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How to write good Headlines that converts

Partha Gupta, Set your goal and work hard for it

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4 Videos (17m)
    • How to Design yourHeadlines

    • Structure your Headlines

    • Check your Headline Score with Free softwares

    • Tips to Increase Headline Score


About This Class

In this class I have shown various techniques to write good Headlines for your posts. Let it be for your blogs or videos or your e-mails etc. I have also given two free software's one adding variations to your keyword which you can put on the other software to see the score. The total class duration is little over 16 minutes. We have over 



 per day.

The two software's are : ( testing headline score) ( to get different variation of your keyword)

Try to get a score of 70 and above for your headlines.

I have also shared various words and it's uses for improving the headline score.

In the project section I have I have given some sample headline with the score. I would request you all to test headline score by using different adjectives, how to etc. and post your results here. This would help all of us to test various ways to improve upon our headline writing skills.

Best wishes.






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Partha Gupta

Set your goal and work hard for it

I am Internet Marketer who tries to use new techniques for his marketing. I love producing videos both for my personal use as well as for my clients. I also try to rank my video's doing some basic SEO.

I am very passionate about teaching and like to share my knowledge with the like minded community

Best wishes.


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