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How write screenplay IDEAS just in 0.1 of seconds !

teacher avatar Houshang Falahrezaei, Art Teacher And Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. 00 Introduction

    • 2. 02 Attractive IDEA

    • 3. 04 Conflict

    • 4. 05 IDEA checklist

    • 5. 06 Logline

    • 6. 07 IDEA grow to synopse

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About This Class

For you, These Project based on creates original idea at center of story in climax and other key points,Just in 0.1 of second! At the moment of creativity, you’re brain sparks 10 per second for find the original spark and idea. You learn that how use of factors for grabs fundamental ideas.

Thousands are of incomplete screenplay shoot in trash bin. In these classes you make a screenplay with use all of dramatic elements. Discovering and get idea sparks need to the focus in main idea and dramatic factors: characters, suspense, unity, archetypes, structure, and etc. These classes are about unit and original screenplay and story design. Get sure idea and grow it to plot and structure. In this way you can write Dramatic scripts, no boring rewriting ways.

Based on skillshare goals, these courses provide in different and new ways with correct techniques. As a writer you can create and write the best ideas for screenplay.

Meet Your Teacher

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Houshang Falahrezaei

Art Teacher And Designer


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1. 00 Introduction: Hi. My name is wishing Fala and will come teach you. Great. Excellent idea for a screenplay Just intend of second your tools is pen on paper your brain on your hurt. I want teach you the skills off writing idea Scrambling Just intend of second by 10 off. Second because 99% off your ideas are incomplete and only one person office parks in your brain is courage. You should grab Best idea. Be careful at fairs. You should learn all of lessons Powerful idea Help you design hole of its complaint during classes Human right, Your own practice I will analyze your ideas or synapse. The goal of this glasses is to educate you as a screenwriter. Also, you learn for a skill inviting idea synapse screenplay and at last you can use off these glasses Consult for producer directors on your friends Discovering the original idea rewriting instead use in these glasses I will give you some examples off successful movies just right of rewriting about 120 pages. Also, you can selling your idea. Follow all of the classes from begging to professional should find the greed contradiction for like line producer on directors attract your idea immediately passed. Boring methods are incomplete. A shocking idea for saving their group crashes. Template take out verging idea from the connections Parks. Seven important dramatic factors in climax Point of stream play. Examples in Climax Point. The idea of waking up sister's ghost in crimes and we spoke by we should create an idealist on one second. Remove Aimless ideas should make strong radial thinking. The past boring metals have been painful. I sit seven classes about seven fractures for you. These process is a story idea. Personality suspects you need T climax conflict archetypes, movements I teach you. Step by step discovers about creating an idea on screenplay from begin toe professional, start your classes. 2. 02 Attractive IDEA: How can you create attractive idea for its complaint? You shouldn't write this team Play should just design simply with. One idea for protagonist is two main points. Turn and climbing. It is lessened by discovered idea and climbing. You can daily were excellent lot line and synapses. Producer, The producer on directors need an excellent idea. How can you create a complete idea? Robert Maki has emphasized on a story. Sit filled focus on exact structure and Linda Seger emphasize on complex characters. I emphasize on the energy off original idea, story structures and characters created by CORRECT Idea Why Structure Off screenplay is confused. Why screams had a number of subplots. The secret isn't climbing. Hot spark for idea must be flame climax so climax can attract the viewers. Attention off 220 minutes. A safe and attractive idea means 100% original People's mind has been full off repeated movies, but 99% of its grim place idea are in complicit because the method of making ideas has been lying arse. Total orders make only one main idea. You hear they want to tell you you can do it. Remove extra ideas. In fact, There is no beginning of a screenplay because the protagonist movement origin exactly from the climate's should discharge the viewers excitement in Climax Point. They have to build structure from and to start yes creates strong to exactly the opposite example. Sheltering a woman to a bandit in the movie Rash Woman from Kurosawa. A shocking idea for saving Nah group crashed in play. Do you the idea of marketing husband in sabot? Age scrim plea by Hitchcock All of examples in Climax Point. The idea of waking up Sister's Ghost in Christ and re spurred by Bergman Way should create an idealist on one second. 4. 04 Conflict: how we can compress simply Onley in one sentence. Is it possible in the past Listen, you teach is complete. Climax was grilled one sentence called Look line. Now we want explain about like line. It's Crumpley has internal structure. A big structure comes from the one centers called Luck Line Line is the Fares. Charming sentence from the screenplay should grow the story by writing sentence should ask staunch the listeners. Directors on producer You can summarize all off the cinematic movies just in the one line. Pay attention to examples. Titanic Lug Line A young couple meet and fall in love at ocean. Example to that Poets society like lying English teacher John Keating inspires his students to look at the poetry with a different perspective for feeling it could like Lime, for the readers should answer five questions. One. What is the luck line about two. Who is the protagonist Tree? What is define on this story? Gold for Who is the antagonised? Five. Wanted danger If the Herald doesn't reaches gold for the original idea, this five question have always been important. Please question are necessary for a complete luck line luck line include the contradiction should find the greed contradiction for like line. This contradiction means the battle between the true opposition force battle between protagonist on antagonise. So we have battled between two centers in luck line the hair of wants to reach his goal but has many obstacles. The idea should strange, impossible and interesting. Attractive bloodline will make you avoid wanted. See the complex scrim, plea like line. Have a big questions that the viewers needs to answer A lot. Line is still retails. Asked the suffering off our life. Love or cry, you have tow attract viewers by writing strong bloodline. As you can know, our idea is the same script structure, and the climax point is hidden inside it. We have to grow the climax and look line. Waingro lot line into more than 100 pages without losing energy. Please take a pen and paper. Videx trying bloodline. You can in Corrie to reading 120 pages at its time. Please write. It would like line only in 27 words. If you can not, right, Please vato. Other listen 5. 05 IDEA checklist: if we're not sure Off the power of luck line, we cannot grow into synapse. If you grow the income bullet idea to see naps, it's energy will be last Finalists Crim Plea ville surely fail. If your idea looks brilliant, you may be deceived because bad idea glow will blind us. So how we can Sure the idea is complete. Yes, that's right. Use the checklist. Better off this idea. Checklist include one original. Have it, Protagonist Tree Antagonised for final gold five Conflict six. Danger seven Suspension eight Unity off drum nine. Big story. Question 10 Attraction with this checklist. You understand that your idea has a poverty to reach 120 pages or not? Start check. Does this idea have a serious herro? What about clever antagonist? What about suspects? What is the final goal off the two opposing forces? Is there enough conflict? If the herro doesn't reach his goal? What is the danger on the way? Is this a story? Repetitive. Are you ready to give money to watch your own movie? Are you ready to wait for buy a ticket under heavy snow? If answer in your checklist is no Police rewrite luck line again. You cannot get agreed. Screenplay Viniar lack Line is incomplete every night. See the classic movie to figure out the poverty off strong logline course Ova, Hitchcock, Berry, Goodman, Gianforte's and so on. An example. Seven. Samarai from Kurosawa in seven. Some right movie we can find excellent like Line seven Samarai for defend from the people in the village. Fight against rates you think immediately only seven. Some right? This is exciting idea we owe. And another example about ret. Birth from course over. A doctor in a mental health clinic removes patients from suffering If you want to get a noble idea, yes, tear paper in exactly toe rubbish bean. If you try for truly original idea, you will find it. Don't worry, we should learn technicals about screenplay design. Remember, 99% off Your ideas are not perfect. In the next lesson, your experience will increased right. A synapse. Don't be afraid Off Cheered on paper and ideas 6. 06 Logline: it is. Listen, you teach how grow like line to complete scrim plea. You can write units scrim play if you can save the energy of light line toe end off script . The viewers is drowned to complete scrim plea with its energy. The viewers Pleasure. In your screenplay, we have four on the step from the lack line idea to the finalists. Crim Play one bloodline Toe Synapse three. Treatment for screen play in this process. Three main points. Make it three angle like line. Include 27 wards. Synapse includes three paragraph This process. Make it three angle Protagonist, Antagonist and Go. These three main points are preserved story drama, but after lot line pages increase in seen ups and screenplay became, the main idea is fixed and it's on Lee completed for the small stories, the main story shouldn't change at all. Example. Titanic bloodline. A young and the Reach woman fouled in love. Then the ship drones said to me, Isn't this lot line same as the big Titanic movie? Off course, These luck line has a tree angle. Dramatic points. Be careful if your original idea changed at all, the final theme will be sometimes else, it's danger for your idea. Go straight to the goal. And don't miss the original idea if the protagonist gold changed during the story. You ve lose story if goal original idea change. The viewers get tired and gets ice cream instead of watching your movie. Unfortunately, they forget. Continue your story. Don't forget opposite persons on final goal in the story. Now can you write an attractive look line? 7. 07 IDEA grow to synopse: Now we have to compress the whole of a screenplay just in one sentence. In this lesson. Analyze the main idea off screenplay that points society. At first I ride locked line for this a story. Listen, a teacher enters in high school and exciting students. He forces students to look at the life from another angle and perspective. Another feeling. But this school principal opposes and wants to fired up the teacher. The teacher continues to change students until one of the Students Society, the teacher fired up at this school. But no, no, My God, this like line is to lying for producer producer is very busy. This is not a lock line. Perhaps, is the scene ups the producer on to react or give you only 50 seconds? You have Onley 50 seconds to read your idea for them. You should get attention off the listeners immediately by reading like line. You have to hook them. You should rewrite your luck line again on again. Get help from the colors, read yellow and green. You should compress luck. Line separate strong and keyboard in green. Rewrite the yellow warts on lead. The red wards completely green boards are the best parts. Delete this sentence. The teacher entrance to the school This is not dramatist and can beat elite now. Rain forced the yellow wards to make them Hi Feeling, for example, encourage is better than teaching the teacher Encourage students compress Onda Gain compress When your lug line halfs it's magic. Poverty doubles Well, what the result After remove off X rewards This is a new luck line. The teacher encourages students to look different into life. But after society, off the student the teacher be explained even you can shorten sentences again. Bloodline rewriting desert. And now wait a little. Don't write only look at the luck line and think about it. Just look at the wards. Does it at ranked for you, does it, Schaech, In your heart, you should be excited to read this slugline. I wish I wish I want an exciting student off this class. Do you like this like line? These lead line doesn't leave you alone now Levante criticized this luck line. The sentence shouldn't beef aged. We must believe it. We must experience this lock line in life off course. Now we can see the box. Is the protagonist really fortunately? Slack line is believe able The next lesson we will complicate initial