How to write your CV / resume in order to secure your dream job | James Moloney | Skillshare

How to write your CV / resume in order to secure your dream job

James Moloney, Start up & Recruitment expert

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4 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. What is a CV and what should I include?

    • 2. Personal statements

    • 3. Career history

    • 4. Education


About This Class

In this class we will talk about cv composition and what should go in each section, as well as mistakes to avoid.


1. What is a CV and what should I include?: but hello in this class, we're going to talk you through writing a CV that will get you your next job, go through the very basic stuff. First of all, what should actually be on that concept wise? How to lay it out while or do you put your information on how you present it on God's? From the more detailed stuff In terms of differentiating yourself, making your CV stand out a little bit better than everyone else is that you'll be competing against First Meet to discuss what say TV actually is. So CV is essentially a marketing documents, and that's really the way you need to think of it. It's a way of you selling yourself to a perspective employer. On paper. It should tell them all about you, your career, history, your skills, what you can bring to the table and basically highlight what you're the best person for the job. Now you will need to save 85 most jobs or a few professions where all the forms of documentation take presidents. But actually reality, while these basically come down to is a CV by another name. So being able to write a good CD that sells you in a compelling way is probably one of the most important career skills you could have lay on TV. But there are a few sections that you will absolutely need to have all that. So first things first on, most importantly, obviously, your personal details. Who are you? Where do you live? How can they get in touch with you? If an employee does want Teoh interview you for a role? And I think it's always best to keep this really straightforward, no first name last name what job you do? This is something which is a surprising number of people miss out on Stevie's. So, for example, for myself, I would put James Maloney based Leeds UK phone number, email address and the fact that I am a recruitment consultant. It's really part of have that on their because you would be shocked at the number of CVS that people republic received an application for jobs which are just not relevant. They're not from people in the industry that not from people who are in any way qualified of saying install earlier. You know, I'm applying for a credit monitoring job. I am a credit manager with 10 years experience is really good place to start right on top. You see, they don't bother playing. See Viagra Human Veto as the title of the document. Obviously, it's a CV. You can call the file my CV or James you CV, whatever. So, yes, there is really no need tohave that in there it's just wasting valuable space in the paper . At that point is your personal statements the piece of writing that goes on any field details of the very top of your see, They kind of sums up who you are, what your offering and what you're looking for. 2. Personal statements: Okay, So person statements. What should they include? What should they not includes? Nothing. The first things they are personal statements is that they are not a biography. You are not writing your life story. Fresh perspective. Employer. You should be really summing up who you are, what you're offering and what you're hoping to get out of the situation as well. So keep it ready. Shores. I think no more than paragraph, probably between five and 10 lines, is usually a reasonably good bet on which must beatings, highlighting specific qualities that particular matchy to that company in that position. So well, let's use the credit management position. You know you put I have 15 years within the credit control industry, including eight years off management's experience. I am currently seeking a new position due to redundancy in a similar level of seniority is that which I've worked previously. I managed teams with head counsel. Do you think people have these qualifications of lust 5 10 years? You know that that's a really good, distinct personal statements and an example off completely. The opposite of the terrible personal statement is when someone puts, you know, I'm a mother of five Children. I have two dogs and cats called Dave, Andy and Mary. I live in a lovely cottage, and I like to go fishing on the weekend. That's all great, but it doesn't set you above in any way for anyone else. Doesn't provide any information that is in any way useful. Try as well to avoid, unless you are a gradual from very early, you create talking about your education in this section. You know there is a place for that and you see very. But unless you are in a very academic field, no one really cares that you did politics union 15 years ago and you know, working credit. It's not really relevance. No, by all means, you could talk about some of the interesting things you learn there in any particular skills. But I would say a personal statement is not the place to be silky about your education history. Generally, part of a personal statement is quite important, and there's two real trains of thoughts. This one is that you should just table this absolutely traveling you're applying for, and whatever you apply for should be your career gold cancer to go down this route at the end of the day is, there's no way your employer is gonna know whether this is, you know, accurate or north, and we do have to take what's on a C B on faith on. You know, if you go down this route, the one thing to say is, Please, please do tailor your applications jobs. There's nothing more embarrassing than receiving a CBE for a sales rolled someone's. But you know, my aspiration is to call the primary school teacher why you're applying for a sale troll left. If you're thinking, go for it, can go down the same or multi disciplinary room, give, you know, up, seeking a role where I could work across functions where I could make a difference with this sort of organization. Actually, the actual jump folks isn't really that important to me. This works better with smaller organizations that large where there is more cross functional learnings, you know you're applying for a company with 12 employees, actually might be applying for sales job. You go. You know, I'm happy to get involved with kind of marketing and operational stuff as well. That may be a really big plus for a company of that size. Knowing your audience, you need to tailor this to company to a large extent, rather necessarily even to the role you know, have a looking at what their values are, what kind of people they already employees, and try and see if you could see yourself fitting into that bold and if you could make you aware of that. 3. Career history: now the next section of UCB is most important one. And this is your actual employment history. Now, if your employment history what you need to do is list in reverse chronological order a la relevant places you've worked. You could go back as far as you want. Really? For this, I think 10 years maximum is probably about right. Another. Anyone needs 30 years plus of Korean history, you know, unless it's particularly relevance or you've had a particularly small lobster. Let's say you had two jobs in your entire career and they were for 15 years each. Then, yes, go back 30 years in that case. But generally, if you've got a new job every 25 years, probably go back about 10 years is probably about right. Information need on that? What was the company cold? What was your job title? Where was the company based? You know, brief outline if your role, your responsibilities and achievements while you're there And what date? Three. There now a notes on dates. Some people obsess about this having you know the exact dates t the day they started. Finish working from where I think supposedly, you know, months. That's fine if you're going back to something that you know five years or more ago, I don't about you. I can't remember exactly when I started talking to roughly how loud is there? Kind of, you know, within a few months. But you know, once you got a few jobs, if they do sort of blurring toe one a little bit of the date, you become brittle. So I really wouldn't worry too much about providing that level of detail in terms of dates . Now I know on job titles. So people's employed title often very reason reality from what they're doing, particularly he moved around or promoted while you're there. There's nothing wrong with, you know, simplifying what you do. Let's say, for example, I I've got a client that's employees that salespeople as diabetes support specialists, that will they actually our territory manages, and that's a much more apt summary of what they do is a very good reason why they call that it makes a lot sense internally in terms of customer facing. But actually, when you're talking to a another company about job with simplified and put it in their language, you know, So let's say for example, you are a national sales manager is your job title, but you are a direct sales rep covering a new business for the whole of UK. Actually, you make that put UK business development manager on that. Because national self bungee implies a team management aspect in this example, which isn't necessarily accurate, we put in your summary free change role. The really important things not put things that teach generic. So no one cares, you know, performed while as part of a team and work to tell a gates. Well, yet you and 99% of the working population of the world's, quite frankly, what you need in their specifics. Size of teams, headcounts and responsibilities that you directly managed, whether you have PML responsibilities or north, you know the level of seniority that you were working, too, as this really varies with the industry to industry. For example, in sales, you may say I was a regional sales manager covering the south of England. Headcount much mint off five people on managing a turnover off £2 million per year against targets Andi, that's all thing will really narrow down. The information actually is calling their, you know, don't pour. I worked well with people. I reported into the older vehicle Beanie. So what's is, you know, it's all a bit fluffy and pointless versus actual kind of fact figures. You know, people want to know, you know, the financials of what you watch managed. If you do something that does have a for interpretation, which outside of the pool exact thing, quite likely that your your role Well, Andi Yeah, that kind of thing is really important. Also put it made your targets and what you actually did against rather than just. I worked to targets on consistently met targets, But you have Mike's markets words. You carry out 100 calls to customers a day. Andi, I achieve, on average, off 126 bowls over a three year period from Apple. Possible things that leave tables, achievements and, they know, was water. The President's Global Award for exceptional sales before ones. Yeah, second highest performing sales personality off. Eight. Anything like that. You already good to play there as a kind of a highlight of your ability. Endurance you whether you want to put any details about pay in there, the section. Some people like to pull which salary they wrongs. It shows a clear progression. Nothing give. You got the linear progression of salaries. It can be quite good ideas, you know, You say, you know, Roll one of being paid £20,000 a year took a new role for 25,000 most reasonable 35 thousands. I'm now seeking salary between 35 4000. That was very clear. Idea of why your expectations are what they are are equally in other industries is just not appropriate to do that. I think it really depends again on house sales. Your industry is whether it's appropriate to talk about salary that bluntly in race when you see they 4. Education: now the most subsection of you'll see. They is a education history. Now I'm a big fan of keeping this out brief as possible and just listing institutions years you tended. It's a bad qualification that you received. I don't think there's much E unless your degree is directly relevant and you are relatively early in your career. I don't think there's a great smile value and going into a huge ride it about what you actually studied at university if you study for something which is an actual qualification in what you do. So, for example, you are an engineer who's the engineering degree. Years now, applying for engineering job obviously makes sense. Their points is separate out mechanical and electrical engineering. If you have a mixed agree, you know what types off applications you dealt with. The same thing goes for you know, I'd see software development. That sexual of these are quite specific in terms of skills that you apply versus what you learned in your degree. So you know, highlighting whether or not you have done a certain sort discipline within that is quite valuable of that stage. It turns what you list for qualifications that words through a physical institution address list. Awarding body would always be my advice on that one. I think it's reasonably straightforward. You can you don't need huge Marty tell, You know, potentially player is only interested in what qualifications you have. I also don't think there's any value in going further back in your formal education that your highest level of education if you have a degree you do not need for this your A levels . If you have a levels you do not need to list your G C S E's. So now what you've done this section, the other things that you could include, you know, would bay a portfolio or samples of work case studies. All of this is consist of tohave. Although intend to include as a separate document, I think a portfolio should be a document in and of itself. If your career requires one of Ralph vowing that, yes, something which you include in XY V in terms of length, I would say a CV should generally be 2 to 3 pages long that you know, I don't think there's any value in these are five page long Stevie's, although I think that the trend for one page documents is pushing a little bit farther with where documents you can get an appropriate amount of detail on. The other thing to think about would be how you physically present this e v additional four buys nearly always better on Microsoft. Word is your best friend. Do not send pdf's if you can avoid it. Another. This sounds a little bit counterintuitive to protect before thing, but actually, if it's gonna be pulled through a computer system, particularly using a recruiter, they will really thank you. If you use Microsoft Word or something similar, eso those really would be my my main points for you. When you preparing, you see the including my 30. Think about that below. Let me know your thoughts. Always feel free to get in touch. If you have any questions on, I will see you calories before the next video