Hulk Vol. 2: Armor Modeling Creation of Muscular 3D characters in Zbrush | Mauricio García Arias | Skillshare

Hulk Vol. 2: Armor Modeling Creation of Muscular 3D characters in Zbrush

Mauricio García Arias, CG Teacher

Hulk Vol. 2: Armor Modeling Creation of Muscular 3D characters in Zbrush

Mauricio García Arias, CG Teacher

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34 Lessons (6h 30m)
    • 1. Hulk Vol 2 00 Course introduction

    • 2. Hulk Vol 2 01 Course introduction

    • 3. Hulk Vol 2 02 Creating the pieces from the body

    • 4. Hulk Vol 2 03 Generating the pieces thickness

    • 5. Hulk Vol 2 04 Left arm plates

    • 6. Hulk Vol 2 05 Right arm plates

    • 7. Hulk Vol 2 06 clothes on the hips part01

    • 8. Hulk Vol 2 07 clothes on the hips part02

    • 9. Hulk Vol 2 08 clothes on the hips part03

    • 10. Hulk Vol 2 09 Sandles Base

    • 11. Hulk Vol 2 10 Duplicating straps

    • 12. Hulk Vol 2 11 Chest straps

    • 13. Hulk Vol 2 12 Arm plates

    • 14. Hulk Vol 2 13 right arm plates

    • 15. Hulk Vol 2 14 Detailing the plates of the right arm part01

    • 16. Hulk Vol 2 15 Detailing the plates of the right arm part02

    • 17. Hulk Vol 2 16 Creating the bandage

    • 18. Hulk Vol 2 17 waist protectors part01

    • 19. Hulk Vol 2 18 waist protectors part02

    • 20. Hulk Vol 2 19 waist protectors part03

    • 21. Hulk Vol 2 20 waist protectors part04

    • 22. Hulk Vol 2 21 Sandals

    • 23. Hulk Vol 2 22 Arm protector part01

    • 24. Hulk Vol 2 23 Arm protector part02

    • 25. Hulk Vol 2 24 Straps

    • 26. Hulk Vol 2 25 Metalic accesories

    • 27. Hulk Vol 2 26 Helmet part01

    • 28. Hulk Vol 2 27 Helmet part02

    • 29. Hulk Vol 2 28 Helmet part03

    • 30. Hulk Vol 2 29 Helmet part04

    • 31. Hulk Vol 2 30 Helmet part05

    • 32. Hulk Vol 2 31 Helmet part06

    • 33. Hulk Vol 2 32 Helmet part07

    • 34. Hulk Vol 2 33 End of the course

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About This Class

Creation of Muscular 3D characters in Zbrush - Hulk Vol. 2: Armor Modeling. Master hard surfaces modeling techniques in Zbrush.

Before approaching the course Creating Muscular 3D characters in Zbrush, we must understand something about this stage of modeling.

In the creation of armour for 3D characters we use a modeling technique (methodology) called "Hard Surface / Modeling of rigid surfaces", which gives us certain finishes and details typical of this type of rigid elements and gives us more realism to our characters.

For this course we will see a hybrid of organic modeling and Hard surface modeling, since being a construction of a 3D armor, this must preserve certain anatomical lines of the character for a better fit, as happens in real life.

For this reason, the course Creation of Muscular 3D characters in Zbrush and especially this volume 3 creation of the armor of Hulk, is supremely important, as it gives you all the techniques necessary to develop this type of modeling with great precision and detail.

After finishing this volume we will leave our character ready to move on to the next stage, digital painting and texturing, where we will arrive at the application of the different nuances of the character and of course the 3D armor of Hulk Ragnarok.

What will I learn?
We will work on the Hulk armor.
You will understand all the phases necessary to model an armor, even if the complexity is high you will see steps that can make the task easier. You'll also learn a number of tools and techniques for sculpting and most importantly you'll know when to use which one.

In order to view this course it is necessary to have basic knowledge of the program interface, so you will understand the course information.

In case you don't know the software, I recommend you to see the free course "How to learn Zbrush for Beginners" Learn the basic functions of Zbrush to start your career as a 3D character creator.

The course is developed in the Zbrush software so it is important that you have the program installed in your computer, on the Pixologic website you will find a free trial version for 45 days (buying it is your choice).

To finish you need a pc good enough to use the program (Generally no pc has problems to run the software..... At least not for less complex processes).


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mauricio García Arias

CG Teacher


Hello, I'm Mauricio.

My passion is to develop and direct high-quality Digital Animation projects and teach others how to achieve the same results. After writing and directing multiple short films and co-producing with Korea, USA, Mexico and Colombia the 1st 3D and 4D Latin American Animated Feature "Jungle Shuffle" and working on projects for brands like Disney, Chevrolet, Suzuki, Nokia, Adobe ... among others. Gathering more than 13 years in the industry, I decided to dedicate myself 100% to teach others everything I've learned, not only at a professional but also at a business level. There are already more than 2,000 people that I have trained and advised hand in hand with my talented work team in more than 60 countries. I want to give yo... See full profile

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1. Hulk Vol 2 00 Course introduction: How can we convert this into this? How could we start from a simple piece like this one to get way more complex pieces like this one? If you're an artist aiming to improve your techniques for creating metallic pieces, then these kers has been made for you. Hi, My name is Debbie. In digital artists with over five years of experience in the industry after these date, I'd like to welcome you to the curse. Create your own Hulk. Volume two, he's one or four volumes available for you. Throughout the videos, you'll be approached two different techniques which will let you create different kind of armors. In order to add them to your characters. We are not only covering the tools of the software will also cover some tapes that will let you build a certain level of detail when it sculpting your pieces. If you have, like so far, what you've heard. I invited tent participating these cars, since the tools you learn here will be really useful for you to improve your skills, we should succeed and I'll see you then on the curse 2. Hulk Vol 2 01 Course introduction: Hello and welcome to the first video of this curse. They d in this video is that you understand the elements and tools needed for you to be able to follow along these curves in the red. To start, you'll need a three D model off our Hulk, which has been basically the final result from the previous saga about character modeling. Besides that, it's important that you already have a knowledge about a very powerful tool which exists, I think, from Z brush. Seven. If I'm not wrong on it, will help you throughout this course. Let's check this plane for a moment. I'm talking about Z monitor. In case you don't know where to find it. You can find it over here. Zima Dollar. This will basically allow you to work on the model as if you were using a common modelling software. It'll help us generating some shapes quite exact on relatively fast in that way would only have to sculpt on our details in order to introduce you to the modeler. It works through polygons, edges on Dvir ticks when working with one of these options. If you're President space bar, we'll get a menu with a bunch of different tools will start using throughout the videos. Basically, these part over here shows the action and apply. For instance, if we'll delete extra polygons if we'll combine those sort of things, the second panel indicates what other polygons that will be affected by that action. Later on, we'll work Impala groups, and that will make some things easier. Since Weaken said toe work on a specific polygon or over a specific group of polygons. The second panel works pretty well with the poly groups, so you'll see later on will use it a lot. The edges were kind of similar, all right, and for finishing. Let me tell you, on city makers Pinterest, together with the reference we used on the first volume, we'll find some references off the correct grammar It Obviously it's just a toy, but it will provide a good approach for detailing the character. You would simply have to search on Pinterest City Makers three D Hulk, Volume one. Since we're still in the same section off the previous volume on we confined here, all they needed images I'd recommend to create a good fold infrastructure for you to constantly save your files and avoid losing progress. And I seriously recommend to save quite often at the command to you, for instance, to save at the end of each video. Seems we don't want to lose progress and have to start over. It's important to keep different versions off the file from the version one after 100 if needed. Well, I really hope you'll like thes tips that will be presented along the curse, and I'll see you then on the next video. 3. Hulk Vol 2 02 Creating the pieces from the body: this technique will cover in this video will be pretty useful. We need to create accessories off the Carter or when we need to create the clothes in general terms. Since we can take a portion off the body off the character on, get the pieces from there that ensures we get the pieces with the right size. In order to do so, will need the managed to have a bit more quantity off polygons so the shape will generate looks way more polished, I recommend then into the block a d sorbitol. All right. In these case, let's leave these upto with two subdivisions. We need it. As I said, to have enough polygons. That's head geometry and hit. Delete lower delete Haider. Let's remove the subdivisions. We wouldn't need the next step This three years a mask last type on, regenerate the shape of the peace we need to generate. In these case, let's generate some straps. The character has got on the chest over here and over here. All right. After that, we come over here to the panel under soup tools toe on option called Split. Over here we find something called split mask point after out playing it. What happens is that the masked geometry becomes a completely independent tool. This will be kind off the base for hours. Trump. If we, um on high the geometry will say it looks kind off Jack Ford. It's not polished enough. So in order to fix days will simply have to geometry again on We'll hit on an option called Group Look, which is located here under Edge Loop in case it's collapsed. It's this one group loops. However, Before we press it, let's check something. These piece has got several poly groups. This may generate some kind off cuts on desired cuts. It'll separate this piece from this one, and we need everything to be in one simply by hitting control W. We convert it into a single poly group, and then we can apply group loops. What this option does is Teoh generate kind of a border like the one we see over here, which tries to keep the mish more polished, more curved, avoiding cutting edges. It's moved a lot thes areas. It altered the mesh totally, but at least it's accomplished. The goal, which wants to remove that jacket shape over here, will simply start to organize a bit the shape of the peace. If we need to smooth it, we do so there is no problem over here. The brush move will be pretty useful. Try to avoid these kind of curves. It should be more straight. The intention is to leave this trap as polished as possible. We've Pravda piece we didn't need taking advantage of the situation that happened to avoid making the whole piece again. Simply hide these portion. Also this one using lasso Let's hide thes section over here and over here we'll find on the geometry an option called modified apology. Over here we can simply apply delete hidden to delete that part. We have hidden and that's it. Let's convert all days into a poly group and in order to avoid these part getting jug gain , let's apply group slopes over here with God kind of cutting edge. But that's no problem This way. We have resolved the problem we had with that cutting edge. - All right, let's leave it there for the time being. I think it is even enough, but we have here. Is that the man? She's a bit messy. Still, there are lots of pieces or lots of polygons without the right order in order to fix this piece simply had to the option zero measure and we'll all fly a quick zero measure. Polygons Count on three would be more than enough and hit zero measure on important recommendation. Sometimes these keeps groups have enabled disable it. This Cape groups my generate some issues. I'll try to keep these poly groups we already have separated on it could cause some damage , So we better keep these disabled. Okay, now, zero measure On this way, we've got a more consistent mish to start generating the details. If we still see a messy mesh, maybe around the borders or something like that, we can apply it quickly. And that way we get a more organized mission. Hamish, like this with few polygons is more than enough for these case. And in fact, it's pretty good because it lets this worked with Maurice with the brash move for using that since post it lets us modify it way easier. That's heading into the body Control Z. If we hit control C after we have extracted the peace to the original body, we get back the whole geometry. All right, that's applied the same process, then to the strap. It's got on the arm. So the gloves or the bandage he's got here on the gloves. In this case, it reaches this portion off the fingers. Over here, you'll be a bit longer. These portion here. After these portion, more or less on, it'll just likely cover these portion of the fingers. Let's make another's drop over here and also will apply to the shorts the character will have. In this case, the symmetry could be useful. Okay, lets carry out the same process. Important tip. Try to live this upper part things part as flatten as possible after some minutes repeating the same technique. Adjusting using move on organizing obeyed the shapes of the peace. We got a result like this. Let's apply some transparency in order to see better. We've got some pieces separated, which will surface base for generating those details. At this point, some tapes Aiken giveaway are when we get some peace is not so easy flatten. Sometimes it can be difficult. Using the brush move, you can use the brush as polish or age polish. This could help making it flatter as the surface of the peace. Let's make a test with the 1st 1 we had already done. That's enabled solo for a moment, and we'll see days. Imperfections will be flatten way easier, so the brush age polish could be a huge help. In that case, the other tape. Try to be careful on this area off the globe's here in the middle over here. He could get a bit difficult sometimes to sculpt that area, So I do commend to be careful with that area. The other tip I could give you to take all those pieces, especially those that belong to a specific area and take them together. Toe a single soup, too, that in order to make the job easier and avoid getting a hike, number off settles. Better on it's possible will have to separate these pieces, indebted to add some details to some and some others. But for the time being, to live them together would be pretty advisable. Hope this technique will be really useful, and I'll see you on the next video 4. Hulk Vol 2 03 Generating the pieces thickness: all right on this video will work on the pieces thickness. We don't want them to be as flat as paper sheets, but more Valley ministers. That's a start. Then, so far, I had said it was advisable to keep thes pieces within a soup, too. That's a start separating some off them. The reason behind this is that there are some pieces which will need more details than the rest. They'll need more polygons, and we have to optimize the process tow. Avoid the system crushing on us, for instance, this duplicate for a moment. This unless the late appears from this up to the one will delayed will be these Schwartz. Since it'll have some accessories, we won't need it. Toe have much detail, so we better keep it aside. All the rest of the pieces will need more detail. They'll be quite visible, by the way. I have already told you how to deal it. Simply modified apology until it hidden. It's a fire zero measure quickly toe all these pieces. So in that way they get a more similar polygons count that will ensure we'll get the same quality off details. Ifwe see over here this middle piece has got smaller parliaments and somehow with a better topology compared to the rest of the pieces, especially this one. And we need everything to be quite even over here for the target. Polygons count could be five No problem and hits every measure. All right now, all these pieces share kind of the same amount of polygons. Maybe let's fix them a bit more. Another zero measure like that. Why do apply is every measure more than once? That's because I like getting a more consistent on a stable mish, meaning the polygons should have a similar size. Also, there's pays between polygons should be more even in order to get a mesh with an even level of detail. For instance, if we had polygons too big on these section, that until Toby applied will be lower compared to the sections with smaller parliaments. So that's a tip I'd like you to keep in mind when generating your products. All right, keeping it going I will do here is to add some volume toe all the pieces. Let's use a tool that exists from zebras. Seven, If I recall correctly, which I think is really useful, is the Cima dollar. Once we have thes brush enabled will stand on the polygons, not on the Vertex. Neither the edges but on the polygons on will Presence pays bar to get this menu. That's how the fold it has a target and is enabled by default. A single Polly. It'll only work on a polygons, but we'll enable these options polygon. Oh, this will ensure is that it'll grab our whole Gopala group or all the pieces of belong Toe Apollo Group on affect them all at the same time. Almost forgot. Besides, Stan will enable something else well disabled this Q mish and will enable extrude. That's the reason both produced something quite similar. What they dio is generated volume to extrude. What makes humans different is that, for instance, when extruding these peace, we make it wider and if it gets too close to the polygons off the strap, they get mixed. For instance, coming from here would get connected to these pace. We don't want that. We need independence pieces, so keep that in mind. No, we got Polly Group, all disabled. All right, This way I can organize the volume off each piece independently. This is drops are a bit thicker. One over here on another one. Over here, the globe's obviously need certain volume, but it could be way less on this one, like so. This way the pieces get some volume on Don't look so flat, and it's just about adjusting some things. For instance, using move. We are justice overlapping on making more even over here. If we use the brush smooth, what could happen is that the thickness would disappear. So in this case, use just a brush. Move well, especially fix the strap area. The rest seems our fabrics. It's all right if they're curved on waving. But leather is supposed to be more rigid. A thing like that looks good. If needed. We can adjust it later on. I think it looks good there. Okay, I think like this is enough. If we think they should look more strength, we love Just, um, let's head to the shorts. Let's remove the rest. We don't need did it hidden, and we'll also apply as every measure process. This polygon won't actually have many polygons, so don't worry about certain shapes. That's at some thickness as well. All right, this is more than enough different to the other pieces. These wouldn't get much detail, so we won't at so many subdivisions later. All right, we still have one thing left to do. This is for the pieces. We need to be sharp. I mean that the borders are quite sharp with no soft curves. It's another option that Z modeler has, but we'll do is to live thes borders region, meaning that when we apply smoothing, we don't get this curved but sharp. Instead, there's nothing will be applied later on manually. Over here will stand right on the edges and press as well. Space bar. It's enable an option called Crease and will enable this option instead of single edge will enable. Then these option That's loop complete. Let's see what it does after pressing it. You can not is we get some kind off dotted lines on the sides. That means these edge this border one get a small federal and that is perfect for the time . We are subdivisions, so it doesn't get moved. Also apply it to the one at the back. Here, here, here. Hear, hear! Let's make a quick test of what would happen if we didn't have it. Control D Control De, if you're not, is over here. We can tell you got to smoothed. Over here it is two curved. I like saying it melted, on the other hand, on the peace were applied the crease. What happens is that yet is kept sharp. Well, I missed this one over here. Didn't check it. One over here and another one over here. All right, I've already got. Then some answers. Where? Sharper. Over here. Over here. Over here. Number here. All right. This would be more than enough for these video before finishing the video. I'll teach you something before we finish with this video. I'll explain something for making these volume. There is another tool called extract. You'd probably say it on another course or on another video. I personally prefer these methods because I think it's a bit complex to manage the values off extract you'll see later on. These values you see here are a bit difficult to manage. They can be configured as easy as values for the brushes on those sort of things. So that's one of the reasons why I don't like it. Also is that with these method. I've just told there is a chance that the pieces remained with independent poly groups. That's grab on the API's, each one off the faces. This one over here on this one over here have a different poly group on That makes way easier in case of PC's to load it to hide the parts I don't need on the literal stage, it could be possible will have to remove some parts. For instance, the portion inside here. I mean the portion over the skin. This person won't be visible. So in order to optimize the process well, consider the possibility of removing these interfaces. If we use destruct, it would be a bit more difficult to select these faces I don't need on delete them. All right, This is safe for the time being. Hope you like the video, and I'll see you then on the next one 5. Hulk Vol 2 04 Left arm plates: by using the same technique we've used for generating the basic shapes of the body. We generate some metallic plates on the arm off the character. The difference is that we won't apply the technique over the body off the character. But on an independent peace, let's create first the ceiling there insert. Okay, this calendar will be adjusted to the shape of the home. These are going to be the plates the character has got on the left arm Now, using the transposed, let's just the plates accordingly, to the shape of the arm. So we have to make them wider here, a little bit over here. Also over here. All right, let's enable solo for a moment. And now let's hide the portion we don't need. Let's change it to lasso on. Let's hide away the section a little over here. Okay, that's his kill a bit. I think these play it looks fine. He's going to be the initial size of the plate. We will need the rest of the geometry, so as we did before, geometry delete, hidden. All right. It's used for an instant. The brush move in there it was just a bit more the plate. We need to avoid overlapping, obviously, on whenever possible. We don't want these plates to reach the yell bone, but a neon thes hover part. Now that we've reached this point, let's apply a sub deviation council D The idea is that by the time we apply this room measure, he doesn't take thes cutting edge is over here. If they apply zero measure over geometry with so few polygons like this one, it will try to adapt to these initial shape So it would lay of these. Cutting edge is on. I'll have to smooth them on Dwell. It could take time. So we should rather live it with one subdivision just in case the ladies activation using delete lower well, we collapse it in other words. And now what we'll do is tow are playing it slow. It's loop on group slopes in this case will decrease a little de loops out citizen one so it doesn't affect much. The mish groups lives and that's it. Over here we've got more kind of curved thes edges with now Cutting edge is on. Now we're going to start polishing a bit more If we reviewed what is left on the previous videos, we'd see we need to apply a zero measure and simply generate the volume, but in this case will recede a bit differently. We're not carrying out those steps. This character will have several plates over here on the shoulder, and since the goal is to safe as much time as possible, we'll take thes piece we have on duplicated. That way we don't have to make all the pieces from scratch. This effect only works when the geometry will work with doesn't have any subdivision if we press control. Using this is supposed over these in their circle, and we pull it, but it does it in the rate of duplicate, and that's perfect for us to start generating the volumes off the pieces. We could generate the plates I never hear. We seem, please start modifying the size. The area is that each plate looks a bit smaller compared to the previous one. Let's generate Apollo Group just in case. On this way, it will become easier to work. I insist the idea is to get us mother plate compared to the previous one regarding the with . All right, let's check something here is that a good portion off this plate will be located under the previous one. That means we won't be able to add much detail on this area. This area here on the worst is that I'll still at polygons to the model So unimportant rule . Is that what is not visible? We better get rid of it. But we could do over here quite easily. Let's enable Solo for a moment we're not justice. Kill for these peace. Make it shorter in order to optimize the polygons, Count off here and simply polish were needed. These process we've gone through will be applied over six more plates. After working some minutes, we've got a result like this one. The area is it in the rates on plates that will cover the arm off the character. The technique is exactly the same for all these plates. So we have to be guest, which have sums. Mother plates located under on each plate is a smaller than the previous one over here. It's also got outplayed under and above this plate. It's got others tending to become bigger, covering the arm. The idea is to get a result like this one now we simply have to take these pieces on it. Start modeling them a bit at a better shape to them. Let's use them The brush move. The idea here is also to avoid the edges off the plates. To be so sharp, they should be a little curvy. - All right over there. We've got plates more curvy on the edges, on suddenly smooth for finishing. Let's go then, through the last steps of the process from the previous video, let's take all these pieces on apply as every measure I have left these parts off the theory measure. In this case, we had to modify a lot the size of the pieces as we were duplicating them. It's possible the shape of the polygons were affected. So by doing face, we rectify that error. And now we still have one step left, which is to generate the volume. Let's go back to Z modeler, extrude pultegroup. Oh, and proceed. And with these simple method is how we get the plates with volume. What's left then, to do simply modify a bear the heights so we can tell one place above the other one. In these cases, we can adjust that from underneath each plate at the end we get a result like this where we can see place one above the next one in case they look too thin. Whether we can do is to add some thickness. I never hear the Poly groups would be off a great help. Another reason why I like so much this method in this case since all the plates half the same poly group on the upper part. Since we've created them from the same piece, what we'll do is by hitting W will mask the upper part off each place. In this case, it'll work on love them simply control and click on the polygraph. It seems nothing happened. But what did happen? It was at the PolyGram below God masked. Now, just by moving a bit, we increased the thickness of the plates. And that makes a really big difference from days today's. The plates look way stronger in case you've got the plates with independent poly groups. Now, problem just control. Click over every Pollie group on the start, modifying the thickness, but this way, with increased the volume off the blades. As you can see, the technique is not death complex. It's simply to understand the shapes that could be generated in order to build the peace through several steps and they understanding how this is steps are used. Which one goes first on which one is next, is way easier to get. These results for these character were still missing to place at least what response to the left arm. But that will be your assignment. The idea is that by using the same technique, these steps degenerate two plates like this one. Are we better say, two sections went on the hand on the screen. You are watching the process as a guide for you don't know what steps I followed for achieving thes place, and we generate another one up here, which would be like this one again. These are the steps half used for generating this plate. I haven't done anything strange. I have simply used the techniques on tools I've shown to you. Just in case for these tests, you'll get these pieces independent in a soap tool for you to load them into your project on start comparing the shapes, but at the end are exactly the same steps. All right, probably like the video on that. These steps will be off a great help. See you then. On the next one, where will continue with the plates off the right side? 6. Hulk Vol 2 05 Right arm plates: on this video will work on the accessories off the right. It's gonna be way easier scenes. It's not gonna have as many accessories as the left arm. So let's get started to start. We need are stealing their We already know how to create it without the upper part, nor the lower part with this will make one of the portions of the pieces these harm has got . It's duplicated. We need a copy. Let's start working on this one. The idea is to make an arrangement as follows below. Here it will be almost of the same level. But I'm here. We'll get something like this, these portion shorter compared to the one above that from this view from an interview. It'll be similar, but it will have this curved shape a bit lower. I never hear how you start simply to adjust the pieces on the start to make it look more adjusted to the arm size. Important to keep in mind that these peace is going to be a rigid piece, so we can't make it look too similar to the shape of the arm of the character. We need to avoid that. It follows the shape perfectly. So in that way it looks rigid. Let's get close to the shape, but without following the shape of the muscles, let's make the second plate the one located up here. In order to do so, we can use the one we've already made. Let's duplicate it. Remove these polygons over here. All right, invert what we have hidden here to modify topology and remove the rest. Let's live their piece a bit after these portion, more or less, and you start adjusting it in order to avoid overlapping on the body. All right, let's try to make the distance here. To be quite similar as this pays between these two pieces left is a bit all right. I think like that should do. Now let's head to thes two pieces. Let's combine them merch. Merch down. All right, let's add some thickness. As you can see, I'm not doing anything we don't know how to do at this point. Now what will do is to apply as every measure to these portion. A value of two could be more than enough. Now what we'll do is to our subdivision in order to get the peace more curved Let's add a couple of subdivisions. Remove the lowest subdivision on a playa. Zero. Measure a target polygon off to Should be Enough. All right, there's good away. More organized taste. We can combine these two pieces within a single polygraph control W on By using Z modeler. Generate the volume. The steps have been exactly the same. Let's remember Crease for keeping these areas sharp over here. Over here on over here. Let's make a test. All right. Perfect. Let's carry on with another piece. The same thing. We go through the same process. In these case, we'll use the feeling that we previously hot. Let's make a couple of his stripes above thes area duplicate days just in case. Another work in this one. The straps are this thick, more or less, and will place them to hide the lower part of thes plate. - After adjusting these peace, we simply same thing. Two subdivisions collapse the subdivisions to get it. Carve your and over here we are flying as every measure. Some target polygons. In fact, it could be less. We can carry out these kind of zero measure to the pieces we should know in advance how much resolution. We'll need this. Trump would have a high level of detail so we can decrease this even more. 0.1 that's more like it. That's more than enough for what we need once we get then thes piece. Same thing. Head to Z modeler on extrude. This one could be thinner compared to these peace we had. This is kind of a strap, so it doesn't need much thickness. It's time it gets more shape. This kind of grassland he's got but we'll do is to replicate these peace. Remember for the plicating. At first, the peace shouldn't have divisions as unsexy NDLEA by President Control over the Central Terkel off the transposed. Let's continue with the third plate. 1/3 piece. Let's hit with the Breslin and we'll mask the section. It's a place, please, this plate mask point. Let's shank over here to these peace will apply at Slope. Organize a bit The shape. All right, we've got these peace over here on the simply the same thing. Zero measure on 0.1 could be also all right on the thickness. Let's head to the plate for a moment. Control Z for recovering the peace and modify these area a bit more. The area is to get this strapped across behind. He doesn't have to be visible over here, but we have to. Not is Theus curve shape. We just have to adjust it a bit at some quick touches over here. Since we obviously need some more subdivisions, something like this we've got, then the plates kind of a bracelet. What is left is to start combining these pieces, leave them within the same two, so it is easier. Much down. Is this one much down? The key for making these pieces or the way I think, is to consider them individually. If we make one by one, the job gets easier because we wouldn't have to think about such a complex object. And as you can see by following relatively easy steps, we can generate pieces with ease. The whether we have left. Now let's check the plate on the arm. We still need to make a plate in these hand quite similar to this one. The sample. I've got it here, since it is a kind off uneasy peace, perhaps it's a bit more curved compared to these women, and that makes it a bit harder to make, but it's not that complex either. It'll be basically about using, move and organize a bit more. The shape by the steps will be exactly the same. All right, how do you like this video? Hope you start thinking that the pieces are not that complex. To make simply is about following a step by step process. That's it for the time being on. I'll see you then on the next one. 7. Hulk Vol 2 06 clothes on the hips part01: with the techniques we've covered so far. This is the result we're getting. Although they're pretty basic pieces, they will be critical for adding details on a start, building up our character using these techniques Well, didn't write the Central Park, the bush in off the clothes off the character. First, let's generate a cube like this one for the right side of the character. Simply create a cube on by using the terms Post adjusted with these shape, So that's pretty simple. Once you get it, we'll make some leather plates that the character has got on the sides. Let's head for a moment to see modeler. All right, keep this enabled. If we stand on the edge, we'll find a menu called Insert where an option we should say and we can hit. Multiply that slope, but it does history. Insert polygons over here. Inside these pieces simply press and pull upwards, and as we get farther, it creates a higher quantity off polygons. Unfortunately, the Cube doesn't have the amount of polygons he needed, but now I've got what I need. Now what we'll do is defined some poly groups. Let's head to the polygons stop and hit group by normals. But this option does is that depending on the angle between two polygons, it'll generate different poly groups. For instance, at the back teens, this is a perfect build cube. What is gonna happen is that each face off this place will become a different poly group. And that is very handy for er for what we'll need to do later on. But well, that's Cory on just a Beardmore. The shapes of thes piece. It doesn't matter if we deformed these portion at the back because well, anyways, get rid off it within a while. Well, we care the most. Here is these portion these poly group out here. Once we get these peace this way whiter above them below. And with these kind of slope, let's make it kind of frown in these directions or for creating kind of a bomb over here with a curve. Now what we'll do is to grab these peace and hit control shift over the Poly group on the external face and we'll get rid off the rest. We will need that geometry. Did it hidden? All right. Next step that supply a zero measure a value of two could be enough. Let's try it out. No, too much. Let's try one. Um, I think that's better. Next was Well, do is to generate some holds something like this one. Whenever. Here. One over here, one Over here, trade of these cutting mask takes just one Vertex. So we don't get too big holes on one over here, whether the same thing at the other side one over here, over here on over here again. Once we get this, remove what we don't need. Did it hidden on? What we still need to do is to extrude these section. These peace over here more or less should be fined. Yeah, all right, let's carry on with the next step, enable Solo What we'll do is to add a second relief to these peace taking advantage of the shape, making it easier for us. Let's make a relief like this one hit conference shift over these poly group for hiding the rest. Let's mask all these peace. This can be done since we've got a mish more organized, the polygons organized in a way, where is easier to mask the peace, convert these peace into another poly group by heating control W. And let's also extrude these portion. I think, over there, more or less. I personally think the zebras developers have done a great job developing these to the semen Eller. It really allows to create shapes with ease. All right, I really think they've done a great job. Well, anyways, let's career let's see what we've got. Let's take it a bit closer to the leg after these points could be, and with a mask will been a bid thes portion up here. Now, by using another tool will find over here under the panel modified apology. That's hit mirror on Weld in order to get the peace from the other side. This option only works when the object or when the piece is on the right side of the character meaning on the left side. From our perspective, he doesn't work all the way around, so that's the reason why I usually work on the side so I can apply the symmetry with no problem. Let's continue with another piece, which is kind of about for it. We'll need a cylinder which will try to follow the shape of the waste of the character for the time being, we want get rid off the upper lid. Taking advantage here. It's easy to modify a geometry when there are no holes. I don't know why, but when when you have holds a brush such as move or any other have some problems for modifying the apology. And we've seen that through some pieces in these cases, it was more effective to work on them as flat pieces. I mean, with no volume. But in this case, it'll be better for us to keep the senior faces. So it's easier to Milo manipulated. Let's duplicate this cylinder on the start, modifying it over here. The symmetry will be off a great help. Now we don't need any more these volume up here, so now we can get rid of it. Enable Solo for a moment on delete these face. What we'll do is to add a couple of subdivisions, one two foot divisions and we collapse them, same as we've done so far, and I play a zero measure with that target off. One thing would be enough enable symmetry, but we'll do now is to create some holes right as we did on these peace. So like he's one over here. Let's remove all these portion over here on the front Will make kind of our big hole. Actually, I think that could be more or less Enable Seller for a moment. All right. I think over here on top will make a hole as well. Perhaps too much on another one over here, more or less before doing the peace. Let's duplicate it. Okay, Now let's head to the Leeds Hidden and they lead all that we've hidden. We get up. He's like this. Okay? Is there peace we had already? All right up here will make it look in diagonal. Oops. The same thing down here. We'll apply the thickness to these peace. I think these thickness should be enough. All right, let's finish. This video here will continue in the next one, generating some other pieces. 8. Hulk Vol 2 07 clothes on the hips part02: that's coming on with these area of the hips on make a plate located that we're here in the middle. The same will start from a plane and make it match this area on its height, searching polygons. Now let's adjust the with off the area, more or less like so has had polishing the shape. - Basically , since this is her leather piece considerably thick, these middle portion will be just little bit curve. But these kind of wings here on the sites will be curved. Let's flatten these laterals by using is polish. In that way we remove the imperfections or anything out on the mish. The same thing. Using masks will bend these areas like these corners. - Data is to get a shape like these over here. In these case, we wouldn't get this down match. But we'll live this for generating these kind off slope. I think like that. All right, then we'll play. Is every measure over here. Let's hide the panels we're not using at the moment. So I think should work. Yeah, important. I was forgetting we haven't deleted the portion we had him. Let's hear Teoh delete hidden these two Danes. I think polygons count set in one. This is way better. Let's just a bit these curves using its loop. I mean groups, loops and now control W. Let's make these corners have been more even. And once that's done, let's head to zero measure on, said the polygons. Count on one could be apply. Zero measure. Let's add another extra volume to this one. I think the letter should be this thick and that's it. We've got another piece. We'll apply to it. Another another thickness. The same thing we did on the previous peace. We'll do it on this one. - The idea, by the time we must call these pieces, which in the rate of peace like this one, Quantrill W. But we'll still have to do is to organize the part. That apology. Let's try to live it as even as possible now for these peas we have here. Let's extruded. I think this height is more than enough. We've got then another extra piece. All right, we've already got the base. Let's continue with another plate when located over here on the sides, and for that one will use a plate like this one. Well, it's too loaded with polygons to saturated. But still it works Over here, we only have a plane. That's it. What feels do control. Invert until I more or less Over here on over here, - things under this section will be visible. The one close to the edge off these men plays. We wouldn't need all these portion. So two alternatives. We flatten it or were related. But we shouldn't keep this since it is a waste of resources. - All right, that's a play. Another zero measure to these peace. We could live this with even less polygons. It won't have much detail. 0.2. Should I think it works? Apply the thickness. Now we can move it to its position. This one will do the same with it on these little plates. Damn! Sometimes I get lost with this long panel. Miran Wells. All right, let's continue with another piece. We simply need ah rectangle of these eyes over here without fly zero measure. And basically we don't have to modify it. 0.2. All right, now, let's add the thickness and that's place it where it's supposed to be. All right, this plate is located up both All right, We'll live it then like this, more or less. Now it's a matter of organizing the plates location when respect the others. But we can do that once we get them all. Meuron Wells enable the symmetry so we can work on it. Batter, let's continue with this plate. This plate must be below these ones, all right. It starts looking better. It's a bit annoying to organize those volumes among the pieces, the distance we have to set between them. But once we finish, you don't make our job easier. For the time being, let's finish here and will continue in the next video. 9. Hulk Vol 2 08 clothes on the hips part03: Let's continue with the pieces from this area. We'll continue with a metallic plate off the frontal protector. We'll need our plane like this one. And once we have it, we can then start first. It's at a couple of subdivisions. Something very quick. Um, four could be Kill it lower for collapsing it. And now, using the tool mask in this case, a free hand type. Make her drawing like this one over here, over here on like So let's make it even and we finish it. Once we have a sketch like this, one will head to split mask point, and we remove that part. This is whether we need You can adjust the borders so they don't look so jacked with groups , loops control. W we apply it as many times as we consider it's needed in order to get floorless hedges. Let's fix it a bit using move over here, but here. Once we get these plate this way, you should go a little bit beyond. Yet off these portion off leather, Let's hit them to zero measure, and with a target polygon of 0.1 could be, since we don't need so much detail hit zero measure. We get up. He's like this one with this little amount of polygons is easier to organize it. All right, let's apply quickly as you measure in order to fix the mash a bit. And now we can add the volume Z modeler. I think this march is enough. We place it where it is supposed to being. But we have left is to modify this apology and Miran well and we've got the other side. That's another way to use Thies, too. It's like painting it for generating new shapes. We'll grab a central piece here and repeat the same process. Now let's make another piece here. It's like kind of how buckle on the central point and will proceed using the same technique below. We need another plane like this one, right in the middle. Important. Let's add some subdivisions. Delete lower. We'll continue a painting. In this case, the symmetry will be really useful since the object is located right in the middle. All right, let's much have a bit more. That would be all right. I think once we reach this point, the symmetry won't be useful anymore. Disabled it in order to apply the last touches make, then apiece Life days. All right, let's repeated, then split mask points. And once we have the piece, polish it a bit. Using groups, loops adjusted quite quickly, converted into our poly group to remove these borders on Applied. This theory measure we'll still have to do is to are just bid the edges so it doesn't look these jacked but more strength. Let's apply a zero measure to these peace, so it helps says on. Once we get this, we simply apply the thickness for the next piece. Will use a plane this way over here in the middle. It'll be easier because we have symmetry enabled. That's Mosca section on by using Move Well adjusted. Something like this over here. Invert. I never hear All right. We could make it a bit shorter. Something like this and again. Zero measure. Apply the thickness. We'll place it where it's a postive. Disable the symmetry and we'll place the plate on the side and simply Miran wealth. We just have three pieces left for finishing on with Finish for these video for the 1st 1 will need our plane like this one on. Let's simply adjust it now. Shift half on within the rate of shaped like this. Let's really use the cutting edges using groups, loops, perfect quintals, w and we simply at the thickness we all need. That's head 20 Measure a low polygons count for this piece. We will need bigger polygons than these ones for these peace. It's enough these amount of parliaments and we simply are the thickness and place it for issued beam. Let's leave it there. Meter on Wells for the second piece will need one off these planes and we'll make some cuts . The idea is that it much is happy space we got off the belt. They are straight lines, so there is no much problem. I will remove thes section invert and the rest hidden. Let's remove it. Delete hidden. I play a quick through measure. Could be. And now let's add the thickness. We can convert both into a single poly group so it's easier and place them where they should be. - These two straps are ready and simply again, Miran Weld. Later on, we'll adjust it some more, so it looks better. Finally, we still have to make kind of a fabric the character has got this fabric will be made from the body off the character. Well, we got here something we didn't need, so we simply hide it over here. Over here, Al applied the lid hidden to these peace. Let's apply groups looks in order to get rid off these ends. Quantrill W. For converting it into a single poly group and again, groups Loops Control W The idea is still eat undesired ends whether we have left at just the shape by using the brush move, let's go back for a moment to the original piece of the body control Z, and it started adjusting the fabric. - Some over here players every measure quickly, the's time on one remove thes. Keep groups. It could cause some issues and now let's apply the thickness. Normally, for me, the most complex part is to add the pieces. After that, when you get the pieces done, he would be just about polishing and that's it. Hope you like this video. It maybe waas a bit serious since you had to repeat the same steps. But that way we learned different applications for these tools. This is it for the time being. See you then on the next video 10. Hulk Vol 2 09 Sandles Base: let's continue creating the pieces. But in this case for the legs. Did it start with the protectors? Let's make them based on the body. A mask over here on another one Over here. Let's head to the base of the food and make another one here. Some over here. Over here. They went over the heel. We couldn't forget about it. I think like that should do. Okay, let's just start. Then extruding, this one's let's hit was played. Must points. Damn, where have we got them? Over here. All right, let's convert all days into a single poly group on Let's hide the pieces. We got connected over here, for instance. All right, I think it works. Let's remove that section. We had to hide so it doesn't cause any more issues on Let's round it groups loops. All right, control W What we'll do is to start polishing it by using move these plates after we get all these pieces, but we still need to doom is to apply in this polish to all of them in there to remove the imperfections. It's enable solo for a moment, remove all the imperfections we can see on the surface we wouldn't want if I these ones over here, since we'll need the soul before adding the volume, let's create the soul for making the soul. Let's create a cylinder like this one under the right foot so we can use the symmetry with no problem. Besides that, let's hear to poly groups and hit group by normals. After we're done adjusting the shape of the peace, we'll need to remove, um, the lower part we will need all days. We just need these hover part over here now by using move well adjusted. - Let's hide the rest of the poly groups. We don't need them and we'll hit. Did it hidden? All right Now, let's go ahead and apply as era measure 0.1 could be more than enough in order to get a message like this one, but they play a couple of subdivisions. The idea is to get the least polygon impossible. What I mean is that we get nice curves on the shape. Let's add another subdivision, think it works, its collapse it. And again, let's apply a zero measure. But in this case, um, let's see how it would work in one. Let's see what we get with 0.5. Yeah, the thing it will do enough. We need to get the enough amount off elegance. So in that way, we cannot more details later on. Now what we'll do is to add some details quickly. Some kind of ends over here on the sites simply by moving a couple of subdivisions. Whether we do now, let's take these piece on well outside the thickness. Let's add our first extrusion over here. Yeah, I think that's more than enough. And now let's add a second extrusion another one over here, more or less. Let's make a couple of details more before finishing. If we stand over the edge and we presence pays bar, we get an option here called Insert. It's active by default on single edge loop. If we keep pressing, it generates kind of funny in your line, which we can move as we wish. This line will live it at this distance from the border. Yeah, I think this distance will be all right. And now again by pressing the space bar, let's change this option from inserts to delete and hit had slipped, complete this in a little village all these inch in that way, it generates a slope over here. Over here, the Sando is too short for the finger. We'll need to adjust it a bit, but we've already got the shape of the handle. That's a some last touches to this piece. Let's change now. From the lead to crease, let slip complete and apply it Over here. Over here, on over here. List of the same over here, This one and this one. So it generates That's shape here. These angle we've generated, we don't want it to vanish. So standing on the edge, present gains space bar. Now instead of complete edge loop, let's use edge. In these case, we have to proceed one by one. But what's gonna happen? It's hit control D. The's area would be affected. We do the same over here, Over here, Over here and over here. And that's how we get the base of this handle. Let's bring back the peace. We already had this one, this one. Okay, now we can fix these little sections. Since we have got this handle already, we need this area to be connected with the sandal with the base. I mean, move brash on Let's adjust it h polish and flatten it with these two pieces. We gonna start generating volumes. Zero measure. Let's try out with one ventral W in order to convert everything into our poly group. I didn't write the volume. All right, this would be more than enough. Let's head for a moment to the base of the sandal. Let's take it down a bit over here, more or less, you run well, and that's it we've already got. The base of this handle we have left is to combine the soup tools so it's a bit easier to work on them much down. All right, we've got the base of the boots or the sandals, so in the next video we'll start creating the straps. 11. Hulk Vol 2 10 Duplicating straps: coming in with the area of the leg. Let's create some stripes in order to make the connections for this first part. Let's create a ceiling there, like so on the right leg. Let's make the shape closer to the shape off the outline of the leg closer over here. Also, over here, I think that works. And now let's make some fixes. These hedges may cause some issues by using the brush remodeler. Let's head to the option edge on. Will he delete and complete That's loop and will delayed what we don't need. We'll delete this one here, this one well, at the end, we'll leave only one for each border. Something like this. That's Heidi Upper lip on the lower lip. Let's hit, Delete Hidden. All right, we've got up here is like this one. Let's add a couple of subdivisions in other together, shaped curved on the same thing as we have been working the lives lower for collapsing the subdivision, and now we can apply a zero measure. I think a lower value would be helpful. Zero point. Um, let's try out 0.1. I'd say these works again. Using the brush remodeler. Let's remove thes inner one, and what we'll do is to by changing the option from the lead to insert. That's at some edges. One over here, one over here, and this will be more than enough. The next thing will doom is to take. Now let's add some thickness of these peace, the thickness more or less like this one. Yep, Within enough. That's hide the other poly groups except this one over here by hitting control. Shift on, Let's do something else here. The's polygons over here will convert them into another different poly group. So control W. On is different to the other one on these ones. Let's extrude them. It's likely that way. We've got a shape like this one having the base of the strap ready. What we'll do is to use thes same template in order to make the rest of the straps so we wouldn't have to make them from scratch. Simply, it'll be about moving, holding control on middle click for making the copy one over here on this one. We rotated another one over here, and we also rotated. Let's make the ones below. Let's simply mask this one in vert and this is the one we'll start replicating now. Control, duplicate, rotated. Um, after these portion here control duplicate and rotate, and we still have to take these straps and start adjusting them after some modifications applied with move that transpose and they're using so much I've been able to get with this result, these kind of things safe a lot of time since we wouldn't have to make all of the pieces from scratch. But simply it's enough to make just one piece with certain level of detail and instead implicating that piece and modify it. That's basically three idea off this technique. I've also modified a portion of the food protector, so it protects a bit more these areas. They were too small, so they were not looking strong enough to protect. After getting the soul ready, we simply start to modify these pieces likely, for instance, the area off the hill. I've already taking it down more, and I have simply made it half a contact with the soul on the central area is a bit tilted and it's still a bit too short. So we adjusted by using move kind of justice shape here. Based on these techniques we've just covered, which is to create a piece and implicated in order to create pieces with more complexity. Let's make some extra pieces for the section over here. I've already got them. Let's make a couple of his drops for the rare section. It basically is. Simply make a mask on the foot next door, the pieces a long strap covering part of the heel on a couple of the straps on the sides, which connect them and that by simply masking the food that processes have been exactly the same we've gone through. Besides that, I've also created some straps for the fingers I have simply created. One, as you can see, is the same geometry, but a slightly modified. And then I've duplicated them exactly the same technique. Another piece we want to create are some lateral straps. Seems these words kind off floating. It was looking out so it was required to generate some straps in order to make some connections. A couple of insertions with smaller straps on these base we had I've made one on duplicated it finally, something similar to these pattern office straps, but applied on the sites in order to connect these plate on the basis of this handle the same thing for the other side. So the idea is that these pieces have shown to you you can create them for your own character. We'll also leave these file available for you to load it into your project so you can have a guy of how the straps should be at the end. It is not that hard scenes. You've already got the technique it simply well. It does take some time to complete the peace, but nothing else. And once we get all the piece done, we carry on with the next step, which is to combine them. Let's combine all these pieces in order to apply the mirror with Maurice merch much down once we get all the pieces combined, well hit mirror and well on both. This is traps on the base of the sandals can be taking into our single toe to we've already got the base of this handles ready. By the time you're making these straps, something you should keep in mind is to We don't want this traps to get to smooth. If we want to smooth them, we will do it manually, but in this case, we're other one rigid edges. So I recommend to these straps on these plates at a crease on the borders so you don't get them to smooth. All right, I hope you like this video with this. We've got almost all the pieces we'll need for creating the clothing of the character. The pieces were still half left will be adding them on the way. The details and those are of things will be adding them little by little. But just with this when it started tailing, This is safe for the time being. See you then on the next video. 12. Hulk Vol 2 11 Chest straps: on the previous videos. We've created a different pieces of horror character, but from this point on, really start polishing them and giving them shape. Let's start on the strap. Let's follow the next steps first, duplicate the soup too duplicate in case we need it, because what we'll do is to remove all these other pieces. We'll live on Lee what we need. That way, it'll become easier to work. So I think it's a better way to proceed if I hide the piece on hit control shift eggs. But it's gonna dio is to bring back all the geometry connected to that piece, which is what I've just done. And once we have this drop on Lee, we can't delete the rest. Using the Lit hidden. We have to check that this drop is in the right place with the right thickness, and once we know we won't move it from there. Then we start adding subdivisions for all the pieces off the character. All reach a maximum of five subdivisions. From that point on, we will get millions off elegance on what we want in these cases to get a file as light as possible in your case. If your PC can handle more than five subdivisions 67 or even maybe eight, I invite you then to try them out and add more details. But for the time being, I'll work with the maximum. Having said that, let's continue. Let's enable solo for a moment over here, we should see. We've got these edges sharp on. Almost nothing in the real world is the sharp. Well, we'll do then is that by using a brush for is moving well, it's more gently these edges, but very gently. We don't want it. I'm too smart, too much over here. Let's focus on Lee on the exterior edge. Seems we wouldn't need much detail on the inner one. Now with God Mars most edges not so sharp. And that's what we were needing after this. Then what we'll do is to start adding where to those edges in order to do so as your comment to use the brush play quickly, build that or any type of play on what we'll do is to remove some sections off the geometry that will add kind of for where effect on the strap don't do it all along the piece about just in certain areas. You can exaggerate a bit more on some areas on this way. Little by little, we can remove that feeling that the leather is completely polished. As you can see, it improves how it looks, so it doesn't look like brand new. Obviously, we do the same on the upper part. All right here we can see the result. We've got some edges with a lot of where on, Let's continue, then the next step is that by using them stander or a standard, I personally preferred this one. What we'll do is to add some kind of cuts on the edges in certain areas. Let's make a couple. Using these brush scenes will make the marks using an Alfa a couple of lines around here and over here. All right, what we'll do is to, by using Alphas will create some kind of cuts, but stronger. Let's hit control for enabling the mask on. Let's change to drag correct No one else, huh? We'll load A file is way easier if you search for these alphas in English. It's the language that you will get more results with, with the Alpha enabled then on the mask with the option drug correct. What we'll do is to add some marks. Let's try out different offers. So in that way we don't get kind of a pattern. I think we'll use this'll up to this point. What we do is to invert the mask, and if we press control age, we hide the mask temporally. This will help us visualizing what we're doing. Clay buildup could be when they start making the lines over here, we can vary the intensity I like more. These method, through offers on masks, scenes. That way we cannot multiple strokes on the same line. This way we can also are different levels off deepness. Wow, If we apply it in a brush, we wouldn't be able to our deepness to the lines it would have to create a new one. All right, that's the first I'll fall off where? Let's continue with another one again. Repeat the process and we create different pieces. All right, invert on high temporarily by using multiple Alphas will let us vary the pattern so he doesn't look with just one type of where with this level of where is enough for me, So I'll continue with the last steps. What we'll do is to add some ferocity to these peace. In that way, it doesn't look so flat, so smooth. Then let's hit the surface and I play a noise head to toe. Adede, remove the mask. I almost forgot about it. Over here, we cannot disobey. The ferocity had to a date, maybe a bit stronger. Let's try it out here and hit OK and he'd apply. The more polygons the geometry has, the more exact it'll apply noise. But with this level is more than enough Now. I don't feel these peaceful flat. The next step will make is to add a couple of pieces. I think it's still kind of empty this trap, so we'll add certain models for these straps. I've already created a couple of pieces that will add way more style, weaken, say, at the moment you've got the knowledge for creating them. The first is thes kind of pharaoh, wherever really applied somewhere. It's exactly the same process. Let's decrease some civil divisions and place it where it's supposed to be all right. That's at then the other pieces on this helps us tow. Avoid living this trap so empty. Let's add some subdivisions to these peace. 123 for in that way all of them have the same five divisions level, which was what I said. If all these pieces have the same sort of Asians level, we can combine them within the same soup, too. Simply hit the merch down merch, much down on it'll combine them. The pieces important a name minute. They must have the same two divisions level because we don't want the brush to the leaders of division. Let's add some details using them standard on which finished this piece. If we press first clicking on a section of the geometry and then we press shift, what it will do is to generate this line. And after that, if we release shift, but it still holding click. He didn't rates a line like this. Perhaps we've got it too thick. Let's do the same over here. Click shift on another line over here and release shift the same thing up here. Click shift. I've done it just with entrance post on by President Control over one off the poly groups. Let's make a couple off lines more over here and over here. This way. We've got the first stop. Completely ready. Have you like the video? As you can see, with a couple of easy steps we cannot detail to certain geometries. I wanted to use thes concept. You have just learned for creating the second strapped located over here and obtain the results like this since it is the same kind of strap. Follow the same steps except for these lines that are different. But it's something you've got the knowledge from making it. As you can see. Even over here I for used some of the pieces and simply I've adjusted a bit there portions in order to make them fit. But it's exactly the same piece. Did you see for the video? See you on the next one. 13. Hulk Vol 2 12 Arm plates: currying on with the refining stage. Let's continue adjusting the plates off the left arm first. What I want to do is to hide by using the red selection method. A person off these three pieces. These one over here. These one here on this one here. Inverted selection. And now, by hitting control Shift X, we'll bring back the rest of the peace. These are going to be the 1st 3 pieces we will work with over here. I'd recommend to duplicate the peace, which is what we've done previously. Now what I want to do is to take thes piece on, delete everything that is hidden recent. Why we've created a duplicate on by selecting using a mask each one of the parts, but will apply is this plate musk point one over here. And this one over here. All right. We've got three independence pieces on. What we'll do is to start detailing for the process off thes metallic pieces is almost the same. We've done for the whole for the leather off this drop from the previous video. Simply check. We've got Chris enabled on the edges of the plate. For instance, this one over here doesn't have it in case not simply crease. Complete its loop and we apply it, for instance, over here on the ends, it should get it. I never hear on the edges in this case a normal crease on edge. That's from making only one edge instead of the whole line. All right. Once I get herpes, let's add the subdivisions. I said I'd apply 234 on a smooth the edges. Let's go on with the next to step, you think play buildup that's at somewhere to some sections. In the case of the metal in general, something and keep in mind are the corners. These corners are the ones that somehow are commonly damaged. Therefore, these ends are not common, but they are damaged also at somewhere to these lines. After you, How much where you are, how damaged the metal. Well, look next to step. Same thing using down the standard. Let's add some common damage over here on the inner part. We cannot some damage using them standard. They simply are quick strokes. I never here we can make some bigger than the others. Maybe you have here, and that's it. All right, continue with an Alfa. Let's go back to Joe. Wrecked on. We can choose the same alphas refused for the straps on the chest. I insist it's up to you to are the amount of damage on the plate, depending on your taste. Invert Hired on by using clay build up. Let's generate the mark for these marks. I recommend a lower intensity in order to vary the wear levels with more teeth. We don't want everything on the same level, but some cuts to be deeper than the others. Let's elect another Alfa import. Let's try out this one. Control, invert and control age. That's what in the rating, even softer lines. All right, I think like that is enough. So let's carry on with the next plate for this plate. Let's use only force of divisions, at least in this case, for these plates. The same thing. Repeat the same process. Enable Solo and I play some crease on the edges in case we get a crease we don't need. In this case, we rather need the edges to be smooth by hitting old. Remove it, but with single edged enabled. Let's see how it looks with the subdivisions he looks all right. In these case, this plate initially had some more polygons compared to the place off the hand. The one of the palm. We've already made reason why I'll live it with only force with visions. If I need more polygons, we would add more. But I don't think that's gonna be the case. This repeats. Then the same process. Smooth the edges. Second step youth clay build up for adding where we can also add some strokes off the inner portion of thes face, for instance. So in that way, not everything is just around the borders. Next to step using the alphas in these case, well, let's keep this the step off. The damn standard on will directly apply the office Pontell. Invert control H for hiding on a start, adding the marks, Let's add some different marks. Not just like scratches, but some deeper marks. Control. Invert control age. All right, let's go on with the next plate. Which is these one up here And I played the same process. Enable solo for a moment and check. We've got the crease on the edges. No, he's not. There. Complete Ed Slope and Adam. Okay, then other subdivisions. Same thing with the edges. Take these borders on at somewhere. Over here, we can use them stander for adding some cuts. All right, that's at Cellmark's by using office control. Invert control Age for hiding on by using clay. Let's remove geometry for these plate. That's at more damage. Since this is the plate of the arm, he should have some things. It should be more than enough with this. As you can see by dividing the technique in two different steps, it becomes easier to understand and easier to generate these kind off details. I've asked you to apply this on different pieces because their areas of the arm, normally everything part of the same area on as long as they've got the same amount of polygons. I leave it as a single piece in order to identify easier the pieces with the same soup, too. What I wanted to do now is to use this technique. I've just shown to you these steps for you to generate the rest of the pieces. The the arm has gone, we've seen it's not really such a complex job. It's simply about some patients about following some simple steps one by one. By the time you finish, you'll get a result. Like this one on ones. You're sure you've got the pieces as they should be? Start combining pieces. This one with this to the central one. Here. With all off this on this one, you could leave it aside. All right, this is hit for the video. Hope you liked it. See you then on the next one. 14. Hulk Vol 2 13 right arm plates: in the right to start with the breast. Let of the right arm, we'll go ahead and create some volumes. Some extraditions first in this case, will have to convert all the pieces into different polic groups. Simply had to pull a group and hit. Other group is quite helpful when we have several pieces within the same stuff, too. Start with this thick portion off the price lead and will work using C modeler. What they want to do is by prison gold. Well, Joe, all thes face you're watching along thes 1st 3 rows on. We'll do that all along. Thes piece now head to the option extrude and generate a little volume to these area. This way, let's remove all these pieces. And now let's work with these one over here, like below. What we'll do is to take these two polygons, and they pressing old will convert them temporally into another poly group. Levers pays between two poly groups. I repeat the action and carry on until we finish all this year. Conference off this object once we get these results. What we'll do is to extrude these pieces as well. At this height, more or less All right. What we'll do now is to go through a similar process on this area on this plate of the hand . The idea here is to extort an area like this one, something like this. This way, thanks to the apology we have for these politics, guns will be able to generate that shape with no problem. - Well , we wanted in the rate he's a shape like these one, and we can get it from these shape we already have. How are we doing in over here? We could use the same method refused Over here, we could use the same method we had used for the upper pieces, which is simply to create a temporal Paula group. But since the pieces so big, it'll take us a bit more time. But we can use Here are mosques. Let's see how we can do it first. Heidi's portion on Live on Lee. This once that's done, what we'll do is Teoh Head to group by Normals will only work with these portion up here on a start masking in this case using lasso and simply by using a mask, we'll get the pieces we'll need graced these poly group pressing control. W. We can see how you're achieving the peace for these specific case. We can not. It is a bit faster Using Z modeler, we need to make sure both sides are even obviously taking into account. It won't be exact, since the geometry itself is not even on both sides. So we'll have to make the adjustments we think are needed. Take the progress. Maybe these borders should be a be thicker, but we'll try to do now after getting thes Pollock Group defined without, just bear the directions, we'll make the lines to be more straight. They are two curved that can be done using move with no problem. Let's go over bait these areas here on the corners. So we vanished, descends. It is, anyways a quick fix. After extruding, we can fix it some more. All right that you to. And now let's extruded at this height, more or less. Well, as you can see, we've got some crooks lines, but that's not a problem. Little by little, we'll adjust these areas. That's not just a couple of things more on would finish this video for finishing. Where they want to, though, is to generate a crease to all these areas. What I mean is that if we apply a quick moving, this would be the result. We would get to smooth edges on for these plates. That's not what we want. We want them to look more rigid, so we'll play a crease. Told those exclusions we've made, let's hide the rest of the geometry for a moment. What I mean is to leave Onley, these peace on border. All these with a crease if we had to geometry. And here Greece well at one Chris over here, what it is that it's to border all the poly group or the geometry we had visible. This panel is quite useful, but we have to irregular geometries, and we have to border all the dissection. By doing that, we get up his like days. Let's proceed the same way for these peace. Simply live just one poly group visible in this case, this yellow one like So now let's hear again, Crease. As you can tell, it's bordered these person down here, and that helps a lot that the loads to do. It could be a lot less what's left. Simply, we have to adjust these ends these corners by using the monitor, not this one. We wanted to be more curved this corner, for instance. And that way we get a more rigid plate on Relatively is easier compared to if we had to sculpt. These similar really helps a lot. It's got some imperfections, but we just would have to punish them. Let's proceed the same way on this poly group up here, although I think we've done it already, since these Poly Group and the one below were exactly the same. I mean, these plates on this one belonged to the same poly group. Then the crease worked for both. For these pieces up here will also be able to use Crease, but we'll have to combine it with another option. Go back again group by normals. And since this piece here is wide on, these one over here have kind of the same angle. Z brush has record next them already as a single piece. Let's hide old the rest simply hiding pieces we don't need. I think like that is all right. Let's go and hit crease. Let's check how it would live and we can see it supplied the cuts as we need it. The same will do them here since they belong to the same poly group. Simply hide what we don't need, all right, and hit Greece. Let's see, what's the result? We can see. We've got more perfect eighties. The last piece we have left is this kind of his drop on By using Z modeler will transform all these p for all this area into a single poly group will only live here the borders simply. I play a craze on the edges and we get something like this. We'll have to polish it since we want the central part to be wider, not to mention about thes areas over here. But we've already got the initial volumes that we can work with. All right, Have you like video? As you can see, this is another applications the mother has on. We've covered another panel which is Greece, he said, for the time being. So you on the next one 15. Hulk Vol 2 14 Detailing the plates of the right arm part01: on the second part. What will doom is to adjust the shapes off these plates we've created. We have to have justice extrusion so they look better. That obviously includes removing these ends which look hard so the geometry looks more correct. We have to make thes edges look more curved. We have them too pointy, and they should be more Cruyff. So let's improve that area. - That would be it on these area Over here. Let's continue with this strap. Let's hit out Group and over here in order to work with more teeth that's used a couple of flasks. This one is ready. This is just to be at this curve. All right, over here. Will you start adding the subdivisions in order to start detaining? Day Diem is to use the brush h polish for flattening. These areas we see are odd. All right over here. That's hit group bike normals. That way we can mask all the rest. Except for these plates we have here. This way it will become easier to flatten. All right, He doesn't have as much imperfection says before in case we've lost some height after flooding in this area. If we got this space here reduced. Simply mask these area on by using the terms post, we can move thes gently. That way we get some height, all right. What we'll do now is by using the surface, we generate some lines. These lines I'd recommend to make them using a brush called layer because basically it leaves all the surface at the same level a same height. Let's make a drawing like so simply by applying the technique we've learned previously. Click Shift. We get this line for these plate. I think we'll need a high gir level of detail because is not enough the subdivisions level . Let's add another subdivision. These the reason they didn't want to go beyond five subdivisions. The amount of polygons for each piece that starts getting too high on that may cause the PC running too slow. But I'll do later on is to separate this piece on Lee, which is the one that we'll need that that level of detail. That's then make the marks Glickman shift. Let's use now a bigger brush size could be too on a greater deepness, applying the technique we had already used. Click Shift, what will Dio is to generate these kind of cavity and with make another shape the same way . The more subdivisions we are to these peace, the more quality will get for the plate. But we'll also get to many polygons on. Then the PC could start running really slow. Let's make using the same brush on this tool to lines more on. Let's make another Fisher over here. We couldn't make more even thes borders simply by using them standard. All right, let's continue. Let's grab the strap. All right, let's hear OTA Group first so we get independent pieces. Let's adjust the height off this strap Dady over here is to adjust their the curve off this piece. Let's add some extra marks before finishing first on this plate, using again the brush layer. It's pretty useful. I recommended a lot. Let's make three marks on each side, on the same on the other side. Let's add some texture to these straps. Alright, lucky as there is a very good brush, since it'll add are finishing touch quite quickly. Clay build up has got now five with a square shape when we use it on ah, large piece, but it does is to generate kind of a pattern composed by lines. Thes pattern is right. What we need for the shape of thes drop. It's quite easy to use, and we can get patterns quite easily. Let's do the same on the one below. Maybe let's scale it a bit on the same thing. Play buildup. All right. Now, it's just about adjusting these volumes. We go out off place on would finish. All right, let's take a break and we'll continue on the third part. 16. Hulk Vol 2 15 Detailing the plates of the right arm part02: for these bracelet. We just have the last step left, which is to generate the where we again go through the step by step process we already know . The first step is to smooth the edges that's at somewhere to the edges, using clay build up, especially on these corners, on extending areas for the inner ones, since they are not in contact with other objects or with the floor, these external areas one get much where maybe some corners but these external areas, other ones that we will get more dense. All right, these areas over here we wouldn't mark them so much because they are not supposed to receive so many dents. Especially these plane here is the one that receives most part off damage. Let's hit to the office. Over here. We'll leave visible. Only the parts will mark these ones. These three invert hide on the start, removing geometry. Remember, some cats should look deeper than others. If they are to even it would look toward All right. Maybe I could pull more up here. It looks to new all right for finishing on these three sections on these two straps that supply noise. The metal should be more polished, of course. So we're gonna apply it noise, but this should definitely have it. Gosh, these panels are so long, sir. Face noise. All right, let's mask these first invert with the lowest subdivisions level because it's easier to handle them that way. Let's hide the plates We will need at the moment and mass what we need. Country invert Go back to the high, Just subdivisions level on Apply then noise. If we lose the piece somehow if we hit frame, we find it. All right, let's decrease the intensity. It is too intense over here. Perhaps I would less, I think, Um, over here hit okay. And he'll play All right. And that way we've already got another section. Hope you like the video. We're applying techniques we've covered already. So I think it's becoming easier to apply them. Did you see it for the time being? See you then on the next one 17. Hulk Vol 2 16 Creating the bandage: All right, let's start then on this video, creating the bandage of the character for these character. First, what will need to create are a couple of guides, which can be made using them standard or any other brush, as long as it is thin. Enable Lazy Mouse for a moment and that's it. You can use references from the Internet. I don't know, like boxers tend to use bandages, and they'll give you an idea of how the bandages should be. The idea with this lazy mouth is to generate the guides off the different layers of the bandage. We have to modify the thickness from some areas, for instance, between the fingers. Because we know the bandages get compressed on that area. The bandages flow in different directions. They vary depending on the area. They go around around the thumb, for instance. All right, this one connects over here on. Let's go around this way. Obviously, we also need to make sure we can see the fault of the fingers. All right, Once we get these directions to find, we'll use the brush play buildup for creating the surface of the bandages. This brush, I like it a lot because it's got a pattern by the fold on what we'll do is to make some lines towards the direction of the bandages. As you can see, it's already got kind of a pattern. In that way, it doesn't look for flat. All right, one thing. Weaken Dio. When we reach these corners on these edges and we don't want the brushes strokes to go beyond, we can use masks. Let's mask this area. I'm over here. This way. We avoid the strokes to go beyond the limits they should keep. Otherwise, it would look ugly over here on this stamp, but we'll need is Klay buildup on the little mask because we'll need to protect lots off areas. For instance, up here protected and carry on with the strokes. Once we have the lines using play buildup, we'll use them. The standard for outlining the edges off the bandage. This way, what will achieve has generated some high. We've already got the pattern we created using clay build up, but we need some bandages to look higher than others on these Understand that applied on the borders will help was doing it a little Over here. Let's go around, and that way we simply repeat those steps with the rest of the bandage a mask, this use clay build out for generating the pattern and finally used understand in order to mark the borders off the bandage. - Over here, we simply follow the strokes previously made with them. Standard, in order to know was direction of the Strokes with clay over here on the edges will need tomorrow to make several strokes, since at the moment it looks to a flat, and we need to make some prominent volumes, some folds. That's a place home, more over here, for instance. Here, this edge is not so flat anymore. It's already got some reliefs, and we have to do that, especially on the borders, which is where it'll be more prominent. All right, let's follow the direction off these bandage, for instance, On the fingers, there is a difference. We wouldn't make the strokes on Lee towards one direction, but, well, make them in diagonal. We know it's compressed in the middle on what we do is basically to open the strokes towards the borders, obviously the same thing inside. Close together in the middle and separated on the borders. Continue adding strokes on changing the direction of the strokes. Musk this area and continue with the strokes. Also over here, we could even use two different directions over here and for the last step. But we'll do is generate some kind of ends. Let's use masks for protecting certain parts off the bandages on by using move. What we'll do is to hide certain parts of the bandage behind the others. For instance, over here we have to hide a beard. These bandage, because the idea is to avoid advantage too little constant. What I mean is that the border shouldn't look to even when it to make the corners look like one part off the bandage. Most of the back behind the other one. That's just a bid thes bondage. Here. It's kind off out off place over the hand. Hide these one here. Yeah, a bit more. All right. This is the final result for each line. We've applied the same process and we have already got our first bandage. I hope you like video, and I'd like to say I'll see you in the next video, but here is your assignment have, like the same technique. You'll have to make the bandage of the right hand on the bandage placed on the arm. It's exactly the same technique, but while may vary is the thickness of the strokes. This is it, for the time being. See you then on the next video. 18. Hulk Vol 2 17 waist protectors part01: during the next four videos, we'll work on the biggest pieces and also kind of the most complex off the protector of this character. We're on the area off. The waste on what I want is that by using what you learned in these videos, you could generate the rest of the pieces. Don't worry, they are easier on with the techniques that will be covered. You'll be able to generate them easier. So let's get started. It's grabbed around the lateral protectors that's enabled solo so it doesn't get in the middle of the way. We already had an initial shape, which we had left ready. The ADM. Is it in the right kind of the extraditions or the basic volumes by using the help from Zima tether? That's a technique which has been pretty useful for me, and it lets me half very useful volumes when it sculpting without having the need toward strokes over and over again. How can we do this? First, we'll mask all these area. What we'll do is a divide, these inner plate. We already had these one here. It's hide it just in case in three sections, Weaken, say one over here another one wider over here on another one. Over here, this is the approximate guides will use for generating the pieces. In order to do so, we can use both a mask or we simply create the temporal poly groups with similar. Remember, it's by pressing all any off. These two options is valid on both are easy out personally. Use Musk's because it's easier for me this way after these portion, - I think with these three is more than enough. I think with these Isis is enough and simply we converted into a poly group. I've wrote to brush here, so it becomes easier and simply extruded. Oops, I'd say, for convenience, we should convert all these into poly groups by normals. The next step, as we've been doing, is to generate the crease over here. We could activate dynamics of division simply by pricing day in order to preview how the pace is looking. The idea is that all the borders should be sharp. That includes these corners. The dynamics of division only works when we have no subdivisions. Once we have added one or two subdivisions, we wouldn't be able to use it on. That is perfect for us to be able to preview the final shape off our show for peace. These ends on these borders. We can't use edge loop complete but single edge for adding sharpness one by one off these borders. All right, once we get the borders totally sharp, we disabled the dynamics of division on. What we'll do is tow are the subdivisions I'll try for the time being with four subdivision . If I decide the quality off, the detail is too low, all simply at another subdivision on a sculpt. But I'd say it should be enough with these four subdivisions and simply, let's start smoothing all the edges. Next step that's at somewhere to the edges. These ends. Let's try to believe them the same inside here. We couldn't break it of it. We can add somewhere inside these plates because in front they are quite exposed to receive damage. - All right, once we get the marks, we can continue generating some marks, using them standard for making these lines. First we press with the pen or with a coarser, then we press shift, getting this line release on the shift without releasing the pen again. Press shift for changing the angle on release Onley. Shift again shift and finish making this stroke. Let's make other, too, on a start, adding where by using the answers, Remember, in order to do so, will need Teoh use mass on the option. Drug Correct. So far, what I have done is to use symmetry for making these where on some shapes off both sides in these cases recommended disabled symmetry. That's for avoiding everything to look so similar. That would look art, and that's not what we want that disabled. Then symmetry and it start applying the strokes. Invert, hide these temporally gonna start getting sections. It's a good habit to enable and disable the math from time to time President, Country H in order to see the shapes regenerating where the masks are exactly. That's at some more, and we'll continue with the other side control age. I never hear Let's head to the other side, Consul, invert country H there, where is done on the side that's at home. No more wear on. That would be it for these video. Let's change the brash change. The mask. I'd say with this is more than enough. Control age invert control invert control H Okay, The level off where I'll live it up to you is a good time for you to try out some adjustments on details. You can use references off really damaged straps or straps from in the middle age. Gladiator straps leather On. That way you can have a guide for adding where on the piece. Let's enable solo on a just bit of these peace at some transparency. For a moment. Let's try not to make thes piece to curved, since it is supposed to be a rigid leather. Now these ends we've got here simply, What we'll do is to expand the size off these bills. All right, this is here for the time being, will continue then in the next video with the next piece. 19. Hulk Vol 2 18 waist protectors part02: All right, let's continue with the protector off. The character in this video will carry on with this kind of belt. He's God start adding the crease of to the borders, - All right? Yep, that's at a couple of subdivisions. Three could be, Let's see. Four. All right. The idea with the suits with divisions. Well, I don't want to get over one million polygons, so the PC runs smoothly. As I previously said, you can try out with millions of polygons. And, of course, you would get a much better result. Let's use, then, dumb standard. Let's make a couple of lines the issue. Here. We'll have to use a stroke on a lazy mouse. Let's increase the lazy radius. We'll have to go into this line from here up to the other side. The first starts from this end, let's use a larger, lazy radius. Yep, Now let's make the rest. Let's make this one over here. Over here in the middle, we'll make other three lines around here more or less. All right. We'll make some insight here as well. About three on the one around here. All right, disable laser radius. Let's make these portion much not over here on the outside. Over here. What we want to do is to fix a beat the borders by using the brush move. All right, smooth the edges. All right, let's continue smoothing the edges and now lives in right they wear by using the alphas. In fact, I'll use another kind of Alpha I have found I love flying the wear, especially on the lower portion. On the other part, not that much constant. Invert quintal age and we start removing geometry. - Remember to play around with the intensity levels like the deepness off this scratches on. I'll add a detail to these peace off leather on . I'll add a detail to these peace off leather. Well, it's polish a bid these edges with them standard In these cases, we can enable again the symmetry when we make these where also from time to time, disable the symmetry so the piece looks natural. Some lines can be symmetrical with no problem. But the idea is to notice some differences. Over here. I won't use clay furs moving the edges. I want this piece to be flatter. But what I will do in this case is to head to surface. Apply a noise. I think it should be a bit smaller, like so. And he could be a bit stronger around here. Okay, Hit up. Like to mish. So these peace doesn't look so flat for this case. I think with noise looks better for the previous plate, I've decided not to apply it. It's about time for playing around with those kind of textures. All right, we've already got our second part ready. If you want to add some where you can do it with no problem, easy for the time being on, we'll continue in the next one with an extra plate. 20. Hulk Vol 2 19 waist protectors part03: carrying on with the protector of the waste of the character. We'll grab the last piece, one of the biggest, let's grab the frontal protector and the idea is to use some off the steps we've been working with first. What we want to do is to generate an extra volume that's generate some volumes. We'll create a kind of border this way, obviously on the other side as well. And for these we can use either the masks that we've used for this purpose, or we can converts temporarily some party groups through the mother. Let's hide for a moment what we don't need. That's a stock. Remember for doing this. We simply press old our justice, likely using move. So the shape or the thickness. I mean, we get it. Even I think that and extrude it doesn't have to be too wide. I think. In fact, that's the thick are you actually do the next? We generate some other extraditions, but in this case will make them towards the Middle Day DS to generate some exclusions like face ones, they're kind off lines on between lines will have a gap. In this case, we should disable the symmetry. It's at the last one over here by using what we'll do is to organize, to bathe, shape. We don't want everything to look to, even but we went the shape to be deformed rather early. What do I mean? And let's make another one over here, all right. Using move, we simply adjust it a little, all right, I think that should work fine. These pieces we've just generated, we also extrude them about inwards. I think like this should be all right the next step. The next step is to make the borders more region. So let's use crease for organizing the borders. Greece. It's look complete. Start adjusting it. But we'll do now is in the photo of what? Applying decrease on every single gap. We simply hide the rest of the poly groups on by having these portion visible will head the geometry and we'll apply crease In that way, we could save some time doing this manually on every single one. Let's head to one of the Poly Group, for instance, the one on these cavities and again, Krys. Let's check the result. Let's grab another one. Perhaps I'm going too fast, but that's because I'm using techniques we already know over here. What we'll do is with us Election toe. Last type will hide the inner portion off these blocks. These are the lateral faces of the cavities we've made. But since this and these belong to the same party group, then thes crease. One work well, simply in what we do is we'll hide the's in portions, the largest ones on only having these borders visible. Well, looks like breathe. Let's see what happened Now if I applied this move thing, we'll see. We've got these parts totally rigid, so we're right on track. The next step now is toward some subdivisions for the time being out for no more. It starts moving the edges. They look too rigid over here. We can use the symmetry. All right. So far, we've got the basic plates we'll need. The next step is to generate some lines. Remember, we can make them using them standard. We've covered that on the previous video. In this case, I'll increase Obey the subdivision. I'll set of motivations on the fifth level as well. Although this has gone beyond a 1,000,000. But well, we'll be able to optimize that later on, disable the symmetry and make the following lines. That's coming on with the next step on. What we'll do is to go around the bed. These borders, in order to do so, will use the brush inflate, and we'll make thes borders more round more curved. Enabled the entry perhaps lazy mouse on the start. Inflating. We can go over some areas so we get a bit more around the edges on what we do again using them standard. We're not just these borders over here, these cavities. In this case, let's set a lazy radios off 25. Could be all right again using inflate well, inflate a bit the edges of the extrusion we've made. The idea is to make it more round again using them stander. In this case, we were not lying it, but we'll make some inner lines over here is better to disable stroke. Or we simply said it really low in order to create these lines with more ease, I'm holding shift. - There's at the last touches. The idea here is that at the moment the pieces to fly it is so flat it is kind off at the same level and we need to make some settle folds. So with no symmetry, what we'll do is to get some curves trying not to exaggerate with the curves because it is supposed to be leather. And in student Ben, so much. Well, if we get some imperfections, will simply smooth them on that with the or using the brush h polish and were flattened. Those areas that are the last details the idea here. Let's add another detail in the right certain cuts in this case with no symmetry, so it doesn't look so even. Let's leave these video here and will continue then on the next video. 21. Hulk Vol 2 20 waist protectors part04: carrying on with a piece we're working with. Will other last details. The first will be using the brush layer. I think it'll work pretty well in this case. The idea is it generate kind of a volume. It struck for a moment and we'll increase the laser radius. Increase speed intensity. The idea is regenerate kind of volume. Like if we were working by place, that's increase a bit more The intensity and maybe the size because the A t m generate some kind off place like levels. All right, I have to mask also up here. Now we can make the line. We can feel obeyed thes border over here in order to make these even. I'll show you in a minute. What do you mean? The idea is that these border should be visible on Leon Decide meaning we have thes based here. And we have an extra plate taken extra level. We can say on the side. It should be as flat as possible. So we'll combine smooth on hp polish for flattening these areas. Let's see it from different angles for noticing the imperfections and then we can polish certain areas. Next, what will do it to generate some kind off wrinkles. Next, what we'll do is generate some kind off wrinkles. Even if the leather is very rigid, it should still have some fault. Over here will use the brush, inflate and we'll use some more intensity. We can use them standard for generating some little cavities for exaggerating a bit. Thes lines in the middle obviously will apply the same process we have gone through with the pieces Simply the same noise we've bean using on also some alphas they were is gonna be after you country invert country age on this started moving Grab another Alfa on this person here I won't take so long since that version will be hidden so it would be visible on it. One received damage either. I think with these much, where should be more than enough? Remove the mask. Let's out some nice Remember , the more motivations are, well, the more polygons, the better it'll take the noise and the better That where we'll look for finishing will make a last piece which would be located about here. It would be kind of a fabric at this point. With all analyst, you've got it would be hard to make it, so we'll make it pretty quickly for finishing this video. First we have to add some two divisions. The idea then will be to generate some faults off the fabric. In these case, the symmetry won't be useful. So let's disable it. Let's start making the lines, in this case, all using plate. You can use any brush with no problem. The idea here also is to keep in mind basically some points. There is a point here. From this point we'll get several falls. So let's keep that in mind these two points, because they will be our guides for the shapes of the faults with used under standard in order to make some cavities. The idea here is to add some deepness on some areas. In this case, don't apply so much strength so we can delete later on with Marie's. The idea is not to make the fault with the same deepness. We want some off them to be deeper, smooth it a little. Continue polishing something else to be careful with is that Let's take one of thes strokes , this one here, not all the strokes have to be at the same height, you know, I mean certain sections. It should be Heidger if we see it from down here, The stroke doesn't keep the same height. Let's also make some strokes in words for exaggerating certain committees. Over here, the borders will make them a bit speaker. So if that's the illusion of the fabric is being pressed by the struck with film false up here on that way, we with finish a personal note. I should bring that brush over here. We've got that way the fabric off the character simply in case it looks too flat. Just grab the brush move, and I just a paid the shapes. We don't want it to look to even simply pulled from sections and push some others in order to generate falls. All right with this, who would have the biggest pieces on all these area? The idea is to use the concepts we've already covered on. The techniques were applied. You can generate the rest of the pieces that confirmed this protector off the character until you get a result like this one. Since it is simply about starting organizing the shapes on adding one by one, the plates with the pieces that will confirm this food. I hope you like the video. See you. Then on the next one, we'll start working on this. Handles off the character. 22. Hulk Vol 2 21 Sandals: all right. We'll continue then with the part of the sandals. We have almost everything concerning the clothing off the character. In this case, we might get over a 1,000,000 polygons, which was what I initially didn't want when I add force of divisions. And that's because there are several pieces within thes same soup, too. But in this case, I think that's not that bad. In fact, it could be toward the wear on any other detail. Since we've already got all the pieces together, and I think it will be easier especially for these specific pieces. We have everything ready. So it's simply about starting to work on. The wear. Over here will simply apply. Let's see drag correct well, simply at where, and we'll add some ferocity to the pieces. - All right, let's see. Then coId would be, Let's invert the mask on. We'll hide temporally simply with a standard brush could be or play any brush. We start adding damage. - Let's use another Alfa. In these case, it'll be easier to our damage to these peace different to the others. Since these pieces are in so big. In fact, they are a relatively short straps, so the amount of where will be easier to add. I'll try to be more careful with the sandals so he doesn't look so so damaged on these areas. I'll definitely add some more touches. Some damage, but not so deep. All right, let's invert hide. Let's finish making the wear like so some little damage. - All right, I'd say, With this amount off, where is more than enough? If you wanted to look with more damage, no problem. It would be simply about adding more alphas, removing some others. So it is not a big deal. The last thing left is to add the ferocity. Let's peek noisemaker over here. Noise. Let's make it a bit stronger, a bit more prominent. There's noise on a smaller I'd say like this would be all right. Okay. And apply to Mish. Perhaps we should apply a bit more, so it is a bit more prominent. Although this looks to strong already. Since I don't have a large amount of polygons, it won't look that intense. All right, These nice level is more than enough. All right? So far, we've already got almost the entire suit of the character. Later on, we'll go over every single piece in the repertoire. Some extra detail. I don't know. Some plates, some metallic pieces in order to make some pieces look more interesting. But for the time being, will you stop over here? 23. Hulk Vol 2 22 Arm protector part01: all right, let's continue with another piece of the character. I have left this for the end, since it's a bit different, respecting off how it's created. But it does follow. The rules we've covered will apply lots of the concepts we've already applied, so let's get started first. But we'll need is to create a ceiling there. With about these size, you should cover almost the whole length off the arm of the character. And what we'll do is to convert this into the base of the suit or the place I mean off the arm. First, let's apply some adjustments regarding sizes. You needed to get these plate from the body off the character. As we can see, it's overlapping and that's not right. And we'll leave a shape like so more or less next step will hide certain areas. Until we only get Thea plane. We can say what is outside the arm, and we'll also make a cat more or less. Um, that's Heidel, these area, all right. The idea is to get up. He's like this one. We'll get rid off what we want. Need simply using lead hidden on this way. We're going to start making the base same thing. Z modeler will apply a thickness change Extrude on Poly Group All All right, I think these thicknesses all right. Later on, we'll apply to modify these gap we've got here thinking of the base, These line over here, where these cuts starts, convert some poly groups. Let's grab these two columns. Let's grab these three columns and will need then another edge over here. This is done on the line insert and simply at one more over here would be better. Let's modify obeyed this line the great. And now we can convert these into poly groups and we'll do that as well over here at the back. Remember, we do that by pressing old. It doesn't matter. We get another Poly group here because what will modify is on Lee the White Park. Over here, we'll make an extrusion inwards over there, more or less at these distance. Once we get this well, head to poly groups and Heat group by normals, but we'll modify ISS These in their areas simply using veterans post click for heading the rest from asking the rest of the pollen groups on the start adjusting it this one would be over here. All right, that's crap. This one under the same thing. All right, The next step, basically what we'll do on this video is simply this stage off similar on masks. That's it. That way we'll see. We'll get a basic shape quite easily, actually. Let's mask these border on using the difference. Post will let's enable Solo. For a moment, we'll live. This'll Ope with these thickness the same way over here. The same over here. Let's mask these Etch under the same over here with this. I've already got the base of the plate of the shoulder. Let's make another extrusion. Let's hide this one. This one. Invert and convert these two into the same poly group. Let's make them the extrusion. All right, we've got there the extrusion. Now let's adjust it a bit, all right, we've got the expression done. Let's apply some less touches regarding these peace on the other side. All right, let's add another execution Over here. We play a lot with the poly groups use. We use the poly groups for grabbing some sections way easier. This is basically what we've done above our next step. It's just a bid The shape of these peace. We'll need to see the character in order to modify the size. We should add some edges over here because there are some polygons so big and it would require more subdivisions in order to add some details whenever here head to the back whenever here, one here and went over here. The idea is to play with the amount of polygons. We want the amount of the shape of the polygons to be quite similar in order to get the same level of detail on the same plate. If we have polygons too big in some areas on too small on some others, obviously also with sculpted on both have a large amount of parliament. The difference will be notable recent. Why it's a good idea to try to violence the amount of polygons the idea is to kind of divisions shouldn't have the same with the size should shrink a little in diagonal. That's my skids over here on over here, cause the idea is that these plates doesn't overlap the body off the character. - Try to modify it, the least possible. What I mean is that the lines should look silvery straight. For instance. Over here, this shape started to get curve on. The ADM is that it should look more strength. It is a rigid pace. You shouldn't have thes kind of curves a place not in this case. All right, well, polish the rest later on. But I think with this, we've already got our base. All right, We've got a result like this one, and that will be enough for us to be able to make the plate. These here for the time being, will continue then on the second part. 24. Hulk Vol 2 23 Arm protector part02: all right. Carrying on with the peace. Let's start our increased through the borders off the over the plate. We want the borders to be rigid. We don't want them to be too smooth. That wouldn't look good. So let's apply. Crease. All right. After finishing, you'll get a result like this one. We can see the borders are quite sharp, and that will help us a lot. All right. After finishing, you'll get a result, like this one with very sharp edges for adding a more radiant appearance to these peace. The borders doesn't matter if they look more smooth, but at least these lines here should be really thin. Adjusting about the size of these piece here. These borders should be thinner, so let's go ahead and adjust that quickly. Let's finish adjusting de searches. They look and let's also are just the size now. All right, we've already got it without touching the body of the character. Now it's just about adjusting it. In fact, this could be useful, since there are other place, both we don't want them to overlap each other. So for the time being, well, live it like that. If we see we have extra space will start reducing next to step. Will start to modify. Will add detail. Lucky as these peace didn't go over a 1,000,000 off polygons and it's got six of divisions , so we'll check how much detail will be ableto since the original pace had to a few polygons . Then we could add up to six subdivisions without getting over a 1,000,000 polygons. I'm not saying it cannot be done, but for practical purposes, it is better to get this like. So. First, we'll add somewhere to these borders there to polish on. I don't think in this case a normal should be that way with no damage. So by using clay build up, we start to damage it. To break it stadium is to get rid off the sharpness. I know we preserved it a two beginning, but now we need to add somewhere the amount off where, as I have said, I'll leave it up to you. But still, let's try not to make uneven where some dense should be deeper, like this one, this one, this one, this one So the damage looks better. - All right, let's grab another line of off where in these cases, it added. Using office, let's use the same alphas we've been using for these peace. I would personally command to consider adding another subdivision. If the PC can take the load, these pieces gonna be one of the most prominent on the character, so it would be a good idea to let it have a good level of detail. - Remember , make sure that the marks get a different deepness. Some can be deeper with more damage than other. It's grabbing on the Alfa. In these case, I'll be careful with this one, and what is left is to add some touches to certain marks, using them standard. - All right, then, over here, let's grab the last Alfa. This is enough, Ah, for adding, um, or kind of scratches. Very Satel. Let's check how it would look with the character on. As we can see, it takes more shape. Let's take a last adjustment, but getting down after the last of division level on what we can do it to take these borders outwards a bit. - By doing this on the lower subdivision level, we'll make sure we don't lose the biggest details. We didn't lose any of the details we had already made. We've got the ends or these kind of disks we can say with greater intensity. All right, How do you like the video? I'll see you then on the next one, where we'll start adding some details to the rest of the pieces. 25. Hulk Vol 2 24 Straps: all right. It's at some extra pieces for complementing the armor off the character. Initially, we'll need are still in there with the size and shape, which will be calm. A strap. Once we get a piece like this, then we start to adjust it. First. I suggest to remove these inner edges. They would only cause issues. It doesn't matter. We're getting these big polygons at the moment because we will polish them there on that suggested distance off these face, respecting the body, getting us close as possible once we get it. But we'll do. Is that the leader following Pollen's? What we'll do now is to our certain thickness. Once we've deleted the polygons we don't need, we'll add the thickness of the peace on change. These poly group over here, we'll make this has dropped to go over these one. Well, he's pulling on is getting too long. Then it's just about inserting. Let's add some subdivisions to these peace, but first that's at a couple of edges. That's for getting the polygons with a similar size. Let's add, then the motivations. All right, let's switch for a moment to them Standard. Let's make some lines Let's drop inflate for a moment. Activate thes Alfa. A bit sharper Could be. Let's grab this one. This is the one and we'll add a couple of ducts by using Drug DOT will make sure the dots will be located on the side. They'll be the exact same size as this one. But we'll do now. We'll create a back. Oh, for carrying on. Simply, Let's delete the pieces we don't need on. We'll add Tobacco did hidden on the start, adjusting its of it. I'd say this is more than enough at some crease to the edges important, and we place it where it belongs. Some last touches using move on add subdivisions. Unadjusted of it. Quite easy. With no problems. We apply techniques we've already covered on. Not is that quite quickly we could generate new pieces. Let's continue with these other piece on. What we'll do is to create a couple of straps. Well, basically use the same we've done over here simply a cylinder this way, and it start adjusting it to make it much the size of the character. Once we make it match, I'll show you why I like getting rid off these inner edges instead of leaving them visible when applying these adjustments, using the brush move, especially on such a thin geometry. What is gonna happen is that the polygons will be quite deformed. For instance. Over here, we can tell it looks pretty bad. Some are crossing over others. Over here. It looks horrible. That didn't happen over here because we didn't have in their edges only the ones on the borders over here. Then we'll also remove these inner edges, and you'll see the big difference is gonna make. As you can see, this shape starts to look way better. But when the peace doesn't have as many inner parliament, it becomes way easier on the geometry. Looks way more organized, for instance. Over here, there are some we can remove on. These in a part will remove it. So let's just this week until we get a thinner piece. All right, we're getting the basic shape for the character, and now what we'll do simply is to add the thickness and increased the borders on a couple of subdivisions. What we'll do now is to smooth the edges on to start making some kind off lines will make them using them standard now by using inflate. But we'll do it to start feeling this. This is squares we've got here will make them a bit more round. At the end. We end up with a piece like face when with every step we get a more complete character. It's just just some heights. With this. We've already got two pieces off our character. It's now about adjusting. It is likely it's basically that all right, we'll continue in the next video, adding some pieces. But before we finished this video, let's define your assignment. I want you to take these pieces you have already made on will duplicate them. The idea is to generate another belt like this one over here on another one off thes bells to haul the plates up here. These obviously have to be placed above the bandage. I'll also the beloved the assignment, and I'll show you the result on the next video 26. Hulk Vol 2 25 Metalic accesories: All right, let's continue creating some pieces of our character before starting. Let me show you what I've got after duplicating the pieces. As you can see, we're comparing a bit more the arm and the torso with some pieces to make it look more interesting on everything simply from our peace we had already made. We don't have to repeat everything. Let's continue then generating some pieces like a plate located over here on the chest. Now let's start making some instructions. This could become a bit serious scenes. We'll have to move some fixed Vertex. I see if we were on a modelling software, but that will help to get a really exact basic shape that's first make an extrusion for adding a thickness to the peace. Let's take all these area over here. It's hide what? He's had the back. All right, let's carry on with the next extrusion. That will be more or less the following way, and we'll extrude all this. The extraditions should be Satel very light. All right, let's at the last two exclusions. This will be the base off our peace. Let's reveal all the poly groups, all the pieces we have hidden. Let's adjust a shape like this one, meaning all these will be removed until we get these shape. All right, now we can start adding the details, but we'll need is to add a crease to all these borders on all these corners in order to keep the initial shape. - Once we get these plate, including all the crease needed on the borders, then we can add a subdivisions. This way, this place will have the same sort visions at the shoulder pat what's left. Simply adjust the size. Let's add, then the details. We already know what the steps are on. That way, we've got another extra plate. Maybe it took a long time, the part where we had to move the edges and adjust some heights. But that's the step I consider important in there to get certain specific shapes. Let's continue then with the sandals for these handles. Will need another plane like this one, and what we'll do is to leave a square five by five. Let's add a little extrusion on by using Z. Modeler will convert these into across having this. Let's extrude Let's insert a couple off edges and I'm asking them Onley mask these lines in the middle. But we'll Dio is to take them out on Bill even shaped like this, we can take these end out over here on Get up. He's like this. We don't take these peace until we get an X and we'll just the borders. So we get some straight lines. All right, let's get started. I suggest to use masks on its in suppose in order to get everything as even as possible. Simply It's about masking on moving, using the since pose next weather will doom is toe crease to all these borders in order to keep them. Bridget, that includes this line in the middle. Now what we'll do is to take these peace will place it in the middle where the straps are and simply by holding control over the circle in the middle will duplicate thes piece. We'll take it backwards and will place it over the surface of these frontal plate. And now, simply by using move, we'll take it out from this plate. We've got some parts overlapping on it shouldn't be that way. Let's grab for a moment this trap off this handle we have to make these go over these plates we've made. Let's make a Corfe this way. Once we got these piece here, we have to duplicate the other side Will use an option. We confine over here in the plug in. It's called subtle Master, and it's called Mirror Hit. OK, on the x axis on here. We've got the other side. Now we seem Please take the soup to start taking this trap out. All right? We've already got a new accessory for our sandals. That makes it look way more complete way. Better not so empty us fragment is that by using the same techniques we've used for these plates, you create a piece like this one. It's a pretty simple piece. And the idea is that you created in order to finish this handle easy for the time being. See you then on the next video 27. Hulk Vol 2 26 Helmet part01: all right. We've already started with the helmet stage on for the stage have generated some basic structures. You have already got the knowledge of how to generate them. But just in case you'll have Theseus metals available for you to be able to use them for this step, I'll use thes pieces in dynamic, which will let me the form the peace with no problem. Let's start then. We have some masks in order to generate the basic shapes or well, the basic volumes will need. Basically, on this stage will use masks. We'll use different brushes. Move, type. We'll use it in suppose on some other brushes. Intertoto at some kind of margin. Eric shapes. Let's fill this bit. The idea is that these doesn't take us too long. It has to be a quick shop for generating just basic shapes. In these cases, the corners or the edges, we can make them by using them standard also, What we do in this stage is that through other soup tools, we make pieces from the same object. For instance, from this square, I generate an extra piece over here. For instance, I've already deleted the inner edges so it becomes easier to adjust. The peace little by little, is easier to apply the shape until we get something like this. As I say, these shapes here are quiet generic, and it doesn't matter in this case that the geometry gets deformed. The ADM is, for instance, over here We'll have to fix it, but in these case it doesn't matter. That's combined these two pieces simply using merch down. We can regenerate the geometry using dynamic. Now it's simply about fixing it. For instance, over here on these intersections, it's useful to generate a volume that, in order to avoid the internal and external face, is getting too close. Otherwise, that would cause issues. That's kind of common using dynamic when we have a really thin geometry. So it's good to start adding volume on when we get these imperfections simply by using H polish, we fixed them. It's just this a bit using move for adjusting certain shapes and by using them standard will refine the borders. Obviously, we have to add on edge to the internal areas. We don't want it to look to smooth or melt that somehow we want the helmet to look rigid and is moving like that won't work. Once we've finished the basic shape with a brush called apology, we generate some lines and that its hotels every measure, What's the flow we need the geometry to follow these lines are quite useful. And now, just by applying zero measure, then the geometry gets a flow kind off, more defined on. Simply after adding some subdivisions, we start polishing using them standard. We'll fix these edges a little. Over here. I'll be here. All these edges, we have to polish them, using them standard over here, these border, these kind off. Finn, we have to polish it. Of course, it was the one that was damaged the most, and now simply we start removing imperfections all around the surface, and we do that simply by using age Polish. These polishing stage is probably the one that takes more time for me because we have to remove all those ardent infections that show up. Punish these here on a justice a bit using move when we work with a brush move. It's convenient sometimes to reduce the subdivisions after the lowest. In order to get a lot, let's polygons, so it would be easier to adjust certain shapes. But in this case, since we need a certain amount off parliaments for being able to see the original shape off the peace, we have to start trying out with the subdivisions again. We don't have to polish theme and borders, but in this case will try to make them as perfect as possible and flatten it as well. We have to publish these edge over here, although we're not getting this right. But we can fix it simply by using move. The idea is to get a similar thickness. We should have uneven thickness all along these arc. Let's mark this so it's easier and simply adjusted. Let's also polish it up here in order to make sure the thickness is similar right over here. Looks good. So let's start adjusting this portion back here where it is completely deformed, and that way we fix those imperfections we get from died from the dynamic. Um, let's apply So more move over here, Fikse. These kind of thin this brush I'm using here pinch is really useful for fixing some imperfections on the borders. What it does is to contract the polygons or it compresses them somehow, and that also fixes the curves. We're now getting the borders sharper over here around here. That way we go all around applying pinch on these borders in order to start making them or exact on both the internal and the external. All right. The only but aspect about change is that it tends to compress too much polygons on his breaks, the apology. But lucky us. There is a tool for fixing that we can find it over here. In the information panel called Relax. We have to use low values two or three maximum in order to avoid the brush crashing. And what it does is basically to keep the shape of the peace, and it relaxes the Parliament. All right with that, with finished this video, this is the kind of the most basic technique for generating hard surface type pieces, but it lets us get good results pretty quickly. Let's take a break, and we'll continue on the next session 28. Hulk Vol 2 27 Helmet part02: all right for these video will also use basic techniques of heart surface modelling, as we've done on the previous video. First, let's generate some guides using them. Standard. This helmet has got several lines we have to start creating in order to shape the volume. These slopes are made from these lines. It's our image on its Korean. Those points I've got on the surface show up because the internal faces on the external ones are too close to each other. Those are the issues we make face. When I said we had to be careful with that aspect, let's fill this up a bit in order to generate the slopes on, Let's flatten it. Let's make another line over here. Another line over here thes issues. We'll fix this in a minute, using inflate, and we'll flatten these area. - Let's spend these portion of it here on after these portion more or less, and it's flattened the surface of it all right. Once we get these peace complete will mask all the external part, living a little kind of pace on the borders off the helmet. The idea is regenerated with these peace. What corresponds to the final helmet itself converted into another poly group that's disabled dynamic for a moment and will apply groups loops in order to get some cleaner edges. It's a just a bit thes edges scenes. We've got them kind of regular. Well, let's not strive too much. Making things. Even scenes will process tastes using zero measure. All right, like So let's play another zero measure just in case. Let's make these more even, All right, once we get the peace, will start generating the volume that's had a look over here in the middle and now will apply Crees over here on the borders. Discrimination between them standard on H polish is quite useful because somehow them standard said Limit which polish? Let's continue with other lines. Unfortunately, we've lost a lot, but still, we have a good idea of how the shapes off the volumes are. I'll have another stroke over here. Then I guess I've got unsteady hand, but I've got move for that just in case. That's just this portion up here that is kind of twisted. Another line over here. Damn another line over here and we finish it back here. It's the love of it. We're almost doing the same thing we've done with China. Mish. - That's Latin. This a bit using age Polish. We have to be really careful in order to avoid the leading the line we've created. Using them. Standard another line over here. Let's flatten this area. All right, let's create the next line. This part was getting too smooth. Another line over here that's letting a bit as well over here. We've got too many imperfections. Let's adjust. It is likely using the brush move. All right, let's musk these section here. You know, it's a start modifying. I think we should take outwards. Thes areas. They're not well faced. - All right, let's flatten the bait. These middle portion, which he's kind of pumped up, perhaps we've got to help me to be too white. Let's make it a bit thinner, Blue Ridge and will use it and supposed to move it. All right, but we'll do now is to generate some volumes a mask of these areas, like so more or less let's grab the peace have here. Let's invert this election and move thes outwards. All right, let's mask thes portion up here a swell on. Just move it down here. Let's leave the video after these points and will continue. Then on the next one 29. Hulk Vol 2 28 Helmet part03: All right, let's continue with our peace. Let's continue generating some guides for certain areas off our helmet. - Let's sharp these segment. We've just extruded because he starts move and we need more rigid edges over here on this curve over here. All right, That's Latin. Obeyed these borders, innovators, move the ends that we get using them standard. All right, And let's continue making the borders sharper. - These in the borders sometimes are hard to adjust. All right, that's Ludden, then. These areas that's flatten these border Over here. Up here. Done on the site. Let's make the line off this plate. One over here. Here, on here. All right, well, we're getting some imperfections over here. A bit oddly, we'll start fixing that. Let's join the border off his helmet. We've been kind of losing these border. All right, let's fill this. Have a bit in order to add more volume for these area, it's better use clay. A bit of geometry over here. All right, A bit more back here. Let's add some down here, so there is no difference off high over here. All right? What I want to do is that by using these brush layer. We'll refine these committee over here, taking advantage that layer little supply strokes at the same height. So it basically helps us making them even. Obviously, we'll have to polish some sections, but it's easier than using or the brushes have good I got here. Let's fill it up a bit and flatten it done over here. Let's flatten a bit these border that we are getting with imperfections on by using move, we just obey the shape we're getting kind off ends. I guess that's because we didn't get the shape perfectly curved after we applied the zero measure. Well, it's just these a bit over here, all right, that's Polish obeyed. These ends done over here. Okay, okay, this is too wide. Let's reduce it a little. Then over here, let's polish these curved shape, all right, I think what you'll have to fix a bit more thes curve that never here over here and using paints. That's a start. Let's go around thes borders with pinch, so we get them more polished on for fixing some imperfections. Let's fix these curve here and done all right. That's Latin this bit because we're getting some kind of some borders too hard when it is often them using the brush h polish. Let's relax a bit geometry so we don't get the mesh so tense after after applying pinch, I am with Missed this part. We'll have to move it. Let's also move thes here. All right, That way we've got another piece and we have just a little more left for finishing the helmet. See you then on the next video. 30. Hulk Vol 2 29 Helmet part04: all right, let's continue with the fourth part of the helmet on will use all the tools for the heart surface in this case will use a tool called slice curve. We can find it in the brush panel if we press control shift as if we were selecting, we find an option called slice curve on. What it basically does is a generator line on everything in our current area. We'll become into a different pollen group. He's a really useful toe, and over here will complement it with another tool called Cliff Curve. It works very similar, simply pressing control shift, and what it does is Teoh it. Sutton's everything within the document area. Let's make a test again Over here. Let's make it wider. These two tools are controlled the same way. Simply by pressing this pace bar, we can move it, and as long as we don't release the coarser, we can rotate it. Its adjusted a bit more using that since post, we've got a damage here but doesn't matter. That's flatten these here a bit. Then over here, done here and now we'll play a mirror. What we'll do now is through these mask will protect certain areas will start creating extra polygons if we use this in suppose for making another piece. But we'll basically achieve is to stretch a geometry, but instead off just moving we present course or in the middle on whole control. What we do is to create extra polygons. Now it's simply about adjusting in. - All right, let's take these peas we duplicated. You need to get our base for later on. And now what we'll do is to apply as every measure to these duplicated piece. I think it should be enough with two, and simply in this case, apply zero measure. All right, we've got up. He's with subdivisions, although the burgers are losing shape. But that's why we have replicated the peace over here. What we'll do is to hide all the elements, accepts the two pieces want implicated on the one with zero measure applied. Let's disable, sell off for a moment, Understanding on the peace. We've applied the serum measure. We'll apply another option. We confined in the soup. It'll panel called Project Oh on the project. I don't know the subdivision and again project, and now we've recovered our borders. I've explained that in the previous course. How these project works, so I'm pretty sure you know how to use it. All right, done over here. Once we finish, you can delete the copy to get rid off what we don't need. Let's and let's use H polish a bit in order to make some areas even. And this is Martha be the borders so they don't look to shop. For instance, Over here, let's apply some clay. All right, it's shake. Let's make some fixes. Let's mask these borders And what we'll do is to take them down, regenerate kind of a slope. Okay, a thing like that. All right, are held. Medics looking a bit more complete. And now you know all the tools. We have just one piece left, and that would be it. Is it for the time being? See you on the next video. 31. Hulk Vol 2 30 Helmet part05: All right, let's go ahead and generate another piece of our help me, and in order to do so, will need a square with these portions. So we'll need a cube with the's portions is a good idea to add some loops on the biggest faces because we'll have for the form it a lot and now simply will change the Poly Group to each face in order to make our job easier. And then he would be just about locating. So let's just justice in this case. What is important is the Red Face, the Red Poly Group, and will delete the rest of Iran. That's cutting a bit. Let's make the polygons even. They're looking to irregular. Let's fix some ends down here. We'll have fixed this once. We finish with the adjustments with the day. The polygons, we won't need using the let him in hit me round well in order to get both sides exactly the same. That's at a couple of subdivisions and adjust the mash over here. The idea is to make the peace even. And now let's remove the televisions. Once we get the piece ready, will apply a zero measure at a thickness, and now the idea is to generate kind off a frame. We need to make some borders for the peace, and we'll start working with this mask. First. Convert this into another poly group, so it's easier to modify it. That is just these borders again. We don't want them so curved. The idea here is together piece with an even thickness. So we have to adjust this portion because it is a bit too wide. And now we simply to find the height after finishing with these border will simply apply, agree never to keep the borders region. Now that we've got these peace, I don't come into duplicated car's wheels. Need it in order to generate another plate. He's gotta both. Once you get the duplicate, the idea is to hide some sections, minimize what we don't need on applies room measure. Let's delete some polygons in order to make our job easier on these peace. Until we get some basic polygons like these ones, it is now simply about adjusting it. The idea is to use these piece we've just created to make a metallic peas and the figure polygons it's got, the easier it'll be to adjust it. It's out another one over here, just in case I never hear. Sorry, mate. Bat. We're taking advantage of the fact that the main piece was in the surface of the object in order to place it as close as possible. Let's fix a bit more the height. Perhaps it is too low. I'd say it would be all right over here and now we Kanata thickness that's at a crease on the border, so it gives the piece rigid. All right, almost done now to these peace. What will do is to add some subdivisions on the same as before would duplicate thes piece in order to have a backup. Basically, what will do is to repeat, but we've done in the previous video. We'll use a piece in its projected details over the other one. Rep. One on a blaze, every measure. All right over here here. No, we didn't get well, Deion's, but we'll fix this by using project this way. Once we have projected the peace, we get a plate with an even amount of polygons with an event apology. Now it's simply about polishing on removing these imperfections. Police here, I'll be more over here, and I think that's enough. We wouldn't need days of the peace anymore. So let's delete it. Let's carry on with another piece for these Peace will need some planes like this ones. You really know how to create them and simply said, adjusting them. The idea is to create some accessories for the helmet in order to add some more volume. It's at the thickness and adjusted a bit thinner. It's kind of to what? Okay, now let's place it where it is supposed to be. Alright, once we get it on the right place, maybe let's modify it a bit. Since it's a bit too wide, I'd say like that. Let's wrap this peace and create some of the copies. Okay, let's fix this a bit. All right? Using that since pose will present middle coarser and as we move, it will hold control in a little, created the duplicate, and now we simply place it where it is supposed to be. All right. Okay. Lets at a crease on the borders, and then it will get it more rigid. We've done it on the left home where it shouldn't have been. So what? We'll do is we'll play a mirror in order to get it on the right side. Let's add some loops in the middle, so it's deformed. Better that run when we are details. Some of our here come over here and on the other one as well. Me now that we've got them on the right side, on with the loops, we're gonna play mirror on world once we get this, and we're sure the pieces have got the same amount of polygons now will simply combine them using merge down, intended to get these peace with their singles up to. That's modify a bit the thickness on certain areas because now, with these of tool, we've got these compounds upto we've created. Let's create some copies, although we'll have to adjust a bit first with masks. The idea is to apply some copies off this piece. Now it's simply about implicating soup tool and place it where it's supposed to be. Let's grab another one on the last one to the last one we've just made will apply a special treatment because there are some plates will have to remove. Let's remove the high go subdivisions on what we'll do is to live. Let's hit out of group in there. It'll make it easier to hide, and we'll live on Lee. These basic plate. Let's remove this observation from those pieces, and once we get the pieces are isolated, will add something divisions until we get three as well. The idea is that will combine these three pieces that's modify it a bit. Over here, we'll notify each one of the pieces so they don't over lahm with the body off the character . Just a bit thes section. And once we get the plates with the same amount of half, subdivisions on organized will seem to combine them all right with this, we've already got another piece of her helmet Andrea Plight techniques you already know before finishing. I'll tell you your excitement by using the same technique covered from these video. Create some other insects for the rest of the helmet there, um, some kind of pyramids that's well in bed along different sections of the helmet. Over here, there are some images you can use us reference so you can make them, they say, for the time being, and I'll see you then in the next video 32. Hulk Vol 2 31 Helmet part06: All right, let's start then with the stage of the where we'll add some. Where to? The edge is onto something there. Parts of our helmet, same as always, will use clay build up at somewhere inside here. Okay, I forgot into disabled their symmetry. It's important to disable it in this step, so one side doesn't look exactly the same musty or the one that decreases credibility to the peace. So it's better to work each side independently. It could sound like more work, but believe me, the result is way better. Let's add where each border off the helmet, obviously, without exaggerating. The idea you still feel not is some sharp sections, so it doesn't give the impression like the helmet is melting or anything else. So we have to be careful of what sections we will be adding where from time to time, we could apply long strokes. I would cross the internal part of the helmet, not only the borders, so they look like some kind of scratches. Let's grab another piece on the same thing that we've done. That is more the edges. The corners are points. We have toe wear away. Whatever we have to keep in mind. Those are the section stuff Get damaged the most. Some of strokes in said here, this is why at the beginning, I said it wasn't so important to leave the surface of the helmet completely flat. That's this. Most days a bit here. Oh, yeah, the symmetry. All right. Again at somewhere over here, under the same thing on the other side. Over here in this section, let's apply another group. The medium is that, for the time being will add where only to the mechanic pieces, the metallic parts. I mean, some strokes, I insist, should pass inside the geometry, not only on the borders, but we want some cuts to reach the middle and then we start generating some lines. This helmet has got some lines. So by using them standard, we'll start generating them another stroke out here on the same. We drew it up here. All right inside here will also make some lines just dissipate using move. Maybe we're getting the geometries in the middle off off the way, and we'll start making some holes simply they are playing masks. And with this in suppose, let's make thes borders even as much as possible. Obviously, the more polygons the geometry has, the more polished will get the borders. All right, that's fixed. This of it. Let's adjust these borders that are too irregular with them standard for adjusting these borders on another one. Up here. All right, We've got some irregularities over here. Has supplied them standard as well to the inner portion. Over here. Over here, on up here. All right, that's it. Just bit using Move for making these borders. Even we've got these wrong. Fill it up a bit, just in case on Move it. All right. Now, by using H, Polish will simply make the surface even. Let's flatten it. That's the just these borders using pinch united to get them sharper. Okay. And as we've done on the lateral part, will make some holes up here in this case, will make three holes. Let's remove some over here until we get three holes. Thes way the stadium is to make the border sharper. We don't want them so weird on we move them with it and spokes on the Do it again. Fix the edges. That's one over here. I never here in the sights here over here. We were losing a bit the shape using them standard. But well, we'll fix it with move and flatten it using h polish. Make another one back here. I'm bettin er could be, and we repeat it again. Made the border shopper also the thing. The inner parts as well, on finishing Let's carry on with these upper plate. This has got some shapes having more irregular so we can adjust this by using lasso. Let's grab these abortion here He's here. Three. These one here. Hear, hear! The idea is to get a shape like this one and again repeat the same process that's make these borders using pinch Over here. This move is a bit because we're getting kind of imperfections. This looks old. Let's refine the inner parts using them standard. The same will make some holds over here on repeat again. The process. Make the borders sharp both the internals on the externals. Let's flatten a bit. The surface that's just be at the borders using pinch. Let's check these here. We probably have got it to separated. All right, let's grab these last piece musk. Um, seems that technique is not that complex simply masks and transposed for generating the cavities. We simply have to fix all around with them, standard or pinch. All right, we're about to finish. Let's finish this line here. All right, let's take a break and we'll continue in the next video. 33. Hulk Vol 2 32 Helmet part07: all right over here will start developing this stage over there, where the second face and we'll use alphas. In these case, I really don't know what else to say. Since everything has been said, you simply have to add the Arfa's, as you wish on at somewhere. It's just not to exaggerate on the amount of where, but that's totally after you. Although what I should say is that you should vary the deepness off the lines, they gotta have different levels off deepness. Some could be beakers, scratches on some others could be smaller, and that makes the helmet look better. The size of the scratches. Also, very, it's important they don't have the same size, all right, I think these frontal portions off the helmet already on Let's continue then with the last one that's converted pieces into a single poly group, so it's easier to select. Um, the idea here is to make strokes with all the geometry visible. That's the illusion that one scratch has been generated on a section off. Leather has also reached part of this deal, so the line's look more constant, and that makes the scratches more believable. Obviously not all of them have to be like that. Some can be placed on Lee on the leather part on some others on the steel. But some strove should cross over both for finishing with applying noise these piece off leather in order to get some ferocity on the surface. And that way it looks different to the metal. A thing a bit stronger for right. Apply it on. That way, we've got the rare protector completely ready. Finally, we have finished the final stage off the helmet. We've got all the marks where cavities and we still have to make an important piece over the helmet, which has nothing to do with hard surfaces in order to make that peace will duplicate the zapper. One duplicate enable solo for a moment so nothing gets in our way and we'll remove the height subdivision to this one. Let's take it all down on the late Higher. Once we get that done by using a mask, let's mask all these flat area over here, enable the symmetry All right over here. Let's change these to lasso. Let's mask everything except these portion up here we en masse all days and after these portion more or less, and what we'll do is to create. The crest is able solo for a moment. Let's head to a panel called Fiber Mesh and will hit for view there. It's generating. I kind off our run them here, but we'll use some that calms the fall teensy brush. Let's hit like box fibers. And here we can find all of these kind of fibers. Let's elect thes won the 160 black. We removed that panel by pressing coma. At the moment, it seems like we can't use this. But will do is to change these option called gravity. Let's take it down until the hair gets a bit of shape. The less gravity we said, the more straight will get. The fibers is able for view. Well, let me ask a bit more. The idea is that it doesn't touch these two. That's enable again purview and take what happens. All right, let's increase a bit. The gravity. I think this might work. Let's modify to other parts first. The amount of fibers, the more fibres, the more it'll take for rendering. So for the time being, well, live it on 15 now, 19 on Willis scale as well. Route and teeth. He's basically controls the basic with off these fibers on the base, and we'll set these into this one here. Tape controls. The upper part will also citizen, too. Let's check how it looks by hitting shift. Are we make Orender a quick render over here. We get our crest. If we decrease mawr, the gravity some parts of the hair would look really odd. That's not what we want, so we'll live it like that. Let's see it except and it will create a new zoom tool. These have to can't longer be modified over here in fiber mesh. Since it's become a geometry now we can't undated there. The only thing left in this case is to fix it a bit. In my case, what I'll do is to remove thes hair from here, which I don't think look well and that can be done by holding shift. That way, we've already got our crest. Well, reading these fiber here is quite easy. In case you want to modify a bit the shape, For instance, the surface, simply by holding shift for cutting up, paid the hair. In case you think it looks too long, easy for the time being. I'll see you then in the next video 34. Hulk Vol 2 33 End of the course: all right, but you have on the screen is the result. I hope you could get applying the tools you've learned along the course. You've got the knowledge for creating the characters. Armor's have a certain level of detail using pretty simple techniques. You already know how you can create different pieces step by step and how to create complex armor's from pieces easily made. I actually hope you have enjoyed these cars under techniques covered. You can apply them to different projects so that you'll be able to create awesome pieces from now on before finishing. Let's go ahead and go over One thing I promised I would explain to you it is how to optimize your characters or some pieces. Let's do these pretty quickly, taking us reference, for instance, one of the plates off the arm. Let's grab this one enable solo for a moment at the beginning. As you know, I created these poly groups on purpose on the borders so it would be easier to separate them at the end or for working leg easier. I have also said that we would delete the polygons that won't be visible. They represent on unnecessary load for the PC, which doesn't provide anything to the model. It's not even visible, so we don't need it when we want to reduce the amount of polygons in a piece and optimize it. But we can do used to mask the areas we need to protect. Let's hide, um, these blue Poly Group on. Let's mask the rest. By doing these, we simply have to apply split unmasked points. It'll take all the polygons that are not masked on. It'll translate them to another soup, too. As you can see, it's preserved here the subdivisions and it has removed what was behind. Now what's left. Simply take the pace we don't need, which is this one over here and delete it. That would be if, for instance, over here we've got 27 millions off polygons on what could happen if we remove these When then let's make the test basically regard 100,000 polygons less. And that's a lot, actually, that taking into account the amount of pieces we can apply these process to, we could reduce a lot of weight to the model. They could maybe get something around 20 million polygons, perhaps 18 million by simply removing these inner surfaces we will need. All right. As I said before, congratulations for being able to reach this point for completing the course without farther. Do goodbye and I'll see you on a coming curse.