color, Both so he gets different tones. - I believe this is working now Our lesson step is to start giving the like strikes without you the light color we'll start to mark the lines edge on the edge of the ISS plates. - Same Here we are in this corners. It is important that we get they like to strike to notice Keilar in their upper EDS. Well, that's nowhere. A little intensity, I think, is very strong on we continue thinking this US play don't here. - Same as we do in the other side, this corner or better this angles. They have to be seen Mark with the life. - I insist. Going a step by step and using all of the techniques we can get the object paint in very quickly. We live it here and we continue in the next video. 13. Hulk Vol 3 12 Waist's protectors part 2: with the next piece, De protector Andrea star. By generating the shadows in the inclusions. Buddy, I'm going too fast. But because these are things you already know at this moment we are reinforcing the technique in different pieces. We have to shade this controller. Well, I'm between these groups in this first power we can use the Secretary s I am using in this moment because later it will be in not notice. The TV is the same Well, in this group. The cemetery was not work, so we need to make them one by one. Let's reduce a little intensity. I will continue with these cavities. Okay, We're getting on the markings. Let's make some shadows here in the creases off this letter appear to a little even. It is covered this companion, that to put the shadows. And now we start to having we are we really start with. The scotch is over. Let's vary both the direction on the size of the brush. It is important. Well, from time to time, we're going to on hide the mosque so we can see exactly where the lines are. Let's go with the older Alpha. Generally, when I am doing this kind of finishes. I use up to four alphas as maximum so the pace doesn't get so saturated. Let's go with the last one. We make bigger stains. How do we start to make the peace deal here? Well, we removed the mosque. We can see it's looking good. It looks in August, stained on. Now we realist are having the lights saying that as we have did until now, the lights will be more than anything in the edge on in the oversight of the problems we have well here in the upper side, off all these groups, we have to mark them to Let's go with these inflated pieces we have here. - Well , let's mark this folds to We need to see the like bones. Well, here are you will do a little. We repeat, secure the same technique we have now few pieces off our protector. We will live it here on See you in the next video 14. Hulk Vol 3 13 Waist's protectors part 3: we will start with 1/3 section off the protector of the waste. This time they're built that wraps around the waist. We repeat the same process. We have been working, starring with a cavity shadows saying in this case, a city is something that is not going to be a so problematic. We can use the symmetry later. We will do so. Asymmetry d days. So this will not be a problem appear in these This angle on the only here to that's all. No, we hold Simon three. We will start to make Some were saying you want to get a better reference as toe How will be these reels? These Juries you can look for song, little references Asia Um, the major letters So you can see exactly how does the text tool for these materials we will start in our being the were on we go with fear sulfur we embarr it'd we hide it on. We're start to paint the weird these scratches in case you're lost and they'll remember where the sketches are. Simply used control age toe make the mask appear to be sure where the markings are on, then hide it again so you can look better while you are painting. We go with the next over we inherited Hide it on repeated the process. Let's see the mosques and we see it has no dealing so we can start having the like strikes here we will need to do make some strokes. So lights here in the scratches. So here Well, it's looking very good and now we just need to make the markets throw designs. Remember that it is in the upper side, off each one of these lines. We have to make this strike So like along the lines let's try to make them in an irregular manner. Not everything has to be completely eliminated but it can be a something like patches as you can see on living some areas that hold painting well in designs. So this marks are not completely continues. Well, we almost finished a little Over here here are in this corner is important We continue along the lines This steps is important to have song like The Strokes Way are finishing the piece on every joining with the other two we can see on almost totally finished a piece. This is steps are really very simple to apply on. We can get to the point very quickly. A little mains toe review the task and it is to use the same technique to finish all the other pieces that make up the protector of the waste. The idea is that we get a finish like this where all the pieces have got the same treatment . We have a protector in the ways most more complex. This is all for the moment on. See you in the next video. 15. Hulk Vol 3 14 Sandals: using the techniques we have seen. We already have the central part on the superpower off our character. Now we will work in the character sundials, and for this we will use the same technique that's a star generating the dark conclusions into belt. To make this a strokes, we can activate the symmetry so we can speed up the work in this case, on Lee for the lines of their boats. Remember to avoid using the broaches. There's motive brushes with I don't know his motive, Alfa. So the shallows don't get to the force when it's some shadows to get a little irregular. In this case, this pride on the stain adults like the one I have here. We work very good that Spain back here too Here in the inner side, - let's continue generating the shadows in the markings I love using in the lower part of the sandals. Well, with this, we have a great power faint. We can use the poly groups so we come pain some areas much easily when there are so most species one for where others. The truth is that it gets difficult. But with the holy groups, it will be easier lest mask the things we don't need. And now what we're gonna do is that we are going toe paint These groups we have in this belt in this protector and this parts were delightful. Let go so far should be darker because of that, they like to general rightfully groups in their different pieces because it is easier to mask. I'm paying the section that we need. Let's pain to their collusions Between these belts don't here are displayed to generate a kind of shadow. Same in this plate of here the one that connects with this belt for those outside too Well , we can see the pools. Young is looking good. We will pain to hear for the belt and their sandals based connect. Basically, we are going to pain the shutters in the places were two little pieces gets connect. The one below usually will be darker. So this is the ethic we want to generate. - He are in the hell part the heel protector We have to pain to the base. Here were these many belts gets connected, so to speak, that's all. Let's start now We day off us face, Remember that is using a stroke off direct type to our mosque on the using different All of us. We are concrete. There are different types you can use for these. No, here it is simply how much damage we want to give to this sundials. We remember the mask and we hide it to a start painting. Well, some of these shadows are hard to notice as the author, our birthing. So it's complicated. Then, using control age, we can see from time to time where there and marks are. Let's go with another offer in this case with their concurrent type so we can give some their traits. - We ember, it'd hided on. We'll start to paint in this moment. Probably you can work faster because we have used the same technique many times. So it's something you are more used to. It says you're to get effect quickly. We have to be aware so we don't get it to march Deering. It will be wear now. We will start. Then with with the lights, we will paint the belts. It's just they are in these tiny ones or their sandals base here. I totally recommend to be asymmetric. That gives a better. Look, we're up here in this mark on in this built here in the inner part of these belts that connect with the base. Well, we need a little more dark here, so we're going to make it darker. Here are in the edge. Okay, I think disease. Inaug for days Video. Now, if you want to, Rotich more is only to repeat the same steps we have working. We have been working about With this result, it is more done. The knock. With this, we will finish all that is the letter on We will continue into next sexual 16. Hulk Vol 3 15 Bandage part 1: Well, we're going to start Wait another painting section, and in this case, it's going to be the clothes for starting. We will go with a hands bandages. The idea in this case is that I'm going to teach you the technique for making one of these bandages and you using the same technique we replicated to deal. There's we will take the basic tones so their clothes we will feel with the bandages, basic tone, using feel object. Now we will take the dark colors, the dark tones. We will start to make the bandage control. The idea is to generate the occlusion or the shadows to that are generated because of bandage is above the other. We will do. Then these strokes along issue one of the advantages here between the finger. I don't hear the bulb, obviously the bondage between the fingers, too. The third man will be very similar to the one we get to the letter, with the only difference that in this case we will need our morals move with shallows. Because of that, we are not using our thoughts. In this case, we have to follow the direction of the force of the bandages. So we get a better shadow our own here until it circles the lump. - Let's take a good look. How is doing with what we have just done already? How the direction of the bandage is the classic, the show's help us to understand what direction our usual day bandages. And now what we are going to do is just or making a such the inclusion on the shallows in the falls. Inside each bundle or in each section of the Bund ish we have to use in this case is Muller sizes brushes, so we can't pain better. The committee's between the forts here, for example, in this one in the fingers. The Falls doesn't only have one direction as their tighten it more between the fingers on the aeroplane, so the shadows go diagonally. As I told you the same fault. Give us the direction when we are painting. Here are the ones that were up around the fingers. Well, though he are diagonally to we will do a moment, a comparision with what we have before, even materials We hold lights or shadows. They can start having an idea off. How are they folds. What do I sure have the falls off our bandages the same that we have. Just don't with the bandages. Well, due to the others, we will start painting the cavities and the other strips So we kind of start completing the base for far bandages. Here we are going to dedicate just for now into making the shallows. - When we are doing the shallows recommend to make long strokes and fast. So the shapes of the shadows are much more precise. We do. It is low. It is likely we start to shaking. We will get some crooked lights. We are almost done. We only lived some bandages. So miss trips. And that will be all he are injustice. Treat the wraps, the thumb. Let's see a moment with their flood material. I know we can see it looks much more complete. A such the erection of the bandages. There are some section where we have not worked. Unfortunately, the light didn't allow me to see. So is because of this. The lie recommend to use their flood material. So we consider the errors what we still need to paying on the start to fixing it. I think that for now we will live it here. We will continue in the next part 17. Hulk Vol 3 16 Bandage part 2: well, we will continue with our clothes. We will take a look with flood material so we can see How did he is doing? No, we can see we have a really good idea. Or what? Our day clothes direction. We have many in dark cavities on. This will be a great health for finishing our material. What we are going to do in this case, is that we will finish to out some dark songs, some a collusions but in this case not only with the strokes, but we will use a kind of mask. This masked by carriage e with a blower of four. Let's make the test will give us more cavities. You can see here we're really got some extra dark psalms we can use would embarrass it. Let's go to give it quickly is move. What we kind of star seeing a problem if we apply? Feel object. Livid with our warm 100 intensity, we can sit out all the peace get darken. It hurt so many dark stains on Give it a smooth. These dark areas become much bigger. That's right. With another blower. Bali might be a seven thing or something like that, and now we can see we have lesser shadows down before now we're simply is moot. Imbert, On here we can see clearly which stones are the ones that are going to be darker. Maybe some will get some damages, but it's something we can fix with some strokes. Let's hide the mosque and we will use philology again. With these regained so extra conclusions on now it is simply toe grab a brush on the star fixing those areas. Probably there will be some Marius that will look wear on these ones are the ones that we have to fix with more strength, flood color again to see How is it doing? These are the sons I have told you. We have to fixed it because they are a little neighborhood, a little layers of intensity and we start to polish recommend to police with the flood material because this is here to detect this kind of errors. - We have a no dark fault. What remains is to start giving some life for terms. Some lights for this case, we have to be very careful when making the strokes. We can make various strong strokes because this is north a kind off clothes religion, right? Barrington's brightness here, between the fingers. Well, let's check. We are no losing two more shadows. I think this way is good. We continue with their like time. The Assad is to paint the higher sounds for the fault. We are really do the dark cavities. Now we left to make the like part. That will be the hiker parts off each fault. Don't here. Okay. I think this is more. Don't look for the bandages. The truth is that it is a very opaque kind of clock. So we're not going to may. So bag lights all such intense shadows. The idea is that exactly with these steps we have seen, these are really simple. You will finish the other two clothes that are in both arms. They are on the hand and see you in the next video. 18. Hulk Vol 3 17 Waist fabric: we continue with their clothes painting and in this case we will go with the clothes that protects the waste off our character. For this glowed, we will also use techniques that we have use in the bondage is really it's no, There are so complex texture, so there is no great problem. The only thing is the tone difference, but the rest is almost the same. We're going to need these built because we are going to pain some conclusions on some shallows. We take them the based on RGB 2 100% on Phil off we will take the other two tonalities. We will start to pay in the shadows. We were let used a RGB. We will estar them to pay. The choruses will give us the idea or which directions chilled the pain go for which parts should be darker. For example, in the lower part of the clothes here, a such on their the waste built Because of that, we need it. We have to pain that accrues young's that shadows that are generated because of the built. Let's go with that. That's the fire quickly, Lucy, and there are still we are getting As I said, it is almost the same we have being doing with the bandages. Let's continue to paint in the shadows in the lower part of our clothes. Hero social. We are only painting the lower part off the creases. Let's see. How is it doing? Well, we cannot Some extra shadows in this case, we campaigned in our flood material, so it would be easier to look where the shadows should be. For example, here where the clothes meets with the body we shall generate on occlusion. Well, so much so shadows. Okay, lets pain here are on the world. That's lower. A little intensity. We will start with the shines here we shall try to know Over do the Chinese intensity. We will go softly. A blind his shines in the upper side Off these creases here in the upper part of the built - Maybe some extra shadows we need to paint it looks were playing in this area. We need a little more The shadow on the other side. The idea with this painting is the left the shadows under the shines very blurry in this case, a citizen fabric. It will have more softly shines Let's see. How is he doing? We didn't normal material. A little more pain here in the inner part. - Well , I believe you are finished here in the fabric. Okay. With these refinished, the character clothes were ready to start the next stage. 19. Hulk Vol 3 18 Steel Accesories: We will start with the next stage of the painting and in this case it will be the metallic pieces over the boat off Our character will take some great owns to make some shines on the darker tones off our method. For this case, we're gonna use the help of the police groups that we have been working for paint Anal. This area as we have here simply we start to hide, was we don't need Well, I believe nothing left. Let's increase the intensity on this star feeling the objects with the fears Gray phone. Let's look for a darker tone. We will start to do the shadows. A sash. Let's lower the RGB on Started painting these groups up here don't here along off the side areas that's mosque make appear a Lippi's in birth. The mosque. Hi. Now we campaigned the shadows or delusions of the Mitya over our leather piece. - We're going to do this to all of the pieces. We will pain. The collusions we willing, hangs a little the shadows in the search. This is what we're going to do toe issue the pieces. We will start by painting and inclusions. So far darker toe here up here. Well, it could be a bigger brush so we can work quickly in case it is difficult to pain. Some of these serious We simply need to hide the leather world we call pain much simply in this case, I keep it visible because it gives me an idea off, Up to where I shall paying. Let's continue. Read this last one of here we continue to paint the seclusion. Okay, a little more over here. Let's start to make some darker. EDS. The pollution we painted in a darker color. Now the shallows. We will paint it a little. Rely third on the occlusion. A sash over here. Well, let's paying the search we have here. Over here. Okay, we are getting in a more stated piece. Let's pain some shadows or where this will face before metal. This case will make not polish at metal Sone Deering for done. We will do some strokes to give it a little more off. There he are in the search. Here are the center a little more? No. Yes. With the electric car, we will start to make some chains. It couldn't be the your wife because we will need different life for tones for, say, something with a small brush. We will start to paint this edges with fast on long lines so we'll make a kind of shines or song material were under especially indie ETS. - It will be very small strokes. In this case. It shouldn't look so blurry because they are a little more intense, stronger here. We cannot some more in the search. In this case, the intensity will worry, too, because the range of light colors on dark colors will give us the fizzing off the name of like here We are only having the fears. The fears layer off lights, so to speak. Well, here a little in these steps. I'm here in the group a little more chains and we can change them to a life or tone. We continue doing these markings on the heads A little more over here, honest are horrifying. Was it all these newer shines? We're doing them in the tips. That's where the we already is greater. Let's ah, some lines. So we're here Well, we can't know where our little the intensity. Well, with the flood Materia, we can see that we have. Ah, better assault the deer here. Is that using what I have just teach you? You paint the other metallic pieces The lower over the letter sweet ofour character. When you finish, we will then continue with a character armor. 20. Hulk Vol 3 19 Hand Plates part 1: The next stage then, is the armor painting a sash. We will go with a metallic pieces, storing them with these hands plates. The first thing is to take the basket color and obviously the shadow color off our arm or on a start to do. Then the pieces we will take the basic color on will apply to each side. And in this case, we will change the material to one college metal Syria. One. The throw. These are, I think, is a very good material for days. And it gave us some very good chains. We will take the dark color. We will start to make the shadows in these markets. In these the scratches along this the scratches, we will start making the shadows. The idea is to make force from the straight lines so we don't get so in perfect shades. We keep painting all the just on all the cavities. Hope Here. Here are some of Scott's life and we go to the other side. We will do exactly the same. We will bein all the scratches Well, in this case displayed also Haas, this characters with vain these markings These were these details to forgive. We will pay in the such sh. All these lines would have here here too. Don't here. Well, let's finish to fix some sculptures, we will have used a little the originality in intensity. We will pain some stains in different areas of our peace. These So we get a different tone. But to get so like their areas on all their darker and that give us a better metal feeling . - Let's go to the other side. And we also pain some extra stains. - Okay ? We already finish in the fears layer off tonalities on now we will has model little These scotches. They are very market. We need to match this colors marsh better four days. We will use some off us. Okay, lets are some dirt. They are exactly the same offers were using for their letter. So you really know what's the process we're gonna do? We will stay just staying a lot more our metals of face So it looks much better. Let's go to the other side On days we will add more stains. So we much the tonalities I believe it goes here. We inverted hided on. We start to paying the States if in some areas the pain doesn't look good. Simply, it is to take a darker tone on the cape, thinking I will take another or tonality a little darker to paint some areas they didn't get to notice for. Some pull off here, Let's stop here on continuing the next part. 21. Hulk Vol 3 20 Hand Plates part 2: continue with the next stage show For metallic pieces, it is a star in tow, generating the shines the weirs. Four days we will need a like tones. What we will start to do is to paint there just off this whole face. You serious for a major in Google or interest, you will find out. In most of the cases, the place were the metals. So far the most were Ihsan dis edges. So this is the effect we want. A ship will pain the edges of diesel faces, but not necessarily in social coalition way. In fact, we pained in an irregular manner. It will give us our A terrific. We will need another like tone because we will generate so stronger or shines. For that, we will need two versions of the lighter color that Spain the stick off here generally is where the were is greater. The tips is where you can see generally most of the damage. - As you can see, I'm not painting completely The borders boat some part, not necessarily. All the edge needs to be damaged goods. Some parts needs to be more damage than others. Here in the scriptures. A little too. These stoppage also Haas toe beeping from the legal. Even if it is hided by the raced protector, it's convenient to give it Some were We're getting a more complete effect but we still need thio. More were here are in this point let's go with these story or border. You can also extend much more their moment aware that's by your own. You will decide how much we're. Do you want the metal to her? I wouldn't make too much Were Onley some borders on that in a very little amount. The idea here is to mark the open side auf diese structures to give Davia that the H is spirit. Remember to use of everything brush so that the marks are noticeably thinner. Here are a little too well it learned this coverage is we can make some edge. We are so they look more natural. Let's continue with scratchers. Are you think that this piece is almost complete? I know we will do this thing both in the other side very know that it is simply to mark their just using this technique. Let's continue here. The Muslim the pieces surges here are discover inner is still not is more were Let's a star or we did piece scratches on. We will paint the scratches searches well, the pieces more complete. We only left some structures. We will continue with the life or tone off the wife color. Well, now what we are going to do is that with a life or tone, well, it's hard to make some heads a little more bright. It is to show that some damages are much deeper than others, so these two white owned game will help us to achieve that. Let's make here some superficial marks. We can use another toe, make some more specific brightness. Well, I believe that with these finished display, it's are you seeing? The technique is relatively easing. Let's leave this plates these scratches on. Let's continue in the next piece. 22. Hulk Vol 3 21 Left arm plates: Let's go with an ex plates. In this case, the ones in the Forum you repeat sexually. The segment steps we did before. But now that this plates are joining on, let's say they are smaller. It could be a little easier. The first thing is to use that are color to start generating the shadows. Let's mark the cavities on the scratches. There are some pieces that I can paint. It's use quickly. Delta Group. So this piece is to separate them. Let's hide what we don't need. We hide what we don't need on now. We campaign on this way. One by one, we will paint each off the plate that component, this power of their work. These two scotches off here. - Okay , The first part is already doing we're going to do now is to pain some conclusions. The shadow that generates because of plate is above the order. We will paint it Well, this is what they say. Some plates are not usually painted because there are others very close to them. This case is we just need to hide what we don't need under anything. Let's use our cell. This is Spike's. We also will generate occlusion on the here where they connect, There will be a little shadow, a mark. And that's what we are going to do over here when we finish this part. Well, the first part of the pieces getting down here, you can see the marks. Let's give it some stains. We will generate some. Were you Cindy? All of us off concrete type? We Imbert it, hide it. I know we can start to stain a little plate in case that so plates didn't alot you to pain is simply hide the pieces on you. Now you count pained the stains for simple here this pace I cannot pain because of the pieces that are below same. This one. Okay, we're really good. The fears stains. Let's make so general stains we hold off, but they are very soft. So we doesn't lose the tones that we generate with the dirt. That's pain. So more things we will do some extra stains because I see that it needs so more darker strokes did hide it. Now we just low intensity off this ground color and always use make the bronco or darker. Let's give it Phil object with our low intensity. We have now the Peace Morris thing, and now we go to the next stage that is, to generate the shines. Remember to remove the mosque. As I said before, the lines of the shines doesn't need to be continuous. I don't need to go where All of the just only some areas a little. Over here we go with the next plate, the same if you can paint simply high while you don't need that. Spain. And these were PR research unimportant to something in their scratches on this way, one by one, until you finish all of the plates. Well, they stop played more scratches on the others. So we need to mark some of these scratches. - That's Mark the committee's we left, and that will be all for these video. 23. Hulk Vol 3 22 Left shoulder plates: we continue now with a show, their protector. The first step, as you know, is to generate the shadows in the scratches. This space is all little the smaller, so it will be a faster toe paint a scratch here. - So here, in this a complaint in the other side take the opportunity to paint conclusions. So next door stains at once, both very like We don't want to lose the stains in the scratches. Let's use auto group so we get the pieces separated in this way. We campaign this year, and now we can start with this things we will use the first off our that is their concrete . So over here and now we campaigned. We paint all the plates, maybe a little more here in this edges. And now we can continue to generate in the shines. - Let's pain. Two days we are. This is scratches on. Don't forget to be very careful with the Cornell's for the peace. As I said before, the corners are where the damage is more intense. - Let's continue paint in. This were I will suggest no to extend to wash the amount of the structures that this piece is hard Let's go with the last plate. So we are over here. That's changed toe A like their tone. Almost a pure wife on that's generate the last shines. In this case, it will be useful. High your intensity So we make the shines faster A little over here. - So much strokes here in the scratches. Well, I believe we almost don't. We don't live too much scratches. We only need to polish some things be done. Very good with this. We have a ref finishing all the plates off the left arm, and now we will continue with the right arm. 24. Hulk Vol 3 23 Right forearm protector: we will go down with the plate off the right arm. The first thing is to give the pace I bassett color. Let's hide what we don't need on the let's up the base color. That's lower. A little intensity. We will start to paint occlusion off all of these ages. Even this engraving we need to paint it a little darker. - Now we will start with these and driving we have in the plate a little. Over here, there's one K are we will not paying totally, just only the upper part. The pain on the border at the top on a little of their Botham for the center will leave it intact. We continue to paint all this place we have here. It will be like 100 plates we have to paint, but where they're small, So we will do that very fast. The markets of usually the scotch is we need to paint them darker. The good thing is that we are very used to this process. You really know with the base step all the things we need to do on us it is something very simpler. It is Joe's more mother of time. A little here. India is the scotches. There's also no need to be too precise is off the scotch size because what we are doing our stains some scratches off here. No, we continue with with some stains in general. You really know it is good to not make This is staying storing towns so we don't lose the tones we already have in the scratches. Let's go now with the dirt that's used the concrete over here a little in this is through way. Imbert. Highly, with our the intensity and not so high, we will start to generate the state. Samora stains who were here. Well, let's take a doctor cooler a little more intense because the markings are very soft and then doesn't look well. - Let's continue with the next stage on. We're going to mark the light on the building. Does mark over here. Let's make some scratches a little bigger, so nodal dame seems at the same size that will be were the eyes are they are very, very so I'm scratches or upper here. Well, the scratches in is one or displayed no, with electrical, or we will start to make a song more intense. chimes. So I'm over here. Okay? We already have the first part of displayed. Now we will start with these strips for days. We will use Bilott own like this one. We will pay in the object. Let's go with another material. The skin shade for And now with the market home, we will start to make conclusions for the peace. Let's nowhere a little intensity and now we can't paint in these stripes. This isn't going to be a metallic plate, but it will be more like a clothes. For this case. We will use yourself the strokes with which an alpha I do no think will be very helpful. But Spain, the occlusion between these stripes. Now we will start to pay in this detail the divisions we have here. We're going to paint them in a darker tone. Well, let's hide the piece. We don't need, Let's paying And this district here so that the peace looks more clear. Let's go to the purse. I again we will make some stains very salty, right? The over here. Let's go with the lower piece. Let's make some extra shades and with that we will finish this video. The over here is that these need to look Deir. They can be a so clear. But let's go again with the metals. One material Okay, we did is we have a redefinition the arm pieces and we will continue with the shoulder. 25. Hulk Vol 3 24 Shoulder protector part 2: we continue with a bigger piece off our arm or in this case, is the shoulder protector. The process is very similar to the other metallic pieces, but all will change are the tones. Let's go with the basic tone we will use filled dick on. We hold on offer and with our visit to live in a relatively low, we will start painting conclusions with darker tone. Let's go with these conclusions in these lower part. The good thing is that we don't have here many plates, different plates. So we contained. We help problem it is good to, and that you already know this process. So is not a great deal. - Even in the case of the more intense, we are the ones that look like hits. You can use another off particles or something like that, or even the concrete died other. It can world, so not all day are stains get blurry. - Our next step as your Reynaud is to start in the right insulin markets. For these, we will use most telling the brush and not the mosque for first time. We will change the process, and that's because we need to make faster markings we can wait to finish the mosque so we campaigned. But we were ruining these markets. This we're in a much faster way. We will do that in all these edges. Little need so much blower Cha does. But we need some areas more lumpy. This is moving. Let's see with lower spry with zero blue in color but believe it can work much better. Yes, that worked well. But we need are lower intensity. I'm repaying the edges. Let's fainted for NATO Rios to avoid playing colors later, we will do. That s a fire with the flood material. Under idea is the way didn't get to sing songs that are very playing us for Carlo in terms off color, a little more here and usages here we can even paint a little more. Let's take a tonality from the table a great tongue so we can generate another kind of colors. In this case, Dia is generated that feeling or here in terms of dust or rust, for example, if we see with the flood material, we can see everything is very even in a blue tone. In this one, we can bury the great tonalities. Two different so we know that all the great tones will have the same darkness to that's a not although there is from the same intensity. So it's good to Bari This bodies that's the good of being testing, differ materials apart from the metal we have because the shines will know the low was always to sing in which parts were painting overall design. Let's go again with a metallic material and now we will start seeing the greatest things we haven't come. May another stains in this central the plates? No, necessarily in the edges. But this one's with a little more control. He all too. We repeat the process, they will do it in the cavities in the seclusion. Okay, I think we have enough dirt in our piece. A little. Some more touch in this video and that will be all. Let's go with the lights are a great tones in the same way we will start to make some dirt . Obviously we can never do so. We don't hide the tones. We're ready. Deed. The idea is to make them well, not to lose the work we have already done. I think it is looking very good. Let's live here on continuing the next part 26. Hulk Vol 3 25 Shoulder protector part 3: Let's continue with the second part of the shoulder plate. We will start by adding some extra stinks. Let's go with a dark color. Amalfi Davia is to start generating this things. We will generate the dirt with all of us us As we have been working a little more over here we inverted Hi did on the start to paint this things. It is good to changed the material that is seeing the metallic so we can see in which areas we are placed in the dirt with the metal material we couldn't see. Well, let's go again with the weight metallic material we cannot some extra offers. There are places where he didn't war wealth. So we need some different all of us that's generate some new mosque so we can apply another color. In this case, the great. We embarrassed it hided when you start to paint. That's right. Do not overdo Yamano fainting. We may off this time we go with even darker color. We're paying some extra order. We can make this. We hold the mosque. We created a little back here they are in the lower far. Let's go now with the like their tone we will start to generate the were in the edges. Okay, let's remove Dilfer on this fright mode. I know we campaign the weird. Let's go with these All the rich. Let's try to know paint It changed completely is something I have been saying, but it's good to take it into a chrome, but all the edge needs to be completely, really. Let's pain. This is stronger years that our peace far more house a little more off here on the here. - Well , a little more. And there's that much we have here. This damage it borders should be till it, too. Let's go with the scotches for discussions we need as mother brush. So you need to be careful. This just must be more precise than those that we have in working. Because you need that. The line should be more strict. You can use the lazy mouse to fix the direction. Lacey mode will give you more stability in the line. So it's a very good tools. A little more in this plate. Don't. Here, here, in this point. Okay. With me. Is this mark? Okay, it looks read. An og were now with the life will talk. We can start generating the shines, the more intense shines. For example, here, with a smaller brush, we can make some shines, for example, in the point event in these damages, in these dents in the corners or in the point is lighter parts to the aim or not disabled. As I said, he's worried, receives more damage. So it is good to have days in mind. Another thing is that we are going to paint Onley in a small fragment. Not everything needs to be so bright, so to speak. This second like layer should be very pinto a little in the sets here on the here. Let's go with these from plates. Let's out so more intense. Shines well. I need to see that I'm not over doing with the amount we are I am doing for simple of here . It needs a little more. We go now with another different tone. Let's start a last thrown off dirt, a little of dust. There's one with a lesser strong intensity, so we don't lose the shine under there We have already done, but there's this little place will be already. We continue with the last piece that you'll be the helmet 27. Hulk Vol 3 26 Helmet Shading: Let's continue with the next piece and that's the helmet. Personally, this is the most complex piece for me. But following the same process we have been working. We will get it done. Let's take the bassett color on the dark. One of the theories Then we'll fill our peace with the basic color. Once we have don't there we will start toe the shadows, the cavities on the line. Details off over helmet. A smaller brush on Wister. His mother maybe Let's change the water runs so we can see better. Where are we thinking? The result? Because they say that personally, this hell that is more complex it because it has a lot of cavities. So it will take a little more of time to finish it a little. Over here he are in this committee. We also need to paint. - We will leave intact the center of this piece. We're going to paint only the edge. These cardinals over here we will go to dildos site that's paying the search here. Even if this is not going to be seeing, in fact, it will be in no be seen is good to levy thinking illegal here. Same as we go in the other side, we will pay in this cavities. Here we are this contact point. We need to make them darker to three saying he a repaint only day. Just the central part. We will leave it intact. This part over here we need to pay in this Blakes on Don't here Describe lest we need to paint it also. Okay, well, I'm a Is this piece here? Okay, I believe we have most of the collusions. With this kind of material, it will have being very difficult to pay. You can hardly see because of the metal dark and also the color. Let's continue now with the lines or the markets of our whole mitt. Here we will not need any also, so it will be easier. - This helmet has a lot more of dance hit, so the process will be in longer to paint all the markings we have. For example, here it has a lot of were this part. The important thing is to have very precise is strokes because they are very poor. You need You can use Dom Stander. So you have a firmer throat over here. Let's go to the other side. We continue painting in the markets in these dense for cases like this one, they recommend toe served for reference in Google. You will need them. It's important to get rough image to see how Morse were we can generate. You can look for gladiator or helmets. I will give you an idea of most dear or worn out The helmet can be well right Have the first part Now we will start to generate the general stains in the helmet Because world do not terrorise the markets. We have already door I don't hear in these extrusion on the other side Wells for made so much stains here on the base where the price will be When we do it we will take a darker tone The lake So my extra stains that we need later will we bought again the metal material . So we're textures. We will not notice this kind of states. Let's go with a conquered tight offer. We will build it into our mosques. But here are a little too a little extra more over here. We embarr it'd hided Andrea started pain for this is throws were doing You can use a combination of the two brown tonalities. We have the dog one under there like one. So not all the stains has the same tonality. I'll talk with a helmet so dark like these one. The dark tonalities in the stains can be much better. A little off here, buck here. Let's see how it looks with the flood material. 18 is looking good. Let's live their video here on Let's continue in the next part. 28. Hulk Vol 3 27 Helmet wear part 1: that's continual when that next hold that part on. What we are going to do now is to make some extra were for these. We will use the sprite type A stroke and we will use in Waltham like this one. Particle one. The idea is that using a great tone, we will generate Some were in the piece, sir face. But Israel's will not be so Polish in the first day here, we're gonna do most bay something like dust to have the appearance off dust that Spain all this will face mostly did ages using this combination. Don't Here in these extrusion a little off here a little in this corners and these edges on this way and generally in all over our helmet. - Okay , I believe that with these we harm in August, things there's in a were of these kind for the helmet. What we're going to do now is that using a normal stroke on we hold off us. Well, it's up to make the scratches much more finer. This is the next stage. Now, with these more political Weir's, we'll finish to damage the whole Met edges here in diesel face. Like in this district. There's no need to make it complete. Neither do police. A little more. Here are in this point because it was still being the ones that received the higher amount of hits The owner were depends on your own decision, So just take a reverence on the star coalition. It a little here on this corner. Some lost the strokes. Here. We will use a final brush some brighter points. Let's leave the video here. Let's continue in the next part with Mark in lines. 29. Hulk Vol 3 28 Helmet wear part 2: Well, we continue then with our helmet. And now we will continue to polish in the scratch is now with their two videos before we already give it the basic colors on the fields like layer. Now it's time to give more. Were today helmets, sir. Face this case. We're gonna need a very fine brush so that the scrapes look shopping, not continuous lines board enabled. In case you need Beria Curate scrunches. I'm not coming to do one by one of these scratches the throat. This technique works for me, and I believe it's very effective. But we can also use from all of us. Obviously, we will not get them exactly on the scratches positions. But with some of us on the style like the one we use for the letter or some metals, we could do this. We are too. Personally, I like more deception. But you can explore that another possibility. We don't. - Let's go now without scratches, type alpha. This is what we use for the letter on almost all the pieces and we cannot Some extra were, as you see in this case, we can make wields more easily. These are like their superficial. Weird. - We're embarrassed. ID highly under sort of pain over. This is scotches. We have just don't do one. Let's try to make them a little more softer. We don't want to feel the helmet to marsh. Only they're not. So they help me. It doesn't look like something new. Let's remove the mosque. And now we can see the peace house in or were Let's go now with electric car again with our brush on. Let's finish to paying. So on shines here, for example, in the corners. The idea is to go throw. All the strokes were already gone on to paint on Lee. So much ball sections with these, like their tongue. Let's rise a little more intensity. - Let's go here to the bottom part. Let's make some shines in these lines and I believe that with these we have finished the helmet. Let's see from two different angles on this will be a day after no station off our helmet. It has an aware we only left. The piece is the back. We will be a dawn with a helmet 30. Hulk Vol 3 29 Back plates of the helmet: off their finish under Hermit, at least the upper part. We will go now with these pieces in the back. For that, we will use this pulley group so we can work easier. Let's take some tonalities, in this case, from the circle on the shallows. That's Ah, Phil object to paying the basic color. This phase will be difficult to paying. If we work in eight, join it, so it's better to separate it by Polygram's. Out of. I know we can work in each independent peace that Spain, then the collusions here and edges with our lower knock intensity. Well here. It doesn't leave us to paint easily, so we will need to hide the peace below. Let's pain the shadow that projects don't here. Let's hide the piece on this way. One by one, we will start to paint in these leather pieces that's being now the markings of over helmet. So what? We're here. There was at the bottom, as they are very high that there's no need to paint them completely where he has some markings. Let's go now with the dirt years in mosque inverted. Hide it to start to pay. Let's go one day one of the plates painting this dirt the next love. Next we missed this one. Let's go with another tonality, a little darker toe paint. Somewhere he has more intense. So I'm here. Same here. The next section are day metallic plates, fears we give them a feel, a great field. And now we will take some darker tones to paying some shadows. Let's pain. These markets fears the bulk, and also these side section's ability that should be darker and because the life comes with less strength here. - So Mr Rose, don't here. The good thing is that these metallic pieces doesn't have some which were like the others, so it will be faster to paint the cavities. Let's make some of stains here, so the pieces so face doesn't have a similar tone. Some over here, this new scratches or the seclusion with a darker tone that's also extra, were without fuss. This case, this car just type. We embarrassed it. I did stop paying the scratches, and now we go the like their tongues. We will start paying the edges on the metals of face. Just are making the chains some over here. Here, too, already on this side on with Ah, never like their tone will start to make the shines one Over here we are in the sedge. - Finally we will get the complete helmet with all the plates. Finish it thinking and we only left so mineral sections 31. Hulk Vol 3 30 Skin Tattoos: in this video, we were left arm today Characters body to make the tattoos. Davia is that using our reference on using some masks, We will generate the shape or lay patter of the institute. Okay. Remember to remove this. I'm entering. It doesn't suit us in this case simply with a free hand up. Turn off the masks. We will draw this butter you can use as manual reference as needed. So you could have a better idea of how the pattern chill b. Something important in this is that not all the strokes have the same size it that you have some shades that not necessarily have a similar throat size. So So we have to translate this. Be careful. Others moving the mosque because we call lose some quality. The idea is that these borders doesn't look so hard. But also not so is moving. So for now we will doing use and his mouth. We continue with some strokes over here. We have to be constantly looking of the reverence on the most reverence we have. We will get a better idea or how the shape of the TUI's the patterns that the statue house are more like a straight lines. There are some corpse, but it could be because of their size of Mosul's or the Hulk. Nevertheless, in most of the cases, the lines seem to be very striking. So take this into Cone when making the tattoos, because if you selfish your we need to respect ability . We also need to make the tattoos in the face. In this case, the strokes seems to be smaller or thinner than the ones in day. Other parts for the body. - I believe he is looking very good. The tattoo. You need to constantly rotate the character because it could be that with making on the strokes the cool girl distort because of the view we are using many times because of the deal we are using, we believe everything is right, but it doesn't well look it from another angle. It's possible that is, a win is stretched as when we were using the paint with the spot like that. Some parts of the paint get the stretch. It this can happen if we are not constantly looking at different positions off our object. - Let's make some extra attitudes here in the job. The face on some in the neck. Well, I believe that over here we will leave it. The amount of tattoos, as I can see it, doesn't extend to all. They are only upto one part. The next step is that using this conquer type offer will sell to remove so mosque sections . Actually, what we have is very polished with this. I mean, the Stros are completely fueling. There is no wider spaces. And if we look at the reference, the strokes are like Warren incomplete. So removing some sections, we can achieve that effect. - If we keep the click outside, we make us sweet outside as if we will gonna make a selection with the mosque and keep press the space bar. We can change the mask position is making this year our work over a movie in the two sections. Simply make a sweep outside. I moved through. The character is Suckley where you need the tattoo. Well, here we need a little more off to looking at the reference it goes below the belt. So we need to made some extra markings. - Let's continuous thunder in the mark here up do the job in song. Well, I believe that we desire more markets. She'll be A and r We continue removing sections of our mosque. We need the pain to look inaug with it. - Let's rembered the mosque on. We will take white chloral. Let's hide the mosque on with low urgency at their ducal being, We will use their fill object option these so we don't get all the pain at once. But we will get to add layers of paint on. We cannot shoot more easily and it reality we want. Now we take a little blue color and we are another feel object another more just in case with this we will have the paint in their hogs body. No, What we are going to do is that using the same method you will make part of the tattoo over this built. You will look at the reference the painting goes over the belt. We hide it. Use Phil object. We will act the rights of the painting. Okay with these, we have data to off the character. We already for the last video 32. Hulk Vol 3 31 Crest and Eyes: in the last video, we will work on the Christ That is this sexual dollar embellish the upper part off our held . What we are going to do is that we will take a right tone. All right is likely dark. And we're gonna start to give some strokes with our not so high energy be the strokes can only be in the top of the crest. And so all the some can go to the roots. That's sake. A darker tone, maybe a black, and we will clean a little. The right tone disability can be so mark That cannot be a perfect French of the wreck tone that we're painting. Well, there should be a burst off the gradation. Let's clothe these lazy mouse that get in the way when we continue painting. The idea is to soften the change of tone. So it's not so sharp. It's changed again to the right color, unfinished to paint again to their black. This way we will start changing between what colors. To be sure, the transition between both colors is soft, okay? And they're also hairs here that are separated from the main piece. So we need to paint the upper part of these hairs. Okay, with this we have the painting off their crest. It went very easy for our next. Unless you step, we're going to buy and they I in this case, we will use the spotlight, the pain, the I was simply to load an image like this one on selecting it. We will activate it in over his foot. Like we hide the panel using coma, we will scale a little. The size of the image well they made is active. We can paint the such with a pattern that is in the image. Let's live it over here. Moral. This on with our big brush were start to paint. Okay, a simple is that we already got the texture of the eye. Maybe we can fix a little here. The colors in the inner part of the IRS. Some sections have very little off these light green tongue so we can make some strokes. Well, we will fix it later. We go now with their all their I we repeat the same process. Let's feel the measure whale so that it doesn't come or from the side. Now we campaigned with this foot like we have our second I Let's use the bully groups to pain some arias we need. Let's take a black tonality on repaying the interior will die on each site the bark. We don't need to paint it because in their Carter head it will be seen. Okay with these were already got the character size very fast and simple. And that's a technique that help us to get some pieces very easily. We're going to use the bully group to mosque What we don't need in the moment we will use a small brush with the tonality off like green toe make song shines in the IEA's. We can't have any of the signatory to pay in this green shines. You recommend a moderate softness in the brush so that we don't have very strong rice. I don't usually a smaller brush. 40 to work work. Okay with these we finished the ice there fast. They're easy. I'm very effective. - They will alter pointed the eyes. We can say these cars, House concluded. There have been many videos. It has bean a burying cover work because we have pain, many parts of the character. But I hope that you have enjoyed this videos and that you have learnt enough techniques for you to start painting your own characters to give more life to your creations. I enjoy a lot making discourse because it has been a long time. Sayings didn't paint the character, so it was nice to change my occupation, so to speak. If you like all of the course or review, think, what do you think there are things we need to prove will be better. Glad you livers comments about the course that will help me to see what kind of cars do you like on how to improve explanations so that they're hearing is much more dynamic on more policing. This is all for this course, and I wish you very good luck.