How to write the perfect Upwork Proposals in 2021 | Abdul Nafay | Skillshare

How to write the perfect Upwork Proposals in 2021

Abdul Nafay, Motion Graphic Artist

How to write the perfect Upwork Proposals in 2021

Abdul Nafay, Motion Graphic Artist

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2 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Writing the Perfect Proposals

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About This Class

This Class will teach you How to write the perfect Upwork Proposals in 2021!

It's 2021 and Upwork is FULL OF COMPETITION!! But by writing attractive and catchy proposals, you can stand out of the crowd and get the jobs you want!

Please don't forget to review this class as it would help me a lot!

Thank you!

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Abdul Nafay

Motion Graphic Artist


Hello there! I am Abdul Nafay (18) and I have been a (freelance) Motion graphic artist for the past 3 years.

My goal on Skillshare is to teach you all about 3D Art, Graphic Designing and freelancing so you can build an awesome career in them, so if you are into that kind of stuff, consider following and checking my classes out :)

PS: I also love burgers ;p

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1. Intro: Hey, what's up, guys, my name is other novae and welcome back to a brand new class. In this class where we're going to be doing is we are going to be learning how to create the best proposals in Upwork. Because if you think about it, our work is all about proposals. Like that's the first thing which your client see about you. And it creates a huge, huge impression on your client. So basically what I'm trying to say is writing good proposals is your way to get more jobs. And yes. And now since I've been a freelancer on and for Quite right now. I believe I know quite a few things that you need to keep in mind, direct proposals. So yeah, without further ado, let's start. 2. Writing the Perfect Proposals: Alright guys, so I'm gonna start off by telling you guys that the most important thing, which is even more important than good proposals is finding and bidding on the right jobs. Now, honestly, it doesn't really matter if you write a very good proposal, if you're going to send it to the wrong person. And that is very, very important. So first of all, we're going to be looking for a very nice job. So what you're gonna do is you've got to finding jobs in my feed and best matches and recommended is not a very good. I personally don't like this at all. Like yeah, I might find a good job in best matches now and then, every now and then. But most of the time, these are not die good jobs, right? So what you gotta do is you've got to take this and just press and just type in whatever you want, and just type in whatever you are looking for. So for me I'm gonna type in 3D because that is my niche. Okay, so right now it has, it is showing 6,393 jobs. So we're going to narrow the search down to only the ones which we want. Experience level. I'm going to set it to anything like I'm not going to select anything. All this fine job type or is fine. And the number of proposals is this is very important. If you bid on a job which has like even ten to 15 are above than that, above the nut proposals. You don't really have that big of a chance to be honest. So we're gonna go with five to ten and less than five. And client NFO payment verify it should be there because if a person has not verified their payment, then they're not really a good client to work with. That's just my personal experience. And yeah. Yeah. So that's pretty much it. And then we're gonna go down a budget. Budget. I'm just going to I'm going to select anything and project lent. All is fine. And hours per week, everything is cool. So yeah, now we're going to be finding a good job. So just take your time and look through these jobs. The more time you spend on actually looking for jobs, the less time you have to spend on writing the proposal, because the better the job, the easier your chances are. Alright, so I found one right here. It says motion graphics animator to d plus 3d generalist and senior art director level. Alright, so I'm going to be bidding on this one, and it has a really huge price. So I'm not going to actually submit the proposal because I, I don't really wanna do this big job. And I'm just gonna write it just to teach you guys how to write the proposal. So first of all, the very big dip, the actually the biggest tip I can give you is read the proposal carefully and just go through it like very, very thoroughly because you need to refer it in your proposal lake. You need to mention the things which you did not understand or you you need to refer to things specifically in this proposal because that would increase your chances quite a lot. Ok, so I'm gonna read it. See invitation to interview for more details on this job. Key software Premier Pro After Effects, Cinema 4D blender Photoshop. And this is very important because like I personally used. Premier Pro aftereffects Cinema 4D and Photoshop not blender actually. So yeah, I use most of these, so I am kind of qualified for this advanced compositing skills, live action of the CGI and integration of a 3D elements in to motion graphics and color grading. So basically, I am kind of qualified for this. So you need to check whether you are qualified for your job or not. Because if you're not honestly wasting time on that on that lake specific job, I don't think it's worth it because I think you should only bait on those jobs which you know that you can deliver the quantity which buyer is expecting. Because honestly, if you're, and if you cannot deliver, the buyer will leave a negative review, negative feedback, which is definitely going to be harmful to your body collected Lake your profile. Alright, so the job description says, create complex holograms, project animation and motion graphics, using existing concepts and setups as whether stock footage and other 3D elements. Integrated life should integrate life should characters into background 3D scene renders an tracking simple static positions coordinate with realtime content creatives to integrate elements from their work into motion graphics content, colour grade oil for finally output rendered the monster files. So yeah, at this contains a lot of like big words and the buzzwords. But this is basically it's telling the description of the job and it's telling us what we need to be able to do. So the next is portfolio. B is present. Selection of Beavis work that demonstrate your skills related to our project. Now this is extremely important. You should never send a proposal without attaching your portfolio. So we will, we will take a look at that in when V-Lake actually write the proposal. So the duration. This project has a loan long timeline with the main production period happening between March and July. There will also be hearing later in the year for fine tuning at the stage of rehearsals. Fees will be discussed with short-listed candidates. Amount listed is per month, right? So what I recommend you to do is just copy this link and open it in a new tab so that we can refer to this job description as well. So just submit a proposal and we will open the proposal tab. Right? So OK. So I'm going to skip the price. Thanks for now. And we're going to skip to the cover letter now. First of all, you always need to start with hello, sir. Either hello SIR, ARE hello. Hiring manager probably, or whatever like that. Alright, so now you should not include any how're you doing or I hope you're fine or anything like that, just get straight to the point because they are actually looking for people who will just get straight to the point. So what do you need to do is you need to start off. You need to start your proposal with. I'm adding something about yourself and writing something about your past experience and make your bras projects. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to open upward on another tab. And I'm going to go to my profile or a two, I am in my profile, right? So basically what you owe, what I will do is I will call b some of this. I'll copy some of this and I'll add it right here. So it says I'm novae and have been freelance 3D product visualization. Modify this a little 3D artist. For six plus years, I've worked with some of the biggest brands including Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Forbes. I've made various advertisements for, advertisement commercials for Coca-Cola and Pepsi, having satisfied more than 200 customers and, I'm the perfect person for your next projects. Okay. So I'm going to remove this part. And so what I'm going to write, what I'm going to write here is basically I'm going to read through this. So one of the best tips that I can give you is basically you need to refer to their this description, job description. So basically what I'm gonna do, first of all, I'm going to decode the software part where it says a key software is Premier Pro After Effects, et cetera. What I'm gonna do is I will. So I'm going to write. I have been using premier row Photoshop. What are the other ones, which he mentioned? After-effects and cinema 4D for quite a while now. And I would say, I am pretty experienced and using them, right? So basically what I've done is I've told the guy that I know the softwares and I know like I have been using them for a lot of time. So the next thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna make him believe, or I'm going to tell him that I have done some compositing work in the background in Lake in the bust. So now one important tip that I would like to give you is these do not lie in your proposals because honestly, if you live in your proposals, you will probably get the job, but you will not be able to deliver. And that will result in your profile being, having like negative feedback, which is definitely bad for your over a profile. So I'm going to say, in my career, I have, oh, that's a dipole right there. My bad. I have worked on many be effects compositing jobs on Fiverr. And astronauts, and just in fiber, I even produced my very own effects short-term. So basically what I'm trying to do is I am trying to build trust and I'm trying to tell the customer that I am the person you're looking for. I have the skills that you need, but I'm not just blatantly saying that I am an expert. I know this, I know this. I'm saying that I have done this in the past. That is why I believe that I am the right person for you. So that's how you should address every customer. And so here you should obviously attach your whatever things you were mentioning in this. So I would attach the short run and I would say see, attach, right? So here we're going to switch gears a little and I'm going to tell him about my I'm just going to directly date him about my skills and what I can do. So I can design and model hyper realistic 3D models of holograms rich he has mentioned in his project description. So I'm going to continue as well as other 3D elements to integrate and footage. And the problem right now is that I have told, told the guy that I can create models, but I haven't given him any proof. So I'm gonna write, i have attached some of my complex 3D models. Kindly. Take a look at them to get an idea of my work, right? So this is a very short and sweet what do you call it, this proposal. And we're going to sign this off. We're going to just end it by saying, I'm going to say, I would love to work with you on this project. So if you think that I am up to your requirements, kindly, except me. Alright? So I'm just going to write a thank you at the end. And this is a very short and sweet proposal. So proposals should be very short because you don't want, because many clients don't read very long proposals, so you just need to convey your message in a very short format. Now one very important thing which I'd like to mention here is do not lose hope. You won't get your first proposal accepted. I mean, that's pretty much obvious. On average does take like 5105 to ten proposals, 5-10 good proposals like custom crafted, just like this one? Yes, it takes five to ten good proposals to get your first job. And I would suggest that you take your time and work on your proposals and work and spend time more on finding your jobs, finding the right jobs and beating them carefully. And just know that everything takes time. You won't become a rich overnight obviously. And yes, so another huge thing which I like to mention here is please do not use the pre-made templates. They don't work. I have dried them a lot and I have never gotten a reply. So if you just go to Google and search like Upwork, proposals, samples, you can just find them. And like these. So these websites will basically provide you with premade Lake, a 100% Lake made templates and these will not work, right? So these will not work. Why you may ask because there is no lake sentence, but in this proposal which is specifically addressing or mentioning your your customer's needs, are your customers job description. So you need to refer to this customer's job description and you need to read this carefully and make your proposal according to this. And I hope just by sending Lake a few proposals, you will definitely get a reply. And the class project of this class is basically you need to write your own proposal and just, just attach a screenshot of that proposal n, the project section of the staff go down to this project section and risk create project. And then you can adopt your own project. Basically, basically just a screenshot of your proposal and I'll be sure to give you feedback and help you and help you to improve it. And yeah, thanks for watching guys, please leave a review in this class and don't forget to follow me on skill share. This is my profile. Please be sure to follow me. And yeah, guys, I'll see you next week. Goodbye.