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Html and CSS - Make a Website Layout

Dev Gupta, Software Engineer and Aspiring Teacher

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2 Videos (22m)
    • Introduction to the Course

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About This Class

In this video series you will learn

  • How to create a website wireframe.
  • Coding the website template using HTML and CSS only.
  • Adding content to the template. 

This course will teach you the fundamental of web designing process by making a 2 column website  using only HTML and CSS. In this series i will cover the web designing workflow that can increase your productivity and reduce your development time.

When it comes to website development, many beginner face their first hurdle in deciding from where to start. I have answered this question in this series. After completing this series you will surpass this first hurdle and can build up your web development career to its fullest.

what you will learn in this series?

  • Using an online editor to write your HTML and CSS.
  • Creating the website wireframe using online resource for free.
  • Creating the markup of the website wireframe using HTML.
  • Styling your template using CSS.
  • Adding content to the template and styling it.





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Dev Gupta

Software Engineer and Aspiring Teacher

Hi Everyone, My name is Dev and i am Software engineer from India. I am active in various programming language and have a passion to learn new emerging technologies and update my knowledge as new things developed.Apart from all these, I love to play the Guitar (Classical) and Piano in my leisure time.

I have found out that by teaching you learn more and this has driven me to create online courses. I aspire to become a full time content creator and maybe some day with your support,...

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